“The Cult of Cultural Marxism”: Foolish of the Forces They Are Ushering In to Destroy America

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his Alt-Market.com site.

    Editor’s Comment: The failures in logic, and the fueling of unwise and arbitrary groups of power is quickly unraveling American cultural and social life. Identity politics has corralled groups of gender, race, sexual orientation and other categories and weaponized them to create divide, and make potentially revolutionary division inevitable – all without pinning down any fundamentals or principles with which to live by.

    Mainstream Americans, and those who value Constitutionally-recognized rights to free expression and self-determination are horrified to watch people, under naive pretexts, give into to a radical and extreme power base. These dangerous powers will ultimately be used not to achieve a noble goal – like equality under the law or tolerance – but to insist upon preferential treatment of special groups and the attempt to police speech on the basis of hurt feelings and “unlearning” culturally-loaded concepts. As you can see, the whole movement is headed for disaster, and plans to bring America down with it.

    The Reasons Why People Hate Cultural Marxists

    by Brandon Smith

    A common misconception in America today is that our nation is evenly divided between conservatives and liberals in an absolute sense. This is not necessarily true.

    Though national elections always seem to progress along a 51 percent to 49 percent opposition, with red states barely beating our blue states or blue states barely beating out red states, this is not a practical representation of the legitimate ideological boundaries within the U.S.  What you really have in America is a wide spectrum of beliefs of varying degrees in-between ultimate extremes. I am of course referring to the general public in this respect.

    The top of the political pyramid is a different story entirely. For them there are no sides whatsoever. Top Republicans and top Democrats are essentially the same animal with the same goals. They may wear different masks and exploit diverging rhetoric, but at the end of the day for elitists, America is a one-party system.

    For the rest of us there is a hazy drift, with many people holding some views that lean conservative and other views that lean liberal.

    Unfortunately, “moderates” do very little to direct the future of nations. Nearly all great changes and great upheavals are initiated by the elites themselves (extremists in their own right) or by smaller groups on opposite ends of the spectrum (which are often manipulated by elitists). At the very far reaches of the void of the left and liberalism festers what I would call a sociopolitical theology; the cult of cultural Marxism.

    If you are confused as to what cultural Marxism really is I highly suggest you research as much as possible into the Frankfurt School founded by Marxist professors and academics in Germany during the 1920s and the early 1930s. The basic foundation of the Frankfurt School was to take the collectivist philosophy of Karl Marx, which revolved primarily around economic class structure, and apply it in a more sociological manner utilizing Hegelian dynamics.

    The Frankfurt School sought to explore “class oppression” not only between the rich and the poor, the workers and the aristocracy, but also in aspect to races, religions, families, genders, behavioral psychology, etc. That is to say, the Marxists of the Frankfurt School were looking for new methods to divide and conquer existing societies and nations beyond simple economic conflicts.

    After the rise of fascism in Germany, numerous members of the Frankfurt School fled to the U.S., bringing their ideological framework with them and applying it in U.S. universities and academic circles.

    One of the primary character traits or strategies of cultural Marxists today is that they rarely if ever actually self-identify as cultural Marxists. This strategy allows them to change their colors on a whim, like a chameleon, and it prevents opponents from pinning down their world view in order to present a solid argument against them. It also allows them to disassociate from past cultural Marxists with negative reputations while holding the same beliefs as those historical figures.

    The cultural Marxist denies he is a cultural Marxist, then he goes on to argue an ideology which perfectly matches what cultural Marxists have historically believed.

    This is only one of the many reasons why most people, conservatives and moderate liberals alike, distrust and even despise cultural Marxists. The pervasive weakness among cultural Marxists in America is that they tend to believe their own propaganda. They think that they are an actual social force in this country with the numbers and support to back their activities. They fell into this delusion because for a time they have been effective at infiltrating popular media and generating a false consensus, not to mention organizing public and online mobs to be used as a weapon against others. They seem to be everywhere, yet they are few.

    Lately, though, the illusion of numbers is beginning to collapse for them. Masses of people, even those that identify with the “Left”, are beginning to disown what are often referred to as “social justice warriors” (cultural Marxists) and are speaking out. Here is a list of reasons why the public is shifting and the tide is turning against social justice and cultural Marxists.

    Third Wave Feminism

    Cultural Marxists are collectivists at their very core. This means that their ideological pursuit is the eradication of individualism, individual liberty, and groups based on voluntary participation in the name of the “greater good of the greater number.”  Collectivists seek to centralize everything.  This goal could not be more evident than in the efforts of third-wave feminists.

    Third-wave feminists are best understood through the lens of what they refer to as “intersectionality,” a made up social justice term that whitewashes the new feminist strategy of co-opting ALL other social issues and forcing them under the umbrella of the feminist movement. Feminism is not simply about creating equal opportunity and equal rights for women, not anymore. Instead, third-wave feminism claims dominion over women’s rights, all gender related issues, race issues, gay rights issues, economic “inequality”, immigration issues, etc.

    Of course, if you believe in working for equal rights of all people regardless of their individual and ethnic traits, you would be called an egalitarian by definition, not a feminist. But feminists attack this distinction and continue to demand that they are the sole proprietors of “equality” and claim all other methodologies are irrelevant.

    This kind of totalitarianism has provoked a growing backlash against feminists, even from more left leaning subsections of the American population.  People are beginning to realize that there really is no need for feminism anymore. Women already have equal protection under the law, and they already have equal opportunity.

    In fact, in many sectors women are given considerable advantages over men. Women are given greater favor in college applications and grant applications which is why women today outnumber men in universities. Women are often given favor in job applications, even in professions which men are more inclined to succeed in (like firefighting, for example); this bias in favor of women by employers is often inspired by government incentives and by a fear of civil suits. Women have far more institutionalized advantages in divorce court, and, women are more likely to receive reduced sentences for the same crime as a man.

    The most common lie used by feminists to argue for the existence of inequality is the “gender pay gap,” which has long been debunked. A woman who works the same exact job as a man with the same effort and diligence, for the same exact hours, and does not take maternity leave or extra vacations is paid the SAME as that man. And if for some reason there is something amiss in the accounting, there are laws in place to punish employers that do actually pay women less for the same work. There is no gender pay gap except what women create for themselves through their own life choices.

    Since women have the same rights and protections as men today, feminists are forced to create oppression out of thin air to then fight against.  The new battlefield for feminists and social justice warriors is about “feelings” rather than law.  That is to say, feminists believe that personal feelings should be protected by law and that contrary or discriminatory thought must be criminalized.  Of course, the definition of criminal discrimination is left rather broad.  Ultimately, it is the feminists and their allies in government that arbitrarily decide what thoughts are “bad” and what thoughts are acceptable.

    The feminist movement must co-opt and absorb other groups and other issues and it must create exponentially more divisions and imaginary oppression in order to justify its existence. They will never stop. There will never come a day when feminists are satisfied because their goal is not equality. Their goal is social power, and to maintain social power indefinitely.

    Mob Shaming And Self Censorship

    Cultural Marxists will use any tool at their disposal to shut down or silence dissent, but they prefer to use mob tactics and public shaming as their bread and butter. Get enough of your cohorts together in an organized attack and the illusion of consensus becomes powerful leverage.

    There are numerous instances of accomplished people being railroaded out of their jobs in the past few years by cultural Marxist mobs, and numerous people harassed into self censorship for fear of being labeled a sexist, misogynist, racist, bigot, xenophobe, homophobe, etc. This tactic, though, has been so overused that it is now losing its effectiveness. There is a growing movement of people who no longer care what they are labeled by cultural Marxists and when the mob no longer has shaming as a tool, they can only move on to more “direct” actions.

    Physical Interference With Freedom Of Speech

    Now that the shaming techniques are becoming passé, cultural Marxists are attempting to physically disrupt discussion or silence opposing views. From the notorious social justice mob at the University of Missouri, which called for “some muscle over here,” to forcefully remove student journalists covering the protest, to feminist mobs shutting down conferences on men’s issues, to the professional agitators bused in to disrupt Trump rallies, cultural Marxists are beginning to physically impede the rights of other people to speak, or listen and participate.

    How do they rationalize this anti-1st Amendment activity?  Easy!  They simply argue that it is THEIR 1st Amendment right to disrupt YOUR 1st Amendment rights, even if you are in a public space.  This is the kind of circular insanity that leads directly to Stalinist or Maoist totalitarianism.

    I’m sure that many people are also familiar with the heightened number of incidences in recent weeks of these same cultural Marxists being beaten up in response to their strategy. Expect this to continue and expect reactions to social justice mobs to become even more violent as we get closer to election time.

    Reverse Racism

    My favorite hypocritical claim from cultural Marxists is that there is no such thing as reverse racism. Meaning, a black or Hispanic or Asian person, etc., cannot be racist towards a white person. How is this possible? They assert that racism requires institutionalized “advantage” or “privilege.” Only white people can be racist because we have all the “privilege” and institutional protection.

    Of course, bringing up the fact that the president of the United States is a black man does not seem to matter. The so called “patriarchy” reigns supreme, and the patriarchy is white.

    If you think that reverse racism is not a real issue, then you might want to take a gander at this little debate at Harvard, in which the main argument by a Black Lives Matter activist was “white people do not have a right to life” (be sure to check out the links included with the video which affirm that this was not simply a debater “playing devil’s advocate”).

    So, here is where cultural Marxism always goes wrong, or right, depending on who is benefiting. Communist movements like cultural Marxism, have a fantastic knack for eliciting fascist responses and driving otherwise even-handed people into the arms of fascist governments. It happened in Germany, Spain and Italy before World War II, and it could very well happen again in America today.

    The debaters argue against the right to life of an entire ethnic group (white people), because they claim that white people have abused their privileges to exploit or oppress other groups.

    First, like all collectivists, they have completely disregarded individual liberty and inherent conscience. All white people are presented as a singular group (which they are not), and all white people are presented as guilty for crimes which can be attributed to any other ethnic group at any other point in history as well. All white people are accused of having “privileges” beyond that of other ethnic groups, but no proof of this privilege is ever presented; it is just treated as a given fact.

    Second, these cultural Marxists foolishly do not take into account that if they want to promote the extreme side of communism to support their views others could just as easily take the opposing extreme in response. What would a fascist say to the Harvard debater’s arguments?

    A fascist might argue the other side of the coin — that all other ethnic groups suffer oppression because they are “inferior,” “weak” or “intellectually inadequate.” A fascist would probably assert that the weak survive only by the good graces of the strong, and that only the strong have a “right to life.” A fascist would argue that all groups that are so easily oppressed should be exterminated to make room for the strong.

    This argument is just as absurd as the argument presented at Harvard because it completely overlooks the fact that individuals have a right to life, period. Being part of an ethnic group is not a crime in itself, but cultural Marxists would like white people in particular to ignore their individualism and believe they are defined only by their color and that they should feel guilty by association.  This is the epitome of racism.

    Black Lives Matter

    Yes, black lives do matter, just as all lives matter. But as the Harvard debater above argues, certain ethnic groups matter “more” because they are supposedly more oppressed.

    The classic tactic of cultural Marxists is to create new divisions or to exacerbate existing divisions in order to destabilize a society. Once a society is broken, it can then be rebuilt according the vision of a select few. One of the best methods of causing division is to exploit cultural differences based on obvious separations.

    People do tend to separate more according to skin color and ethnicity. This is a tale as old as time. Is it wrong? Not necessarily. Ethnic groups develop their own belief systems, their own values and principles, and though many human beings share archetypal similarities and inherent conscience regardless of the time and place they were born, they still have anthropological discourse.

    It is very easy to pit one ethnic group against another if the right pressure is applied. Black lives matter is nothing more than an effort by cultural Marxists to capitalize on race tensions and make them far worse through agitation.

    Forced Multiculturalism

    As stated above, different ethnic groups can have different priorities. The concept of freedom is inherent in the human psyche from birth, but numerous cultures are structured around suppressing that human desire and need. These cultures cannot be reconciled with cultures that do respect individual liberty. There are many other important differences that cause clashes between cultures, but freedom vs. collectivism is the most explosive.

    Cultural Marxists certainly have no respect for freedom. Their only concern is artificial “equality,” because forced equality makes collectivism possible. This often means grinding down the best the world has to offer to match it with the worst the world has to offer.

    Multiculturalism is really just a mechanism by which failed and unstable cultures are aggressively injected into more stable societies in order to disrupt and then homogenize them. Europe is now experiencing this in unprecedented fashion, and the U.S. has been dealing with it incrementally for decades.

    Multiculturalism is of course a nice way of describing the Cloward-Piven Strategy, a strategy designed by cultural Marxists to deliberately undermine economic and social systems. The use of Islamic refugees as a battering ram against Western society is a perfect summation of this strategy.

    Islamic culture abiding by Sharia Law and unfamiliar with Western traditions and beliefs is completely incompatible with European and American civilization. It is one thing for Islamic culture to exist with respect to Western values, it is another thing for Islamic culture to supplant Western values.

    The process of forced multiculturalism is driving large portions of the EU and America to become violently opposed to cultural Marxists. I fear that this is leading to irreconcilable division to the point of war, just as what took place during the last Great Depression. And, as I pointed out at the beginning of this article, cultural Marxists are a tiny minority, a paper tiger posing as the real thing. If they do not stop with their incessant subversion and cultism they will end up being the first to pay the price. The rest of us will pay later.

    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his Alt-Market.com site.


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      1. Black people are oppressed; and then we oppress ourselves further by fighting against each other. This jealous, hatred was inflicted in us at the time of birth and and they are still inflicting us They have succeed in infiltrating our minds because we lack knowledge and refuse to think outside the box. “We don’t think we are good enough” and others think likewise…
        Awake unfurl; “Remove the veil that cover of darkness, see the light”

        Hillary Eloise JC

        • Yes free everything is oppressing them.Polar bear hunting , knock out game oppressing them.BLM oppressing them.Afirmative action.diversity discrimination racism, damn the bad luck.Mean while in what is formerly known as Rhodesia…???????

          • Average black people are too stupid to have come up with the “Black Lives Matter” slogan on their own. That originated much higher above them as part of the agenda to provoke the great divide within this country. They are, however, totally stupid enough to fall for it and go apeshit every chance they get.

            • Yupp… The usual suspect ??

            • Nobama, Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter is funded by George Soros.

            • I’ve put Black People on Ignore. Ain’t worth my time to be a victim of their BS, rant, scams, or anything else jive talking BS. And my carry tool, backs me up.


        • Why is the Author afraid to call the Cultural Marxists for who they really are? =JEWS. Is He afraid to be called an Anti-Semite??? Case in point.
          If we are ever to solve and reduce this psyop manipulation of our society. We need to fully call out these cockroach agitators for who they are. Stop being political correct cowards and tell it like it is. So F@Ck the ZOG JEWS. AND I’M DAMN PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN IN DOING SO.


          • Why are you pro Trump when he is pro Jew? His 2 daughters converted to Judaism?

        • There is absolutely nothing preventing black people from leaving the oppressed cultures and returning to black majority lands, in which case they would no longer be oppressed.

          America is filled with white people whose ancestors suffered oppression.

          The only important question, is why are you still here if things are so horrible?

      2. This statement, “The process of forced multiculturalism is driving large portions of the EU and America to become violently opposed to cultural Marxists. I fear that this is leading to irreconcilable division to the point of war,” is where I am and how I feel.

        • Justice, AMEN. I have to agree. “Better Dead Than Red” is a slogan from my younger days.

          • man you are so stupid that you give stupidity a whole new meaning. as if you knew what communism or capitalism or any word more complex than Big Mac means.go on, buy more guns and store food under your beds, ze germans are coming, or the blacks, or the latinos, or ET, or who knows..

            • Agamoi Thyte, f#$% you! Take your stupid trolling ass someplace else.

              • Ooh, Bravefart sweetie! For a fat old man you’re so tough and mean when you use the T(roll) word!

                Intellectual riposte is not exactly your forte is it?

            • Agamoi Thyte, your jealousy of patriotic thinking Americans is readily apparent. Aspire to learn from history and the school of hard knocks and you also may become a great American like most of those that post here.

              • Cranerigger, he’s a troll and trolls are a lost cause.

        • Did you hear the White House Mullahs speech to the local college.”Socialism and Capitalism are the same thing pick one” What kind of crap is that. Bad enough we have people like Ayers and Dorn teaching their radical bullshit in college but we have that POS POTUS endorsing it on National TV. Comes back from a couple of loser commie countries, and decides that this is how America should be.Just like WWII there is still a rifle behind every blade of grass!

      3. Divide and conquer.
        old game new name

      4. “After the rise of fascism in Germany, numerous members of the Frankfurt School fled to the U.S., bringing their ideological framework with them and applying it in U.S. universities and academic circles.”

        Long story short: You must not trust a refugee.

        • Yeah, except they weren’t refugees – they came over via WORKING FOR the united states governments as German analysts aiding in critical analysis of the Nazis. One report in particular is seen as crucial to the war effort:

          “Organized into seven parts, the primary texts analyze the Nazi regime; outline the possibilities for its collapse; speculate on potential internal opposition; and advance a number of recommendations for postwar denazification, trials of criminals, and political and judicial reconstruction before offering some observations on Communism as the new enemy.”

      5. See halfpasthuman.com Cliff High s.d final warning about grocery store empty-ing out. Check it out as he mentions people suddenly getting caught off guard and shtf ape sh…t

        And oh by the way, I support Dond Trump for president… think I just made the phucking red list.. goo luck extracting me..

        anyone head any more about the pending Montana gun battle?..



        Cliff High, internationally known, locally respected.

        • Steve Quayle is a nutcase. There is no Montana Gun Battle. And the stock market isn’t going to crash on March 16th……its the 23rd now.

          • You’re forgetting that these things WILL be happening, with the exception that they’ll only be occurring in the mind of hcks instead of reality.

      6. “Islamic culture abiding by Sharia Law and unfamiliar with Western traditions and beliefs is completely incompatible with European and American civilization. It is one thing for Islamic culture to exist with respect to Western values, it is another thing for Islamic culture to supplant Western values.”

        Well said indeed!

        This sums up the fallacy in the “We are morally obligated to take in refugees from the Islamic world!” thesis.

        We are obligated to do no such thing.

        We in the non-Islamic world, in North America, Europe, and Asia are morally obligated to leave the Islamic world alone. We are morally obligated not to bomb them back into the Stone Age. We are morally obligated not to impose regime change.

        But we are most emphatically not required to make their people part of our own societies. They simply do not fit, and we are not required to try to make them fit.

        • They do not want our lifestyle, they want to destroy our lifestyle. This country is in big trouble. No one set of values is good enough, We are a Democratic Republic not a sharia law abiding bunch of stone age radicals. No idiots in Minarets wailing 6 times a day. Now Obama plans to release a whole lot of classified material on the things this country has been doing over the years. Says he wants to get it all out in the open. There goes the neighborhood people.Things are going to go to hell real fast. Hold on it’s going to be a rough ride. Long live the Republic, God Bless America.

      7. There certainly is no point in sending one’s children to Harvard these days. Was that supposed to be a debate? That guy got a free pass by saying that white people “should commit suicide.” Basically, western civilization is committing suicide, right now. How long will we last? Not long. I expect a new dark age to start once the first EMPs go off.

        • I promise it won’t be dark. We’ve got at least 10 gallons of reuseable ‘soy wax’ for candles, an enough wicks for two generations of wax burners as they learn to filter ‘corn liquor’ into a bio-fuel (for a second time).
          At this point “in the game” we find ourselves within, there is little-to-no-chance that we will NOT be knocked down (and back-in-time) just a tad via one or more EMPs. At THAT point, Obama could go back to Kenya as there’d be nothing left to for him to destroy …unless he wants to implode all mines and plow up all the fucking roads/superhighways in America and ensure all petro supplies are 100% depleted with no chance of getting more, and 100% of all land is unusable, especially to grow food …oh wait, he MUST stay and ensure that no white christian remains standing. Ah, so he WILL be doing (at least) one more term. Yes, My King, how might this lowly peasant serve you upon this fine day?
          I still say that if he’d shave his head Michelle could say she shaved her pussy…

          • Incoherent rambling.

      8. Thanks for another great article. Some of the idiots that have lived in these Progressive (stealth communist) cities like New York City have lost the ability to perform critical thinking. I just heard a cretin from New York City use liberal talking points to complain about Ted Cruz’ idea to patrol and observe Muslim communities in the United States. Cruz’ idea is designed to let bad actors know they are closely watched and to provide civilization a chance to stop these bad actors. “Political correctness” won’t allow the uber-left to see that when you are in a battle to save western civilization, the gloves must come off. By the way, non-uniformed combatants are not entitled to the restrictions of the Geneva Convention.

        • Cranerigger, libturds NEVER had any critical thinking skills. That’s why they’re libturds.

      9. Ideological Subversion:
        1) Demoralization
        2) Destabilization
        3) Crisis
        4) Normalization
        We are at the ‘crisis’ point now…
        One thing these Cultural Marxists don’t understand is that they are nothing more than useful idiots to the elites that use them. Once Normalization kicks in these useful idiots will no longer be useful and will be eliminated as counter revolutionaries.

      10. Women have been used by the communist globalists. Let’s be frank. These are the people who starved the ten million or so Russians in the breadbasket of that frosty Country right outside Sarah Pallins Alaska window. These are the people Hitler alerted the German citizens to. These are the people who have plotted and planned to take over the world: the Banksters (formerly known as money changers) have been at it since before Ceaser was stabbed in the back. We are still culturally shy about calling them out. And for good reason. Contrary to their claims of victimization, they have created victims out of every peoples, and in every country which was kind enough to give them welcome. Oh sure, there are many noble, kind, and hard working among them. But let us never put our guard down. There are also those among them, in positions of the power we gave them, who would enslave us or just murder us. GMO’s, Cancer causing vaccines, fluoridated water, Chemo/radiation torture, withholding known cures to disease while simultaneously poisoning us and causing us to die slow, painful deaths: and at the same time provoking and prolonging war for maximum casualties, and maximum profits. These are your cultural Marxists. I would like to call them something else. Something horrific. Monsters.

        • Agreed, and you are refreshingly well-versed and educated from within an obviously well-rounded background. Applause!
          You are totally correct that these damned ‘monsters’ (for they are nothing less than monsters), have been around since “the beginning” (almost as if ‘they’ must be a part of the whole), and that’s probably more true than we all realize to the greater extent).
          It was discovered in times past, and it was recently discovered that retired Veterans, in “veteran homes” (sometimes called domiciliaries), were living there due to their health and since they are ‘handy’ they are ‘lab rats’. For years they’ve been used to test various chemicals and “truly horrifying stuff” has been ‘trialed’ on veterans FIRST – to ensure it will have the greatest destructive affect on whomever they unloose it upon (which is everyone but themselves I would assume).
          There is now “very clear and legible handwriting on the wall” that reads Death To America (and this country has been quietly filled all the while the borders have been DOWNED “by the establishment” to allow egress for those who will be participating in the acts of shooting white christian americans. (Not a damn soul in my family history ever ONCE came CLOSE to a black ‘person’ way-back-when, but my ass is supposed to die for their oppressions (that I’ve had nothing to do with either). So, there’s some instant “hate and division” and the willingness to kill ‘one-or-several’ lest they take a shot at me first.
          War? Coming soon? Well, at this late stage in the game they are playing, how much of a chance is there that they’ll change their plans and NOT invoke the remainder of their ‘desires for us’? Zero is correct. So, make way for war …lots of it on ‘every level of existance’ (It amazes me that “they” are so damned confident that they have dared to ‘leak’ several of the key events they have in mind for our nation. Perhaps we can turn that one into THEIR undoing ….with a bit of lead and Hoppes Bore Cleaner).

      11. I argued today with an extremely nasty, clueless little Millennial who viciously attacked all Baby Boomers, saying that they were the “richest, most pampered, parasitic human beings on earth.”

        He advocated euthanasia for Baby Boomers and stated that once this generation had been eliminated, housing, jobs and wealth would be available for his generation.
        When I tried to explain to him that he was being brainwashed and that the elites want us fighting among ourselves, what followed was hysterical ranting and a profanity laced diatribe.

        I shudder to think what this world will look like if we survive another 20 years.

        • Don’t bet on it!I give it less than a year before Martial Law or revolution or civil war. It’s coming and that right soon!

      12. An excellent effort by Brandon Smith to broach the critically important subject of Cultural Marxism, although he seemed to be tip-toeing around one very important and impossible to deny aspect of this ideological cancer.

        I would like to recommend a book to Brandon Smith that will fill in all of the blanks that he either accidentally or intentionally overlooked in this article.

        “Culture of Critique” by former Professor Kevin MacDonald. MacDonald’s book digs very deeply into a discussion and critique of The Frankfurt School and should be a must read book for anyone interested in this topic.

        Incidentally, this vitriolic, clearly maniacal hatred for White Western European people and this pathological lust to dismantle, subvert, undermine and literally destroy Western Civilization – and effectively engineer the racial, ethnic, and cultural genocide of White Europeans is being driven, financed, promoted, and forcefully orchestrated primarily by one particularly demonic racial group.

        The amazing thing, however, is that this tiny racial group of hate-filled subversives have somehow managed to recruit a huge number of White elites and these White elites seem to be just as consumed with a desire to genocide their own race of humans as are the primary alumni of the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism.

        One case in point. The absolutely loathsome slab of mentally deranged, self-hating, self-loathing, cuckservative hyena excrement John Kasich – gave a speech to AIPAC recently and he promised them that, if he were to somehow manage to emerge from the toilet bowl in the Oval Office as the next President – he would be willing to eviscerate the First Amendment and impose the same kind of anti-Free Speech laws on Americans as the ADL B’Nai B’Rith has managed to impose on nearly every historic White European nation worldwide. His premise was, basically, that words or speech that hurt the tender feelings of jews – criticisms of any sort, regardless of whether they were truthful and based on facts – should be made ILLEGAL and Americans should be thrown into prison if they so much as squeaked a single disparaging word at the Self Chosen Supremacists.

        For many decades, the ADL has been scheming and conniving and trying to find some way whereby they can abolish the First Amendment – or, failing to do that, get our Congress to pass laws which set the ADL up as the Ultimate Arbiter of which kinds of Speech will be permitted inside the USA. What they really want is to abolish the 1st Amendment and impose totalitarian ‘Hate Speech’ laws on American and then, the ADL gets to decide what speech is legal or illegal. You can bet that any resistance or opposition to the White Genocide agenda of the Cultural Marxists will be labeled as a ‘hate crime’ and severely punished.

        The diabolically evil idea inside the heads of these Cultural Marxists is this: “We intend to genocide White Europeans, preceded by first maliciously flooding their nations with millions of indigestible and non-assimible, culturally incompatible and extremely hostile non-whites from the third world, and if any of you White Europeans complain about being genocided, we want to arrest you and put your butts in jail.”

        Conclusion: I see no possibility that this genocide agenda can end without bloodshed.

        • Tucker, BRAVO! As always you hit the nail on the head and never miss. On the ‘hate speech’ laws, I’ve always noticed those are applied to WHITE PEOPLE ONLY AND NEVER AGAINST ANY OTHER GROUP. So the ‘hate speech’ laws are without question race-based. I don’t follow any PC crap and never will. So if a cultural Marxist wants to try to penalize me for my speech, I’ve got some hot lead waiting for him/her/it.

        • A Jew hater. Too bad you couldn’t just come out and say “it’s the Jews, it’s the Jews.”

          I cannot abide people like you.

      13. americans have sat on their asses and allowed a corrupt bunch of politicians to destroy the country and the dumb sheep keep voting for more slavery, frankly at this point americans dont deserve their country, it appears that the whole country has a death wish.

        • Going back to live on the Res. Things aint good there but at least they make sense.

      14. charlie2dogs …ah now come off of it! There are FEW people who are not completely aware that the planned demise of America was not originally invoked by OUR politicians (save one, Obama). It IS THE NON_ALLIED WORLD who seeks our complete and total destruction, solely for what OUR politicians have done with Foreign Policy (“they raped it, so the world views all Americans with the same eyes they see our politicians in, and thus we are falsely claimed to be “an evil race that needs to be wiped out.” (When the real trouble would go away if only everyone in federal government went “poofers”). Don’t forget it has been OUR government who has been provided BIG BUCKS to The Jr. Varsity ISIS/ISIL League, and that THEY have, multiple times, threatened us directly with “a big surprise” is coming. IMHO I think the surprise will arrive in the form of an EMP at anytime between now and November, and not a day later.
        WHY do you think that Jade Helm 15 has distributed “instruments of war” all over the United States?
        Finally, Americans have not sat on their asses. We’ve been “chained to our assets” and fighting to keep them against unconstitutional “attacks” every single day without rest. “Division tactics” are invoked upon “the people” EVERY DAY (by fine individuals like Al Sharpton, who could easily lead us to The Promised Land …sorry, Blacks Only cuz White Lives Do No Longer Matter. You see, it is the “whities” fault that the blacks did NOT seek work and so they made babies, (why not, it’s all free for them cuz the men ain’t gonna work or stay with that woman very long after they ‘knock them up). It is WHITE folks fault that blacks do not try to do anything, but propagate and scream racism. (I have many, many black friends …close friends). THEY are civilized. Dunno what happened to the others but they’re as wild as their ancestors (primates). roflmao…. Hey, you can call me ‘honkie’, I can ‘yank your chain’ in fun too, I mean no harm in the least unless you would rather we fight-to-the-death over color or some other superfluous reason of ‘naught’.
        Bottom Line: It is the GOVERNMENT of America that has invoked “a death wish” upon her people. We, the people, have NOT asked for nor, in any conscience way, remotely try to piss anyone off or remotely try to invoke a series of events that would lead to all of our deaths. I submit that charlie2dogs is “off his rocker” or ‘not the brightest bulb in the closet’. 🙂 (You can take the heat can’t ya bud)? heheh….

      15. This author underestimates the amount of DUM(B)-(M)ASSES in the usa.

        On both sides, there are too many that just want it easy, free and dont want to work for it.

        for trump followers, the only way to bring jobs back is for them to get better educated; assembly line jobs that can no be done anywhere for $1 a day are never coming back.

        for sanders people, piling on more debt and more govt will just make corruption worse and seperate even further the top from the middle and bottom.

        i’m afraid the independent, pull yourself up by your own bootstraps thinking just isn’t the usa today anymore and so the usa will continue to descend further into socialism/marxism.

        • Well stated, the work ethic in this country is almost dead! The gimme gang is knocking at the door demanding to come in and have a slice or two of what ever they want, after all we owe it to them.Don’t need no job, don’t need no edumacation, don’t need no popo to keep things cool, we jus take what we want and damn all you who would try to stop us.I jus hold my pistol sideways an bus a cap in yo ass!

      16. “for trump followers, the only way to bring jobs back is for them to get better educated; ”

        Engineers can be had for $20K / yr in India. All of their work is on line. Remove the value adding creation of wealth via manufacturing and you remove a great need for those engineers too. There simply isn’t enough well paying employment period even if everyone earned a PHD.

        “for sanders people” “will just make corruption worse”

        Worse? Wall Street needs the reinstitution of Glass-Stegall making that which is unethical by any and all standards illegal again. The Justice Department needs to do what its name implies ; Administer Justice Equally And Impartially In Accordance With The Law .

        This is what the US desperately needs to have done.

      17. Tucker: Cultural Marxism explained in an Easy-Fast to comprehend, Bumper Sticker Slogan type method…

        “Forget that Coffeee America! Wake Up and Smell the JEW!”

        For marxist communism is/was a jewish invention, and perpetrated primarily By-For-and profited always by…International Jewry Period.

        USA Negros etAl are no more than jewry’s “Boots on the Ground” army of destruction of all things “White European, and Christian”….

        PS: These Nefarious evil doer kommies of the ADL-SPLC-Bani’ Birith freeemasonery etc are decendants named as “TARES” in one of Christ’s parables called “Wheat Vs Tares”…Whites are the Wheats vs Jewish Tare WEEDS!

        Untill the great Harvest time that is!

        but Tucker…do not hold your breath awaiting any soon article by Mr Smith or anybody else here that actually stops tip toeing around this important main issue of “whom” are/is the leadership of anti white and antichrist agendas, and actually nameing them properly as…Jewish….it still remains the real “Third Rail” Huge “Taboo” subject for these writers to speak of or write of….Good thing a small few of Us are not so fearing of nameing these evil culprits eh Brother!

        • tg,

          hey, what happened to your big plan to sell Lake Huron water to thirsty people for all their gold and silver? Weren’t you supposed to be rich by now? You know, you’ve always been the biggest fucking loser whoever posted here, one thing you WILL be useful for is fertilizer because you’re not full of shit, you are nothing but shit. Blessed will be the day when the Earth can use you for fertilizer.

          • Nailed it Karl.

        • To blame the Jews for all the ills in this country is totally beyond believable. Why don’t you think for once what has been happening the last 7 or so years.The elephant eared mullah in the White House has got us all against each other. Soros has his handmaiden Jarrett, the Iranian born chief adviser who used to work for him controlling Obamas puppet strings and you all are falling for it hook line and sinker. Wake up and smell the coffee before Obama outlaws that next. Then you think about this, who has Obozo endorsed for his job, No one that’s who. He has no intention of giving up the job! I’m just waiting for him to give his ISIS people the order, and we’ll all be in a world of shit together.EMP dirty bombs,suicide attacks, you name it it is coming!

      18. Them Guys, good to see you back. I do miss your posts.

        • Braveheart: Thank you for the notice…I aint “back” per se…Rather after a long several months of not posting a reply…Due to a constant censorship of near every reply I attempted to post up here being deleted, or kept held in “moderation Limbo” for days upon days on end prior to it finally posting up…and when a dozen or two new articles fully Buried my reply…

          It kinda became a useless attempt at my adding an opinion or adding any factual truths in attempting to awaken fully the Many still deluded that frequent these forums.

          I am fully suprized to see this did get posted up and within same day I submitted it!…Maybe “test” the resident gate keeper of such issues I speak of fell asleep at the wheel and it got passed him eh?…TG

      19. An adjunct to Cultural Marxism is the Cloward-Piven strategies.

        “In their 1966 article, Cloward and Piven charged that the ruling classes used welfare to weaken the poor; that by providing a social safety net, the rich doused the fires of rebellion. Poor people can advance only when “the rest of society is afraid of them,” Cloward told The New York Times on September 27, 1970. Rather than placating the poor with government hand-outs, wrote Cloward and Piven, activists should work to sabotage and destroy the welfare system; the collapse of the welfare state would ignite a political and financial crisis that would rock the nation; poor people would rise in revolt; only then would “the rest of society” accept their demands.”


      20. “The very essence of Cultural Marxism is the support of mass immigration / open borders.”

        Kalergi: ““The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples and the diversity of individuals. Instead of destroying European Judaism against her will, refined and educated this people, driving them to their future status as a leading nation through this artificial evolutionary process. It’s not surprising that the people that escaped from the Ghetto-Prison, became the spiritual nobility of Europe. Thus, the compassionate care given by Europe created a new breed of aristocrats. This happened when the European feudal aristocracy crashed because of the emancipation of the Jews [due to the actions taken by the French Revolution]”

        “Two of the most important things that a Human Being requires is sufficient land (that contains all the resources for you and your family to survive) and to know their ancestry. In extremis it is your clan that will come to your aid. This an EU plan is to destroy your ancestry, family loyalty , nationality and Englishness. It is part of the plan to dumb down the open education of the young and only teach ‘revised’ and politically approved material.

        The aim of this plan is to destroy the White Tribes … by what they call ‘ethnic dilution’. Is this a conspiracy theory? It reads like a James Bond film. If you think so then you must explain why Merkel and Van Rompuy have both been awarded the EU Charlemagne prize for their efforts in moving the Coudenhove Kalergi plan forward.

        Richard Coudenhove Kalergi was the first recipient in 1950 for his Pan European Plan for the elimination of the White Tribes of Europe.

        “…after the Second World War, Kalergi, thanks to frantic and tireless activity and the alleged support of Winston Churchill (doesn’t sound like Churchill?? ed), the Jewish Masonic Lodge B’nai B’rith and major newspapers like the New York Times, the plan managed to be accepted by the United States Government. The CIA later undertakes the completion of the project.”


      21. Yeah, that’d be great except that no ideology ever formed around the term Cultural Marxism, The Frankfurt School weren’t radical feminists, and that they’re in fact 45 years removed from today’s identity politics with many shifts in academic thinking having been made in that time. Like I’ve said elsewhere – I’d like it if conservatives just attacked identity politics and social constructivism head on – but they can’t; because they don’t have to right stuff to be able to.

        Here’s a wider selection of my thoughts on the matter:


        • Good luck trying to explain academia to angry, withdrawn right-wingers! I am left-wing and also not a fan of identity politics, which I think is a liberal capitalist device to get groups chasing their tails, but most of the left-liberals won’t hear it today.

      22. “Reverse Racism

        My favorite hypocritical claim from cultural Marxists is that there is no such thing as reverse racism. Meaning, a black or Hispanic or Asian person, etc., cannot be racist towards a white person. How is this possible? They assert that racism requires institutionalized “advantage” or “privilege.” Only white people can be racist because we have all the “privilege” and institutional protection.”

        I’m left-wing, and of course, non-whites can be and are racist. Asians can be racist against other Asians, for example; my friend is married to a Taiwanese woman, and she generally hates the Chinese. In the USA, it’s just a bigger problem when whites act in a racist way because whites here tend to have the most stuff and systemic advantage (across the country as a whole), so we have more power to shut others out of the necessities of a decent standard of living. That’s a reality in terms of getting jobs, getting houses (redlining…), getting harassed by cops, etc. It’s real, and it’s racism. It’s important to distinguish individual racism from overall social trends and movements though.

        • I’m with you and agree about your take on identity politics, but here there are too many withdrawn people, some of whom, just use the reverse racism as an excuse to be racist. Ok muslim religion is not exactly about freedom, but I don’t see much freedom talking here, except in the usual and trite appeal to free (hate)speech.
          The talk about division, calling out herd mentality is especially hilarious when the arguments seems to revolve around criminalizing groups of people, someone outright said blacks are dumb.
          On cultural marxism, I dunno about the tendency to divide people, of course such device can be highjacked to fuel further division, but we couldn’t deny there is exploitation and, especially in past, it was a matter of class, now the class is preserved through other means. The nature of jobs, the nature of fruition, its replicability, other conditions through which contractual power operates, makes so that most wealth is concentrated in the hand of the top 2%, excuse me if it’s little.
          Dunno also if now “feminism” is getting out of hand, that might be partially true but partially inflated by right conspiracy propaganda, which reminds women and men have the same rights, but that came from feminism too, women couldn’t vote, so couldn’t black people.

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