The Tables Are Turned: Citizen “Pulls Cop Over For Speeding”

by | Aug 4, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 38 comments

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    citizen pulls cop over for speeding

    Here’s some food for thought for those who think they are above the law because they are in positions of authority:

    Better check your speed… they are out there watching.

    So-called “public servants” can be accountable, too, and this video is proof that holding police accountable doesn’t have to lead to dangerous or violent encounters, and doesn’t have to result in arrest or persecution.

    In fact, the traffic stop ended with the officer apologizing for speeding! How’s that for a reversal of the typical traffic stop situation?

    RT reported:

    A man put a police officer under a citizen’s arrest when he noticed the Texas state trooper speeding without flashing his emergency lights. It was all caught on the citizen’s dashboard camera.

    Phillip Turner claims that on Monday night, he noticed a Texas trooper flying down Interstate-35 sans emergency lights and going well over the speed limit. Turner is no stranger to interacting with the police: He is a videographer for the police watchdog group Photography is Not a Crime.

    The Austin resident followed the trooper and flashed his brights at him, then both pulled over.

    When the trooper exited the vehicle, he asked Turner if there was a reason why he was flashing him.

    Check out this amazing dashcam video from Photography Is Not A Crime (PINAC) correspondent Phillip Turner, an Austin resident.

    You might not believe what you see, but it did happen. Yes, an (extra)ordinary citizen pulled over a State Trooper for speeding.

    (The pullover begins at about 2 minutes in…)

    As watchdog group Photography Is Not A Crime explained:

    PINAC correspondent Phillip Turner was on his way to court to fight a petty traffic citation when a Texas state trooper sped past him driving at least 90 mph.

    At first, Turner figured he was on his way to an emergency, but the trooper never activated his lights, even when he was tailgating drivers in the fast lane.

    Instead, the trooper would tailgate them for several seconds before speeding past them.

    That was when Turner decided to pull him over.

    “I flashed my lights and honked my horns and after a few minutes, he pulled over,” Turner said.


    So when he got the trooper to pull over, he acted no differently than if he were the cop and the trooper was the poor sap nailed for speeding.

    “The reason I was trying to pull you over is that you flew right by me,” Turner said, after asking the trooper to step in front of his car to ensure Turner’s dash cam captured the conversation.

    “I mean you were going pretty fast back there. Are you in an emergency or something?”

    The trooper quickly apologized.

    “I apologize, sir, I didn’t mean to,” the trooper said.

    […]Turner, who runs the YouTube channel, The Battousai, has frequent run-ins with the law because he regularly conducts First Amendment audits throughout the state, resulting in several arrests as well as several lawsuits against the arresting agencies.

    As RT also noted, the officer was evasive and denied having his badge on him (how likely is that for an officer on, or even off duty?) and was reluctant to admit his badge number and name, though he did go on to provide that much.

    When Turner asked for Granado’s name and badge number, the officer was not immediately forthcoming and told him that he did not have his badge with him. After some back and forth, Granado offered his name and badge number and allowed Turner to take a picture of his badge number.

    Turner doesn’t just film police, however. Back in March, he filmed a man with a gun connected to a shooting at South by Southwest. His footage led to the man’s arrest.

    Ordinary citizens would likely face additional scrutiny for refusing to provide ID when requested, though they are only legally required to do so if accused of a crime – which, in this case, clearly matches the crime committed by the trooper who clearly didn’t expect to be pulled over no matter how fast he was going.

    Photography Is Not A Crime, and its network of correspondents across the country, routinely film police, exercise their first amendment rights even in controversy and seek to hold the system accountable.

    Check out their work at and Phillip Turner’s YouTube at

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      1. The dude is lucky he didn’t end up with 2 in the chest and his dashcam mysteriously ‘disappeared’. I wouldn’t recommend trying this in most parts of the country, or even at all. Again, he’s lucky this trooper was a level headed guy. Next time, he may not be so lucky.

        • Do you have any more tips? Should we look down when we talk to them? Should we just drop to our knees everytime a cop is around. I didn’t think getting murdered was a reasonable expectation when questioning a public servant.

      2. Nice job. I think this trooper was a rookie and didn’t finish his IDF training or he could either shoot this unarmed citizen or go to his house and bulldoze it.

      3. I was going to make a comment, but…

        Well, it happens and I hope the trooper can take his lesson in the spirit in which it was given.

        • It was a rural road, country setting; I’m on a two-lane straight road. Someone freshly painted the dotted yellow line down the middle. There are two vehicles on the road heading in the same direction. I’m in the second vehicle. Yep, you guessed it; the car in front of me was a state trooper, local station. Wondering to myself, “Am I speeding? Are my headlights on? Is my seat belt fastened? I’m not on my cell phone. Why is he slowing down? Uh Oh.” Just then he turns on his right blinker. He’s making a turn, OK, no problem. The first thing one does after turning on their blinker is to start braking; I notice his left brake light is out. “Ha, got ‘cha!” I said to myself. Here’s my golden opportunity. These don’t come by too often in a man’s life, but here’s mine.

          Courage or insanity, I’m not sure. I start flashing my high beams at him. “What, are you crazy?” is running rampant around my brain. I don’t stop. He makes his turn and slows down to see what I’m going to do. I follow him. He pulls over to the dirt shoulder of the side road. I pull up next to him as he is rolling down his window. There is a cloud of apprehension over his car, and it is pouring out of his window. I could tell his right hand was nowhere in sight, probably on his sidearm ready for action. “I got me a crazy one here!” he says to himself. I rolled down my passenger side window. His eyes have that “what are you doing?” look in them. “Can I help you? asks the befuddled trooper. “Yes officer,” I replied. “You’re probably wondering why I pulled you over.I just wanted to let you know that your left brake-tail light is out.” He gave me a little smirk like, “You’re kidding me, right, you actually pulled me over to tell me that!” I said, “Look, I’m going to let you go with a warning this time. Please get that light fixed; I don’t want to have to do this again.” There is a long pause from both vehicles. He starts chuckling, looks down, and says, “Yes sir, I’ll get that taken care as soon as I can.” “You have a nice day,” says I and we wave good-bye to each other and go our separate ways. I am smiling in disbelief at what I just did and he, almost certainly, doing the same.

          I know I got away with that one, and most troopers are not that nice. The last part of this story is how did the trooper explain this, if he did, to his fellow troopers back at the barracks? Somewhere, somehow, I know there is a trooper laughing and telling the story about the time he was “pulled over.” True story!

          • That sounds like a story Jeremiah the Johnson would tell. Me thinks you watch way too much tv.

            • Sorry to report, I don’t watch TV and this happened just as I told it.True story.

      4. Suspected bacteria outbreak from animal that’s been dead for decades

        “An anthrax outbreak has overtaken the remote Yamalo-Nenets district of western Siberia killing 1,500 reindeer in a week and forcing the hospitalization of 40 people in the first epidemic of the deadly pathogen since 1941.”

        Officials cautioned the public that there is still some small possibility that the virulent pathogen is not anthrax saying, “As of now, there is no single diagnosis of the dangerous infection.”

        “The cause of the anthrax outbreak that forced 63 local residents to be relocated is believed by authorities to have been sourced to a frozen carcass of a reindeer that died decades ago but that thawed in an unseasonably warm Siberian summer causing the Bacillus Anthracis bacteria to be released.

        Temperatures in the Yamal tundra above the Arctic Circle have soared to highs of 95 degrees (35 degrees Celsius) compared to an average of 77 degrees (25 degrees Celsius) causing the melting of permafrost and long deceased animals.”

      5. Gotta go with JoeR on this one. “I shot him because he was flashing his lights and driving at a high rate of speed behind me. I feared for my life, just like last week when I shot that poodle when I went to the wrong address to check on a wrong number call…” He didn’t have his badge, but I will bet he had multiple firearms and extra ammo! And that camera footage would end up wherever hitlaries emails went…

      6. I guarantee if anyone else tries this, they will at the very least get a ticket for tying up, obstructing, impersonating, an officer. Just like anyone who has ties to or is within the U.S. government, officers are above the law.

      7. Your results might vary.

      8. messin with PoPo… Bad idea

        Off topic but–> ht tp://

      9. The Trooper was wrong for speeding. Now if he was on a call and he got stopped by this guy, and he was on a call. Then yes he could be in trouble.

        You are better off by taking the plate number and call it into the dispatcher, and explain what you have seen.

        • Back in earlier days my brother-in-law was a Maine-State Trooper, and had a “Vic” (nicest cruiser as he was the Commander as well), now he’s a Sheriff of a larger Maine city and his Dodge is “maxed out” where it counts.

          For what it’s worth, 90mph in those cars are like doing it with a Cadillac CTS or CTS-V or BMW-5 or Mercedes or any higher-end sports machine. You really do NOT “feel” the speed and with all the over-sized brakes and other stuff you have superior control (such as WAY softer rubber for gripping (but getting 3,000 a tire). heheh…

          Everyone wants back their Vics, which aint gonna happen, but the Dodge is slowly getting things together, yet I heard Ford made the better cruiser. I dunno… Seems that Ford would have the faster and “the better”…

          • I don’t care what kind of car you’re in, it’s pretty hard not to know when you’re doing 90. Here in good ole Pa. That good sam would’ve likely ended up in jail at the very least. Cops in this state do what they want and don’t give a shit what anyone thinks. They’re not held accountable for their conduct. I could tell you countless stories but I’ll spare you all that. Google Lisa Merkle. Also, I’ve owned a couple state police cop cars, crown Vic’s, that I bought at auction. They’re good cars but cruising at 90 doesn’t escape your attention. You damn well know how fast you’re going, as did this cop. They think they are exempt from the law, hence his evasive tone.
            Stay quiet Be smart.

        • Just because He is a cop in a state vehicle DOES NOT entitle him to speed even with his lights on. Cop are just citizens with a badge and a gun.

          As it was explained to me, Speeding is a “common courtesy” provided by cops to each other even when not on duty. I know, I dated a cop and we never went anywhere that she did not speed (and by a lot). She got pulled over so many times and NEVER got a ticket.

          Criminals with a badge, and yes I avoid interacting with them.

        • Sgt,
          So if he broke the law how much is his fine? And if for some reason he doesn’t pay or show up to court there will be a warrant out. Yep a warrant could be out just for going a few miles over the limit. Happens everyday to people.

      10. Hmmm…first of all. If a cop is speeding..I will always be glad he’s speeding away from me!
        Second., you could be charged with obstruction of the performance of an officer. And most likely lose in court. Fines and maybe 30 days.
        Third…are you batshit crazy…

        But this kind of citizen activity isn’t going to last long if this becomes a reality…
        ht tp://

        Live Free or Die….que the a clock work orange music up.

      11. The cops have been trained to kill, that’s what they are doing to the old, young and pets alike. They have been empowered to disrespect life by taking innocent lives, just like what a police state represents. Policing for profit, murdering for nothing, I despise them as a whole. They work for creeps who want to see us all dead. Power hungry pukes with a low IQ. Anybody can be a cop. For most of them, that’s all they could do, pure mental illness. Fatso’s with guns. Why would the Israeli’s be training police in this nation? The American people can and do police themselves. Traitor cops, everyone of them.

        • Then why aren’t there one helluva lot more LEOs out there “burning and pillaging” all civilians (I’m sure there are 1,000s of Bench Warrants if nothing else right)?

          Police are NOT trained to kill, but when they are taught firearms, they are taught one to the head, heart and lung. Bang, bang, dead.

          There are dumb cops. There are also dumb-ass doctors and nuclear physicists and politicians (and in this PC World we also have wild animals like bear defecating in our forests, and beaver doing the same in our national waterways, the ones we use for polluting the ocean conveniently. (Toss it in and eventually it finds its way into some ocean …we’ve never failed one single time to pollute all rivers leading to oceans in be beyond comprehension polluted (with stuff that makes you wonder how in hell it got there …like “heavy metals”. How’d they get in some of these ‘side-hill’ “streams and branches (tiny brooks)”?

          Why stop at dumb, let’s denounce them for obesity as well. There are just as many obese LEOs seen in pics are non-obese LEOs (so what)?

          Oh, btw. Police DO have the “power” to take life if that’s the situation they’ve found themselves entrapped in. Bottom line is that YOU have to go back to your family at the end of the day, and right now there are “hunters” out there just praying an LEO will stray into their territory or whatever and take ‘pot shots’ at them, in hopes of outright murder …just for being an LEO huh?

          If you think cops are out to get you, let them not patrol for a couple of weeks and see how that works out for you. In the country it’s fine. Different story in many cities I should think.

      12. Obama Just Signed A GMO Labeling Law: Here’s What You’re Not Being Told

        “The first — and most contentious — is S. 764’s decree that food companies are NOT necessarily REQUIRED to label genetically modified products in text form. While doing so is an OPTION, according to the new law,

        “This bill is a travesty, an undemocratic and discriminatory bill which preempts state laws, while offering no meaningful labeling for GMOs.”

        ht tp://

      13. Ha ha ha ha ha…

        What is this? A made-for-teevee comedy skit?

        Cops don’t act like that. It’s propaganda to make these costumes look empathetic to the common man. They aren’t. They consider everyone a perp unless you prove otherwise.

        The only “good cop” is the one who clocks in and goes to sleep in his car for the whole shift. Even then he’s stealing taxpayer money…at least he’s not using the threat of violence and death to get it.

        • “The only “good cop” is the one who clocks in and goes to sleep in his car for the whole shift. Even then he’s stealing taxpayer money…at least he’s not using the threat of violence and death to get it.”



      14. I’m thinking Mr. Turner may one day end up being a Darwin Award candidate.

      15. You should be able to give them citations, report the offense to their insurance company, and send them to traffic school. Their fines should be double because they should know better. Also they should be made to pay court costs that are as high as 8x greater than the fine.

      16. I guess I should have followed with /sarc/off ?????

      17. This didnt teach the pig a dam thing.. no points on his licence , no insurance rate hikes.. and no day in the BS courts or driving school

        and to top it off no revenue out of his pocket

        I’ll bet you a dollar to a doughnut hole the next day said pig was speeding again, and probably on his cell phone or texting while watching porn , getting ready to kill Fido, and stomp the shit out of some poor guy selling loose cigs

        • And now the Pig knows who you are.. and yes he’s waiting

      18. So did the cop get a ticket? Or did he walk because he is above the law?

      19. From where we sit (boonies) everything is relatively calm, with no outbreaks of any kind (other than corn is cheap as it is ready for harvest …pickup loads by the ear or bushel or truckload!

        I would have to guess that in the big cities, dunno just how big they have to be, the cops would be ‘copping’ an attitude like that (since it is exactly what we’ve seen ON FILM AS EVIDENCE it is very fucking hard to deny that it’s happening right)?

        They …they are just another part of the folks I mention that only number 1.5 million. We’ve got their asses outnumbered, outgunned and have tons more ammo. With about 50 million Trained Militia (Combat Vets or Vets), there isn’t anything we can’t take and use (The new F-35A or whatever it is would be fun to strike DC with as an “opener” “HERE WE COME” eh? hahah…

        From where we live, it is very difficult to imagine the police having taken a stance like that, and yet that’s what we’ve seen on TV (and have read in newpapers, magazines, etc). It has become rampant in all metros, and corruption is surfacing along with just how nasty or militarized the cops have “done to themselves” as of late. And who gave one the right to sign a warrant for another (say, SWAT Team officer), and then blow your door off the hinges, slay the family dog, flashbang your baby only to determine they have the wrong street address or they were sent for unpaid parking tickets. Yep, they really were.

        Good Lord it is going to get really fucking bloody before this one is over with….REALLY bloody.

      20. Batman (Battouszi) does a lot of stuff the pigs don’t like. His youtube channel is full of interesting videos. The reason he hasn’t been shot is that he always maintains a calm demeanor and level head which is extremely difficult with the pigs. Hopefully he is never harmed, regardless of whether one agrees with his actions or not.

      21. Speeding, in of itself, is not a crime in Texas.

        google it


      22. OK. Hows come nobody said it?

        I will then.


      23. I’ve done it myself a few times. USUALLY it’s just for directions, but I ALWAYS make it a point to first ask them “Do you have any idea why I pulled you over?” just to watch their expressions change.

        Trust me…when THEY get asked that question, they REALLY don’t know what to say at all! d;o)

      24. We had a dumb Ass try that here in Arizona , He ended under arrest and in JAIL for his efforts !

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