Shock: News Corp CEO Wants The Alternative Media Censored So Mainstream Media Companies Can Control The Flow Of Information, Make More Money

by | Feb 9, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 28 comments


In a shocking admission by a high-level mainstream media operative, the CEO of News Corp. has revealed that major media corporations are pushing the likes of Google and Facebook to censor the alternative media despite the fact that the vast majority of Americans have little to no trust in the establishment press.

The comments, made by the CEO of Rupert Murdoch’s publishing arm, Robert Thompson, were revealed in an AFP article about the so-called “dysfunctional” online environment which in reality actually refers to a free internet where independent reporters can reach the masses themselves.

Amazingly, Thompson not only made clear that the mainstream media wants to censor the alternative press, he even admitted that it not only has to do with the control of information but also straight up money.

AFP reports:

Thompson said the steps announced by Google and Facebook to stem misinformation and improve the quality of online news were “modest steps toward changing a digital environment that is dysfunctional at its core.”

“The bot-infested badlands are hardly a safe space for advertisers, whose brands are being tainted by association with the extreme, the violent and the repulsive.”

Thompson said News Corp is seeing growth in online visits and subscriptions to its media properties such as the Wall Street Journal and The Sun of Britain, but added that “the potential returns for our journalism would be far higher in a less chaotic, less debased digital environment.”

A longtime critic of the dominant online companies, Thompson said he welcomed the decision by Google to end a “first click free” requirement for news items in search queries, and Facebook’s efforts to enable readers to know more about sources of articles on its news feed.

In other words, we would make more money if those pesky social media giants would just commit to full on censoring any media outlet that isn’t approved by the establishment.

Interestingly, multiple media outlets owned by News Corp. have also began a push to censor alternative viewpoints on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. In fact, news outlets across the mainstream media are engaging in a concerted effort to stifle independent, American voices.

Infowars reports:

It’s understandable why Thompson is so paranoid about mainstream publications being supplanted given News Corp’s recent financial figures. The company recorded a $66 million dollar loss for the quarter ending in December. Advertising income is also down 6 per cent from a year ago.

The Wall Street Journal has led a crusade against independent content creators for the last year, most notoriously smearing YouTuber PewDiePieas a “nazi” as part of a campaign to drown out non-mainstream voices.

Earlier this week, the WSJ published yet another hit piece which lobbied YouTube to censor alternative media by having its algorithm demote non-mainstream content.

The writer of the article, Jack Nicas, bragged about how he had compiled a list of “fringe” and “divisive” content and then presented it to YouTube, who then promised they’d be working harder to bury such content in favor of mainstream media outlets.

At this point it cannot be more clear. The establishment, deep state puppets in the mainstream media are actively pushing the liberal leaning social media giants to censor news outlets such as this one in a desperate attempt at stopping Americans from learning the truth.

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    1. Anonymous

      It doesn’t shock me… this is par for the course. …they’re a bunch of communists. Never trust the cabal of secret societies and their secret government or their media or anything they’re selling. To hell with those people and to hell with the establishment.

      • Anonymous

        Country boy can survive. 🙂

        • SumTingWong

          I have never seen one of these pencil-necked,shaved-head pseudo-males skinning a buck or running a trot-line. You just don’t see this type out here in the country. Probably not comfortable with everyone staring at their overt anti-American nazi attempts to be represent a man. Best they stay in the city. Here in the country we want SHFT, Gateway Pundit, Drudge, and Alex Jones because we know the WSJ, WaPo, NYT, Salon, and similiar rags are as fake as Hollywood.

      • Arizona

        MAJOR CORPORATIONS,OPENLY COMMITING SEDITION,,and probaly TREASON to,WHERES THE WATCH DOG OF CORPORATIONS and the US CONSTITUTION,The FCC,and a dozen other agencies,who swore to protect this godless country,are they still on payroll??

      • SumTingWong

        He probably would like to have a girl-friend too, but he won’t have that either.

    2. B from CA

      Sunshine is free.

      After twenty minutes in sunlight your skin makes nitric oxide. Nitric Oxide is one of many things, perfectly balanced to prevent high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke.

      For every person who dies of skin cancer, there are hundreds who die from stroke and heart attack.

      There is evidence that exposure to sunshine reduces the incidence of skin cancer.

      Use common sense. If you leave an infant in direct sunlight long enough, the child will die of dehydration, or possibly burn so badly that it causes problems later in life. But, the MSM has so blown this issue out of proportion that parents are scared to death that, God forbid, their kid might have some fun outdoors. What a crime against humanity.


    3. arf

      Best of luck with that…asshat…WE THE PEOPLE are already AWAKE…MSM is a thing of the past…much like the Doo Doo bird

      • Karl V.

        There seem to be plenty of those pesky doo-doo birds flying right over my car all the time….

      • Fred

        Minor adjustment – it is “dodo bird”

    4. The Deplorable Braveheart

      That MSM libturd can go f#$% himself! MSM doesn’t tell me what the f#$% to think, say, etc.

      • Heartless

        Just shoot the lying bastard. Who the “F” does he think he is to dare propose to limit the First Amendment? And for his own gain & and for the sake of advertising? Shoot him quickly and let the rats devour his corpse.

    5. aljamo

      You cannot believe much that you see, read or hear from nearly all media sources. A complete clusterfunk of disinfo meant to confuse the average person. It’s working great using lies to baffle the public with BS. It may as well be delivered by hand puppets. Most of the old codgers believe tv media. 9-11 was an inside job, “get the hell out of here.”

    6. Jim in Va.

      I thought monopolies were forbidden…….

      • JustMe

        Monopolies are only forbidden for anyone, but them…

      • Kevin2

        The Telecommunications Act of 1996 signed into law by Bill Clinton (he was a busy fellow with NAFTA, China Free Trade, eviscerating Glass-Steagall) allowed the de-facto monopolization of the communications industry. It matters little if a small group composed of business interests with interlocking boards of directors or government has control, the result is the same.

    7. Sean

      Still against net neutrality?

    8. Old Guy

      So the Fake News desires to be the only news. That’s no surprise.

    9. Sean

      Don’t laugh at them, they are dead serious. And they will probably shut the Internet down, at least the free expression on it and of it.

      • RJOGuillory

        They may be able to alter the internet and to eliminate google or Facebook’s previously free-speech platforms, but they cannot get rid of the internet, as to much information and commerce flows through and across it. They can’t stop the electronic trading on the stock markets, as that is how they use the plunge protection team when it starts to collapse. I don’t think Jeff Bezos will like his business model messed with to much either. So what they will end up with, is a bankrupt google and Facebook…as prior users will migrate to platforms that give them the truth. Each time those platforms are knocked down…some new kid in Romania will or Southern California will figure a new way around their tech-blocks…and they will waste trillions trying to still control the narrative. Additionally, the internet is about commerce…and eventually the people who advertise on these sites, where no one goes…or listens to their lies…eventually the dollars will go elsewhere…where they are more productive. So let google and FB die on the vine, who cares…and who needs them? Eventually the younger generation will realize they too have been lied to…only on much cooler devices that we had as children.
        RJ O’Guillory

    10. angustry

      As soon as I saw “Rupert Murdoch” I knew …..
      BEWARE of FOX news —– Rupert Murdoch is a FLAMING LIBERAL “christian.zionist” posing as Conservative.
      — flip to FOX Entertainment and you get TMZ, GLEE, Family Guy, and numerous other ANTI-FAMILY propaganda crap promoting the homosexual, drug, degenerate lifestyles. Rupert Murdoch HATES Christian Families.
      I Have said for years —- Murdoch uses FOX NEWS to control, steer, Conservatism. FOX NEWS is never allowed to criticize America’s enemy, Israel. FOX is Controlled Opposition, and “teaches” RINOneoconism —

      Rupert Murdoch is anti-Christian .

    11. yep

      fu*king nazi…

    12. OMEGA 2


    13. OMEGA 2


    14. Templar 1

      And we sit here “Locked and Loaded” and yet do nothing as our freedoms are openly ripped from us.
      Pretty soon we will not be able to share thoughts and comments online. If we resort to snail mail it will not reach its destination as the Post Office has been given the authority to do whatever for the feds.
      We will complain until blue in the face and yet one by one we will be seized, detained and end up as fertilizer.
      Until such time as we stand united and in force,,, we have lost. All the armchair quarterbacking in the world will not fix the problem!
      We know what needs to be done,, but are afraid of the results of that first action.

    15. Prissy

      Alt news readers won’t bother to read anything mainstream, whether that’s all the news there is or not. That’s it in a nutshell. They will pull out their weapons and be ready.

    16. Prissy

      Where’s my comment?

    17. john killen


    18. Goober

      Let me ask him this? Would he like it if WE censored him? Ask him that and see what he says.

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