Slow Kill: Flint’s Drinking Water Now Linked to “Causing Rashes And Hair Loss”

by | Aug 30, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 47 comments

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    This article was written by Daniel Barker and originally published at Natural

    Editor’s Comment: This is the real war on poverty, the one to get rid of people. This isn’t just about the water, this is about dismissing the health and safety of an entire community.

    Guess what – they have the same disregard in other towns and communities across the nation. Water quality standards are a joke – and cover up level after level of corporate and government contamination of the public facilities.Obviously there are environmental concerns, but with brain damaging compounds, with lead just for starters, cutting into human health, it is a criminal issue, and one that tells you how the elite regard the rest of us.

    The question in Flint has become not how corrupt and negligent the officials are, but whether there is a larger scheme to drive people out of the area to facilitate new plans for construction and building where people once had their homes. Trust your government?

    Flint, MI, water is now causing rashes and hair loss across the city

    by Daniel Barker

    The results of an investigation seeking to find out what caused a spate of rashes and hair loss among Flint, Michigan, residents suggest that the symptoms may be due to exposure to the city’s water supply, but investigators refused to admit to a definitive link.

    The months-long investigation was conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, along with other state and federal agencies.

    The investigators said that the cases of rashes and hair loss could have been caused by the Flint public water supply both before and after the source was switched back to Lake Huron, following the now infamous 2014 decision to use the Flint River as the city’s primary water source.

    During the period between April 2014 and October 2015, when the Flint River was being used to supply the city’s drinking water, residents began to suffer from health problems including rashes and cases of alopecia – a condition which causes hair loss.

    It was later determined that the Flint River water was corroding the city’s water supply pipes, causing lead and other toxic metals to leach from the pipes into the drinking water used by the city’s residents. Other contaminants, including E. coli and high levels of chlorine used to kill the E. coli, were also found in the Flint water during the period when Flint River water was being sourced.

    Cases of lead contamination were widespread throughout the city, and the E. coli is suspected to have been the cause of 12 deaths due to Legionnaire’s disease.

    New cases of rashes and hair loss, despite assurances that Flint water is now safe

    But even after the city switched back to using Lake Huron water, new cases of rashes and hair loss were reported, despite officials’ assurances that the current water supply is safe.

    Dr. Nicole Lurie, of the Department of Health and Human Services, said:

    “The (research team) … found evidence supporting Flint residents’ concern that water from the Flint River might have led to skin problems. Fortunately, water samples from the city’s current water did not show metals and minerals at levels that would cause or make rashes worse.”

    The findings of the investigation are likely to do little towards easing Flint residents’ concerns. In fact, the refusal on the part of the investigators to admit to a definitive link may only make people even more angry.

    One Flint resident, Minerva Witt, whose 7-year-old granddaughter is suffering from alopecia, expressed disappointment at the vagueness of the findings.

    Witt, who attended the investigation’s news conference hoping to obtain some meaningful answers, said afterwards:

    “They can’t tell me that it is or it isn’t because of the water. … This little girl is losing her hair. If you’re a young lady, how would you feel if you started to lose your hair, with patches of bald here and there? You wouldn’t feel good about it.”

    Officials continue dragging their feet as Flint residents continue to suffer

    Since the very beginning of the Flint water crisis, officials at all levels of government have dragged their feet in investigating the causes and taking proper actions to correct them.

    No one wants to take responsibility and no one wants to fully admit that there was – and still is – a problem. Until now, state officials have continued to claim there is “no scientific link” between the water supply and the cases of rashes.

    And this latest investigation is more of the same mealy-mouthed approach to the issue; the investigators admit that the rashes and alopecia cases “might” have been caused by the water, and that Flint residents’ concerns are “valid,” but they point to “fluctuations in pH, [water] hardness, and chlorine,” as being the likely causes, rather than admitting that lead and other contaminants might be the real culprits.

    Meanwhile, Flint residents continue to suffer from serious health problems and are not getting any satisfactory answers from anyone.



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      1. Think what’s to come of them in just a few years. And how long has the water been bad???

      2. Water, water, every where,

        And all the boards did shrink;

        Water, water, every where,

        Nor any drop to drink.


        • Rhyme Of The Ancient Mariner,written by Samuel Coleridge,I grew up reading it many times,old book in home with it and great wood cut prints,also included the unfinished Kubla Khan.

          Decades after reading this Iron Maiden wrote a song based on this poem and title,the live version is long but epic and they do a great job in telling the tale though not word for word as poem.

          • WD

            Things that we gravitate to and remember over the years. A common thread between preppers.

      3. Dear Flint Residents:

        You, yes you, Joe Shmoe. Here’s your chance to make money and be a hero without risking a hair off your head. Investors are always looking for ways to make more money. Find a spot in a mall with plenty of parking. Find out all the details in setting up a business filtering drinking water and selling water filters. I would do it myself but I don’t want to move to Flint. And I get filtered water for 25 cents per gallon and have a multitude of water filters to boot.

        Good Luck


        • Just get out of there before dark.

        • Not a word about Homeland Security now over seeing the elections….

        • Be sure to use the phrase ‘Leaded or Unleaded?’ in your ads.

      4. flint is a afro-amerikan politically controlled town.

        need i say more?

        • Its both more complex and yet more simple than blacks control the city as the excuse. Cities across the US existed because they were extensions of high employment manufacturing facilities. The tax base from the workforce along with property taxes from the industries paid for government services. Free Trade Agreements closed the factories, dramatically reduced the employment thus cutting the above. You could put green men from mars in city government and to a great degree things would be the same.

          Welcome to the third world.

          • doubt it.

        • Michigan is a shithole, becoming home of the Muslim population. Keep up the good work!! Ever see a hairless beardless Muslim? lol


          • Was that supposed to be funny?
            The best part of wwti was left on his momma’s ass, when the chihuahua lost grip and squirted eveywhere.

      5. Coming soon to a city near you! Filter your water!

        • Eh,better yet,have your own well and a hand pump for emergencies.

      6. Fresh steamed water it the only way to go. We have three forest wells here . After the add on i won’t drink it.

      7. Slow Kill: Flint’s Drinking Water Now Linked to “Causing Rashes And Hair Loss”

        Same could be said about a “BAD CASE OF MARRIAGE!!!”

      8. Socialist Detroit: The only city you can walk 12 blocks and STILL be at the scene of the crime.

      9. here in Fountain, Colorado fire retardant was accidentally spilled into our water supply affect 80,000 residents.
        the chemicals are known to cause cancer after long term exposure. The city claims the water is safe but recently the water coming out of the tap has much more chlorine in it as the water smells like it comes from the local swimming pool. just what are they hiding if the water is considered safe?
        I am starting to believe flint Michigan is just the tip of the iceberg.

      10. just saw on Drudge homeland insecurity to take charge of elections,what could possibly go wrong.Tis not like the white house thru the fibs and the lynch have chosen sides who is next potus!

        • WD
          Now going MSM. (1100pm Central time) You can expect one of them to die, and it might be a major candidate. Any excuse to keep the worst Prez we have ever had in office. When it is out of office we will see just how bad he F@#KED up the Country.

          If this does happen we will know for sure it is rigged by TPTB, And now the ballot box has failed its time for the AMMO box.



      11. Nice… check Drudge.. DHS is raising alarms and openly musing that perhaps they should consider the election process as “critical infrastructure”.. meaning.. the Feds could have “basis” for usurping the constitutional authority of the individual States to perform and hold elections. They must figure ol’ Billary ain’t gonna pull it out of the hat even with all of our current Glorious Leaders minions doing everything they can to toss it her way.. they are openly laying the ground work for violating the election processes set forth in the constitution..

      12. Just read Drudge….I don’t trust the government to run anything let alone the elections. as for Flint…been run by the democrats for years.

        • Jim in Va

          It wouldn’t matter if it was run by Republicans. The tax base is gone. They have too little money to maintain the city. Its is that simple and the problems associated with it are going to become the norm.

      13. We’ve been drinking and using rain water for 2 years now.
        Run it through a couple of filters before it gets to the house, some Clorox in the tanks, then through the AquaRain filter for drinking.
        Love the system. Took some engineering to set up but well worth it.
        We use municipal water on occasion but seldom. Our monthly water bill is $14.

      14. Perhaps related. Have been to Detroit many of times. Was told by a local resident of a mayor that wanted to deal with the corruption in the city. Supposedly, he was told Not to.
        Seems there was talk of turning parts of the city back into farm land. That might be a smart idea.

      15. No rashes, but I’m loosing my hair!!! I’ve never been to Flint. What gives????

        • Sarge:

          It’s your mother’s fault. Baldness runs in the maternal DNA.


          • Perhaps B,but all the males on both sides of me family suffered from short bed syndrome/male pattern baldness ect.Yet,Warchild in his early 50’s has gorgeous,18 to 24″ plus locks of hair.I believe though mostly made up of balding Nordic stock have a smidgen of Maori in me(me ancestors traveled widely!)and the Maori won out.All I can say is,”Don’t hate me because I am beautiful”!

            • Hi Beautiful:

              None of the men on your father’s side, no matter how many are bald, will have any bearing on whether or not you keep those gorgeous locks. Look to your wife’s father. That is your best indication of whether or not your sons will be bald.

              If only we choose a mate based on hereditary optimization, we could eliminate baldness. As long as you don’t drink the water in Flint, or probably any faucet, without totally, and thoroughly, filtering it first. It would be nice to eliminate a lot of things by choosing people with good genes. But that’s a taboo subject because only the elite get to practice eugenics. _


              • B,both sides bald!Grandpa’s/uncles/all the damn lot of em follicly challenged!As a child being out with em in the sun was a blinding experience due to chrome domes!That said,all great folks and miss those that are no longer with us,but,fun to be the only male in house with hair!

            • Maori are the indigenous people of Aotearoa New Zealand.

              Wow- after seeing the pics on google of Maori, you must indeed be a handsome fellow.

              • Wonder if you are as tattooed as they.

                And why do they all stick out their tongue?

                • Grandee,have such a tiny smidgen in me of Maori would be disrespectful to claim enuff in me to call meself whale rider/tattooed on face ect.I actually have no tattoos,as for being a handsome fellow,eh,all the young ladies in high school thought I looked like Jim Morrison,though he at that point in time had been dead 11 years still worked out well for me!

                  As I said,some of the Nordics obviously traveled a bit widely and seemed open to “co -mingling with the locals they met.I believe the latest on the Maori believes they traveled from Polynesia(adventurous like the Nordics!)to New Zealand,they wer beaten by the British but they never surrendered,proud to have even just a tiny bit of their blood in me veins!

                  • Warchild,
                    I was in New Zealand this year for nearly a month. A great trip.

                    Maori are cool people I got to meet several.

                    On one occasion I spent two hours hanging out with a few on the side of a road, some truck drivers, some locals etc. The only road out of this town was blocked by an Asian tourist (RIP) that took a 20 KPH turn at 50 KPH and met a bus on a one lane bridge. Only people familiar with driving in New Zealand will appreciate what I’m talking about.

                    I can only imagine the fool tourist never took the time to learn what the signs mean. A ten mile backup gave lots of people time to make new friends, which is easy in New Zealand.

                    I can walk up to any African American in the US, and within moments sense a racist divide. Never experienced that even once in New Zealand with the Maori.

                    Crazy New Zealanders have a strange habit of doing 70 in a 100 KPH zone for twenty minutes, you finally hit a passing zone and the bastards doing 120 as you try to pass him… Couldn’t figure out if they were homicidal or suicidal. Well that’s New Zealand! Watch for tourists in parking lots that’s where tourists forget that you are supposed to drive on the left in New Zealand.

                    Nearly every family we met had lost a family member hiking, swimming, biking, boating. New Zealand is all about the great outdoors, and is a really unforgiving, dangerous, wonderful place. While we were there, they found the body of a young woman missing for weeks. Being from the US we immediately think sexual predator killed her, nope she fell while hiking along a cliff.

                    I enjoyed NZ, but God I hate New Zealand Sand Flies.

              • Kaothi tonu te Atua
                kaothi te takawaenga o te
                Atua, o nga tangata, ko ia
                ano he tangata, ara ko
                Karaiti Ihu
                1 Timoti 2:5

                For there is one God
                and one mediator
                between God and man,
                the Man Christ Jesus
                1 Timothy 2:5

                Maori Postal Aotearoa is a mission aimed at spreading the Word of God among Maori

      16. The constitution what’s that. Ha ha America is finished folks you gotta let it go and focus on your family seriously. The globalists have taken over. Trump will not be able to reverse what is happening. Deporting millions isn’t happening and bringing back manufacturing jobs that pay aren’t either. People have become so civilized and comfortable that they won’t fight for a principle. Fighting and killing your enemy’s is barbaric besides the victim always gets the sympathy. Men have been villainized the family destroyed $ squandered by government and corporations. Americas greatest days are long behind us. Just how it is folks gotta stop living in the memories of the past. I have to remind the wife this sometimes. Forget about the good ole days crap get with the times. Society is seriously fucked up half the people out there are on welfare and would rob your ass if a shtf oppertunity arose.

        • Asshat:

          People will respond when they see others mobilize. People need a leader. Hitler was a leader. Patton was a leader. Napoleon was a leader. Alexander the Great was a leader.

          Is Asshat going to just get out of the way? Will he follow? Or, are you the leader, Asshat????


          Just kidding

      17. You shouldn’t own a home unless you have a Big Berkey water filter (or Katadyn or similar). You might not need it today, but post collapse you can expect trouble coming for city water supplies and even aquifers near your well. You cannot defend your home or even stay in it without water. Things like hair loss are typically not from showering in bad water, but rather from drinking bad water.

      18. speaking of leaders…

        In Latest Shocking Twist, Trump To Meet Mexican President Ahead Of Key Immigration Speech

        ht tp://

        we’re gonna see what Trump is made of with this little gambit

        this could EASILY blow up in his face


        propel him into the Presidency

      19. So remember, Tuesday is for Soylent Green.

      20. Having had the experience of a prolonged black out when three hurricanes decided to pass over my county in 04. I got a pretty good glimpse at what infrastructure failure looks like. The water system failed in a few days. The pumping stations ran out of diesel for their backup generators. Thousands had no water to drink and no water to flush their toilets. Food spoiled in refrigerators. The nights were totally dark, a very eerie feeling when you are used to the back light of the city. Gasoline was unavailable. Even though they will deny it, the sheriff’s office had no gasoline for patrols. Land lines were down and cell phones did not work. We were on our own. What kept it glued together was the visible evidence of hundreds of utility workers working day and night to get the grid back up. In a systemic collapse, there will be no such evidence of legions of workers laboring to return us to normal. It will slowly dawn on the population that normal is not coming back. With that realization will come desperation and all that desperation breeds.

        NASA predicts we have a one in eight chance of a solar flare taking down the grid in the next decade. I fall back on the Congressional report on EMP which suggests that the United States would lose 90% of its population within the first year of grid collapse. In a world of collapsed supply chains, the die off will be by this estimation horrific and rapid. I suspect that there will be a number of regions in fly over country that will survive the die off largely unscathed. Urban populations are incredibly vulnerable. Even there, there will be some areas where groups band together and make it through. The Armenian and Kulak genocides clearly reveal what happens to populations denied water and food. There will be roving bands of cannibals. Plan accordingly.

      21. Not trying to be doom and gloom but really what is so great about America anymore. We have been fleeced and softened to have a bleeding heart for every useless eater. Trump will dial back his stances on issues. He’s gotta say whatever to get elected after that he will evolve with the globalists. It’s finished folks. Who you gonna believe the zog owned media or what you see with your own eyes.

      22. The gov’ment was just negligent…it’s not some plot to kill all the residents. If the gov’ment wanted them dead, they could just poison the water and blame it on terrorists.

      23. Hope that those who have storms headed their way are done with their preps.
        I don’t see people prepping as they are leaving chairs, portable basketball hoops open to the wind. I figure I will end up with a few garbage cans in my yard by the direction of the high wind. Although this is a tropical storm, the wind can reach 70 mph sustained and I have seen possible 60 mph on the weather report. It’s only a tropical storm, right?
        Now it’s the waiting game.

      24. Guess I won’t be loving you sexy anymore Flint, Michigan!

      25. When Mexicans go to Detroit, they will not drink the water. (Sorry, could not help it.)

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