Trump Voter Beaten By Black Mob: “You Voted Trump. You Gonna Pay For That Sh*t”

by | Nov 10, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 131 comments

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    This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at

    Editor’s Comment: Violence and retribution for the election of Trump has proven to be the result of a media-driven attack on his character. For months now, the pundits and columnists have done nothing but tell the population that Trump supporters are racists, etc. and now racially-motivated beatings are taking place in the street without any other pretext or provocation.

    Are they proud of themselves yet? And how far will this violence spread?

    Shock Video: Black Mob Viciously Beats White Trump Voter

    by Paul Joseph Watson

    Shocking video out of Chicago shows a mob of young black men viciously beating an older white man because he voted for Donald Trump, dragging him through the streets as he hangs out of the back of his car.

    The clip shows the thugs repeatedly screaming, “you voted Donald Trump” as they assault the victim from every angle while others steal his belongings.

    “You voted Trump,” the mob screams, “You gonna pay for that sh*t.”

    Another woman shouts “beat his ass,” while another man is heard laughing before remarking, “Don’t vote Trump.”

    A second video of the incident which is dubbed with the “F**k Donald Trump” song, a phrase now being chanted by “protesters” across the country, shows one of the attackers driving away in the man’s vehicle while his hand is still stuck in the window as the car drags him down the street.

    “The scene is frankly reminiscent of a lynching,” remarks Chris Menahan.

    It is not even clear if the victim was a Trump supporter. Presumably, the mob used that as an excuse to beat and rob him.

    YouTube quickly deleted the video, but it has been mirrored on numerous different websites.

    If the roles had been reversed, and Trump supporters had been caught on tape viciously beating a black Hillary voter, this would be a national news story right now.

    As it is, you won’t see this on CNN any time soon.


    This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at

    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison


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      1. Carry a weapon and shoot these animals dead as they attack you.

        • My sentiments exactly,…..provided you have a chance to get your weapon out and not just get sucker punched.

          • I don’t ride through the neighborhoods with my gun holstered, It’s on the seat right beside me, hammer back safety on.

        • Horrible that this is going on. Be safe everyone.

          • Black Crimes Matter

        • Do that here in Texas and a CHL holder will send you to meet your maker you idiots.

          • Do that in indiana and the results will be the same, a dead attacker.

          • New Mexico is a problem; their CCW only lets you carry one gun; so I got 2 Licenses. Need 2 more. Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

            • Paranoid,
              Hey, which end of the state are you at? I am at the south end, good to know where we like minded people are at, as it appears here in NM, there is not allot of us!

              • I’m in Casper Wyo. but I go into NM a fair amount.

          • His maker is Lucifer, he sure needs to be sent back there where he came from. Bunch of ugly apes.

          • You got that right. Soros doing his best to get race war started. Texas, with the exception of Austin, won’t have his crap here.

            • Hey Robert, not ALL Austinites are frikken morons…just most everyone here. 😀 And the inmates (city govt) are running the asylum!

            • Well Houston could be a problem these days

        • This happened in Chicago – gun-free zone. Only thugs are allowed to own firearms in that cesspool.

          • If I had been that man, I would’ve been armed anyway and shot everyone of those apes. That man can vote for whoever he chooses. No ape or anyone else can tell him what the f#$% to do.

            • NOW are you starting to “get it” america(ns)? you gave your kids EVERYTHING, and asked NOTHING in return of them. these entitled little punks have been enabled by killary’s lying media to go out and raise hell, with SEEMINGLY no consequences. but there ARE consequences in life, aren’t there. wait until their EBT cards quit working. i seriously doubt that there’s any way to “save” this country. i guess at least we still have the blue and grey “uniforms” like we did in the LAST civil war….only THIS time, it will be the workboot crowd against those with their underwear below the crack of their ass….at least it will be hard for them to run, with one hand holding up their pants.

            • These animals need to be straightened out this coming year.

          • I carry a gun in Shitcago. Piss on their laws.

            • Almost everyone in Chicago as a gun. Some legal, some not.

              First of all he should have avoided that area. When things went bad he should have been smarter. I’m not saying this is his fault but you NEED street smarts.

          • Actually carry permits are available in Illinois as of 2013. It requires a 16 hour course and $150, 10 year residency. Beats criminal charges for carrying W/O a license and certainly beats getting attacked.

        • You’re right Menzo- & I hope Donald Trump nationalizes the Right to Bear Arms without state or local restrictions to uphold the 2nd Amendment, plus allows for both Open Carry AND Conceal Carry!!!

          Had these people attacked me, I would have NO hesitation protecting myself from harm to life, limb & property!!!

          What’s even more shameful is that NOT ONE American stopped to help this man!!!! Having a legal weapon would have changed things in a matter of seconds!!! Had this man being attacked had a firearm and shot these people who were assaulting and threatening his life, I’m sure that BLM would have been whining like a bunch of tree-hugging hyenas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Where have you been. 2013 Supreme Court rule. Guns everywhere are allowed.

        • I do pack now!!

        • You got it friend. No more “backing down” ventilate the fools. My “toy of choice is a .45 acp with 230 Grain XTP hollow points.

          • I had to butcher two large hogs, I shot the first one with a forty cal, it dropped right away.

            Second one used a high power 45 ACP, shot it like 6 times and it finally dropped.

            Get the forty trust me…you don’t want what ever your pointing it at come at you.

            • Right on bro…nothing beats a 40

        • What I don’t understand is that nobody came to his rescue. Are people so UNINVOLVED that they will watch a guy get mugged or killed and do nothing but FILM the event. STEP UP. DO WHAT IS RIGHT. HELP HIM.

          • I agree with Bill: Nobody wants to help…Just keep driving by in their cars…Thinking about their own world. It’s a sad day when you can’t even tell friends, or family who you voted for. Could cost you your relationship. Bosses are harassing colleagues in the work place. The GREAT divide. It’s like the days of the CIVIL WAR are back. My ancestors fought each other on the sides of the North and the South. That is exactly what is happening now. God save us all…As in the days of Noah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • He was a white man in a black neighborhood. The only other people there were black. Why would they help a white man? I surprised that the media didn’t report “white man attacks 3 poor non gang affiliated black men in Chicago”.

            • It was a fake event to gin up racial strife. All crisis actors. That’s why bystanders and cops didn’t help

          • People (both black and white) are afraid to get involved. They see a black mob and know all about how they would then become targets. Many people have experienced an attack at the hands of black mobbing. It’s only going to stop when enough of them are shot and beaten in public themselves.

        • These people need to get used to the idea of not having a black President to protect them anymore. When the new President takes over his duties he will have the national Guard in the streets.
          Obama will not do that because he protects these black racists from handcuffs, that’s what these animals need, handcuffs and jail.

        • Shoot these muther fuckers where they stand. I hope the justice dept does something…haha…wait…they’ll never do anything about this.
          Trump protestors – shut down my freeway I will hit the gas and run your racist asses over. Please lord give me the chance to do this.

        • I have 49 rounds for one weapon and many more for another weapon and that was definitely a target rich environment

          An enterprising sort could make some money by giving guided hunts through that area

          Have a few large and easily visible bumper stickers made up that say “I VOTED FOR KING DONALD TRUMP” and plaster 2 or 5 on a beater car and send it on a loop through that area

          Have the “Client” or three following in a partially armored car driven by two “Guides”

          Run the follow car about 100 feet or so behind the “Bait” car and when the hostiles set off their attack let the clients in the follow car bail out and experience the Battle for Ramadi II 2006 for a small fee

          If clients want to save a little money and split the costs among friends or other clients, supply them a specially made van, with easy open doors and a few shooting ports right by the mini fridge and bar installed inside of the van

        • that’s right.gonna pick the wrong person.

        • That event was staged. Check out this video by Barry Soetoro Esq. on YouTube. It will shock you:

        • Seems like this guy, Wilcox, has inadvertantly got caught up in the stupidity that is now openly showing itself, after its defeat.

          I’ve watched the video of the sustained assault on him and it is not pleasant.

          There isn’t anything we can do about that, after the fact.

          We can though, give this man a helping hand, something we all need sometime.

      2. If ever there was a doubt whether voting for Trump was the right thing to do, what is happening now removes that doubt. Too many people have lost touch with reality. They expect everything to always go their way.

        • and to think they ALMOST got away with it!

      3. Never turn your back on a bunch of young men no matter their race. Most of them now are dumb and savage nowadays. Bad combo.

        • I wonder if this will be classified as a hate crime?

          • swinging richard

            It won’t be classified a hate crime yet but hopefully as of January 21st 2017 things like this will be classified as a hate crime and investigated by the USAG who may be Rudy Giuliani

            Rudy G put the hammer down on the mob so I don’t see him holding back on a bunch of chicken shit, ghetto rats

            This is IF Rudy Giuliani ends up being the USAG

      4. Never let down your guard when around even one of these savages. If you identify your political ideology, you must also be prepared to defend yourself. Don’t be naive.

      5. This shit wouldn’t fly in Arizona…because we have guns and these punks would be ventilated. Leave Chicago while you can!

      6. Menzo is correct. I live in Texas and we are relatively safe down here, but I still NEVER go ANYWHERE without a weapon. Times have changed and this will get worse before it gets better. Antennas up people.

      7. Animals. The only way black guys will fight if they have you outnumbered. Would love to have been there, one more white guy gets involved and they would have turn and run off like the ignorant cowards they are.

        • JWE, if that white man had pulled a gun they would’ve run. The apes will never take on anyone one-on-one.

          • With luck, at least 1 of them would not have run far.

      8. Amazing that these (I won’t use the N word) creatures hate so much that any white man is his enemy just because he is white. They can’t seem to pull themselves out of the gutter and make something of their lives even when given SO MANY opportunities to do so. They think of themselves as Nigers so that is how they act. THAT is why they will not evolve into humans.

        • Bill, they get brainwashed by their own all-black organizations that serve the libturd agenda.

        • maybe when the dumb-fucks stop calling themselves niggers, they will stop BEING niggers….why won’t they stop? don’t they even KNOW what a nigger IS? fer CRIPESSAKES!

        • Some of them realize that they cannot improve their own lives significantly and they understand why. They understand that we will not do it for them, and that we cannot and should not. This narrows their life options to only a few undesirable choices. Yet they still prefer to take action, the same as everyone does. For persons in such circumstances, violence can provide satisfaction. I am not advocating anything, just explaining.

      9. all gangsters should be exterminated… but how you know that guy voted for trump?

      10. Such a classy, fine astute group of citizens we have in America.

        This reminds me – I need to pick up my White Hooded Robe from the Dry-Cleaners!

        • Classic!

        • Were you implying that it’s racist to recognize that blacks attack white people?

      11. It won’t be long until it’s open season on these fucking animals. They’re bringing it upon themselves. The mood is changing in this country, and the tolerance level for this is past the point of no return. It won’t be long now. It’s too bad I wasn’t there to see this. They’d all be stretched out in cold pull out drawers waiting for “mama” to identify them…

        • just don’t forget,…there are LOTS of blacks out here that are good, productive citizens, that DEPLORE these chimps….it aint gonna be a RACE war… BETTER not be! what may SEEM like a black or white problem isn’t that simple.

          • Millions of black people find these people deplorable. They get called coon. They are ostracized and often beaten and intimidated by their so called brothers.

      12. I can’t believe no one stopped to help that guy. If I saw that happening on side of the road me and that elderly gentleman would have opened a can of whoopass all over those thugs.

      13. The Negro Race is a Fine Race of Upstanding Individuals; that carry themselves with a quiet Grace and Dignity. Said NO ONE; EVER.

      14. The funny thing is is this mans taxes paid to raise these disgusting niggers from birth . KILL all these nigger scum as far as i’m concerned.

      15. Now that the election is over, the point has been well-proven that the Trump voters know how to restrain themselves – their passions and their behaviors. Unlike the vast majority of the liberal progressive Clinton supporters. Okay, so noted. Now, it is time to teach these animals that such behaviors and lack of self-control will mean being caged like the wild beasts they are or to be put down like rabid dogs. Society cannot function with such feral-ness abounding. Time the ‘Dindu Nuffins’ were stopped cold.

      16. I challenge Any liberal to try make me pay for shit..i am going to brake a few of your ribs and an arm in the process.. mind control has taken its toll on them..


      17. They only ever attack in groups: they can’t do mano-y-mano.

        Stay away from groups of black men: that’s rule number one. What idiot would tell them who they voted for? Also, let them steal your car and call it in to the police. It isn’t worth your life to try and stop the car while it is moving. With your next car, by an engine immobilizer and a ‘Sizzle Seat’ that electrocutes thieves.

      18. let face it blacks are savages and brain washed they all should be Castrated at birth they well never change as well as the woman have their Ovaries removed AND MANY PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT the same idea and like their assses

      19. Glad I have concealed carry- just have to carry an extra magazine now.

        • WHAT? An extra mag sure; but also carry at least one extra GUN. They don’t make leg holsters, shoulder holsters, and belt holsters so you can carry in different places, that’s nuts. It’s so you can carry lots of guns.

      20. Don’t advertise yourself to the public, always be a sleeper. When and if the time does arise, you will be prepared.

        A silver lining has arisen, but perilous times ahead no doubt. It’s going to be a long rough road to travel America!

        Situational Awareness is a must at any given moment time.

      21. Shoot them dead!

      22. Do you feel the anger cause by these thugs. I Do.

        This could have been done to a person of your Family.

      23. If obummer had sons they would look like this.

      24. Just another day in the hood, in the city with the strictest gun laws in the country.

      25. No way. What’s goin on here?

        Trump is already backing away from calling for Yellen’s resignation and is considering naming Jamie Dimon as Treasury Secretary.

        Seems the “Elders” have already informed Donald that he is not the boss. He is the Apprentice…

        Who didn’t see this coming?

        • Just heard the news on Dimon. Didn’t want to believe DAD would even consider him.

      26. That starts in the south, there’s going to be one heck of a lot of dead thugs. The south is heavily armed and tens of millions of us are standing ready to defend our families and persons when the time arises.

        What’s sad about this is that the media have gone and made themselves complicit in stoking a race war. What’s even more sad is that the race war is a false narrative and there are people out there who are taking the bait.

        The even further more sad element is that these people who attack ordinary law abiding citizens are going to do this to people who are legally carrying and able to protect themselves and will defend themselves with a ll force necessary likely leaving the assailant whose bought into the false narrative the media and politicians have vomited out dead.

        That makes the politicians and the media complicit in murder in my view. The vast amount of America is just trying to get on with our day and build a good life for ourselves, this whole aspect of our lives that we are forced to confront is the saddest of all.

      27. One more carry permit applicant.

      28. Canadian National Government in Ottawa are calling for a wall along the United States and want the USA to pay for it! They say they are sick of liberal morons and idiot film stars from sneaking across the border! I don’t blame them one bit if they do! What did Canada do to deserve this? (They haven’t actually called for building a wall.)

        • really?….look at canadian healthcare system…and their housing bubble…..we’re ALL liberals NOW!

        • Canada is a lost-cause.

      29. Here is what I posted 13 days ago:
        “This violence will NOT stop after the elections..Emboldened by the LACK of ANY kind of law enforcement efforts to prevent or prosecute these crimes, Hillary’s supporters will continue this activity even after they win by rigged results…This is how the N@ZI brownshirts morphed into the N@zi SS after the Enabling Act in Germany.. History REPEATS itself UNLESS REAL PATRIOTS STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK NOVEMBER 9th!!!

        DO NOT LIE DOWN COWARDLY LIKE to appease them, these animals will just get bolder and more brutal. You MUST face them and beat them down when they ATTACK YOU FIRST. SELF DEFENSE PATRIOTS, NO SURRENDER.”

        Here is what I posted 10 days ago…. A BLIND man could see what was coming.:

        “America has already turned a corner TOO fast with CORRUPTION at the wheel. What Americans CAN’T SEE already is how that result is going to turn out, the roll over disaster is in progress and time has just gone into slo – mode.

        People are holding their breath to see how all the dynamics of the hatred the candidates pushed, is going to play out, the corruption and its actions play out, and who gets ejected without seat belts and crushed in the train wreck as it unfolds…FACT.

        America is turning a corner, this is the Second “1776” moment where America chooses to go a LAWFUL CONSTITUTIONAL (NATIONALIST) path to right, the wrongs of 8 years of egregious naked blatant painful corruption or if America succumbs instead to blatant criminality (MULTICULTURAL LAW IGNORING PROGRESSIVE H3LL) coming chaos as that reality manifests.

        One FACT for sure, the America we become will be NOTHING like you THINK it will be, and you aren’t READY FOR IT.”

        G0d I hate it when I am right.

      30. Turner Diaries coming soon 🙂

      31. Sit Rep, head on swivel. Do NOT open your door or window. Need device to electrify the door handles from the inside, any engineers out there?

      32. Keep These Dates in Mind:
        19 December 2016 —Electoral College officially meets says Trump President.
        Anything can Happen here. I really Don’t mean to ruin Christmas. But Until the Electoral college does their thing…… Who knows?

        20 January 2017 —Official Swearing in of Trump as AMERICAN President

        Until these dates have passed. America is Still in EXTREME danger.
        Do NOT Underestimate the EVIL/Damage that the NWO-UN-Communist TRAITOR to America, the poser president Obama can Inflict NOT only on America but on the world.

        Obama is a Anti-American Traitor. Obama wants America Destroyed.
        Obama HATES America and Despises the American People.
        Watch Obama Actions and Deeds. Not Obama words.
        Obama-Hillary ALWAYS Lies. Can’t you see that?

        Obama-Hillary talking nice in public about transition makes me even More on edge.
        Because I have watched them for years. They say one thing. Then do the opposite.
        Public words are a facade. A nice cover for Obama-Hillary skull duggery.

        Trump meeting with Obama as this message typed.
        I hope Trump is OK.
        Not being poisoned-drugged-cloned-body double replaced-brainwashed by some unseen technology. Never Underestimate the enemy or their capacity for evil and destruction.

        You do Not know the technological capabilities. There are things that seem like magic and sci-fi. The technology is real and available NOW.

        I’m Praying for Trumps Safety-Health-Good Judgement. So should you.
        I wish Trump would physically stay away from Obama.
        He is in Danger while in the enemies den.

        I knew guys in military. They were good men. Once they went to War College they came back different after promoted. Brainwashed? I don’t know. But they came back different and no longer seemed to care for their men. Humanity gone. Anyone else notice that?

      33. well if Trump gets his 2nd amendment ways like

        suppressors off the NFA
        CC reciprocity nationwide
        military to carry on bases
        no magazine limits

        than maybe this type of mess can be cleaned up

        the liberal states or cities that are pushing unconstitutional suppression on the peoples rights , are reaping what they had sown for so many years..hard to feel sorry for any of i dont

      34. Those pieces of trash thing that they can fight. Had that white man been practicing with me 3 times a week in SI Lat, every one those thugs would have been severely injured and the white dude would have went to jail for attempted murder. Those blacks cant punch or kick properly. I would love 10 blacks to come after me like that, and film it put It up on youtube and see your asses getting kicked…Anytime you liberal communist are ready to start shit like that in Houston, I will purposely go that area with a Trump shirt to see who will try that crap with me. For the time being, you cops need to arrest those idiotic pieces of shit on the streets and I don’t know what’s taking you all so long.

        Like on commentor just said, at least they don’t have guns to do crap. Liberals don’t have guns, thugs have guns, these types you have to be carefull with. I am worried either. Everyone in my city is so armed that any group trying to start crap in this city will be met by lethal force from our cops and citizens.


        Bricks don’t hit back.

        Bruce Lee.

        The Tao of Jeet Kundo.

      35. EOTS, I’ve never felt sorry for them and never will. They will soon reap what they sow.

      36. If you talk like a animal, act like a animal, breed like a animal….then you’re probably a animal!!

      37. HCKS, Heard Houston local government went mostly democrat?? Those thugs more than likely will not be charged.

      38. Just another psy-op
        written by Steve B. , November 09, 2016

        When I saw Alex Jones, Rense, Rivero, Fetzer et al. start screaming for Trump, things were obviously smelling deeply rancid. But even before that, there was (primarily) aangirfan blogspot”s copious disclosure of the gangster that Trump is. No, he is not unaware of what is happening. He is a crook with longstanding ties to the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Meyer Lansky and Roy Cohn, a den of sharks. Resorts International started as the successor to the CIA drug laundering and racketeering operation the Mary Carter Paint Company, purchase money from R & R. Trump was the front man. The usual gang of globalist and insider thugs.

        No doubt Da Boyz decided to channel some of that “populist” outrage via Trump (“don’t complain–you voted for him”), as Hillary was as smelly as a public toilet. I’m inclined to think that he will be used to trigger an economic crash, though they could have used Hillary for the same purpose by igniting WW III with Russia. This no doubt is tidier, though WW III might still be on the menu.

        Your reality, whoever is in charge, is nothing but a psy-op, something imo which should never be forgotten.

      39. Protect yourself, and Forgive them for they do not know what they do. Remember who the real enemy is.

      40. This is all Obama. I hope he gets a big class action lawsuit for all the violence.

      41. Guess they left the zoo unlocked…….WTF weren’t his doors locked and his foot on the gas?

        0620hrs. TODAY. Up the road from me, Exit 5, I-20, SHELL/Circle K, guy gassing up, mope approaches, pulls a gun to ROB & jack his car, busy area, vic gets back into his car, grabs his pistol, 2-3 shots, dead perp, vic is home now resting……no charges….SC!

      42. WHY that dumbazz got out of the car is beyond me – that’s one dangerous area to be driving around much less stopping and playing ghetto games …

        Little chance that the guy voted for Trump – no suburbanite would be there and no Chicagoan would vote GOP …

        • As for me & my house, we vote GOP. Everyone in Chicago is not a pol. We’re proud GOP voters for 26 years. Also, all Chicago is not a ghetto. I live in a wonderful neighborhood & it might as well be another country where all the murders are happening. Law abiding people in Chicago won’t put up with that shit.

      43. the filth and scum needs to be gone from this country

      44. Its time to start killing these North American pavement apes.

        • There seems to be a sharp racial division within the black population that you don’t see elsewhere. You have amazing physical specimens who are strong and beautiful and then you have these creatures who are ugly, dumb and weedy, or the obese women with the big butts. Maybe these guys need to be repatriated to Liberia.

          • Libya? They are Arabs not Africans! Try the Congo instead.

      45. Inteligent blacks at work.I have seen this shit all my life. They just do not get it.Dumb motherfuckers.

      46. Folks,

        This is why I am strong advocate of learning a martial art so that if, G-d forbid, one of these idiots approaches you or starts screaming their non-sense like as shown in the video, you are prepared! You take them down, you take them out a blitzkrieg.

        Believe me, after the first idiot gets their dose of medicine, the word will spread pretty quickly not to mess with you!

      47. See what happens when you don’t carry a gun?

      48. I agree. Attacks are happening all too often with these nigger animals. We need to first stop all assistance. If these animals have to work they won’t have time to hang out and beat people. We also need to instil fear back in these peanut brains
        If they touch one of us the pay back will be hell.

      49. Do you need another reason to concealed carry than this video.

        If you do your safe space is on reserve right outside of Black Panthers HQ.

      50. Not one person stopped to help him.

      51. One thing for sure.

        When I open up on these bastards, they will NOT be thinking about taking movies with their cell phones or who I voted for. They will be thinking about getting the hell out of Dodge. Or see Lots of Muzzle flashes.

        Shit’s getting OLD.
        So they better stay away from me.

      52. bring your black ass down south and see what happens let me give you a hint DEAD………..

      53. Saw my first Black Friday commercial today.


        I will not be going out to the bigger cities for shopping of any kind, or for any reason.

        FedX, UPS or the mail man will bring me what I want. I won’t be out and about till after New Years.

        This should severely limit just such an encounter as well as limit having to deal with the limited intelligence that roams the streets of America.

      54. We need to disarm all of you! Then we will allow our thugs to beat you to death. So hand in your guns DUMB ASSES. Hurry!!!

      55. When they attack in packs it makes our case for high capacity magazines

      56. Damn, I wish that would happen to me, I’d be sending a whole line of negroes to meet Jesus!

      57. Practice makes perfect….two to the head!

      58. There is no way to make these black pieces of crap happy.
        Black lives don’t matter anymore.
        Deport all of them back to Africa and they will see how well they have it here.

      59. This is why we will not give up our guns, and it should remind people that Hillary and Obama seemed to want to take away our right to carry to protect ourselves.

        It’s also interesting to note, that they, the democrats cheated at every turn including millions of illegals voting more than once in different districts and they still lost: this suggests that despite the large number turnout for these riots: many of them are being paid so that the real disgruntled Americans who are actual citizens is quite small.

        But I think traditional AMericans are well aware of our own willingness to begin to fight back against this BLM movement with a civil war.

        I recently inquired about moving to Canada, and found that I could only go there if I have a substantial amount of wealth. and yet, canada claims that Americans are racist for guarding our borders………….a huge double standard. And it is these types of double standards that we are going to begin reacting to…….Watch Out because we are begining to get a clear picture of actual enemies right in our midst.

      60. ?
        I bet there are private investigators looking into these cases.

      61. These thugs want a war. They will get one. They stand to lose just like their high priestess did only it won’t be an election they are going to pay with. What is the one thing that Obama asked Donald trump not to touch today in their meeting? The entitlements. Snip snip. You don’t work you don’t eat. Again we do not have a immigration issue in this country. We have an entitlement problem. These lowlife shave been living off the sweat and toil of hard working Americans for long enough. Deal in drugs you die. Take drugs you have one chance to get clean. After that you are dealt with appropriately. End of story. You murder somebody we shut your lights out. End of story. You beat somebody up like this you are tied down and your victim gets the same amount of time with you, without fear of prosecution. All Gods creatures will respond appropriately to a swift kick in the seat of their pants. These animals should and hopefully will be tracked down and be dealt with.

      62. I would have shot the chocolate man right between the eyes.

      63. I wish some of these Uncivilized Ghetto Animals would try that crap with me! All present would be in for one he*l of a surprise. Has anyone noticed they only go after the elderly and young who cannot fight back?

      64. black mobs attacking people need to be gone from this country

      65. can’t people learn to defend themselves these guy dont’ even know how to fight! There just thugs there nobodies.
        They look like losers.

        Well we will deport them to the other side of the Trump Wall where they can scream and kick the wall till their hearts content.

      66. Bottom line, the USA needs a race war!

      67. shoot the MFers.

      68. Mike Radant says:
        Comment ID: 3632074
        November 11, 2016 at 4:01 pm
        Bottom line, the USA needs a race war!

        Time to clean house, EBT, Section 8 Housing, WIC, AFDC, Earned Income Credit,TANF, SNAP,… needs to be turned off!

      69. this is all part of the ‘race baiting’ – they want us to fall for it – and then SHTF. Look at all the protests, media etc – piling it on full force. video’s and facebook etc….and they’re busing in protesters….its a full court press to take down our country before the inauguration or at the inauguration. I suggest we consider a page from Ghandi, because the establishment is picking a fight with all of us. the establishment manipulated the press, the polls and this is their last chance for chaos and mayhem. I think we can rise up above the naked racism. Our country is diverse already. These dumbasses were part of the bait. You can be sure the media would fan the flames if they had an example to hold up. Lets avoid giving the enemy any ammo.

      70. For the varmints who are whining and assaulting
        innocent people, this is addressed to those
        non-American cretins:

        What is puzzling to me, although it should not be, knowing the types of people who are acting out like schoolyard bullies,

        is that they have it all backwards.

        It is inconceivable to me that they misconstrue Mr. Trump’s agenda and character.

        They think he hates the black people. Did he show that in Louisiana during their floods?

        They think he is a war-mongerer. Did he not just receive the hands of friendship from 8 countries, including Russia (who hated with good reason, Obama the Impaler)

        Egypt, Mexico, israel, and others happy to be allied with U.S.

        Then there is the matter of his being a “sexual predator.”

        (Does Bill Clinton get a free pass for this depravity? He is the one who raped a kid; it was not Mr. Trump.. again you have it all backwards.)

        Those lying women have been debunked, and it is learned they were paid good money to lie.

        One woman, on a plane, caught in a lie, when she said he moved the arm rest to ‘grope her.’

        All testify that the plane’s arm rest, in that time period, was not movable. She is a liar and will be judged on THAT DAY.

        Then there are the women who claim that he insulted womanhood.

        Some women need to be insulted,when they act and behave like sluts. If he criticized a female, she may have deserved it.

        That I cannot respond to, but if he did insult a Miss America or any other female, I would consider this an act of a man who has been used to speaking his mind and who has learned, the hard way,to temper his remarks.

        He is from New York, and city New Yorkers are not necessarily known to be genteel. He is learning and we need to give him a chance to redeem himself on that topic.

        There is the claim that he will separate families.

        Well, families, are you all legally here? What? you say that Aunt Maria is not legal and has scooted across the border w/o being caught for lo’ these many years?

        Why has she not applied for citizenship? Is she lazy?

        Then Aunt Maria needs to return to Mexico and apply for citizenship and you need to stop lying and whining.

        And above all, the crying and whining about illegal aliens from terrorist groups… my heavens.. you people really should be given a ticket to the deserts of Iraq,Iran, Syria, Mosul, and other environs where the people are in favor of Muslim living/ Sharia law/ killing and maiming and barbaric beheadings, etc.etc. ad nauseum.

        I so wish the lot of you were out of this country, whatever the number is, the millions of you, and let this country become what it was always meant to be, not a cesspool of roaches, vermin, and malcontents.

        It will never be paradise on Earth. But it would be 99% closer to it, without the presence of all of your filthy bodies,thoughts, actions, and speech.

        Lord help us to rid us of your contamination.

        I envision a world where civilized blacks and yellows all live in harmony with whites.

        It could happen if the cancerous growths now inhabiting the land were cut out and tossed into infinity.

        Mr. Trump is on the right track. He is doing the Lord’s bidding. He is not intimidated by the lowlifes that chant and threaten.

        Since it is established that God spoke and it was done, Mr.Trump was elected at God’s bidding, then it is not hard to comprehend, unless you have no brain waves working for you, that God will continue to do as He promised.. to right the wrongs of this nation.

        You people who are causing so much havoc and threats to assassinate, should be aware that God spoke to this eventuality, also.

        He will not tolerate your interference.

        He will remove in any way He sees fit, the opposition.

        I would be careful crossing streets,if I were you.

        Ms.Clinton is an example of one who God wanted out of the capacity of criminal-in-chief,and she will not be returning to dictate a new world order of millions of criminals, higher taxes, and other plans of which we all are aware and which we, who have some intellect, know would cause the fall of this nation,


        Now we learn that her daughter will run for Congress. Will we ever be rid of this Crime Family? It is like having the Mafia in your neighborhood for decades.

      71. When I travel I see American flags flying in some places. Are they there to fool me? Am I supposed to believe this is America? The flag is of course familiar but the land and its people are not. In my fading memory America was a land of the good, the kind, the caring, the fair minded,the brave, the just. Not all but most.
        Now I look near the flags of red, white,and blue and see people overflowing with self righteous indignation advancing their causes born out of division and hate by the means of violence, disruption, and destruction. America? Not how I remember. I see people seeking what they perceive as justice by vehemently trying to destroy the lives and careers of people who make a mistake or who have said something wrong. No mercy. No understanding. No second chances. America? Is this really America? I see people intolerant of those who believe different than they. Intolerant of those who look different than they do. Intolerant of those who hold different political views than they. People whose fear of the world not conforming to their desires willing to use whatever means possible at whatever cost regardless of who gets hurt to achieve their self interests. America? Really?
        I gaze upon the flag of Stars and Stripes and feel a great comfort. Then I look around and through what I see I feel lost in a foreign land.
        May God bless America and return her to our shores.

      72. Now you see why there were sundown towns, white only signs, and segregation in the South!

        • Video doesn’t really provide context, just as the ones of certain police shootings don’t. So I don’t want to judge quick. BUT.. If it is the way this seems.. Shoot them. I don’t give a fuck. I’m saying this as a black person as well.

          Too many descendents of Africans around the world having to work twice as hard for anything, solely because of this bullshit segment of ”people”.

      73. Hey Libtards, this shit is exactly why Trump got elected in the first place. As part of draining the swamp he should pass a federal law preventing cities and states from infringing on Second Amendment rights. Watch Shitcago get cleaned up fast.

      74. Trump is to Blacks what Hitler is to Jews.
        Trump is going to destroy the US. WAKE UP SHEEP!

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