Snowden’s Interesting Take on Aliens: “We Can’t Pick Up Their Encrypted Communications”

by | Sep 22, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 146 comments

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    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at the Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Note: Perhaps the truth is out there, but it is just encrypted. It is perhaps very likely that intelligent life much more advanced than ours would guard the secrets of its communication more closely than civilizations on earth, who have just opened up to the range of communications, and only recently stumbled across the importance and practice of encrypting it for select audiences.

    Will greater advances in descrambling messages from signals believed to be only noise be the key to SETI, as it was in the movie Contact? No clue here, but it’s worth a thought.

    Edward Snowden Has an Interesting Take on Alien Communications

    by Joshua Krause

    These days you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t believe there is any alien life in the universe. Statistically speaking, it just seems unlikely that there wouldn’t be any other life forms out there. But if our universe is teeming with life as many have suspected, why haven’t we been able to make contact with any of these creatures?

    The most recent explanation for this mystery come from an unlikely, but compelling source. In a recent interview with Neil Degrasse Tyson, Edward Snowden suggested that we can’t pick up any of their communications, because they’re thoroughly encrypted. “If you look at encrypted communication, if they are properly encrypted, there is no real way to tell that they are encrypted…You can’t distinguish a properly encrypted communication from random behavior.”

    Essentially, any species that has the technology to communicate with radio waves or microwaves like we do, probably isn’t sending their messages without encryption. We’ve only been using these technologies for a short time, and we haven’t been encrypting our electronic messages for very long. There would only be a very short window of time where these signals aren’t hidden, because any species that’s even a little more advanced than we are, would probably have very sophisticated encryption protocols. Their messages would be “indistinguishable to us from cosmic microwave background radiation”

    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at the Daily Sheeple.


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      1. If this guy was for real the government would have offed him by now.

        • If anyone knew the ‘true truth’, we might be all amazed at how different we were taught…

          Nice moniker…

          • We getting to serious, please take no offence…

            A boy is selling fish on a corner. To get his customers’ attention, he is yelling, “Dam fish for sale! Get your dam fish here!” A pastor hears this and asks, “Why are you calling them ‘dam fish.'” The boy responds, “Because I caught these fish at the local dam.” The pastor buys a couple fish, takes them home to his wife, and asks her to cook the dam fish. The wife responds surprised, “I didn’t know it was acceptable for a preacher to speak that way.” He explains to her why they are dam fish. Later at the dinner table, he asks his son to pass the dam fish. He responds, “That’s the spirit, Dad! Now pass the f*cking potatoes!”

            • Where is the thumbs up when you need them ??? 🙂

            • Eppe, you ain’t right but keep them coming anyway.

              • BH, I just would like the TO MAKE THE NSA SMILE…

                • Of course we can’t understand them. Why the hell would they want to talk to a freakshow like earth? They probably look and run like hell. We are way to ignorant and stupid to join the cosmic society. If the universe is worth a shit at all we are just a petri dish in a lab experiment for intelligence that is way out of our comprehention. Maybe someday after we learn to quit being morons we can ascend another level then another and another till we reach that point1 million quadzillion bazzilion years from now. Humanity has to be like an insect compared to what is out there!

                  • G, we think the same…

                    To think we are the be all…

                    We are just microbes on the flea on the chickems ass that are the property of the farmer who is ruled by the govt.

                    Damn what a bummer…

                    • eppe, It is not a bummer it is what it is. You and I will never die, we are eternal life beings no matter how insignificant. Like I say just hatchlings on a journey. No man can ever comprehend the structure and intelligence of the universe and that is why we will be in skool for a very, very, very long time. Don’t be dissapointed or down, we are where we are in the chain of things. Just think you will be one of the creators in a quadtrillionbazzillon years and you have all the time in the universe to experience everything in the meantime. It’s a spiritual schoolhouse and you should just sit back and learn as much as you can and enjoy or hate the ride. Man and his want to be god shit….. what a joke 😛

                    • G, you just blew my mind…
                      I hope for the best, prepare for the worst…
                      Bless you and family…

                      We will be the winners…

                      If you are not prepping, you are just inepting…

                      May all be well here…

                    • Thanks eppe, you are a true being. To differentiate between religion and self guided awareness is a rare thing. I just hope I will see my old pets etc. somewhere along the line. What a great, living, teaching, absorbing, learning time we live in. 🙂

                  • If you have the mentality to really think it out, the forces of creation and structure and intelligence are so far out of your microscopic mindset that it seems impossible to believe we are truly an intelligent species. In my opinion we are like hatchlings in a school being taught by experiencing different lives on a journey (eternally) and slowly, very slowly going up the ladder to a higher consciousness to one day be in the club of the creators. I would say 99.9% are left behind to keep repeating their stupid shit until they get it. Next level, next level, Next level and so on. Makes one hell of a lot more sense than any bullshit, keep you down, never think for yourself, controlling, dominating by fear, man made, archon controlled religious crap don’t you think? 🙂

                    • Amen, G.
                      I have always thought outside the ‘box’.

                      Hence I question all…

                      May all be well..

                      Thank Mac all….

                    • The truth will set you free.
                      Embrace the truth.
                      Your mind will be…
                      at PEACE.
                      God bless.

                • Eppe, I would smile if the NSA were scrapped.

            • Good joke, eppe.

              Here is a true story for you.

              When I was a pre teen kid, I worked at my grandpa’s during most of the summer on the farm, and orchards…dollar per week, no shit, but it beat the zero per week i got at home as the indentured slave.

              Anyways, it was nearing fruit harvest and actually we had been picking some Damson Plums that we ate and grandma made jam from. Grandpa had gotten to the point that he did most of his apple and all of his peach selling from home.
              He had so many friends and acquaintances, that he had visitors all the time. He never met a stranger.

              This guy came by looking for a certain fruit which was not ready and grandpa was explaining when to come back for them, when out of the blue my little 5 year old cousin said, “hey mister, you want some damn plums, we got plenty of damn plums.”

              For once, grandpa was speechless.

              • Ah Damson Plums. Best flavored ‘shine I ever sipped had the damson plums in it. Wow.

        • Tyson??? He is a clown without the suit!!!

        • Russia has the security services to stop that; they are probably the only country with that protective capability.

          As for aliens, there are NONE. The laws of physics were altered when Adam sinned in Eden so that the earth (and the universe beyond) were cursed. That means that the first man, as the highest being in this universe, brought judgment upon this universe through his sin. Therefore, it follows that no other sentient beings can exist in this universe, or at least, none on a par with us, much less superior to us.

          It does not exclude the existence of beings from another universe though… Say, angelic creatures. Such as the devils, masquerading as E.T.s…

          • Spot on J-UK.

        • Perhaps they are secure enough that they don’t feel any need to “communicate”.

      2. Because the Earth’s humanity was just an experiment, and we are failing…

        • The Hckster ought to love the hell outta this article. We got enough problems with the bunch of common bastards that are shuffling around this world now creating mayhem, without having to think about Mork showing up. Can we get back to our regularly broadcasted program?

          • “I am Mork from Ork, Nanu Nanu.”

            • Shazbats

              • “Snowden’s Interesting Take on Aliens” REALLY? You could’ve left this one out altogether, and still had enough BS to post for one day…

          • I agree where is that sniveling shit stain

            • shit stain? I didn’t know he was a mexican.










          The pilgrims were supposed to land in Virginia. They had a shitbag navigator and landed in Taxachusetts. Since they had no charter for the area that they landed in, they made a social compact.

          • Acid – Ben Carson lost any and all credibility when he said that he would enforce mandatory vaccinations on everybody if elected President.

            • That is one thing I can agree with you on, for sure.
              I wondered if anyone else picked up on that.
              Carson, as a doctor, is just another pawn for Big Pharma, and depopulation. He is a fake and uses his so-called christianity to cover up his real person.

              No true Christian can say that vaccines are not detrimental to the health and spiritual freedoms granted by our Creator.

              He is the worst kind of fraud. and is most likely being financed by Big Pharma.

              They are all frauds in some way or another, but anyone that doesn’t make my grandkids accept forced vaccinations and homosexuality, is a start for getting my vote, for what good it would do.

              • That’s very much correct Passin’ – and spot on about Carson being financed by Big Pharma. After him making that remark about forced vaccinations, it was obvious who his handlers are.

                • Oh but Old Coach says vaccines are good and chemtrails aren’t real! Golly Gee who am I to believe?

                  Oh I know, I will just use my fuckin brain and do some research! Hey ya know, just because it isn’t on CNN doesn’t mean it never happened or isn’t real. Wait, I already did a lot of that and lo and behold it IS real!

                  Man I am so glad my 3 brain cells survived the 70’s and 80’s and I don’t have to rely on BS misinformation and parroted propaganda to develop my own beliefs! Nore be afraid to admit I’m wrong or have bought a sack of lies because I WANT the truth not run from it and hide in my little asswipe paradigm bubble and defend it to the death without any research or logic whatsoever. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE! Thats why their are so many slaves 🙂

              • passin… sadly, over the last few decades we’ve gradually lowered our standards to the point where our criteria for a new POTUS is ‘the one who doesn’t initiate a forced vaccinations program’, instead of ‘the one who will turn the country around, right wrongs and make things right again.’

                As far as Carson, he’s in bed with Big Pharma, which means he is just as dangerous as them.

          • There is a part of slavery no one ever talks about. I recently saw it at a catering event. We had African Nationals in town and we served the dinner. We have 2 black servers, and when one of them attempted to talk to the guests here is the response. “If you speak to me again I will kill you, we sold your people into slavery for a reason. Be gone from me.” This wasn’t from one of those South African white guys, this guy was black as night and super tall. He had nothing but hate HATE for African Americans. A more seasoned person told me something interesting after that. “Do you think a bunch of white guys went over to Africa and just started rounding up people to sell? It would have been a massacre, those people where sold by other African Tribes.” So basically all the white people are guilty of is buying what was being sold.

        • eppe

          We’ve had the capacity to destroy ourselves for conservatively the last 60 years when a sufficient supply of nuclear weapons existed. Toss in biological and chemical and its closer to 65 years easy. Problems have been getting solved, but often in a way many of us don’t like. Millions have needlessly died and greed is still the primary driving force but people are still here, in at least triple the number of six decades ago. A green revolution in about 1970 dramatically increased global food production to expand. The Hubert Curve (do I have that right?) the dire oil prediction made in the 1950s was forestalled with ingenuity complements of some American wildcatters inventing and improving fracking.

          I’m concerned about the future as anyone reasonably cognitive who reads, sees and hears should be.

          • K2, amen to that. Is it a great thing to discuss between each other different ideas about why, where, how, and when humanity started?
            Since we are tracked, why worry, they know who we are, and showing intelligence in our discussions might change the minds of those who track?

            Thanks, Mac for this place.

            Be nice all…

            • Eppe,
              1. If someone is tracking and watching what we do i feel for that poor SOB
              2. If someone is actually serious about tracking folks like us, again i really feel for the SOB
              Oh right i said that,
              3. If they are tracking us they are really grasping at straws and we should fork with them as much as humanly possible!! And again, what a buncha miserable poor SOBs.

              • Kula, makes one wonder all about the OPSEC deal some preach about, if they know who we are, why can we not just say what we feel?

                Did I really break OPSEC with stating my girl won a contest?

                FUCK ‘EM…

                • To tell you the truth everyone, we all need not to fight amongst ourselves, we need to band together, but we are many miles apart.
                  But we can all share info, and not backbite each other.
                  Can everyone play fair???

                  I know, just dreaming….

          • Wow 65 whole years.

            The dinosaurs went for what, 100 million?

            Just saying, now that we have all this heinous shit, we better build a human genetic ark, because sooner or later… be that now or 1500 years from now…

        • Eppe, the trolls were experiments that have already failed.

      3. There are segments of the military that have and most likely still are making contact.

        One guy that worked at Area 51, in one of the underground units, claims that they house some of them there. he said before he retired, they had one that went berserk and started attacking guards. he was destroyed by some kind of weaponry.

        Do i believe him? I say that they exist within our planet and no one can convince me otherwise. About his story…anything is possible when it comes to our leadership that has hidden so much from the people, for so many years.

        • Passin, ever wonder if Cayce was correct about the soul keeps coming around in different entities thru time until they get it right. He said Jesus got it right, Buddda, and others. And the Akaksia(sp) Records of the universe?
          Then souls from Atlantis are re-entering at this realm of time?
          Like prepping, be well rounded…

          Be well all, it may pay off, in the end…

          • Well, eppe, i do think there is some validity to Cayce’s visions.
            I also think Nostradamus has some validity.
            I believe only what i can discern from the scriptures, as 100% fact.

            From all i can gather and believe; all souls were created in the First heaven and earth age..billions of years ago.

            How many there are in that count, is a mystery. I have read that we are approaching the 120 billion mark for all that have ever lived, which should include the aborted in the womb as well as the miscarried and still borns. Possibly a billion or more, worldwide, in that tally that never breathed air.

            Anyways, I believe we have just one soul that transcended into time by the Father that took our soul and DNA from before, and breathed it into the embryo’s. Once that flesh has died, the soul returns to the Father that gave it. Do we sleep until the millennium, or the Final Age of Eternity begins, when we get our new spirit bodies?

            The Book says God is the Father of the Living and not the dead.
            Is that totally spiritual speaking or just literally speaking?
            I can’t be sure, but that doesn’t matter because if we sleep, as in a comatose state, our next conscience thought is among the spirit living, either Heaven or Purgatory.

            There will be no, i repeat “no” flesh bodies in the millenium.
            No more babies being born ever. When Christ returns, all are changed, even the animals. The flesh ages are nothing but history after that. Many preachers teach flesh people during the millennium, but they have not correctly read, and divided the word.

            Any type of re-incarnation teaching after this life, is most likely a Hindu thing, or some other off the wall religion or cult.

            All societies that lived before the last big Ice Age were either Angelic and in spirit bodies or were possibly hybrids of some kind.

            Animals like apes, lived with the dinosaurs and were in flesh, just no human flesh though. Angelic beings like the third that fell from grace with Lucifer, came to the earth with spirit bodies. They had cities and totaled into the billions. If, Satan fathered homosexuality, as i believe, then beastiality was also possible.
            That would explain the Neanderthal and Cro Magnon, plus other humanoids/hybrids, that have all been determined to be more primate than anything else.

            There are a lot of questions that will be answered when this world is over.

            • What happens to people who don’t believe in God, but lead an etical lifestyle? What about those of us who do emulate Jesus’ request that we give and to take care of of each other?

              • The Millennium is for teaching those that did not have a chance to learn truth, during their flesh lives.

                There will be many grandma’s and grandpa’s that led a life of compassion and caring, but never went to church or accepted Jesus. It is not up to a flesh man to make that decision. It is not up to a so-called holy father/priest/bishop/etc., either, to make that kind of judgment.

                Then you get into God’s business and what is recorded in their book of life.

                There are no second chances, but the Father is fair, and those that did not have a chance during this life, to learn truth, for whatever reason, will have the Millennium to make it right.
                They will have to be tried and tested when Satan is released for a short while at the end of that 1000 year period, also.

                That is about all I can say on the subject.

                • well, today is September 23rd and we STILL have yet to see your big tumbling down event happen and you’re running out of time, care to sat anything about that?

                  • As you may not recall, so i will jog your memory, I said;….. I see an event happening that will cause fear and panic around the world and would cause many to die.

                    There is already an event started this month, that may become a finished product to cause such an event.

                    the setting up of a Palestinian State all comes down to the potus signing off on such a deal through the UN. They are having those discussions right now and the French have said they would propose the necessary legal documents to the UN, “IF”, USA would sign off on it.

                    The deal is already done behind closed doors. When it is announced publicly, look out.

                    There has been over 100 accounts of USA taking something away from Israel that caused much pain,division, and death to America, within 24 hours, of all those events. This could be the event, and the prediction fruition, will have originated in Sept.

                    There is still another 7 days yet, and I’m not running out of time for anything. You just created something in your mind that you want to use as a tool for your own self fulfillment, and loathing.

                    I don’t give a shit about your “credibility’ ratings and stalkings. I doubt anyone else here does either.

                    • You SHOULD care because if all your nonsense doesn’t come to pass, { which I’m certain will be the case} you will be held accountable to all here and explain why you stirred up the pot with nothing to show for it, THEN you’ll start caring about your credibility and damned quick I’d imagine because you won’t be able to hide anywhere.

                    • Yep, you think you got it all figured out.
                      When the hammer falls on your liberal ass, just remember who tried to warn your stupid ass. Credibility means nothing to me in the sense that you think it does. Oh btw, my prediction has come true already. Read what i just posted this morning you idiot. The confirmation of the NWO will bring about fear and panic around the world and will result in many deaths.

                      There is your prediction, put it in your pipe and smoke it or cram it up your ass for all i care.

          • I think we humans are really some larger entities ant farm,,,

            • I believe there is advanced life out there somewhere, and if they really are watching us, they must be horrified!

              We murder our own young for convenience, we murder other people’s young for greed or simply fun, and we shit in our own dinner plates with a variety of GMOs and toxic chemicals we didn’t even need.

              We destroy anything that gets in our way, we can’t seem to keep our noses in our own business, and we have enough nukes to end ourselves, with murderous madmen holding the controller.

              If I was an alien and had a choice, I WOULDN’T SHOW MYSELF EITHER. I’d keep on going until I found a more civilized species.

              • 6, I would not show myself till I knew we could be trusted.

                That should be a four lettered wotd…

      4. I don’t they could screw up this planet any worse than we have if there are any out there just think they all look like Obama

      5. why in the hell would aliens want to come here anyway ?

        we’re turning our home into an absolute shit hole

        we kill each other by the hundreds of millions and always have

        we have some people so rich they literally can never spend all their wealth
        while others live on $2 a day and their kids die because they can’t afford some antibiotics

        if I had a way off this planet I would leave in a heart beat

        earth is God’s experiment gone bad

        • Thats why if i could swing it i would like to go to alaska and disappear into the mountains somewhere and never look back, take the preps and the guns and camping and hunting hardware and give everything else away and just go away

          • I could give you directions.

      6. What? when I was stationed in Korea, we drank everclear on the flightline one night and picked them up on a gunpod boresight tool…

      7. Average salary for a security gurd in Memphis Tenn is $27,481. Top 10% of the bell curve is $34,990. No one will give the moron credit because they want to be paid back. Over 30 years of work for the same company doing the same job and topped off at $35k, who really would take advice from someone who has accomplished nothing in life. No wife, no kids, no house, just a cousin who takes him for what little money he has accumulated.

        • If the communications of trolls could be encrypted, I could live with that.

        • Troll, once again, you don’t know what you’re talking about and watch your stupid mouth about my family. I don’t give a shit what you say about me but you leave my family out of this.

        • Jesus, why are you picking on Brave?
          Or are you WWTI in disguise???

          Just saying…

        • I beg your pardon “Nobody Speaks to You” I don’t know how much money you make but you ain’t half the man my Cuz is, and I don’t take any of his money, maybe a few of his supplies. And he had a wife that he lost in an accident, so he don’t need any of your smart ass remarks about a wife. If a man works for a living he has my respect, its not how much he makes. So lay off my CUZ!

          • NGIC, I never thought I would say this, but thank you for your support this time. that troll is a real piece of work.

            • Cuz I may get a kick out of pulling your chain, but there aint no reason for people to make personal attacks about family.

              • NGIC, you’re OK after all.

        • Speaks, you really are becoming a boring waste of time.

          Find another sandbox to pee in, you’ve worn out your welcome here.

      8. Snowden’s Interesting Take on Aliens: “We Can’t Pick Up Their Encrypted Communications”

        Not sure what to say about this article and Snowden’s theory.
        What I can say is that it would be insane to think otherwise that we humans are the only “intelligent” species in the Universe.

        Maybe there is something to that Southpark Episode: CANCELED – where the boys find out that “Earth” is a giant Intergalactic T.V. Reality Show. Thus would make sense of the stupidity that is rampart across the globe.

        • Never could get into the animated comedy thing, but the wife did many years ago before we met and watched that show Southpark. Soon after we met, she convinced me to watch an episode.

          Reluctantly i agreed and said this is too much stupidity like the Simpsons, but continued to watch, to appease her.

          The little character Carmen, i think, was kinda funny. he was sitting on the couch eating ‘cheesy poofs’ and watching tv. The cat kept licking his leg. He called out to ma,’kitty keeps licking my leg’. Ma told kitty to stop. Then kitty was back at it. Carmen hollered back at ma, ‘kitty won’t quit licking me’. Ma popped her head out from the kitchen and said, ‘kitty, you are sleeping with me tonight’.

          Now that was funny until you realize kids are watching this stuff. Kids know more about sex now at age six, than most kids knew at 13, when I was growing up. They are conditioned by TV and free porn on the net.

          No wonder teens are getting pregnant and the parents think nothing of killing the unwanted little problem. People are dumb as rocks nowadays.

          What is really scary, some of the dumbest people on earth have PHDs, and Masters. Where is that Professor Higgy?

      9. Aliens can be defeated by anorexic talking rabbits from Bensonhurst . My plate is full enough without worrying about aliens. We have CFR, Trilateralists, Bilderbergers, Rotgschilds, ISIS, IRS,ATF, FBI, Mexicans, Black lives matter, socialists, commies, etc.,etc, ad nauseum.
        Stack em high, stack em deep.

        • Overwatch, we already have aliens here of the ILLEGAL type. I agree we don’t need space aliens.

          • Si, Senor Braveheart. At least the space aliens won’t pull up blaring awful music out of their saucers. Still, I wonder if they have the fuzzy dice or the little statues of Mary on their leopard skin dashboards.

            • Overwatch, LOL. damn good one.

          • Such a hypocrite, you commenting on foreigners.

            • Me? Born and raised here. Only time I’ve been a foreigner is when serving my country overseas. I was speaking Spanglish ironically. We need a bit of humor here which is why I love Eppe’s jokes. The threats I mentioned, I’m sure, will overwhelm our former republic soon. The zeitgeist is ,even among regular people, one of doom and impending collapse. That’s why I prepare, using my skill set (Infantry) as my frame of reference. I don’t wish for it but it’s coming. I prepare not only to survive but to fight back and prevail.

              • Overwatch, same with me. I wouldn’t worry about the troll. Their days are numbered.

              • Overwatch, thank you.
                I believe this site needs facts, speculation, opines, jokes, and truth to work.

                I would be lost to not be a part of this ‘plan’.

                I would like to see more prepping articles, but Mac is running the joint, so don’t fight the tape…

                Mac, thanks, the video sucked, was on a phone…

              • Comment was to the moron, only likes dem illegals when they decide to marry him.

      10. Yes, the universe is teeming with life, and intelligent life would use encryption.
        Even in the 60s sci fi talked about encrypted radio channels, so it has been known
        About a lot longer than we think. Notice how the last few years they have been using media ( TV, books, movies etc.) to normalize the whole alien thing, it can’t be hidden any longer. I figure they kept it secret so they( the PTB ) could maintain control over the people,
        If others have visited us they prob come in one or both of two types, liberators, or conquerors. The problem is everything we think we, as individuals, know about space is prob wrong or flat out lies.
        Is eppe right, are we an experiment? Well its possible, but I’m not willing to say yes at this point. Are these visitors the hero’s and bad guys of all the ancient texts? Maybe, not ready to say yes yet. But experiment or not, I am a free, sentient being and no man, alien, or god has dominion over me and if god is real, he will judge me on my deeds and not beliefs, especially when we live in the land of illusion and deception.


        • ss, have watched all Ancient Aliens shows, read so much, and researched for years. And no one can tell the true truth…

          • Yea I’ve seen all of em too, and own chariots of the gods, and Childress’s book. Its a decent show, it does have its fair share of propaganda and agenda, and childress’s and Van Danaken and them have very valid theories, But, at this point its about as proveable as evolution, or religion.. All that is known for sure is we have been lied to, big time.

          • According to them, earth girls are easy, and we ARE the Aliens!

          • All those Ancient Alien shows have a common theme.
            Ever notice how they always end up talking about the Mayans and the disappearance of their civilization? It has been proven they never really disappeared, they just relocated because of drought.

            It is a joke how they try and relate them to “space aliens”. It is all hype and about making a living off of intrigue and fascination. Yes, i believe they had interactions with the aliens, but they were not just space aliens, they were “fallen angels”.

            When the dust settles and the truth gets brought forth, people will see that the evidence supports only one explanation.
            That is the fallen angels that were able to transcend from their previous dimension, where Heaven is, and come into this flesh age dimension.

            Their bodies do have mass and must have transportation, hence the landing strips/pads and so forth. They are demonic in nature because of their leader..Lucifer, and they used flesh man for many evil things.

            Mainly used flesh woman to have sex with and birth the hybrids, of which a remnant still reside here, but just with different body forms now.

        • Secret,
          Only one problem with your “lifestyle”. And I am NOT judging, lol, am sharing info. The Bible says we will not be judged solely on our “works”(deeds)but we must have belief in Jesus as well.
          I agree that we live in the land of illusion and deception so I don’t trust anyone but my parents. I’m 62 so they’re too old to have any deceptions planned.
          I appreciate your posts in “SHTF”, they all are sensible.

          • Rick
            Thanks for the reply, perhaps i was a little strong with my comment.
            Im not saying jesus wasnt real, but rather the teachings in the bible has
            Been manipulated to use as means of control. The bible is a creation of man, and not the true ord of god.


      11. Very well said SS –

        “he will judge me on my deeds and not beliefs”

        Take note of that – Holier Than ‘Tho Religious Fanatics.

      12. I have to agree with overwatch !!!

        • Thank you sarge. From another old sergeant.

          • Thank You Overwatch, I’m an old sergeant too!

      13. Don’t worry about the thoroughly human ALIENS, be distracted by this intellectual nonsense about extra terrestrials otherwise none as, you guessed it, ALIENS.

      14. Time, people, time. What makes are small minds think that ever other potential race in the universe waited as long as we did to mature? Please! We know the earth has been pretty well wiped clean twice and we are a young planet.

        Why would others want to be involved with the likes of ants?

      15. The guy is an idiot. He and most people have no concept of the size of the universe. The nearest star besides the sun, is over 4 years away at the speed of light(Alpha Centauri). Our galaxy is over 100,000 light years across. There are as many Galaxies as there stars in our galaxy(100-400 billions). Some are 13 billions of light years away, and probably don’t exist anymore. Most of astronomy is just looking at what used to exist. Radio astronomy exists to “see” through gas “clouds”. and picks up everything that is transmitted, naturally, or artificially from things that probably don’t exist anymore. Our own sun and indeed the earth were created from the leftovers of a much older star. Encoding my butt, we are so far apart that using conventional physics, we will never cross paths with anybody out there.

        • ASSUMING anything does in fact exist (have my serious doubts) there’s one way you COULD do it…

          Fill a probe with genetic material and incubators and launch the sucker.

          Ok, it takes half a billion years. Shrug?

          Why not… intergalactic cockroaches.

      16. The debate about whether man actually ever went to the moon is ongoing. Some say the radiation belt is impassable, others say the pictures from the fake moon voyage were shot in a studio. I’ve heard the astronauts were warned away from visiting the moon, the dark side has alien bases, the moon is a satelite put into position to control Earth. Also that NASA is just about weaponizing space, that’s one that makes sense that I can believe. Who knows what to believe, but I lean towards believing that the trip to the moon is a big farce. I wonder if any other moon orbiting another planet always has the same side facing the planet it is orbiting.

        • I always wondered why they call it the dark side of the moon, it should be called the far side, although the moon is phase locked with earth and its not phase locked with the sun, so it gets sunlight on all sides, the dark side of the moon is in constant motion,.
          But that may be wrong too, lol like you said, hard to know what to believe anymore.
          I think that’s been done intentionaly , so mission accomplished, lol


          • There is no dark side of the moon
            It’s all dark
            Which ones pink?

        • Aljamo…my uncle was a doctor for the astronauts during the space projects . He was one of the developers of the monitoring systems in the space suits . As a kid I spent a couple of summers at my Uncles house tagging along with him and my cousin at NASA . We went everywhere on the base. There were places on the base that resembled the moon complete with the LM ( Lunar Module ) etc . Could the moon landing have been faked…in my opinion yes . However they would have had to fool a Dr. with a genius IQ…my Uncle . He and I had many conversations about physics,medicine etc and he never ever gave one hint about the moon shot being faked.

          He did hate the hell out of Alan Shepard though..LOL

        • Easily solved “mystery”, get a big enough telescope.

        • Aljamo, there is no debate about the moon landings. They did occur. What you are referring to as ‘debate’ consists of a few wackjobs screaming about sound stages and Area 51.

          That’s not debate, or even discussion.

          • Smokey,

            I’ll never understand why people ever believed the nonsense about the landings not being real. In the first place, there would have to be 6 separate ” fakes” that took place, it would have been impossible to keep that a secret for long without somebody at NASA leaking it to the news outlets at the time, and more importantly, it has always been indisputable that the rockets were real, the astronauts were real, there were too many live and tv audiences for any conspiracy bullshit to claim otherwise, the launches, the circling of the moon, { the famous Earthrise photo taken by Apollo 8} was all real, so everything else was real but for the final act of actually landing on the moon? Please, only somebody with an extreme case of paranoia could be capable of swallowing such a horseshit notion to a conclusion like that, but they are out there.

      17. Well there’s something I never thought id have to prep for ……..ALIENS!!!!!! Of all the crappy articles out there this one was chosen? Come on I kinda thought this site was drifting away from its purpose. Ain’t we got enough real problems without adding the aliens. If he tries posting anything on ZOMBIES being a possibility think ill just give up.

        • I had an E.T over for a beer last night. Had to beat Obama to the punch.

        • It’s ironic you put it like that….”Well there’s something I never thought id have to prep for”

          Actually, the aliens have always been here within the earth and under the Antarctica Ice Cap, since Noah’s flood. They are not space aliens at all.
          They were the 10% of the hybrids/giants that God has reserved for the very last months of this age.

          Either God transfigured them out of their original flesh bodies, or they somehow morphed into smaller organic/vegetative bodies (ET like), that doesn’t require mass quantities of food, especially meat, like their former bodies, but does require a protective covering/suit.

          I know that in their former bodies most of them had elongated skulls, with double rows of teeth, and some had six fingers and toes. Their bones have been unearthed and hidden from sight by the powers like the scientific community, and the museums.

          Steve Quayle is one of the experts on them. I think the tallest was near thirty feet long, but they averaged about 10 to 12 footers.

          Their spirits are the “preserved ones” that make up the locust armies in Revelation. They will appear as space aliens to most. That is how they will be explained, just like they are now.
          The return of the fallen angels/ the nephelim/nepheline, will be the ones that homos and females need to be protected from.
          The only protection from them performing sexual acts with whom ever they want, is the covering/protection of Christ.

          1 Cor. 11:10
          For this cause ought the woman to have power on her head because of the angels.

          Same angels spoken of here in Jude.

          Jde 1:6
          And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.

          Genesis 6 tells of them coming to earth to copulate with the beautiful women, before Noah’s flood. Hence came the hybrids/giants/men of renown/mighty men.

          Jde 1:7
          Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

          Jde 1:10
          But these speak evil of those things which they know not: but what they know naturally, as brute beasts, in those things they corrupt themselves.

          This would be them….nephilim/brute beasts…funny that Jude is speaking of Sodomy in the same context of the fallen ones. They will blend in as humans, and look like sharp dressed men in their late twenties. Their bodies will even feel like flesh, but has no blood. Sure way to tell, slice their body with a knife. No blood.

          They are coming back again and some of their offspring/hybrids/aliens will rejoin them for a big party to bring the heathen to repentance, before the Day of the Lord’s return. I think they will have drugs to seduce the dope fiends with. They are supernatural and can do many things we can’t. The 7000 that fall dead in Jerusalem, that would be the fallen angels. That is when God is through with them.

          Rev 12:9
          And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

          It is such a scary mystery for most people, that even the few preachers that know about them, won’t even teach about them.
          That doesn’t mean it ain’t gonna happen…it will.

          Ole wwti might get a visitation since he don’t believe in God or his creation. he might get a little of the AE treatment for mocking God and cursing Jesus. You reading this wwti, got KY?

          • Oh for Christ sake, do we have to listen to more of this idiot’s bullshit AGAIN?

            • Do we have to keep listening to trolls’ BS?

      18. For info on aliens check this site, EARTH FILES.COM

      19. Guys there is so many lies flying around if someone knew and told the painful truth people wouldn’t believe it or would say they were crazy. Aliens ha another boogyman to ratchet up the fear mongering. I’ve never witnessed any super natural crap ever. To me that’s all voodoo just like zombies but hey if you believe that I got a new car to sell you for$2000.

        • Stick around asshat, and you will see some supernatural events that will change your mind. They are in the works.

      20. I go along with Edward’s comments on alien communication. Having observed us, in our mundane, earthbound life, why would they even want to understand what WE are saying. We might seem a little boring….

      21. I agree. Snowden is not too bright. Encryption doesn’t hide a carrier signal. If radio, ANY signal in the spectrum can easily be detected if its strength is even marginally above background noise. If communicating the separation between signal and noise must be even higher. You don’t need the modulation scheme, much less the modulated data, to detect signal. Determining that it is artificial is a little tougher – but not much.

        The argument would have to be technological (his isn’t). That aliens are using a form of communication we haven’t discovered.

      22. We all HEAR that “its likely” but how likely is it really?

        The mere odds of a planet being in just the right zone from just the right type of sun AND having water AND a magnetic core are, by themselves, astronomical.

        Maybe this is all one big computer sim.

      23. Take me to your leader earthling

        • Kulafarmer.

          You mean Joe the Plumber?

          • Eh
            Its entertainment!

        • Hey Kulafarmer,
          You are a farmer. We don’t live too far apart.
          Just a long paddle. You have been here a long time.
          Am I the only engineer/farmer on this site?
          Some of the stuff I read here is “out there”.
          How do I control Guinea grass would be more

          • Roundup!

          • We got Johnson grass, here in the southern applachia regions.

            Darned stuff is as bad as kudzu.

      24. I made sure this was at the bottom…

        Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Heaven, God went missing for six days. Eventually, Archangel Michael found him on the seventh day resting. He enquired of God, “Where have you been?”

        God pointed downwards through the clouds. “Look Michael, look what I’ve made.” said God. Archangel Michael looked puzzled and said, “What is it?”

        “It’s a planet,” replied God, “and I’ve put LIFE on it. I’m going to call it Earth and it’s going to be a great place of balance.”

        “Balance?” inquired Michael, still confused.

        God explained, pointing down to different parts of the Earth,

        “For example, North America will be a place of great opportunity and wealth, while South America is going to be poor; the Middle East over there will be a hot spot, and Russia will be a cold spot. Over there I’ve placed a continent of white people and over there is a continent of black people.” God continued, pointing to the different countries, “This one will be extremely hot and arid while this one will be very cold and covered in ice.”

        The Archangel, impressed by God’s work, then pointed to another area of land and asked, “What’s that?”

        “Ah,” said God. “That’s the North of England, the most glorious place on earth. There are beautiful people, seven Premier League football teams in the North West alone, and many impressive cities; it is the home of the world’s finest artists, musicians, writers, thinkers, explorers and politicians. The people from the North of England are going to be modest, intelligent and humorous and they’re going to be found travelling the world. They’ll be extremely sociable, hard-working and high-achieving, and they will be known throughout the world as speakers of truth.”

        Michael gasped in wonder and admiration but then proclaimed, “What about balance God, you said there will be BALANCE!”

        God replied very wisely, “Wait till you see the bunch of tossers I’m putting down South.”

        eppe – see, I even make jokes about my kind…

      25. You know, in the scheme of things,

        Somebody has to be first. Maybe we are the first ? !


        after all is said and done, maybe we are the last.

        • grandee, that was deep….
          makes one wonder…

        • Well you are right on both counts.

          Many so-called intellectuals have said that this life, on earth for about 6000 years (actually closer to eight, but subject for another article) is nothing more than an experiment.

          Hog wash.

          The dinosaurs, …maybe, but That is God’s business.

          This Earth Age/ Flesh age, is only for one purpose….a test.

          To test the hearts of God’s children to see if they will follow Him or Satan. It all came about because of the “overthrow” by Satan in the first Age. Some were redeemed from before and are not bound by the test. A good example is Jacob and Esau. God says he knew them before they were in their mother’s womb, and Jacob he loved, but Esau he hated. Why? Because of where they stood, and what they did, in the first Age, in spirit bodies.

          This gigantic test is about over. When the last of God’s created souls has been born through the waters..bag of waters/ womb/ into flesh, and the fullness of the Gentiles (heathen nations of Islam and all fake religions other than Christianity), comes about, it will be finished.

          Rev 11:2
          But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months.

          A picture of a heathen peoples (having a false god without Jesus as Saviour) defiling God’s sacred place in Jerusalem.

      26. Everyone thinks in terms of distance. Even though radio travels the speed of light, the size of space is so great it takes forever to span the distance.

        But that isn’t the only problem. Time. The universe is 13.8 billion years old, and most liveable matter in the form of planets ( those that are a certain distance from the right size sun, a stabilizing moon, large shielding planets like Jupiter, a fairly circular orbit, enough water, etc have been around 3-4 billion years.) That’s a lot of time for civilizations to come and go.

        The reality is that civilizations will come and go in the cosmic blink of an eye. It is very unlikely that two civilizations will cross radio signals at the same time.

        The sad part of our existence is that just as as species evolve and ultimately become extinct, so will humans and any other intelligent form of life. A slow burn like the death of out sun as it expands into a red giant that consumes the earth will insure our demise in the long term. Otherwise, it may only take a meteor or a gama burst to wipe us out in a relatively short time, assuming we don’t do it to ourselves.

        Here we have built up our technology in the span of a century and looks like we may have great potential to make incredible advances in the next century, but we might not make it, because we did not advance enough to protect ourselves from one of these more acute scenarios.

        So sadly, probably a lot of advanced civilizations have been snuffed out before any contact can be made. The planet Krypton is a theoretical example based originally in fiction.

        Indeed, contact with another civilization may be as impossible as contact with God. It will only be based on faith.

      27. Aliens…seriously….Aliens

      28. I just checked the markets, and all the Asian markets are down a good bit. So the DOW will probably start out lower in the morning. The experts are saying that if it gets below 16000 and stays a few days, it might go a lot lower, and there’ll be panic if it goes below 15000.

        I don’t know. It’s probably like my father said back in the 1960s. He said rich people control the market. When they say up, it goes up. When they say down, it goes down.

        • Arch, I have belief that when the mass mood of the investers go south, all goes south…

          Thank MAC for a place to vent…

      29. As volatility increases the markets gain a greater chance of instability. Historically the year leading into the presidential election are bull markets. Will be interesting to see if this bloated market pops before the election or after a Republican gets into office. It would make a wild distraction for any conservative president to get started in the midst of another great resession.

      30. Math and probability tells us, with something the size and scale of the universe, there will be other life forms out there. I suspect lower forms of life are closer to us and thus it is why we have not had any problems with them. Higher forms of life are more than likely outside our physical abilities to travel and communicate, so we haven’t bumped into them in the ‘hallway’. They may have visited us and live among us in some form, but we are too stupid to detect them.

        What is more interesting is the chasm that exists on planet earth right now between what science and technology can do and what they actually do and share. In short, they are up to 100 years ahead of humanity and are not sharing these insights and advances with the rest of us because, to be frank, they want us dead and gone. Elysium the film was not a fiction.

      31. Math and probability tells us, with something the size and scale of the universe, there will be other life forms out there

        Lets stick with maths for a second because it says nothing can go on for ever and yet time and distance seems too and maths allow us to dream up things like black holes (NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN ONE EVEN IN OUR MIKLYWAY)

        Physic is based on maths and the stars at the edge of our milky way should be travling much slower than they are because cenralfugal forces would push the planets out into space since the gravity at the edge is much weaker than near the middle.

        I like maths but in our case the numbers just don’t add up and are fuzzed over when they don’t and they come up with dark matter, black energy and BS to make the numbers fit.

        in a computer, time can start by plugging the power supply unit in and distance can be as big as you want to make it.

        Chances are we are living in some type of computer simulation and yeah, pac-man bumps in to walls too and that game is about 30 years old.

        Some stars they say are a million times bigger than our sun so who’s to say that the software developers who built our simulation don’t have IQ’s a million times bigger than ours ?

        Gold Fish in a tank might think that the orange light given off by the heating element is in fact the eye of the gods and will never understand life as we think we know it

      32. Went into Walfart Sunday and I go through the garden center cause there is mor parking over there. As soon as I got inside the door there were Christmas trees up on the 19 of September. I thought this was rediculous. The retailers are desperate for people to start Christmas shopping early. I’ve talked with the wife and we are not gonna buy a bunch of junk there is nothing we need or want. alot of women have been bitten by the shopping bug the way stuff is marketed is designed to make people feel good about buying crap they don’t need. It is so sickening all this consumerism crap people are going into debt over junk.

      33. WoW!!!!!!!

        Still here.. No warnings on Drudge about Tsunami’s headed to Florida. One down and how many more to go.

        Wait a minute? I reading that the asteroid can still hit until the 26th. Sunday is a Blood Moon.
        Bad Ju Ju.

      34. The level of A.D.H.D on these forums always amazes me… the first 3 posts have to do with the actual article, then like a child looking at a bright light spinning in circles at the back of the classroom, it all changes… lol

        • tonynegs.

          “It has always been thus”.

          Quote from a Monk on a mountaintop.

      35. Slingshot, if bad ju ju gets put on the trolls, I wouldn’t object to that.

      36. If being had the technology to somehow get from A to B either with a shortcut (black hole, worm hole or surpassing the speed of light by multiples who the hell knows hope they communicate. Maybe radio waves and lasers are as primitive to them as smoke signals are to us.

        There are many things to be concerned about that you have little to no influence over or capacity to protect yourself from. Certainly an Alien Invasion ranks with the, “can’t do anything about it”. Now the social ramifications resulting from a, “first contact” will rock the world. The bed rock foundations of society will come into question. The people, probably fundamentalist religious to the core will disbelieve regardless if a little green man landed in their front yard and knocked on their door.

        Aliens don’t frighten me, if they have a nefarious motive were simply screwed. The resulting human behavior of the visit is of concern.

      37. F….K YOU PO’D PATRIOT. YOU ARE NOTHING MORE THAN AND ASS CLOWN F..K..G TROLL. GO FU..K YOURSELF. Your handle means, pissed at Patriots. You do not agree on any commnet that anyone post on, not a single comment. So you are not the norm. Your buddies at you sister fusion center of DHS is doing a better job, than you.

        You are not one of us.

        Hey, Brave, Sarge, eppe, FTW, Eppe, Aljamo and others. Definately take what USASECURITYGUARD just posted recently. My CIA contact has already informed my about the mother ships entering the solar system. Why are they here, they are here because the planet is getting ready to have environmental castrophies, becuase of the 12th planet, Nibiru, and revolutionary, civil wars, plus ww3, including Nuclear weapon discharges all the globe. The Type 2 civilzations will be here to watch the show. This is literally mother nature at work. Only one super power will stand once the dust settles. The pope, Point of Fact Ceasar is here to take advantage of the Blood Moon to use that as leverage, thinking that he will convince us to have peace and disarm our selves, then call the attacks on us, once he leaves the country. Then he and the rothchilds will trigger WW3. This is potential possiblity and i have already discussed this with my agent Friend. Yes, the GOLD is here, yes all the signatures were signed to suceed, its going to happen if we can stop ww3 from commensing. The pope and the rothchilds need this war, to stop the freedom movement from taking over the entire globe. This will been happeing in multiple countries, They are loosing power. f…k the pope. F..k him. Fu,,,k,,g pedofile protector, supporter.

        Everything that the scientist told me is real. Everyhing that i told you about the Gold and my govenment contact, who is CIA, is real. Yes guys, i am friends with a CIA agent who is a White Hat. I hear alot of things about aliens, its all real. Keep prepping, keep prepping, keep hoarding supplies, thing things will commense in the near future. Why do you think they keep attacking me. I come off the site for only a week, and all you keep seeing is attacks on me. They want me off this site badly. let me warn you trolls about something, i am not the average person. I know people, and talk to CIA, and if you come into my city and try to hurt me in person, there will be a response, not just from me, it will be from my agent. He knows everything about me.

        Just watch the severe attacks on me once this is posted. They have been attacking all week, even when i am not posting.



        F…k off PO’D PATRIOT, you agency ass clown troll,PO’D PATRIOT MEANS PISSED AT PATRIOTS.

        • HCKS, WHOA! That’s one of our regulars you’re running down and he’s NOT a troll. I’m starting to believe what the others are saying about you. I’ll even venture to say your credibility is lacking. PO’d Patriot is one of the GOOD GUYS here, not what you think he is.

      38. BUCKED. The moon landings were real. They had 20 of them total. The video that was shown for the public was totally completely faked. Nasa is a money laundering sceme to get funding for the secret space programs, and the under ground base. What have they shown, us deserts on Mars, and picture of planets in the solar system, most of those picture are not what the planets really look like. Europa, has life in the oceans, lots of it, and oxygen on the surface of that planet. Ganemede, has land and life in the oceans, Neptune, has life all over the surface and lots of like in the oceans and half of neptune is covered by water. They have been going to Neptune back and forth for 30 plusz years, and have bases on the planet. Bases are on Mars, and Mars has breathable air. You can litrally walk on the surface of Mars and breathe the air. They have bases on Triton. The reptilians gave the Us Cabal access to space since they signed the treaty to have them harvest our DNA, they eat us, eat our children, kill us, use the women for breeders, do abductions, remove the fetus, grow them on the moon, in places like Alaska, etc, away from the country, Bases underground, then they put them into our schools, they they get right into the work force, then deploy technologies, take control of us on many levels. These reptilans are the cause of all the problems we are having with the feds, the economy, etc. They have a Huge base under neath the vatican, the pope works for them, and does their bidding.

        They did not want the public to see what the astronauts were doing on the moon. They found many structures, lots of big ziggurats, Pyramids, crashed ships from thousands of yrs old, lots of artifacts, and even dead bodies of aliens, and Bases, that were abondoned, etc. So they faked the landing to not show the public what was really discovered. Then they took back alot of things, including those dead alien bodies. Then they the aliens, reptilians on the dark side of the moon, ran them off, told them never to return. So the govenment signed a treaty with them, to gain access, which meant that the reptilans will have noW permission to get access to humans, since they use our DNA, TO MAKE HUMAN HYBRIDS THAT WALK AMONG US, WORK IN OUR JOBS, MAKE LAWS, INFILTRATE COVERNMENTS, AND HAVE TOTAL CONTROL OVER HUMAN POPULATONS, AND NOW THEY SEE THAT THE HUMANS HAVE AWAKEDNED SO THE NEXT PHASE IS HAVE THE BANKERS, WHO ARE A HYBIRD RULING ELITE, PART REPTILIAN TO KILL OUR THE 6,000,000,000, since they can no longer control us, so that are geo engineering the planet for drouts, etc, keep starting wars, anything to keep us stressed and under control to prevent us from succeeding as a race of beings. There enemy the Plejarens, the white human race where all whites come from, are now back in the solar system. We are liteally in the middle of and alien verus alien war, with factions siding with certain super powers waring against factions who are siding with oposing super powers. Putin is working with the rogue faction reptians, to take us down, and so i China. The white dragon society is a reptilian race is that are white reptilians, they have shite scaly skin. Thats who those bastards are. I could care less if i get attacked on what i just posted, these things are just plain facts and its not going to stop this from coming out, just lisen to alot of the interviews with Kerry Cassidy and you will get the jist of it.




      39. I just knew you couldn’t stay away. More drivel. Let me guess your you have a friend that has the encryption codes. Were they beamed to you telepathicly. Or were you beamed up to planet crackhead and downloaded?
        Are you here to tell us you scientist friend is the alien? Besides we all thought you were gone for at least a month oh wait is a month on.your planet the same as an earth month? Anyways your back. I’m assuming your parents gave back your computer privilege. ? So welcome back wing nut.

        • john,

          Classic, simply classic. But do you know the even funnier part of this comedy of errors is he has a couple of regular posters on this site, real morons who worship all things doom porn, who will lap his bullshit up with a shit eating grin a mile wide and beg him for more. No need to name names, it’s obvious who they are, these idiots are the reason moon boy keeps returning, because he has these tools hooked through the bag and the back just like some kind of interstellar doom porn pied piper.

          • Lol brings it on himself lol I really thought those type only existed in movies

        • That’s a righta about thata basea underneath the Vatican, it’s a wherea I cooka all the spaghetti for all of a the Italian aliens’a! Those’a reptilians like’a extra large’a meatballa’s !

        • John, I’m starting to have my doubts about hcks. I didn’t care for him attacking PO’d Patriot, whose posts I always enjoy.

      40. Wow! I feel like a whitecoat at Bellvue, listening in on the conversations of the mental patients.

        • No shit! We need a psychiatrist on this board.

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