Statistician Finds Proof That Our Elections Are a Sham: “Patterns Fit Election Fraud”

by | Sep 4, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 110 comments

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    Many of us have suspected for years that American elections are a sham. Not only does it seem like nothing changes no matter how many times we vote the bums out, but sometimes the votes themselves don’t seem to add up. Especially now that we have electronic voting machines, which don’t provide a whole lot of accountability and are notoriously easy to hack.

    Fortunately, you can still tell when the votes don’t make sense, even with electronic voting machines. In states like Kansas, where in some counties they use electronic voting machines that also record the votes on paper tapes, there seems to be some blatant inconsistencies with the voting results from the past few elections.

    Beth Clarkson, chief statistician for Wichita State’s National Institute for Aviation Research, said last week that she noticed results for the last several elections in the state failed to add up. “If we’re not being counted accurately, we’re losing our right to vote without even being aware of it,” she said at an event commemorating the 95th anniversary of the 19th amendment, which granted women the right to vote.

    Clarkson has sued the state of Kansas for the power to examine the voter tapes, which record every stroke a voter casts on the machines. In Sedgwick County, for example, that amounts to 385 feet of tape stored in 42 boxes. Clarkson is eager to examine the records, claiming she noticed abnormalities in the numbers.

    I don’t understand why those patterns are there, the patterns are very definitely real. But we don’t know what’s causing them or why they’re there. They do fit what would be expected if election fraud is occurring, and that’s very concerning.”

    This is not just an anomaly that occurred in one place,” Clarkson said in April. “It is a pattern that has occurred repeatedly in elections across the United States.” She says the pattern routinely favors traditional Republicans — even over Tea Party candidates..

    Well isn’t that a big surprise? What’s also not surprising is how the authorities in Kansas are reacting to her claims. After Clarkson sued the state of Kansas to view the tapes, State Secretary Kris Kobach asked the judge to block her case. I guess there’s nothing to see here folks.

    Nope. There’s nothing suspicious about a Republican official trying to prevent a statistician from investigating a case of voter fraud that if true, may have been committed by Republicans. It’s also not a hypocritical action for someone who was elected on a platform focused on preventing voter fraud, and who introduced legislation that would prevent illegal aliens from voting. I guess if voter fraud helps the Democrats you must change the rules, but if it helps Republicans you can just brush it under the rug.

    The only question that remains is, are the Democrats doing the same thing in the states where they dominate the elections? It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they’re hacking the machines to suppress non-mainstream candidates from their own party. Either way, at least we have another phony election to look forward to next year. Once the results come in on November 8th, we’ll know exactly who the most corrupt politicians are.


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      1. Really? LOL. Out of topic again? Next topic would be the economic and worldwide crash would be in December 2016. And all of these info bs happening as the pigs are raping the 99% of the world and making billions.

        btw, make sure to vote for the new messiah named Donald.

        • I only read the title of the article, and all I can say or think is, “well DDDDUUUUUUUUUHHHH!!!”

          Some of us already knew that and tried to tell others and were scoffed at. It is why I stopped voting some time ago….complte waste of time.

          • Exactly, it should read, “Statistician Finds Proof of What Many of Us Already Knew: Elections are Rigged”.

        • Donald…one of the pigs but our best chance for “Hope and Change”? Gawd we’re screwed.

          • News Flag: Politicians lie and cheat.

            In other news, water is wet, crap stinks, and the pope is Cath…well never mind the third line.

          • If elections truly had the potential to change anything, they’d be outlawed.
            “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence o the American people”. …HL Mencken

        • Hey what rhymes with Donald ??? Ronald and he was a pretty good president!!! I know some of you were thinking McDonald’s. But hey maybe Donald Duck will vote for Donald this time.

          • there are only a couple of runners who are actually saying in laymen terms what they intend to do, when the obamscummbagger was preaching hie hope and change HE NEVER said WHAT his hope and change was!! at least Donald and Cruz and Carson ARE saying what the they intend to do! of course we all now IF they don’t own congress not much will happen, so with that said we still need to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to throw out the scumms and replace them with people like US!!!

          • Ronald=>Donald. I’m lookin’ for light at the end of the tunnel here. Voting for a pres ’cause his name rhymes with another decent pres makes as much sense as voting for an idiot muslim just because he’s black. So Donald it is…

            The Don is our best shot to disrupt the socialist/communist/progreSSive movement. He does not give a damn about PC. He has the most potential to rattle cages in Washington which is so badly needed. He’s rich so you can’t do anything to him. His life has been in the public eye for decades. Given he’s been angling towards being the pres for the past couple of cycles, he’s probably cleaned up “skeleton’s in the closet” if any.

        • we have been screwed for the last several election cycles do you really think omuzloid won the popular vote twice…much less the the republicrats…..i look forward to the downfall of this current political system….and i will watch with glee the results of the american sheeple finally finding out how badly they have been screwed and by whom …..i want to see the looks on the faces of our cuurrent political sellouts when they realalize the jig is up and they will be runing for their worthless lives….rather than acting like gods or kings as they have for the longest of times…
          father bring it down right around their ears and let it be a snare that miss,s noe of them….

        • When Goofy Dog and Donald Duck were voting for Obama I threw in the towel. When we cannot trace the monies behind the “voting booths” that people step into, I knew it was fake. When 100% of places voted for Obama which is statistically impossible, I knew it was fake. Anyone who still participates in elections is a clown.

      2. Wasn’t it Stalin who said (paraphrasing) it doesn’t matter who you vote for, what matters is who *counts* the votes…?


          Police officer in Millis, Massachusetts was fired upon while driving in his cruiser, causing him to run off the road and the car to be engulfed in flames….

          Multiple agencies put town on LOCKDOWN/MANHUNT/MARTIAL LAW.

          Turns out the mentally deranged cop made it all up, shot his own damn car, and probably set it on fire too…

          Our police are becoming more and more like an occupying force more and more everyday. I am not anti police per se, but I am adamantly against the tactics that have become so commonplace today. They are being trained and utilized more like a counter insurgency force in Iraq. When are we going to wake up???

          ….Oh, and only cops should have guns 😉 😉

          • Any cop that would shoot his own car, set it on fire, close a highway, and create a statewide search, can’t be all bad. We need this guy on our side. If he’ll do this to himself, just think what he will do to the enemy. Relax.

          • Can’t Trust No One.

            We are truly, “ON OUR OWN”.

            • S’shot and y’all: I haven’t voted in over two decades. Last month I learned our Ala. gov. was getting divorced after 50 years of marriage, wife filed, wants everything. He was shacked with staff member whore and threw his whole life away what a hypocite even a Bapt. Sun. school teacher to boot. Lowest forms of life are: politicians, judge, lawyers, along with Muslims, welfare leeches and low life people who breed kids and won’t spt them use gov. handouts incl free meals at schools. Open borders, now 190 towns and cities setting up Muslim settlements with no screening of anyone coming in here. Country is trashed, get house in order, quit 501c3 gov churches, civic clubs, vets org., political groups, all useless waste. Dump useless friends that aren’t on board, they can be a threat later on…bla bla bla I’m outa time.

          • RH – I agree with your insightful post but also think they aren’t becoming ‘more and more like that’, as it’s more like, ‘that IS WHO police forces are now hiring.’

            Those that pass the physical endurance and the health requirements/medical tests but NOT the psychological tests and evaluations are being hired because crazy, evil, screwed up people will do crazy, evil, screwed up things. As of the past decade, and going forward, that’s who is MOSTLY getting hired — not normal people/good cops.

            Slowly but surely the ones who deserve to be cops are being run out or replaced by psychopathic ones…until most LE forces across the country are made up of psychopaths and sociopaths who will gladly go along with agendas; the deterioration and destruction of society.

            And, slowly but surely they are filling vacancies (and replacement) LE positions, until over time, they’ll be all that’s left of LE. In other words, eventually, most police forces will be run by those ‘without conscience.’ The good ones will gradually either be run out by the bad ones or asked/forced to take early retirements and eventually LE will become overrun by THEM. Watch and see.

            It seems to me that’s where we are headed. Psychopaths and sociopaths have mob mentalities and are known to (secretly and discreetly) operate in bands or gangs… AND their M.O. is to hire/promote each other. Watch and see.

          • RH
            This cop is a Dick Head (no Offense). I hope they crucify him. What a disgrace!!!!!

            • Nothing like force children to a strip search!

              • OH MAAAN… Only a pervert would dwell on this quasi posting.
                Do you get off on it WWTI?

                • Either him or (B)on (J)ovi. I think they have fixations on little kids.

        • Breathial, it sure was Stalin and that’s the only thing he ever said that we can agree with. So someone discovered that our elections are a sham, huh? WELL NO SHIT, SHERLOCK! I’ve been awake and known that since the 70s. No voting for me. It’s totally useless.

          • Brave is always tellin us kin folk not to vote.
            Looks like little Brave was right all along.
            Gorra hand it to you Cuz Brave, you aint as dumb as you looks! Hmmmmm Dowgy…
            People best pay attention to Cuz Braveheart.

            • Cuz, I’m a lot smarter than any troll that comes on here.

              • Braveheart,
                when i was doing lots of work overseas, number of years ago they were all laughing at us then, they all new our elections were frauds I heard it ALL the time, and was asked why we put up with it! my answer, MOST won’t believe it!!

              • That’s mighty righty cuz Brave, you’re always the smartest when you wear your best Sunday, goin’ to meetin’ dungarees.
                You know, I’m now athinkin’ on what you’ve been sayin’ about not votin’ n all, and I reckon your just about right cuz.
                I ain’t givin’ no doggone dandy politician my vote, no siree.
                The way I figure it cuz is this.
                All you’ll be doin’ will is makin’ the corrupt system appear to be legitimate, and that just sucks.
                So I guess I wont be voting no longer now that you’ve educated me on the subject.
                Oh yeah Brave, grandpappy asked if you could bring some spit tobacco over to the bol next time you visit, we’re plumb out of the stuff.
                Anyways cuz I’ll be seein’ ya soon enough, you take care Brave y’hear.

          • You should always vote, BH, it’s your license to bitch.

            I usually write in someone like R. E. Lee if there’s no one worth a damn running.

            • Southron, all my life I’ve been told by both Reps AND Demos that if I don’t vote I can’t complain. That’s propaganda, plain and simple. I was speaking my mind even before I was old enough to vote. Nobody needs a voter registration card to be able to speak their minds.

              • No, you don’t. But nobody’s going to listen to someone whining about the outcome of an election when they didn’t vote in it.

            • I agree with B heart, why waste time and gas when elections are all a circus anyway, politicians are liars, crooks and hypocrites and have been all thru history. People can speak out whether they vote or not, so I don’t know who started that BS lie that only voters have rights to speak out or complain, besides you can speak out without telling person (s) you quit voting. TnAndy and Prophet- agree!

        • I believe that was Lenin.

      3. Voting doesn’t work. It’s part of the lie about representative government. Might have worked back at the beginning. The cure is not the ballot box. Dr. Prophet prescribes the cartridge box as the cure for what ails this country.

        • Unfortunately, you are correct.

          Voting (at least beyond the local level) is allowed to give folks the impression they have some say in the matter, when, in fact, they have none.

          • Pastor Chuck Baldwin nails it again… Why Christianity is Collapsing in America. Just remove the spaces to get the link article. This ties right into the election process.


            • Remove Christianity and you’ll leave a void.
              The void will then be filled with Islam.
              Don’t believe me.
              Just checkout Europe.
              Sharia law coming to your area just as soon as you let it in.
              Keep the faith if you value freedom.

              • Anon
                Do you think the Catholics don’t have any play here? How do you think 20MM dregs of South American society ended up in the US? They were guided by clergy. Deep in the forests of South America some clergy told them, “Go to America, the land of milk and honey.”

                Look at the USSR. Stalinism replaced religion. Not another religion. The reason religions are falling from grace is due to the fact that religious leadership is worshiping power not God. They crave political power. In their world gaining political power is validation of their belief system. As warped as it has become.
                Religion and politics: It’s kind of like the vote…you see it going on, it’s disgusting and yet we turn out heads and act like we didn’t see anything.

        • Prophet, sad to say you’re right and it’s getting closer than anyone realizes.

        • Prophet, I agree with you 100 percent! You have a lot of followers just waiting for you to lead the charge!

      4. 3 1/2 yeArs anD 10,OOO bux fiEn.

        CHikin Fead fur The EELITTes.

        tHaY nead liNchyn/

        • Aye gOts The roPe cUz

          • HMMMMMM DOWGIE… That makes three of us Kf.
            Lets gettem bwoy.

      5. Let’s have her check out Pennsylvania, where several precincts tallied 100% of the vote for Obama… Or the same thing in Ohio, and a couple of precincts in Florida. All critical swing states. Statistically, that is IMPOSSIBLE. At least ONE voter would have voted for someone else in each of these precincts. This looks like a hunt for the wrong witch.

        • You nailed that, everyone knows there is voter fraud going on and it’s mainly on the democratic side of the isle. It also is the reason the democrats work so hard to oppose voter ID and when they can’t do that they try to get illegal aliens a drivers license to get around the voter ID requirement.

      6. Give me control of a Nation’s voting machines and I care not what laws they used to have.

      7. TPTB are selected (by other PTB), not elected.

        I don’t believe for a second that they are elected by the people, the voters. They have MSN manipulating the numbers and statistics so the perception is that they were elected by the voters. How hard could the deceit and manipulation be to pull off when the fox guarding the hen house is protected by another fox, and so on down the line.

        And, these “Voter Fraud Is A Felony” billboards are nothing but a distraction and are also designed to make us feel good and dumd-down the people. Just because it’s a Felony doesn’t mean anyone will ever be held accountable. In fact, they won’t be held accountable, even in spite of all the inconsistencies.

        Nope, I’m gonna go with ‘selected’, not ‘elected.’ That’s my firm belief… believe it or not.

        • Commoncents, you’re right about them being selected and I’ve always believed that.

      8. Truth and responsibility have gone by the way side….WDC is a scam.

      9. Of course there is voter fraud going on. this is one of the reasons why there is nothong being done to secure the wide open borders with Mexico. the communists in state legislatures and the federal government want an invasion so that they can use the illegal alien vote to help overthrow the American people.

        Look ay states such as Kalifonrnia and Kolorado where laws have been passed that make it easy for illegal aliens to vote. Heck the communists are installing or appointing illegal aliens to government positions such as the Boulder Colorado city council as well as many city councils within kalifornia, which many are linked to the drug cartels and orginized crime. The democrat/republican communists in government are overthrowing the American people and most people either don’t realize or refuse to believe that is what is happening or simply don’t care.

        It is treason against the USA and the people.

        • It’s only Kolorado from Castle Rock north. And in the Mexican cesspool known as pueblo in the south. The rest of the state is Colorado Territory in thought and deed. God guns and woe to those who try to change that!

        • Greyman
          “the communists in state legislatures and the federal government want an invasion so that they can use the illegal alien vote to help overthrow the American people.”

          Exactly, precisely and dead on. The democratic socialists are cranking up the numbers in their voter base by allowing millions of illegals in. They drop anchor babies on us by the millions who will by default become the support base for democratic machine.

      10. Why do they bother as they own both horses in the two horse race. Maybe one of the stallions or mares cost more to feed?

      11. This is news?

      12. This is news?

      13. If the elections are not honest when are we going to stop accepting the results ?

      14. Thought the next article would be about, What do you do with all the dead bodies.

        • Start Voting from the Rooftops, where everyday is election day.


        • sling – About the dead bodies… I say anyone with land/property should dig deep, as soon as possible, as long as possible (partial length of the property) and 6ft deep, maybe 2ft wide trench at the end of their property for future use.

          Better to be prepared and not need to be prepared, than need to be prepared and not be prepared. Know what I’m sayin’?

          • don’t forget the lime, makes it lots cleaner!!

            • If winter,stack like cord wood and,well….Bon Apatite!

      15. The very existence of her illicit server means she broke the law.

        When a murder suspect immediately exclaims, “You have no indisputable evidence I murdered my boss!” instead of, “I didn’t do it!” it’s a good sign that the suspect thinks he covered his tracks, not that he’s innocent.

        IF you do vote ,, how do you convince yourself that any of the chosen evil is less than the other?, and if you are able to convince yourself , how do you live with your choice once you realize you were duped? and will continue to be duped by this so called right to vote when that right has been criminally altered, or out rightly a scam and you are being lied to constantly each time you vote?

        at what point do you remove yourself from that game of lies?

        all easy questions for me..I dont participate in the sham , but some people never wake up to it

        • Voter fraud is nothing new. I remember watching a documentary about LBJ from the beginning of his political career. When he became president, he kept an old photograph from back in his days of being a senator in Texas. It was a precinct captain holding a box of voting ballots in a strongly contested district Johnson had to have or he was going to lose the election. When he was asked why he kept this particular photo for all these years he didn’t answer the question, simply displayed a big old shit eating grin on his face and said he had some really good people working for him back in those days.

          Then we have the Kennedy election of 1960. There was recently a spat of Kennedy documentaries on the local PBS channel. One featured the election night returns being broadcast by Walter Cronkite. It was getting to be about 10.00 pm when they were announcing the latest poll numbers from the states and districts. They actually said that there were some ” confusing” discrepancies that kept coming out of the Chicago vote numbers so they couldn’t give any actual tally at that time. Yeah, it was confusing alright, Mayor Daley couldn’t get the numbers he wanted for Kennedy until later in the wee hours of the morning, when finally it was reported that Daley’s Chicago carried Illinois, coupled with that fact that West Virginia, which was completely controlled by organized crime delivered their state to Kennedy which was just enough to put him over the top.

          It’s been long forgotten the 1960 election was one of the closest in history, less then 100k votes in the popular vote, it gave Nixon the right to challenge the results and call for a recount, which he chose not to do because he didn’t want to put the country through that kind of circus. So, it’s obvious, at least to me, that voter fraud has been a game played in America for a very long time indeed, unless you want to believe that dead people actually are allowed to vote in Cook County, Illinois. Who knows for sure how many elections it’s been a part of, maybe all of them.

          One more thing I would like to say, and it involves a movie I watched recently called ” Judgment at Nuremberg”. It features Spencer Tracy as one of the 3 judges on a tribunal. The line actually comes near the end of the movie, where Tracy is having a discussion with another judge on the tribunal. The other judge, as well as senior military officers, want Tracy to dismiss the charges against a group of German Judges on trial for ease in political relations in light of the new cold war with the Russians.

          Tracy then utters the line, that he knew when he was elected a judge back in Vermont, he KNEW there were certain people in his town that had to be left alone if he ever wanted to stay a judge, and so he looked the other way on some things these powerful people in the town did from time to time. He goes on to say that he couldn’t look the other way this time because of the enormity of the war crimes presented at this trial, but that was not the point I took away from it. What bothered me was an admission from the judge that powerful people with money control elections, votes do NOT. So I don’t understand what all the uproar about vote fraud now is such a big deal when it’s been going on forever.

          • I remember the 1960 election, was a boy, but the next few days there was a lot of talk about “Crook County”, Illinois.

            There is no doubt JFK stole the election. Al Gore tried to steal it in 2001 and got shot down by the Supreme Court. I watched their state court case entirely, and the Dems had absolutely no case, whatsoever. It was all based on hyperbole and allegation, no substance. Only a Democratic State Supreme Court decision pushed it to the US Supreme Court, where reason prevailed.

            You folks who don’t vote, start voting. If the election isn’t close, they can’t cheat. Your vote does mean something, whether you want it to or not.

            • Smokey, Oh dont forget the 92,000 Blacks in FL that had their names purged off the voting rolls in 2000 by Brother Gov Jebby and his accomplice witch Kathleen Harris. It was fixed from the get go.


              • I’m not forgetting the felons, dead people, and residents of two states that were purged, thanks for reminding us of the Democratic voter base.

                By the way, WWTI, since the election was fixed from the get-go, as you so stupidly claim, how was it that the Dems were able to contest the election on flimsy evidence, and have it upheld by the Supreme Court of Florida? Doesn’t exactly fit with your claim, now, does it?

                Don’t forget also, Al Gore conceded the election before he contested it on advice from handlers who thought they could force a phony recount. Just another fact you seem to have conveniently forgotten.

                Better check your front yard, might be some unicorns grazing outside.

        • Heard a cyber pro say her routers were not secure, either. He said whenever a new IP address comes on line the hackers begin hitting on it within 20 minutes. Everything she sent or received was intercepted by a number of hackers and intel agencies.

      16. when the Diebold CEO promised in 2000 to deliver the election to W he wasn’t kidding. I recall that Volusia county had a -80k votes cast for Gore. Yes, that is a negative.

        In order to commit this kind of fraud you have control the voting machines. The Voting machines companies have been explicitly right wing for at least the last 15 years. If you think that examining voting records is going to expose some vast illegal Mexican immigrant voter fraud conspiracy you are going to find something you don’t want to.

      17. One thing to always remember. If things get real bad, if need be, we can cast our ballots with lead. People voting with the lead ballot have won many “elections”. Jus’ sayin’.

        Have a great holiday weekend.

        • Jack,the soap box/the voting box/the jury box/and last,but certainly not least,the ammo box!

      18. Diebold makes the majority of voting machines used in the US. That is why George Soros bought the company……so HIS people will wright the programming.

      19. No shit Sherlock!

        Seriously, our state has 1 electoral college vote. The entire state leans wayyyyy left, so why bother even.

        Yea yea i know “if you dont vote dont grumble” whatever……

        Some say, “just need to move”

        Yea right, if money was no object and you have absolutely no ties sure. Reality, is that MOST of us have ties, and roots and are quite well established wherever it is that we live, so the down side far far outweighs the benefits. Its complicated isnt it?

        • Right I agree

          and to add///Why should WE move?

          those that are playing the scam on us should move to the front of the line

          the firing line that is

          • plus KFarmer, there aint no place to “move” to .. its time to stay, stand and fight ..

            we’ve moved enough

            • FYA

              Stand and Fight?

              Beginning to sound like a pipe dream.

              • I know..I hope not

                Please dont make me do it alone,, ok?

                • FYA.

                  Stand and Fight is no better than voting. I do not see banding together, except for those who post here but separated by many miles. Most do not have the skills or gear to do anything. Maybe get themselves and others killed. The battlefield has changed since 1776. Very few will be able to handle the mobs and riots because they have NO TRAINING to kick in automatically. Many would think that Stand off capability is to run away. Or superiority through firepower is setting the woods on fire.
                  We are screwed.

                  • S. shush up already… You’ll only upset the troops.

            • Im just learning to play the game and use their rules against them, yes its very difficult at times, but by working through stuff on my own terms snd in my own time i am better able to adjust, plus IMHO i will be better equipped to deal with things if everything drops like the early 30s, it seems more satisfying honestly, and im fortunate that the stars have aligned so im able to do this, and dont have the huge mortgage, car loans and credit cards hanging over my head, that is what makes most folks have no choice but to play the game and go along. I like divergance myself thanks.

        • The smallest number of electoral college votes in any state is THREE. One for each congressional district plus one for each of the state’s two senators. That’s three, minimum. And that gives you disproportionaly HIGHER representation, on a per-capita bases, than a more populous state. Think about it.

      20. Let’s see…Republicans are committing voter fraud and still managed to lose the last 2 presidential elections? LOL…if they are committing voter fraud, they’re pretty bad at it. Maybe they should get some pointers from the Democrats.

        • Kind of what I was thinking, even the Governor of Kansas is a Democrat. These guys really suck at it, don’t they?

          The Democrats are so good at it, they’ve elected dead people and live mules to legislatures, included Congress.

          Got a lot to learn from there.

      21. Dow Down 302 pts.

      22. Mark Twain (paraphrasing): if voting made a difference, they’d make it illegal!

      23. Prepper Tip of the Day

        (hat tip SurvivalBlog)

        Medical Bartering, by Cynthia J. Koelker, MD

        ht tp://

      24. I have an answer to this problem. The day after the votes are all counted and the new President is named everyone who voted Republican needs to go outside, shopping malls, restaurants anywhere public wearing a red shirt. See how much red is out there and if the news does its job and reports on how many people are wearing red or people with cell phones record and post we will then know it is time for a revolution. Plain and simple. The people would know. Just a thought.

        • PS remember what Thomas Jefferson said in a letter to James Madison: A little rebellion is a good thing. It will keep the government honest at least not like the trash we have in there now!!!

        • Thor

          The Crips will shoot you.

          • The bloods will fight with me. 6 of 1……

        • I gots red shurts to where after erection day rezults get on teevee.
          TROO STORY!! When Hildery Cliton gets erected WE WILL CALPASE!!!! Even in the hole world!
          Itz time to fite bakc!!! Take it in the STREATS!!! MOSS BERG 590 I HAVE THE POWER!!!!!

          • Huh/Cerial,

            Whatever you do please do NOT stop posting! These are the funniest damn things I’ve read on this site in YEARS! Thanks for making this site fun to read again.

      25. This has been done for a long time. What is new.
        But if you don’t vote you can’t bitch. What ever voting is worth.

      26. More Democrat ass licking I see.

        Because if you kiss it hard enough, well who knows, you might ACTUALLY get the free shit they promise for a change…

        Bad enough that we’ve got a paid Democrat shill (Trump) trashing the entire party.

        You guys must really want your HillaryCare. Inserted rectally.

      27. Voting…LOL! That’s great! Hey everyone these are the best (giggle) two (snort giggle) people that we feel should run this country. HAAHAHAHAHA!! Here you get a choice! They only tool in millions of corporate donations and spent billions on their campaign but they are going to be looking out for your best interests!! I only vote for local government.

      28. And this is a suprise, they took a WWII propaganda film actor and made him a president. The masses still call for Ronnie who was out of it and his CIA VP ran the show. Sad state of affairs we live in. If a president is for the people, he is eliminated. Just history folks.

        • WWTI. You are a sad sack.

        • Looks like the masses are just smarter than you are, Speaks. I know that you think you can walk on water, given your moniker, but it just isn’t so.

          • Dam Smokie, need to lay off that weed son, messing with your head.

            In other news you simple minded sheep, really no difference between the parties. Get off that Faux News channel, don’t be Ruperts bitch.

            • Find another fantasy, Speaks, I don’t smoke any substances, nor do I watch Fox News, not having cable in my house.

              Now, since there’s no difference between the parties, as you claim, then just why are you such a flaming leftist?

              If you want to see a misguided sheeple, get a shave.

      29. if this is true, then why accept the results of an election ?

      30. diebold makes about half the voting machines and the family that controls it also controls another company that audits the results out of okey ohio where many acorn boys were aressted for voter fraud which is part of the reason obongo visited it somtimes twice a month

      31. Am I the only one who read this article and wonder where the content is?

        This official hasn’t examined ONE INCH of paper tapes and is telling us the elections are rigged?

        I don’t think she’s being very responsible, not one bit.

        We’re all intelligent people, let’s see some examples of the anomalies this statistician alleges to have seen, paper tapes or not, put your evidence out there for us to see. All I read was a bunch of allegations and fuzzy logic.

        • article? What article,,, oh that thing at the top of the page?
          I thought thatjust was the name for the topicof discussion here… Guess i should read those things

          • Kula, you may not be far off base, there !

      32. I honestly believe our elections are rigged, we need to go back to 1 vote one person and the majority wins with an unbiased group to count the votes, no more this state has more pull than the next, with required proof of who you are and a fail-safe method of ensuring against voter fraud, one day to vote at the polls with provisions to cast your vote from out of state, no early or absentee voting except the ill, handicapped, elderly that cannot get to the polls and those who are in the military serving abroad, I’m sure there may be other circumstaces that warrent absentee ballots, there are plenty of ways for people to get to the polls to vote so no more excuses there is no discrimination, voting is open to all qualified and who choose to make the effort, I’ve been voting for over 40 years and the only time I did an absentee vote was when I was in the Army overseas

      33. article from 2010…

        How Harry Reid kept getting elected.

        Nevada voting machines automatically checking Harry Reid’s name; voting machine technicians are SEIU members

        “Clark County is where three quarters of Nevada’s residents and live…

        Since early voting started, there have been credible reports that voting machines in Clark County, Nevada are automatically checking Harry Reid’s name on the ballot.”

        Washington Examiner

      34. Settle down little sheeple. Weapons and ammunition only

      35. Voting must be physical and physically traced. It should NEVER be electronic. It is too easy to throw a vote and a race like that!

        We must return to physical ballots and hand counting and double checked independently.

      36. Voting just gives the illusion your doing something good!!! Besides it is who counts the votes not who votes that win elections.

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