Turkish Forces Enter Syria: “May Start Major War… Dreams of Recreating Ottoman Empire”

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    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse blog.

    Editor’s Comment: The U.S. rhetoric in Syria has backed off significantly, but there are certainly still those who’d love to see things escalate into a wider war, and force whatever candidate assumes the presidency to push for war. Meanwhile, so-called allies like Turkey and Saudi Arabia are more than willing to push the hot buttons and hope for the worst… for their own personal gain. This is truly a mad, mad world.

    It Is Being Reported That Turkish Military Forces Have Entered Syria

    by Michael Snyder

    There are international news reports that claim that Turkish military forces have entered Syrian territory and have established positions near the towns of Azaz and Afrin.  If these international news reports are true, then Turkey has essentially declared war on the Assad regime.  Back in February, I warned that escalating tensions in the region could be the spark that sets off World War III, but things seemed to cool down a bit in March and April.  However, this latest move by Turkey threatens to take the war in Syria to a whole new level, and everyone will be watching to see how the Russians and the Iranians respond to this ground incursion.

    So far, it is the Russian media that it taking the lead in reporting about this movement of Syrian forces.  For example, the Sputnik news agency was one of the first to report Turkish military activity around the town of Azaz…

    Amid violent clashes between militants of Daesh and troops of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the town of Azaz in northern Aleppo district, reports are surfacing suggesting that the Turkish Army units have been seen located in the district of Azaz.

    In addition, Sputnik claims that Turkish military forces entered a small village called Hamam near the town of Afrin on Saturday

    “Two days ago, the Turkish military entered the village of Hamam in Afrin area. We are ready to repel any attack. Meanwhile, FSA units are suffering serious defeat in clashes with Daesh. They have already lost control of 12 villages. If Daesh comes to Azaz, ‘Democratic Syrian Forces’ will repel the jihadists, and not allow them to enter the city,” Arac stressed.

    The map that I have posted below comes directly from Google Maps, and it shows how far south of the Turkish border the towns of Azaz and Afrin are…

    Turkey Syria Border - Google Maps

    In particular, the Azaz corridor is considered to be extremely important because that is the primary route that Turkey has been using to resupply jihadist rebels in Aleppo.  So Turkey wants to keep that road open at all costs.

    Meanwhile, an Iranian news source is also reporting on this Turkish incursion into Syria…

    Member of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PDS) Ahmet Arac said that the hundreds of the Turkish soldiers crossed the Syrian border at Bab al-Salameh border-crossing and deployed their forces in al-Shahba’a region near Marea and Azaz.

    “The Turkish Armed Forces are preparing an offensive in the Azaz and Marea regions that have been the scenes of tough battles between the ISIL terrorists and its rival group of the Free Syrian Army,” Arac added.

    “Also yesterday the Turkish Army carried out rocket attacks on the positions of Democratic Forces of Syria,” he went on to say.

    So far, there has been no confirmation of this invasion from the mainstream media in the western world.  But of course since Turkey is our ally, the Obama administration would not want the media talking about this.  So instead, our big media outlets are giving us headlines such as “Judge sentences Catholic to attend Baptist church” today.

    If you have been following my work for a while, you already know that Turkey and Saudi Arabia have been working very hard to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad for years, and Assad knows exactly what Turkey has been up to

    “..Turkey, as well as Saudi Arabia, have crossed all possible red lines, possibly from the first weeks of the Syrian war. Today, the war against Erdogan and against Saudi Arabia is a war against terrorists. The Turkish army, which is not even Turkish, is Erdogan’s army that is fighting today in Syria. Everything that Ankara and Riyadh have done from the very beginning can be considered aggression. Aggression in a political sense or in a military sense – providing terrorists with arms – or direct aggression with the use of artillery, and other military violations. Erdogan is directly supporting the terrorists as he allows them to move into Turkish territory, to carry out maneuvers with tanks. This concerns not only individuals, he finances them [terrorists] through Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and through Turkey itself, of course. Turkey trades oil that has been stolen by IS (Islamic State, Daesh), at the same time carrying out artillery attacks against the Syrian army – when it moves close – in order to help the terrorists. They are terrorists and when we attack these terrorists in Syria, this leads to Erdogan’s direct defeat..”

    Assad is a very bad man, but everything that he said about Turkey in that quote is true.  Turkey has been giving direct assistance to ISIS, and Barack Obama has known about it the entire time.

    Most Americans simply do not understand how insane Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan truly is.  Our “ally” has essentially become a dictator, and he is obsessed with recreating the old Ottoman empire.  These days, political rallies in support of Erdogan are quite reminiscent of what Nazi rallies under Adolf Hitler were like, and there is a nationalistic fervor in Turkey right now that is so intense that it is hard to describe it to someone in the western world.  It is fueled by the rise of radical Islam, but what is going on in Turkey is broader than that.  It is extremely dangerous, and yet nobody in the U.S. criticizes Erdogan because he is our “friend”.

    In addition to moving troops into Syria, Turkey already has forces positioned in Iraq, and the Russians are quite upset about this.  Just consider what Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday

    This (keeping troops in Iraq) is an absolutely unacceptable position,” it cited Lavrov as saying. “In principle, I believe that what the Turks are doing deserves far greater public attention on the part of our Western partners.”

    But for Erdogan, what we have seen so far is just the beginning.  He dreams of creating an Islamic empire, and he envisions himself at the top of the food chain.

    This is one reason why he is so virulently against birth control for Islamic women in his country.  He wants the population of Turkey to multiply greatly so that the Turks can fulfill their appointed destiny

    In a speech broadcast live on TV, he said “no Muslim family” should consider birth control or family planning.

    We will multiply our descendants,” said Mr Erdogan, who became president in August 2014 after serving as prime minister for 12 years.

    In fact, Erdogan actually considers it to be “treason” for Islamic women in Turkey to use contraception…

    Mr Erdogan himself is a father of four. He has previously spoken out against contraception, describing it as “treason” when speaking at a wedding ceremony in 2014.

    He has also urged women to have at least three children, and has said women cannot be treated as equal to men.

    Are you starting to see how dangerous this man is?

    Our “ally” is an egomaniac dictator that dreams of recreating the Ottoman empire, and he now has troops positioned in both Iraq and Turkey.

    And if he isn’t careful, Erdogan may end up starting a major war which would ultimately involve the United States.

    Hopefully cooler heads will prevail before events start spinning entirely out of control.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book [amazon text=Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It&asin=150522599X].


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      1. Remember folks this is all over the Saudi’s wanting to put a oil/gas line from there to Europe. It comes to Syria saying no, or they what a cut of the money coming in.

        This would cut the Russians out of a lot of money.



        • Remember what ‘ol Jackie Gleason used to say…”and away we go!.

          Money and power Sarge. Money and power. They still can’t hold a candle to the theft, rape and pillaging that the US of A(sses) can accomplish.

      2. Sgt Dale

        In the end every war has its roots there. Russia derives 50% of its income from the sale of oil and gas. From their perspective their survival is being threatened. Conversely more oil / gas sales for Saudi Arabia more US dollars used thus shoring up the “petrol dollar” or oil peg.

        One thing none of this is about the US fighting terrorism as we’re using them to accomplish Assad’s removal.

      3. Once that missile goes off there’s no turning back.

      4. I realize that the US is the dominate power in NATO. That dominance certainly has to be somewhat tempered with the voting electorate in the European member nations. Turkey invades Syria, Russia comes to Syria’s defense, NATO comes to Turkey’s defense and before you know it you have WWIII over who sells oil to a Europe that no longer exists.

        Pardon me, but sometimes something is so profound in thought, that polite speech, regardless how articulate, is inadequate to convey the message in written word, so an expletive is required. “This is absolute fucking madness”.

        • You have hit the nail on the head. All in hopes that the other someone will back down. I don’t think Putin (the other someone) will.

          • You think it ain’t??? Question is, which son of a bitch is OUR son of a bitch, and who is the least evil?

            • DHConnor

              Unfortunately there is no OUR as, “We The People” are not “OUR”.

              There are globalist bankers and corporatists that recognize no allegiance to any nation. There are no “American Companies” in the true sense as they are Multi National. President Herbert Hoover said, “Americas business is business”. That implied that said business was in America and employed Americans.

              Americans have been fighting and dying for their interests while being sold ostensible reasons largely focused around “Freedom and Democracy”.

        • NATO is not obliged to protect a member that starts a war. If Turkey is moving troops in a militarily, offensive manner, NATO will tell them to KMA. If Russia steps in to eliminate Turkish forces on Syrian soil, get out the popcorn. Every dead Moslem enhances the worlds safety.

          • rellik

            I hope the citizens in Europe create holy hell and say, “Hell no we won’t go”.

          • relic, you are a true POS. Just wait when Russia nukes your fucking tribe in Israel and watch your subhuman brother and sisters glow in the dark.

            The entire blood shed in the world is being designed and managed by the fucking zionist pigs in Israel and their SOB’s in NY and London so while I don’t give a fuck about Islam and muslims I would truly enjoy seeing dead Ho£ocau$t parasites.

            So GO and FUCK yourself.

          • USA.gov will want desparatly to jump in on Turkey’s behalf. European NATO countries will sit this one out.

            We all know Turkey should have ever been a NATO member.

        • K2, Spot on! Truer words were never spoken. Prep on, folks, like your life depends on it. This will get ugly, at some point.

      5. Kevin2, I couldn’t agree more. I’ll go even further and add that the Turks are just totally Muslim scum. They murdered over a million Armenians during and after WW1. The Turks are just lucky they haven’t been vaporized after shooting down that Russian plane. Putin has shown a remarkable amount of self-restraint. Someone needs to go challenge the Turks and kick them out. Turks don’t have a leg to stand on.

        • Brave,
          the mid east is a powder keg and there probably will be(or is) a tie in to our elections, ie. they will move forward depending on who they think will win, or create something to cause our elections to be put on hold and our current scum bucket will stay in power! i think this is a good ( BAD) possibility!!

          • Apache54, that is a plausible scenario. Whether the chimp stays or one of the sock puppets is ‘selected’, this country is still heading towards civil war and/or revolution. It still wouldn’t bother me to see the Turks get their asses kicked. They still deserve that and more just for what they did to the Armenians.

      6. Just let them go at it and if others are unhappy, let Europe do the dirty work. Let the Saudi’s and other “allies” in that area pitch and do their part. But I think the US people are tired of seeing our men die, only to have idiots like Obasturd screw it all up with money to Iran and many other stupidities on his part. We’ve wiped their sniveling noses since WW2, Great Britain excepted, and now they are going to have to act on their own. Warn Russia against interceding, but keep standard soldiers out of it. We have million dollar men who are trained to manage and re-direct these issues. Time to stop sending in US Troops every time somebody gets his ass in a sling, unless American national interests of the very highest level of importance are threatened.

        • “Warn Russia against interceding”

          Russia has a military base in Syria. One of two outside of the former USSR areas. This is Russia’s “bread and butter” , the sale of hydrocarbons. That “warning” would be taken as an insult and in itself be considered a threat.

          “unless American national interests of the very highest level of importance are threatened.”

          The US fights over globalist business interests and hasn’t had a true threat to the US since WWII. That corporatist, globalist, bankster control over US foreign policy has been filling up Arlington for quite some time.

          • Unfortunately, the constant propaganda by MSM and our govt. has too many people convinced about Russia being our adversary and a threat. For many decades, our govt. has needed an enemy, doesn’t matter who or what, to keep funding our huge military complex. If we can’t find an enemy, we’ll manufacture one! Even totally broke and broken Venezuela was recently categorzed as a “national security threat.” Same for some hapless ill equipped, poorly fed, illiterate cave dwellers 10,000 miles away in Afghanistan.

      7. Kevin2, it wouldn’t bother me if Putin were to go ahead and get his revenge for the shootdown of the Russian plane. The Turks need a good ass-whupping, if nothing else.

        • Braveheart1776

          I look at the root cause and wonder how much control of the world is sufficient for the globalist bankers and I have concluded all. Sooner or later, if not with Russia then with China, or potentially both simultaneously, it will either come to a head or they capitulate. I don’t see the latter and damn sure fear the former. I cut my eye teeth crouched under a school desk in cold war air raid drills. I was bombarded with, “The Communists are trying to take over the world”. That thought justified my concern being under that desk in the futile, “duck and cover”. Now as an adult, better educated and far more knowledgeable I’m looking for that foreign aggressor and just can’t find them.

          Its 1984 where you speak peace and start war.

          • Kevin2, I also grew up during the Cold War and did my share of those ‘duck and cover’ drills. I heard all the same propaganda you did. I can’t find any aggressor either. I was only 5 years old when the Cuban Missile Crisis took place. My Dad and older brother built a bomb shelter in our basement and stocked it with food, water, medical supplies, etc. That was my first contact with what we call prepping today.

            • Braveheart1776

              We’re the same age, too young for Vietnam and started driving before MADD became the craze. We caught the tail end of old America barely pre Billy Joel “Allentown”. Graduate HS and within a year you have a good job. Leave one and go to one even better.

              Speaking of the Cuban Missile Crisis I don’t think TPTB learned a damn thing as we came within a hairs breath, one vote shy aboard a Soviet Sub, from people not known for voting or free elections, of them using a nuclear weapon. The results of that; no words can adequately describe.

              • I hope that Sub Commander got a medal for his restraint. He probably saved the world!

                • His name was Vasili Arkhipov. He was one out of three votes required and the other two voted to fire the nuclear torpedo. Google his name, read the story.

                  The entire world should celebrate Vasili Arkhipov Day to remember how close annihilation came. Maybe reflecting on it annually we can all see how crazy things can get under those kind of circumstances and make it a damn point to avoid circumstances that make such an occurrence more likely.

              • Kevin2, that Soviet naval officer saved the whole world. I never learned his ultimate fate.

                • He was involved in the infamous incident where the Soviets had a meltdown on a sub a year before and he saved the crew. His reputation exceeded his rank as he commanded serious respect within their military.

                  Here is how he ended up.

                  Arkhipov continued in Soviet Navy service, commanding submarines and later submarine squadrons. He was promoted to rear admiral in 1975, and became head of the Kirov Naval Academy. Arkhipov was promoted to vice admiral in 1981 and retired in the mid 1980s.

                  He subsequently settled in Kupavna (which was incorporated into Zheleznodorozhny, Moscow Oblast, in 2004), where he died on 19 August 1998.[2] The radiation to which Arkhipov had been exposed in 1961 contributed to his death.

                  • Kevin2, there was a movie about that incident. I think it was “K-19” starring Harrison Ford. I didn’t know Arkhipov was involved in that incident. May he RIP forever.

                    • What is bothersome is what can happen when things start spinning out of control.

                      Robert McNamara, Sec of Defense gave an order no firing by American ships upon the Soviet ships. Some US Destroyer or Cruiser skipper interpreted that as no live ammo and gave the orders to fire star burst shells in front of a Soviet trawler. Imagine if a radio transmission came through it was but blurred or that the Soviet skipper thought hearing the boom that it was live ammo and sent out a radio transmission accordingly. This is what can happen when children play with weapons.

                      The risk inherent in actions where super powers, and the Russians certainly are in the nuclear arena, are extremely dangerous.

      8. The rest of the countries in the world have about 30 bases in other countries, the US have near a thousand spread around the world. Who is the aggressor and who are the defenders? Easy answer. Apparently Vietnam got paid off or threatened to be drawn back into US clutches when they should have stuck with China as an ally. Obviously Vietnam was promised more US outsourced jobs to help the corporates bottom lines. TPP, Perot’s NAFTA sucking sound becomes a roar, the means to a closing in NWO. The media is all in on it, I haven’t heard one negative media voice speaking against this planned continued rape of the better than average US jobs that still remain in America. The downfall is accelerating. I went to the local Bank of America today, got there the earliest but waited in the car for the 9am opening. 8 people came and waited outside the door, I went in and waited over a half an hour to get to the one available teller who also worked the drive thru window. The people in line unloaded on the lack of help. 3 bank employees were floating around the lobby doing nothing so a man in line asked her why no one was assisting the single teller. She said no other employee was authorized, total BS. She also flatly declared cash would not be around long to those in line.

        • aljamo

          ” they should have stuck with China as an ally”

          China was an ally out of sheer necessity for Vietnam as they are traditional enemies. Vietnam fought China for 1000 years to gain independence. It would have been wise for the US to have thought about that tenacity decades ago. Say what you want but they ain’t quitters. Regardless Vietnam fought China in 1979 in a border dispute giving China a bloody nose because of having the huge supply of left over US equipment and munitions. That underdog has a vicious bite.

          This new found “friendship” between Vietnam and the US is largely over South China Sea oil resources (big surprise OIL). The US does not want China to be self sufficient with energy so its siding with Vietnams claim. As Dr Strangelove Henry Kissinger is quoted as saying, “You control food you control people, you control oil you control nations”. TPTB want to control China and China has a different idea.

          The grandchildren of Vietnam veterans will be standing side by side with the grandchildren of NVA / VC against China.

          Yes the jobs are going there too.

      9. In other news…….
        Oprah was found with a box of candy bars unconscious on her bathroom floor.
        On the entertainment scene, theres rumors of a new Miley Cyrus video of her being ridden by a donkey!
        Rhu Paul is the new democrat nominee for the whitehouse,
        Hesheit is expected to carry the LGBTD vote no matter what people want!
        What a magnificent world we live in

        • I thought the video might have been with a pig:

          ht tp://dlisted.com/2015/06/08/miley-cyrus-just-reached-full-miley-cyrus/

          Of course, Tori Amos also has a thing for pigs:

          ht tps://mst3kriffaday.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/toriamosboysforpelepig.jpg

      10. Will Russia and China attack while the man-child pretender is on the throne vrs. dealing with the twitchy ego or the murderous lesbian?

        Is it time to Rock the Casbah?

        Will two mighty warrior tribes go to war over oil?

        Tune in again tommorrow for another exciteing episode of
        As the World Turns…

      11. “Turkish Forces Enter Syria: “May Start Major War… Dreams of Recreating Ottoman Empire”

        Such a bullshit headline as usual to stir up shit!! I guess he can read minds now, and knows this as fact. People have let the common sense side of prepping (for any type of problem) become money makers for alarmists. Grow up, not everything is a dam wrol/shtf moment about to happen to us all!!!

      12. Damascus is the Capitol of Syria. And Damascus will become a heap of ruin uninhabitable. Because of radiation . Some say Damascus has never been totally destroyed in history. That’s why it’s a perfect sign ? Top off them lamps.

      13. “Assad is a very bad man…”

        Honestly, how do you know this to be true? Certainly this is what was sold to the western public but is it a reality?

        I have to question this assumption and I admit that I have no idea what the facts are other than I KNOW that the western media machine has lied about how bad he is. Specifically, the red line of chemical weapons use, was the ‘big lie’. What else have you been told often enough to believe isn’t true either?

        • Christians were protected under Assad. Snyder is wrong on this one.

      14. I feel like I heard about this in the Bible.

      15. I’ve said repeatedly with evidence that Islam is the religion of the anti-Christ. Anyone that enables a new Ottoman Empire/ Muslim Caliphate is working for Satan.

        We are in the last days, in human terms that could be decades or months. Islam seeks a great leader and I’m sure he will be provided.

        When such a leader speaks to the Islamic world, you will not be able to trust any Muslim or communist or liberal. Islam is 27% of the global population. On those you can add the communists, socialists, enablers and the shills. A solid third to half of the worlds population will suddenly be at war with the rest, and few will be the wiser!

      16. Assad is an American trained medical doctor. He is a man who is allowing freedom of Religion, having Christians and Jews as well as Muslims all living peacefully together under his secular leadership. He has incited the rath of the Israelis because he wanted to examine the facts regarding the claims of the holocaust. Later he called the holocaust a hoax which further inflamed Israelis who have and continue to receive financial compensation. That is why Assad is often referred to as “evil”.

        The whole business is a farce and Assad is the latest victim of smear campaigns by our ZOG and Isreal itself. I hope Turkey did not invade. I hope the refugees created by an invasion don’t wind up in Europe or the U.S. Send all the refugees to Isreal. They have not taken any refugees but they sure get off sending pissed off Muslims to us. What a pitiful mess. And what the hell has Turkey ever done for America. Who decides which Countries are our allies, Isreal?? no friend in Turkey or Isreal that I can gather.

        • Every time I use the word “Jew” in a post, I am sent to await moderation. Remember what Voltaire told us; “if you want to know who rules over you, look for whom you can not criticize”. Or something to that effect.

          Hate speech. Who decides. Who rules and squashes free speech, intellectual debate, investigation of the facts suppressed because they Lie-Lie-Lie.

          • B, I have to agree with you on this. About two years ago I was a strong supporter of Israel, being programmed by all news media over time. Even Newsmax, which was once somewhat impartial, but no longer.

            It was here and ZH that I learned the truth about “J—” and the Rothchilds, etc., and who really runs planet Earth.
            Hate speech has become a crime.
            The Founding Fathers would be disgusted with us today:


            LOOK AT ACID ETCH. We hate some things he posts but approve of some. We might hate his all CAPS but we should always defend his right to say whatever the hell he wants.
            That should apply to everyone.
            Free speech should have no limits. (except the “fire” in a crowded theater thing)

          • It’s probably because most of us recognize if it hadn’t been for Einstein and some other famous Jews, the Germans might well have constructed the bomb first. What size of smoking hole would you like Washington, D.C. to have become? We just get tired of your anti-Jewish rants. I knew a bunch in Chicago, and never had a problem, so what’s yours? Or does hearing Heil Hitler and the Gotterdammerung and other Wagner works get your jollies for you? You are a twisted and bigoted individual who sees a Jewish conspiracy behind every door, bush, and tree. Are you off your med’s again? Lot’s of paranoia in your posts.

      17. Turkey is acting on orders from the USA and if they have invaded a county (Syria) that has invaded no one then i hope that Russia breaks out the mini nukes.

        Giving in to bullies never workded on the play ground and it won’t work in the international arena.

        Time we in Europe kiled the americans out and i bet half the americans reading this and have to pick up the bill agree with this statement.

      18. The Turks are tough and the toughest in that neighborhood. Let them take the Middle East and get it under control. They understand those cultures and Islam: Muslims can only ever live under theocratic dictatorship: it was beyond naive to try and re-make Muslims into freedom and democracy loving Westerners.

        As for the bigger Turkey plan, that has been in the works for years: it is called TurkBirDev. Everyone in the region knows about it.

        Turkey also senses Europe’s weakness and a one-time opportunity for the Turks (remember, they re-built Germany and were instrumental in reviving Britain’s economy during the dark days of the 70s and 80s). Turks (rightly) feel they have earned their stake in Europe’s future. Turks are pretty well the only men left in the UK. When blacks went nuts for 4 days, looting, burning, raping and murdering in Britain’s cities, it was the Turks who mobilized street resistance. Within minutes the blacks folded back into their housing estates. Turks aren’t politically correct: they would have squared off against those rioters and the results would not have been pretty. These are just the facts.

      19. This is simply economic as wars always are. If Assad is overthrown the Saudi Gas Pipeline to Europe proceeds. That pipeline will run through Turkey. Instant income for them. In the process the Russians lose their natural gas market to Europe and they derive 50% of their GDP from energy sales.

        The Islamic terrorist threat is a ruse as the US is funding and suppling terrorists to facilitate the above. Its all about resource control.

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