“There Will Be Swamp”: Trump Cabinet Picks Confirm Creatures of Washington Still Rule the Earth

by | Dec 1, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 117 comments

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    Trump and the establishment dinosaurs who will rule his cabinet.

    Trump and the establishment dinosaurs who will rule his cabinet.

    This article was written by Michael Krieger and originally published at his Liberty Blitzkrieg site.

    Editor’s Comment: Trump’s pending – or looming – cabinet is shaping up to be a who’s who (or whose who) of Wall Street executives, think tank war hawks and secret society creatons who are perpetuating the elite control of the country (Treasury Secretary nominee Steve Mnuchin supposedly turned down Skull and Bones after he was tapped for membership at Yale. Hmm.) Not exactly hope and change material. Though Donald Trump campaigned – and won – as a populist who energized the alternative media and seized upon his status as an outsider, reformer and “swamp drainer,” he will not be an anti-establishment president. You could call it something of a bait-and-switch for votes into the highest office.

    Even with the best intentions, the same old establishment figures would run the executive branch behind his back for the benefit of their own agenda. Worse is the possibility that President Trump would simply aid the 1% of the .0001% in further looting the country, and stimulating the economy with new wars and other non-sense.

    Michael Krieger’s best, and most succinct point here is this: “If you give cover to Trump to appoint swamp creatures to his cabinet, you have no right to criticize Obama for having done the same.” If the alternative media who supported Trump in the election wish to cover for his neocon and Wall Street appointments, as well as any unconstitutional measures he may take in office (flag burning is just the latest), they will invalidate their earlier criticisms of President Obama, who appointed many of these same creatures and helped to orchestrate the bailout and getaway after the 2008 collapse.

    There Will Be Swamp – Steve Mnuchin Confirms Treasury Secretary Nod

    by Michael Krieger

    While I’m not a Dodd-Frank fan, it’s not because it was too harsh, but because it didn’t really do much of anything. It was the typical neoliberal bait and switch, designed to look tough for public consumption, while merely making tweaks around the edges of a financial system that requires systemic, paradigm level change.

    Trump’s support of repealing Dodd-Frank tells you all you need to know. A Trump Presidency will see Wall Street felons who should be in prison, running as wild and free as ever.

    He will be the same thing to distressed working class whites that Obama was to the black community. A fake messiah and a shyster.

    – From May’s post: Donald Trump’s True Colors Emerge as He Snuggles up to Wall Street

    The fact that Steve Mnuchin was a Goldman Sachs partner is the least of my concerns when it comes to the man. Indeed, if someone wanted to create a playing card deck of sleazy Wall Street financial crisis opportunists, it’d be hard not to include Steve Mnuchin.

    What exactly am I talking about? Specifically, I’m referring to the collapse of IndyMac (renamed One West), and the generous helping of government welfare Mnuchin and his partners received upon purchasing the failed banking institution. This is a financial crisis saga that is unknown to most, despite having received some extensive coverage over the past year. One of the best articles on the topic was written by David Dayen in his piece, Donald Trump’s Finance Chair Is the Anti-Populist From Hell. Here are a few excerpts:

    Donald Trump’s first major staff selection since securing the Republican nomination, national finance chairman Steven Mnuchin, co-founded and manages the hedge fund Dune Capital. Not only did he make partner at Goldman Sachs, so did his father in the 1960s. With over 30 years of experience at the top levels of finance, Mnuchin was present for every recent major banking innovation, including those that brought the country to the brink of economic collapse.

    Mnuchin’s presence in the campaign reveals how the qualities Trump loyalists projected on their hero don’t measure up to the truth. They have venerated him throughout the Republican primary for rejecting the dirty business of pay-to-play politics, and for populist vows to protect the ordinary worker. But in selecting Mnuchin, not only has Trump submitted to the realities of presidential campaign finance; he’s chosen one of the most notorious bankers in America to carry it out.

    When I heard Mnuchin’s name last week, I immediately remembered the front lawn of his mansion. Back in 2011, local housing activists and the Occupy movement in Los Angeles camped out on that lawn to save the home of Rose Mary Gudiel, a La Puente, California, resident who faced eviction after being just two weeks late on one mortgage payment. The activists threatened to move all of Gudiel’s furniture into Mnuchin’s $26 million Bel Air estate if the eviction wasn’t stopped. Twenty police officers and a helicopter met the protesters.

    Why was Mnuchin’s front lawn the focal point for the protest? Because years after forming Dune Capital in 2004, Mnuchin’s hedge fund purchased the failed lender IndyMac, one of America’s largest home lenders and a leading distributor of Alt-A mortgages, a subprime hybrid which did not require borrowers to accurately state their incomes. After IndyMac failed, Dune led the investment group that purchased it from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in 2009, renaming it OneWest Bank. Mnuchin became OneWest’s principal owner and chairman.

    OneWest accomplished these foreclosures through fraud. Erica Johnson-Seck, a vice president of foreclosure and bankruptcy for OneWest, explained in a July 2009 deposition that she “robo-signed” 6,000 foreclosure-related documents per week, spending just 30 seconds on each sworn affidavit that attested to the veracity of all relevant information in the case. Johnson-Seck admitted to not reading the documents before signing them, to not knowing how the records were generated, and to not signing in the presence of a notary, all of which made the affidavits she signed false evidence in court.

    The OneWest subsidiary Financial Freedom executed 39 percent of all foreclosures on reverse mortgages between 2009 and 2015, despite servicing only 17 percent of the market, according to data from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) obtained by the California Reinvestment Coalition. OneWest disclosed in its most recent annual report that it’s under investigation for this disproportionate share of “widow foreclosures” by HUD’s Inspector General. The victims include 103 year-old Myrtle Lewis of North Texas, who OneWest put into foreclosure after her insurance coverage lapsed; Karen Hunziker, who got a foreclosure notice from OneWest ten days after her husband passed away in 2014; and a host of others.

    Trump’s loyal fans aren’t likely to scrutinize Mnuchin’s record, but they should. You can measure political candidates in part by who they associate with. The foreclosure history in Mnuchin’s past reflects an extreme mentality of profit at all costs, and hardly a viewpoint of standing up for the little guy. Trump as populist was always something of a pose, covering for a deep nationalism and antipathy to immigrants. The Mnuchin pick just brings that into sharper relief.

    Trump’s main money-chaser has profited off the suffering of ordinary Americans for years. There’s no reason to believe Trump will offer a better deal to the working class.

    Moreover, an article published in The Nation covered some details of the sweetheart deal the government gave Mnuchin and team for the privilege of turning around to abuse average Americans. Here’s an excerpt from, The Worst of Wall Street: Meet Donald Trump’s Finance Chairman.

    The Mnuchin group paid FDIC $1.5 billion for the bank, far less than the value of IndyMac’s assets. The FDIC was so desperate to unload IndyMac that Mnuchin and his colleagues were able to obtain, as part of the purchase deal, a so-called “shared loss” agreement from the FDIC which reimbursed these billionaires for much of their costs for foreclosing on people unlucky enough to have mortgages from IndyMac.

    Within a year, the group that the Los Angeles Times called a “billionaires’ club of private financiers” had paid themselves dividends of $1.57 billion. In other words, the FDIC took much of the risk by subsidizing the bank’s troubled assets, while Mnuchin and his colleagues pocketed the profits.

    The California Reinvestment Coalition—a nonprofit organization that pushes banks to reinvest in low income communities and communities of color—determined from Freedom of Information Requests that the FDIC had already paid out over $1 billion to reimburse OneWest for the cost of over 35,000 foreclosures in California and an unknown number in other states. CRC also estimated that the FDIC will eventually pay out another $1.4 billion for the costs associated with even more foreclosures in the future.

    OneWest opened its doors with 33 branches and roughly $16 billion in assets. Mnuchin engineered its growth by purchasing two other failed institutions—First Federal Bank of California and La Jolla Bank—getting the FDIC to agree again to additional “loss share” arrangements so that the owners had little to lose. After these purchases, OneWest had 73 retail branches and $26 billion in assets. It also serviced billions of dollars of mortgage loans on the behalf of third parties, such as Fannie Mae. In multiple surveys of California housing counselors, OneWest was ranked among the worst mortgage servicers in the state.

    Nice deal if you can get it. Oh, and there’s also this.

    In July 2014, Mnuchin arranged to sell OneWest to the CIT Group for $3.4-billion—more than double what they paid for the bank five years earlier. CIT Group, a holding company that owned a Salt Lake City-based on-line bank, wanted to buy OneWest for its low-cost deposits and its network of Southern California retail branches. The consolidated bank now has assets of about $60 billion, ranking it among the nation’s 40 largest banks.

    Under the terms of the acquisition, CIT agreed to pay Mnuchin $4.5 million a year for three years as the bank’s vice-chairman. Because he relinquished that post in March 31 of this year, Mnuchin was given a $10.9 million severance package, according to the Wall Street Journal.

    In CIT Group’s most recent annual report, the bank disclosed that it had received multiple subpoenas in 2015 from the Office of Inspector General at the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) related to the servicing of reverse mortgages by Financial Freedom.

    CRC’s Gonzalez said that, in light of Mnuchin’s new role in the Trump campaign, “HUD should release more information about its investigation of OneWest’s subsidiary.”

    Believe it or not, it gets even more interesting from here. For example, you may be interested to know who one of Mnuchin’s partners was in the IndyMac deal. Yep, you guessed it: George Soros.

    The Wall Street Journal reports:

    In 2002, Mr. Mnuchin left Goldman and later was hired to run a credit fund set up by billionaire George Soros.

    In 2004, Mr. Mnuchin and two former Goldman colleagues founded hedge fund Dune Capital Management LP with financial backing from Mr. Soros. Dune soon expanded into the entertainment business, striking up a film-financing deal with a unit of 21st Century Fox. Among the films Dune financed was “Avatar,” one of the all-time box office hits. 

    In 2008, IndyMac Bank in Pasadena, Calif., collapsed in one of the largest bank failures in U.S. history. Mr. Mnuchin led a group of investors, including funds run by Mr. Soros and other hedge-fund and private-equity titans, who bought it from the government for about $1.5 billion. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation agreed to cover a portion of any future loan losses, a lucrative arrangement for Mr. Mnuchin and his partners. Regulators who negotiated with Mr. Mnuchin found him to be the kind of detail-oriented person who would “know the cost of every pencil,” according to a person familiar with their thinking.

    Considering many diehard Trump supporters consider Soros to be the spawn of Satan, I’m curious to see the intellectual contortions necessary to justify this relationship.

    Moving along, the sad thing is none of this is surprising to me. From day one, I felt that Trump was way too cozy with Wall Street, and wouldn’t do a thing to rein in financial sector abuses. I warned about it on several occasions. See:

    Draining the Swamp? Wall Street is Already Loving Donald Trump

    Donald Trump’s True Colors Emerge as He Snuggles up to Wall Street

    A Nation of Sheep, Afraid of Words

    In light of this appointment, I want to revisit something I wrote in a recent post:

    To conclude, this article is primarily written for all my readers who are either Trump supporters, or who reluctantly voted for him. My message to you is that we need to hold this man’s feet to the fire. The election is over, and you got your desired outcome. Now is not the time to be a cheerleader. Now is not the time to behave exactly like Obama zombies did after he became an obvious betrayal. What allowed Obama to do all the bad things he did, was the fact that his supporters made endless excuses for him. Don’t make excuses for Trump. If you do, your life will get a lot worse and this country will decay far more into an authoritarian oligarchy than it already has. It is up to you to make sure he doesn’t become the Wall Street puppet I always feared he would be.

    If you give cover to Trump to appoint swamp creatures to his cabinet, you have no right to criticize Obama for having done the same. Let’s grow up and start rallying around ideas, not cheerleading political figures.

    This article was written by Michael Krieger and originally published at his Liberty Blitzkrieg site.


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      1. Then the best we can hope for is a nuclear exchange and fuck the rest.

        • There is not but one savior and His name is Jesus. Don’t loose hope.

          • Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss……

            • I am now becoming more convinced than ever, that SurvivalBlog JW Rawles, is a shill prepper site, posting complete BS. RE: Standing Rock- Dakota Pipeline Access. Garbage in – Garbage out.

              Some shill/ article posted today Dec 1st, who claims to be a resident of the Dakotas says this, among other bogus claims:

              3.The Standing Rock tribe was asked for input on the pipeline at least six times, and they never bothered to show up;

              ***Oh really, and what is your proof of that BS Claim? This other article I posted yesterday, said this indepth: What many do not realize is that the Dakota Access, a subsidiary of Energy Transfer Partners LLP, originally routed this pipeline near Bismarck but authorities worried that an oil spill would wreck the state capital’s drinking water, so the crossing was moved to a half mile from the reservation across land taken from the tribe in 1958 without their consent. Here is the key point***(If the tribe had been consulted)***, the government would have learned that this route requires digging up sacred places, old burial grounds and Lake Oahe, but the Army Corps of Engineers approved this path under a “fast track” option called Permit 12.

              On September 9, 2016, the Departments of Justice, the Army and the Interior stated they would not authorize the building of the pipeline near the tribal lands and asked the pipeline company to voluntarily pause all construction activity within 20 miles east or west of Lake Oahe. The company has not followed this directive. Only a few days later, Energy Transfer Partners LLP sent contractors back to work near Standing Rock, where over 20 protestors who discovered this were arrested. President Obama can not only order the work to stop, but he can also deploy the Army Corps of Engineers, or even the National Guard, to stop the violence being perpetrated by local, regional and state officials against the nonviolent protestors.

              Link: ht tp://www.counterpunch.org/2016/11/30/standing-rock-determining-president-obamas-legacy-to-all-americans/

              Rawles, made some comment a few days earlier, like the Indians were just trying to get more money. Which is Total BS, because the pipeline is not crossing on the Reservations land, and they are not even eligible for compensation, but just up stream of the Reservation land and water intake that affects the supplies their only drinking water source.

              And Rawles surely does NOT tell it readers that today the inflow of now more than 2000 Military veterans are arriving in support of the Souix Tribe, does he. NO he perpetuate the Lie with more BS. Why is Rawles afraid of the truth? The Vets planned dates are Dec 4th to Dec 8th. So some are already arriving early. Great News.

              Mr Rawles, how about you tell the truth you friggin fascist shill. And probably why there is no comment section to clarify the BS posted on that site. In My OPINION, I am also beginning to think with mounting evidence, that SurvivalBlog is a Honey Pot to attract preppers to capture IP addys of preppers, for some future use down the road. Also Survival Blog was not listed as a “Fake Website” posted here a few days ago, like so many others. Probably because SB tows the line for the Corporate fascists. And they had a banner on their site for months, that said “We Stand With Israel” that I aalso pointed out here many times. Which I now see today, it has been removed, maybe cause it blew their fascist OPSEC. Like WTF, the frigging Zionist Tribe is destroying America. So how patriotic is that Mr Rawles to be a sell out for the Z-Tribe? I also question, how exactly is Survival Blog able to give away so many products to article writers without some major source of support. Is Survival Blog being subsidized by George Soros? As what I see reflected on that site. Again this is strictly “My Opinion” and not this websites. You be the judge. Beware people, who you trust. They may not be exactly, what you think they attempt to represent. I know there are other posters here who agree with what I am saying about Survival Blog.

              Peace Out, We stand with the First Americans-Souix Natives.

              • Amen Zeus. We must stand with all First American natives Vs the filthy and corrupt Corp. Culture.

              • As I have been saying, all America did was trade a left wing Corporatist Fascist regime for a right wing one, both of the psychopath controlled groups of boot lickers will use the Police State to crush freedom and liberty loving Patriots and true Americans.

              • I am not ready to throw JWR under the bus. That said, it irks the hell out of me to see ‘We Stand With Israel’ on the site. I agree that Zionist neocons are evil and destroying America. Today’s UN-created Israel is of zero Biblical significance. God does not need the help of the evil UN.

                Over 7,000 Americans have been killed in the non-stop Middle East wars. Israel is no friend of America. Never forget their attack on the USS Liberty.


              • OMG I thought I’d never see a real truth teller here! Between this article and your comment, I now have a glimmer of hope once again.

            • I’ll sip to that.

              • Tippin the jar to ya 😉

          • AMEN.

            • Trojan Horse Trump’s FIRST choices for Treasury were- get this- JAMIE DIMON and JOHN PAULSON- yes the same uber scum rigged themselves into the 2008 TRILLION DOLLAR taxpayer bailout as payment for corruption. Then Trojan Trump’s FIRST CHOICE for State was JOHN BOLTON- yes the same neocon AIPAC PNAC scum who lied us into Saddam’s WMD 2003 invasion. Or Rudy Giuliani- NYC mayor who helped execute and coverup 911…
              It cant get much worse than all this… except now T Horse is now taking directions from KISSINGER- yes Hillary’s top handler.
              Why isnt Ron or Rnad Paul considered for anything? TREY GOWDY would be a great AG… Even Nader…
              We are in BIG doodoo folks. Perhaps we should all help w/ that recount before we are saddled w/ an even worse admin than Bush, Jr

              • I warned on this site and elsewhere, long before the election, that Trump might be the Deep State’s choice for president, precisely because they need a “strong man” / “patriot” to lead the US in WW3.

                And now he has given defence secretary to a sociopathic nutcase, James “Mad Dog” Mattis. I can’t wait to see how Alex Jones and co try to rationalise this into a positive…

          • Hope he makes his appearance soon. Hope he offers me a ticket out.
            I’m ready to leave this slime pit cess pool called changed Amerikka.
            It is Not the once Wonderful country I grew up in.
            -The gobment is a shameful pathetic beast of bankrupt, corruption, murdering, war mongering.
            -The streets are torn up in disrepair. ALL STREETS are torn up, blocked off, the cones are out, but for YEARS they don’t repair. WTF?
            -No one drives a vehicle paying attention to driving. So much traffic.
            -No manners. No civility in ANY aspect of dealing. Rudeness everywhere.
            -Shop owners growl at you for coming in. And they have Cameras pointed at your face, always wanting a name, wanting a phone number, just to buy even a cheap ingredient poor quality cheeseburger at a high price. Cameras tied direct to Police to surveil your cheeseburger buying.
            -Police who jack you on side of road continuously so they can rob you for made up bs nonsense. They are Thieves. Rude. Disrespectful. Confrontational. Bullies. And sometimes Murderers.
            -I am about only white man left in my once beautiful neighborhood.
            -Damn speakers blaring out that loud thumpity thump RAP bs.
            -The few white kids in neighborhood are confused and think they are black.
            Inked up wanna be, shifty, jobless, wanna be toughs who are asking to be shot by an old bastard that doesn’t care about gang wanna be’s. I won’t be pushed around or robbed.
            -New neighbors are illegal aliens that stole neighbors truck. The illegals also deal drugs. Parties go on all night til 06:00.
            -Taxes on property are insane and keep going up. While the house falls apart with need of continuos expensive repairs.
            -School Taxes are insane. I pay school taxes and have no kids in school.
            It just goes on and on and on.

            Jesus Take Me Home. This place is no longer my country. It will never be the same. And NO, Mr. President Donald J Trump will change very little. He will figure that out within first 15 months. WASHINGTON IS A CORRUPT BEAST that even a Trump can not leash, much less slay. Too much corruption and Satanic Demons doing Satan’s work.

            Only Jesus can set this right. My bags are packed. Call me home.

            • You must be in one of the ‘better’ neighborhoods…

            • Move on up to northern minnesota……..get awat from the scum.


          HE WAS RIGHT

          • That was why Singapore broke off from Malaysia. The Chinese in Singapore were not going to have much freedom in a Muslim Malaysia, and certainly didn’t feel like paying for it, either.








        • Did you see the racialist posters on Purdue University campus today? And the response from the official assholes?

          “it only furnishes another opportunity to underscore our commitment to equal access and opportunity, inclusion, and respect for all people.”





          • I totally fucking agree!!!

        • When will the media expose the criminal, treasonous use of military weapons and mind control on innocent citizens? When will they expose the rampant abuse and corruption in the NSA for spying, monitoring, surveilling, gangstalking, torturing innocent citizens with mind control and directed energy weapons? Are we ever going to expose this most egregious violation of human rights perpetrated upon targeted individuals? Is all media not competent or patriotic enough to expose this. These military weapons are patented by the government and used by them or contracted out and are violating the minds and bodies of innocent citizens. It’s way overdue that this torture and holocaust be exposed.

      2. Creatures of Washington Still Rule the Earth? Actually the truth is:

        The Juden creatures n NY owns the Washington and the USA.

        Europe is also owned by the Juden creatures but the uprising will end the blood suckers and soon.

        • Stolz, it’s sad but true. You don’t get much more insider/NWO than Steve Mnuchin. This shows how bogus Trump is. He’s in bed with der juden.

          • O, it’s the Jew’s ^ not the Khazars? What about Rome!? Humpty Dumpty didn’t fall, it morphed! Listen, I know plenty of Jewish people, they are ticked of these reprobates who claim to be one of them.
            I understand many people agree w/me here – yes Bibi is (most likely still a globalist but not like he’s been – could it be Isaiah chapter 53? Don’t know – Israel too has shadow Guv’s that much like ours w/out (most) president’s knowledge! Doubt this, take a flight to area 51 & see if the last thing you’ll is nothing but a big sting.
            More Jew’s are speaking out – they hated Micheal Savage, he called them out – We need to get him back on!
            Most Jew’s just want to live in peace – this may play into that regretted 7 year peace assuring they’re peace w/the devil himself! (Daniel’s 70th week/Jacob’s trouble)

            note; Shtfplan is right on here, we’ll know soon enough but still has to be better than the usurper – I’m also interested in Devvy Kidds & others take – we’ve been cleverly duped before.

          • You people make me sick! gen. 12:3..Your persistent and willful ignorance is going to be your demise.

      3. I Fnn told you!!!h

      4. Never heard of this Munchkin guy.

        Didn’t vote and don’t believe that there are any differences between “parties” or any of the other divisive clown show stuff.

      5. The Trumpbots do not care what evil crocodiles, deadly venomous snakes, and hornier toads are added to the psychopath controlled US Government District of Criminals swamp now, because their new Lord and Savior Trump is going to make the fat disease ridden dumbed down toxic dump depressed drunks all rich again. The softkill genocide and dumbing down plans of the Globalist Fascist genocidal psychopaths are still moving along smoothly and just as planned, with the GMO gobbling, Big Pharma pill popping, chemical filled water guzzling, sugar sucking, complete toxic dump Trumpbot victims in tow waiting for the digits in their computers to arrive signaling they are now “rich and great again”. The Trumpbot cowards could care less that their bodies and their children’s bodies and minds are under chemical attack, because as long as they are rich that is what makes the dumbed down cowards great.

        • Hey Ron, has Trump mentioned anything about stopping the Chemtrails or does he not go there?

          • Uh, you are NOT EVER going to hear a ‘squeak’ about Chem-Trails. Those fall under the other ‘top-top-top-secret’ information he became ‘privy’ to several days ago. (And IF he intends to do anything about it, OF COURSE he is not going to remotely indicate so until AFTER 20JAN17 …shouldn’t we think)?

          • Yeah right, he thinks the criss cross patterns are beautiful decorative artwork for photo ops above his vice peddling Casinos.

      6. So just who did the writer nominate as an alternative?

        Guess I’m getting pretty sick and tired of whiners and complainers. If you’re not going to lead, or don’t want to follow, then get the hell out of the way, because this country has changed course and the train is leaving the station on January 20th.

        • Smokey, I agree, as Trump even admitted himself that some of these Cabinet positions he needs to fill are very insider driven positions, with the skills and understanding of these complex problem we have. He said something like, (pharaphrasing), he has no choice but to appoint some of these Swamp dwelling insiders, as they are the only ones qualified to run it.

          I think Trump being a smart savvy business man, understands if something is not going down the road the way he likes it, he can then make the necessary changes in personnel to stay on the path.

          There may be many changes even after Trump takes office. Look how quick he replaced Chris Christy on leading the transition team, when Christy went off the Tracks. There may be a lot of in-depth tangled webs we don’t understand, that need to be ironed out, so keeping with a smooth transition, he can then later come back and tweek these positions to his liking. See what it all looks like after his first year in office.

          Patience people.

          “The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it.” ― Theodore Roosevelt

          So we just Hired Trump to be our Boss, so lets give him the chance to do it. If he fails us, we can fire him in 4 years. Fair enough?

          • Zeus, he just appointed someone with TIES TO GOLDMAN-SACHS. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK THAT MEANS? You don’t get much more insider/NWO than Mnuchin. Trump has sold out.

            • Relax Deplorable, Maybe this Sachs guy had a good conversation of how to unravel this complex issue, that we have no idea about. Trump will have full control over this guy which is a good idea for the inside scoop. Try to bring a complex down using some outsider with no knowledge how it works. Would you hire a plumber to work on your heart, just because he is an outsider? Trump plays chess, so relax will ya. I too despise Sachs also, and the revolving door. Read again my comment again above yours. Some of you people sneeze every time Trump say boo. That’s a crappy way to live your lives. Go take a VaCa and come back after Jan 20th and see how this unravels throughout 2017. Hell Trump may change his mind again after he pick this guys brain. Trump plays chess, Sit back and watch the master run the table, like he did in the election.

            • BH, nothing personal, but just exactly what bank experience would be acceptable to you in a nominee for Treasury Secretary?

              I just don’t think it’s possible to divorce completely from the financial world. It’s all linked together and no one is without ties to something.

              • You got that right Smokey. An interconnected and dependent Hydra.

                • Right. We’re not going to shoot all the bankers, we’re not going back on the gold standard, we’re not going to bitcoins. These are all pipe dreams. The financial world that grew up over the last 600 years is not going to go away.

                  • Smokey, you may be right about the gold standard and the bitcoins, but the banksters can and will face justice some day and the financial world can and will be destroyed somehow. I don’t know HOW it will happen, but it WILL.

              • Smokey, I’ve a suggestion. Seriously. How about selecting someone with NO bank experience other than what the common man experiences? Open an account – checking, savings… the normal; next, tries to get a loan, has to pay the exorbitant fees on everything…. and so on. Just pick any Tom/Dick/Harry/Jane/Mary/Sue who has a clean record and let them do the job. Their first question would most likely be something along the lines of “what’s this b.s.??!?!”. It’d all be downhill for the system that is so corrupt from there.

              • Zeus and Smokey, OK, I get it. We’ll all get to see how this whole thing turns out. But I’m still stacking and keeping all my options open.

                • Hey Deplorable. Keeping your options open????? Chill out dude. None of this even affects you in any manner. You have no credit to even get a bank loan or credit card, and you probably barely pay any taxes. And you own no property. You squirm like a wet kitten on an iceberg crying for his momma. Go drink a saucer of warm milk and all will be better in the morning. So what are your options? Moving to Canada cause you don’t like his Tres Sec? LoL

                • We don’t have a choice but to wait and see. Or would everyone rather go back to Hillary, because we KNOW what she’ll do and thus can maybe ‘quell’ her from bringing another four to eight years of Obama-ism to The USA?

                  Or better yet, let’s PULL A FIRST and have TWO PRESIDENTS (POTUS WEST AND POTUS EAST (with the Mississippi Valley as the “warring fields” (like North and South Korea)!!!!!

            • No. He didn’t “sell out”. This was always the plan. You may now feel ashamed of yourself for being so easily fooled and manipulated. Stings…doesn’t it?

            • “Sold” is right… And Bought out!!

              He’s now talking to Pam (How Much Money?) Bondi from Florida about an insider job.

              She’s the one who dropped any possible lawsuit against Trump University AFTER a $25,000.00 donation from Trump.
              Then went on media with a straight face and said the donation played no part in her decision.

              The swamp deepens.

          • Zeus,

            “Look how quick he replaced Chris Christy on leading the transition team, when Christy went off the Tracks. ”

            Depends on what you mean by stating went off the Tracks.

            The TRUTH is Trump’s kosher son in law didn’t want Christy since when he was the US attorney put his Billionaire Juden Father in jail for some forms of financial corruption.

            • Stolz, maybe I’m missing something here, but I thought that was Chelsea Clinton’s father-in-law who did some prison time for something similar. Her hubby is also a juden and had ties to Goldman-Sachs.

              • Brave, You are correct about Chelsea’s kosher husband but also google Charles Kushner who Christy put behind bar for financial crimes. These parasitic tribe have one thing in common and that is financial crimes against humanity.

                Kudos to Christy for prosecuting the SOB but prosecution is not the solution. Humanity needs a final solution.

            • Stolz. Yeah that was one rumor, however Christy started appointing all the insiders and Trump is the Boss and said you’re fired. Good move. Also Bridge Gate was part of the problem Christy had on his resume which Trump did not want attached to him and did the right thing and got rid of the slob. More goes on than we know so, bottom line, Trump is playing chess. And none of this is in our control so why whine.

        • Everyone has to be his or her own alternative to goose-stepping behind some Fuehrer.

      7. Folks! Never drink the Kool-Aid!
        Not even the one with orange flavour…

      8. This is just a TV show now, call it Cabinet Apprentice. The real-life proceedings begin in Senate confirmations. Trump is still playing the media bigly.

      9. Id voted for 2 reasons, right to bear arms of all arms on market, and SCOTUS. The rest is all bullshit we have no control over and never will.

        • Same here, and just SCOTUS alone is going to keep this country going for another 40 years.

          Between SCOTUS and deporting illegals, Trump could do nothing else and still be a success.

      10. That’s right,

        we may complain about it, but I’m pretty sure were happily complaining, rather than be looking at the alternative that could have been.

        There have to be some people in that do have some sort of “experience”, I mean damn man, would you kick out all the best mechanics to hire some HS kid in a established dealership if you bought it just cause people didn’t like them.

        I’m sure he has his reasons, and is being advised as its going along, besides there are always, and will always be changes made, later on in these things as his term goes on.

        I never expect a full blown change anyway, were talking about the US Gov here.

        • Exactly, Imagine what Hellerys Cabinet would have looked like. All Sachs people. So go enjoy the Trump Honey Moon, you can divorce him in 4 years, if he did not go a Great Job.

      11. Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.

        I never believed in that philosophy. I want my enemies as far away as possible.

        But for Trump, as President, this is altogether a different situation. Trump is a New York businessman who has been dealing with these shysters all his life. His kids married into the tribe. Trump’s entourage has always included the tribe. And they aren’t Natives. So wtf, are we idiots? No. No one expects Trump to walk on water. He put a man in who knows the game from the inside, a man who is so detailed oriented he counts every pencil. So he’s competent. Trump is smart, very smart. Give him a chance. We will see what he does soon enough.

        I am still excited about Trump’s win. This decision doesn’t surprise me. It reinforces my belief that Donald Trump will become one of the greatest Presidents this Country has ever had the good fortune to have. As for the writer of this article, he needs to step back and look at the big picture. It might be fun to imagine our philosophic enemies swimming in a cauldron of hot oil, but in growing up, we must face the reality that, we’re all in the pot together.

        Merry Christmas…


        • I’m with you B. I’ll give Trump 4 yrs and we shall see what comes of it.

      12. Well, only one thing left, according to PCR… revolution.

      13. Remember to keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. JUST SAYING!!!


        • Sarge,

          I thought it was don’t let the enemy get closer than 50 yards via a head shot. LOL.

          • Exactly Sgt. Pavement Apes can run a 40 yard dash in 4 seconds. If he is carrying a knife, can you draw point and shoot in 4 seconds at this running target before he is on you? Distance? Pay attention, eyes open. Practice your quick draw, point & pull.

            • Crimson Trace makes that point and shoot much easier.

      14. Seems like hiring swamp dwellers to drain the swamp is a losing proposition. Nominating individuals with questionable moral standards, regardless of competence, will ultimately prove a poor decision. Don’t make Trump to be some master tactician with his poor choices.

        There are over 300 mln people in this country- I’m sure there are decent, competent people willing to serve.

        Trump’s choices don’t make me optimistic for our future.

        • Its a club and we aint in it

          • Nailbanger, you ‘nailed’ it again. I smell a sellout with Trump.

            • Gee you voted for him 3 weeks ago, and now you call him a sellout?? Are you ever fickle n fragile.

        • Trump may need an insider swamp dweller, to show him where the drain plug is. Its a big swamp.

          • Sorta my feeling,
            Who better than to show you around than someone who already knows,,,
            Its also that wide brush thing, people get labled en masse, people also go grey to not stand out, tell me you wouldnt suck it up and go along to get along for a cushy upper 6 figure income with perks,,,
            These guys may well be on board with pulling the plug, know exactly where they need to dig a little to get the flow going, and know exactly who the worst dwellers are

            • I’m of the same mindset. (The way to beat the system is to pretend you go along with it).

              Thusfar, I find his ‘picks’ to be impeccable “for the jobs at hand” that he has stated WILL BE DONE.

              Lastly, he’s done NOTHING that lends any ‘hint’ of “duping us.” My “gut feelings” are the same.

      15. lets see you do better

      16. Complain about results, not what you think someone might do.
        No one seems to give an alternative – it is very easy to say X is awful, but they would say it no matter who X is.
        Only one has suggested Rand Paul for Secretary of State.

        They said something similar about Chris Christie that was leading the Transition Team and started adding lobbyists, until he was fired and the lobbyists kicked out.

        These may be insiders, but I think Trump will keep them on a short leash.

        And what are they going to do? Trump himself is not a very “nice” person, but he is a very EFFECTIVE person. What is the secretary of Treasury going to do apart from Trump? Or the other appointees?

        He’s already saved jobs at Ford and Carrier.

        They said Trump would never break 20%. Or get the nomination. Or win the presidency.

        It is sinful and evil to prejudge someone and speak slanders and calumnies when he is not even in the office. Fear is a sin, how often did Jesus say “be not afraid”. Yet all I hear is something worse than gossip, fear, hate, accusations he has already betrayed everyone.

        I say to all, give Trump 100 days, that would be about 5/1/17 and judge him by how well he kept the promises he made at Gettysburg.

        Trump never promised not to appoint “insiders”. The swamp is the corrupt system, not the people. And see if he fires someone who goes off Trump’s script like Christie did.

        • Good point tz. Food for thought for sure!

        • It has been refuted by Ford and proven to be a falsehood that Trump “saved” any jobs with Ford. He also opened a Pandora’s Box with all the tax deals for Carrier. Don’t buy the bluster that he forced them to stay. He appeased them and we know (remember your history lessons?) that doesn’t work for very long.

          Don’t be one of those people who complained about the Lame-stream media for years and then take the bait, hook, line AND pole.

      17. Oh, come on. Trump is a realist. He can’t simply shoot everybody we don’t like nor can he appoint people without experience to critical posts which are often highly technical. Give him a chance. If these swamp creatures don’t toe his line they will hear, “You’re fired!” Appointing Senator Sessions as AG is itself worth the entire election. Chill, people.

        • Southern Sage:

          Well said. I concur.


        • People show just how naieve they are when they start criticizing his picks,,there are many grey areas to this whole game and it is best played with experienced players, reality is he may well have been able to buy off these folks as well, who can say with any certainty that every single one of these people is part of a well orchestrated plan, just no way to know, one thing for certain, things will change

      18. Southern Sage, He can’t say you are fired to the selected Tribal picks since he was ordered to select them. Trump had a meeting with the Kissinger and the Goldman President Cohn prior to the final selection. I have a feeling he was told something like:

        Little boy, you are going to select xyz and we’ll let you to act like a tough guy. However be careful since if you pass your tribal limit then something bad will happen to you.

        I am still hopeful that he is going to deliver what he promised but such selections is not different than what Hillary would pick as the tribe’s queen bitch.

      19. Basically, we are now to Part II of the battle to take back America. We have a better chance under Trump than Hilary, at least. So, time to get back to work and now hold TRUMP’S feet to the fire.

        If Trump can beat Hilary via a grassroots movement, the elite cannot fail to know that that same grassroots could next turn on them. In this reality we have some power. We need to use that, and not go to sleep as we push back on some of these cabinet appointees. Remember how many Obama appointees had to drop out!

      20. Did anyone really think that this JOKE of what ever you so wish to call it, (the proper term is the Appointment of a NEW CEO of the Corporation DBA,)

        The Joke is on all the crazies whom believed that “Rhetoric” is some how Truth. The real crazies are the ones that think that GOD sent him. Really??

        There will be no draining of any swamps, there will be NO Change other than the bus will come off the tracks and guess what?

        The people whom voted for their NEW MASTER of the plantation will be blamed by the media as the problem.
        Next step, welcome to the world of Zionist War Pigs Maxed out or perhaps ball to the wall will fit better.

        You have no choice, and you never will, we all have been gamed, rather you like it or not, there is no difference.

        Perhaps some day people will get it. Then again perhaps not.

        • Yep, corporate citizens electing a corporate ceo of a corporate nation with corporate laws. I get it just fine. The people selected to have a corporate strawman represent them in their corporate transactions. Like your personal chess piece you are responsible for in commerce. Pretty tangled web we have and it works great for them.

          • Oh no deplorableBH is threatening to move his entire 1 job security company out of the Country. lol.

            Its like trying to argue with a 3 year old throwing a tamtrum. Ignoring them usually works best, as they will soon cry themselves to sleep.

      21. This board has gone to shit. Buh bye.

      22. As Trump continues to pick his people I am sure we will raise our eyebrows many times. Sure we recognize the assholes that are responsible for plenty of problems that plague out country today. Plus we Paid to Fix them. Nobody got punished for the most part. So it has left a bad taste in our mouths. I am angry because these people who should have gone o their ways in life, stick around to screw with us. I was definitely pissed to see Henry Kissinger on the and you can bet you ass Obama will hang around for years scene spouting his bullshit. Hell Jimmy Carter is back with the Palestinian solution again. STFU. Where is the POPE with his Brilliant thoughts.
        So we must ask ourselves. Did our vote count. I believe it did. Will we get what we voted for? I hope we get more than what the last President promised. Did we defend the Constitution by electing Trump. I believe that to be true.
        Guess it all boils down to what I have been saying about prepping.
        We may not get it all, but SOME IS BETTER THAN NONE.

      23. SWAMP HYDRA.

      24. As you all clutch your pearls in horror that he (gasp) lied, remember and never forget that this dumb ole redneck told you all this would happen back in Aug 2015.

        The fact that you have so little discernment will now cause me and the rest of this country MORE neocon/Likud Party control from the same old corrupt establishment and further loss of liberties and even MORE war for Israel.

        Its just that this time you fell for the biggest conman of all.


      25. I hope trump is smart enough to look like he’s going along until he purges the military and government of Obama rats. Then fire these guys he appointed. And start burning Tares.

      26. What part of evil vs. evil don’t people understand? What comes NEXT should have people pissing in their boots. Some who have no belief in GOD will see and experience just what HIS wrath will bring upon US as a Nation. WE as a Nation, turned our backs on GOD and WE as a Nation, will experience all God sends our way….Good vs Evil is coming
        Plan, prep, and pray
        And have SISU

        • FOB

          Bring it.

        • OK Feisty I’ll bite. WTF is SISU, some Chinese dish? Save Important Shit Underground?

      27. We’re going to need a bigger swamp.

      28. so trump picks one guy and the swamp goes merrily round and round ?

        give me a break !

        the hhs secretary may be the best pick possible to kill obamacare and drain the medical system swamp, the AG and sec def picks are both great picks for the positions but this guy ruins the whole cabinet ?

        I guess we should have just elected Bernie.

        • Some folks would complain about being hanged with a new rope.

        • Tom Price is the one pick capable of pissing off a large enough percentage of Trump voters to the point where one or more may try to kill him. Minus out repealing the stupid fines for not having coverage, and this particular clown is going to do less for the people who pay the bills in this country than even Obama and his Obamacare. These people voted for Trump because they expected something they can put their hands on and say measures up to a suitable standard of living for people who pay the taxes that pay the bills in a country the stature of the US. The only thing they’re going to get from Tom Price is a jar of Vaseline.

          The only upside to Price as HHS Secretary is he’s going to do such a shitty job that we will have no choice but to nationalize the health care system. Then the people who pay the taxes that pay the bills in this country actually receive something in return for their money.

      29. Ever since Trump won these blogs now have to invent things to bitch about to justify their existence. Looks like Trump’s win is bad for business.

      30. I’m OK with the Munchkin if he can throw a bucket of water on the Tax Code and melt it down!

      31. As long as the bottom 50% get their monthly money from the working taxpayer they will avoid work. As long as the middle class keep their wage slave jobs they will avoid opening their mouth. As long as the top 1% can keep the national debt doubling every eight years they will allow the president to remain.

      32. Keep your enemies closer…?

      33. Im not a bit suprized. all elected official talk the talk. hardly any walk the walk. So the lesser evil isn’t much change from the obomonation we currently have?

        • Well OG at least the new boss isn’t a lazy, worthless phucker like we have now.

        • It’s a little late to be arriving at that conclusion, ain’t it? Better late than never, I suppose.

          As long as Satan is allowed free reign in this world, false hope will continue to spring eternal. His specialty is planting tares among the wheat! The people we complain about are merely his little helpers…satanic minions, as it were. The REAL problem remains unaddressed.

      34. Give the man time he has a better job then any of us armchair politician, he ran circles around a media and all the other evil people on the stage he knows what he is doing and I can’t wait for my gold sink 🙂

      35. God has a way of allowing us to wallow in our iniquity. We, as “republicans”, were given a choice of 17 candidates during the primaries. ALL of the better choices were systematically destroyed, by both the Establishment and the Media as well as by a lying evil Trump himself.

        Jesus illustrates what we’ve done to ourselves in this election through His own words…

        John 5:

        43: I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.

        44: How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour that cometh from God only?

        Well…I’m here to tell you all that Trump is NOT your deliverer. He’s just the lowly dust that God will use to deliver His Judgment upon a wicked society.

        God has a Plan.
        God is in charge.
        God will NOT be mocked.

        I hope this explains to everyone WHY our “choices” were Clinton or Trump. The hammer of Judgment was already in motion before this “choice” was laid before us.

        The Hammer Lands … 2017

        Enjoy what you have called down upon your own heads. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Feel free to rip out your beards in anguished torment as well…as everything you’ve ever placed above God is ripped down and destroyed while you watch.

        “…hold his feet to the fire”?

        Holding the Devil’s feet to the fire only makes him more comfortable! You’ve given away the candy store to the wrong person…and if you weren’t so like him yourselves, you would have seen the folly of your choice long before it was too late.

        Fear of the Lord IS the beginning of wisdom, folks. So…be afraid. Be VERY afraid. God will NOT be mocked.

        • Absolutely correct Charles.

          Praise God!

      36. So many whiners on here. Who did you guys think he would appoint to run our complex economy, Joe the Plumber. Wall Street is deliberately obtuse and Byzantine in its operations, how many of you whiners know what a tranche is. Very few of us on here at least are under any illusions about who Trump is. What he ISNT IS A LIMP WRISTED COMMUNIST like the current resident of the White House. I believe he will appoint Conservtive Supreme Court members which will insure the perpetuation of the 2nd Ammendment for another generation. THAT ALONE was enough to secure my vote. I also believe he will attempt to bring our unpatrolled borders under control. His success in this endeavor will be blocked by the Congress and the courts but any attempt to block the barbarians at our gates is worth supporting.Finally I believe he will bring a pragmatic conservative view to our foreign policy, a refreshing change from the leftist muddle that has left the entire world rudderless and in chaos the past 8 years. You guys looking for a Thomas Jefferson are naive Trump ain’t him but he IS an improvement over the alternative.

        • Hitler wasn’t a limp wristed Communist either. He was seeking to restore HIS country’s economy as well. We all know how THAT turned out, don’t we?

          Thank you for presenting me this opportunity!

          You seem very concerned about money, government, and your Rights. Do you know where all of those things originate?

          You speak as though you believe that your Rights come from some ancient moldering document like the Constitution. If so, you couldn’t be more wrong.

          GOD provides leaders over nations.

          GOD provides your Rights (The Constitution only partially ennumerates them).

          God is the sole source of prosperity.

          Those who lose sight of these universal truths get sucked into the carnal world view and bind themselves in chains of condemnation forged by the Adversary.

          We have given the highest Office in the world to a man who is totally unrepentant before the LORD…FOR THE 3RD time in a row!

          Considering what I’ve already relayed here, what do you think can be learned from these events? We’ve slaughtered 60 million innocent children in this country in the Name of convenience. We’re driving the name “Jesus” out of public discourse and embracing the Satanic cult of Islam instead.

          This is nothing less than a rejection of Life itself. Nothing could be more offensive to a Creator than to be rejected by His own creations. I can not imagine a Good and Just God tolerating that forever.

          Matthew 4:
          4: But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

          John 14:

          6: Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
          7: If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also: and from henceforth ye know him, and have seen him.

          30: Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.
          31: But that the world may know that I love the Father; and as the Father gave me commandment, even so I do. Arise, let us go hence.

      37. We have Voters’ Remorse and Trump has not even been inaugurated yet. America is dying from Blue Cities gangrene. Trump is prescribing the same old med from the same old doctors. Folks, it is triage time.

      38. There lot’s of nasties living off the swamp. You need a former swamp dweller to show you where the alligators and never dams are. Then you gotta know how the swamp dwellers use the swamp to their advantage.

        Like the movie “catch me if you can” where the smart young guy passed millions in bad checks and once they caught him the FBI hired him cause he knew how it was done

        Give Trump a chance…hell, he ain’t POTUS yet and has already done more the Barry !!

      39. I’m getting the sinking feeling this site is or has become a “criticism center” of all things political, and has left the art of Prepping far, far behind.

        This place has become a mirror-image of the very government we say we abhor, and yet more and more are acting just like them in almost every post. (I, for one, am ‘sick and tired’ of seeing the same ole shit day after day).

        No hard feelings y’all, but we’re going to drop out of everything for a time, and then hope to return at a later date.

        We wish y’all the very best of luck and Godspeed.

      40. Trump is just another puppet like all the others and you don’t become president when the jewish banker own congress via bribes if they want to keep you locked out.

        Silly american when will you wake up and see that the game is fixed

      41. Trump is just another person in the top 1% and will do nothing to help the rest of the country. He will make deals that benefit his businesses. He will NOT deport the illegals. You can see who he has been putting in his cabinet. While I don’t like Hillary I voted for her for one reason and one reason only. The house would still be GOP for certain and a deadlocked congress that can do nothing is best. Please, the last thing I want is ANY congress to actually do anything because anytime they do they make it worse. Remember the famous words “Don’t worry. I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Yeah right. Always choose someone that will leave it deadlocked. Not a single outsider in his cabinet except the Brietbart dude and he is a complete wacko.

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