U.S. Education Continues to Decline in Global Ranks: “Kids Keep Getting Dumber”

by | Dec 15, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 72 comments

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    Violence Drops At Chicago Schools

    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Comment: There is a reason this continues to happen. It isn’t by accident. The “dumbest” kids by the standards of a few decades ago were still overall much more competent to face the real world than even many of the “brightest” of the system that has been allowed to develop today. The moneyed-interests who are influencing the non-sense that is being taught to kids (including Common Core) are looking to re-engineer society into one with very few intellectual demands. For them, it would be better if none of these kids could think at all – because then they will demand better opportunities, better standards, better decisions in government, more freedom and would challenge the powers that be.

    Instead, they want a dumbed-down population that thinks only in terms of its own indulgence online, in entertainment, and far from the levers of government and the decisions that algorithms and computers will dictate in the future. These findings are not encouraging for the future of employment, entrepreneurship or any other standards of a well-adjusted society. And yet… this is what is being offered. Ever wonder why?

    U.S. Kids Keep Getting Dumber; Ranked 31st Of 35 Developed Nations In Math, New Study Reveals

    by Tyler Durden

    The U.S. Department of Education has just released it’s latest ranking of international education systems (Program for International Student Assessment – “PISA”) and performance of U.S. students just continues to deteriorate on both absolute and relative terms.

    Perhaps it’s time to have a real conversation about the complete failure of “Common Core” and the idiocy of allowing teachers’ unions to hold our children hostage while hiding behind ridiculous contracts that grant tenure after 6 months and make it impossible to fire underperformers.  Just a thought for the incoming Trump administration.

    The Washington Post’s Valerie Strauss summed up the problems nicely:

    There are many reasons children aren’t learning anything during the long hours they spend in government schools. Sometimes, their teachers don’t show up to work because they’re out on the teachers union picket line demanding taxpayers pick up the tab for their plastic surgery. Other times, students are forced to sit in classes led by totally unqualified teachers who will never leave because they’re protected by tenure.

    For every disgraceful teacher, though, there are tons of good ones who are doing their best. The problem often isn’t teachers’ incompetence, it’s that they’re forced to instruct kids using rubbish. Look at the Common Core State Standards, which were adopted initially by 46 states because their federal education funding depended on it. The math is backwards, confusing, and, as the National Review so suitably dubbed it, “dumb.” The reading standards fill students’ minds with filth in the form of raunchy books and with yawn-inducing “informational texts.”

    Our schools no longer teach reading, writing, and arithmetic. Rather than be taught how to think and problem-solve, children are thought what to think and how to feel. All these money-making and money-spending schemes tend to sound nice, of course, but they inevitably fall flat.

    Now the results….in math, the U.S. ranked 40th in the world and 31st out of the 35 developed countries that provide data to the study…somewhat less than ideal.

    Math 1

    Meanwhile, nearly 30% of the 15-year-olds in the U.S. were found to rank in the bottom two (of 5) proficiency tiers.


    Unfortunately the story isn’t much better with reading and science proficiency.  The U.S. ranked 24th in the world on the study’s “reading literacy scale”…


    …and 25th in science.


    And, of course, performance has been deteriorating for the past decade.

    Education Trend

    In conclusion, this about sums it up:

    Common Core

    Here is the full study from the U.S. Department of Education:

    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.


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      1. It should be obvious, were surrounded by idiots lol. Say hello to your future! Whats really funny is Africa didn’t even make the list at all lol 😛

        • I’m surprised that Israel did that poorly in math.

          • Kevin2, the chosen ones directly go for the noble prize because they are so special.

            • No one can deny the contribution of Jews to science and medicine. Special, no. As a people they have strong family units and put a very high emphasis on education. Look for China to surpass everyone.

              I am surprised the scores of Israel are that low. I’m assuming they are more relaxed, hence lazy, in their own nation.

          • Kevin2:

            I was very surprised to learn that Isreal’s average IQ is in the borderline for retardation, at a mere 90 points.

            We so often hear that these people are gifted. This is propaganda intended to justify their high incomes which are the result of trickery and theft for the most part.

            The Nordic people have high IQs and more genius. It is heredity. Brought about most likely because extremely cold temperatures are unforgiving. Only those capable, through enough intelligence survives in subzero weather.

            The people in Isreal have several problems. One, there are a number of African Jews, although they have been leaving. Africans have low IQs.

            Another problem is the incestuous breeding patterns. They marry cousins and all of them are fifth or sixth cousins, 6 degrees of separation.

            But (I came to this conclusion on my own) no one acknowledges the negative effects of starvation that German whites and J*ws experienced as a result of starvation and Typhus during WW2. Although not all J*ws came down with Typhus, and could not eat, it wastes the person like AIDS. That has to play a part in the offspring. This is speculation; But based on fact.

            You know that the myth of Albert Einstein being the greatest genius of the twentieth century is because most of the things accredited to him were other people’s work. J*wish genius is a tool of propaganda, just like J*wish victimhood. Just lies and propaganda.

            This is not to say there aren’t very smart J*ws. There are smart people in all nationalities and races. We are talking averages not specifics.

            __ also

            America has all these immigrants, many don’t speak English. They are unable to do the schoolwork. That lowers America’s report card.


          • Yep Dumb as a Rock from the Very Top Down.

            Bushism Quotes –

            “Is our Children still Learning?”

            “Its hard to put food on your Family”

            “Can Man and Fish coexist peacefully?”

            Hey, any stupid dolt out there too, can be President.

            I can honestly say I never voted for any Bush, Not GH Bush, nor GW Bush, nor Jeborah Bush here in FL.

            I saw this entire Crime Family as corrupt to the core. So you can’t blame me for where Our country is today.

          • Jews Identity Crisis:
            I asked this chick one time, what her Nationalities are? She replied “She is Jewish.”

            I said no, what is your Nationality? Again, she said I don’t know, Jewish.

            I said, “Jewish is a Religion, not a Nationality.”

            You see the Tribe is good at brainwashing their sheep too, and when your tribe has been kicked out of a hundred other countries over the centuries, you loose your identity of origins. That’s why when they occupy Palestine, they think that is their homeland. Which is grossly false. Most Jews (85%) living in the land called Israel, originally came from the land which is now called the nation of Georgia in eastern Europe. Valid lineal DNA Tracking clearly exposes their Occupation in Palestine as a Fraud.

          • Jews don’t score very well on the quantitative IQ test sections.

            That’s why you don’t see many Jewish engineers.

        • Africa is not a country.


          • Just shows you how really bright the self anointed “Genius” is.

            There’s at least one African country on the list – but maybe the resident “Genius” on this site didn’t learn reading comprehension at school.

            • The troll came back.

            • Africa isn’t a country? Duuuuh really Butch? Yer a reel fart smeller huh. Maybee yoo cood b prezidunt sumday!

              • Genius, anonymous is a moron.

          • “I said Joe Montainya”

        • Mac,

          For God’s sake man,

          Why will you never, ever admit that there are quantifiable and reproducible differences in IQ amongst the races and that education has no effect on IQ?

          The main reason why our education system sucks is because white people are becoming a minority.

          I went to all white schools and I can assure you that we mastered all our lessons (although I have taught myself much more than I ever learned in school.)

          Do you not think that the unspeakable non white demographic changes so desired by no one and unassailable by anyone will result in the dumbing down of society?

          When America looks like French Guyana, then can we talk about race?

          It will be too late!!!


          • I hear ya.. for what thats worth these days

        • crap in- crap out
          more crap going in these days

        • the education system has been in a declining state for MANY years and this was done by the orders of the FEDERAL government, I have family and friends in teaching at many levels and they ALL said the same thing they were forced to ONLY teach what the Feds said they could the books and programs were controlled!! most left those positions as they could not do as they were told! the evil sides of our government have infiltrated almost EVERY aspect of the federal government. and until someone is able to start at the top (Trump?) NOTHING will change as the USA spirals downhill into oblivion!! that is FACT!! we did not get here over night and IF there is any hope it won’t change over night as well!!
          stay safe and keep prepping as the evil has NOT been defeated yet!!

          • PS,
            dumb is easier to CONTROL!!!

      2. This is just part of the problem. If the US takes the path or re-industrializing there is a shortage of tradesmen. I worked my entire adult life starting in the mid 1970s in both the Chemical and Oil Refining industries. It was common for them to have apprenticeships every 5 to 7 years. They haven’t had an apprenticeship since 1982. As people retired they picked off the corpse of decaying industry and hired those laid off as their employers fled out of the US. With trades being a “dead end street” few youth decided to get trained for a job that didn’t exist.

        • Kevin, You mean like Coal Mining?

          • Manufacturing

        • Who cares????

          It has to be done.

      3. A Nation of Functional Illiterates. Look at the picture. Point and click ;0)

        • I gave public education the benefit of a doubt and put my five year-old in a well ranked public school for a couple weeks before I realized they had taught her nothing except to bring an empty backpack back and forth every day because she already knew how to stand in line from dance class. Private schools and home school curricula weren’t much better. One popular plan only includes 32 weeks of curriculum. What was she supposed to do the other 20 weeks a year? Common core standards are challenging, but it’s the liberal implementation that sucks. Using that as a reference I write an adaptive curriculum which after four months has her using the 2nd grade math and 4th grade reading workbooks.

      4. America had great schools. It took over a hundred years to turn them into excrement. It didn’t happen by accident. The deliberate dumbing down of our schools is part of the Communist/Zionist agenda. An educated population is hard to manage. Especially when the ruling class is orchestrating its demise.

        We can turn the corner and move in a better direction. It is imperative that we abandon failed approaches, designed to fail. There are better ways. Disolve the Department of Education and give local communities and teachers the money and control over the classroom.

        Change the way we educate teachers. Purge the Communists. Get them off campus and away from our kids. Pay mothers to stay home and homeschool.


        • “Change the way we educate teachers. Purge the Communists. Get them off campus and away from our kids. Pay mothers to stay home and homeschool.”

          Amen+ a billion

      5. Saul Alinsky must be proud (from his perch in Hades)

        • He’s head of the cheerleading squad from there.

      6. B from CA

        The gist of this is at the elementary and high school level. Standards were lowered because its “unfair” for there to be winners and losers as, “we’re all special”. School should be “fun”. Discipline isn’t important, a feeling of self worth is important.

        We had an engineer in work that went through elementary and high school in South Korea. He breezed calculus in college here as he had all of it in high school. They, still a somewhat agrarian society went to school all year. Our summer vacations are a throwback from a bygone era when the US was mainly farms.

        Wealth was the excuse for the US becoming soft. Become too soft and you lose your wealth. Its a cycle.

        I agree with you at the College / University level with the “progressive” communist influence.

        • Kevin2:

          Yes, and no child left behind. It sounds right until you find out what it means.

          Mentally retarded kids go to school with normal kids and the whole class works at the level of the slowest student.

          Not insanity. It is sabotage.


          • B from CA, you are absolutely correct. I am a public school teacher and I see it all. Why are our children scoring so low? Political correctness, it’s killing us. I could go on a long rant, but PC is the problem. Example: if 2 or 3 students leave the room for “specials” which could be for English Second Language, or they are special ed.(low IQ), or speech path., etc. etc. – learning in the classroom must stop because these kids are gone and it’s not fair to review or do anything educational while they are out of the room. I could go on & on, but every child stays at the level of the lowest learner in the classroom. It’s insane.

            • IQ depends on race alone.

              • I seen bright black people. They’re self destructive behavior as a people with no family unit and low to zero emphasis in education, “You be acting white”, is their main problem.

              • Eisenkreutz:

                Race is not the ONLY factor. Why are you stating an absolute? There are other factors that effect IQ. But I do agree, Europeans have been the world’s greatest minds. And Northern Europeans, especially Germans, have produced more than any other group, both Scientific and technological inventions and discoveries; and, to whom we owe a debt of gratitude.


        • Kevin, Honestly, I can’t recall the last time I used Calculus, or Algebra, or even chemistry.

          I would tell any kids out there today, looking for a thriving useful occupation, is to study and work as a Certified Electrician, and get your Solar Certifications as well. That’s the future, where you can make a difference and run your own company.

          Also in High school, learn Trades like Welding, Wood working, Auto Mechanics, and Plumbing as well as Electrician or electronics. If you know these trades you can find a job even in hard times. I would also say, learn computers, and know how to build websites for E-commerce. So if you become disabled, you can still sit in a chair and click a keyboard to make money flipping products dropped shipped. So yeah, learn the HTML and code for website building. Know how hard it is to find a trusting website builder? And knows how to install a shopping cart to get you paid.

          However there are long shots like being a Community Organizer where you too can become President. Being a Black from Kenya, helps too, and if you can speak really good English. lol

          Also being born into the right gene pool helps too, where all you have to do is be born from a well connected rich family, show up at an Ivy League School, Join fun clubs like “Skull and Bones,” learn how to party like an animal, then ask your daddy to get you a Job at a Large Banking institution like Goldman Sachs, and you too can be rich like your daddy.

          So there are various paths to success.

          • Mittins Romney also said, you too can be successful, just go borrow a Million Dollars from your parents and start your own business. That may work for some, however I recall when I was younger, I asked my dad for some gas money, like $10 Bucks, so I could get back home, He yelled at me. So again that’s that Gene Pool thingy. Luck of the draw.

          • Computers have destroyed the art of verbal communication.
            Hell I just wish I could get a decent waitress / waiter that’s not a zombie. Most have zero personality and they are hitting you with the check before they’ve brought your salad.
            I have to believe there’s some serious cash at slinging hash for those that can master the art of conversation without being overbearing.

            And trying to guilt trip me with the “You Hate Me Because I’m Gay ” routine has grown old too. No I hate you because you are refilling my water glass before I’ve had a chance to take a drink from it or you go MIA for an hour.

          • Zeus

            I used Algebra with one unknown a lot as a Stationary Engineer. I agree regarding Electrician & Solar. I steered by son in that direction.

        • The Trophy Business mush be a thriving booming business, because today, everybody who participates gets a trophy.

          Still in search of my future Trophy Wifey. ha.

      7. When the mind has been emptied the thoughts can be replace with propaganda that will strengthen the ruling elite. Objective thinking will never be the norm in the failed experiment called Amerika. The traitors train your children while you yourself are asleep, and turn them on you and those who are considered political enemies.

        Consider the early 1920’s when the CFR was in love with communism. This anti-amerikan organization talked about forcing this slavery down your throat. Has anything changed since a century ago? The answer that those who know history is an astounding no!

        The system needs a revolution, and as it stands, the world and all the countries of this world will experience a revolution that will take a generations to complete.

        Invest in rope. A lead bullet will not do.

      8. Schools back to the states,more trade schools and less welfare. people will line up for them then. Get people to produce and make things and think independently….again.

      9. I have a friend who bought something this week that totaled $5.07. They gave the clerk a five-dollar bill, a dime, and two pennies. That would have required a nickel in change. Instead, the clerk gave my friend two dimes, seven pennies, and a quarter in change.

        And they want raises.

        • Archivist:

          So, your neighbor got it on sale??

          Next week that checker will be store manager, and won’t need to give change. In twenty years, she’ll be the head of homeland security, and maybe run for President. What America needs, diversity. Why should just the smart people get to make the rules??

          ? __
          __ __

      10. Kids are NOT getting dumber, “educators” are not doing their jobs while government takes more and more rights away from parents..it is by design. the government (including dept. of ed.) has become the enemy of the United States.
        get ready folks they are creeping ever closer to total authoritarianism.

        • Any parent that lets their kids get tongue piercings, purple hair, or jet black freaky hair cuts, wear only all black clothes, let them get tattoos, like wings stamped on each side of their necks, lip piercing and a dozen nose and ear piercings, and sit around and smoke dope with your kids, so they think you are a cool parent, is a path to perpetual poverty. They will be living with you until they are 30 or 40, and their GF and kids will also live with you in your house. They will also be in and out of Jail, for many other reasons, and be looking for bail money a few ties a year, all because they are your precious children, who you just adore.

      11. Most will become politicians.

        • Ever notice in business, those who are not very successful at sales, get into management and teach others how to sell?

          Because, if they were successful at selling, they would be out selling. And that is the same with teachers in schools who teach business classes. Always ask them if they were so good at business, why are they not out running their own businesses, instead of taking some low level teachers pay position, teaching business?

          Also if you are really good at ass-kissing and brown nosing, and just a good suck ass, showering your superiors with compliments, you too can rise up the corporate ladder.

          There are many paths to success, Know and identify your strengths and weaknesses. And your tolerance for being a suck up where you draw the line, or be your own man or woman and stand on your own 2 feet.

          There are some good Life books to read. and some good stocking stuffers for your kids who you wish to be successful.

          “Positioning” and “Psychocybernetics” These 2 books are right up there with:
          “Dress for Success”
          “The Art of the Deal”
          “Millionaire Next Door”
          “The Revolution of Money”
          “E-Commerce” And many marketing books.

          Go visit “Barnes and Knobble” Business section, for more intriguing books to read.

          And remember “The greatest revenge in life, is your own Personal success.” And then you can tell everybody else to kiss your ass.

          • Zeus:

            “Those who can’t do teach”, is an old saying. It is often true. But, not all teachers are incompetent. Many are motivated by a true altruistic desire to help others.

            If you are looking for a successful businessman to teach you the tricks of the trade, go to night school at a community college. I have known millionaires who didn’t need the money at all. They were just giving back.

            “Dress For Success” is easy to read. It is an excellent choice to give to a highschool or college age person. I read it when I was young. It made a difference in my life.

            Clothing is important on many levels. In freezing temps, the right clothes prevent hypothermia. In the office, being well dressed can make the difference between being promoted or not. Some things, like being short, can be drawbacks, but that’s just the luck of the draw. Being ugly doesn’t help either. But a well dressed person can overcome these by being well dressed.

            Brooks Brothers sells expensive, but classic well made clothes. The best suits are tailor made just for you. Learning to sew takes time and effort, but can give you a way to wear clothing at a lower cost and with higher quality. The best tailors are men. Being gay is optional. Even if you don’t make all your clothes, you can repair them and save a trip to alterations. It is a must if you are serious about being prepared.




        Sharyl Atkisson – formerly a famed investigative correspondent in the Washington bureau for CBS News, also substituted as anchor for the CBS Evening News. She resigned from CBS News on March 10, 2014 after 21 years with the network.

        Here’s the deal: Since the leftist media was outed in the last election as the real purveyors of fake news (can you say “Dan Rather found a memo,” Brian Williams was “shot at,” or Mikey Mann’s fake global warming hockey stick… until Climategate, that is), they are now doing an in-your-face attack to try to turn the tables. It’s basically a blowhard bluff by a bunch of frauds. Below is Atkisson’s take, as she left the cabal a few years ago, and knows where the “bodies lie.”

        “Award winning journalist Sharyl Attkisson has come out and said that the recent brouhaha over “fake news” is nothing more than a “propaganda campaign” in order to censor free speech and freedom of the press by the Obama administration and the likes of Hillary Clinton.

        Appearing on Wednesday on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” Attkisson said, “Before about September 13, if you searched the news you won’t find many or any mentions of fake news. But as soon as there was, in my view, a propaganda campaign to put this on the plate of the American public, the news media and politicians including President Obama went hog wild with the term and it started making headlines every day.” “It wasn’t a new invention,” she added.”
        The full story is at http://freedomoutpost.com/?s=sharyl+attkisson

      13. Our gifted children are terribly neglected.

        Once identified, brainy kids should receive support and put on the fast lane to University.


        • B from CA – it’s worse than that. Gifted children are made to feel ‘responsible’ for the lacks of those they are surrounded by. My own grandsons – gifted – are compelled to tutor, mentor and spend a percentage of their own classroom time ‘helping’ the mentally disadvantaged classmates they find themselves within the same grade. Rather than being urged to keep reaching upward, they must cooperate and aid the very teachers whose job it supposedly is to educate all in their class. Why? Because the teachers themselves are not able to strike a rapport with those very under-privileged and under-performing students. What I see is that the ranks of those same children are made up of kids whose parents consider K-12 school a form of daycare that frees those same adults to live lives of wasted days rather than any idea whatsoever of the reason and worth of learning.

      14. being dumbed down and be deceived.

      15. Quick!
        Lets import more third world idiots and push them into the classrooms with our children!

      16. !2/16, Newsmax reporting 0bama (yes, I used a zero) US will strike at Russia for interfering in the election.
        Probably a bluff but stay on the alert.

        Off topic, I found what looks like a great knife at home depot, a Milwaukee brand sheath knife, 5-1/2″ blade, 10-3/4″ overall length, heat treated and cryogenically hardened for $20.
        Blade is serrated on one side and standard on the other. And sharp!
        In the hand tools section.

      17. Everyone needs to watch the movie Idiocracy. I was raised in he Republic of Texas and moved to Canada in 1986. I am 58 years old and have been working with youth and families for about 30 years as a football coach and professionally. It amazes me of how high Canada rates on these scales. I compare the students here with me when I was their age and find most of the youth here very dumbed down as well. I have seen a major shift in attitudes and how the kids up here as a whole have become soft. In the USA it is called no child left behind and up here it is called education 2000. My point is when I do a comparison it is not only the US getting dumber it is really happening up here as well. Anyway I retired from coaching last year as I find my beliefs of accountability, responsibility, and playing to win and not just show up are terms most kids do not understand any longer. Keep your faith in the Lord and be alert as this Trump election should bring on some very interesting events. God Bless and ya’ll take care.

      18. 20 years ago, when my son was sending a note to his Grandfather to invite him to his graduation from High School ceremony, he turned to me and asked “How do you spell ‘Senior’?”
        I knew how to spell that before 3rd grade !
        That showed me how much our ‘education’ system had fallen.
        And that was 20 year ago !

      19. I’m sure all the non-English speaking illegal immigrants must play a role in this dumbing down of American students. When I went to school there were no special ed students until I reached HS. They had their own classes, and were not integrated into regular classes. Also, I will probably sound racist for this one, I noticed that education started taking a nose dive when the schools moved from segregated to fully integrated. That was the time my children started to school. A lot depends on the student, and how much they “want” to learn. I learned this when I homeschooled one of my sons. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. My younger son was more interested in play station game playing; while my older son was more interested in education. Today the younger son is more apt to think for himself, and the older son with the Masters degree in mathematics is not that “street smarts”. The older son in sixth grade asked for text books about geometry and calculus for Christmas. It all depends on the child and how much they actually want to learn. Any more every child is continually on an electronic device; parents need to take these devices away and require they do homework or read a book. The Chinese parents are always pushing education on their children from the time they are born.

      20. My bumper sticker says “If your mentally challenged kid is special, then my normal kid is VERY special”…..
        You ought to see the dirty looks I get from the soccer moms picking up their little brats in their $40k SUVs because there too special to ride a bus, or walk 5 blocks home.!!!!!

      21. here is a question i saw from a common core math question

        Julie has 15 apples
        Frank has 10 apples

        How many apples does Jack have ?

        My question and everyone else was .. who’s Jack , and how to solve

        any one here know?

      22. Demographics. Change the demographics from northern European to third world and this is what you get. Garbage in, garbage out. We honkies are actually number three in IQ. Behind certain Asians and Ashkenazim. As far as I can tell.

      23. in math were little below average and some countries higher but compared to many not too bad off. but look at the top 15 all are mainly one demographic and to my knowlage families are still a intact unit. in the US one demographic has 70+ born with no husband. and all demographics have single parent homes useally mother. add to the fact that government schools seem to believe just throwing money at the same bad teachers is the way to fix things. the small class size greatly increased costs and union membership but did not improve teaching. frome reading teacher college required by too many states will take just about anyone who is breathing regardless of scores and pass most through to diplomas while having rep as party schools sounds like the way many public schools are just promote them out illiterate or not another point illegals are required to be enrolled in school further dropping reading and math marks
        and in eu i wonder if there illegals are counted in testing although there illegal problem is more recent than the US

        • Marx and his ilk, were against marriage. They were also against any parent raising their own kids. They said it was a job for the state to raise kids. The Marxists did a real destructive job on families in the west. Kindergarten was part of the scheme to get kids away from their parents and into state schools. Kindergarten was started by a German Marxist named Froebel. I attended a public elementary school in Chicago named after him. Fortunately, before the socialists had a chance to destroy the system.






        All these FACTS and EVIDENCE listed above are available FOR THE cowardly American boot licking parents to see with the two eyes, and hear with the two ears, their creator gave the American coward parents.

        If the American coward parents choose to ignore all these FACTS and EVIDENCE of how a PLANNED CHEMICAL ATTACK BY PSYCHOPATHS on your precious children given to you by your creator is being carried out RIGHT NOW TO DUMB THEM DOWN, as they are being ENGINEERED by these psychopaths to be their dumbed down poisoned slaves of the future…MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR DAMNED COWARDLY SOUL!!!!!

      25. Purge Marxism and instant IQ increase.

      26. Idiocracy!
        If you watch the movie you will laugh your ass off until you start to cry because you realize it might represent the truth.

      27. I propose that college and university entrance exams be abolished. That way, no matter what your IQ, you can go to college. In fact, don’t even make attendance mandatory. All you have to do is sign up for whichever degree you desire and you’re guaranteed it. That way, no one will feel slighted or left out. All of the snowflakes will be happy.
        Why, they could even go a step further and promise a minimum of $100,00 a year to start, after you receive your degree. Regardless of whether or not you are employed.
        To help lower the burden of student debt, just sign up for your degree online and pay a $5.00 registration fee. To be covered by the government of course.
        This solution should make all of the SJW’s happy and they can all happily starve and freeze to death on an equal footing.

      28. Teaching is a talent, like the ability to play music. You can’t teach someone how to teach. There are some people out there who don’t have college degrees who could really do a good job of teaching children how to read, do math, write, Etc. However, the government dictates that most teachers must have at least a Master’s Degree to teach. I don’t think I would want to spend all those years in a university to wind up with a $30,000.00 salary. I would rather find a job making the salary that most people with Master Degrees would make in the private sector.

      29. Don’t forget, all the blacks and wetbacks who are dumbing down the score. If you measured white kids away from them, I’m sure it would be higher!

      30. Recently, I read a study where they deleted the performances of black American students from the national performance averages. This resulted in demonstrating that white American students are way above average compared to other nations for the same performance criteria.

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