Study Shows No Correlation Between Violent Crime and Gun Laws: “Really Isn’t Any Evidence”

by | Oct 9, 2015 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 87 comments

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    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily

    Editor’s Comment:

    Study Shows No Correlation Between Violent Crime and Gun Laws

    by Joshua Krause

    After every mass shooting, you can expect the gun control crowd to make the same exact argument that they’ve been trying to make for decades. They will tell you that in every country with limited access to firearms, there are fewer firearm related deaths, both by homicide and by suicide. In most cases this is probably true, with the exception of a few crime ridden hell holes that would probably have a high crime rate, regardless of how many guns are legally available.

    However, this fact completely misses the point, and I’m baffled that they can make same argument over and over again with a straight face. What really matters is the overall violent crime rate. Does restricting gun ownership reduce the number of all murders, or does it just reduce gun related crimes? There is an important distinction between the two, because if you only care about stopping crimes that involve guns, then you’re basically saying that you want to outlaw guns because they’re scary. You’re not addressing the root cause of society’s problems.

    So what if we took a look at how effective our gun laws have been? What if gun laws actually reduced the number of people who are murdered by any means? That would certainly support the arguments made by gun control advocates. Unfortunately for them, the numbers don’t add up in their favor.

    According Eugene Volokh with the Washington Post, when you look at the numbers, there is no statistical relationship between the gun laws of any given state, and the number of murders they have on a regular basis. Volokh decided to do a comparison between the homicide rates of every US state including Washington DC, and the grades given to these jurisdictions by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. One is a number based grade with a higher number indicating that the state has tough gun laws, and the other is a typical A-F Grade.

    Volokh even went so far as to include accidental gun deaths into the homicide rate, just for good measure. However, he found no relationship between homicides and gun laws. The numbers were all over the map.

    First, the ten lowest-homicide jurisdictions, again including both intentional homicide and accidental gun deaths:

    gun laws1

    Now the ten highest-homicide ones:

    gun laws2

    What’s especially interesting is that these numbers don’t seem to do any favors for pro-gun states either, though he found that states with tougher laws have a slightly higher than average murder rate. However, he found the difference to be minuscule. Volokh admitted that correlation isn’t the same as causation though, and theorized how these numbers might be related.

    Perhaps there are other confounding factors (such as demographics, economics, and so on). Perhaps even controlling for those factors, there will be other missing factors that are hard to control for — for instance, maybe as the crime rate increases, calls for gun controls increase, so high crime causes more gun restrictions, or maybe calls for more freedom to defend oneself increase, so high crime causes fewer gun restrictions (e.g., liberalized concealed-carry licensing rules). And of course when small changes in the model yield substantial changes in results (e.g., if you calculate the state gun scores differently, the results will likely be different), you know how little you should credit the output. Figuring out the actual effect of government actions, whether gun laws, changed policing rules, drug laws, or anything else, is devilishly difficult.

    Point being, there really isn’t any evidence that gun laws have any effect on the murder rate, and it’s irresponsible for gun control advocates to claim otherwise. In all likelihood there are probably numerous factors, both economic and social, that lead to more violent crimes. If we want to stop these crimes, we have to address society’s problems instead of forfeiting our rights.

    Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .

    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily


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      1. I wonder if police shootings are included in these stats. And if defensive v/s offensive shooting are separated. A drive by shooting v/s a home defense shooting.









        • As I was reading, I was thinking the same thing.

          I think they most likely are since they seem to include all gun deaths. Anyway, here’s the stats for 2015 so far:

          909 and counting…

          • …America’s “killing fields”….

        • THAT’s the real statistic they won’t talk about, Wolverine,,, the police killing the public! They won’t mention it unless they “justify” it– as if it’s unquestionable–by saying that, in effect (if not outright), that the police have a “right” to kill you if you don’t obey them.

          What about obeying the law, not the police? Though, as is attributed to Thomas Jefferson: “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.” But, for the police to kill us for not obeying them is what police chiefs have said to the people in the news, for all the world to know.

      2. Only your enemy wants you defenseless

        • Exactly so, Wolverine!

      3. Hard to believe when Americans hear and elsewhere are having there heads sawed off with short knives anyone but the enemy would be waiting to disarm the American people

        • Lone wolverine, any asshole who wants to try that shit with me will receive ‘lead nutrients’.

      4. Good fact based article. We need more statistically based info out there but we also need never to forget this is not up for debate it is guaranteed under our Constitution and Bill of Rights that our “right to bare arms shall not be infringed upon”. So anyone attempting to infringe on this right is attempting to commit a crime and well we put criminals in prison so back off our Second Amendment. There may still be a few loyal Americans with the ability to enforce the penalty for the treason we see in play. Let’s everybody play fair so we can all get along.

          • How depressing mom.

            Best to be informed though eh.

            Many thanks once again.

          • KY Mom.
            A Must Read Article!
            The jerk in the White House has gone Plum Crazy.

            This is never going to stop until we have a civil war to settle the argument of gun control. You have to kill the criminals too, along side those that want to take our guns.

            • That’s what it’s coming down to, slingshot. Actually, the war has already been raging. Most on the Second Amendment side, however, have been captured, mostly by them surrendering to “authority”, being (other peoples’) law-abiding (enemy-collaborating) “citizens” (subjects) as they are.

        • @Joshua Krause,
          Really, you don’t understand how this can be said over and over again with a straight face??????? Maybe you’re in the wrong business.

          It’s really very simple, tell people the same thing over and over again and they will believe it is the truth.

          It isn’t that hard to figure out.

        • B, what we really need is for the antigun movement to be stopped altogether. In my mind, when anyone tries to tamper with self-defense it’s the same as tampering with human life itself, It’s treacherous and dishonorable. I will engage in legitimate self-defense whenever necessary and anyone who tries to interfere with that will face consequences, like getting themselves hurt. Bank on it.

          • Bravo… Perfectly articulated.

        • Bfrom CA is wrong. Its not Guarnteed under our constition & bill of rights. All of those freedoms are God given rights. Those rights came from God. We always had& have them. No governing body gave them to us. The constition and bill of rights simply outlines what those rights are.

          • You’re absolutely correct about that, Old Guy!

      5. So, I vote buy more guns. Already got another AR but my 30-30 has my heart.

        • Johnny, trade your ar for two or three more 30-30s. Kill big game with the 30-30s and lard assed commies.

        • With ya nothin like a 3030

          • I was considering another 12-ga. but I may look into a 30-30 instead.

          • Agreed Hammer…A Savage bush rifle is a wonderful machine…
            I sure do miss the one I let go…Damn…

        • I like my AK-47 but I love my 30-30.

      6. I recommend “Under The Gun” by Wright/Rossi/Daly (U of Fla Press, 1985).

        The primary conclusion of these number-crunchers is that no gun-control law ever passed affecting Florida had ever served to reduce the rate of violent crime involving firearms.

        I’ve been in the gun-control squabble since 1967. I’ve pretty much settled on just asking one question: “What gun-control law can you point to which has ever reduced the rate of violent crime where a firearm was involved?” So far, never an answer.

        The corollary question is, “How would your proposal keep somebody from a criminal act with a firearm?”

        • Google Australian gun laws for a partial answer.

      7. Desertrat, very good post and an even better article. I’ve always maintained that gun control laws don’t work BECAUSE CRIMINALS DON’T FOLLOW ANY TYPE OF LAWS, PERIOD. The only real purpose they serve is to place an illegitimate burden on law-abiding people who own guns and try to restrict self-defense. I don’t follow any restrictions on self-defense, period. I have been carrying certain self-defense items in my truck with me for over 2 decades which are probably illegal but I don’t care. No one else tells me what to do on self-defense, period. I still say let anyone within the antigun movement suffer a home invasion, lose some loved ones to some thugs, and let’s see what they say afterward, IF THEY LIVE TO TALK ABOUT IT.

        • Locks only keep honest people out!

        • Braveheart, abide by the law if it is constitutional. Gun control laws are unconstitutional. Unconstitutional laws are null.

          Keep giving ’em hell, Brave.

          • Semper Fi, welcome aboard and I will damn sure keep giving them hell. again, welcome.

        • Braveheart,
          BIG YUP!!! criminals don’t care about gun laws (except makes it easier for them to do there deeds) ANY human with even half a brain could conclude there is ONLY PONE reason to have gun laws and that is to beginning the brain washing of the sheeple to believe guns need to be removed , all the past history shows what happens to the people AFTER they take the guns away, I hope these dumbshit sheeple wake up soon!! but i doubt it!!!

          • OOPS (ONE) not PONE!!!

          • Apache54, when the antigun crowd wakes up they’ll be in the fema camps.

      8. Illinois not listed?

        Anyhoo – more people are killed by knives, baseball bats, frying pans, fireplace pokers … etc, than guns.

        Statistically – more guns in law abiding hands = less crime.

        Statistically – gun restriction laws = more crime.

      9. Canadian gun laws are about in the middle of USA and Australia we have hand guns assault rifles (some types) still can’t get an ar platform. We have 3 classes of licence here
        1.)general includes hunting rifles and shot guns
        2.) Restricted includes any semi automatic except. 22
        3.)prohibited includes handguns assault rifles anything with detachable clip holding more then 3 rounds
        The guns are easy to get ah but here’s how they get us you need a PAL purchase/ acquisition/ licence no card no ammo depending on the licence you have you can only buy shells that are in line with your license. With a general licence I can not buy handgun ammo they don’t control guns here they control the ammo. Just hope no one there gets that idea your right yo bare arms will not be infringed that way but it says nothing about a right to ammo

        • They could try but because ammo is a detrimental piece that makes a gun functional, by placing any kind of encumbrance on a citizen’s right to obtain it would be a direct obstruction of the right to bear arms. For that reason I would argue that you are incorrect that our second amendment right could be bypassed that way.

          I’m by no means saying it won’t happen, because it’s obvious that the current administration could give two s$#ts less about our rights; Those rights that weren’t given by the government either by the way…something that most of the sheeple fail to recognize. Particularly the first, second and fifth amendments…those rights were acknowledged as existing rights for all. The whole purpose of those rights was to keep the Government from stepping on them.

          • I agree its a stretch but being Canadian national I’m no expert on the bill of rights or constitution. Although it reads very plain.
            Our charter of rights and freedoms makes no mention of firearms self defense or any of the like. Its considered a legal privilege to own firearms. I also 100% agree that taking guns away yo prevent crime is just the dumbest idea ever. No one carries here its illegal. We have common since laws I do agree with such as first time gun buyers must complete a firearms safety course a hunter education course and an ethics course. All for a very small fee under 40$ you can buy long guns over the counter handguns are 15 day wait RCMP background check and your done. Only place you can legally use a handgun is on a certified target range. Anyplace else will get you in big trouble. We do have special carry permits good for 60 days. Trappers and crews that work deep in bear country. But you have to apply and its given on a case by case basis.

            • Canada is the shithole of the north. King George is alive and well. It’s a privilege to live in Canada, so you say, granted by your .gov and enforced by your rcmp.

              Common sense hitlery will fit well in Canada. Hope you have the privilege to clean it. Tar is sticky.

            • I personally don’t see a thing wrong with requiring safety and ethics courses, especially for 1st time buyers. My problem is when the government says you can’t have this type or that type and yet they arm up to the teeth. While self defense is always mentioned, the primary purpose of our 2nd amendment wasn’t even about being able to defend your home or yourself from thieves because it was expected that people would to that. The primary purpose was to recognize the peoples’ right to take back the government when it becomes oppressive and corrupt…meaning, if the government can have fully automatic weapons and armor piercing rounds, so could the people in order to keep said government in check. Granted, there were no such weapons when the amendment was written, but it still holds true that only your enemy is interested in disarming you. Once you’re disarmed…well…history speaks for itself.

              • SP, excellent points, but someone will disarm you ONLY if you let them. NEVER, EVER, GIVE UP YOUR WEAPONS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

                • Braveheart, I’m sure I will eventually give them up. One bullet at a time!

                  • SP, way to go, that’s the spirit.

              • “I personally don’t see a thing wrong with “”REQUIRING”” safety and ethics courses, especially for 1st time buyers.”

                The only part of your post I COMPLETELY disagree with…

                You are condoning the registration of gun owners…

                What part of “SHALL NOT” do you not understand…

                The fools among the population will expire by themselves… but maybe not with a little help from their friends… NOT THE GOVERNMENT…

                It’s the natural order.

                • jerry is correct A permit isn’t a requirement of a god given right. Requireing safety & ethics courses is a permit .

                  • I see your point. I can’t help but think that gun safety and ethics is a bad thing though…maybe go back to making it standard in school. That way it’s not tied to the purchase of a gun…

          • SP, I agree, but eventually the POS antigun crowd will try to restrict ammo availability. I’ve been stockpiling ammo in several different calibers since long BEFORE Sandy Hook. Hillary has promised to sign an EO banning gun ownership outright if elected, but the way the African virus is talking now he’s going to try to beat her to it. Any attempt at confiscation will start the civil war.

            • I have no doubt that confiscation or any attempt to disarm the American people would be the kick off of the next civil war. It makes me sick to think that we have become so polarized on the issue that it comes to this. I can’t even have a rational debate with the left anymore. You’d think we literally came from different planets…

              • SP, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had that same feeling. I found it impossible to get through to the left. We are in different worlds.

      10. Disobedience to tyrants is obedience to God..

        When people fear the government, it’s called tyrany. When the government fears the people, it’s called freedom..

        Thomas Jefferson.



        The pope/point of fact/ceasar, can go f..k himself.

        • Almost a good post till you mentioned ceaser . Your getting better HCKS. Keep it up.

      11. Japan has a very low crime rate. They do not allow immigration by other races. They do not go for the kill. Organized criminals in America kill when one of their own steals from them. Japanese just take a little piece of a finger, one joint for each violation. Is that why they refer to a maryjuana cigarette as a joint? Also some business establishments of questionable reputation are known as joints.

        Japanese who kill with their hands or feet in an act of murder may have them removed. Yet the individual’s life is spared.

        Martial arts are the national sport. You don’t see rioting and fighting because it would result in a deadly confrontation. Old people and children alike are lethal; Therefore mutual respect.

        Why can’t our schools teach our kids to protect themselves. We could eliminate bullying.

        What got me started down this road is reading a statistic about murders commited with hands and feet. I wanted to know if our elected officials intend to amputate in order to prevent crime before it happens.

      12. Good afternoon SHTF family! Some of you may or may not remember me, I haven’t been on here in such a long time.

        Been dealing with some issues close to home but hopefully will have some extra time to reconnect with all of you here.

        I scrolled through the past couple of articles to see who was still here commenting, and was happy to see many familiar names.

        So just a quick hello to eppe, archivist, kula, six pack, BigB, KY mom, braveheart, jrs, swinging Richard, Durango Kidd, slingshot, POd patriot, and anyone else that I missed.

        I hope all of you are well, and I hope that I haven’t missed too much since my last time here.


        • Ghostrider, long time no hear from. Good to see you back.

          • Thanks brother, glad to be back. Looking forward to catching up.

            • Ghost Rider, I hope you stick around this time. Unfortunately we still have trolls coming around trying to bring the site down but we still fight them. Hang in there.

              • Haha, yeah always have the trolls . Nature of the beast.

        • Welcome back Ghost Rider.

      13. The children of satan are at it again they can’t wait to get us defenseless we won’t be so uppity then . And they’ll feel so much more secure when they raise our taxes to the strangulation point. And if we resist they’ll just have to neutron bomb us they’ll have no choice. There security will be threatened and they can’t have that .thell feel bad about the bird and other animals that will be nuetroned but sacrifices must be made sometimes in the interest of security. And the preservation of there lifestyle. You can’t expect them to do manual labor don’t be rediculous. Pretty soon they’ll have robots and can get rid of us entirely . They’ll keep some of us as pets. Maybe

        • Lonewolverine, the answer is don’t give up your weapons under any circumstances. Our guns are the only thing that stand between us and full-scale tyranny. I will resist regardless.

      14. When the central bank runs out of tricks if ever they’ll be a cyber attack on the banking system to cover the theft .Nothing electronic transaction you’ll be standing in line all day to get your 20 dollar ration of cash then stand in line at the store to spend it then back to the bank line for another 20 this will be you daily crushing routine. And you better have a good bicycle even if there is gas available you won’t be able to afford it plus food on 20 bucks a day. If they can give you that much. Think about it how much paper money is in your town for everyone. This will start a large depopulation think no EBT welfare payments.Who will those people blame for this . Anyone they can get there hands on.Get plenty of patches for your bicycle tire tubes.And a quality long lasting pump.

      15. Its never been about crime or safety,
        Only about control.
        Screw TPTB
        They suck!

        • 😉

      16. None of these
        gun studies take into
        account culture normals.
        Hawaii is relatively safe
        because we don’t have a
        huge black culture here.
        Most Hawaiian cultures
        (and we are very diverse)
        have a strong family(AKA Ohana)
        DC has a huge black culture.
        it is a war zone.
        Baltimore has a huge black culture
        I could go on and on.
        What is what we should concentrate on
        gun laws or culture?

      17. Can we seeing the percent of blacks in the bottom states? And the percent receiving government assistance? Perhaps we should ban ‘government assistance’?

      18. Violent people commit violent crime. It’s their nature.

        All the gun laws in the world don’t reduce the number of violent people.

        All they change is whether or not you are able to effectively defend yourself from them.

        • No gun control laws ever changed anything for me and never will.

          • So you own machine guns, mortars, silencers, anti tank cannon and such?

            Without registration and approval from the government?

            Those were the original gun laws and I’m guessing they did change things for you along with hundreds of other laws since.

            • Anon, don’t give me any ideas like those. In post-SHTF, they could become hazardous to someone’s health.

      19. State by state analysis is very misleading. Homocide stats should be looked at on a CITY basis, and on a race-to-same-race basis. Neglecting to do that math puts the report in doubt for me:

        “The United States is 3rd in Murders throughout the World. But if you take out just 4 cities: Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC and New Orleans, the United States is 4th from the bottom, in the entire world, for Murders. These 4 Cities also have the toughest Gun Control Laws in the U.S. ALL 4 of these cities are controlled by Democrats. It would be absurd to draw any conclusions from this data – right?”

      20. The communists fascists are going to attempt to change the mental health laws around in a way that will make it easy for them to add people to the prohibited list for minor things such as insomnia and every little quark that has nothing to do with mental instability or insanity. It will lead to the targeting of political opposition like the IRS. While seriously mentally ill people shouldn’t have firearms, that is not what this new campaign is about, it is about disarmament and control.

        The next round of warfare on the people, the Constitution, and the Seconed Amendment is going to occur in the doctors office.

        Much like the war on returning vets.

      21. Automatic shotguns baby . Shotguns shoot em on the run . The new autos might be more reliable then a pump being short stroked under pressure . Or complete exhaustion from low food bad water. A load of bird shot even in the face a blind enemy might be better than a dead enemy. For ambush anti ambush it’s hard to beat an auto shotgun.For armored up enemy bird shot in the face might be your only option. And bird shots pretty cheap.I like a 26 inch barrel with 12 shot ? Nordic components extension tube. 12 rounds of rapid fire 12 gauge oo 12 pellet is 144 rounds in maybe 2 seconds? What beats that .? In the revolutionary war we used the 69 caliber Brown Bess 12 gauge is pretty much 69 caliber so it might be a tradition.Or something. Remember buck and ball. Maybe bird shot and ball would be good too.? Biggest advantage with shotgun is at night when most of the bad guys come out . You need to spray in the dark .gotta love auto shotguns.

        • If I had only one firearm, I think a shotgun is the single best survival weapon. You can hunt things as small at doves, or as large as moose or bear, by just switching ammo. In fact, I heard one old timer say he knew of people that were mauled after shooting a bear with a rifle, but never heard of a bear mauling someone that shot it with shotgun slugs.

          I’ve got a Browning Gold auto that is awesome, picked up a 20″ barrel for it and added a rifled turkey choke. I’m really pleased with its accuracy at a 100 yards with slugs.

          With low velocity slugs I find it fowls and starts to miss-feed after about 50 rounds. I can switch to regular velocity slugs and put another fifty rounds through it without a miss-feed, but at that point my shoulder hurts! If I use a green kitchen scrubby and clear the carbon from the OD of the mag tube under the piston, it cures the miss-feeding.

      22. My tricks Small camera flash unit to blind attackers at night. Cammied up with hat styrofoam mannequin head 2 even as decoy when sniping . Paint coveralls with glue and roll around on ground for ultimate camouflage. Pull trigger of bolt type rifle with thumb on back of trigger guard pinch pull.just try it ounce you’ll be hooked. Glue sleeping pad cut outs inside pants and shirt for knee and elbow pads. Get high quality compact umbrella spray paint camo for desert sun. Get light weight folding golf bag cart at second hand stores attach to back of backpack use when on flat ground.that and a skate board and you can make pretty good and easy time on the road golf bag cart is made to carry a load off road. Wide tires. When convenient keep a25 auto under your baseball hat or helmet .spray water bottles are great in the desert heat.. Three layers of sweat pants and thick insulated vest and coat in cold no layering you must vent totally when sweating.

      23. The ultimate if your fairly good I think is a long barrel 22lr. Pistol . Check ballistics by the inch in a 22 lr a ten inch barrel gets most of the velocity then use sub sonics with plastic bottle an duct tape if legal in your area. A red dot scope . Light compact light weight compact ammo .Very quiet is the most important thing. Very quiet is more important than anything else.Single fire 22 shorts if you have to ,to be quiet . Of course use velocitors or equivalent when nessesary . But nothing’s more important than being quiet. And unseen.

      24. Also the bearings from CV axles in front wheel drive cars make pretty good 12 gauge slugs 24 per two front axles find at salvage yard 48 per 4 wheel drive Subaru .Gotta love them subaru,s

      25. Pour out bird shot silicon glue in ball bearing

      26. If you stack up coiled connected garden hoses mix styrofoam in a bucket of gasoline funnel into hose wad of tissue in end befor connecting to faucet water pressure will force mixture through all brass nozzle lite an walla excellent improvised home defense .

      27. Save all your buddies old guitar strings make great toe snares for around the yard.

      28. O spike them down with long pole barn nails.

      29. If you can’t afford garden hose try a super soaker with aluminum tape or foil glue to end

      30. O kitchen table bullet removal . Get anbesol in the mini toothpaste type tube .Squeeze in bullet hole wait . Cut hole larger one inch across maybe.With straight thin wire probe for bullet. When found remember angle and depth then long needle nose pliers,forceps ,roach clip ,tweezers , and pull it out. Clean resin off roach clip first. Sterilize by fire.

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