Strong Earthquakes Hit San Francisco And Mount St. Helens And Experts Warn They May Be Foreshocks For ‘Something Larger’

by | Jan 5, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 42 comments

Seismograph with paper in action and earthquake - 3D Rendering

Just when it seemed like things may be settling down, two very unusual earthquakes have hit the west coast within the past couple of days. 

A 4.4 magnitude quake struck Berkeley, California just prior to 3 AM on Thursday morning, and a 3.9 magnitude earthquake hit Mount St. Helens in Washington state on Wednesday.  Overall, there have been 68 earthquakes in the vicinity of Mount St. Helens since New Year’s Day, and there have been a total of 629 earthquakes in the state of California within the last 30 days.  Could it be possible that all of this activity is leading up to a historic seismic disaster on the west coast?

The 4.4 magnitude earthquake along the Hayward fault very early on Thursday jolted people out of bed all over the San Francisco area

A strong 4.4 magnitude earthquake has rattled the Bay Area shortly before 3 a.m.

USGS is reporting the quake was centered in Berkeley. On KRON4’s real time earthquake map it shows the epicenter.

The quake struck at 2:39 a.m. and was centered near the Claremont hotel. The earthquake had a preliminary depth of 8 miles, according to USGS.

This wasn’t a soft and gentle earthquake that everyone kind of laughs about after it is over.

Rather, this was the kind of extremely intense earthquake that puts the fear of God into people.  In fact, one Bay area resident said that it “felt like a truck hit my house”

“I was actually awake putting my shoes on for work. It felt like a truck hit my house from the back which pushed my against the staircase railing, the walls were cracking and threw my cell phone and keys down the stairs. Pretty scary”

If this was the worst quake in this particular swarm, it won’t ultimately be that big of a deal.

However, USGS Geologist David Schwartz is warning that this 4.4 magnitude earthquake could potentially be “a foreshock of something larger”

“It is centered on about a five-mile-long section of the Hayward Fault that in the past 10 years has produced 30 earthquakes of magnitude between 3-4,” he told KPIX 5. “So it is a hot spot along the fault and this morning’s earthquake was the largest of that group.”

Schwartz said the real question in the hours after the quake was “is this a foreshock of something larger? That’s the concern.”

I have been writing about the shaking that has been happening on the west coast quite a bit lately, but I don’t think that people understand the seriousness of what we are facing.

Scientists assure us that the “Big One” is coming, and when it does arrive the devastation will be absolutely off the charts.  Just consider the words of seismologist Peggy Hellweg

Speaking to Daily Star Online, seismologist Peggy Hellweg, from the University of California, said the region is not prepared to deal with the fallout from such an earthquake.

She said that a magnitude 7 or greater earthquake could kill “tens of thousands of people”.

In financial terms, such a quake would likely cause “tens to hundreds of billions of dollars in damage”, she said.

And remember, she is talking about a magnitude 7 earthquake in her scenario.

A magnitude 9 earthquake would be many, many times more powerful, and it would easily be the worst natural disaster in the recorded history of the United States.

Meanwhile, Mount St. Helens was hit with a very unusual 3.9 magnitude earthquake on Thursday, and some believe that this could be a sign that the volcano is “recharging”

A series of 68 tremors, peaking with a magnitude 3.9 quake, have been detected in Washington state by scientists since New Years day.

The 3.9 quake is the second largest since 1981, the year after the natural disaster which killed 57 people and came minutes after a magnitude-5.1 earthquake.

Last month, seismologists at the University of Washington logged more than 80 quakes, four times as many as the average.

Earthquake swarms at Mount St. Helens are not unusual, but what we have seen over the first four days of 2018 has definitely gotten the attention of seismologists.

They are hoping that things will calm down at the volcano, but one seismologist did warn that “a larger quake could follow within 48 hours”.

We haven’t had a major volcanic eruption in the United States in a very long time, and so there is a lot of complacency out there right now.

But we should remember that the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980 was “the deadliest and most economically damaging volcanic event in the history of the United States.”  The following comes from Forbes

Mount St. Helens is most commonly known for its major eruption in 1980, the deadliest and most economically damaging volcanic event in the history of the United States. The stratovolcano is situated just 96 miles from Seattle and 50 miles from Portland, making an eruption especially dangerous.

And Mount St. Helens is certainly not the only threat.  Personally, I am so concerned about a potential eruption of Mount Rainier that I even included one in my novel.

With each passing year it appears that our planet is becoming increasingly unstable.  Many believe that we have entered a time when seismic activity will be much higher than it has been previously, and that is going to have dramatic implications for our society.

Our tech industry is very heavily concentrated along the west coast.  When the “Big One” does finally strike, it could literally crash our economy overnight.

When the day arrives, are you ready for what will happen next?

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    1. Braveheart1776

      Sounds like the precursor to “The Big One”. People on the west coast, get right with your Creator.

      • Heartless

        BH’76, I may use the moniker ‘Heartless’; but, I do not want innocent lives to be lost. However, I must admit, hearing that the epicenter was Berkeley, I had to laugh. Maybe there is a God after all!! Can you just imagine all those snow-flakes dealing with ‘The day after’ such an event as a mag.7 quake? The worst part for those idiots is that they don’t believe in a Creator. As it is said, “you can’t cure stupid”.

        • CrackerJack

          “Strong earthquakes”? 4-ish earthquakes are not strong. Oh yeah this article was written by Snyder. Get a life and stop the fear porn doom gloom bullshit.

        • Braveheart1776

          Heartless, I never thought for one minute that you’re really ‘heartless’. Your posts always sound good and sensible to me. I don’t want any innocent lives lost either. I still wish all of the GOOD SENSIBLE people could leave Cali but I understand they’re stuck for one reason or another. My best wishes to them. I just hope they’ve been prepping so they’ll have at least a decent chance at survival.

    2. Press 9 for English

      Stay calm..Big Gubmit will take good care of you and if not then crypto-currencies will save us all.

    3. Press 9 for English

      The real ‘American Volcano’ is Yellowstone.

    4. Braveheart1776

      “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On”.

      • Bubba Love

        We ain’t fakin’, whole lotta shakin’ going on.

    5. Stormy

      More FEAR PORN. Earthquakes are normal in the NW. Lots of earthquakes near a volcano? NORMAL. Magma flow is the important indicator. Mt. St Helens has instruments and people watching 24/7.

      Gun fetishists are the ones who “need to get right with the Creator.” You mean Smith & Wesson, right?

      • Kevin2


        “Gun fetishists are the ones who “need to get right with the Creator.”

        Being this is a Shit Hit The Fan web site in that context those without a gun under these conditions would be, “meeting their Creator” both sooner and in greater abundance than those armed. Say “Hello” for me.

        • Genius

          Smith and Wesson ain’t god… Arsenal IS! Oh and remington too.

      • JakeD

        “Gun fetishists are the ones who “need to get right with the Creator.” You mean Smith & Wesson, right?”

        Hey Stormy That’s about a stupid as it gets.

    6. Braveheart1776

      Stormy, WTF is your problem with gun owners?

      • B from CA

        Hey there old boy. How goes it!

        I agree that this is normal.

        With regard to gun rights, the tactic is a round about assault. The government’s strategy is brilliant and treacherous. Using psychiatry, Big Pharma, and the armed forces; the enemies of freedom assign soldiers a diagnosis of ptsd, depression, whatever then they prescribe poison pills.
        These soldiers become mentally crippled by these dangerous drugs. Many commit crimes. Many more commit suicide, especially when they detox. The number of soldiers on psyche meds is outrageous. What’s more, once in civilian life, their opportunities for employment are limited by their psychiatric intervention. And they can not qualify for legal gun ownership and/or certain gun permits.

        Stay away from psychiatrists. They are glorified snake oil salesmen. Your well being is not their objective.

        _ my opinion is that most problems can be improved through sunshine, fresh air, lots of clean water, a healthy diet of lots of vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. Add some exercise and grass fed beef, Pasteur eggs, wild salmon, sardines, and turkey. Avoid watching television. Eat more lamb and less pork. Restrict the consumption of peanuts, shrimp and lobster.

        Walnuts are shaped like a human brain. They contain omega3 fatty acids. Almonds and cashews have magnesium which works with calcium to calm the nerves. Turkey has 5htp, a natural relaxer that helps brain function. Brazil nuts contain selenium, essential for proper fat metabolism and necessary along with iodine found in kelp and other sea vegetables.

        Here’s to your mental, spiritual, and physical health.

        Auvoir friends.


        • rellik

          I agree that VA can use drugs to excess. Restrict the consumption of peanuts, shrimp and lobster.
          I had two meetings with my VA psychiatrist,
          You have to talk to them when you first get enrolled.
          He did not prescribe any drugs. He was more worried
          about if I used drugs.
          I get a yearly physical checkup from my regular VA doctor
          and often see the “Shrink” in the hallway
          and he usually just gives me a nod.Restrict the consumption of peanuts, shrimp and lobster.
          It could be that most guys guys at our VA facility
          are Korean or Vietnam era. There are very few younger
          Vets here, But I only go there twice a year.

          “Restrict the consumption of peanuts, shrimp and lobster”
          You are limiting my favorite food! I eat crab and clams also.
          I agree on the rest of your recommendations, but that is the normal
          food for rural Hawaii. We raise our own stuff.

        • rellik


          Darned new mouse, ignore the first entry
          I agree that VA can use drugs to excess.
          I had two meetings with my VA psychiatrist,
          You have to talk to them when you first get enrolled.
          He did not prescribe any drugs. He was more worried
          about if I used drugs.
          I get a yearly physical checkup from my regular VA doctor
          and often see the “Shrink” in the hallway
          and he usually just gives me a nod.
          It could be that most guys guys at our VA facility
          are Korean or Vietnam era. There are very few younger
          Vets here, But I only go there twice a year.

          “Restrict the consumption of peanuts, shrimp and lobster”
          You are limiting my favorite food! I eat crab and clams also.
          I agree on the rest of your recommendations, but that is the normal
          food for rural Hawaii. We raise our own stuff.

        • Philosopher Deplorabilis

          What is the problem with peanuts and lobster? I don’t eat shrimp unless it is wild and from the US or South America. I am not going to eat farm-raised shrimp or salmon or any other fish.

          I don’t see a problem with eating wild lobster from Maine. Nice cold, clear water. Clean meat.

          Peanuts? I do spend extra on organic peanut butter for a no-bake fiber bar I make.

          As for shrinks? I agree. The peddle nothing but poison and perversion. Stay away.

          • rellik

            We only buy shrimp from the Americas. North or south.
            My lobster is live Maine, we have a local place that services
            the resorts. They have pools full of seafood. I even get live Abalone.

          • Braveheart1776

            No way I’m giving up peanuts or shrimp. Those are 2 foods I grew up on.

        • Braveheart1776

          B from CA, Happy New Year and welcome back. Excellent post you just made.

    7. Braveheart1776

      Stormy, are you any relation to Gandhi?

      • CrackerJack

        I think they’re cousins of HKCS.

    8. BC1776

      One can only hope there is a big one in Mexifornia.

    9. Brian

      Considering how cold it is on the east coast, the warm temperatures in California seem tempting. However, I really have a problem with the ground shaking under my feet regularly and/or having a volcano for a neighbor. Not moving to the west coast any time soon.

    10. buttcrackofdoom

      ho hum…..i dint feel nuthin’…..

    11. stevor

      Is Satan going to “call in” the souls of the SF and Seattle folks who sold their souls to get where they are?

    12. Old Guy

      And its just a simple cause and effect situation. The cause is the ongoing shifting of the planets magnetic poles. Its something that happens that marks the end of an age. Man hasn’t caused it. and man cannot prevent or mitigate it. Its not gods punishment for sin and wrongdoing. its not mother nature trying to restore balance. The Balance of Nature Myth is bull crap. There never has been a balance. The only constant is continual uninnerupted change.

    13. Jim in Va.

      Old guy…Never said better! Been going on for billions of years.

    14. Blade

      Hope the next one is a magnitude 8 followed by a few 9’s and 10’s with Berkley as the epicenter.

    15. Philosopher Deplorabilis

      Seattle and Potland (Oregon) are both close to volcanoes. Seattle is close to Mt. Rainier and Potland is close to Mt. Hood. Mt. St. Helens is in between them.

      I read the series, “Deep Winter” about Mt. Rainier erupting along with a massive earthquake. Good story written by a prepper. A little too political and too detailed towards the end but good series. There are three books, worth reading.

    16. section 8

      I live 85 miles NE of St. Helens and 70 miles east of Rainier. My family and ranch suffered through the 1980 eruption, it was bad. I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone, even those I don’t like. People died in the wake of all that ash. These volcanoes have hundreds of monitors and USGS personal watching 24/7. This story is fear porn, doom and gloom.! There is nothing major happening at either mountain.! I live here, I know people who work the monitors and USGS folks, hell, one of them is my neighbor (he’s a prepper). Nothing happening, nothing to see here, MOVE ALONG.!!!

    17. Braveheart1776

      PD, we once had a poster here with the moniker of Sixpack who lives, or did live near Mt. Hood. She’s been gone from here for at least a couple of years. I hope she’s OK.

    18. Upstate New Yorker

      Chicken Little, ‘ The Sky is Falling ‘.

      • Genius

        Your a backdoor man you get it anyway you can..

        Your goin to Frisco with some crisco in your hand…

        Lyrics from one of my songs lol 😛

    19. Katy

      Dutchsinse predicted this quake. He’s probably the most secure because he has figured out the science of how to predict them. He has a you tube channel and is on daily. As he says, don’t be scared, be prepared.

    20. Anonymous

      Let’s hope so.

    21. Angry Beaver

      I remember when that thing let go back in 81? 82? Anyways I remember going out for chores that morning and everything was covered in a gray gritty dust. I mean everything the dogs were whining and sulking the chickens stayed in the coup.
      I remember the ol’man out there cursing because it wouldn’t wash off it was more like glass dust ruined most of our garden except for the root vegetables. Berry plants peppers tomatoes all useless even our stored fire wood burned funny kinda greeny blue almost like copper. So could be just me but might be something to at least keep an ear on

    22. Santa Cruz Native

      4 somethings, don’t even feel those. Normal relief, nothing to worry about. Now when those stop for a while, 10 years or more, that’s when things don’t look good!

    23. Yahooie

      I had to look this up also. Here is what I found,

      * Peanuts–even organically grown–are susceptible to a variety of contaminants

      *Peanuts can cause mineral absorption issues (see 3rd paragraph)

      * The bioavailability of nutrients in peanuts is very low aside from the fat they have (and it’s not a good fat type)

      Most articles I found thought that eating a few would not be harmful.

      Here is an interesting link comparing benefits and problems.

    24. phicrappazappa

      It’s the decibel level being achieved by all of the anti-Trump wailers in SF causing a harmonic imbalance in reality.

    25. Brian

      If a man runs south to escape from an erupting Mount St. Helens at 10 mph and a man fleeing San Francisco and the earthquake by going north at 12mph, at what point do they meet?

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