Trump Resists Pledge To “Absolutely Accept” Election Results… But Why Should Anyone Accept Fraud?

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 61 comments

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    A lot of people think that Donald Trump is about to lose the election – and many of them are hoping that’s exactly what happens. But what they are worried about is the possibility that his talk of a stolen election could spill over into a revolt against the (obvious) illegitimacy of the system.

    But this is a naked empire, and no one is supposed to point out the obvious.

    In 2000, Gore/Lieberman got pigeonholed with the meme ‘Sore Loserman’ after attempting to challenge the election results. But in fact, with hanging chads in Florida and a lot of crookedness in the Bush campaign, there was good reason to cry foul.


    Despite clear evidence that the results were questionable at best, and it took a Supreme Court decision to determine the outcome of the election, it was somehow typecast as wrong or bad to even suggest that the election process could be anything less than transparent and democratic.

    And yet we all know better.

    Nevertheless, the establishment is attempting to shame Donald Trump right now in response to his suggestions that voter fraud is taking place. And there is clearly a lot of material to work with.

    Rather than the rest of the country being concerned, and wishing to sort out any problems or corruption taking, a vocal refrain is trying to dissuade people from questioning the result at all.

    “Will you absolutely accept the results of the election?”

    “I’ll look at it at the time… I’ll tell you at the time… I’ll keep you in suspense.”

    Debate moderator Chris Wallace asks the question while ruminating on the importance of a ‘peaceful transition of power,’ requesting that Trump concede to the winner, if indeed he is found to be the loser – not something Trump much likes to be thought of.

    The system fears chaos, rebellion and violence if the rigged election is exposed or challenged in any meaningful way.

    But if Trump is cheated by the same Democratic Party that cheated Bernie, why should he or anyone else suck it up ‘for the good of the country’ and say nothing?

    Isn’t that sort of anti-democratic?

    Why on earth would anyone be content with accepting fraud, cheating, unfair tactics and anything even approaching a rigged election?

    The truth is that the entire process, from before the primaries even began, has been designed to be a cakewalk for Hillary – most of her competition was kept out of the Democratic race from the start, and the GOP establishment was completely removed from the scenario.

    The stuff that Wikileaks and the email scandal have revealed immense corruption; Trump is right to question why she was even allowed to run at all?

    While interference is being blamed on Putin, or on crazed Trump supporters, the fact of the matter is that the system of politicking has rigged this election; super delegates and the electoral college system favors a democratic nominee; mobilization and community organizing have weaponized groups throughout the identity politic spectrum; registration of illegal immigrants and roles of dead voters are traditional ballot box stuffing activities, and they are happening today.

    Underappreciated in electioneering is the profound role played by social media, search engines and other online applications, which hold treasure troves of data about every demographic in America; their algorithms are subtly promoting the establishment message, and de-listed and burying dissent (Google’s Eric Schmidt is working directly with Hillary’s campaign; Zuckerberg and co. have clearly played an important role as well).

    Millions of people are shouting no to another rigged election, but no one hears, because their voice is drowned out with technological precision.

    The electronic voting system in place in the majority of polling stations across the country can be hacked and reprogrammed to flip votes and orchestrate a believable victory for any candidate that the controlling party and their IT specialist prefer.

    There is no voting.

    The voice of protest has carried into the energy of the Trump campaign; many of his biggest supporters are voting against the establishment, against globalism, against autocratic rule by elites.

    He could win points with the establishment by playing it cool even when they cheat, or he could become an eternal hero of the people and stand up against the most corrupt candidate to seek the White House in American history.

    FULL: Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton –
    Final Presidential Debate 2016- Third Presidential Debate

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      1. They ripped off Sanders, what would make Trump any different? They are all liars, lawyers and thieves. No matter which one wins the country looses everything.

        Same shit, new day…

        BTW, TEST: Go f**k yourself, opinins are like assholes, everybody has one and they all stink…including me, but not as much as your bloviating cut-and-paste blather.


        • Ditto good post and ditto on TEST comment. He is a typical dork.

        • With the government going downnthe road they have been going down i expect the elections to be crooked

          • So why didn’t they ask Hillary the same question? I think the media, and the rest of the left are terrified the Trump’s going to win this. I think if there is just an overwhelming amount of people voting, all the cheating in the world won’t make a difference for her. I really believe this is what they’re afraid of. Of course I could be wrong.
            Stay quiet Be smart.

            Mac, You could do an article on this. Project Veritas Action. The Hillary Chaos makers at Trump Rallies and what Trump was talking about in the debates last night. How they are organized and paid off lots of undercover video with admissions of Hillary’s plot to steal the election.
            Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies
            16 Min Video – ht tps://
            ~WWTI- Hillary is a criminal and needs to be put in prison.

            Veritas Project Action Video #2
            ht tps://

        • GMAFB, I agree wholeheartedly that Trump should never accept any decision made against him based on something totally illegitimate. It’s the same as me refusing to accept any decision made against me based on anything fraudulent. If someone paints a target on my back and they fail to show any legitimate basis for it, then it’s GAME ON. I’ll do whatever I consider necessary to protect my own interests.

          • Either candidate can “not” accept the election results unless they are the winner. Just as Trump and his Trumpsters believe that the elections are rigged, Hillary can claim the same. Is it more believable that elections are rigged because Trump says so? For all we know, he could be behind having the elections rigged in his favor,something stinks here and I don’t believe a word that comes out of his childish juvenile mouth. That has been the only thing he has shown me since the beginning of his campaign, juvenile immaturity. Not at all like an intelligent sane emotionally mature adult.

            The whole scenario is simply ridiculous and totally crazy and out of control just like Trump, the confused megalomania-cal idiot.

        • I personally think that there will be an attempt to steal this election in favor of the Hildebeast. And too, then I do think it may be time – then…. “for real” as the kids say – that we cause this nation to remember the reason for our 2nd Amendment. The “for real” reason. That being as regards our most basic declaration as Americans: “…That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on …”. For is that not why the Amendment I speak of exists?

          And as a side-note and sheer joy in that act – of having the opportunity “explaining” ( ala HiLLaLucy, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do) to the progressives the importance of preserving the Constitution just as it was written. No more, no less.

      2. Hillary will win, Trump will concede, and the country will carry on business as usual.

        • “will carry on business as usual,” straight to hell.
          Fixed it for you.

        • the country is in a full scale decline!! and has been for 8 or more years! IF Trump does not win DEATH is just around the corner!!

      3. I’m very comfortable the elections will be above the table /sarcoff

        Trump’s move to not roll over and accept the vote results is brilliant. He’s putting the poll riggers on notice.
        Maybe it’s just me…but didn’t Hillary win her candidacy at the DNC by rigging the vote? Just sayin’.

        Found this link posted at 0
        Soros-Connected Company Provides Voting Machines In 16 States
        ht tp://

      4. None other than James Carville is saying that there will be “some” voter fraud. How much is needed to sway the outcome in a very closely contested race? Its like being a little bit pregnant.

        h ttp://


        • Standing Right Beside you on that

          • YUP!!! I agree it is LONG overdue to clean the scum out of the white house!! and the whole political arena! we as a nation are doomed if we don’t!!

            • Trump said he was going to Drain the Swamp in Washington DC. And push for Term Limits on all members of Congress.

              Ditto That!!


              • Thumbs up on that one!

            • Nailbanger, Rebel Son, and Apache54, don’t leave Braveheart out.

        • @Nailbanger, Madonna said she’ll blow you if you vote Hillary. Although there’s no telling what you might catch.

      6. The president is already selected. Peasants stop bitching and just obey your masters.

        • Pure BS.It was the said about Brexit.Media lied until the end…

      7. Election Group: 141 U.S. Counties Have More Registered Voters Than People
        ht tp://

        141 out of 3007. Probably won’t make a material difference. Probably.

      8. Motor voter registration. If they give you a drivers license, they say you can vote. It’s already law in some states. Against the law to ask if someone is a citizen when they try to register. 4 million known dead are registered to vote. Illegal to ask for ID when someone comes to vote. My favorite, absentee ballots. Really? Millions. Voter fraud in Chicago? Naaa. The electoral system is set up for massive fraud. The integrity of the system doesn’t exist. That doesn’t even include computer manipulation of results. Trump get thousands of people at his rallies. Hillary can barely get two hundred. She doesn’t even attempt to hold rallies often. Trump is having 2 or 3 rallies a day. But the MSM claims Hillary is in the lead. Why. So when the election is stolen everyone will think the phony polls were accurate.

        • There are 25 Million voters that have problems with there Validity. Many are voting in multiple states. 1.8 Million voters are dead people still voting. One voter died in 1945 and is still voting.

          Voter fraud? You bet. Bus loads of illegals voting.


      9. redneck
        141 out of 3007. Probably won’t make a material difference. Probably

        You don’t live in Illinois do you.

        We have seen in Shitcago where a dead person voted 3 or 4 times. This is not urban legend it is a fact. This happens every election. When Quinn became governor only took two counties in the state and won the election. One was Cook and the other was a small county by St Louis. There 52 counties in Illinois. He lost most of these counties by landslides.

        Gore beat Bush in the popular vote, but TPTB want Bush in office to pull their crap and he won. Hetlery will do want they want also so Hitlery will more than likely win. I’M VOTING TRUMP!!!


        • Sgt
          Yep, Trump is the best choice by a long shot. I’m sure hoping all the publicity about voter fraud will shed some light on the issue to the point it will shut down the majority of the activity. The Dems know they are being watched.

      10. Trump Resists Pledge “Absolutely Accept” Election Results… But Why Should Anyone Accept Fraud?

        This very … very … very unpopular Democratic Politician [Hillary Clinton] has made it this far into the “Election Process”, not by herself, but with a lot help from the “inside”.

        How is this even possible? [rhetorical]

        Of course the System is Rigged – there is no other alternative answer for it.

        She will continue down this path of success, and be victorious at the end … all because of inside/outside influence.

        If indeed what I say comes to fruition – and America accepts this fraudulent woman & political system without revolting … then I’m sad to say … I will be left with no other choice, but to leave this place called AmeriKa and seek another avenue of living standards elsewhere on this Globe.

        Chances are [my luck] … I won’t have that opportunity. [time]
        I foresee anarchy / manufactured crisis unfolding upon us, regardless of who is deemed the “winner” of this political fiasco.

        • FTW, I understand where you’re coming from, but I’m afraid you won’t find any place where Americans are welcome. We have enemies everywhere thanks to what our govt/corporate/bankster cabal has been doing all over the world since the Spanish-American War. Your only real option is to stay and fight. That’s what I’m doing.

          • “but I’m afraid you won’t find any place where Americans are welcome.”

            Brave –

            I completely agree with that statement – that thought had already crossed my mind. As I said above -“opportunity wouldn’t be there anyways”.

            The World is about to implode – may as well hang around a bit longer and enjoy the wonderful festivities. ツ

            • FTW, we’re all going to be in the middle of it.

      11. Not only will the coward pussy toxic dump American boot lickers accept fraud, as the programmed indoctrinated cowards have accepted ALL THEIR DUMBED DOWN DISEASE RIDDEN DEPRESSED TOXIC DUMP LIVES-they will get even more drunk, they will pop Big Pharma poison like never before, they will stampede their obese toxic dump asses to their nearest crime scene restaurant serving poisonous toxic GMO filled garbage, and the drunken bum coward pussy Americans in the collapsing Police State hell on earth of America will deny, deny, deny all the evidence, they will deny all the TRUE statistics, and the coward pussies will deny what is happening right in front of their faces. The consumption of useless garbage and distractions like mindless entertainment and “bread and circuses” sporting events will reach a fever pitch as the cowards desperately try to distract themselves from the TRUTH, the TRUTH they all know but refuse to even talk about-The coward pussy boot licking Americans have sold their souls and their children to Globalist fascist genocidal totalitarian psychopaths from the inner bowels of the pits of hell, evil like the world has NEVER seen, and that TRUTH is too much for the cowards pussy American boot lickers to bear. Epic, epic, epic times to be alive as a Watchmen and witnessing this mass delusion and cowardice unfold in front of tyranny and evil like the world has NEVER seen.

      12. Amen Mac Salvo. Trump stood up against corruption during the campaign. It is ludicrous for him to accept it after the election.

      13. I think if ole cankles steals the election. As despicable as he is. All Trump Will need to do is say follow me. He will be wearing the mantle of being bonified. He will have been cheated. His cause will be justified. Not like the dead beat Bundy and Idiot Finnicum. He could lead a successful revolution. Real transfer of power has never been peaceful. We took this nation away from the native americans by force. We overthrew the British yoke by force. I really think the only avenue to rid the country of the political vermin infestation we now have in place. Is to water Jeffersons tree. That tree is now very thirsty.

        • “idiot Finicum”? WTF is wrong with you? Did you ever see the man speak? Watch his videos. The man was a true patriot who got off his ass and actually DID something. It may be debatable as to whether it was a sound strategy or not but his patriotism and ideas of the founding were unmatched. RIP Lavoy.

          • His actions where stupid. The takeover of federal property was idiotic. They had no plan. Their plan was cause trouble. they went looking for trouble and found it. For a successful revolution you must have a just cause and a plan & someone to replace the despot your removing. The framers had a plan They weren’t just gonna get rid of the Crown agents and leave a vaccum. Yes he did something? He got himself killed. And just what was accomplished? Nothing positive was gained by him doing something. Yes indeed he was a idiot.

            • Old Guy, so you’re in favor of tyrannical Federal takeover of public lands?

              Finicum did not get himself killed. He was murdered in cold blood by direct order of the un-elected Gov. Kate Brown.

              • Everything out west that was part of the louisiana purchase is federal lands. the federal government is the authority in charge of that land. The federal government has always had stewardship over that land not the public at large. The government has the authority to dispose or do whatever with that property. Thus the homestead act was used to dispose of some of that land. The government agencys had the authority to demand rent and improvments and restrictions on that land from ranchers. Its not any individuals land even if their family had been renting or squatting on it for hundreds of years. The government did not takeover anything. The government simply demanded compliance from those using property that it always had authority over. The Government makes the rules and can change the rules Bundy refused to follow the new rules and did not pay his rent.

        • Ok if Mr. Finicum was an “id.ot” ,then you go first this time and we will follow…

          • Go first and Do what? and Why? I have no bonified justification. Im not about to do like the DINDUS and take to the streets for nothing. Just what positive thing was accomplished by The whole Bundy & Finicum debacle? And In am doing something. I quit producing beyond my own needs. I pay as little taxes as possible. Im doing my part towards starving the beast.

            • Name calling? To his families face next time? Do we know the absolute truth of this matter or just what we saw onTV. Arent the Feds that shot him on trial right now. Why did they shoot him? If your the on site government expert I still wouldn’t believe a word you say . And your not.

      14. Any time candidates lie with intent to get elected, it is voter fraud besides dead voters, illegal alien voters, and gov’t preventing non profit conservative organizations from existing. I see America is changing to accept lies without responsibility upon them for being so deceitful. It is the downfall of our country, and I won’t have any part of it.

        Instead of running to another country less free, where laws are made of men, not from God, I choose to stay. I made my self more self sufficient and so isolated from the rest of the country that no one noticed I succeeded from the union’s wicked “society” as it is, and live free on my land, to do what I want to do within my own God given rights and morals.

        For those who have faith in God, they know our lives here are a true test of what comes after death so when the Big Bopper calls me home, I plan to be in His good graces as should everyone of faith.

        • “Instead of running to another country less free”

          Do a web search on statistics of countries with the most freedoms. America is not #1, nor is it the best fit for most people.

          Breitbart did an article on this over a year ago. Then the index had the United States ranked at #20 … currently, from what I’ve gathered up to date … the US is now ranked #11.

          The notion that America is the best place to live in the World is, and has been highly propagandized.

          • How many allow the right to bear arms to its citizens for a well trained militia to protect against inside government tyranny?

      15. It’s a Great Day to be a, “Shit Hits the Fanner”.
        Where else can you have this much fun predicting the end of the world.

        Trump didn’t play their game but the bastards can’t pick up their marbles and just leave. Damn Pricks.

        While driving today I saw a cloud that looked like a nuclear Mushroom off to the west of me. Huge formation.

        So with all that is going on. How is your Fear Level?
        I have concern but no fear. Might be because I am so used to all the Gloom and Doom. Plus being somewhat prepared.

        Since the Russians are in an all out prep for war and we are still wanking off doing nothing. Do you think we will get any type of warning of an attack with the jerk in the white house. Or is this whole administration as stupid as they seem to be.

        • Turn your spirit over to your creator and you will have no fear, no apprehension of the future, and the TRUTH will be the sweetest most joyful feeling you will ever have, I promise you that. Nothing is sweeter to the soul than TRUTH, no matter how harsh, no matter how horrific, and no matter how honest it is…ALL HUMAN SOULS LONG FOR TRUTH, and to deny the soul that fundamental quality of being human, is to deny your own existence.

          • Well said Ron, bravo to you sir…

          • Ron, I SO agree!

            Each morning/day, I give over to Christ my heart, mind, body, soul, and will.

            – the Lone Ranger

      16. Shame on you Mac, for publishing this vile crap. I’ts un-American… You’re inciting violence. I’m done with this site.

        • Zlatko

          Buzz off. Go lick some boots.

        • Zlatko –

          How is this article “inciting violence”?

          The article is about … what one can expect from a fraudulent election process and nothing more.

          You’re done with this site?
          Good – take your Liberal mind & views and piss off!

      17. Why would any sane individual accept the Hillary election win with any confidence? After what we saw with the Bernie Sanders “backstab” can we expect honest results from the elections? When it comes to Hillary’s political machinery, I wouldn’t put anything past this woman and her corrupt cronies. The elections are now very vulnerable with the influence of George Soros and his heavy investment into our political system.

      18. She is following in the footsteps of the former mayor of Chicago that came up with a boatload of votes to pull Kennedy out of the fire in 1960. Gore and Kerry thought they had it stolen for themselves too but screwed up and whined about it. so Trump isn’t doing anything different than they did. The most recent tape put the Dems in the spotlight. Gotcha dems!

      19. Trump wins in a landslide….because the numbers are so lopsided, the govt immediately claims the election was hacked by Russia to elect Trump. They will say that “all the legitimate polls clearly showed Clinton ahead by 6 points the day before the election….proving that the system has been hacked, and therefore produced the fraudulent victory”. O’Monkey will then do a press conference stating that we have verifiable proof of the Russian hacking…and that any Americans that resort to violence or extreme measures will be dealt with by the DOJ, and prosecuted. We will do a reset on the election as soon as the DHS and the FBI have completed a full investigation. Our goal is the continuity of govt until such time that we can begin a new election cycle. Until then I will remain as your humble servant and Commander in Chief, and continue serving the American people. Thankyou”

      20. Here’s the current electoral college status. You can click on each state to change the winning candidate. Gray is undecided.

        ht tp://

        As things stand, Trump can still win. Clinton has lost some states to undecided lately. Have fun.

      21. Why was not she asked the same question?!

      22. 77 million viewers watched third Trump Clinton debate. That is highest rating for third debate in US HISTORY. If it was over then no one would tune in. It takes motivation to tune in people who believe the race is not over which is what TRUMP says. Most think Hillary is corrupt. Even though many people do not like TRUMP ,they tune in to listen. Trump has succeeded in persuading his followers that its not over and they follow his arguments.In opposition to Corporate media ,people listen to how corrupt Washington is. The message is succeeding reaching voters that are motivated on corruption issue. Its not a popularity contest.

      23. They were intent on getting Trump to commit to accepting defeat BEFORE the election even takes place so they could throw it back in his face when the criminal elements ruthlessly rig this election. Donald was wise to not commit to this obvious fraud in the making.

      24. Many times Trump has said it is only worth it to run if he wins. On this, I take exception. Perhaps, on a personal level, but not for the rest of us out here. We’ve been getting rolled over like a steam roller. It seemed like nobody cared, no one at all. But, now, win or lose, the Country is no longer being dragged along while we are unconscious. Once awake, we will move forward. Eventually, evil will be extinguished.

        Thank You Mr. Trump.

        Now, if old pants suit Killery gets ordained, it will be back to business as usual. And the body count will just keep piling up. I think I’ll invest in a Cemetery. ?


      25. Hillary sounds like a Right Wing Extremist “Check under your bed for COMMUNISTS” of course what she is REALLY upset about is the TRUTH about her being exposed. If it really was the Russians hacking her, and we all know it was not, we owe the Russians a THANK YOU for exposing Hillary’s CORRUPTION. James Comey & the FBI are BETRAYING America & the RUSSIANS are protecting US.
        If our voting system “cannot be hacked”, and Trump is WRONG to claim the “system” is rigged …..WHY are the Demoncrats claiming Russia is going to hack the election?! All the noise about RUSSIA hacking the voting system is DNC/Clintons preparing the SMOKE SCREEN —– Hillary will hack the system & blame the RUSSIANS

      26. With 57 counties in Indiana being investigated for voter fraud I don’t blame Trump one bit. The liberals stole the 2012 election by fraud so I can see them trying to steal this one. This election is a battle for the nation’s soul We won’t survive four more years of Obama’s misrule and with Crooked Killary that will be exactly what we will have

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