Sensational Murder of MP Leads to Suspension of Brexit Campaign, “Vote in Limbo”

by | Jun 17, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 68 comments

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    There are serious economic, social and political issues at stake in the world right now, and those fighting for them are fighting dirty.

    Only the day before last, SHTF pointed out that the bankers-that-be have put a gun to the head of the economy, and would do anything to scare the British out of voting for a Brexit.

     See: Bankers Threaten Brexit “Chaos, Fear and Emergency Measures” But Threat of Collapse Already Exists

    But who could have any idea that things would get this much out of control…

    As Zero Hedge notes:

    Brexit Campaigning Suspended For Second Day, Referendum Vote “In Limbo”

    Following the tragic murder of Jo Cox, an advocate for voting to stay in next week’s referendum, campaigning over whether the U.K. should quit the European Union was suspended for a second day on Friday.  Events planned by the two main campaign groups were canceled, while publication of opinion polls and an International Monetary Fund report were delayed until the weekend as tributes were paid to Cox.

    As we reported yesterday, Cox, 41, was shot dead in the town of Birstall, northern England, in the early afternoon on Thursday. It was the first killing of a member of Parliament in more than two decades, since the days of Irish Republican terrorism. Cox was elected to the House of Commons last year and had taken an active part in the campaign to keep Britain in the EU. On Wednesday, her husband, Brendan, had taken their two young children out onto the River Thames to fly an “IN” flag from a motorboat.


    As Bloomberg reports, Clarke Rothwell, an eyewitness to Cox’s killing, said he had seen a man shoot and then stab her. “The words I heard him say was ‘Britain First’ or ‘Put Britain First’,” Rothwell said in a BBC television interview. “He shouted it at least twice.” Other have contested this account however by now it is already part of the narrative.

    The timing of the tragic and historic killing is incredulous! A deus machina to intervene in the growing momentum of the movement for sovereignty and withdrawal from the disastrous and authoritarian EU superstate.

    Prior to these terror events, momentum had been gaining for the ‘Leave’ camp who showed a ten point lead and read chance of winning the referendum.

    Now, with the high profile killing of a Minister of Parliament who was FOR European Union membership, it is sour grapes for those supporting a ‘Brexit.’

    The event comes conspicuously only days after the worst mass murder spree in the United States, as well as the conclusion of the secretive Bilderberg meeting in Dresden, Germany where many of the original architects of the European Union and the Euro currency attend annually. The group of elite bankers and industrialists have been very concerned about the possibility of a Brexit.

    Something suspicious is going on, and it seems shameful the lengths to which the powers-that-be will go to strong arm and threaten the people out of fighting for sovereignty on any front.

    BTW, it was only last month that a dummy bomb was found in a British soccer stadium, which SHTF speculated at the time was a possible threat or test run for a terror attack to discredit Brexit supporters or give a new pretext for ‘uniting’ under the EU banner to counter terrorism.

    At this point, it is questionable whether or not the Brexit referendum will still move forward, and how the event will sway the vote.

    Her murder followed an increasingly acrimonious debate over the referendum, with opinion polls putting “Vote Leave” ahead by several percentage points. Even sadder, her death was used as a catalyst by the market to push asset prices higher, because as Deutsche Bank’s Jim Ried admitted,  “while it seems insensitive to talk about markets in relation to this event, unfortunately this story heavily influenced them yesterday.” What he means is that in response to what many have seen as a politically motivated killing, the odds of “Leave” as expected to fall. While there are no official polls today, the bookies have already priced this effect, and as we showed earlier, Brexit odds fell leading to a rebound in Sterling, and global assets.

    Read more:

    Bankers Threaten Brexit “Chaos, Fear and Emergency Measures” But Threat of Collapse Already Exists

    Connected? With Brexit Vote Upcoming, Britain Sees Faux-Bomb Scare

    Bilderberg’s Elite Worried About Disintegrating EU: “Brexit Possibility Extremely High”

    Get Ready for a “Viral Pandemic of Global Unrest”… They Warn It’s Coming


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      1. When the all Nations feel a threat to their free gravy train ride and being replace, they seem to get rid of the ones that are trying to help the people

        • Supranationalists aka Globalists don’t have any loyalty to any given nation; they only possess loyalty to their interests.

        • They can delay the referendum for weeks if they want, but when the vote comes, the UK will exit !!! 🙂

          • After the MP’s death, the polls began to swing in the direction, to stay in the EU.

            • Yep–she was a sacrificial lamb on the altar of the globalists. Now if you support exiting the EU, you will be added “to the side of the murderers”…very clever move by the elites.

              • Yes. It was a clever move by the elite.

            • No polls have been released since the murder so that’s not true!

              There will be one or two out tomorrow though, they were undertaken after the events on the 16th.

        • How convenient, this murder. We are all just pawns to the Elders. 😉

      2. Wow! I Just finished posting a Reply at the very last article on shooter guys Fathers ties to congress and Then first saw This new article posted up…And it appears my Reply while good at that prior articles forum…Would be far Better posted at This articles reply forum as it better “Fits here eh”….So if ya missed it there read it Here!

        This Fri Morning on RT TV news at 6:00 AM…

        They showed a breaking news report that in England UK.

        A Liberal party female member of Parliment was Knifed and Shot and died by time reasched hospital!

        AND…The ENTIRE “So Far” story line was framed with.

        The 100% Typical spew that the Perp Is an White Neo Nazi! and also a white Seperatist! and a White Skin Head neo nazi Raaaaysssist! and typical jew hater antisemite and also hater of blacks. Oh yeah and also a White Supremisist! Thats Very very Important they added That in eh.

        AND that that nazi Perp Has/Had Ties to USA Org of likewize neonazi rayssist and antisemitic haters!

        AND that that neo nazi evil Hater got his “Pro Raysist whitey seperatist neo nazo antisemitic Online Hate filled Magazine” full of Instructions on How to be such a bad man etc…

        FROM…Some USA-Based website he paid to subscribe to so to Learn all his so called neo nazified Hatered from or thru!

        PLUS that USA hate monger website OR a different yet Also USA Based website is where he supposedly got his Firearm Building Infos from in order to Build his Own gun with in england!(riiiggghhhtttt!)…

        Situation certain to develope and Gain steam as soon as MSM News teleprompter Readers are able to Conjur Up More newer sounding vile names to label him with eh!

        Meanwhile as per the Usual..What EVERY MSM TV News has so Far Failed to inform folks of, and Will Continue to fail to inform folks of is that…Face Facts folks!

        You has ALL for entire lifetimes been Mesmerized and Hypnotized…and..Terrified and Kosherized….and…

        Talmudized and Judiaized and the Grand Daddy of All issues MSM will Never Reveal to, You The Goyims is that…

        Due to said Lifetime of, such mental Abusive Brainwashing, Via the above listed Protocols and methods..

        Americans You have ALL been, Royally HOLOHOAXED!

        And that is asap Soon going to turn into, You ARE Now being.

        Homocausted Via the latest swindle scam to Strip americans of firearms and every last right you “Thought” you yet had!….Via the 50 Dead Pervert Homo Queers at the “Orlando-HomoCaust”! aka a HomoHOAX!

        OyVey!…AmeriKwans Iz almost Ourz totally! Only a tiny small few Nudges further eh..And Ze USA Vill Sink like Ve almost got that USS Liberty Navy Ship to do in 1967 Ven Ve so ruthlessly attacked that usa navy ship during Our 6 day War!….”Thru Deception You shall Casue WARS, Baby!”

        And NOBODY else can ever do it ALL half as swell as our tribe can and did and does you stupid Goys!

        PS The Huge new Potential with= that UK Based Global securoty firm Co the shooter workd for, run via Mossad no doubt here in usa as well as in UK lala lands..

        PLUS the new dead Female parliemt member of UK labor party….The Daddy in very Tight at whitehouse and usa congress and afganny policy etc…

        ADD in to Mix ONE Very Evil Neo Nazi hate mongering WHITE Seperatist rayssist maker of homemade firearm, from instructions recieved thru a usa based equally hatefull website full of equally evil Whiteys and…

        “Shaken but Not Stirred!” and you end with an episode of “Gun Grabbers Anonamous!” far Better than even the Best ever James Bond thriller movie straight outta Holohoax HQ aka Hollywood Ca.!! EeeeeHaa! and OyVey!

        Delema Question:…How can Globalist Marxist Polititions get an Entire Foamed at Mouth, Chompin At Bit, Huge Wish List of agendas, combined into one big Massive Take Down of the 2nd amendt in usa With also a Globalwide Takedown Controls of full Censorship of Internet worldwide, with also a Brand New usa and Global Nations Campaign to Carpet Bomb Syria first and Then same for Iran! All done in One fell Swoop event cycle they have So Dreamed of doing for So long now eh?

        Delema Question Answer!:…Easy folks! Simply RE-Read the Above news alert outline, and Include the previous several days ago events at that Orlando Fla HomoCaust hoax event for your Precice answers.

        • My friends and I got mugged in an isolated area at age 16. Several of us almost killed (knife to the throat). We escaped (or were let go and then decided to run), and the perps suddenly had this epiphany that we knew all their faces plus their license number. We escaped THAT by flagging down a car. Had there been no cars they would have killed us.

          Ever since then? Pro-gun.

          Wanna know why? This is why. Who was going to stop that shit?

          Now I know I know, “but TheGuy at least they couldn’t have had guns! What would you do if they had guns?”

          Had a fighting chance because I would have had one too…?

          That’s what.

          Me and three wimpy 16 year olds versus 7 25 year olds in fit shape and used to fighting… no contest. They could have killed us all with a plastic spork. Doesn’t matter what they were armed with.

        • For that matter, of all the people that should be pushing FOR gun ownership, it’s WOMEN.

          Because come on now.

          It’s a rare woman that even the weakest man can’t pick up and throw. I don’t care what TV says.

          The point of a gun is to render physical strength moot.

          Aren’t women constantly afraid of being assaulted or something? You’d think they’d want to be packing 24-7…

      3. Here comes the Greatest Rape, Plunder, Theft, and Transfer of Wealth from the USA to the Zionist Religious Faction, hellbent on destroying the planet.

        $35 to $37 Billion of US Tax Payers Money. Just more Welfare to our embedded enemy who has Hijacked our Government / News / Banking / Courts/ and Foreign Policy.

        Get this:
        US Closing in on Massive Israel Military Aid Package

        White House Seeks ‘Accommodation’ of Israel in Record Aid Package

        by Jason Ditz, June 15, 2016

        Israel’s far-right government is almost always at odds with the Obama Administration over something or other, and in recent weeks, it has tended to be Obama’s attempts to get Israel to accept some $35-$37 billion in military aid over the next decade, a record amount for any US military aid package.

        ~~~~~”Oh so Obama is begging Israel to accept 35 Billion Dollars in weapons, and as the same Obama Admin is trying to DISARM US Citizens.” Its all BULLSHIT!!

        Today the US insists the deal is closer than ever, but the anger is simmering over exactly where the missile defense funding will be, and how big it will be.

        The White House wants to put the annual missile defense funding for Israel in the decade-long aid package straightaway, arguing it’d be easier than having Israel negotiate a new, larger package every single year with the US Congress.

        Not having a chance to annually squeeze even more money out of Congress isn’t a “win” by Israeli standards, and major Israel Lobby group AIPAC, one of the groups responsible for coaxing ever more money out of Congress, blasted the White House, saying there is strong bipartisan support in Congress every year for such funding. ~~~Israel has standards?? GMAFB. Ever see a Jew turn down something free like $35 Billion dollars and it is not in their interest? GMAFB

        The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office downplayed the latest row, expressing confidence that US aid to Israel would keep growing no matter what. The White House tried to tamp down concerns too, promising “accommodations” for Israel in the record aid package to come.

        We are being Bent over and Ass Raped by these Zionist Daily. WAKE UP EVERY AMERICAN AND EXPOSE THIS RAPE AND PLUNDER.

        • Wtf knows. Yep. I agree. And American citizens should b able to sue our govt for giving foreign aid while our roads bridges , water plants etc. are in need of funds. Charity begins at home. Israel has the highest per capita concentration of millionaires. But I see commercials wanting donations to Israel to help feed their people. Hey judge Judy, Jerry Seinfeld , mark zuckerberg, and on and on y don’t u rich bastards help your people?? To hell with these lobbyists. How the f is that shit even legal? It’s bribery! Plain and simple. And last count 8 lobbyists for every member of congress? We need this shit out of dc and bring the govt back to the people. And remember Donald Rumsfeld said before 9/11. Ah we can’t account for a few trillion dollars. And the plane crashed into the pentagon right where the computers were that stored that info. The pilot of that plane my sister dated briefly. She was a stewardess but quit pre 9/11. That pilot was an absolute bad ass. Box cutters my ass. He would not have given up like that. Our govt is so rotten there’s not even a word in the dictionary to describe.

      4. Is anyone surprised by this? In reality, do you think they would allow a BREXIT even if the people voted in favor of one? I, for one, don’t think it would be that easy. There would be some nonsense that would come about…perhaps war as suggested by their own PM.

      5. Talk about a conspiracy!!!

        Watch and learn folks. Well placed bullet could or might stop the next election????


        • that’s probably the plan – a False Flag event. Then o’bama can declare Martial Law and remain puppet-in-chief! (but if the bullet put VP six feet under and paul ryan became VP, we could get stuck with paul ryan as top puppet after a following False Flag event!

          • stevor,
            I am with you there will be a false flag event to stop the election and declare martial law and OBUTTHEAD will stay in office, IF this happens then we will see the civil unrest and possible war in the cities!

            • well, yeah, of course. o’bama wants to destroy the USA so having civil war would help him achieve that. That’s why I think it’s quite possible.

            • I read these posts and hardly post myself. I have learned much from you all. I’m sitting in the Bahamas right now where they have rolling blackouts daily. All the news this week makes me think of the massive zit I had under my nose when I was 14. The edges turn red, it starts to hurt, a few days go by, start to see a head, more painful, then just when you can take it any more you pop it. Messy. The country/world are hurting. The edges are very red and the head is starting to show. Who is going to squeeze first? The Brexit may be the tipping point to send Europe into full blown collapse.

              Putin is going to start something when the entire world is watching the mosquito olympics in Rio this summer. He is getting brash and nervous about a possible DJT presidency.

        • Depends Sarge. A well placed bullet might mean a “Hooray!” or a “WTF” (why the face).

        • Putin will be making his speech on CNN at 10:00AM (or maybe PM). I experienced a ‘glitch’ in commo on AM or FM…

          They did not allow enough time for anyone to expound on what is going on, and suddenly everything across the pond is going straight to hell in a handbasket (first Parliament murder in over 2 decades) …these bastards hold NOTHING sacred other than lining their pockets and ensuring there will be slaves.

          Okay then. Let’s enslave the bastards right after raising The Dixie Battle Flag? heheh…

      6. Here comes the Biggest Rape Job, Fleecing, Theft and outright Transfer of US Tax Payer Wealth to a Terrorist Nation. $35 to $37 Billion in Welfare to the Zionist Psychopaths. This is insane.
        US Closing in on Massive Israel Military Aid Package
        White House Seeks ‘Accommodation’ of Israel in Record Aid Package
        by Jason Ditz, June 15, 2016

        Israel’s far-right government is almost always at odds with the Obama Administration over something or other, and in recent weeks, it has tended to be Obama’s attempts to get Israel to accept some $35-$37 billion in military aid over the next decade, a record amount for any US military aid package.
        Today the US insists the deal is closer than ever, but the anger is simmering over exactly where the missile defense funding will be, and how big it will be.
        ~~~ Oh like Obama is Begging Israel to accept $35 Billion in Free Money to Jews. GMAFB- Gove me a friggin break.

        The White House wants to put the annual missile defense funding for Israel in the decade-long aid package straightaway, arguing it’d be easier than having Israel negotiate a new, larger package every single year with the US Congress.
        ~~~Another Crock of shit, all Israel does is creates conflict and chaos around the world. I would cut them completely off, and take our Nukes back. They will quickly learn how to be a good neighbor and understand the peace process. More reward to the Parasite Monster.

        Not having a chance to annually squeeze even more money out of Congress isn’t a “win” by Israeli standards, and major Israel Lobby group AIPAC, one of the groups responsible for coaxing ever more money out of Congress, blasted the White House, saying there is strong bipartisan support in Congress every year for such funding. ~~~Cut them off completely. And hang the dual citizen Israeli Spy traitors already here.

        The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office downplayed the latest row, expressing confidence that US aid to Israel would keep growing no matter what. The White House tried to tamp down concerns too, promising “accommodations” for Israel in the record aid package to come.
        ~No Matter what? Really. Just proves our government has been hijacked and Obama is a friggin Shill Puppet.


      7. so, the killing of one person led to the country no longer wanting to get out of the New World Order? Weenies!

        • That’s not so much a jump to the wrong conclusion as a giant leap for mankind to it. From what I see, most people are not swayed by this killing at all, despite the media whores’ efforts.

          • Good, hopefully your countrymen will stay the course and become Brits again.

            • PO’d Patriot, My forefathers left England in 1638 just prior to the civil wars there, as the people were getting plenty fed up with their Government. They packed a small bag (BOB) and set sail, they sailed into Boston Harbor and created a new life at their BOL. There is a hard copy book out regarding the civil wars in England, etc.

              The Civil Wars: A Military History of England, Scotland, and Ireland 1638-1660

              In 1638 when my family arrived, it was just 18 years after the pilgrims, and 138 years before this country became a Nation in 1776. So my family has been here and seen it all and helped build this country. I will be damned to be the Generation that looses this country from Rogue Tyrants, and Foreign Hacks. No friggin way.

              btw. the British were sell-outs to the American Indian, which they transferred the entire Ohio Valley territory, which consisted of 5 American Native Nations in their defeat to the Continental US, in the Revolutionary War.

              The Mohawks were the only Indian Nation of the 5, to help support the British in the Revolutionary War, to defeat the invaders destroying the Indians land and hunting grounds, culture and peace. The sided with the British and thought they would be better off with the British. The Mohawk territory was the closest nation to the east, this was the buffer to the other nations, from the invaders from Europe. In the Revolutionary War, the LOSERS British signed off this Indian Territory, and transferred control to, the Continental United States. Who said the British even owned this Ohio Valley Territory?? It was all a scam.

              I am both English, and other European Nationalities and 1/16th Mohawk. My family has been on all sides of this. Welcome to America. Yep still a Brit in some fashion. Good Luck to this BR-exit. bye bye.


      8. Also Worthy of Notice:

        Is that while not much is reported on USA TV news regarding the Ongoing events within the entire EU nation states…Events such as Masses of very Huge sized, like 100,000+ Protestors comming out in Droves against the various EU agendas so destructive to those folks ecomonic welfare, and overall Anti-White founding peoples issues etc.

        The usa msm Tv News shows far as I am aware of also are Not telling folks here things like one can find online at many websites concerned with these daily/weekly events and cycles.

        Things such as how most Every EU state that held Any type recent elections…Be it to elect top Prez leaders, or various other issues like Austerity woes isues voted on.

        So far all I have heard any MSM and RT tv too report on each such election of France, Germany, Austria etc etc has been a very “coincidental” type narative that goes like this.

        Weeks and even just Days prior to Every such election, every tv msm news show reports that “Polls are showing huge margins in Favor of a Brexit!” and. “Polls taken recently have showed results that French Voters Overwhelmingly Like and intend to Vote for Marie Penn(is that name correct?) and same goes for Every other Pro-White-Nationalist Running for election as that nations top leaders.

        BUT…Days later, even a short Few hrs after said votes occure…EVERYTIME every tv msm news show switches gears and says something akin to this..

        “Well the Votes are In Folks! and while we prior reported of the Vast lead and huge potentials for that pro white aka Right Winger party candadit like Marie in France a (couple weeks or so ago)…We NOW Know due to voter totals that She has LOST! and Lost by a VERY Close Shave margin of votes folks”!

        Every time every vote every issue it was first Massive voters For it or that or them…untill votes get counted and every one says “Lost by a very small close shave of voters”

        So far I have heard that type mumbo jambo crap at least 4-5 times on various prez votes or other agenda votes within EU nations.

        So gee what a huge coincidence UK labor party members killed and whallah! “Folks we Must suspend brexit votes!”

        Scam swindle fraud BS that stinks to High Heaven eh?

        Same as they been saying in usa tv news for decades now right?….Run up to huge us senate and fed election cycles and Fox and cnn and msnbc all report that americans so Fed up every huge Poll taken shows at least a Low of 65% to a many as 96% polled voters in usa say “THROW em ALL OUT next WEEK elections!”

        Yet just One short Week later?…98% incumbants gets Re elected each time!

        So what?…In Seven days time all them royally fed up voters simply changed minds to again elect sme evil bastards?…..Not too likley eh?

        Yep…”lost by Very Thin close Shave margin folks!”

        I refuse to believe a single claim as reported period.

      9. What’s up folks??

        Is this an EU satanic sacrifice on the altar of ZioGlobalism?

        Is this a false flag that was really carried out, or is this woman sipping cocktails on a luxury liner?

        When will the Banksters who control the governments realize that their ploys for sympathy are mere reminders that we the people are not amused, neither are we going to allow this criminal mafia to succeed in its goals. Nationalism not globalism. Independent and proud people will live free. We don’t care about your Solomon Option.

      10. Trump hasn’t sown up the nomination yet

        he is in some REAL trouble

        Dozens of GOP delegates launch new push to halt Donald Trump

        h ttps://

      11. I think it’s possible that, with all of the surveillance that exists within the five eyes, that there are individuals who are known to be both unstable and easily impressionable. These individuals are then somehow manipulated by those in power to commit certain actions when it is politically expedient. Most of the unusual killings we have seen as of late were by people who were either in a government mental health system or who were known to law enforcement for their radical ideologies, so they were in the databases already. I think they are either allowed to commit certain acts or that some of them are “pushed” to do so.

        • I think you are right.

          • Winston: have’nt you ever as yet researched the admitted to CIA MK-Ultra Projects?

            That MK Ultra agenda went on in deep secret over 35 years! It cost taxpayers over $50-Million in 1960 and 1970 dollar values.

            The main program ran exact as You just described!

            CIA experts Located various twisted or disturbed individuals of many types suitable for cia agendas.

            Then Mk Ultra cia “scientists” either got subjects to willfully join or Forced some into program.

            Then added One single CIA Handler to subject. And Taught or Trained the subject to unquestionably Trust the handler cia guy totally 100%…This process litterally took Years!

            Then once subject was fully under their “Spell” so to speak…They were taught a secret Code word for real action when neded to happen at some as yet non dated date.

            For example Many subjects were trained as Assasians! Yes Real true Live assasians trained to at some yet to be determined future time, when needed to do so to, Murder whoever that subject was told to kill.

            And in order to actually Activate subject to switch immeadiatly from whatever they were currently doing, at a job at work, at play on day off, playing baseball with kids etc etc…No matter What subject Was currently occupied with at any particular moment.

            When ready to activate trained killer “Zombi”…The Handler cia guy Phoned subject and simply uttered one single word! a Pre Determined “Code word” say for instance the word of “rose bud” or “Football” or whatever agreed to word subject and handeler knew of and NOBODY else not even cia types knew what that spring into action code word was…That way zero mistakes can happen.

            And if a subject got told via some third party cia guy or whatever, to be at a certain resturant or Bar pay phone to await a call at say, 9PM Next Wed..Subject would definatly arrive on time to await the handlers call at 9PM.

            Then soon as cia handeler spoke that secret code for actiavtion word…The subject would Return Back into a state of “Semi-hypnotic state” which cia mk ultra addmitions papers released once program was supposedly shut down etc…That claimed that semi hypnotic state was made possible after years training subject, gaining abject total 100% trust within said subject of his lone handler so that when that day to activate subject came, as soon as he heard code word spoken his mind went Limp and into semi hypno state and then subject carried out his deadly task.

            ALSO a huge part of the trainings consisted of creating a semi zombi state of mind ONLY while doing the killing task assigned prior…Once finished killing subject has “NO memory nor any recolections of the last Hours events!”…Subjects Always, if ever caught by cops, simply stated they cannot recall ANYthing that happened the past hour or several hours and their mind went Blank.

            Even after being informed they shot dead some person…They claimed cops lied as no such occurance could be possible and not be remembered.

            Now Compare This now outted to and 100% admitted to former(? really ended eh?!) CIA MK Ultra program..To..All those many School shooters during Klintons prez admin years!

            Almost every school shooter, and we saw one school shooting at aprox every 2.5 Months for Two straight years a total of 13 schools then…Almost Every shooter made exact same claims of “I do NOT even recall holding a gun nor fired it at anybody officers”!

            OR some stated “i dont recall doing it at all??!…I could nenver do it! my mind is a total Blank from first entered school at 8 am untill Now noon when cops arrested me!”

            Many refuse to believe MK ultra was for Real…but once CIA was forced to admit via FOIA act secret papers released and program was ended at that time frame also..

            No such doubts can be made now..MK happened, lasted over 35 years, and Created Tons of trained killer assasians subjects STILL Out there in usa awaiting activation by their cia Handler!

            And to date I never yet found any info on exact number of trained subjects…cia also trained them to never reveal this agenda etc…But a small Few have come fwd to reveal actual training tactics cia did.

            Personally I refuse to believe program really ended..oh sure yes actual training program of more new subjects ended…funds dried up etc..But…CIA never spent so much cash and so long a program and ended with many as yet Unused subjects ready to act upon a phone call and secert word uttered…Just to toss it all in trash and move on eh!

            I think Far more if not all of the recent past shooter events in usa have definatly been perpetrated by such cia subjects,…Either way Mk is real did occure and is as pure evil as can get..Researching MK ultra is NOT a waste of your time Winston…Rather it Is an available method into the fed govnts deepest darkest agendas ever devised.

            And Only a pure 100% Psycopath is capable of being such a cia trainer and handeler period…USA is run by such Psycos Daily in every spheere.

        • Winston Smith:

          In my opinion, one of the most foolish things a person can do is to turn themselves over to a psychiatrist. After that, you have zero credibility.

          A professional hit can be blamed on the patient. The patient can then be killed and the press tells the world “it was a lone wolf who was mentally unstable”. Case closed. And no one questions anything. Even the patients family,though shocked, believes their loved one commited suicide at the scene or the cops were forced to take him down. Case closed.

      12. Silly brits, you don’t shoot the woman until after you failed to pull out.

      13. Rattle snake added to gay shirt gone viral as gays go on gun buying spree.. good job cabal, your false flag failed miserably.. now the gays are coming for you rat bastards..

        I am calling on all gay butt slammers/ preppers, lesbians. to start commenting on this join the discussion..I have a chick friend that’s lesbian, she was the one the the Russian spetsnatz talked shit to when I was at her store, when I ran out the phucker, and told him to crawl up under Putin’s ass.

        I heard that gays in Russia have no rights..that they are treated unfairly and not to mentioned the chi-com govt executing gays with. 50 cal machine gun for for being gay..

        Iran, as for you phuckers, you all like to hang gays in the streets..

        You chi-com soldiers may get captured and bent the phuck over.

        Let me tells you fags something that you all need to know. You are protected under the same constitutional rights Like straights. Your not excluded when the Russian, chi coms and jihadist enter Texas.

        Mac, you may want to post on this one.. see

        The new don’t thread on fags shirt.


        Agency ass clown super moderator.

        Molon labe.

        • Homo militia slogans:

          “death from behind”

          “Lead from the front, and assault from the rear”

          “queens of battle”

          Any other suggestions?

          • The other definition of a “swabber”: ‘One who might not tug on it but would roll it around in his mouth some.’

        • Damn HCKS you almost had me spittin’ beer on the ‘puter’ screen…..”calling on all you gay butt slammers”…… You’re crazier than a shithouse rat, LMAO. Keep your head on a swivel and your knee boots on ‘ol boy, shit’s ’bout to get deep.

      14. Too clever by half. Wake up sheeple.

      15. How about “all people want freedom from oppression.”

      16. The gays have right too..I won’t be stopping them when chi-com soldiers get captured, in fact I will handing three to the gays..


      17. Its gonna be like deliverance you sure do have a purdy mouf.squeel like a pig

      18. He shot her.

        In a country with no guns.

        Amazing. It must be a miracle.

        How’s that “no gun” shit working for you?

        • The Guy – The suspect (for that is what he is, until found guilty/innocent by a jury) downloaded the instructions for making a pipe gun from an American far right racist web site.

          Far too much political capital is being made by swivel eyed loonies like yourself. At the end of the day a decent Member of Parliament and mother of two was murdered by a pschopathic right winger.

          How many times have you (or any other American) stopped a massacre while carrying a gun? Produce a gun at any shooting and you become a legitimate target for armed authority.

        • There are some guns but most people (95%) have never seen a gun in the UK, let alone own one.

          The media reported that it was a ‘homemade’ gun.

      19. Everyone wants the politicians dead but when one gets murdered everybody feels sorry for them. I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. Either you hate politicians or you don’t. thanks

        • They are all upset because someone broke the law. Their gun laws have made Britain safe and this can’t happen! Had the man just hacked her head off and yelled Allah gibberish, it wouldn’t have been a problem.

          • Rellik – someone just didn’t break the law they murdered a mother of two going about her lawful business. Two (unarmed) members of the public (one, a 77 year old man who was seriously wounded) tackled the killer. Now how many times have US citizens done that when faced with a gunman?

      20. Brits already have their own currency…they will leave the European Union.

      21. What ever happened to *not* caving in to terrorists? So one *lone* nut job can control an entire country?

      22. Damn, I gotta say, those Brits need more gun control.

        It seems that total gun bans are just not enough

        • Plan twice etc – I spent 9 years in the British Army and was taught how to handle all types of firearms, eventually qualifying as a weapons instructor. I may even have killed someone whilst on active service (in the fog of battle it’s hard to know).

          Since leaving, I’ve never felt any desire to fire another one.

          Shootings throughout the whole of Britain, in any one year, constitute a minute fraction of shootings in any major American city. No, I do not want lax gun controls in Britain if it means we give weapons to idiots like you.

          Some years ago, while on a business trip to the USA, I was invited to a preppers BOL. The quality of marksmanship, weapon safety, and field craft displayed by those there was inept, and, if it hadn’t of been that they believed that they genuinely thought that they were minutemen, laughable!

          • To 9 yrs in Brit army,
            On gun violence in the US.
            America is about 50th in the world for violent crime. If you ignore the crime in America’s biggest mega cities, Detroit, Chicago, NY and LA we drop into the ten safest countries in the world. The populations of those four mega cities exceed the population of most countries. You don’t have any mega cities. It’s not a gun control problem.

            In the US African American males are responsible for 80% of all murders and they are only 7% of the population. It’s not a gun control problem.

            The lovely British don’t have a gun problem, they still have a violent crime problem that lags the US only slightly. In gun free Britain, they’d just carve you up with a knife, or beat you to death with a blunt instrument.

            Home robbery rates are similar in the US and Britain, but in the US only about 30% of the homes are occupied when robbed. In Britain homes are occupied about 70% of the time. Bad guys are afraid of armed home owners in the US pure and simple. That 30% figure used to be much lower in the US but for the influence of large cities so heavily restricting gun ownership, which has left many defenseless and the bad guys know it. In Britain robbers don’t care if you are home, they just come in with knives and clubs and subdue anyone who is there. Rape during robberies in Britain are much higher than in the US because that is a crime of opportunity. So they come into your home beat you half to death and make you watch while they rape your wife.

            I have little respect for a population that won’t defend themselves out a of a misguided belief that they can’t be trusted with a firearm. Obviously someone trusted you for 9 years with some serious weapons, but now they don’t, did you change since you left the military? Did those guns you handled in the army make you want to become an evil criminal? Will gun control make evil people suddenly good?

      23. They are politicians. I am surprized more do not get shot.

      24. Mac – it’s strange how homophobic, mysoginist, comments inciting murder, and racist and anti Semitic views get posted here almost immediately and yet mine, which are none of the above, go into the limbo of moderation. Would it be better if I stopped being reasonable and just filled my posts with hatred against all mankind?

        Your site used to be informative. Now it’s just one amongst many right wing hate filled forums.

        • moderation is automatic for “Anonymous” users who don’t utilize an email address.. you can use a fake one as well, and that may help expedite comments.

          Insofar as the comments — we do our best to filter out those which don’t meet the community standards but admittedly some that shouldn’t get posted.



          • Mac – just what are your guidelines? Surely you must know, by now, the crazy people who post here? There are several posters here who have posted remarks on this subject (UK politics, and showing a remarkable degree of ignorance) who would merit closer investigation elsewhere in broader society.

            I’m not belittling your contribution to dialogue, merely saying that these people have a long history (on this site) of being abusive to all who disagree with them.

            Offhand I could name a dozen who are seriously disturbed and who advocate violence as an answer to everything.

            And as regards your safeguard of using a user name and fake email address, that is abrogating your responsibility.

            • Mac collect donations to send this obviously Liberal dem type brainwashed antigun brit, a Soft Blanket with a nice pacifier he can chew on so to sooth his massive Fears!

              Fears of so many many Bad evil right wingers here!

              No wonder in Both wars brits started against Americans, 1776 and 1812 at behest of jewish banksters in London etc.

              That them sissyboys failed both times eh.

              Discalimer: All You Vast right winger bad evil nazis here best Halt this crap asap! Or else I am going to Tell my Mommie! or ask Mac to tell her for me! Boo Hoo! wha wha!

              • Them guys – is that the best argument you can put forward? Childish insults from an infantile and obviously retarded brain like yours only make the world a more unsafe place. Pick up your toys and put them back into your stroller and keep sucking on your pacifier.

                Have you ever shot a gun in anger? I doubt it. Have you ever seen the effects a high velocity weapon can do to the human body (apart from trawling the web looking for pornographic images of dead, mutilated bodies so you can get your rocks away).

                Your take on history is so skewed it shows a level of ignorance that is breathtaking. I can’t even be bothered refuting your flawed vision of it.

                I’ve met blowhards like you before (this site is particularly infested with them). With all the wind you spout I’ll guarantee that at the first sign of trouble you’ll soil your pants!

              • Them girls – I don’t know why I’m dignifying your childish insults by responding to them. Maybe, like a child, you need taking to task? Or maybe you get a vicarious sexual thrill by making yourself look silly? Who knows how a little boys mind works?

                Actually, it’s you who are crying to your daddy. You never responded to my posts, preferring to whine to the chief moderator.

                Your reading of history is that of a comic book. Grow up you self indulgent spoilt yank!

      25. I live about 50 miles from where the ‘murder’ took place and it’s dominated the headlines ever since. I’m worried that a few voters that still haven’t decided to vote to leave will be swayed by the shooting to vote Remain as some sections are reporting it a an attack on democracy and by voting to Remain – it’s somehow an act of defiance.

        I’m a volunteer with Vote Leave and have been told not to resume campaigning until tomorrow. I’m going to be delivering leaflets on Monday and will await the reaction I get.

        I don’t detect the events of the death have changed anyone’s mind but the polls haven’t been released yet so will wait for them.

        • Ricky – I forgot to mention. On Thursday I too, alongside with the majority of my family and friends, will be voting LEAVE! I have no desire to become a colony of Germany.

          Too many of my family and my wife’s family were murdered by Germans in two world wars. Churchill said “the Hun is either at your throat or at your feet”. I prefer Germans at my feet!

          • Nearly all my family and friends have (or will be) voting OUT. I barely know anyone that’s voting to Remain. I cannot understand why anyone would consider voting to stay in what is essentially a German imperial political union. I want independence so that we can prosper – democratically and economically!

            I live in Sheffield and have lived in Yorkshire all my 30 years of life! I wouldn’t live anywhere else other than God’s own country!

            Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the 23rd of June:)

            All the best to you.

      26. Ricky – I served with a Yorkshire regiment and, although not Yorkshire born, I have a strong empathy with Yorkshire folk.

        One of my mates actually lives in the village where this poor woman MP lived. Too many Yanks shout their mouths off about something they don’t have a clue about (instant experts abound here) and they wonder why the rest of the world take the piss out of them. Most Americans would be hard pressed to locate the UK on a map!

      27. Yep Us usa Goyim are simply No match for all You Master Race brits eh…I bet you are either jewish or a shabozz goy right?…if neither?…Then just another deluded brainwashed antigun liberal like we have tons of here in usa…They too make use of same words designed as Weapon words to stiffle free speech.

        However if You as a brit knew 1/2 of what you think you do of americans…You would realize that weapon words libs use such as rayssist or antisemite or evil hater nazis etc etc have ALl but Lost their former Mojo-effect at stiffleing free speech.

        The latest Newer approach to american patriotic minds is closer to this.

        “if You libs and savage jungle bunnies and zio globalistic types and antigunners et al do not Like Us?

        No Problem! for you All can just Kiss Our collective White Asses Bubba! because we have litterally Had it with ALL forms and all groups that subscribe to such marxist kommie globalistic lib antigun policies period.

        And please do Not get stupid enough to attempt a third Try at War against real patroitic Americans or You shall force Us to do as twice prior and kick brit ass big time.

        Now go whine or cry to your jewish bankster Master Race national controllers eh. Oy Vey!

      28. Those British need more gun control laws.


      29. I’ve read Lord of the Rings. I know what happens when a load of pig loving public school boys gain absolute control of a small island.

        I’m voting to remain.

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