Simulation Shows NUCLEAR HELL Would Be Unleashed in Apocalyptic Iran vs. Israel War

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    This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News. 

    Should the war of all wars between Israel and Iran truly go hot, it will unleash an apocalyptic hell upon the world, sparking World War III, a new simulation depicts.

    Described in one media report as bringing the world to the “gates of hell,” an Israel versus Iran war would quickly go nuclear, leading to mass death and destruction at an exponential rate.

    The destruction of both nations is certain, the simulation shows. And many other surrounding nations, and eventually the rest of the world, would also feel its effects to an unprecedented degree.

    The entire Middle East would be reduced to rubble. Then, as the conflict spirals outward from there, entire nations would collapse.

    It would start with tit-for-tat missile strikes between the two nations. Then Israel would wage war on Iranian proxies such as Hezbollah and Hamas. Houthis would then fire at ships in the Red Sea, prompting Israel to conduct a nuclear strike. Iran would then respond in kind, igniting full-scale nuclear war.

    (Related: Bill Gates is fully on board with unleashing hell upon the world in the form of a “Pandemic 2” where his human slaves will be required to get “vaccinated” from “a little patch.”)

    Israel to fight Iran alone

    The simulation was created by both military and security experts who say they know how the conflict would unfold. It contains a step-by-step breakdown of what would transpire and how quickly the whole thing would escalate.

    One noteworthy aspect of the war is that Israel would no longer receive help from the United States, having already robbed the nation blind and left it for dead. This leaves Israel to stand alone in a fight against Iran.

    In an attempt to make Iran surrender, Israel would attempt a non-lethal nuclear detonation. When that fails, Israel would then launch 50 nuclear weapons toward Iran, which responds by nuking an air base full of U.S. troops.

    It is at this point where the war game simulation ends, with Syria, Lebanon, and even Yemen left in radioactive ruin.

    In the event that Iran and Israel find themselves in a nuclear stalemate, the West would likely enter the conflict, to its own demise as well.

    U.S. intelligence is already warning Israel that such an outcome is possible after the Zionist state killed several top Iranian commanders in a bombing of an Iranian embassy in Syria.

    Iran has since vowed to “punish” Israel for the bombing, though this has not yet happened as of this writing.

    Should Iran unleash its nukes at Israel in retaliation, Israel would then proceed to launch U.S. long-range missiles at Iranian nuclear and missile sites. Hezbollah, Houthi, and Hamas would then unleash a wave of devastating strikes on Israel.

    Israel’s response to this would be to attack proxy hotbeds, prompting Iran to then strike Israeli nuclear and government defense sites in Tel Aviv, Israel’s capital. At this time, Israel would withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, officially shifting from conventional to nuclear war.

    Tehran has confirmed that it now has missiles in its arsenal that are capable of striking Israel. These include Sejjil, Khaibar, Emad, Shahab-3, Ghadr, Paveh, Fattah-2, Kheibar and Haj Qasem missiles.

    “Israel at this point turns to the U.S., telling them that conventional strikes on Iranian nuclear sites have done little to hamper their weapons store,” The Sun explains about the next steps in the hypothetical conflict.

    “The U.S. doesn’t approve a joint raid on Iran and tells Israel to dial back the fighting – for fear of nuclear escalation. Israel’s prime minister, out in the cold without their biggest ally, decides nuclear weapons are the only option.”

    The latest news about the world’s rapid descent into another world war can be found at


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