Third Obama Term? Roger Stone: “DNC Will Replace Her With Michelle”

by | Sep 14, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 101 comments

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    Michelle Obama Obey

    This article was originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: If this report is true, it is just more sinking news. The country, probably gone. This is why so many people see government as a circular causality that is perpetuating the problem and letting it fester. All the potential alternates, should Hillary become too sick to campaign, are a closet of skeletons, and horrific embodiments  of the totalitarian and ideological tyrants that tend to crop up under this wicked system.

    Somewhere, the operator has created a rule that the next president must always be worse than the one before it, so that more and more evil will be accepted as normal and people will accept virtual enslavement because it has become the commonplace condition, and because he has a gadget to suck away his boredom as the social welfare state burns in the background, cities riot, and the middle class shrinks off into the sunset.

    OH HELL NO! Roger Stone: ‘If Hillary’s Too Sick, the DNC Will Replace Her with Michelle Obama’

    by The Daily Sheeple

    While everyone is talking about Creepy Uncle Joe Biden taking over for Hillary if she’s too unfit (or dead) to continue in the presidential race, here’s someone most people probably didn’t consider: Michelle Obama.

    After you get over your initial disgust at the mere thought, think about it for a second and it actually starts to make sense.

    First, you have the fact that Obama is constantly lamenting term limits and how much he doesn’t want to leave the White House. Hillary is (was?) running as Obama’s third term… If Michelle steps in now, it will be.

    Second, if you recall it was senior Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett who first dropped Hillary’s email server scandal bomb, expertly timed with the announcement of Hillary’s run for president to mire her in scandal from the get go. Word is, the Obamas actually hate her. Is this why they could go through backing someone they obviously loathe throughout her run? They were biding their time knowing that a bait-and-switch was coming?

    Third, Michelle and her husband have worked very hard at race baiting and pushing the race war ala Black Lives Matter etc. and there does seem to be a lot invested in how America needs to “break the glass ceiling” with a woman president.


    At a time when race relations in this country have been manufactured to regress back to civil rights days, enter Michelle Obama, first black woman president?

    She loves to throw out that line about how she wakes up every day in a house built by slaves… but it obviously doesn’t bother her enough to move out. In fact, she’d probably love to stay just where she is.

    But can you actually imagine it? Michelle 2016?

    If our nation’s school lunches are any indication there, we’re totally screwed.


    This article was originally published at The Daily Sheeple.


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      1. The big hands, the broad shoulders, the adam’s apple, Barry’s propensity for other dudes; we have the making for another black man to to sit this one in for Hillary. Its not breaking any glass ceiling tho.

        • hahaha , SS , too funny .
          There aint a chance in hell moochelle would ever get pushed as a candidate . Not gonna happen .

          • Sterling you beat me to it. I was going to say, first we need to determine Mooshells sexual orientation. And probably why Barack Hussein is pushing so hard for Same Sex Bathrooms, so his wife is not sued for going into the wrong bathroom while they travel.


            • They could label it the Mooshell Same Sex Bathroom Law.


          • Never underestimate the stupidity of Americans. Over 60 million voters RE-ELECTED Obama for another 4 years.

            • the apocalypse COW???…no WAY is that gonna happen!


      2. Lord have mercy.

        • I think the Lord is showing us his wrath.

      3. Those lying crooked DemocRATS can’t seriously think about putting Michelle aka Michael, in charge? This woman couldn’t run a hot dog stand and if they even think of putting her in, they ought to have their minds examined. After what Michelle did to our school lunch programs, she’s the last thing we need. Everyone knows Barrack Obama has done more to destroy this country than any President in the history of this nation. He cut our military to the smallest since the beginning of WWII, he fired all 200 of our top military commanders, he gave millions of our money to ISIS and other Islamic countries, he praised slavery in China, he forced our Supreme Court to make same-sex marriage MANDATORY in all 50 states over ruling states rights, he plays golf every time there is a crisis in this country, he was responsible for Fast and Furious, he exchanged 5 of the worlds most dangerous Islamic terrorist for one deserter, etc; and last but not least, the first two bill Obama signed into law by executive order without going through Congress was the Hate Crimes Bill, which makes it a crime for any pastor to preach against homosexuality, and the second bill was The Pedophile Protection Act. So, if those DemocRATS think Michelle should be our next President, then it’s time for all Americans to rise up, march on Washington, onto the floor of the Congress, arrest both Barrack and Michelle. No way! If she gets the job then this calls for an uprising for our freedom. While they’re at it, drag every DemocRAT out of Washington and clean house and that goes for the Supreme Court.

        • “After what Michelle did to our school lunch programs, she’s the last thing we need.”

          Yep … – there’s a Rant about her too!

          Hitler Tries Michelle Obama’s New School Lunches

          Duration: 3:16

          • good one, ftw!

        • Helen Blanton Allen…The Republicans are just as corrupt as the Democrats. Proof is they control Congress and the Senate, meanwhile sitting there mouths agape and supporting every single act of treason put forward by puppet Obama. It’s one party people, all only interested solely in their own enrichment. This country and its people be damned.

          • You are correct. They are the same party, just different approaches to the same despicable goals.

        • wow!….how’d you read my MIND like that, helen?…PERFECT!

      4. Yep You betcha!

      5. If Michelle Obama replaces Hillary, then that brings about an Obama 3rd term or even a 4th. Civil War 2/Revolution GUARANTEED! May God help us all!

        • Hey there Braveheart: I’m proud to say I stated this much months ago ; and we are in agreement as usual. This WOULD lead to racist wars, civil war, a revolution AND World War III (and “in that order” of events). Very, very quickly and not ‘distant’ future.

          In fact, should Hillary truly be dead (why the coy disguises?), …there would NOT be a delay of an election, or postponement. Obama would write an EO (illegal or not would not be of concern, for them, because the agenda is and has been designed around lawlessness at some point, imho), and in the name of National Security declare Martial Law (but not using THAT name for it), and then put “The Puppet Master Plan” fulling into action. He would not have to budge, (oh how cunning if true), and it is a given that “muzzies” would come crawling out of every nook, hole and cranny that we have in the states (with more inbound everyday, by invitation of course).

          That would blow Donald Trump “off the stage” with no recourse, other than to guarantee excessive rioting in every city across America. (Which is what they wish to incite, in any manner possible as it is absolutely necessary that they DO incite mass chaos “coast-to-coast.”

          Now, if everything else that’s been “in the making” (formative and last minute adjustments mostly), is now fully in place, we’ll find ourselves “in the midst of it” in a very short time period (in fact; the moment such an atrocity was announced and put into motion all hell would break loose and erupt most everywhere).

          As you said, “May God Help Us All” – – yet is God going to give any divine intervention toward a country that allowed everything to do with “Him” be ousted from the country (and, unless they are idiots), it is rather obvious that we, as a nation, are already being introduced to Sharia Law (mixed into our laws so very cleverly), along with the “sudden threat” that N. Korea now has the capabilities with nukes that our media (for the entire year) has insisted that they were decades away from. As Krauthammer just stated, “TPTB” are incapable of telling truths, but only lies.

          BTW: On Yahoo yesterday, around 4:00PM ET, the wife caught a pic of Bill Clinton, red-faced as hell, with a subtitle that read, “Hillary is dead.” (And before she could perform a screen capture it refreshed and was gone).

          So, we are now leery as could be, every defense we have on our property is now engaged – for a 12hr test, (and actually working like it’s supposed to, thank God).

          Lastly, you may recall me (in past posts) stating that we must live directly under a military ‘air tunnel’ – and for the past 9hrs we’ve not had a minute of silence. All manner of aircraft has been “on deck” with afterburners, C-130 and 131’s, at least 7 BlackHawks being followed or flanked by Cobras (dunno how many as we had heavy Smokey Mountain ‘water vapor’ making it hard to discern what we were seeing).

          What think?

          • Equorial, you’re in the Smokies? Not too far from my family and BOL. I don’t like the sound of all those aircraft flying over that region. something big is definitely up. My trip just might get ‘rescheduled’. We’ll see.

          • Viewers of ABC7’s Sunday evening news were probably shocked to hear the casual announcement of Hillary Clinton’s death as a giant display on the screen concurrently revealed “breaking news.”

            “We begin with the breaking news about Hillary Clinton’s death,” Torres announced before he reported on the Clinton campaign revealing the pneumonia diagnosis.

            Watch below:

            Wow. That’s awkward. What I want to know is: was this a teleprompter mistake/setup or was this just a hugely embarrassing Freudian s

          • NY abc7 news announced it on sunday. It was on on tuesday. Then it dissapeared.

        • aNOTHER person reading my mind….you guys are on a roll tonight!

      6. Just be another puppet for Soros and and the rest of the global elite. No change. After Trumps announcement last night on child care, both parties continue the march toward socialism. We are past the point of no return.

        • blackjack, keep in mind all Trump needs to do now is siphon off about 10 to 15% more of Hillary Voters and he can get in the WH. Proposals don’t mean much. Hell, Obama lied before he was elected to also say he was going to charge Oil Companies a Windfall Profits Tax, then after he was elected it was all dusted under the rug. Just let Trump run his campaign then he can do what we wants, like putting Hillary in Prison.


      7. that article has to be one of the most poorly written pieces of crap I have seen in a long time

        and that picture of a school lunch
        pathetic propaganda

        but maybe you should be concerned

        Michelle has an approval rating of 68%
        the Donald is at 34%

        pray that Hillary gets better !!!

        • “Michelle has an approval rating of 68%
          the Donald is at 34%”

          This is interesting – did you get this from CNN (Clinton News Network) stats?

          I firmly believe if there was an actual honest public poll on these two, Trump would be highly favored over Mooch’n Twig’n Berries.

          • Gallup Poll

            would the results be more accurate coming from

            the Trump Broadcasting Network,otherwise known
            as FAUX News ???

            • ALL of the polls are FOS [FULL OF SHIT].

              • So are you

                • Tacoma, I don’t recall asking you anything. Go FOAD [fuck off and die].

                  • You did not have to ask me anything.You just show up with you stupid comments.

                • BTW Tacoma, behave yourself or I’ll get MOOCHELLE after you.

                  • Bring it bro.

                    • Tacoma, just what the hell is your issue with me? Just what have you got stuck up your ass?

            • Satori, how much more fake does it get than CNN or
              any of the propaganda networks. If not for ALTERNATIVE
              MEDIA, there would be no news. What scares you the most
              about the truth? If you don’t like hearing the truth
              then avoid “faux” news.

        • Hey Satori, Nobody ever polled my opinion. Id say in my area of FL, Trump gets at least 75% or more of the Vote.

          Trump is also now leading Hillary in Ohio in the polls.


        • Satori, for someone who has never done ANYTHING,
          68% isn’t that impressive. 68% for breathing?

      8. I see one governor is talking civil war at first but calmed his talk down.

      9. False Flag Terror “Has Succeeded Consistently Against Audiences Around The World, For Millennia, To Compel War”

        h ttp://

      10. Who gave this douche bag a microphone? Absolute HOGWASH. This is not how things work dummy!!!!

      11. Let’s not forget, Michelle said she was ashamed of this country and later admitted Barrack was not born in Hawaii but in Kenya. She did everything in her evil mind to destroy the school lunch programs and told the schools if they did not follow her orders, they would lose Fed Funding. Think of the millions of dollars of food that went into garbage. It was unfit for a dog and she was going to force our children to eat that slop? Oh, she let her two kids eat: pizza, Mexican food, hamburgers, ice cream etc; everything she refused to allow our school children to eat. Anyone remember Joan Rivers? She exposed Barrack and Michelle before she was murdered. Larry Sinclair admitted he and Barrack were lovers in College and they both went to gay bars. She also exposed Michelle as being born a boy. Barrack even introduced Michelle as Michael.

        • Helen. You are dead on right about these school lunches. Absolute horseshit. A lot of kids going to school is the only decent meal they get. And the chimpette wants only a few calories for kids. Yes kids need to eat healthy. Yes a lot are overweight. But fixing peppers and lettuce for 6 year olds ain’t the way to do it. Most of it goes in trash can. Of all the things she could have focused her time on , this was a waste. Why didn’t she dive into all the shit that goes into all of our food and try to work on that problem?

          • “And the chimpette wants only a few calories for kids.”

            Agreed – though kids need to have healthy food – restricting calorie intake on top of her disgusting menu is unacceptable.

            I refer Michelle’s menu policy known as – the “AUSCHWITZ DIET PLAN”


            • They would have to kiss your entire body.

              • Tacoma, you forgot to go f#$% yourself.

          • Why didn’t she push for the nationwide ban of GMO’s. That would have solved a lot of problems right there.

            • Jules many of Obama’s positions are filled by staff of Monsanto and other pro GMO lobbyists, and it is geared towards food control.

              The only people Democrats have who doesn’t have Clinton’s problems are Sanders whose supporters were booted at Convention, Warren who is long busted as a TBTF shill, and Michelle Obama.

          • And if the bad lunches aren’t bad enough…some city schools make it illegal for the child to bring a lunch to school that the parent made at home…no more bagged lunches i read. Seems that they want to make these children very sick, vaccines, and now bad food for lunch.

            When my son was ten and so, i always packed him a real good lunch, wholewheat bread with cheese, or lunchmeat, or peant butter, fruit, chips. He never ate the sandwich, he traded it with another kid for some crappy white bread! To this day he won’t eat wholewheat bread. He eats the garbage white bread and tells me i made him terrible lunches when he was a child and he hated my lunches. That hurts after i made him such good nutritional lunches…..

            • Marie, I for one appreciate you making your son good, wholesome lunches. My Mom made good lunches for me and I ALWAYS ate the entire lunch – and appreciated HER efforts as well. I am now taking care of HER and I now am making HER delicious, healthy meals 3X a day. Full circle.

      12. How about the possibility of the DNC drafting an unknown with no baggage. The primaries were merely a suggestion of the people and not binding.

      13. If that happens And she somehow gets elected its time to destroy DC and everyone in it

      14. This shall not stand!

      15. Not happening. Obama and Michelle are going to leave skid marks leaving the white house, playing “At Last” on their car radio. They both know they left a mess behind for whoever has to clean it up.

        I read an article yesterday on a site that purported to be written by an ex internet shill for Hillary who talked about how he made an extra 100 bucks per week or so by visiting sites like these and causing fights or provoking members to follow him to other sites. A lot of her campaign money is going to seat fillers and trolls to keep up the appearance that she has support.

      16. Just a excitable boy.

        • I have always believed that the small heads of newborns was cuz now the women get vaccines while they are pregnant. I think the vaccines are causing it. Some are resistant and some get damaged. When i was pregnant 40 yrs ago the hosp wanted to give me a polio shot. I refused. , but i was too stupid and got a chest xray. Lucky he was normal.

      17. you have to be fucking kidding me

      18. I told you guys something is going to happen soon. I heard this last night from a buddy. I taught he was needing medication, when I listened to Alex and heard this I could not believe it that they think the American people would put up with that bullshit is laughable.

        I said that the reports from Venezuela would stop. I said that the reports from that country would stop. Where is the latest article on what’s happening in that country. I am asking you all again. Did I not say that something was engineered in that country. Did I not say it. Then where is it. Tell us, tell me what is going on in that country right now. You think that they are going to let us know. THAT IS THE TESTING GROUND. THAT IS THE TESTING GROUND. no trucks bringing in food, no ships, not china, not Russia, no other country next door to the country. Why? You all said that you don’t need to listen to my crap. Show me what going on, show me the video’s, the artilce’s dating September 2016-2017 unward. SHOW ME THE ARTICLE WITH ALL THE DETAILS OF WHAT IS HAPPEING WITH NOW. COME ON SHOW IT TO ME. I WANT TO SEE IT. You want to know what I have been hearing? No, your not going to hear it. You think they are going to let us see that crap 7 weeks from the election. Watch what happens next.

        Legitimate poster have called BS on me on a previous article, now I am pissed off and I am done with this site. Sorry. Someone is trying to silence me on this site, and you all have seen how they operate, who they are bashing government acting like they are with us, and they are trolls. I will not be able to change what’s coming, so you all will have to deal with it. And it gets worse, I wont be even lurking. I am done now. When I talk to people who are in postions of power in law enforcement at the state level telling me personally what about to happen and other cop friends telling me the same, and I know what’s about to happen, I feel its time to stop upsetting you all and let you all deal with the threat on the Horizons. with 7 weeks remaining, I know what’s on the table. We almost got nuked again, I would have been in the gym working out, when the grid would have dropped on July 29-30th to get caught in the middle of shtf watching caos all over the city, accidents, etc, total caos and people are calling bullshit on me.

        The trolls finally won on shtf. And the end result is no more info for legitimate posters and trolls. No matter what I see or hear I wont be posting again. This time its real. I am gone.

        I know what the fact are. Now it back to work this morning and take care of myself and other allies.

        Only God Almighty coming down from the heavens will be able to stop what will happen and God only helps those who help themselves. Good luck to you all.



        • Hang in there, HCKS. I for one have always found your posts interesting.

        • Hicks-Your posts are always cryptic but interesting. We all know something evil this way comes and it is not far off. Shake off the trolls and never give up.

        • HCKS, you need to hang in there and ignore the trolls. Your posts are always interesting and you do put out some good info.

        • HCKS –

          Nobody is trying to silence you – you do post some interesting things – others, not so much. Lately I may of been harsh on some of your posts and in the process has upset you.

          If that is the case, then I’ll stop giving you grief – but – if you keep bringing up that Nibiru thing – I’m not sure if I will have the willpower keep my fingers restrained from the keyboard … but I’ll do my best to conduct myself in a more proper and mature manner from now on.

          No need to leave HCKS – you are important!

        • Good riddance. Thank God Hicks is gone. I for one will not miss his looney rants. Or his lying about all the women he has. He will likely come back as acid etch

        • HCKS,

          While it is understandable what you are saying, it is not understandable why you are ‘giving up‘. This is precisely what TPTB want.

          There are those on this site (and others) that do not wish to see you leave. You are important to everyone (and more importantly, to us).

          But if you have made up your mind, then we humbly ask that you please let us know if you are alright by dropping us a post or two once in a while.

          Good Luck,
          You will be missed!

        • HCKS, Don’t let the door hit your ignorant, insane, doggerel-spouting ass on the way out…..

      19. This Video outlines many of Hillary’s Illnesses from Insiders who know Hillary.

        Hillary Clinton’s Illness Revealed 16.34 Mins

        ht tps://


      20. if it’s within the rules to replace shillary with mooch, then it’s most likely that shillary has been slowly poisoned to accomplish that

      21. The Globalist psychopaths controlling fascist Police State hell on earth America will now take our collapsing country into the final phase, and of course their FINAL SOLUTION-a decades long plan of pure demonic evil like the world has NEVER seen of de-population and One World Government totalitarian control. No matter what horror they unleash, no matter what happens in the coming months before this sham election, it will ALL be part of the Globalist psychopaths plans. The most important. disgusting, and evil part of the genocidal Globalist fascist psychopaths plan is already complete, with a disease ridden, dumbed down, depressed, indebted, dying population of programmed indoctrinated COWARDS repeating the cowardly history of all previous dying collapsing societies controlled by criminal psychopaths. The cowardly parents in America have decided to dive further and deeper into their vices, mindless entertainment, football, and addictions to booze, Big Pharma, and poisonous toxic GMO/Sugar/HFCS laden FAKE FOOD, while they watch the future health, freedoms, and liberties of the children they should of NEVER had being COMPLETELY DESTROYED by Globalist fascist psychopathic criminal genocidal monsters. All the American coward parents can do now is scream “conspiracy theory” and “tin foil hat”, console themselves with humor, and a sham election as they turn their children over to genocidal criminal Globalist fascist totalitarian psychopaths.

        • Very well said.

          Thank you for your unfortunate but very accurate description of AmeriKa today.

          Why ?

          When your currency is issued as DEBT to a private European Jewish family: Rothschilds, eventually EVERYTHING WILL LEAD TO CORRUPTION.

          Fix your DEBT-based currency.
          That is the key to the heart of the corruption.


        If there is one thing I am more scared off than an angry white woman, it’s an angry black woman.

        I have seen SOME angry black women and been frightened and we’re going to put the power of the presidency behind Michelle, that we have certainly seen the potential to become an angry black woman ? I think I might actually prefer Hillary.

        • Lena, bullets will work on a black jezebel just like on a white one.

      23. Which would be better? A King or an intolerable tyrant? At least the latter might motivate patriots to fight.

        Jefferson warned us. Our liberties will never be restored without bloodshed.

      24. Ron… all true and pathetic, difficult to add more as you sum it up so well. No pushback whatsoever. Like the just passed 15th anniversary of the inside job 9-11, “remember those that died” is the mantra. Forget the lies and continuing coverup. Crickets! Even most alternative sites steer away from 9-11 truth. This indicates the American people have no standing or power at all. No truth, no freedom.

      25. If she get in, she will be as bad or worse that Hitlery. Bitchelle is a BLACK RACIST.

        White man will not have a chance if she is Prez.

        OH Lord don’t let that be!!!!!!!!!!


        • What the hell moderated again. Doesn’t recognize IP address????

          • Ain’t that something It took this.

      26. Selecting Michelle for President not a basket of deplorable but a 55 Gal. drum of them

      27. We’re going to die.

        h ttps://

        This will be play out across the nation one day.

      28. meh…nothing changes. It’s just a show for the masses.

        “Trample the weak, eat the poor, enslave the debtors.”

        USA! USA! USA!…

      29. another nightmare,this only gets worse and worse.

      30. Ain’t gonna happen……no special bathrooms in the White house.

        • Oh yeah? Ya think not? Muhahahahaha!

      31. What is frightening is that this is plausible!

      32. I wish this shit show would end sooner than later.

        Bring it. I’m sick of waiting and I’m pissed off since my springs are losing their ability to store energy because of the constant state they’re in due to the continual shitty news about things going to hades.

        The delay of this fucking collapse is killing me.

        I’m also real tired of hearing about niggers all the time. It’s VERY old.

      33. Every time I see the Mooch wearing a tight dress, you can see his/her penis. I am sitting in my wheelchair with MS. What is it going to take to take this freak show off the air once and for all. I would go to D.C. to help with tying hangman’s knots if nothing else, but cheese whiz, we really have to clean house. The current regime is incapable of doing anything right. They should all hang from a tall tree and a short rope, displayed on Pennsylvania Ave.

      34. They won’t put obama’s wife in the running….that rumor is just plain stupid….

        • Agree…..more mental masturbation from the keyboard commando rabbit hole

      35. Was a time when if I had a question or wanted information about some prepping,I came here. Mac has allowed it to denigrate to anti-semitic,racist,and just plain stupid posts. I’m outta here.

        southside out

        • Going to your “safe space”? eh?

        • Yep, in the last year this place has turned into a cesspool of misanthropes. If you want real, decent people and great prepping information go to….This site is a click bait joke that benefits no one but Mac.

      36. Yes. A man. Joan Rivers called it out, Now she’s dead. It only goes to show how desperate The DNC has become. They’ve run outta lies. Barry’s third term, Hillary Clinton? Michelle Obama? Is that the best they can come up with?
        The republicans aren’t much better because they couldn’t find anyone who could beat Trump. Don Trump is just an example of how broken the government really is, he’s the result. He is what happens when a government no long has the ability to govern its state. Whether he is a plant, like B. Smith said in the thing he wrote the other day, by some sort of elite group, or he there to make it great again, whatever! Anybody who has half a testicle, can say those things and have running shot at the presidency. Put him on TV and well… It could be anybody. Except the DNC and the GOP can’t talk about how dysfunctional they are. All they can do now is fabricate. They realize now that nobody really cares, They have to make it dramatic or entertaining in some way or people won’t pay attention. Everybody knows that it doesn’t matter who the next president is gonna be. It doesn’t matter who you vote for. You still gotta work to feed your family. So as long as you can do that, you don’t need the government. You pay them off. Because they are eating themselves. There failure to function only sets the stage for people like Trump. There just isn’t anybody else convincing enough to sway the american people one way or another. They are all weak. Bush blew it. Obama’s been blowing it. So who do they have that can possibly convince the people they are really gonna make a difference other than more war, more corruption and more taxes. We all know the elections are rigged, so what’s the point? They got nobody. Their best bet is an aging wife of a former president, or a TV billionaire. Now, it would seem that Donald Trump really doesn’t have much competition. That would be just too funny to see a serious attempt at keeping any Obama in the white house. Do they have a transvestite bathroom at the White House? They should, It would only be right.
        Things could change however, you know like WW3. I think that no matter who wins the election, There will be a war.


          They are SODOMITES…

          They WANT to KILL US ALL…

        • Yeah, fuck tyranny – we’ve got TRANNY!!!!!!!!

      37. Michele/Michael, omg. ? ?. ?

        I’ld rather have Hillary’s double. ?

        €£¥^*+=~!! Translation from Saturnian to English:
        …………………….. Call a Doctor. This bizth is on his period !!


        • You got it…

      38. GOD is making His Appearance. Please BE QUIET… I AM SERIOUS HERE- ZERO QUESTIONS…

      39. Martial law is declared… US Sonder Kommando a.k.a. Homeland security confiscating weapons from the people, those who resist, eliminated with their whole family (Yahwe method)those who oppose, destination FEMA camps & gas chambers(TM) See…Police Officer’s FEMA Warning : “If You Get On A Bus With Government Plates Then You May Have Sealed Your Fate”…
        Repeat scenario of the judeo-bolshevick revolution in Russia, but this time it will be genociding the white American population ???

      40. I just threw up in my mouth. If the world laughs at barak bummer, wait til they get a load of Michael. No hell no. 1 obummer is more than enough, yep, i totally threw up in my mouth.

      41. Here election would go over about as well as a truck load of dead baby’s on mothers day. Oh wait….Planned Parenthood already does that.

      42. You have to give credit to It on how It hides that Jock Strap in It’s clothing.

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