‘This Is FAKE NEWS’: CNN Runs Globalist Sponsored Propaganda Piece That Claims That The Deep State Is NOT Real, No Conspiracy Against Trump

by | Jan 3, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 22 comments

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    Over the last two years elements of the deep state, along with their mainstream media allies, have waged a seemingly endless war on all things Donald Trump that, at this point, simply cannot be denied.

    From claiming that he had no chance of winning, to lying about his beliefs, all the way to the sham Russia investigation, it has become transparently clear that ingrained elements within the federal government, including the intelligence community, have worked against Trump from the beginning and actually increased their attacks after his stunning election victory.

    At each step, liberal news outlet CNN has been at the forefront of this unprecedented attempt to take out the democratically elected president and long ago confirmed the belief already held by many that they were specifically out to get Donald Trump and his tens of millions of supporters.

    Now, in what can only be described as one of the most blatant propaganda pieces of all time, two CNN “reporters” have outed themselves as nothing more than deep state establishment puppets after publishing a “news” report that not only claims that the deep state isn’t real but also laughably implies that there has been no conspiracy to hurt President Trump whatsoever.

    That’s right, according to CNN, high-level FBI officials didn’t let Hillary Clinton off the hook. High-level FBI agents weren’t openly supporting Clinton while at the same time setting up an “insurance policy” in the event that Donald Trump won the election. James Comey and Robert Mueller aren’t personal friends and the Clinton campaign never paid for RUSSIAN SOURCES to provide disinformation on Trump.

    The CNN propaganda piece reads:

    President Donald Trump on Tuesday escalated an extraordinary confrontation with his own Justice Department, suggesting it was part of a shady government “deep state” conspiracy against him.

    The explosive charge follows Trump’s repeated attacks on the FBI and agents working with special counsel Robert Mueller on the investigation into whether there was collusion between members of his presidential campaign and a Russian election meddling operation in 2016.

    His assault, delivered via a tweet, suggested that Trump is again chafing against conventions that presidents normally observe to maintain the independence of judicial authorities and to avoid the perception of political interference in the Justice Department and the FBI.


    Tuesday’s outburst by the President also sheds new light into his apparent belief in, or willingness to perpetrate, the idea for political reasons that there is a “deep state” — a secret cabal of government and intelligence officials conspiring against him and his presidency.

    As I’ve been apt to say lately, you truly can’t make this stuff up folks! Keep in mind that it is a confirmed reality that the deep state is real, a fact known LONG BEFORE Trump ever got into office or was a victim of an attack by their puppets.

    Not happy to spread obvious disinformation in just one piece, CNN also published another piece of transparent garbage, this time by their publicly anti-Trump Editor Chris Cillizza in which he also laughably implies that the deep state simply cannot be real.

    “Deep State Justice Dept must finally act,” Trump tweets, suggesting that Abedin belongs in jail and former FBI Director James Comey and “others” might too.

    The idea of the “deep state” has long been central to the beliefs of people like Breitbart executive Steve Bannon and others in the conservative media.

    Its basic tenet is that there is a sort of extra-judicial government being run in the shadows of the public-facing government — a so-called “deep state” that has as its prime objective to maintain the status quo. The “deep state” isn’t really partisan, it’s more an agreement by the establishment to keep its hold on power for as long as humanly possible.

    CNN’s editor then goes on to list Trump’s supposed crimes in which he literally lays out exactly what we KNOW to be happening in reality and then claims that only your crazy uncle at Thanksgiving would believe it.

    Make no mistake, this is purposeful propaganda at its finest and is designed to LIE directly to the American people while covering up for those that truly run the world.

    Consider what’s being alleged here: That the Justice Department is refusing to prosecute criminals — including the former director of the FBI! — because the deep state is protecting those people.

    That sounds a little off, right? Like, if your uncle spent 15 minutes at Christmas dinner bending your ear with that exact theory, you would ask your mom afterward: “What is the deal with Uncle Harold?”

    Now, consider the source: This is the President of the United States we are talking about. The most powerful person in the country — and maybe the world. The person who chose the man — Jeff Sessions — who runs the Justice Department.

    Let’s be clear about all of this: The President of the United States is saying that the former FBI director, who he fired and who could, as we speak, potentially be playing a central role in the special counsel investigation into Russia’s attempted interference in the 2016 presidential election, is being protected by a secret quasi-government that really controls things.

    Cillizza also whines about the fact that the deep state and elements of the FBI are finally being publicly exposed as if this is somehow a bad thing for the American people when in reality it actually only hurts the very people that Cillizza serves.

    What’s even more frightening than the assumptions made in those presidential tweets is that plenty of people are changing their views of the FBI due to Trump’s assault on the bureau and its one-time head.

    In 2014, Gallup polling showed that 62% of Republicans thought the FBI was doing an “excellent” or “good” job. In new Gallup polling, that number among Republicans has dipped to 49% — even as Republicans’ trust in other government agencies has soared since 2014.

    It’s almost impossible to accurately describe how abnormal this sort of behavior is from a president. In the past, presidents went out of their way to build up trust in the agencies and departments of the federal government, believing that strength in institutions — particularly those tasked with law enforcement — was critically important to a functioning and healthy democracy.

    Consider this. Elements of the intelligence community, with the help of news outlets like CNN, are actively trying to take out their political opponent in Donald Trump while at the same time attacking him for publicly fighting back.

    Truly unbelievable!


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      1. Wow. The audacity of Clinton News Network.
        THEY ARE the mouthpiece for the left wing arm of the Deep State.
        The intel agencies blurt out bogus info, and CNN shits it out for sheeple consumption.

      2. I wonder, can they really use this Russia Investigation as a smoke screen to divert and cover for Hillary and these Three Letter Deep State Enemies for three more years, or will they have to take out President Trump one way or the other! Trekker Out

        • Remember when a four letter word was considered bad, such as BATF, and now it’s the three lettered words that are evil, NSA, CIA, and FBI just take your pick. Trekker Out

          • Only the Shadow, he know!

        • Trump is going no where and around 175 million people suppport him. A huge majority ! Of course the left and PRAVDA/MSM will not say that because they know they are NOT in the majority and can bullshit the masses. At least up to this point. It is all changing rapidly.

          I have no idea why Bannon did what he did today ? But i think he fucked up big time !

      3. Everyone and their brother needs to start their own little campaign and try to get as many people as you can to stop subscribing to their NWO propaganda cable and dish network television. Stop giving any money to those scum lords.

        As Americans continue to subscribe and support these corrupt deep state s—bags watching their lies, disinformation, and propaganda (that control almost everything) they rake in billions only to grow in size, power, and influence over the general public.

      4. Deep State is real.
        The shadow government is real. The NWO is real.
        The Bilderberg group rigging sht globally for the last 50+ years is real and other organized groups rigging sht for 300+ years is real.

        But of course “they” say that is all conspiracy and fake… but those things being real makes more sense simply based on the way things happen in this world.

        You know what is a lie?
        It is the lie that those world trade center buildings were fallen by planes flying in to them. BS! All of those buildings fell perfectly. They were all perfect demolitions.

        How about CNN say that is not real
        How about CNN stop telling lies about pretty much everything!

        Or even better, how about everyone stop telling lies.
        I am so sick and tired of the lies. I never fkg lie.

      5. If you want to show people physical proof of the Deep State, David Rockfellers Memoirs (an autobiography) lists his participation in working against the American people. He brags about it in his own book in the Proud Internationalist section. I bought a used copy so I can show others.

      6. But WAIT!!! CNN offered the unprecedented public service of showing the entire nation – children included – how to use a gas mask bong. Surely that counts as a pass to gloss over a few trivial mis-speaks and ‘accidental’ falsehood?

      7. CNN has no credibility anyway,they are wasting their breath.

      8. The public is awakening and CNN with trumpet, cymbal and drum is attempting to lull them back to sleep. I think CNN even acknowledging the “Deep State” as a concept adds to its credible existence. FREE (Fund To Restore An Educated Electorate) used to publish a flow chart of Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission and CFR members. I loved showing it to people and would ask, “Explain this”?

      9. Being funded and run by the CIA leaves CNN with few other
        options than to deny where they and the other criminal MSM originate from. Still not enough evidence however to keep 80% of the American sheep from stopping their viewing.

      10. I wonder how many minutes of air time, or columns of space on their web page, CNN has devoted to covering the fact that one of the leaders of the deep state and a regular bloviator on their programs, James “Clap on/Clap off” Clapper, is a known perjurer and liar and therefore should not be trusted in any sense of the word??

        Spoiler Alert . . . The answer is ZERO.

      11. Satan’s greatest lie was convincing people he did not exist and doesn’t need to be feared.

        Nice to see CNN following their gods example.

      12. CNN is high.

      13. And, Islam is the religion of peace.

      14. CNN—ho3w stupid to you think the American people are. Know this you CNN dimwits. We woke up in 2016. and we read and saw what was going on and we still came out on top with out the communist Hillary. Hillary and your criminal gang is going to prison, So smoke that one in your damn pipe.!! We can’t stand you CNN. Tell us CNN, do you have some of the pedo rings in your news room.?????????

      15. Deny

        after Lie
        after Lie

        CNN is panicking
        That hardly ANYONE
        is eating their
        CRAP PIE!

        So if, as Dr. Peck wrote in his first book that “Mental is an ongoing process of dedication to reality at all costs”, can we then conclude that the decison-makers putting FORTH these lies are GROSSLY DISTURBED and SEVERELY Mentally ill?

        If so, the only remedy for those so GRIPPED by Satan is to PRAY for them and their being FREED from such Demonic grip.

      16. Except, the same elite that own the right leaning media, are the same elite that own left leaning media. It’s ALL fake news. Including this false crap attempting to martyr Trump. That’s all this is, is another method of sucking people back onto a system, after seeing so many disillusioned people decide not to vote. If Trump was wanted out of office, Intel agents would and could have done away worth him countless times. He’s 70 years old, and they’ve had “heart attack” guns for decades now. All the allegations of left media against Trump are perpetuated by those at the top. Those at the top, are neither left nor right. Those divisions are used on us civilians as a means to divide and prevent a mass grouping of cooperation to oust these rich parasites. Think about this. 21st Century Fox CEO is Rupert Murdoch’s youngest son James Murdoch. Okay so, who do we watch on Fox, people like Hannity, right? Hannity has been mostly logically breaking down bits and pieces of what seems like leftist fanaticism. He goes against liberal SJW and the Transgender hype…okay let’s go back to James Murdoch. What board has he been sitting on for over 5 years now? Sky Media Broadcasting. “Proud supporters of our LGBTQ communities”…okay? Fox News just gave Been Shapiro his own segment who was vehemently against having to be “forced to use gender labels” that he didn’t feel was correct, and has gained tons of conservative and religious following as a result, but his number one boss, the CEO of the entire Fox empire, also happens to “proudly support” queer communities by even using a drag queen as their product model logo. They don’t give a damn about any of it. They’re ALL making money off of our inability to think before we react. Stop falling for it. Trump is playing a role. That’s all. If he was really resented by the media, their CEO’s would be coming out to make public announcements about their issues with him, using their power and notoriety to convince masses to impeach him. But they’re not. Because it’s another B.S. game both left and right media and politicians play. So they can continue to enrich themselves off our ignorance, stubbornness, and naiveté.

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