Surprised? Belgium Knew Terror Attack Was Coming: “Advance and Precise Intelligence Warnings”

by | Mar 24, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 38 comments

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    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: If the true facts were to come out, they would so totally contradict the official narrative that the entire paradigm of NATO and the whole of the conflicts in the Middle East would look completely different. If people only understood how manufactured and targeted the terrorism was – in serving as a cattle prod to action – the population would revolt over night.

    Instead, the weight of tragedy, of tears and loss and the psychological impact of fear and shock take over logical thinking and, of course, all the world’s headlines. Instead, the reality of these attacks are deceptively spun as an enemy instead of as a deliberate catalyst. Then again, no one is buying the red pill, and they just can’t seem to keep enough blue in stock to keep everybody going. The will of the people seems to be to keep riding along with their abusers and captors, even when escape is possible and even likely. The people have learned helplessness, and become conditioned to action only through fear…

    Surprised? Belgian Government Knew Terror Attack Was Coming

    by Joshua Krause

    On the surface, there really isn’t anything mysterious about Tuesday’s terrorist attack in Brussels. Belgium carried out a small bombing campaign against ISIS last year, and roughly 100 of their military personnel remain in the Middle East in advisory roles. Couple that with the fact that Belgium has a sizeable migrant population from the Middle East, and many of their urban neighborhoods have become no go zones for the authorities, and it becomes shocking that an attack like this didn’t happen sooner.

    The country is so out of control, that it has become a breeding ground for Islamic terror groups who use the country as a staging area for future attacks against Europe. In fact, the assailants who committed the brutal terrorist attack in Paris last November were originally based in Belgium.

    So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a terrorist attack was attempted in this country, and it isn’t first time this has happened. The only thing that’s unique about it this time around, is the scale of the devastation. What is surprising however, is the fact that the Belgian government couldn’t prevent this attack. According to some sources like Haaretz, Belgian authorities should have known this was coming.

    The Belgian security services, as well as other Western intelligence agencies, had advance and precise intelligence warnings regarding the terrorist attacks in Belgium on Tuesday, Haaretz has learned.

    The security services knew, with a high degree of certainty, that attacks were planned in the very near future for the airport and, apparently, for the subway as well.

    Despite the advance warning, the intelligence and security preparedness in Brussels, where most of the European Union agencies are located, was limited in its scope and insufficient for the severity and immediacy of the alert.

    And that’s not all. Turkey’s President recently said something along similar lines.

    Belgium had been notified of the terrorist links of one of the suicide bombers involved in the deadly Brussels attacks when he was deported from Turkey last year, according to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

    The Belgian citizen was detained in Turkey’s southeastern Gaziantep province, which borders Syria, in July of 2015, and was subsequently deported, Erdogan said.

    “One of the attackers in Brussels is an individual we detained in Gaziantep in June 2015 and deported. We reported the deportation to the Belgian Embassy in Ankara on July 14, 2015, but he was later set free,” Erdogan said, as cited by Reuters.

    “Belgium ignored our warning that this person is a foreign fighter,” he added.

    Similar accusations were hurled at the Belgian government following the Paris terror attack. They had all the intel they needed to foil the terrorists, but completely bungled their counter-terror efforts. For many of you reading this, I’m sure alarm bells are ringing in your head. You may be wondering if a conspiracy of some kind is afoot. It almost seems too convenient for Belgium to repeatedly drop the ball on these attacks.

    However, it’s just as likely that Belgian authorities are simply incompetent. That’s certainly what many U.S. intelligence officials believe.

    News of Tuesday’s attack was met in some parts of Washington with resigned frustration.

    “There was only so much we could do to help,” one official explained to The Daily Beast.

    “Belgium has been stepping up the amount of people they’re devoting to intelligence and law enforcement but they’re playing catch-up and we’re seeing the terrible results of that today,” Rep. Adam Schiff, the senior Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said on MSNBC.

    Indeed, an official said there were warnings as recent as this weekend.

    A frustrated U.S. intelligence official bemoaned the state of the counterterrorism apparatus in Belgium and across Europe.

    “Even with the EU in general, there’s an infiltration of jihadists that’s been happening for two decades. And now they’re just starting to work on this. When we have to contact these people or send our guys over to talk to them, we’re essentially talking with people who are—I’m just going to put it bluntly—children. They are not pro-active, they don’t know what’s going on. They’re in such denial. It’s such a frightening thing to admit their country is being taken over.”

    So what do you think is going on? Is the Belgian government completely incompetent, or are they letting these attacks happen? Honestly, neither would surprise me at this point.


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      1. Compared to the number of civilians and children killed by US bombing raids in Iraq/Afghanistan/etc, this little incident in Belgium is nothing.

        • Says a lot that Turkey deported them.

        • Why the Refugee Crisis in EU? Why the destabilization of Syria? JFK Jr explains this in pretty simple language to Russia’s Sputnik Radio.

          As Robert F. Kennedy Jr., attorney and nephew of US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy explains, the major reason for the west’s attempt to overthrow the Assad government was to build a natural gas pipeline from Qatar that traversed Syria, capturing its newly discovered offshore reserves, and continued on through Turkey to the EU, as a major competitor to Russia’s Gazprom.

          Kennedy to Sputnik: ‘Pipeline War’ is at the Roots of Syrian Crisis

          Radio Sputnik discusses the origins of the Syrian crisis with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., attorney and nephew of US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
          Kennedy writes that the US decided to remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power after he refused to back a Qatari gas pipeline project. Sputnik also touched upon US foreign policy, the refugee crisis and why Donald Trump would be a better president than Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.
          “We’ve compromised our own constitution, including the Bill of Rights in the name of the national security state and a warfare state. We’ve gotten rid, in many cases, of the right of jury trial. We’ve gotten rid of the prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment. We talked ourselves into this idea that it’s okay to water board and torture people.”
          He went on to say that the US public is disillusioned to think that the US is still a beacon of democracy. He spoke about how the government stood for freedom of people before. But the United States has intervened fifty eight times since WW2.
          Kennedy further said that, “WW2 was a huge lesson to us. It was a moral lesson to the United States. It was something that we learned in school, that the Allied forces have done a wonderful thing by defeating Hitler.”

          “But we haven’t been responsive to the refugee crisis. And today we are doing the same thing. And the problem is that we really have been creating this refugee crisis. We are the ones that destroyed the government of Libya.”
          “We are the ones that in this pipeline dispute helped destroy the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. We are the ones who invaded Iraq, when there were no weapons of mass destruction, when Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11. And Saddam Hussein was very hostile to al-Qaeda, as was Muammar Gadaffi. Gaddafi was helping us fight Al-Qaeda,” Kennedy said.
          “Bashar Assad after 9/11 gave us the dossiers on terrorists from the Islamic jihadist groups because he saw them as mutual enemies.”
          Kennedy said, “I am not saying that we should ally ourselves with the dictators. But we ally ourselves with the Saudis. And the Saudis don’t let women drive a car. You go to jail if you drive a car. They behead people every Wednesday in Mecca. They torture people and they suppress free speech and they do a lot that is probably worse.”
          He went on to say that, “When we decide to overthrow those people, if you examine the real motives, almost always they serve the interests of large United States corporations who have an economic interest in the region. And in this case that was true. If you look at the roots of this war it is a pipeline war.”
          “It was a Sunni revolution that was funded by our allies, by Qatar and Saudi Arabia. And in many cases the soldiers of this revolution were trained and armed by the United States.”

          ~So basically Folks, We as US Taxpayers, are funding the US State Sponsored Global Terrorism FOR THE FASCIST US CORPORATIONS, funding and training Terror Groups like ISIS, the Destabilization of Syria and other Nations, who refuse to be the victims of extortion, including the horrific current Refugee Crisis in Europe, which destroys Euro White Civilization and Cultures, AKA: (Our Own Heritage.) And We as Tax payers, forced to pay these Mandatory Tax Payments at the POINT OF A GUN OR THREATS OF JAIL AND ASSET FORFEITURE BY THE IRS, WHICH IS JUST ANOTHER TENTACLE SHAKE DOWN COLLECTION AGENCY OF THE BEAST. Regime change begins at home!! Vote Trump!!

          ~WWTI… I had the pleasure of meeting JFK Jr back in 2000 at one of his book signings, and I have a nice photo of us shaking hands. He is an Honorable Man, and I thanked him and his family for their service to our country. “Ask Not, what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your country….JFK… You got it.

          • Followup. RE: The major reason for the west’s attempt to overthrow the Assad government was to build a natural gas pipeline from Qatar that traversed Syria, capturing its newly discovered offshore reserves, and continued on through Turkey to the EU, as a major competitor to Russia’s Gazprom.

            Imagine This: What if China started to bomb the Hell out of the United States and displace all of our people, and overthrow the US President, because China wants to build the Keystone Pipeline across the US from Canada to say Texas Ports so they can get the Oil. Exact similar situation as to what the US is doing in Syria.

            Like WTF kind of Twisted Foreign Policy do we have here in the US, to tolerate this, that is so Damn corrupt, terroristic and genocidal to Displace all of these mostly innocent Syrian people by supporting, arming, training and allow Terrorist Organization like ISIS to create chaos within this Country called Syria to create mass refugee movement to flee the bombings.

            We as Americans, should be up in ARMS marching on Washington for this Genocide and Displacement, so WTF to get a friggin gas pipeline built? F-N Psychopaths like Hillary Clinton, and Obama, and we should stop feeding this beast by our tax payments. We are simpley accessories to Murder here.


          • More than just a pipeline,the Levant will go to the middle east democracy

          • WWTI,

            I have to ask you a question here, you say you met JFK jr back in 2000 at one of his book sightings and have a nice photo of you two shaking hands. Really? You have a picture of you shaking hands with a corpse? Check your facts before spreading your bullshit idiot, he died in July of 1999. Your story is the epitome of all your other commentary here, total bullshit.

            • I Meant RFK Jr who I met.. Typo. Good eye,. Yes Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


      2. Point blank, this is the powers to be way of getting those sheep to beg them for protection and turn them into the serfs they want in europe. As 9/11 was used here to take away rights and turn the sheeple here into babbling mindless liberals who’s feelings get hurt and need safe spaces because words hurt. Do not for one minute think this BS has not been orchestrated from the beginning and used to put chains on people across the world!!! This will continue till people grow a pair and fight back!!!

        • Grab holt of your pair friend it’s already started here

        • Right you are about the powers that shouldn’t be.
          “Why would Brussels be such a prime target for terror attacks?
          “Most Americans don’t understand how important the city of Brussels is. For one thing, it is the headquarters of the NATO alliance, and defense ministers from 49 different nations met there last month to discuss a potential ground invasion of Syria.
          “Secondly, it is also the unofficial capital of the European Union.”
          (From the Economic Collapse Blog)

      3. But of course they knew , but being PC was more important.

        They were probably to busy trying to decide which gender they are and which bathroom to use .

        • Notice how none of these attacks are against the string pullers, aka elitists? ITS ALWAYS AGAINST THE INNOCENT PUBLIC. The ELITESTS are the chaos creators. We need to start targeting the chaos creators and they are not located on the battfield but in back rooms and palaces. The real news travels too quickly and they cannot pull off thes falseflags any longer. Johnny jihad is just the dopey messenger. Its exploitation of the poor with no jobs other than carrying a rifle or bombs with instructions of the string killers who pay them. G Soros is one here in the States creating Chaos as he hides behind the Curtin. Why is he not in jail yet, is astonishing.


        • Swedish women are donning hijabs and posting photos on Facebook “in solidarity” with muslimes. Telling the muslimes they secretly want Sweden islamicized, and want muslime men. Guess they’re just getting used to their future life.

          In the near future, posters of The Swedish Bikini Team won’t sell so well.

          • You are full of SHiT!!- didndonuffin

      4. ““One of the attackers in Brussels is an individual we detained in Gaziantep in June 2015 and deported. We reported the deportation to the Belgian Embassy in Ankara on July 14, 2015, but he was later set free,”

        Hmmmmmmm, “Catch & Release” where have I heard that before ??? 🙁

      5. “Surprised?”


        Belgium Knew Terror Attack Was Coming: “Advance and Precise Intelligence Warnings”

        Of course they knew, it was a Mock anti-terror drill that went Live!

        ISIS – claims responsibility
        USGOV – created/funded ISIS
        USGOV – responsible for terrorism

        • Just think how many alive over there are grasping a clue now about prepping for collaspes and false flags and taking up arms in any way they can. Point these Newly awaken sherple to SHTFPLAN, and we will fill them in, and bring them up to speed about the evildoers from within. Lots of new customers Mac. And sure they can check the archives for a library of info.


      6. News reports has it as though the Belljams new when and where. How else can they make their people believe to go along with the program. Besides… the death toll, meh. Gotta make the underlings feel that you’re needed, right?

      7. time to do away with Nato….we were funding it and providing most of the troops and materials anyway. Let them take care of themselves and let us take care of ourselves. Europe is done…why go down with them? They don’t do anything for us and spend no money on their own protection. Screw em!

        • Jim in VA. We need to dissolve both NATO and the UN United Nations. They are both Psychopathic death squads. BTW/ Donald trump is all over this and will get to work day one, if we hire him for Pres. He have mentioned all of this in his speeches.

          ~WWTI.. You don’t hear this from Cruz, Hillary or Sanders.

      8. The globalists think they are smarter than the rest of us. They are not. But they are more organized and have been at the game for so long without giving up. They have world domination now. Through the international banking system they control the governments. We must continue our fight for the freedom of all people and every culture and every race. The people of Belguim have a right to fight for the survival of their Caucasian Cultural heritage. The globalist genocidal maniacs who brought in these angry Middle Eastern and North Africen murderous Muslims did it because they knew it would cause fear and destabilization. Those in government who love Belgium and the true Belgium people must find the courage to defy the globalists and save yourselves for if you don’t things will get so bad even beyond your wildest imaginings. Have no fear. God is with you. I and many Americans wish you life and freedom.

        • ” globalist genocidal maniacs”

          Call them what they are , socialists .
          It never works .

      9. I have to bring you the facts and the truth. They ALWAYS know about these attacks before hand because the level of surveillance is so extensive, it ALWAYS picks up sniffs of planning and plots. Governments, every once in awhile, let one slip through if it moves the agenda forward. Want to do a test of the system? Go online, download kiddie porn and beastality porn, set up a Facebook terror group, Tweet how you want to blow some places up, Instagram some pics of where you want to attack, then go to bed after a couple whiskeys: then count down to 3:30 am in the morning: your door will be hammered down and a team of police shouting will pour in.

        The only people who can ever do the above and not have the police bust through their door, is Islamists. Gee, I wonder why? 🙂

      10. The EU Headquarters in Brussels, separate from the Flemish and French local governments, has known, and so have their partners, the jewish-dominated US government (which is no longer the USA government of the American people), and Israel. Those are the instigators for all of these “terrorists” – if it is not their agents directly doing the “terrorism”.

        This article above is from one of their controlled slick magazine type of sites, and attempts to throw the blame away from the EU, the US, Turkey and Israel. Erdogan is the main supplier for the “immigrants” who are being imported into Belgium and the rest of the EU, and has threatened retaliation for Belgian support for the Kurds. Is this blaming of the victims an attempt to place themselves as higher controllers over the legitimate people and the government of Belgium itself? Those are the pushers of the Coudenhove-Kelergi rationale against all our White nations.

      11. Preaching to the choir here won’t solve too much.
        Having said that, maybe we could start some threads
        on how to protect ourselves from our PC government?
        Keeping it all legal of course! I’ve always advocated
        Passive-Agression. For example I only pay federal taxes
        once a year, I never get a refund and I never have had
        to pay the penalty. All legal or at least so insignificant
        they won’t bother to mess with you..
        That kind of information would be interesting, as we can’t stop
        terrorists, when our Government enables them, but we can
        starve our government, because they can’t function if we
        stop cooperating on the small stuff. Some ideas to start,
        1. Challenge every traffic citation in court.
        2. Challenge every property tax assessment increase.
        3. If you work, change your W4 to 20 dependents, don’t forget to save enough to pay the IRS when you are forced to.
        4. Get a business license, buy everything at wholesale, and only pay tax once a year or in the year you consume it, on the wholesale price, no one ever said you had to make a profit off a sale or conversion to personal use.
        5. Go cash only, whenever you can. eg. don’t use VISA to purchase ammo, if you can do cash.
        6. Buy off road diesel for your truck. They only inspect construction companies for cheating, ever wonder why your trucks fuel line is clear?
        7. Send in all receipts for fuel and request a refund as you used the fuel in your boat( In my state by law, every home has to have a boat- really! so I own two little sailing dinghy’s). Marine fuel is not subject to road taxes in most states, so they refund you.

        There is more you can do, I’m sure the posters on this site
        can come up with locality specific ways to overwhelm the system
        but still be legal.
        Death by a thousand cuts, is still a death.

        • rellik.. I know for a fact, that just showing up for court to dispute a traffic violation, 50% of the time, the Cop never shows up and just go tell the Judge you plead not guilty and the case is dismissed. I have also went back out to the scene and took photos, and questioned the COPs in court like when was the last time they have maintenance on their vehicles, or when was the last time their Radar Detector was re-calibrated. If they do not have that documented info with them, you can ask the judge that this case be dismissed. There are some good lengthy reports online you can buy “How to Beat Traffic Tickets in Court”


          • Oh, and after you first Go to court for not guilty trial, you set a date, wait a few days before your court appearance, then reschedule it again for another date, or again, or you are still gathering evidence. Enough delays and the cop gives up and not showing up. No Show. You Win,,.. See they bundle up a Cops ticket count for all one day for his convenience, by delaying pretrial hearing, less people will be there each time, 2nd go around, etc..until you are just down to a few ticket disputes and the Cop will not think it is worth his time to go to court, for just one or a few tickets. Or lose or Misplace your file, due to the changes..And your case is dismissed. They cannot delay your day in court. And ask that it be dismissed WITH Prejudice, meaning they can not come back at you again later for the same case or incident. Had not had to use that strategy in decades, but you can. Look up the excuse list, like an Uncles funeral, etc… lol That was in the days of driving fast red cars.


      12. I for one intend i fight back.
        Its really going to be on when and if they try to take my guns away.

        • You from the south ma’am?

        • With a purple gun?You must be a child of the South

          • why yes i am and very proud. wouldn’t be caught dead in the north.

            • and an Ar-15 and my trusty bow

      13. Anyone that has worked in a large multi-national business should be able to understand what is happening with western bureaucratic governments. When large businesses put in large unwieldy projects that are doomed for failure everyone at the lowest rung of the project scratches their heads and knows the project will fail. Then why does it go in? It happens because the money is allocated and going to be spent so all middle management cares about is getting their piece of the project done and collecting their Atta-boys. They know their boss will take the blame for not getting the project to work. And so it goes on up the management line until you get to the top. In this case the top guys are always ready to take the heat and if they get fired they have “golden parachutes” that in the worst case feed them for life.

        Bureaucrats in government work the same as business with projects. A government now works on a multi-national basis the same as business. The project they are working on is the new world order. This multifaceted project has many factions and subprojects. But one the main goals of the NOW organization is to eliminate the once prosperous middle classes of the western world and infiltrate them with the multitudes from the third world. One of the benefits of doing this is the “white” population that is under populating the western world can be supplemented with cheap third world labor that will produce more tax payers in the next generation. Another benefit is third world labor tends to be “quiet” as compared to middle class tax payers.

        So when unrest like the Brussels terror attack happens the NOW organization “big wigs” do everything in their power to calm the situation down and then forget about it. They assume they have all the resources they need; like the press – to redirect the public’s anger, the police swat teams – to find out others to might disrupt things, the paid politicians – to reassure the voters that it will never happen again and countless paid online cheer leaders to get the NOW moving again from this “minor” set back. They fully believe they can beat back any obstacle and change the world as they see fit. Maybe all this needs is to throw a couple million in trinkets at the voters and they will calm down…

        And here we are the “little people” scratching our heads while the mussies rape our wives, daughters and while trying to slit our throats. We can’t believe they would not panic and shut the airport down! And the here comes that message again “…those who killer were just misunderstood and this is just another work place violence incident…” WHAT! Work place violence?…

        Then we hear again from the Main Street Media ‘…You “little people” can go back to having fun… you see this was not much of a story after all. The POTUS only briefly spoke about it for 51 seconds, so it is no big deal…Yeah they may have know about these guys. But mistakes happen. It was only a few deaths….” “…You see the money was allocated to resettle the mussies and you got to expect a few bumps in the project…” says the heads of state. Gee sounds just like a big multi-national corporate project…
        So it is time for people to open their eyes and look at NOW resettlement project in terms of the corporate project analogy and you can see we are all being treated as non-entities that “work” for our governments instead of being citizens of a Republic that tell government what to do.

        We are beginning to hear the same call all over the world about the NOW project. The populist call goes something like “…It is time to take back our government and get rid of …”

      14. One has to wonder if European civilization deserves to survive. Europe is much further along toward extinction than USA, and the pushback consists of candlelight vigils and colored lights projected onto buildings. I hope (at least some) Americans push back harder.

      15. Some facts we know

        1. Turkey supplied ISIS with Sarin gas in 2013
        2. Turkey financed ISIS by buying oil
        3. USA often dropped food/ammunition to ISIS by accident
        4. Saudi Arabia gave ISIS TOW missiles
        5. USA spent $1/2bn to train just 5 members of the FSA
        6. The USA said they were bombing ISIS as it grew bigger
        7. ISIS has never attacked Israel
        8. 9/11 was most likly a false flag, hell we know it was.

        Looking to what will come out of the bombings i see (these are not facts yet)

        1. Army on the streets as the police protect muslims
        2. More rights and privacy taken away from the public
        3. Calls to bomb Syria that realy is fighting ISIS
        4. Russia is the boogy man
        5. Right wing hears the words “Hate Speech” more and more.
        6. We need to allow more immigrants in, not there fault.

        I hate (Yes that right so it’s hate speech) Alex Jones but what comes to mind is the old Problem-Reaction-Soloution that Alex goes on about.

      16. I want you all to take a global atlas and a pencil and sit down to read to read the article. When reading, mark the locations mentioned on a map. Ignore the politics as frankly the puppet mouthpieces are just a distraction please. Step back and take a look at the map when you are done.

        Now do you feel more aware of what’s really going down? This shit is serious & there is not gonna be a happy ending.


        p.s This needs to be an article on it’s own as people NEED to see this.

      17. Security for : brussells airport, amsterdams schiphol airport ( underwear bomber ) .boston’s logan airport (911 hijackers ) .paris (shoe bomber ) .londons bus network (bus bombing )……..ICTS security firm for all the above…….

      18. Combine blowback with incompetence, that explains a lot.

        It’s also in the interest of the rulers to have people fearful of attack even if the probability of so dying is miniscule. This being Belgium rather than the US government, my guess would be this is an unintentional benefit to the rulers, rather than something planned such as a false flag.

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