The DIY Prepper: Building Your Own Gun Cleaning Kits, “Fine Tuning Your Weapon”

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    This article was written by Jeremiah Johnson and originally published at Ready

    Editor’s Comment: When things need doing, and nothing is around to take care of it, you will only be able to accomplish the things that you have trained and prepared for; you can only apply the skills which you have acquired. Once the SHTF, it will be too late to go on anything else but instinct.

    By adopting a DIY approach to as many things as possible, including firearms and self-defense, you will be better prepared, better understand your tools, and know about their operational functions, their flaws, and so forth. The more you do on your own, the better you will be prepare, and the more money you could save.

    A Prepper’s DIY: Building Your Own Cleaning Kits for Firearms

    by Jeremiah Johnson

    ReadyNutrition Readers, there can never be enough emphasis placed on the importance of weapons cleaning and maintenance.  We had a piece recently on how to maintain your weapons during the wintertime.  Keep in mind: the game changes completely when you fire the firearm.  You cannot afford to allow that weapon to sit with carbon buildup after you’ve fired it.  The moisture will come into play, and neglected, the weapon will be in really bad shape in about a week’s period of time or less.  If you are taking the tips on a regularly-scheduled maintenance program seriously, then it should be no problem whatsoever to incorporate your cleaning sessions into it after you have fired.

    Building Your Own Cleaning Kits for Firearms

    So, how about a cleaning kit for your weapon?  Here’s what you need: One large “mothership” cleaning kit for general purpose and maintenance, and one cleaning kit that is portable, for what you carry or tote into the great outdoors.  There are plenty of different brands to choose from, and in the manner that fishing gear is more tailored to catch fishermen than fish, the same principle applies to cleaning kits.  You need some basics, and it is the basics we’ll cover.  First, your component parts:

    1. Cleaning rods: brass or steel is preferable; aluminum if there’s nothing else.  You want enough sections to be able to clean out your longest rifle barrel, and extra sections and handgrips for pistols and other rifles, as well.
    2. Bore Brushes: these are often stamped with the caliber (.22, .38, .45, etc.) on the base just past the threaded part you screw into the rod. They are also made for your chamber…to clean where the cartridge is actually seated when fired.  The ones stamped with the caliber are meant to pass through the entire length of the barrel. If you have multiple firearms, consider getting this bore brush kit.
    3. Patch-tips: have an “eye” hole at the end, and are threaded to screw onto your cleaning rod. The larger the eye, the bigger the patch it takes.
    4. Cleaning brushes: You will have some that are made with nylon bristles, akin to a toothbrush, and some with wire/metal bristles. This latter group is especially helpful with carbon buildups.
    5. Patches: can be 1” square, 2” square, and so forth; usually made of cotton or muslin fiber to clean the inside of the barrel and other locations with your firearm.
    6. Pipe cleaners: especially helpful for small holes and other locations that have interworking mechanisms, such as trigger or hammer assemblies. Very useful in cleaning out carbon from around springs, deep within the magazine well, and in front of your firing pins.
    7. Bore light devices: Once again, there are numerous types to choose from. I carry a small “mini Maglite” that uses one AAA battery; however, I recommend the little Plexiglas 90-degree angle “sticks” that are L-shaped.  You place one end into the end of your barrel, and the other end point toward a light source (a light bulb, the sun, etc.) and it will illuminate your barrel.
    8. Lubricant: Self-explanatory here. The function is to clean and also to coat with a light coating.  If you caught my other piece, then you may recall: I recommend 5W/30 Mobil Synthetic Motor Oil, available at about $7 to $8 per quart.  All the name-brand oils (Outers, etc.) sell for little 1 – 2 ounce bottles for about $3 to $4.  You do the math.  The Mobil Synthetic is a better oil, and far less expensive.
    9. Bore Solvent: On this one I don’t cut corners, because other solvents can leave a film…I pick up the brand-name stuff from Outers, RCBS, etc. A small bottle of it will last you a long time if you stretch it.  You need it to clean off hardcore powder fouling…the type coming from when you burn off more than a couple of hundred rounds in a weapon.  Search your catalogs, and you can find volume deals for a gallon at a time.
    10. Cleaning rags, pouches, and other accessories (magnifying glass, scraping tools, etc.)

    Now as we mentioned in the beginning, what you can do for ease of simplicity is work from the “mothership” principle: consolidate the majority of your supplies in one box/chest, and “work” off of smaller, independent “kits” for individual firearms.

    You want the ability to clean each weapon no matter where it is.  If they’re consolidated in one location?  Fine, but you want the ability to throw together a pouch with all of the supplies and materials listed above specific to any firearm.  Tote the kit with you along with the firearm when you leave home, away from the consolidated supplies (the mothership).  You will find that you can build numerous “kits,” or pouches for each firearm.  Keep them all together until the time you take the firearm away.

    The rule of thumb: if the firearm is away from the home, the cleaning kit should be with it.  You will find military issue nylon pouches (they have three snaps) are exceptionally useful for these individual kits.  They hold all of the rods (broken down), your brushes, patches, and a small bottle for your oil.   This photo shows an issue kit you can order from for $16.20 called a UTG Model 4/AR15 Cleaning Kit Complete with Pouch

    Although specifically for an M-4 (AR-15), as it is a 5.56 mm/.223 caliber weapon, you will find it can be used for a variety of different weapons cleaning applications.  Use your imagination, as necessity is the mother of invention.  You want to keep your cleaning kits and supplies in a water-tight, sealable case that will prevent moisture and perhaps take a beating.  Supplement this kit with cleaning rags and a small tool kit.  Patches you can make from something such as a white or cream-colored bedsheet that has outlived its original use.

    Use your creativity and your imagination to make what you want and tailor it to your use.  Bottom line: your weapon can’t take care of you unless it is properly taken care of.  You can be smart and use some of these tips to lessen the bite to your wallet.  Just don’t cut corners when it comes to maintenance.  When you’re done at the range, either take it down and clean it there, or take it home and clean it right away.  Practice hard, clean those firearms, and keep in that good fight!  JJ out!

    This article was written by Jeremiah Johnson and originally published at Ready

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne). Mr. Johnson was a Special Forces Medic, EMT and ACLS-certified, with comprehensive training in wilderness survival, rescue, and patient-extraction. He is a Certified Master Herbalist and a graduate of the Global College of Natural Medicine of Santa Ana, CA. A graduate of the U.S. Army’s survival course of SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape), Mr. Johnson also successfully completed the Montana Master Food Preserver Course for home-canning, smoking, and dehydrating foods.

    Mr. Johnson dries and tinctures a wide variety of medicinal herbs taken by wild crafting and cultivation, in addition to preserving and canning his own food. An expert in land navigation, survival, mountaineering, and parachuting as trained by the United States Army, Mr. Johnson is an ardent advocate for preparedness, self-sufficiency, and long-term disaster sustainability for families. He and his wife survived Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Cross-trained as a Special Forces Engineer, he is an expert in supply, logistics, transport, and long-term storage of perishable materials, having incorporated many of these techniques plus some unique innovations in his own homestead.

    Mr. Johnson brings practical, tested experience firmly rooted in formal education to his writings and to our team. He and his wife live in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with their three cats.


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      1. For gun cleaning and lubrication in one shot look up recipe for Ed’s Red,under 20 bucks will make you a gallon of it.I and friends have used for years with great results,does provide a corrosion protection layer also but not for the long term deep storage for those posters who feel a need to bury some of their firearms(?!).I would also say,old t-shirts ect. that are falling apart as oil rags washed/cut up make great cleaning patches,repurrpose/reuse.Bore snakes a great/easy clean item that takes no room,that and a rag will get you through most cleaning jobs/i.e. great pack item for if you must foot it.

        As with all cleaning items keep the Ed’s Red off of nice wood stocks/grips ect.

        • Here is a live link for Eds: ,will tolerate the dreaded moderation as want you folks to hit it now,save/bookmark and give it and other recipes a shot!My goodness,a article that we can actually work with/do something with,I like it!

        • WCD, good post and you beat me too it lol.

          • Frog Lube.

            Hey want to know what you need to hold when the SHTF? Gold and Silver. Bottom line.

            Russia Preps For Split With Global Banking Cartel By Dumping U.S. Dollar For Gold
            03-31-2017 • ht tp://

            By: Claire Bernish / The Free Thought Project As relations with the West continue to deteriorate — and the potential for crushing sanctions remains tangible — President Vladimir Putin has begun preparing to release Russia from the crushing grip of the international banking system completely, by moving to a nationalist model based and conducting transactions with allies in gold.

            In short, Russia has plans to abandon central banks and the dollar — if, indeed, shit hits the fan.

            Russia isn’t alone — the move away from the much-maligned, Western-centric international banking cartels toward a system less dependent on massive banks comprises a new plan for BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) and their allies to vacate the almighty dollar and assert independence.

            ht tp://

            • Heads Up. If you Purchased a EOTech Holographic Optical site from 2005 to 2016 you are eligible for Law Suit Benefit. You can return the entire weapons site for a full refund or just keep the weapons site and get up to $100 back. Go to this site and look for the Holographic sites eligible. There is a claim form at this site to apply. You need to get the info off the bottom of the site with serial number and submit the form for your cash or voucher settlement. Deadline to apply for the benefit is May 23rd 2017.

              All the Info is here:
              Andrew Tyler Foster, et al. v. L-3 Communications EOTech, et al.
              ht tp://

              The product claims to be water proof and can handle Temp extremes from -40 below zero to +140 deg above zero. It has been found at extreme temp levels the hologram may stray off zero MOA slightly. Other claim that the site leaked. I have NO had any problems with my EOTech set up, as it is dead on zero, and never tried to submerge my site below 30 ft under water. But If you like your holographic site you can keep you site and still get some cash back $25 to $50 or a voucher up to $100.

              The benefit of a holographic site is that you can keep both eyes open during target acquisition allowing for a wider peripheral vision allowance. You don’t even need to aim at your target as whatever is on the dot from a side angle will hit the target. I also have night vision with my EOTech and a Gen 2 3x flip to the side magnifier. Its an awesome set up. $1200.

              I am just going to apply for the cash back benefit.

              BTW/ I have 3 Otis cleaning kits, one in my BOB, one in my Gun Bag and one at home with all my other cleaning gear. The wire snakes work great. I also use compressed air to blow fouling out of the gun and a tooth brush also works. Hold the weapon upside down so all the junk falls out instead of deeper in the weapon.

              • Apollo. I also use the bore snakes. One of the best investments I ever made and I have several extras stockpiled. I also stockpile plenty of oil, Hoppe’s No. 9, q-tips, scrapers, brushes, etc. I might look into those OTIS kits. I always keep plenty of gun cleaning supplies on hand. I also still have some of the bore brushes, pads and rods on hand just in case. Also have a bore light that operates on 1 AAA battery. When I lubricate my weapon I tend to overdo it just a little. I make damn sure my weapon is going to work when I really need it. I use silicone cloths for removing any oil that gets on the outside of the weapon. A bit pricey but they work great and are well worth the money. I just can’t see owning a gun and NOT having what I need to maintain it. A top-notch gun cleaning kit is no less important than a good supply of ammo or a parts kit. I refuse to let my weapons go to shit.

        • Each of my packs carry an OTIS cleaning kit. I only use SLIP 2000 along with their Carbon killer on my firearms.

        • OK,live link must have died moderation,here:ht tp:// ,spaced to avoid moderation which sucks but this has Ed’s and a lot of other good thoughts on home made firearm maintenance items.

          • Ed’s Red recipe
            CONTENTS: Ed’s Red Bore Cleaner

            1 part Dexron II, IIe or III ATF, GM Spec. D-20265 or later.

            1 part Kerosene – deodorized, K1

            1 part Aliphatic Mineral Spirits, Fed. Spec. TT-T-2981F, CAS
            #64741-49-9, or may substitute “Stoddard Solvent”, CAS #8052-41-3, or
            equivalent, (aka “Varsol”)

            1 part Acetone, CAS #67-64-1.

            (Optional up to 1 lb. of Lanolin, Anhydrous, USP per gallon, OK to
            substitute Lanolin, Modified, Topical Lubricant, from the drug store)


            Mix outdoors, in good ventilation. Use a clean 1 gallon metal,
            chemical-resistant, heavy gage PET or PVC plastic container. NFPA
            approved plastic gasoline storage containers are also OK.

            One additional trick. Take a pre 1982 penny, all copper, and hammer the edge into a sharp edge, shape as needed with a file. Use as a scraper to clean steel gun parts. The copper is softer than steel and will not scratch, but should get carbon and even rust. Copper when hammered, work hardens, so hammering the edge to form your scraper surface makes the copper harder and a more effective scraper edge.

            • PP,do as we did as kids and have on RR tracks and let the train do the work!I suppose would make a neat scraper,remember,even pre 82 have about 5% or so tin/zinc in em,not pure.I save all me older pennies/nickels.

              • My scraper only needs to be able to remove rust and carbon buildup without scratching steel.

                1982 or earlier pennies work fine. A bit of tin and zinc is OK, neither will scratch steel, but hardening the copper by forging definitely helps scrape the carbon and rust.


        • I shoot too often to bother cleaning my guns. I would be cleaning gunk everyday from a couple of my 100 firearms. Besides the next round just blows the dirt from the first round out of the barrel and chamber anyhow. My suggestion is to shoot more if you have time to clean.

          • I remind you of Murphy’s Law…

            “Whatever can go wrong, will, at the worst possible moment.”

            You are setting yourself up for a jam, right when you don’t need it happen… hard headed folks generally have to learn the hard way.

            • I don’t have a head, it was blown off Jan 30, 1948

          • Gandhi,
            You’re right! Modern firearms do not need to be cleaned every time they’re shot. Moderation . . . not too little, not too much!

        • Great comment you made. I’ve been makin and usin EDs red many years. Was gonna post the site until I seen you beat me to it.

      2. Need a brass solvent to really clean out the bore.Sweet’s 7.62 Solvent is a great one.

      3. A couple of gallons of Ed’s Red and 0-20 weight Mobil 1 oil should do ya fine. 5-30 could be a little heavy in cold weather. Also Q-Tips are good for tight spots for both cleaning and oiling. For storage use Corrosion-X spray it kicks ass! Copper fouling has been a problem in the past so I use Sweet’s 7.62 solvent. Synthetic motor oil is the shit!

        • Hold a small piece of white paper/cloth in the action. Point that end at a bright light. Light is reflected down the bore.

          • your thumbnail will do it pretty well too. anything white.

            • Uh Butt,perhaps the poster is not white!Hmmmm……,that’s wassict!

      4. Did someone mention copper fouling?!Ammonia,10% solution,available at Ace Hardware works fine.The best site for the Eds and other solutions at moment going thru the dreaded moderation process so a live link coming soon(I hope),finally,a article we an sink our teeth into.

        I did say reuse/repurpose,so,when done cleaning your firearm save those q-tips(don’t use em on firearms meself due to leaving pesky cotton strands)to clean the waterout of your ears after shower!

        • Hmmm, we have an Ace and I have never seen anything above 5% (will check again). Save underwear, socks, any old cotton garments as they work well. As far as q-tips, I have never had an issue and I have been using them my entire life to clean my tools. But alas, it doesn’t take much (a few fibers) to mess with an AR lol. Love my bolt guns and they love q-tip fine cleaning!

          • Besides the skidmarks in yer shorts might help deep scrub that bore lol. 😛

          • Eh, me AR will light off more rounds then your bolt action will carry before your first shot,of course,only need one shot.This,with no pogo sticks but obviously being fed by a quality Magpul magazine!

            • Just checked the closet,tis Ace 10%,look harder in store or ask em to get some.

            • LMFAO. Bolt action are good for squirrel hunting. Get a real Battle AR Rifle with a 30 to 100 Magazine and lite it up.

              Go to Ytube, “Keltec PLR16 pistol 100 round Mag, bumpfired 100 rounds in 8 seconds. How many rounds can you shoot with a Bolt action in 8 seconds? Get a frigging clue you idiot moron. You are toast.

              • Every weapon has it’s purpose. Your statement removes all doubt that you are the idiot and head moron. Thing is, your too stupid to realize it lol.

                • Genius,just ignore appy,that is the douche bag that was making shit head comments before and after the lose of brother Eppe,fuck him!

                  • Dopes end up dead falling on their own garlic toothpicks. Poetic justice.

                  • just another simp troll.

                • Pretty funny an idiot has to call himself a Genius. LMFAO!! I bet you really impress your wife daily with your ego.

                  • Unlike your wife mine is real and smart unlike your blow up wife lol.

                    • Piss off and go back to eating out Crooked Hillary you waste of life you.

                • I have both in .308 Win or 7.62×51
                  Both can shoot flies at 200
                  Both are mag fed
                  Just that one only holds 10 and other holds 20
                  And yes both have different arenas of excellence,
                  If i could have just one,,,, i think i would go with the bolt gun,

                • Heres the reason, a few years ago a bud got a rather large lot of foreign made NATO 7.62×51 ammo, headspace was within NATO tollerance but our ARs wouldnt lock up on them, the bolt gun would, stuck a few dozen rounds in the case gauge and sure enough they were in the no go range, the guys eyes went wide when he realized he had just bought a few thousand rounds of ballast,,,, now i may be wrong, but in a SHTF scenario ud b screwed

                • I lost a good Buck one time Deer hunting when some how my coat sleeve got caught in the bolt as I was trying to shove another 30-30 round in the chamber. I could not get it unstuck and the 8 Pt Buck 30 rds away, laughed and ran off. So F*ck Bolt actions. And that was a 30-30 Savage. POS I sold it when I got home to a gun collector for $40 and bought a better rifle. So You can have those POS bolt actions all you want. You are right Bolt actions are good for something. = The trash. Then later on I bought a bolt .22. it jammed up, and sold it back to the pawn shop for a refund. Never used another Bolt action ever again.

                  • Oh appy,retards like you were not meant to use complicated devices like bolt action guns,go feed your pet alligator in the bath tub you.Seriously,a salt and pepper shaker set would confuse and frustrate you,go somewhere else skippy.

                    • Ha ha yep, pretty bad when you can’t even operate a bolt!

                  • To each his own,,, my bolt guns are smooth as silk, but then again the guys who built them are about the best

                    • Pretty funny when all you are allowed to own is a Bolt. lol I know semi autos are just too complicated for simpletons. Way too many moving parts for you eh?

                      Bolt actions are for those poor people who can’t afford the Pricier Semi Automatics. Children start out learning to shoot rifles with Bolt actions, Too bad you never graduated to the higher level. Maybe take some advanced training for morons.

                  • I have a friend who used to complain constantly about the problems he had with his bolt action rifle. I finally got tired of his bitching and took him to the range. At the range I taught him how to properly use a bolt action rifle. He no longer complains and now he loves that rifle.
                    You might consider the lesson here, before you spout off.

            • True. BUT it all depends on what range your shooting. The bolts are for longer ranges away from the danger zone of an AR. Many variances too like wind, concealment, bullet drop. AK for laying down lead wall till better circumstances are achieved. At 600 yards nobody has a prayer against a bolt vs. AR. 400 is an easy shot. 2 people are best for that scenario, 1 to shoot the AK and spot when safer, the second to do the long range shot. But you need not worry as you are invited to the party and it would be good to sit and have a drinky poo with ya 🙂


                14 x 26″ OD Green Sand Bags

                Item Code: NYP-ODSandBags
                Reg. Price: $0.99
                Sale Price: $0.27

                • you’ll need more than sandbags at your elevation in Florida, honey. Ok, homey.
                  But, they might be good for keeping water inside your bol, ha.
                  That way you won’t have to drive to town and buy bottled, lol. You do have a filter, right?
                  (He thinks he’s prepped!)

                  • I actually liked the large rubber donut one fills with water for home flood protection,right property seems like a winner unless flooding hits biblical proportions.

                    • 3200ft up a mountain good enough? But yea, if its biblical in nature it might not matter

                  • Ketchup, ha ha ha that’s correct! It will do you no good whatsoever when a hurricane hit’s yer ass. Just make your little compound a swimming pool. A true prepper knows the difference and uses of different firearms too. Even in the jungle a high powered rifle has it’s place. Epic fail lol.

                    • After your loss of massive brain cells from your home concoctions of paint thinner, you are up in the river area freezing your tootie off. Shoveling snow still are ya in MT. lol Tell us again how that hydroponic system worked for ya in freezing temps. lol Frozen fish sticks for dinner again?

                    • Genius, your post here shows 1:20AM. What were you doin’ up so late? 🙂
                      Tried to watch the end of Or.vs NC and didn’t make it…

                    • I don’t live in MT, It’s 65 degrees, It was aquaponics NOT hydroponics, It wasn’t built here but in CA, I can operate a bolt gun with no issues, Wow you really are an idiot ha ha ha!

                    • Wow, you can operate a bolt action? I’m impressed. lol

              • Ah my friend,,, not so, both my bolt and its sister AR have almost identical ballistics at any effective range out to 600m, the bolt tends a bit higher but only slightly, it all depends on the rifle, and the shooter

          • Be careful mentioning sox and underwear so quickly in the context of ammonia.

      5. I get really disappointed when I see former military personnel continuing to use the standard crap for weapons lubrication. In the Corps, it was CLP for everything. Here I read that MOBIL 1 synthetic is the new godsend. Don’t get me wrong, synthetic oils are designed to flow to the hottest spots and continue lubricating, as in the M-16/AR-15 bolt carrier group. Patriots need to look at another solution that does not attract dust, sand, dirt, debris of any kind and is still 100% waterproof and withstands pressures of 100,000 psi in the chamber and over 750 degrees on the surface. If you are running an impingement system or even a piston system, you need to do away with all oil lubrication. Look at a dry graphite spray coating…..Nothing sticks to it to compromise your weapon’s function, and can be re-applied as needed without a thorough cleaning if the situation arises. God Bless everyone reading this. S.F. J.

        • Mobil One is the cats meo!

          A couple years ago I discovered “Tungsten Disulfide”. It is the big brother to “Molybdenum Disulfide”. It is the slickest lubricant known to man and can take nearly twice the force in psi before it starts failing. I bought a pound of it and split it up four ways with family members, and now we all have a lifetime supply. It’s more expensive than Moly, but since Moly has gone up in price over the years, it’s not so pricey in comparison.

          I mix it with Mobile One and use that as my firearm lube. I’m very happy with it. They have that new once a year oil change Mobile One, I’m thinking I’ll upgrade my oil cans with that.

        • In a pinch i tried a couple different dry lubes from the local hardware store, both worked well, can even flood the bcg to clean and clear then re insert and it seemed to work well for an extended period,,, actually showed less carbon build up, if things go to shit whatever i can find will have to do.
          In practice i just use ole number 9 been good to go for my needs since i learned from my Pop when i was 7, it worked for him and works for me, he was USMC so trust what he taught me

      6. Add a couple of old toothbrushes to the kit.

      7. Sigh……,does the Weatherby Mark V.300 mag work for ya’s then

        • Never tried one but it should. .300 win mag is a great caliber! Bring it with ya, I can reload you some match ammo. A pair of .300’s would be force to rekon with!

          • Norma cases
            210 g Berger VLDs
            CCI mag primers
            IMR 7828

      8. I will say though the .300 black out has some decent range and power at range.

        • Bring it too!

          • Ketchupondemand/relik, Thanks for the recommendation on coconut oil! I got my 3 gallons of it (processed to eliminate coconut taste and organic). Just tried some chips fried in it and DAMN, that stuff is great! Much better than olive oil and the flavor is neutral. I am officially converted! Thanks again for the better, cheaper alternative!

            • Genius, the book Coconut Cures by Bruce Fife is a great read on the health benefits of coco oil. And he does the research to back it up. Refined coconut oil has all the benefits of unrefined, according to him.
              Good story about the early discoveries of coconut/oil.
              If I recall, farmers in the 20’s-30’s started feeding coco oil to their cattle, thinking it would fatten them up.
              Lo and behold, the cattle lost weight!
              Acids in coconut oil did the trick.

              • Word on the street has it used on a regular basis even in say coffee helps keep the brain a bit cleaner in regards to alzheimers ect.I have no idea if true,never actually researched just read in a few places.

                • Yeah, Warchild, the research Dr. Fife does backs up what you said. We fry anything we want in coconut oil and it’s nice to be guilt free about it, knowing it’s good for you.
                  It does keep the brain functioning. I haven’t forgotten a damn thing for over 10 years now! 🙂

          • W.C.D. and G

            Can I bring my toys to play too???

            3 300 Win mags would be a beautiful thing!

            • Sure thing Sgt.! We can make some jihad joe dolls to shoot lol (plastic jihad dolls filled with tannerite) 🙂

              • G
                That works for me what FUN (LOL)

                • I would say at end of the world deck party probably no need for dolls as the real enemy will be afoot.

            • And I will bring my squirt gun and baby aspirins just in case your wee-wee hurts ya that day.

      9. Hey all, kinda unrelated, but need some advice. What should I coat my weapons with before I bury them ?? Also plan to put in Mylar bag , good idea ? Advice appreciated NP

        • Answer: Corrosion-x spray. I have buried weapons for 7 years in pvc pipe and after digging them up they were just like new!

          • Did you remember to put the firearms in the pipe?!What is your obsession with your firearms and burying/dragging thru dirt/mud ect.?!

            • Of course I put them in the pipe lol. Dragging a tool in the mud was just a metaphor but I suppose one could drop it by accident.

              • Hmmmm….,hitting the home brew again?!You made some challenge to someone regarding AK/AR’s and how you would win the drag em in the mud contest!

          • So thanks for the reply. Do you agree with the Mylar gun bag also ? Thanks

        • If your thinking about buryin them its time to start using them

      10. I read that in Alaska the national guard Inuit. Indians say you have to use dry lube. And in the desert the wind blows dust that sticks to wet oil . So you have to use dry lube. So I guess you have to use dry lube? Dry Slide . Lock ease, Rem. Dry lube, Any others?

        • Blaster dry lube from home depot, less than 5$ a can, works like a charm

      11. The picture is a joke — who carries a 1911 in anything but condition one?

        • The guys who dont

      12. Butches’s Bore Shine bitchez

      13. Today is April Fools Day. Don’t believe anything you hear read or see. Trust no one. Just the same as any other day!

        • OK, old guy :

          Meet The Fuckers. ?


          • Old Guy:

            You can’t trust those Fuckers.


            • Especially mother fuckers!

      14. Good information in this article.
        Like all of us I enjoy the time I spend at the range, learn something new almost every time!
        Now, I may be a bit different but I also enjoy a good GCP (gun cleaning party).
        Lately I have been using GS 98 as my go to cleaner. It comes out as a slight foam and really clings to the chamber, bore, anything I apply it to. I let it set for a few minutes and it really dissolves the carbon and gunk and makes cleaning easy. It is also a lubricant. This works well for firearms I shoot regularly, for long term storage I use a real oil.
        I really enjoy the cleaning part, getting a firearm taken down, spread out on a table and just taking my time cleaning everything. During this time my mind wanders as my hands do the work. The meticulous work is soothing for both the firearm and me, it is almost like, in not, therapy.
        Knowing that I have taken care of things gives me comfort that they will take care of me when needed, this is what lets me sleep well at night!!

      15. I once knew a guy that thought cleaning his gun meant wiping down the outside of his rifle with an oily cloth. Period. He had been an E-5 in the Army. He got blown up in an accident after coming back from patrol. He should have kept a better eye on his rookies. Pin came out of the private’s grenade when putting it back in the ammo can.

      16. eBay seller CHEESYBAY
        SASHA LORD


        576 Pakala Lane Kuaai Hawaii
        Pro tip don’t eat hotdogs they contain human child flesh

        • Whats worse, nitrates or human flesh? Thanks for ruining my appetite.

        • Capt. can you go further on that?
          Do those people have anything to do with gun cleaning? 🙂

          • PS I don’t eat hotdogs. Not for decades, at least.

            • Did you put ketchup on them?

              • No, but I saw something on tv about it. John and Teresa Kerry were rambling on about Heinz Ketchup.
                If you missed the show you can catch-up-on-demand.

      17. If I get any more cleaning equipment and spare parts I’m going to have to build another room.

        Question is do all of you know how to take you firearms completely down to the last nut and bolt? If you don’t that is OK, most people can’t. If you need an fast cleaning of your firearms take the plastic or wood off of it. Use Carburetor Cleaner spray it down good in your mechanical parts, and let dry (in seconds) give it a shot of oil where needed. This is only if you don’t have time to do a complete cleaning. I don’t recommend doing this at every cleaning!!! This is quick fix and a quick fix only.

        What ever you don’t do it in the house over MOMMA’S
        white carpet. (LOL)

        Quick story. guy had an Cetme on the range. He shot around 100 rounds it started acting up jamming and not extracting. He tried cleaning it the best he could on the range. No luck. An older Gentleman Told him to bring it to his truck that he had quick fix. You guessed it. Carb clean. Sprayed it down the action and out the barrel. You could have built and sand castle with all the crap that came out of the gun. About 3 minutes later after a couple of shots of oil he was back on the range and shooting like there was no tomorrow.


        • I have used carb cleaner in a pinch too. Usually on .22 semi auto actions, it works! Normally I use Casey gunscrubber.

        • My auto loading Browning shotgun starts fouling up after about 75 low recoil rounds. A 3-M fine cleaning pad cleans the carbon off the OD of the magazine tube, which is also part of the piston system, and she’s ready to keep going at the range.

      18. The sheep must learn to sharpen their shears.
        For the day comes when they shall fleece their fears.

      19. The photograph of the buy with the pistol shoved under his belt got to me. At least, it wasn’t in the front. If you are going to spend the money on a decent handgun, spend a little extra and get a decent holster!

      20. I use the Casey gun scrubber too genius. I’d use carb cleaner too in a pinch if I needed too. I like needle oilers you just put a few drops on the slide just to protect from wear. People use too much oil that’s why the gun gums up. Especially with dirty 22s. I use an oily rag to wipe down the outside. If I’m gonna store them for long I will run an oily mop down the bore. I like the bore snakes for long guns. Add some hoppes9 to the end then oil on the tail. pass the snake through a couple times and done. You could probably use mineral spirits in a spray bottle to clean like solvent. I wouldn’t worry too much unless it’s a real fine safe queen gun of heirloom quality that you paid thousands for. Use them and don’t worry ?

      21. I recommend a sonic cleaner for your gun parts! Amazing! No fuss no muss. I disassemble my AR bolt carrier group and drop it in the tub. Minutes later clean as a whistle. Same for my handgun. So easy!

        I wash parts of with distilled water and blow them dry with compressed air to prevent rusting.

        I use Simple Green HD which is environmentally safe and safe for plastics etc.

        Check out Amazon for sonic cleaners…

        • Yours was the only post on this entire comment section that made even a lick of fucking sense……

          You can also check out Harbor Freight and get the big sonic cleaner from them (it’s the EXACT same unit as the Lyman, but with a different label) for a hundred bucks less.

          Simple green is magic on all carbon fouling. Way safer on plastic parts than gunscrubber too.

      22. People sometimes forget about the inside of a .22 rimfire pistol magazine. Wax builds up on the wall and it slows or stops feeding resulting in bang, bang, click.

      23. I use an OTIS elite cleaning system . It is best possible combination of cleaning parts, solvents and accessories. This kit can handle anything…

      24. Arcodeaus Battle Of The Ages Is Upon Us March 25, 2017

        On YouTube 1&1/2 hour lecture by Dr. James P. Wickstrom

        You boys have pee shooters.

        The big boys have anti-gravity flying objects and underground cities.
        They are preparing for a fight.

        If you have the metal watch this to the end.

        I fell asleep and missed most of the lecture but caught the end. Wow!

        __ ? __ He said to watch it again and again until it sinks in. OK.
        I guess I should at least watch it without falling asleep.
        Maybe tomorrow.


      25. Thanks for the advice , NP

      26. Gun cleanin is woman’s work!

        • yes, women should be OBSCENE, and not heard!

      27. No thanks Nomad,I want it done right!

      28. War
        I find that women tend to get the job done chop chop
        …. If you wait till the next day no matter how good of job you do some minuscule caustic damage has already taken effect.
        Esp on older ferrous metals
        That’s the best excuse I can come up with?

      29. Offhand question. Would a 12 gauge 20″ barrel show a muzzle flash at night?
        With either 2 3/4″ or 3″ shells?
        It’s been a long time since I tried it but seem to remember it did.

      30. Uh,go out tonight and try,have a friend film,just not a down the barrel view!I would then post the video here and we will all know the answer!No cheating with dragon shells either!

      31. Exactly right. Carbon fiber is the way to go, no question.

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