The Leftist Mainstream Media Is Now DEFENDING North Korea, Calling For The President Of The United States To Be BANNED From Twitter

by | Jan 6, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 67 comments

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    In yet another example of the insanity that is the new liberal orthodoxy in the age of Trump, multiple mainstream news outlets, as well as numerous left-wing activists, are now publicly calling for Twitter to ban President Trump from their platform for threatening North Korea.

    You read that correctly. American media outlets are not only defending North Korea, they are actually claiming that threatening the rogue nuclear nation constitutes “hateful speech” that must be censored.

    Articles in the Washington Post, the New York Times, Slate Magazine, and the Globe and Mail have all called for censoring the president in the last week, ostensibly because of his threats against North Korea but in reality because the legacy media absolutely despises the fact that the president can speak to the American people without going through the establishment gatekeepers first.

    The Washington Posts article isn’t even labeled an opinion piece, instead the paper called their public call for censoring the democratically elected president an ‘Analysis”:

    Why has Twitter not taken action against Trump’s tweets — or banned his account for violating its policies on hateful content and/or violent threats?

    In September, you might remember, Twitter defended its decision to keep Trump’s account intact when the president tweeted something else that was interpreted as a threat to North Korea.

    The New York Times also reported on the calls to censor the president over threatening a nation that literally wants to destroy the entire country. Notice how the reporter is openly worried that nothing Trump says will ever get him banned.

    Is there any situation that would cause Twitter to suspend or ban President Trump?

    Given Friday’s announcement, it seems highly unlikely that President Trump will ever lose access to his account while he still holds office.

    In the past, Twitter has insisted that there are no exceptions to its rules and that all individuals using the platform must adhere to them, or risk disciplinary action or permanent suspension.

    But the company refused to entertain hypothetical scenarios about suspending high-profile accounts, including that of Mr. Trump.

    Make no mistake, the legacy media simply cannot stand that their enemy (Trump) can speak to their other enemy (the American people) without his words being filtered through them.

    Canada’s second largest newspaper, The Globe and Mail, also called for the president to be banned:

    The menacing presence of U.S. President Donald Trump has once again darkened our doorways, creating even graver concern that the fate of the world lay in the hands of an unbalanced, paranoid control freak. On Tuesday, the President took to his favourite social media platform, Twitter, to taunt North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, over whose nuclear arsenal was the biggest and most effective.

    This was in response to Kim Jong’s statement on Monday that the U.S. was within range of a strike and that a nuclear button was always on his desk.


    Of course, we don’t know if Mr. Trump will succeed in taking us over a cliff after mocking someone as unstable as Kim Jong once too often, unleashing a firestorm of pain and unimaginable loss in the process. If it does happen, however, there will be blood on the hands of many people, and many institutions that stood by silently while the President laid the groundwork for chaos and destruction.

    Among those who will have plenty to answer for are the powers that be at Twitter, which has allowed Mr. Trump to use the social media platform as his own bully pulpit from which he has harassed, threatened and used fear to silence voices of opposition in violation of the company’s own code of conduct rules.

    Additionally, multiple liberal activists have actually targeted Twitters CEO Jack Dorsey for refusing to stop the President of The Untied States from posting on his platform.

    As Slate reported, “Protesters gathered outside Twitter headquarters this week to project a message onto the building: “jack is #complicit.” In a Facebook post, the group Resistance SF wrote that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was violating “the rules of his own company” and “endanger[ing] the world.”

    As I noted above, this is the height of liberal insanity in the age of Trump. Liberals will apparently stop at NOTHING to hurt the president and now do not even want him to be able to use one of the largest social media websites on the planet.

    For their part, Twitter has amazingly decided to not bow to the hard-left, making note in a statement Friday that they would not be banning any world leaders and that military threats do not constitute the type of threats that can get you kicked off their website.

    “Blocking a world leader from Twitter or removing their controversial Tweets would hide important information people should be able to see and debate,” the statement reads. “It would also not silence that leader, but it would certainly hamper necessary discussion around their words and actions.”

    One can only imagine what the next line of attack against the president will be but when you consider that his enemies have called him mentally ill, claimed he cannot read, and that he should be banned from Twitter, it is safe to assume it will be extremely Orwellian.


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      1. Transparency. You got to love it.


        • twitter should be banned

        • The Left is never right. I am just grateful that TRUMP has polarized the Left into revealing their true colors to the rest of US; and those colors are not red, white, and blue.

          Given their communist / muslim / NWO bias it’s a wonder that America has survived the onslaught. Close ranks, fight them tooth & nail, or personal liberty and American Constitutional Rights will be history.

          Engage !!! 🙂

          • Referred to as the art of the deal playing whack-a-mole; this is child’s play for him – unhinging the unhinged

        • most NRA members i know are affraid of kim jong, but then again they are affraid of their own shadows.

          • Alright already. We get it – you’re a Troll.
            Let it go moron.

            • you must be an NRA coward?

        • off topic:

          I haven’t found a cold weather mask that allows you to cover both nose and mouth where the mask lets you breathe without immediately fogging glasses and getting wet (then freezing).
          I’m going to try a SCUBA snorkel mouthpiece. A small hole in the mask would be needed for the mouthpiece. Just like diving, will breathe in through (covered) nose and out through mouth. Not sure how much this will warm the air you breathe, but I’m assuming an old-school knit facemask will help.
          A cheap snorkel mouthpiece can be obtained by stealing your kid’s pool snorkel, and if it’s one piece, cutting off the mouthpiece. A string can be attached to keep it from getting lost from the mask.
          The latest cold snap is past, so I’ll have to try during the next one.

          • I posted wrong. While diving, you breathe in through your mouth (regulator held in mouth) and out through your nose. The in through the nose and out through the mouth is how we did it in Tae-Kwon-Do.

            • no you are still wrong, you breath in and out of your mouth while snorkling or diving. you use your nose to vary the air pressure in your eye goggles. are you a stupid NRA member?

            • do you even know how to breath? in tae kwon do i was too busy kicking ass to worry about breathing. punch punch kick kick bamo whamo zipity whap whap flip slam pow zing ding.

              • Now we know you are a fake – in tae kwon do, breathing provides the vector to impart force and is a basic tenet of control, defense and offense. If you would like me to prove this to you, name the place and time.

                • Ghandi=motormouth

        • Transparency is a nice way of putting it … to me … it looks more like Totalitarianism in the making. … Right in front of our eyes … and … and these so called 3%’ers are gonna make a difference??? NOT … this country is done.

      2. The domestic enemy, is being separated from the wheat. Just as they should be. Target rich environment?

      3. Well, I’ll give Twitter credit for NOT bowing down to the libturds. This reminds me of when I got kicked off for my ANTI-libturd comments. Libturds can NEVER handle the truth. Then, lo and behold, I found and have stayed here through thick and thin. Mac, I still love it here regardless and won’t leave it.

        • twitter pated

        • Braveheart, all too true about libs and truth. They have their own version of it whether it fits reality or not. They need to hear ‘no’ more often. Sooner or later they should be able to figure out they aren’t the majority in this country.

        • The liberals love N. Korea so much, they should all move there. I’m sure they’ll be warmly welcomed and treated appropriately.

          • CJ, agreed. The NKs would love to have some Americans to play with right now. Let the libturds go there and see what communism is REALLY like.

          • And contract TB, hepatitis, cholera and worms throughout their intestines in a matter of days. You can also order anything you desire from the menu as long as it is Stone soup with a side of dirt for a filler.

        • you are welcome HERE, as far as i’m concerned, braveheart….i even like SOME of the trolls, as they can sometimes offer food for thought about what the “other side” thinks.

          • BCOD, thanks for that. It’s really up to Mac whether I leave or not. Rrrr can kiss my white ass.

        • I noticed we both picked up trolls in the last article. They were out in force on that

          • AB, it doesn’t matter what the trolls think. Check out my response to rrrr on that last article about words.

      4. To nail all the little basement hackers. So cute and innocent. And there mommies. So sad. And so fulfilling. Can’t wait.bye by little rat.and mommie? Defend your rat bimbo? And get deported with them. By by bimbo?

      5. You raised the little child . Now you get deported with them .

        • yes, the Native Americans want a wall around the reservations.

          • Yes, build walls around the reservations, then fill them with water. Turn reservations into reservoirs, think of all the wasted tax dollars saved.

            • But the local pickup truck dealer will complain to his elected official that this decreases the number of trucks that are totaled in the ditch after losing at their own casinos and drinking it away only to end up in the ditch.

      6. The Left’s threat to “ban” anyone constitutes hate speech on their part, and it’s morally a hate crime if their gun-slinging cops “enforce” it on anyone (which makes the cops terrorists by intimidating the people by force to obey them).

      7. Of course the Left “defends” Kim of North Korea. He’s their Deep State’s bogeyman whom they’re able to trot out anytime they want to scare the American people into going along with or clamoring for whatever policy the Left wants to foist on them.

      8. BH’76, look beyond your (and my) prejudice/bias in favor of Trump and consider that Twitter relishes the controversy. They’d no more ban/censor Trump than not take the money from their advertisers. The entire premise of all social media is to sell advertising and in short order enrich the web site owners. Heck even right here @ SHTFplan just take a look—-
        left and right columns!!! This is a good platform for like-minded (and too, the detractors) to espouse views. But… don’t ever kid yourself that there is not some economic motivation.

      9. That is what’s wrong with “doing whatever it takes” to win. You end up having to adopt views opposite to those you really value.

        • ban twitter

        • Rrrr, that depends on WHAT YOU BELIEVE it really takes to win. Your view of it and someone else’s view of it won’t necessarily be the same.

          • Rrrr=really ridiculous retarded runt.

      10. Ever notice it is ALWAYS the left that wants to censor someone?

      11. Those opposing organizations need to re-read the first amendment on free speech. Apparently the snowflakes can’t read!

        • they wrote in their own preamble for the Amendments …

          “They shall pertain only to the people WE say they should”

          and if Ginsburg is awake – she makes the decision ….

      12. Will one of you RINO sheeple tell me what has North Korea done to the US and the American people to get all this bull dren from Tramp, sorry Trump,???? I save you the time: NOTHING, it is Trump with scare tactics. “Fear is the only way to control the people” and your lord and god is doing a great job. Trump wants a war. wake up.

        • kim has threatened to murder 90% of americans with an EMP idiot. he runs a death cult and has killed members of his own family so maybe trump should believe kim. plus kim wants to sell nukes to our enemies. pull your head out of your a$$ please?

        • IW, Ginsburg and everyone else in DC can go to hell. Anything they say is null and void to me.

          • RINO sheeple? Darkwing, you’re at the wrong site so go to Fox.

        • DPRK has NOT attacked USA. The only legitimate fear is that since they are such an economic basket case, they will surely sell nuclear technology to any USA hater who has the cash.

          I think the biggest nuclear threat to USA is Europe. France and UK have nukes. They will allow “refugees” into their militaries to show their “tolerance”. As the muzzies take over, which, when they get operational control of nukes, will happen with blinding speed, they will then be nuclear armed.

        • Whats that saying!
          Ignorance is bliss? You must be pretty happy

      13. What we are watching is what this government has done to other governments, over throw them. This time we are witnessing it from within. We are watching the over-throw of our own government by the Deep State. This is treason.

        Donald Trump is a duly elected (meaning by the people) President of the United States. Whatever MSM has to say about President Trump they are also saying it about the American people.

        Whatever these seditious forces say about the president they are also including the American people. If President Trump is crazy, then so is the American people. If President Trump is unstable and unfit then so are the American people to freely elect their own leaders.

        The “17” spy organizations — which include MSM, the CIA, NSA, DHS, FBI and much of the State Department — need to be taken down, its membership purged from existence. These people believe that “Extremism in defense of Liberty is no vice.”

        The rest of the world — Canada, the UK, Europe — needs to be told to take a hike. If these are our allies then “f*ck that sh*t.”

      14. We fortunately have a 1st Amendment and political speech is in the core center of its purpose. The Presidents access to the media is in the center of this center. On the other hand its quite juvenile, abet quite legal to compare buttons.

        • We could, instead, compare to my butt and your face?

        • Trump! Trump! Trump! i love Trump. Trump understands that kim is a mass murdering, family murdering, death cult leader who wont allow his own people any freedom and tortures people who dont kiss his jong. so for Trump to insult “kim dong punk” and his “button” is smart.

        • maybe our govt could join the NRA and disarm?

      15. Don’t you just love how reverse psychology works?

        Why, the next thing that will happen, is all the “God Emperor” worshipers jumping on the war-wagon in an unprovoked attack on NK… because it has nukes… like these countries:

        And please… not one deplorable cares about the consteetootion. It should be obvious by now. As in, this is what you have, if you can keep it, how to keep it.

        Left, right, it doesn’t matter. Americans are such transparent fakes.

        And really, sometimes Trump needs to keep his juvenile fingers off of twitter.

      16. Mainstream media along with the demo/Marxist SUCK.!!!!!!!

      17. what can one expect from a jewish owed media….they are there to create confusion , and start ww3….this is the media today…..and the people are getting pissed …be careful media, the people will kill you if we go to a ww3

      18. Go watch (or again) ‘Team America’ as media liberals same as hollyweird liberals portrayed therein.

      19. But here’s the thing: 2 + 2 = 4 even if the leftist mainstream media says it.

        Trump is a petulant man-child on a power head trip. It is Trump that has North Korea surrounded, not vice versa. North Korea has a right to defend itself, even if the aggressor is an overzealous Zionist PNAC warmonger like Teflon Don.

      20. Commie rat bastids

      21. OFF TOPIC :
        anybody out they got any good tips or links to inlays for gun stocks?
        I took two buffalo nickels and cut out the Indian Head and the buffalo a friend wants them inlayed to a pre -64 30-30 any ideas

        • Its pretty easy actually, have you ever done any carving?
          You can practice on a piece of wood similar to the stock, basic carving chisels will do the trick. Grizzly sells some decent inexpensive sets.
          Basicly outline whatever you are going to inlay, then dig out the area with the chisel, epoxy in your inlay piece

          • might be better off w/a forstner bit and a variable speed drill

      22. Braveheart:
        I did lol nice one. I picked up Sean the grammer spelling cop lol. Where do these people come from? It’s way too obvious that this is a far right wing site.
        Oh well some folks like shit and abuse

      23. AB, as long as libturds are around, we’ll have problems. Sean sounds like one of brain-dead schoolteachers.

      24. Incredible how the left FULLY EXPECT to be the intermediary between presidents and the American people. The media have for decades controlled what Americans and the world heard through their filters, when presidents speak.

        A presidents words can be twisted to make or break them, or to support other agenda.

        Trump is the first president in living history to break the media’s hold, and speak directly at will to the American people. The media’s brain is about to explode.

        Notice how several top media outlets jumped on this newest attack against POTUS as though on que. The deep state makes all this happen. Patriots need to take names, but also look for who is behind the curtain.

      25. Going to war with a President seen by most of the US’s allies as a moron is a dangerous thing. A pre-emptive attack on North Korea will only work if it is overwhelming and basically wipes the country out.Anything less will leave the door for retaliation open and that will lead to casualties in the hundreds of thousands – something psychologically the West could not handle.

        But, think about the consequences of the US wiping a country out? How will other countries respond to that? This brazen act of horrific violence will provoke massive and significant civil unrest in North America and around the world. It will also activate political violence cells that have laid dormant since the 1970s, unleashing significant acts of terror against the sprawling US overseas presence. Look at how Muslims alone will act. China will act and snatch back territory in Asia and the US will be kicked out of Asia.

      26. The democommies support communist China and NKO. They also support the criminal illegal aliens that are living in the US. They want to protect muslim terrorist. I believe they need to find a new place to live.

      27. The rocket man is not as stupid or crazy as some assume. He knows his bragging is simply taken as a jab at the USA and he takes the trump back talk in kind. He wants attention and he will keep on with the jabbing as long as trump responds. There is no danger of nuclear war from him, at least not any time soon. He knows if he blows one of his firecrackers off in the atmosphere it will be the total end of him and all he has worked for. He will remain a threat and that is all. So watch the antics, have a good laugh at trump slapping him around, and pay more attention to the real threat to our well being: The democrats!

      28. Kim Jong Un is a bully. Even liberals know this. But they don’t think it through.

        Consider a school bully. He takes your lunch money, terrorizes you, and if in the mood, forces you to say “uncle” for fun. Will talking nicely to him stop him? No. Will giving in to his demands stop him? No. Will standing up to him stop him? Yes. Best to introduce some kind of face-saving for the bully to make it easier to stop. Suggesting friendship or humor can help.

        Trump’s statement that he had a larger nuclear button worked perfectly. It had a whiff of humor about it (obviously, the size of the button is irrelevant and nuclear launch is actually more complex than that). Result? Kim did not reply directly. But he opened up communications with South Korea, for the first time in many years.

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