Surprise! ISIS Inspired Terrorist Arrested In San Francisco Was An Anti-Trump Antifa Supporter

by | Dec 23, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 18 comments

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    One day after local media outlets in San Francisco confirmed that the FBI had arrested Muslim convert Everitt Aaron Jameson for planning to attack the popular Pier 39 shopping center and tourist attraction, it has been revealed that the suspect was also a supporter of Antifa and other hard-left causes.

    According to authorities, Jameson targeted Pier 39 because of his knowledge of the area and the specific fact that it would be “heavily crowded.” The man also believed that it would be easy to “funnel” more people into the area in order to murder them.

    While mainstream media reports have confirmed that Jameson recently began to post and like pro-terrorism related content on Facebook, the establishment press has so far ignored the stunning fact that the would be terrorist was also a public supporter of Antifa as well as mainstream press outlets who support the group such as CNN and Buzzfeed.

    Paul Joseph Watson reported:

    Jameson liked Berkeley Antifa, Antifa California, Antifa Scaramento and White Rose Antifa Portland, an archived version of his Facebook profile confirms.

    He also liked a number of other far-left pages, including ‘Trump Resistance Movement’, ‘Things Trump Supporters Say’, ‘US Democratic Socialists’, ‘Progressive Politics’, and ‘Jeremy Corbyn’.

    Some of Jameson’s favorite news organisations were The Young Turks, CNN, BuzzFeed and Al Jazeera. He also liked a number of pro-vegan pages.

    The jihadist also sympathised with a number of pro-Muslim pages, including ‘Documenting Oppression Against Muslims, ‘Islam – Religion of Peace’ and ‘Stunning Hijabs’, as well as numerous anti-Israel activist pages.

    That’s right, Jameson liked a who’s who of the far-left, anti-Trump “resistance” and the mainstream media apparently doesn’t want the American people to know this shocking fact.

    One has to wonder if the suspect was not only inspired by ISIS by also by hard-left groups here in the United States, some who have even pushed for an alliance between the left and Islam.

    Watson again noted:

    Jameson’s Facebook likes confirm that his political leanings were a mixture of radical far-left ideology and Islamism.

    As we have documented, ISIS has previously attempted to reach out to those on the far-left as part of an attempt to create militant offshoot cells within the United States and Western Europe.

    A passage from the ISIS manifesto Black Flags from Rome entitled ‘European Muslims allying with Left-Wing activists’ details a plan to recruit those on the far left because they broadly share the same goals as radical Islamists.

    During the anti-Trump inauguration riots back in January, one Antifa supporter was seen displaying an ISIS flag and beheading videos on his phone in an effort to intimidate Trump supporters in Washington, DC.

    Its safe to say that the establishment press won’t be doing any in-depth research on how Jameson became radicalized, especially when you consider the fact that the press itself has promoted Antifa as a legitimate means of resisting Donald Trump.


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      1. nice guy

      2. no kidding, whooda thunkit

      3. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ… huh…. what? … did somebody say something? Nevermind…. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

        • wth who’d have think that the left would be unamerican and hate this great country, yet refuse to go live where they chat its so good…time for trump to booth them and their minions out of the USA forever…send them packing to the middle east and africa, bring our troops home let these dog turds protect themselves and us for once!

      4. send him to saudi arabia to be treated as a criminal so he goes to pieces!

      5. GOOD JOB FBI

      6. No surprise.

        • Profiling works, if only the damn liberal loons had a milligram of common sense to allow it. Shitstains like this should never be allowed to exist in this country.

      7. We need to show him how wrong he was. Pack bacon up his butt and cut off his head.

      8. I’ve got to believe that the trial of the murdering Mexican illegal out in SF and his murder around Pier 39 has some motivation to this asshole …

        These guys all have cross-over allegiances and the lines blur between the causes – wouldn’t doubt he’s fighting for the BLM and Cartel M-13 also ….

      9. Another one bites the dust….

      10. IW, agreed. The libturds are just giving us more reasons as time goes by to be against them. Let the f#$%ers bring it on. I’m ready for them.

      11. Thank goodness San Francisco is a santuary city and probably won’t prosecute him. That will save “bullet train moon beam” having to pardon him…

      12. Can we start shooting now? …. please. “..Enemies foreign and domestic…” if I recall….

      13. he is probably working for the CIA. Of course you know ISIS and Antifa are both funded and supported by the Government.

      14. While the country was not set up by the Founders to be a police state, national defense is part of the mandate of the Constitution, and there ARE some good people in the police, FBI (we all know certain factions there have been co-opted, of course), etc. We can all be glad he was stopped!

        And the fascist left Young Turks should be renamed Young Jerks.

      15. These ISIS home grown types are recruited when friends invite them to mosques or they meet Muslims in social settings, then some are drawn into the lifestyle and convert. By letting scum in from the middle east and allowing mosques all over the country, it will get worse like the EU and nothing will stop it since our globalist freaks are pushing full speed ag. 21 take down. Obviously Trump cannot stop the flow of this trash from overseas either as apostate churches are bringing them in and resettling them. Europe is down the crapper and we will soon be. Open border countries are w/o a future.

      16. a product of public/gov education

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