The System Is Crumbling By Design: “Nearer We Edge Towards Financial Calamity”

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at

    Editor’s Comment: One of the key points here centers around the irony that the coming financial collapse will spiral out of control, and yet be triggered and steered by the insider-elite class. There are opposing sides of the coin here, as the economic squeeze will devastate the masses, and yet yield more power and wealth to the few at the top who helped engineer the crisis, and who will profit from the solutions in the aftermath.

    Clearly, there is range of how out of debased things can get without losing their value in the larger system of control. As Brandon Smith notes,

    “What they want is to be free to conjure crisis after crisis after crisis; to have the option to collapse the system only to replace it with something identical in nature but even more oppressive in its function.”

    Before long, it will be reaping time. Their long term plan is coming due.

    The Noose Is Tightening Quickly On The Global Economy

    by Brandon Smith

    The investment world has an embarrassingly short attention span.  But frankly, it is a necessity.  If daytraders, hedge funds and other horses in the carousel actually had to look beyond the next week of market activity or study back on market history in comparison to today, then they would not be able to retain their blind optimism, which is exactly what is necessary for them to continue functioning.  If they were all to examine the global financial situation with any honesty, the entire facade would collapse tomorrow.

    At bottom, it is not central bank stimulus and intervention alone that drives equities and bond markets; it is the naive faith and willful ignorance of average market participants.  There is a problem with this kind of economic model, however.  Reality is never kept in check indefinitely.  Fiscal truths will be exposed, one way or another.

    How does one know when this full spectrum shift in awareness will occur?  Well, there’s no science that can help us with that.  While basic economics is subject to the forces of supply, demand and mathematical inevitability, it is also subject to human psychology, which is another matter entirely.

    In the past I have made a point to outline similarities in responses to various economic crises.  For example, the media response and public perception at the onset of the Great Depression was a highly unfortunate exercise in false optimism.  The response just before the credit crash of 2008 by the media and the masses was much the same.  It is interesting to note in particular that the mainstream media tends to become more over-the-top in its certainty of economic stability the closer the system comes to collapse.  That is to say, the nearer we edge towards financial calamity, the more violently the mainstream media attacks people who suggest that danger is on the horizon.

    First, take a look at the following attempts by the media to embarrass or silence analysts like Peter Schiff just before the crash of 2007/2008:

    Now, watch this attempt by CNBC to attack Bill Fleckenstein for having the audacity to question the validity of current stock values and pointing out that the Federal Reserve is destroying the economy rather than repairing it:

    Notice any striking similarities between the mainstream rhetoric of 2006/2007 and the mainstream rhetoric of today?  Notice how emotionally aggressive and almost desperate the media becomes when maintaining market faith, rather than looking at the situation objectively as the fundamentals begin to overwhelm investor complacency?

    To be clear, while mainstream economists are almost always wrong, independent analysts are not prophets.  We usually cannot provide the exact timing for the economic shifts we see coming.  All we can do is provide a general window in which the events are likely to take place.  Peter Schiff’s predictions on how the housing bubble and the credit crisis would play out were absolutely correct, even though he was about six months to eight months off his timing.  Again, this is not an exact science, and human psychology has the ability to offset market fundamentals for months.

    The supposed “catalyst” for the 2008 crash is primarily attributed to the fall of Lehman Brothers.  I highly recommend any of the “bullish” economists out there arguing today that the central banks intend to prolong a stock rally indefinitely examine the statements made in the mainstream about Lehman and by Lehman leading up to their eventual death rattle.  Then, absorb and really think on some of the recent statements and tactics used by Germany’s Deutsche Bank.

    Specifically, note Lehman’s use of accounting and derivatives gimmicks and the cycling of funds through various accounts in order to make the company appear solvent.  Then, take a look at revelations coming out of places like Italy that Deutsche Bank has been using the same model of false accounts and market manipulation, once again, with derivatives as a main tool for fraud.

    Also notice the same outright dismissals of all pertinent evidence that Deutsche Bank might be suffering a capital shortfall, as Chief Executive John Cryan blames “speculators” for the companies losses.  Lehman’s Dick Fuld and Bear Stearns’ Jimmy Cain both blamed “speculators” and “rumors and conspiracies” for the fall of their companies during the derivatives debacle eight years ago.  It would seem that history doesn’t just rhyme, it sometimes repeats exactly.

    Below is a rather revealing chart from the folks at Zero Hedge comparing the collapse of Lehman Brothers stock value to the steady decline of Deutsche Bank.  Check it out:

    Financial graph

    To be clear, Lehman was no catalyst.  It was only a litmus test for a system completely devoid of tangible value and drowning in toxic debt.  Lehman was a part of a much larger problem, it was not the cause of the problem.  The same is true for Deutsche Bank.

    The panic growing around Germany’s second largest financial institution, Commerzbank, as it moves to lay off nearly 10,000 employees and suspend its dividend is another crisis indicator separate from Deutsche Bank.  The clear solvency issues in Italy’s major banks, including Monte dei Paschi, are yet another explosive element.

    Keep in mind that when these edifices begin to crumble and Europe enters a state of financial emergency, the mainstream media and numerous governments will continue to blame speculators.  They will also claim that the entire disaster was set in motion through a “domino effect”; the first domino probably being Deutsche Bank.  This will be a lie.  There is no line of dominoes.  One bank will not be bringing down the other banks — yes, there is terrible interdependency, but the real issue is that ALL of these banks are falling due to their own cancerous behaviors.  The very system they are built around is a corrupt and unsustainable model, and I hold that this is by design.

    International financiers do not want the general public to look at the validity of the system, they want the public to view collapse events as an oversimplified case of cause and effect.

    If the public were to understand that the global banking model is a destructive one (for the public, not for the elites), then they might demand the erasure of the model and its institutions entirely.  The elites don’t want that.  What they want is to be free to conjure crisis after crisis after crisis; to have the option to collapse the system only to replace it with something identical in nature but even more oppressive in its function.  They want to create chaos today so that greater centralization can be purchased in the future through mass fear.

    I continue to maintain as I always have that central banks around the world are shifting strategies and will do very little to intervene from this point on in the propping up of insolvent banking groups or equities markets.  It is very unlikely that Germany or the European Central Bank, for example, will move to infuse Deutsch Bank with capital (at least, not until the damage has already been done).  It is also unlikely that any central bank will move to openly stimulate markets until an equities crash has run its course.  In fact, some central banks including the Federal Reserve may act to expedite a stock crash — watch for this to occur if Donald Trump attains the White House.

    This has all happened before.  It happened in 2008 when the Federal Reserve stepped back and allowed Lehman Brothers to go bankrupt.  It will probably happen again when the German government and the ECB refuse to back Deutsche Bank.  The noose is tightening on the global economy and, once again, the mainstream media is too biased or too dumb to see it.  They’ll accuse the alternative media of crying “doom and gloom,” and perhaps our timing will be off.  But exact timing will not really matter once the house of cards begins to topple.  If we stick to our positions and refuse to be intimidated by rhetoric, the time will come when people will only remember that we were right for the most part and that the mainstream media was incompetent or dishonest.

    In the meantime, we have a whole swarm of other trigger events before the end of the year.  I predicted in my article The World Is Turning Ugly As 2016 Winds Down that the Saudi 9/11 bill might be vetoed by Obama and that the veto would be overturned by the Senate.  This has now taken place, which means increased Saudi tensions with the U.S. resulting in the eventual demise of the dollar’s petro-currency status. Watch the coming Italian constitutional referendum which could pave the way for conservative movements to initiate an Italian version of the Brexit.  Also keep an eye on Syria yet again as diplomatic conflict flares between the U.S. and Russia (gee, who didn’t see that coming?).  And, of course, the U.S. presidential election which appears to be culminating into the most divisive political event in America in decades.

    Ignore the delusional positivism of the mainstream media and a large part of the equities trading community.  Their fantasies only grow more elaborate the closer we get to a market heart attack.  And remember, economic collapse is a process, not an overnight affair.  The progression of global decline should be apparent to anyone paying attention since 2008.  The only question is, when will the average citizen become aware?  My feeling according to current trends is, very soon.

    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at Please visit his site, and support his outstanding work.


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        • Excellent vid, ADN! Thanks

      1. Hot buttered popcorn and cold beer is the nly way to watch this shw.

        Same shit, new day…


        • Look at the Manipulation here going on. Silver chart:

          Right at the open at the NYMEX the dumping on Silver continues. ht tp://

          Folks if you wanna get rich, Buy on these manipulated Dips. Its all a show, before the crisis hits in a few months. You know how much more Physical Silver the Banks can buy at few dollars cheaper? A friggin boat boat load and so shold you, You should follow suit, and go out and Buy as much Physical Silver as you can. Thank me later.. I wonder if I could carry 70 Lbs on my back if I needed to.. Yep… lol. And a battle rifle.


      2. A lot of killing will be going on. People today are different than yesterday so the tribal scumbags can’t continue the looting. It’ll be hard time but the cleansing will be glorious.

        • Stoltz, about 100 years ago Henry Ford stated that ” If the American people truly understood what was happening with their money (((Rothschild bank, aka federal reserve))), that there would be a revolution tomorrow morning before breakfast”.

          • Indeed Sir “The Chauffeur”, The sad and frustrating part is Americans (majority” were brain washed to replace geniuses and giants like Henry Ford with the trashy characters like Kardashians. I truly give credit to the ZIonists and their minions for excellent brain washing cycles. They were extremely successful to create the following scenarios:

            If the perpetrator is:
            White it’s called troubled/misunderstood
            Black it’s called gang member/thug
            Latino it’s called drug dealer
            Brown/Arabs/Looks like arab/muslim it’s called terrorist
            Jooz it’s called victims (see the latest definition of antisemitism)

            However the cycle is changing specially i Europe and I truly wish the uninformed Americans be able to see the real cancerous tumor,

            And many Thanks to all of awaken Americans on this site to spread the truth via their truthful posts.

            The “Ho£ocau$t” was a lie and will stay as such.

            • Stolz- geniuses and giants like Henry Ford

              And unlike the Henry Ford Foundation which now funds Black Likes Matter. No genius any longer. And another recall on the Ford F-150’s with faulty braking systems. 25 dead s far.. I think 2010 Yr and up. Got one, get rid of it.

              Briliant!!! Ford- F-ix O-r R-epair D-aily.


              • Briliant!!! Ford- F-ix O-r R-epair D-aily.

                … also known as …

                “Fucked Over Rebuilt Dodge”
                “Found On Road Dead”

                Don’t matter none anyhow – GM is just as guilty as putting out a shoddy product – no such thing as an American Built Car – hasn’t been in a long, long, long time.

                Too many gadgets – too many short cuts – but hey … they look cool right?

              • I was referring to the vision. However the vision specific to Ford product was also on top back then which has degraded over time like many other things.

                I agree, Ford sucks but Chrysler and GM suck more.

        • I shall score a mark on my battle rifle stock for every flush, until there is no rifle stock left.


      3. Sooooo…. how’s your ObunglerUnCare working out?

        Per Breitbart at Yep we passed it. Now we know what is in it: the dog’s breakfast:

        17 of the nation’s 23 Obamacare co-ops have already collapsed.
        Only six of the 23 co-ops launched nationwide remain, according to The Baltimore Sun.

        The other 17 are closed or are in the process of winding down because they cannot “attract enough members, draw enough premium revenue and withstand the weight of new and costly regulatory hurdles created under the health reform law,” The Sun reported.

        Obamacare Premiums Continue to Skyrocket Over 50 Percent
        In Minnesota, Breitbart News previously reported that the state is allowing Obamacare premiums to increase by at least 50 percent all the way up to 67 percent in order to keep insurers from leaving the exchanges due to financial losses.
        8.1 Million Americans Have Already Been Slapped with $1.7 Billion in Obamacare Penalties

        For tax returns for the year 2015, 8.1 million Americans received fines from Obamacare’s individual mandate that averaged $210 per tax return, totaling $1.7 billion, according toInvestor’s Business Daily.

        Obamacare’s Soaring Deductibles Have Rendered People’s Health Plans Useless
        Over the eight years of Obama’s presidency, high deductibles went from being the minority to becoming standard. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 18 percent of covered workers in 2008 had a deductible of at least $1,000, up from only 10 percent in 2006. For workers with employer-sponsored plans at small firms, 35 percent had deductibles of $1,000 or more in 2008, up from 16 percent in 2006. In 2016, 51 percent of all covered workers, and 65 percent of workers in small firms, face deductibles of at least $1,000, TIME reported. “Workers at smaller firms must pay an average of $2,069 out of pocket before insurance payments kick in, versus $1,238 for workers at firms with 200 or more employees,” the article reported.

        Even Bill Clinton and the Liberal NYT Agree Obamacare is Busted
        Former president Bill Clinton called Obamacare “the craziest thing in the world” at a rallyTuesday.
        “So you’ve got this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care and then the people who are out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. It’s the craziest thing in the world,” Clinton said.

      4. More Obamanomics “success.” Nice work, leftists. Dec . rate increase with THIS?
        IMF downgraded U.S. growth to 1.6 percent in 2016, decline of 38 percent from previous year
        The International Monetary Fund downgraded the economic growth outlook for the United States to 1.6 percent in 2016, which is the largest one-year drop seen for an advanced economy, according to the Fund’s World Economic Outlook report.

        Cited from

      5. Hot buttered popcorn and cold beer is the nly way to watch this shw.

        Yeah, right. Mentally handicapped people, infants, elderly people who fought in WWII, people who have fought for the right things… all these, too, will be caught up in the meltdown. And in your arrogance, perhaps you will be too. Wonder what you will do when, despite all your preps, your defenses are breached and the people who eat the hot buttered popcorn will be a home invader or some police force.

        What a utterly despicable, inhuman post. Let me guess, you are a leftist, right? After all, they MURDERED 100 mm last century, per the Black Book of Communism (Oxford Univ. Press) without barely blinking an eye.

      6. The poverty rate among black married couples has been in single digits ever since 1994. You would never learn that from most of the media. Similarly you look at those blacks that have gone on to college or finished college, the incarceration rate is some tiny fraction of what it is among those blacks who have dropped out of high school. So it’s not being black; it’s a way of life. Unfortunately, the way of life is being celebrated not only in rap music, but among the intelligentsia, is a way of life that leads to a lot of very big problems for most people.”

        – Black Stanford professor Thomas Sowell

        Gee, the fascist left media as a major source of misinformation. Who woulda thunk!

      7. This time the Tares burn. And who are the Tares? They can’t fit through the eye of the neddle. Or can camels. Sell your soul to live in luxury for 50 or 60 years. Then burn in hell for eternity. Dosent seem like a good deal. But what if it’s all lies and you missed your chance to live in luxury. I’ll go with my gut. And being a decadent pig while half the world is starving . I would find embarrassing. And would need a lot of antidepressants to deal with the guilt. But where is the red line between rich and poor? The producers and the paracites? Do you make things or just take things? Do you make food shelter, fuel , machines , Or just throw paper money at the ones that do all this for your paper.? Who can we lose and still survive? That’s the answer? Or question?

        • “Sell your soul to live in luxury for 50 or 60 years. Then burn in hell for eternity.”

          Correction to your post lone wolf: No One will be burning in hell for eternity. Ever. Not even the worst of the worst monsters that have walked the earth.

          • If so then why not be a monster? Why not butcher kids for cash? No hell no problem? There not my kids. So why should I care. If I can get two dollars a pound for your family from the dog food people . Hey bissness is bissness. Nothing personal . I got to feed my family. And if I’m a billionaire and own a law firm. There is nothing you can threaten me with but eternal damnation. So you better hope I believe in hell. Or your family is dog food.

            • That’s the million dollar question isn’t it Lone Wolf. Why are some people more pre-disposed to behave a certain way than others? You can see the differences in children. Some are more caring and giving, while others are a bit more greedy and selfish. Even in families with kids raised by the same parents. One kid will be one way and the other the opposite.

              It’s quite fascinating when you really start thinking about human beings and all the complexities involved. How one small tiny moment in said human beings life can cause a person to do bad things in the future – or great things in the future.

              People do butcher children for cash. They torture and rape them live streaming on the internet and people pay to see it.

              Many people are of the mind set that taking money to sell someone out is OK because they have to feed their families. There are many corrupt cops, politicians judges, etc who do these very things every single day.

              These same people if asked would say they are decent, christian, Sunday church going, hard working family men and women. Yet have no reservations about doing immoral things.

              If the fear of eternal damnation keeps you from doing bad things, then you are just not a very nice person at the core of your very essence/soul and you are kidding yourself. No amount of religion and praying will change what you are. Your thoughts and true nature if you believe in the bible can never be hidden from god.

              It is only a matter of time before this manifests into reality and you act on your true nature (if you have not done so already).

              Perhaps not to an extreme of a mass murderer, but maybe something more subtle for example like lying about contamination of drinking water and causing people to get cancer years later.

              The many shades of gray when it comes to morality in the world is the reason the world is the way it is. Human beings can and do justify their own indecent actions all the while condemning others when something is done to them that is similar (it’s pretty laughable when you witness this for yourself).

              Hell is not real. There is no eternal damnation.

        • The human animal cannot help itself and is doomed from the get go. It has to have sex even though it cannot support not only itself but also its progeny. Without this imaginary money we have created, many millions would have suffered and died by now without it. The ignorant races through out the world including whitey who crap out children like rats and then cry for help when the little mother fuckers are starving, can look in the mirror, if they can afford one, and realize there isn’t any one to blame but themselves. It wont matter then because this life cycle of human parasites will just pass into eternity and will be replicated again by another salvo of worthless sobs. Life goes on until it doesn’t.

      8. Here we go now another hurricane thats gonna tear shit apart and guess who is gonna pay for it yep we are even though I live 1100 miles away im sure car and home owners insurance will go up . Last year home went up 100.00 year and when i asked why they said everyones did and the same with car insurance it went up 75.00 every 6 months and said it was cus the insurance company’s had to pay out more on medical bills due to obama care so i was like wtf but at least they gave me a bull shit reason. Any how

        • GodSoldier. – I hear what you are saying. I lived a block from the Bay in Tampa and only 8 Ft above sea level. Bought it before the 4 hurricanes we had in 2004, that wrecked havoc. Then we really started paying more insurance and Flood Insurance, wind Insurance etc. So much of the damage is covered by Insurance Co’s.

          I got tired of paying that as we had no hurricanes in 12 years after 2004. So where did all those Insurance Premiums Go, that I paid into and never collected a dime off of? I never filed a single claim ever, but paid in $4K a year into. 4K x 12 Yrs = $48,000 I paid in.

          So go ask the people who collected my premiums where my payments went to? 12 years of premiums, no payouts, where is the piggy bank money hiding to cover these disasters?

          Also Banks stopped lending to beach front property buyers in FL. You pretty much have to pay cash or owner financed for beach and waterfront homes and high-rise condos, etc.. And even if you live on the 20th floor of a highrise, you still are required to pay flood insurance as well. Because you are in that area no matter how high you are, the building is still in the flood zone. Figure that one out, as to where all the premiums are going? Insurance is a Racket.


      9. I don’t know about all of you who read this site; but, the stock market collapse, a general break-down of society and the way we’re doing things now – living our lives – won’t really send me reeling. Sure, even using this very laptop I’m now typing on won’t be possible. Nor will so much – refrigeration, any other electrically-based technology. But? So what. I know I can live anyway without all those luxuries. I guess I should feel sorry for all those who depend on some social program (EBT, social security, Medicare/aid… what-have-ya) or those who’ll lose their life’s work and/or investments; but, that’s their problem. Living in that manner was their choice. Sorry folks – ’tain’t natural’. In short – I hate to say it; but, there will be gains to be made in returning to a more realistically oriented world. That is, if we all don’t kill one another first.

        • If you carry a concealed weapon, and have a battle rifle with at least a standard 30 round Magazine, you chances of being killed are greatly reduced. I’d say your life expectancy is about 90%. Having at least 35 to 40 large capacity magazines, will raise your life expectancy chances up another 5 pts to about 95%. The other 5% left, is if you added and wearing your ballistic body plates and helmet.

          Any other thoughts on that? Its a debate Re: Carrying more Weight Vs. Protection levels. Being lighter and easier to move on the run, will add to your life expectancy. Fat and tired cause you smoke. 50% less or sitting duck and you better have an extra large ballistics plate system. lol


        • Heartless, Yes many will throw their hands in the air and just give up. However I run my fridge and chest freezer off of Solar Power. My own power station with back up generator if needed. Take control of your lives, and get off their Grid for starters. Drop the lying Cable Companies. Get rid of that bill. No brainer.

          I went out to my FL BOL raw land, took a look around and asked, “What is it I really need to survive and thrive?” And built this from the ground up 20 Mts later. Its comfortable, great with no Mo bills, BBQ chicken on the grill here today. Hit and miss sprinkles and some sunshine. West coast of FL out of the main trapping of this hurricane. We will get some rain and some mild winds.

          Hurricane Tracking Map – ht tp://


          • Good hog hunting in your parts.

      10. Sadly for our nation the majority of citizens not only don’t know whats happening. They actually don’t want to know. As long as their parasitic lifestyle is being enabled .They don’t care what our elected official,s the federal reserve and stock brokers do or don’t do. Fiscal responsibility isn’t importiant to them.

      11. Personally, I hope they keep it up and running for a few years yet. I like electricity, fuel for my chainsaw and boat motor and feed for the animals.

        As long as the system of usury is making them a profit they will prop it up as best they can. I don’t understand the view that they will collapse it on purpose. That cuts off their gravy train immediately.

        A now-dead professor once said something to the effect of “the greatest failing of the human race was the failure to understand the exponential function.” The whole debt based monetary system is an exponential function caused by compound usury. All money is created as debt (through loans) with usury attached. In order to pay back the principal PLUS the usury more debt (loans) must be created. The graph of debt created eventually takes a skyrocket up.

        Exponential functions are the same as the story about the pond and the lily pads or the stadium filling with water. We are nearing the last doubling whereby no more debt can be absorbed. THEN comes the crash.

        No one needs to push the debt based system into failure. It will do it on it’s own. It is a Ponzi scheme and was designed that way to make sure the moneychangers and grifters had a free ride.

      12. The Sky Is Falling!
        The Sky Is Falling!
        The Sky Is Falling!
        The Sky Is Falling!
        The Sky Is Falling!
        The Sky Is Falling!
        The Sky Is Falling!
        The Sky Is Falling!
        One for every decade this farce has been maintained.

        What Bullshit! With flagrant market manipulation, and currency creation from thin air the FED has been doing full bore for 14+ years – (Since the .com scam was foisted on us,) the “COLLAPSE” of the economy will NEVER happen randomly…No, the wealthy assholes in charge have been whoring out our lesser resources to make profitable consumer goods, (I Phones, Flatscreens, and Game Consoles…Oh My!) While systematically enslaving the lower chastes to ever-expanding fines, fees, and taxes (Obamacare, SS, Traffic Tickets, Housing/land taxes, car registration, sales tax…the list is almost endless,) that only continue to funnel REAL wealth (Labor, free time, and un-incumbered thought) upward through a system far worse than the slave trade ever accomplished on its own.

        Modern feudalism is what we face, and each state is its own fiefdom – with varying rules, a plethora of ridiculous “Laws” which must be followed under threat of financial ruin, or shipping you off to a detainment center to scare the other surfs into compliance. The NEW slavery is better, because ALL races are EQUAL at the bottom of the heap!

        If you are wealthy, it was because you were willing to fuck someone over below your wealth stratus, and kiss the ass of someone who was above your wealth stratus. Think about it, wealthy assholes buy their way out of everything – not just with currency, but their network of like-minded robber barons, lobbyists to manipulate corporate policy rules, litigious befuddlement, and labor compensation disparity. I’m not for communism, but when the rich are allowed to not only send jobs out to other nations, but to also set the policy through which trade is made, their is nothing “Fair” about such a market. Try starting your own business, get a little success and piss off a big corporate rival, then see how long it takes before you show up on the IRS audit role for under-reporting a couple thousand FRN, Or a “Health Inspection” or a EPA violation, Or simply working out of your own garage. Look at the list of corporations that write-off 10’s or 100’s of millions every year, that never get touched – who did they bribe to stay off the jail train?

        When will it end? When the lowly labor classes stop kissing the ass of the rich, and stop trampling each other to get up the rungs of the financial ladder. Those riots in Venezuela over bags of rice and cans of beans is the retaliation of the rich who are quashing the revolt lower classes were setting upon to get their country and its resources back from the corporate interests – wait till it comes here, the die-off will reach dizzying numbers. In the meantime, set aside your preps, but don’t partake in the social stratification big GOV, big CORP, and the rich assholery of this nation and abroad are preaching (Black Lives Matter) to isolate the surfs from the rich.

        Vote Trump 2016, cause…well Hillary is a known convict and Trump is a wealth-scheming bastard…Less of 2 evils, its either him or her. If you build the Mexican Border Wall they WON’T come!

        • Excellent, excellent post! And to your point:

          “It will be of little avail to the people, that the laws are made by men of their own choice, if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood; if they be repealed or revised before they are promulgated, or undergo such incessant changes that no man, who knows what the law is to-day, can guess what it will be to-morrow. Law is defined to be a rule of action; but how can that be a rule, which is little known, and less fixed?”
          –James Madison, Federalist No. 62, 1788

          Now this: “2015 was a record-setting year for the Federal Register, according to numbers the Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C., released Wednesday. This year’s daily publication of the federal government’s rules, proposed rules and notices amounted to 81,611 pages as of Wednesday, higher than last year’s 77,687 pages and higher than the all-time high of 81,405 pages in 2010 — with one day to go in 2015. The group’s vice president for policy, Clyde Wayne Crews, said there have been 3,378 final rules and regulations among the pages of the Federal Register this year. Some of the major final rules included the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan and its Waters of the Unites States rule, as well as the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality order.”

          Land of the Free? When the First Congress enacted the original Crimes Act in 1790 (see ), there were only 17 recognized Federal crimes, and it was reasonable to assume that as long as a person was a law-abiding citizen, he was not at risk of arrest. Last I checked in 2011, at that time there were more than 4,500 Federal crimes — and many are so obscure that they are nearly indecipherable. In addition to the 4,500 Federal crimes, there are tens of thousands of Federal regulations. Many people commit criminal acts daily without even knowing they are doing so. The Federal Register – full of laws which apply to YOU, and is comprised of government agencies’ new regulations, proposed rules, and presidential papers – was, when I last looked at this years ago, according to and Rep Randy Forbes (R—4th) was then 34,000 pages in length, and weigh 340 lbs. The Government Printing Office stated on June 14, 2011, the actual number of pages was 34,844 (but then, as pages are added every day, whose counting!), but that was actually just the running tally of the number of pages published in 2011 to date. According to Jim Hemphill, Ass’t to Dir. of the Federal Register, the 2010 total was actually 81,405 pages, of which “only” 46, 758 were dedicated to rules or proposed rules (whew! I was worried there for a minute!). The rest were agency hearing, meetings, investigations, etc. ( )

        • Stop feeding the BEAST. Get off their Grid in every possible way. If you work for the beast you are a Traitor. If you work for a Cable Company, Government Job, Welfare, EBT, subsidy free shit, US Military employee and going along for a greedy paycheck, you are the traitors, and on my SHTF list.


          • If you are one of these Hypocrites who is an Ex-Military and comes on here writing how to survive the apocalypse, you readers are being duped by an Enabler Traitor who lived their careers in collusion with the US military and politicians, and all this world genocide, war, killing BS, for the Fascist Corporations in the last 15 years. As they write BS articles one after another, they are in retirement still living off the dole of the US Tax payer, for their sell out of the United States and our People for the Beast. To you all, I say F-You!!

            ~WWTI… You are friggin Master Sellouts.

          • Amen

      13. Sadly, the Malthusians are a primary mover in this. Malthusianism is now disproven, but just like Communism, they will kill, destroy and ruin in their ignorant assumptions.

      14. Actually I also like electricity, fuel feed etc. I wanted nothing more than to keep drawing My Social Security Ponzi check and play hobby farm for the remainder of my days. However That’s not likely to happen. And Ive got grandchildren to be worried about. And Im not getting any younger. So if it is bound to happen. Let SHTF happen as soon a possible. Lets get it started before us baby boomers are all taking the dirt nap. Why wait until the NWO gets stronger? Im finding myself wanting to believe the NIBIRU myth?

      15. So, I’m watching an episode of “Watters World” on YOUTUBE last night, you know, the ones where he is asking college students or just ordinary people on the street questions about U.S. history and these people are giving the most clueless answers or just shrugging and laughing and saying things like, “I don’t know” or “I don’t really like history” or my personal favorite “I never really paid attention in history class.” REALLY, never paid attention! This is just one of many things that is wrong with not just the so-called millenials, but many, many adults in our society! Countries all around the world teach and expect students to not just remember and be able to quote that countries historical background, but be proud of that history and keep up with current events as well! Repeating of history is staring us in the face and all people want to do is watch inane reality shows, cat videos, and stare into some sort of electronic device and escape! Whatever happened to reading a book, going for a walk, visiting a state/national park, or just sticking your head up and looking around to see what in god’s name is going on around you! I know most of the followers of this site share these sentiments and I’m sorry to get up on my soap box and rant! I just hope all these people that are so distracted by this type of living will wake up and “smell the roses.” Yeah right, like that’s going to happen. Thanks for letting me share Mac, I’m just a really frustrated 57 yr. old guy that sees the greatest country in the world “circling the drain” and knowing that it can’ be stopped. Keep prepping and keep your powder dry!

      16. The bankers bought the system and rigged it for them long ago. They are not likely to give up control without a huge fight. Hillary is in their pockets. She is not likely to challenge the status quo.

      17. Decades ago people actually worked and knew how to take care of themselves. They actually knew what was going on around them and abroad. They experienced the real world.

        Now people sit at desks and depend on the government or just swipe a screen to “do” things. They are “connected” but are still clueless. They function in cyberspace.

        It’s not gonna be pretty.

      18. The fiscal calamity is that the money hounds anticipated a world population growth and therefore positioned their debt/leveraged/credit actions accordingly for themselves.

        This is the true Ponzi scheme.

        The third world individuals are already preppers – at least tougher than the first or second world. I wonder if those masses really feel the need to “improve” or “modernize.


      19. I was feeling depressed before this but now I am really down. How much longer until the end?

      20. Well, once again, the US trade stats have come in all rosy. The Market is pricing in a good chance that the Fed will increase interest rates as soon as the American POTUS charade is over. The rise is to cool down the overheated American economy.

        • That is all FRAUD and you do not recognise it but you will when it hits you and your country

      21. No one will know the day or the hour. But you will see It coming. Even knocking on the door. Damascus will become a heap of ruin. A city that’s never really been destroyed in all of history. Seen any pictures lately? The king of the north will alli with Persia (Iran). Is Putin not a king? And all the other stuff to much to write. You have to be a special kind of stupid not to be prepping?

      22. I’ve often thought. If you were alive during the civil war in the south. And you stocked up supplies. So your family could go hide in the woods for years. And avoid being raped or butchered. While you where fighting . That would be smart?

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