Shock Video: Children Were Placed In STORM DRAINS During False Hawaii Ballistic Missile Warning

by | Jan 13, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 101 comments

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    A false emergency alert in Hawaii that warned the populace to seek immediate shelter due to an incoming ballistic missile not only left people crying and screaming in the streets, it also caused concerned parents to attempt to hide their children in storm drains.

    While citizens who were on Twitter were informed that the alert was false within ten minutes, it took upwards of 38 minutes for government officials to officially correct said false alarm with a second text message.

    NBC News reports:

    California resident Elizabeth Fong is in Hawaii looking to buy a house and received the alert. She said she didn’t receive a correction alert stating it was a false alarm until 8:46 a.m., 39 minutes after the initial alert.

    The aftermath of the false alert was “crazy,” she told NBC Bay Area, and prompted people to run around on the streets “crying and screaming,” wondering what to do.

    “I prayed to God and asked for forgiveness of my sins and for Him to protect us,” she said, adding that people are still shaken up.

    Andy Thammavongsa, who tweeted a screenshot of his phone that showed the time between each alert, lives in Ewa Beach and told NBC in a Twitter message, “Everyone was panicking, the whole island was awake and alert.”

    He added that “there’s nothing really you can do honestly” if the alert were real, saying there’s “nowhere to take shelter, the island is only so big.”

    NBC Philadelphia anchor Vai Sikahema was actually in Hawaii at the time and fully believed that both he and his wife were about to be killed.

    NBC Philadelphia’s anchor Vai Sikahema recalled his reaction to the alert to MSNBC. Sikahema said he texted his children, after none of his four college-age children picked up the phone, letting them know he and their mom were in Hawaii. He then told them where they could find a will as well as their insurance information. 

    Sikahema said his wife told him: “Hey, if this is it, I guess this is no better place to go then here in Hawaii and the two of us being together.”

    Shockingly, people in the state took the warning so seriously that they were actually placing their children in storm drains in a desperate attempt to protect them.

    Clearly some heads are going to roll after this epic mistake. One can only wonder how the American people are supposed to believe that this all happened because someone simply pushed the wrong button?!


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      1. smart, storm drains would be great as long as the snakes and alligators were mitigated.

        • Now when a real event occurs nobody will take action. This was a planned fake event, meant to cause outrage against Trump policy towards Korea.

          There would be one less emergency manager in Hawaii if I had anything to do with it.

          • Thats a good point, makes sense when you thing of all the false flags done over the years.

          • “There would be one less emergency manager in Hawaii if I had anything to do with it.”

            Well, thank god you don’t. This guy just gave Hawaii the wake up call. He may have just saved tens of thousands of future lives. We shall see if Hawaiians learned the lesson.

            He also stood up and accepted responsibility. Good man.

            • Just because you accept responsibility does not me your not a retard.

        • OMFG!!! Tonight’s main headline story… One person in Hawaii sent a child into a storm drain. No one hurt.

        • Snakes are not permitted in Hawai’i.

          • There are no gators in Hawaii you NRA Hating ignoramous.

        • so give your children a good quality gun that shoots choot’em 22 lr

        • Ghandi that was a disturbing sight I thought it was a shelter and what a parent will do to save their children. And if no food or water is placed in that storm drain and debris fall atop the cover they are lost forever and eventually whatever would move through that drain all would be swept away. The state of Hawaii best do their homework and provide safety procedures and stop blaming the President for not handling the Korean thing and what happen in Puerto Rico could happen to them. There are many types of disasters that could even make it difficult here stateside.

        • Theynhave neither in Hawaii, just huge rats, centipedes, scorpions, cane spiders….but a good idea all in all.

      2. Shock Video: Children Were Placed In STORM DRAINS During False Hawaii Ballistic Missile Warning

        So were the citizens of London during the German Blitzkrieg in WWII as were the citizens of Hanoi and other provinces when U.S. conducted massive B-52 raids on industrial targets in the North.

        Actually it was good idea for a short term solution.
        Going to shake up Hawaii’s civil defense program.

        • Instead of subway it will be lava tubes for Hawaii.

          Pineapple futures are going to spike! Better call TD Ameritrade.

          • there is no pineapple industry on the islands any more

            • Maui has some pineapple fields but cheap Viet Nam pineapple imports killed the industry. Sugar cane is still growing in the lowlands of Maui.

      3. We are supposed to be “preppers”
        I used to play in storm drains
        when I was a kid.

        • Watch the movie
          “Live and die in LA”
          That is where I grew up
          minus the rich houses.

        • ornamentals are known for drowning their kids.

        • Yeah, but did you play in storm drains, while it was raining? Come on ride the edge.. lol

          • NO!

        • if the storm drain gets nuclear pressurized it might shoot the kids 1000 feet in the air like a high powered spit wad?

            • JS, ROTFLMAO! Damn good video.

              • what is funny about an animal spending it’s entire life in a cage. you would act even weirder when fed.

              • Not funny, very juvenile.

            • poor monkey, that is how we ate at the military chow hall because our TI only gave us 10 min to get in food line, find a table, eat, and get back to PT. the monkey was more elegant though.

            • one man on our squad snuck an apple back to the barracks against regulation of having contraband food at your locker and was caught by a surprise search so the TI made him roll the apple with his nose up and down the barracks floor. now i know why when we had our AR15 rifle training the TI’s all left the gun range and there were lots of armed gun training instructors just in case someone did not like being treated like the slaves we were?.

              • Gandhi, I was smart enough to avoid the military. They have a total aversion to what is known as independent thinking aka critical thinking skills. They would’ve kicked me out the first week. I’m not anyone’s ‘good little nazi’.

            • maybe if that monkey had you as a roll model…?

        • Rellik, I’ve been a prepper for decades but I never played in a storm drain.

          • Playing in storm drains while it was raining didn’t work out so well for little Georgie in IT

          • I have my kids play in the storm drains all the time. Builds their tolerance to Hepatitis A.

        • Rellik;
          When I lived there, we used to joke that the boneless browns were running in the LA river when it rained heavily.

          • Georgie must’ve been a libturd.

        • Exactly!
          Thank you Rellik.

          My friends and I used to ride the storm drains on air mattresses for miles. What fun. Now the snowflakes call out the “swift water” rescue squad. Us kids would have just laughed and waved as we went by.

          Funny how nobody acknowledges that the storm drain kids would be the survivors.

      4. LOL! Too funny 🙂 I know, I know…I lack empathy.

      5. I just hope the truth come out about this. And those higher ups “heads roll.”

        “This is a test of the emergency broadcast system ….
        so we’ll know how to keep all you serfs and tax slaves and gimme-dats afraid.”

        • That common bastard that put that false missile attack warning out ought to have their coconuts nailed to a palm tree and then beat about the head and shoulders while televised.

          • No–the idiot that designed the system should be incarcerated.
            WOW–no two-man system?

          • I kind of beleive this philosophical query below:

            Update 1/14 10:30CT: Hawaii now claims “one employee” did this by “accident” by pushing the wrong button twice. If you believe that bald lie you’re dumber than a box of rocks. If any state or local emergency agency can send such an alert without an authenticated source message then they are incompetent at best and dangerous at the worst. Are you really trying to sell me on the idea that one lone employee at one console, without any required authentication of the source message, can force-transmit a message to every media outlet and cellphone that the area is about to be incinerated by a nuclear warhead? I don’t believe for one second that this is the case for the simple reason that the public reaction to such an alert is likely to cost lives and as such both authentication and two persons reviewing same and concurring would be required to send any such alert in any even half-way competently-designed system. They’re lying.

            • jayjay,
              Hawaii is a single party blue state
              run by blithering idiots.
              Only blithering idiots paid
              much attention to the warning.
              Thankfully they are so incompetent
              we pretty much do as we damn well
              it’s expensive to live here.
              Cash is king.
              If Honolulu were to get nuked,
              it would dramatically improve my
              quality of life.

      6. Time to stake your claim to the storm drain of your choice! Location, location, location!

      7. Hawaii is probably saturated with accumulated fukashima radiation. A North Korean hit will take the law suits away from TEPCO. Which is probably mostly owned by Americans. After WW 2 we probably mostly owned the destroyed Japan and Germany. And I doubt we will ever give it back. That’s the endgame, destroy your property,Buy it from you for pennies. And pay you pennies to rebuild it for them. War is a racket.Now they own most of Iraq,Libia.and the rest.

      8. As we proceed here in life, more chaos and fake news will continue to flow. Its best just to ignore the BS all together and live your life. This Hurricane Irma Hit us here on Sept 11th and then a week later the flooding started coming in from the Big Green Swamp. Many government agencies info and personnel on the street, were all wrong and contradictory. They were fricken clueless. It was frustrating as heck, trying to figure out how high the water would rise.

        We spent a week before the hurricane tying everything down then a week later we were un-tying everything and moving it all to higher ground. This fall sucked bigtime as we spend months clearing all the tree debris. I have plenty of great firewood for years now though. Stack it and cover it. Free fuel from mother nature. And why I am stocking up on a lot of cast iron cookware. Now we are being hit with freezing temps here in Central FL.

        We have been slapped around here for months. So Seeing is believing, no need to get too excited about anything. Its very draining mentally and physically chasing your tail.

      9. How do you know the missiles aren’t still on their way? Maybe we’ve been mislead about North Korean missile advances and they’re propeller driven? Better stick the kids back through the manholes, just to be safe. But then again, why would one communist state nuke another?

      10. The other 49 states take note…This is what the public will look like and act if said attack heads for the mainland. Get your ducks in a row and learn from this.

        • I hate to say I wasn’t surprised. The level of idiocy? Wow. Just wow.

          • PD, EXCEPT FOR RELLIK AND NAILBANGER, Hawaii is running neck-and-neck with Cali. Only difference is Cali has mainland libturds and Hawaii has island libturds.

        • storm drains, sewers, any or all holes in the ground would work for the first strikes if not within the blast or heat radius. Whatever works is my opinion. I can feel for those parents desperately wanting their kids to survive. More power to those who took ANY step at all over just rushing to post on Facebook or some other absolutely useless twaddle.

      11. See many experts say. Radiation levels drop dramatically after 2 weeks. A 2 week bug out bag might be in order? 2 weeks of water is 14 gallons per person? That’s 100 pounds of water? Or a survival straw filter? Will a non reverse osmosis filter work? Water filtration is critical in third world countries. A Kaytadyn ceramic filter?we need a water filter expert for this. Step up please?

      12. because Hawaii is totally left wing – the truth will never be told …

        but this wasn’t an accident – it can’t be that simple as to push a button that’s eazily accessed – some activist left winger state employee picked a Saturday morning when the state office was empty of supervision – hacked into the boss’s computer and activated the system – that’s why it took over half an hour to send out a retraction ….

        you see all the MSM trashing of Prez Trump over this – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ….

        and the Hawaii Governor & Company isn’t exactly upset over being able to rip on Trump ….

      13. But, when the ‘real emergency takes place, will anyone heed it?

        • Nope, like the tsunami warnings

      14. Obammy is climbing aboard the Trump slam – posting all kinds of garbage ….

      15. I love it that they had a big bad false alarm. Perhaps people will think more seriously about being prepared.

        People putting their kids in storm drains. Hmmm yes I’ve thought about it.

        Storm drains are often deep enough to seriously shield from radiation. I said it before, big bombs make their own weather, expect heavy rain unless it’s the dry season in a desert. Storm drains will fill with water fast.

        My thoughts, I’d cut up some plywood and block the upstream and downstream sides of the pipe, but leave a drain hole, plus the top few inches open for air. In the pipe I’d be sitting on plywood that leaves a half foot of space beneath for drainage. You need a flapper that can pump fresh air. It will get hot from body heat, the average adult human puts out a 100 watts of heat, and you need oxygen. You need to crawl up the pipe with enough wood pre cut to give each person six to eight feet to lay down on plus space for cases of water. In a bad attack assume you need to be in your hole for two weeks. Have candles for 24/7 two weeks, plus a way to light them. Have a flashlight too but use it sparingly. Candles will alert you to failing oxygen levels. Have two weeks of water, it’s more important than food. Food is good, but stick to stuff you can eat cold or just warm with a candle. Most healthy people can go two weeks without food easily. At the end of two weeks food left in cans in a house are perfectly safe to eat. In fact all the germs in those cans will have been killed by the radiation. Zip lock freezer bags will be your toilet, don’t forget the paper for the paperwork, and empty water bottles the place for urin.

        Living in a storm drain pipe? Risky, but with some planning, much less risky than in the open. The faster you get to shelter, the more likely you will survive.

        Why would I have put this much thought into this, well, there’s a storm drain 300 feet from my house, and I have all the other materials. Not to mention it’s impossible to dig a shelter in the hard pan soil around my house, it’s legend for breaking backhoes.

        • PTPO This wasn’t all bad. This false alarm may wake many people up to the fact that they need to be prepared for a Schumer Hits The Fan incident. Not sure how they would prepare for a Nuke incident, but this will cause many people to think about how they will react to an emergency. May have a few more Preppers in Hawaii besides Rellik and Nailbanger. Trekker Out

          • One can hope!

        • WOW.
          “cut up some plywood and block the upstream and downstream sides of the pipe, but leave a drain hole, plus the top few inches open for air.”

          Do NOT try this!
          so sorry you misunderstand civil engineering.
          That WILL get you killed!
          The larger storm pipes aggregate several thousands feet of parking lots. The regulations are for parking lots to function as temporary detention ponds so the pipes are sized to SLOWLY drain parking lots to avoid over powering the entire system, that means the pipes are DESIGNED to be run FULL of water. the water head pressure behind this is so forceful it will wash away far more than any plywood contraption you might envision. even at larger pipes, the water speed will be incredible fast and forceful because of the high pressure of incoming water from all the smaller (like 24-36″ diameter) individual parking lot storm drains. a 10,000 SF parking lot will have about a 30″ feeder storm drain into the primary city system.

          Example: It takes a strong man to hold on to a 4 inch fire hose at full blast,so we humans are not holding back the force of multiple 24″ parking lot drains feeding an 6 foot storm main with ply wood, (if you can find one that size)
          do NOT try this folks.

          We can help you with a properly designed and engineered, survivable nuclear event blast and fallout shelter.

          We are

          • ???

          • don’t guess i could afford that, tho it does look impressive!

            got anything smaller for us retired, fixed income types?

            • yes, sort of.
              We would recommend a variation on this system for a DIY project.

              Except, if DONT need blast resistance, AND you were in any sort of climate with a hot summer or cold winter we would do it with these two products.



              but if you need blas rated roof, Amerivcan saferoom is the way to go.
              also stay with american saferoom for the blast door and NBC air system complete from them



              Brian DuVall is their sales manager. you can tell them Hardened Structures sent you and there may be a discount.

              you need an energy source, and a water source and sewer system.if you have folks who can figure that out for you, your golden.
              If you need help we are here.
              but that our recommendation for a best value system for a DIY or entry level budget.

              I hope many of you can benefit from this intell.
              We know their are lots of folks who cannot afford everything we do, but we wish we could help more people.

              IF some of you wanted to band together on one design and build set of instructions for a standard backyard family of 5 size nuclear bunker for three weeks fallout to dissipate to safe to come out levels, as a typical project documents set ; then please barrage us with emails!
              if we get enough responses we may be able to offer something useful to more middle income folks and we would like to be able to afford to do that .

              Please keep us in your prayers as our business and family faces many challenges in this new year.

              We hope the very best for all of you.
              JER 29:11

              • Licensed Architect,

                Great links. I’d love to add a $40k shelter to my preps, but it’s just not in the budget, as well it’s an awfully remote probability. If I did ever build one, the building permit would identify it as a wine cellar. I live in an area where flooding storm threats have never been a problem, but are still more likely than nuclear war. Underground may be a bad idea near me. In the last big hurricane the biggest loss of life was people taking shelter in basements when flood waters came. They drown.

                So assume there are thousands of preppers willing to scout nearby underground structures that could be used as shelters. As well as having plans for a basement survival plan. I see that as a positive.

                Assuming a major attack by China or Russia, you really need to be deep for a couple weeks and we are all major targets. Probability of survival is better crawling up a storm pipe than sitting in your house.

                Assuming it’s stupid N Korea and we are talking a couple bombs spread over the US, now we’re talking something very survivable unless you lose the coin toss and it explodes over your head. If you are down wind there are different steps. Taking some iodine supplements and staying indoors may be all you need to do.

                There is a document called NWSS.PDF floating around the Internet. It is a free online book on surviving a nuclear attack, intended for average people. It’s easily found with a Google search. I recommend anyone who was upset by the false alarm in Hawaii read it.

                NWSS stands for “nuclear war survival steps”. Many will recognize the document, it has its origins in the 50’s but has been update repeatedly over the decades.

                As a prepper what have I done specifically for a nuclear incident, I read and printed the book NWSS.PDF, I have potassium iodide pills and tincture of iodine for the whole family and some guests. I have a radiation meter. I built this meter and have three detector tubes that can be switch selected. It makes it operate over a wide range from very sensitive to very insensitive (when Geiger counter tubes are overloaded, they just stop working).

                I have crossover preps that are good for other situations that are valuable in a nuclear incident, they include food, water, rain gear, buckets, sanitary items, camping supplies, respirators, plywood for boarding windows, sandbags etc.

                Last though, personally I don’t think the government will ever give us any warning of a real impending attack. They will say we didn’t want panic, in reality, they just hate us, and don’t give a flying f*€k. Government elites will be warned, but not the public, just like in the book “Alas Babylon”.

          • The house I grew up in had a stream that ran under our driveway through a 30″ pipe. It was about six feet to the creek bed from driveway grade. We kids put together a 32″ square piece of 1/2 inch marine grade plywood with a 2×2 handle. Yes we’d use it to block the pipe and backup the stream until it was deep enough to swim in. Biggest issue was pulling it to let the water out when we were done playing. If we let it fill too much it took a couple of us to pull the plug.

            Dad hated for us to do this, he was afraid it might undermine the driveway. We used it once when there was a small forest fire down the street. The fire dept stuck a hose in and used it as a water supply with a pumper sitting in our driveway. While I was a kid we had a storm that dropped 6″ of rain in 4 hours. The little creek went over the driveway and there was nothing blocking the pipe. Yes, you are right water is incredibly powerful. Water came out the other end of that pipe like it was a rocket engine, sounded like it too. A 30 inch pipe running full bore with six feet of head is impressive.

            Storm drains where I live now. I’m at a high point in my neighborhood. There is a retention pond where the system ends. Even in the worst storms we’ve seen in decades, water has never backed up into my end of the system and I’ve gone out in the height of storms to check for signs of impending flooding.

            Can people just crawl into any old storm drain they see to seek safety, I agree it could be a bad idea. It could be a death trap, if it rains and like I said, after a nuclear blast rain is likely. Have a fast exit plan.

      16. Seems jewtubes new tactic is to say . This website a problem occurred . All news pipeline must be the top of their hit list.

      17. Why is the populace not being educated on what to in the event such a thing were to occur? Lots of people would still be afraid but knowing what to do would do a lot toward calming the population.

        Of course not everyone would have a bomb shelter on their property. What about public shelters? Are all those from WWII gone?

        Knowing what we (in general) know about world tensions, it seems like those populations that could be a target need to make plans.

      18. A lot of Americans go on to blogs and spout off about supporting the genocidal bombing of other nations but wet their panties are the merest hint of one coming the other way. Utterly pathetic. Pick a fight with the Russians and Chinese and missiles will be coming for real.

        • B-I-N-G-O! Blood-thirsty Americans support perpetual wars because they have no skin in the game. For 27 years the US military has murdered, maimed and displaced millions of innocent people in nations that Americans couldn’t even find on a map. God requires the atonement of blood for blood. Payback will be hell.

      19. Something about this seems very off to me. Call me paranoid but I think the MSM is lying once again about what really happened. Since HI is a Dem run state …I wouldn’t put it past someone in the State gov’t to have done this deliberately to set up Trump into reacting so their fellow Dems in the Fed gov’t can justify an impeachment which they so desperately want. The fact that an entire state’s population is so expendable means nothing to these Insaniacs. Collateral damage on their way to getting rid of Trump. Either that or it was a gov’t cover up for a failed NoKo attack. I can’t get rid of this feeling that the truth will never be known and that this game of chicken with NoKo just might be a giant false flag. One way to cull some of the US Population.

        • Jax,
          I used to live in King county WA.
          There are more people in that small
          county than the entire state of Hawaii.
          There is not many people here.
          America will not miss us.

      20. Putting people in sewers has been done here for years in Detroit .

      21. I am pretty sure those storm drains would collapse if a bomb actually struck Hawaii. Not a great place to shelter your children.

        • Nuclear weapons are designed to be air burst. The US apparently with great study found that a 110KT (roughly 6 x what was individually used in WWII) was of sufficient effectiveness. The destruction is not linear so you can’t necessarily take 6 x the area or roughly 2.5 the diameter of the total destruction. If your in the storm drain it won’t collapse a mile away ( two mile diameter) but the subsequent lack of oxygen by fire would be of huge concern. Initially the tunnel would be deep enough to protect from gamma rays upon detonation, fallout within a few weeks would also be quite deadly. One city, Hawaii would be hurt but not out. a global exchange from various superpowers alters society as a whole. Manufacturing, academic, research, infrastructure, skilled people from trades to physicians would be largely obliterated pushing the developed world into a pre industrial revolution existence. Top it off with a follow up bio-viral attack and the clock of humanity would be turned back in every respect.

      22. *Songdo South Korea

        OBTW…Ann Rand and George Orwell are rolling in their freaking graves.

        ht tps://

        • *Ayn
          Stupid leftist spell check

          All sudden my connection speed dropped to a crawl
          Can’t even ping the tower before it times out

      23. Most of those people will be indignant about what happened for a few days, then they’ll move on to something else. It won’t occur to them to wake the f*&k up and do something to prepare.

      24. I concur with the view alluded to earlier that this didnt just happen….someone somewhere wanted to see what would happen….and Im quite sure no one was suprised by the results….most folks will die just running around in circles as the “bomb” comes down….and they may be the lucky ones…hell will be the aftermath.Another thought is this…how many people not just in this place but all over will be inclined to question/delay their response the next time based on the idea that it was false this time?

      25. Hmmm, while Russia builds massive fallout shelters for the protection of it’s citizens, the United States government does absolutely NOTHING to inform or protect it’s citizens. NOTHING. In fact, we dismantled, tore down and replaced our fallout shelters with apartments, malls and gas stations. This event should be a MASSIVE wake up call and warning to all about how unprepared the United States is at this point in our history. Can you even imagine what would have happened in let’s say LA if this happened there???? You can bet our enemies took notice! But I’m sure the politicians in DC won’t even be talking about this and just how much the US is sooooo unprepared for ANY such event, SAD……

      26. FRom another source:

        Update 1/14 10:30CT: Hawaii now claims “one employee” did this by “accident” by pushing the wrong button twice. If you believe that bald lie you’re dumber than a box of rocks. If any state or local emergency agency can send such an alert without an authenticated source message then they are incompetent at best and dangerous at the worst. Are you really trying to sell me on the idea that one lone employee at one console, without any required authentication of the source message, can force-transmit a message to every media outlet and cellphone that the area is about to be incinerated by a nuclear warhead? I don’t believe for one second that this is the case for the simple reason that the public reaction to such an alert is likely to cost lives and as such both authentication and two persons reviewing same and concurring would be required to send any such alert in any even half-way competently-designed system. They’re lying.

        • Well at least our button works. Little rocket man has a red button on his desk too but when he pushes it he only hears “that was easy”.

      27. Anybody thought that this my be espionage? Or the work of a saboteur from a hostile country? It ain’t always politics, and it ain’t always your own country. And no, I wouldn’t expect help from our alphabet agencies either. They’re too busy covering their own behinds right now, and maneuvering to avoid jail time.

      28. I am increasingly disappointed with the North American population. They are flippant, infested with Muslims, trite and weak, unable to face the seriousness of the situation: that Russia, China and North Korea are poised to launch a massive attack on the US.

        We live just five minutes run from our shelter and this is the norm in Europe. Europe is designed for war and can function with air raids.

        Good luck going into a shelter with the MS13, angry black knee-grows, and Islamic radicals – that gonna be fun!!

        • Lol! I live in Saudi Arabia and am not as interested in Muslims as most liberals are!

      29. This false alarm was the best thing to happen.
        It shows just how unprepared they are.
        How long it took for people to respond to it.
        Shows that people are paying attention to the threat.
        Shows how fast people can think about saving their children. (by the way there are no poisonous snakes or gators in Hawaii.)

        I heard that some were complaining about how long it took to cancel it. Rather take a little time and be sure than find out it was real and you a bright flash.


        • ???

        • Hey Sgt,
          We have snakes
          They are generally union members and
          vote for Democrats.
          I have been a union
          member so I can recognize them.
          They can be deadly, or at a minimum
          cost you lots of money for lawyer fees.
          I have a lawyer on speed dial. I’ve never
          had to use it, but you should always prepare.

          • “R”
            (Snakes) They are generally union members and
            vote for Democrats. But you know they are too afraid to go into the sewers. Even though they live in them most of the time. I have to be in the Union. If I op to stay out I still have to pay my fair share??? WTF. 35 a month for it, and fair share is 30 a month.

            Very good point.

            I have a lawyer on speed dial too. Just never know when you will need them. It is part of being Prepped!!!!


      30. When the sign over the big red button says “Push in case of nuclear attack” …. and not “test daily” … you’d think civil defense could figure it out. Maybe remedial reading is in order for government officials!

      31. Shitholes, shitholes everywhere. Hawaii is a liberal hellhole that needs to get nuked.

      32. There wasn’t this shithole-storm from the media when our Grunts had to walk through the swamps, and many of them died in Viet Nam. Where is the media shithole-storm from all the TRIGGERS that get shot by other TRIGGERS every single day?

      33. It takes at least three people to launch a missile. Two officers and a airman. The officers have the keys the airman is trained to do the actual launch. Orders come from commander and chief first then carried out and everything is witnessed and verified to be an actual order by the president. The nuclearfootball follows the president in a briefcase. This button on the desk crap is misleading. Having this launch procedure makes it difficult to have an accidental launch. The gov knows computers can be hacked I’m sure that these missiles can’t be launched by some hack in his moms basement. Only humans can launch a missile. computer hackers wish they could be this powerful.

      34. The lesson learned here is this, that neither Hawaii nor the rest of America is prepared for or has a contingency plan for a crisis of this type or magnitude. After the Cuban missile crisis and the cold war were both ended and the nuclear threat greatly removed, America became complacent in the world. We no longer have fallout and bomb shelters like we did in the 50’s, but the world has many more nuclear bombs now than back then.

        Methinks that fallout shelters and doomsday bunkers are going to get a big refresh in this country.

      35. poor kids , but then again being as everyone probably simultaneously shit thier pants I imagine the sewers were at a lower leve. Let’s hope so.
        Wonder just how much protection it could provide, it would have to to some degree.
        I mean lacking a fallout shelter it is something most of us would have access to.

      36. They said in the news that it would only 15min. to get a warhead to HI.Wonder how long it would take to get here to NW FL. Probably a bit longer, I hope.The wife and I are getting older and slower so it would take longer to get our lawn chairs and make our drinks then get out in the front yard,get set up and watch the show. So I would hope for at least 30min.

      37. The state level worker accidentally made the wrong selection from a drop down menu.
        1. Test missile alert
        2. Missile alert

        He accidentally clicked on #2 instead of #1

        The alert system is operated and fully funded by FEMA.

        There’s your trouble.

        • I read the process to activate the alarm is 3 steps–one step by accident can be explained–but not 3.

      38. I guess I will scratch Hawaii along with Paris off my vacation plans next year.

      39. Storm drains lack wi-fi, cappucinos, social media, and other necessities. This is the liberal’s idea of SHTF.

      40. I have a close friend that lives in Honolulu. She called me while this was all going on laughing about these idiots. She said she got the alert on her phone, and turned on the local TV station. A football game was on. She tried the other channels, nothing about an attack. She turned on the radio. Nothing about an attack. She looked out of her window, no warplanes in the sky. Nothing out of the ordinary going on at the military base.
        It took her 2 minutes to realize this was another mistake by the inept Hawaiian government (they get tsunami warnings on their phones like this a couple times a month).

      41. And this will protect someone from multiple millions of degrees and atmospheres? I’d suggest turning away from the blast, it will all be over shortly…

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