Seattle’s Nanny State is “Deputizing Trashmen as Secret Police” to Snoop Through Wastebins

by | Jul 22, 2015 | Aftermath, Charlie McGrath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 109 comments

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    Once society has set its course for total control, there is no bounds it will not cross in order to achieve it.

    Obviously, governments have been willing to violate rights and unleash technology to spy upon the entire population.

    But did you know they were also willing to dig through your trash and messy waste to uncover offenses, impose penalties and control social behavior?

    This is exactly what’s going on in Seattle, where the city is now using trash collectors to snoop in trash cans to catch residents and businesses who are in non-compliance with new requirements to compost materials that break down. Wow! Talk about sinking to new lows. issued this shocking report that stinks of tyranny:

    Seattle is on the cutting edge of nanny state-ism with a new citywide ban on throwing any compostable material into the trash, no matter how gross, smelly or disgusting it might be. The city government is serious about this — so serious that they have deputized the trashmen as a sort of secret police who are being ordered to rat on residents’ trash habits to the nannies at Seattle Public Utilities.

    Of course, fines will follow for Seattle residents after an “education period” where violators are issued written warnings for actions as simply as tossing an apple core.

    Moreover, trash collectors are being trained to open up and peer into not just trash cans, but individual trash bags in order to spot banned items that were required to head for the compost, then report residents and commercial offenders to Seattle utility authorities.

    According to training documents obtained by PLF, garbage collectors are being told to enforce the policy with ‘zero tolerance’ and are being taught to remove bags to inspect a garbage can, peer into translucent bags and open torn or untied bags.

    “In short, this program calls for massive and persistent snooping on the people of Seattle,” said Hodges. “This is not just objectionable as a matter of policy, it is a flagrant assault on people’s constitutional rights.”

    Of course, the composting and recycling program itself is basically a good idea in effort to reduce landfills and treat wastes that break down in ways that benefit the soil and environment; however, forcing everyone to comply with the program through not only fines, but a secret police doing very messy work is well, just a stinky business.

    “While it’s laudable to encourage recycling and composting, the city is going about it in a way that trashes the privacy rights of each and every person in Seattle,” said Brian Hodges, managing attorney for PLF’s Pacific Northwest Center, based in suburban Seattle.

    Lawsuits are underway in attempt to block this draconian and over-the-top nanny state behavior.

    But things won’t stop there either.

    Police have worked with scientific developments to test wastewater for illegal drug use, and trace it back to the specific communities and even homes from which they are flushed — all without a warrant. Natural News reported:

    In a naked attempt to shred the Constitution’s privacy and due process provisions, drug warriors are pursuing a new avenue of prosecution: Testing your sewage waste to see if you’ve been naughty or nice when it comes to using a drug Uncle Sam has deemed illegal.

    “The war on drugs could get a boost with a new method that analyzes sewage to track levels of illicit drug use in local communities in real time. The new study, a first-of-its-kind in the U.S., was published in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology and could help law enforcement identify new drug hot spots and monitor whether anti-drug measures are working.”

    Measures like mandatory blood testing, alcohol breathalyzers, and DNA screening have been employed or suggested as well… and that’s just what they’ve come up with so far.

    Again, total control knows no bounds.


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      1. I bet Seattles trash collection will become really efficient. Wow, just wow is all I can say.

        • If it weren’t for the Seahawks, I would hate Seattle!!!!!

          • exactly, I mean how long is it going to take all these trash guys going through trash. And why would any garbage collector want to take part in this bs. they are just making hall monitors and safety patrols out of anybody they can. Start filling the bags full of hypodermic needles and feces and maybe that’ll make em think twice. Or they’ll send the swat team to your house and execute you. It never ceases to amaze me the sh*t we let pass for law these days. Dear God, please send in the meteors…

            • People like this is where the war will start.

              The fed up citizenry will start sniping these assholes and move right on up from there.

              If you work in Govt or public utilities, you’d better be careful going along with the gestapo because as time goes on, the probability that you’re going to take a bullet approaches infinity.

              Especially as the people have fewer and fewer options due to an omnipresent and authoritarian govt.

              • Not all of us government employees are blind and mindless subjects. Just refer to Oath Keepers. Sadly some of my co-workers are sheeple. Just please watch where the bullet is traveling. There are more of us then you realize. I swore an Oath to the US constitution and then to my States constitution. They come before any order I was given.

                • I was cop in a Calif. city of about 90k waaay back in the fifties. There wasn’t much drug activity in those good old days. But, we were taught the finer rules for making drug arrests. I thought the whole drug thing was kinda stupid: prohibition didn’t work with alcohol who was stupid enough to think it work with drugs? Anyway after making my first drug arrest with a senior partner while on patrol, (enough pot) for two joints was thrown out the passenger side window. Well, we went to trial. Get this: The judgment of the judge was “There is no doubt in my mind that you are both guilty'” Well, I thought, that quick and easy (not so fast) The judge continued: “Because you are both serving time in jail and are out on probation, I think more jail time could be harmful to you, therefore I find you not guilty.” My partner stormed out of the courtroom and snarled, “Damn, what does it take?” “No problem for me, I replied, that’s my last drug arrest.” And in the years that followed I stayed true to my word. There are way too many laws anyway, drug laws are mixed in with the rest of the dumb ones.

                • Billy P.
                  God bless you and thank you!

                  • “But did you know they were also willing to dig through your trash and messy waste to uncover offenses, impose penalties and control social behavior?”

                    Personally, yes, I did know. The police have been going through trash to try to catch drug users, dealers and manufacturers for decades.

                    Also, they don’t seem to realize that in those places where they add chlorine to the public water, the samples will not test positive for drugs. Meth is their obvious target #1, and bleach destroys all traces of meth. This is a fact.

                    So, their aim might be a little higher than their reach on this one.

              • No need to snipe them….simply leave some er…uhm….highly contagious or “chemically offensive” stuff in the trash. Make sure you put in some undesirable neighbor’s trash, just to throw TPTB off the scent.

                The newly deputized garbage police will soon lose all interest in being a part of the big machine.

                Think outside the box.

            • mouse traps

              • RAT traps … lots of them … !!

                • Bear Traps!

          • This is half the reason why this country is in this POSition. Too many people care more about what the score of an overpriced sporting event is than the tyranny that goes on in this country.

        • Here at my BOL, I separate my trash. 85% is Cans bottles cardboard, etc, which I drop off at the local recycle bins in town. The rest 15%, I burn in a 55 gallon steel drum burn barrel. No trace, no problem.


            • Clinthospo: Add also: cat and dog urine and feces, incl used smelly cat box litter, and maybe some human urine along with it, in each garbage bag. check your yard for dog manure and add that. Since we recycle cans, paper and plastics, not more than two Glad-bags a week goes in the trash can. Here, all garbage must be bagged and tied. I live in the S.E. usa and if it happens here, that’s what I’ll do. shred papers with name and bank info, etc. Seattle is a Marxist control freak city with ultra leftist agendas. By the way folks, how do we really know they aren’t spot checking trash everywhere now days?

              • Off topic and most important to me. I have way too much money invested in ammo/guns. I will NEVER let them go without a fight. I have even talked to my father that i will not hand them over with some tyrant in the white house telling our police forces and ATF to secure them. I hope everyone out there as well feel the same way and do not let them in your home, you stand your ground if it’s your time and send a serious message we will not give up our 2nd.

                I know many people got in a fight a post back or two with burying them or not too. I understand both stances and want us to do the right thing. It’s hard to explain our emotions and how we really feel or think by writing. I suck at writing and know it but trying to give hints or help sometimes might come across wrong to some people when your really not even that way. I hope people start organizing and getting their groups of fighters who will stand up for our true laws and not this white house crap. Obama should be impeached and if our corrupt house doesn’t want to do it or our military then i think us as people need to arrest him and get him out of office. Since Obama has broken so many laws and our government is gone that leaves us with only option and I think we all know what that is. Calling our politicians or trying to complain does nothing anymore unless its all of us and both sides going after them and that will never happen. We are too divided as people anymore. It’s sad what’s happening so quickly to us. I don’t know if something bad is going to happen this fall or not. I would guess no but we never know. Once these bastards start going door to door and more reports our out, people will start fighting back at that point I believe peacefully at first and then whatever fly’s after that.

                • Clint,
                  My thing that upsets me is this, and I know it won’t happen, but, if I’m wrong, ya’ll here correct me if I’m wrong, but if the commander in chief gets outta control, his cabinet takes him/ her out of power, if the cabinet doesn’t the Supreme Court supposed to, if they don’t the armed forces are supposed to. It’s written in law.
                  Help here SHTF folks, but it’s written in the laws, or it was.

                  • Impeachment of the president is done in the House, and removal by the Senate. The Supreme Court can rule on an appeal by the president but once the Senate votes to remove he is out of office immediately.

                    There are no other legal means of removing the president.

                  • Doesn’t the president select both the cabinet members AND the supremes? So some of them might be his or one of his buddy’s friends.

                    That would be biting the hand that feeds you, wouldn’t it?

                    Presidents should not be allowed to pick justices. Cabinet members, it’s kind of a given.

                    • The cabinet has no power to remove the president.

                      The Supreme Court only gets involved upon appeal.

                      Congress holds the power to impeach and remove.

                • Here’s my opinion about burying guns. (My opinion, like everyone else’s along with a couple of bucks will get you a small coffee at Starbucks.)

                  But….here it is nonetheless….

                  If you are anticipating burying/hiding your guns and keeping another gun or two around for them to confiscate, you’re thinking is all wrong. When it comes time for them to confiscate guns, it will only be after they have demanded that you turn them all in “voluntarily”. Therefore….if they are coming to your house to look for guns and they find one, you are going to be in deep doo-doo. At that point, they will no longer be content to just take they gun…they will take you as well. And they won’t be letting you out any time soon. So…..your hidden/buried guns will do you absolutely no good.

                  Your purpose for hiding your guns should be so you won’t lose them when it all starts going down with the confiscation. At that point, you are going to want to make your way to them…retrieve them, and then put them to their intended use. At that point, it will be “game on”. Having guns hidden in several locations is probably wise just so you don’t have all your eggs in one basket…so to speak.

                  Think strategically…and tactically….not taking counsel of your fears. Have a purpose for what you do. And think it through.

                • Im with ya, will die pulling the trigger before i turn over anything, there will be no peaceful anything

              • they ARE spot checking in S California … I have watched them from time to time lift the lids of the cans and dig around a bit before the truck lifts the can to dump it …

            • diarrhea … let it run all over …

            • Perhaps like a couple of adult depends with a huge turds in side. That would “liven” up their day.

        • Kfilly, the wow is our usurper and thief has taken it upon himself to have “the pledge to defend the USA” words removed from the oath of allegiance for new Americans!

        • “Save water” by taking your dumps in the trash bin…. There ya THAT bag!

        • This phony “legal expert” has just shown his total ignorance of the law. The courts have ruled over and over again that trash put at the curb is now abandoned goods and anyone can take it-PERIOD. Your action of discarding an item shows intent of abandonment. You don’t have to like it, it just is. Whoever wrote this never even stepped into a law school, unless it was to clean the bathrooms. BTW, ask for the filing number of this “so-called” lawsuit. I’m calling bullsh*t on this one, Big Time!!

      2. And we used to feel sorry for the East Germans being watched all the time by the Stasi. We’re watched more than they were.

        • Yep, we are so close to where they were back then with secret police and informants. I know this is a little off topic but I am getting really tired of all these unmarked police cars. I know in my town they are beginning to rely on them heavily. And it’s just for speeding and traffic stops. In a no more than 3 mile stretch (at best) on the interstate, I passed 2 unmarked suv chevys, 3 unmarked chargers (all with customers), and one unmarked ford fusion, radaring. It is starting to give me a feeling of secret police. I know undercover cars have their place, but when we’re getting to the point of almost strictly using them, well then we have a problem. And fyi, in my are in the last few months there was a guy cruising the backroad pulling over women at night in an unmarked with lights. He was not a cop and had not yet caused any harm to anyone, but I assume it is only a matter of time before he does. I will stop ranting about it now, but talking about stasi and stuff really just made me think of it. We have got to start holding our police departments more accountable. There’s a guy on youtube Gavin Seim, who in my opinion is doing a good job of holding their feet to the fire, of course some just think he’s being an a hole, like what else should he do, email his chief and senator, and then just stfu??

          • “I know undercover cars have their place”

            Mmmm, no they don’t. They serve as a vector for raising funds for the police state, nothing else.

            Traffic fines haven’t got a goddamn thing to do with public safety.

            • That would imply traffic laws have nothing to do with public safety.

              You really believe that?

              If so, I can understand why both fines and undercover cars are needed.

            • nunya

              make no mistake, they should never be used as regular traffic enforcement, you won’t hear me fuss if they were outlawed altogether. But that’s my point, they’re just (in my area at least) being used to pull people over on interstates (probably just for seat belt “violations”) and speed traps. Of course they’ll argue it helps them catch dangerous evil speeders that might could be murderers, and if they would have seen the police markings they might slow down and drive safer (well isn’t that the whole frigging point!) It is at best a tactic for more revenue generation, although I have been thinking it may be more sinister than that. And is just an ever more creeping secret police nanny surveillance state that is beginning to mirror german and Russian tactics. And apparently everybody has no big problem with it. Why do police need to hide their identity from the public, and how is that even legal? Kind of like when you see these storm trooper swat guys, or gi joe looking guys that get called out during riots or what not. Why in the world are they allowed to have ski masks covering their faces and no name tags or identifying insignia. Only in America…….USA….USA…!!!!

            • One mans trash is another man’s meal.
              Eat Shhhhhht.

              Watch soon they will be collecting DNA off your trash, cans, bottles, etc, hair samples, finger nail clippings, the envelope you lick monthly and send to the fascist Utility companies. Time to rethink what you throw in the trash or mail and lick the stamp. Yep all the info gets fed into the fussion center data base.

              Did you know you can have your front house street view blurred on google maps. Just type your address in. There is an icon on or near rhe atrwer view photo of yiur house. Click it and request your addy house front street photo be blurred out for security and privacy concerns. It takes a few days but they will blurr it out. Sorry though the overhead sky view cannot be blurred out. ~WWTI

          • Buy a radar detector. Pays for itself several times over.

            • Or drive the speed limit.

              And stop at red lights and stop signs and use your signals.

              All those things that make traffic safe, ya know.

              Those are the things people get tickets for, and it is usually for a deliberate violation (I stress usually, sometimes people just make mistakes).

          • Here’s a link to an actual document about this very issue. The predecessor was State V. Hoesly, a portland police officer that they dug a tampon out of her trash and tested it for drugs, to use against her.You can look up the other case yourselves.

            ht tp://

        • In my opinion, we are looking much more like pre-WWII Germany.

      3. I gotta ask, what do I do with my Dog’s poo then, recycle or toss it in the bin? ?huh, huh? Never mind if I leave it long enough, she’ll take care of it herself,yummee

        • Cat or dog poo should NEVER be composted if the compost is ever going to be applied to soil where anything is grown that humans will eat.

          Dog and cat manure can carry bacteria that can be transmitted to humans.

          Cow, goat, sheep, horse they’re OK.

          • “Compost Everything: The Good Guide to Extreme Composting”by David The Good You can even compost those people that steal stuff from your garden.

          • Relax Old White guy, I’m joking,I toss in the garbage in a plastic bag…

          • Old Nam & Angry old: Chicken manure compost ok also. Cat feces and used litter goes into the garbage. Dog poop can be flushed down the toilet.

        • I put our dog poo under our shrubbery around the yard. We have lots of shrubs for flowers and privacy, and after 10 years, they are huge! No worries of cross contamination….

      4. I compost everything I can. We consume very little processed foods, so I set out very little for the trashman.

        What little trash I DO set out for collection is mingled in with my 80+ pound Bull Terrier’s poop, and chicken skin.

        By the time it is trash day, my trash dumpster is RIPE!
        Maggots everywhere. I’ll even skip a week if I think I can stand the stench.

        Bon appetit, Waste Management.

        Eat shit and die.

        Always Be Armed.

      5. I just can’t believe the trash collectors agree to do this!
        Like KFilly said, WOW!

        • MommaD. I agree. It’s a smelly business and stinks of tyranny, and yes the puns are intended. I wonder if the trash collectors will be wearing HAZMAT suits? If compost can’t go into the trash, then how the hell else are you going to dispose of it, other than digging a hole somewhere?

          • Brave heart,
            I’ve appreciated those folks all my life. I always said I could not do that job, I don’t have the stomach for, always said them and teachers were underpaid. Can’t imagine them having to tear bags open and ” make a report” on folks.
            Wow, unimaginable.

        • The City of Seattle is going to find out this will be a very, very, expensive recycling mandate, once they see a few lawsuits for invasion of privacy.

          Even the Seattle cops need a warrant to sift through your trash out on the curb. Don’t think for a minute that city contractors acting on behalf and behest of the city don’t need one as well.

        • Momma D, I have a feeling that the trash collectors sitting IN THEIR OFFICE are the ones agreeing to this, not the peons actually doing the digging…

      6. Ive done a little dumpster diving when i needed to for my kids sake in a custody battle .. your shit out at the curb is public access ,, if you dont want no one knowing personal buiz, then dont set it out in your trash .. I thought every one knew that

        and just because they set some trash guys up to be a narc shouldn’t be a problem for those who are paying attention .. and should have known this a long dam time ago

        does it make it right ? no im not saying that , but sometimes you do have to ask yourself how long you been on this planet and have you leaned anything during your visit here

      7. Can’t wait to hear about the trashmen who get AIDS, hep, etc from accidentally rummaging thru a used needle bags.
        What they do here if they catch you tossing recycled material in your trash is just not picking it up and leaving it on your front lawn.

      8. God wouldn’t it be nice to be back in the late 1800’s.
        You did what you did and nobody gave a damn!
        This is what happens when you pack too many people into a small area.

        One day we will wake up and see all the big cities burning, and not a day too soon, because you know that they will bring it to your area very soon.



          GOD HELP US ……..

        • I was thinking the same thing Sgt. Cities are cesspools of corruption & not compatible with liberty/democracy. Benjamin Franklin had a great quote about how the US would remain free so long as they adhered to a rural lifestyle. He saw the major cities of Europe & did not want us ending up that way.

        • Sgt. – “This is what happens when you pack too many people into a small area”… AND when psychopaths are running the show.

      9. Control is inversely proportional to apathy.

      10. Kepler’s 160 minute cycle

        Almost six years after Climategate emails surfaced in late Nov 2009, the Sun’s pulsar core is gaining attention as the creator, destroyer and sustainer of every atom, life and planet in the solar system and controller of planetary motions and climates:

        There is no doubt, BIG BROTHER IS GOING DOWN!

      11. This sort of thing has been going on for years in King county
        (where Seattle is located). Most the county does not have trash pickup, and in the transition from a dump to a transfer station where you paid by weight, they started to randomly inspect the trash you were dumping. The transfer station guys are hated, there was one guy, that I would turn around and leave rather than deal with the asshole. This was supposedly because Chop shops were throwing away leftovers from chopped up stolen vehicles. Trash burning was illegal, but I did it anyway, and I always got a earful when I emptied my burn can at the transfer station(Fire was very out!). So this does not surprise me. Seattle is Democrats run wild. Hopefully they don’t prep and they don’t last very long when SHTF. The world will be better off without them.

        • Rellik, I just hope you’re no longer in that area. It’s supposedly overdue for an earthquake and tsunami.

          • No, I am now located where I have to worry about Earthquakes, Tsunami, Hurricanes, Volcanoes, and Tornadoes. At least it is warm.

          • I was born and raised in Seattle, left for good in 1964 lived in the S.E. ever since. A good sized earthquake and tsunami would get rid of all the liberal control freaks incl those idiots that dig thru peoples trash bags. Anyone reading this living out that way, get out asap to incl all those living west of I-5 to the coast, down to N. Calif. The fault there is worse than the one in S. Calif. will demolish the coast line to I-5, maybe further, say experts.




      13. I’ve got several co posters for organic materials, leftovers, usually the hounds get the meat, the rest in the chicken bowl, scraps from preparing food, usually chickens or rabbits, large quantities, got a sow for that, including things like fish guts, chicken guts,ect.
        Now for all the poo that’s generated from that, I fertilize my gardens.
        All, all, paper is burned.
        Canning jar lids go to the scrapyard, so I don’t think they’d see much in mine.
        But, I still cant believe the trash men agreed to this.

      14. Got a neighbor you don’t like?

        Load his trash can with prohibited and contraband stuff.

        Call it trash swatting.

        • Yep
          There will be cameras recording trash cans, people who didn’t know the law going to jail, lawyer commercials (“call 1-800-my garbage”)…

          And an increase in illegal dumping- people will just start tossing in remote places. So then they will bring in CSI for , bloodhounds, satellite imagery, the pre-crime boys…

          • Archie,
            Laughed when I read that, however, you’re 100 percent right.
            The county will love the fund raising generated!

            • They will spend more than they will ever get back. Just chasing their tails.

        • We think alike Anon….

      15. Then take a nice healthy shat and piss on top every time you stick on curb.

      16. Let’s put all the garbage in clear plastic from now on so they can go window shopping. Sometimes I’m convinced the only qualification to get a government job is: Can you fog a mirror? Yes sir, I can! Well welcome aboard Jethro, you are hired.

      17. The Gestapo, Stasi, DHS, and KGB would all approve of this.

        • so would the NSA, CIA, DHS, FBI, IRS, CDC…

      18. no surprise here… you have metro, king county, then you have seattle…. seattle does what king county says and king county does what metro says, in that order.. it has been that way for decades, so what you have now is, the unions coming together as joint effort to make their jobs easier, thus creating fines and a few more jobs.. and one way to do that is to police the public in every way possible… its all about metro have total power in the area to control their agenda of dominance… there is a reason why i moved out of that area years ago… metro was expanding the influence they had at that time, and it hasnt stopped

      19. Time to hit: CTRL ALT DELETE on TPTB!!!!


      20. Why can’t they properly distribute their funds and utilize their resources more effectively for maybe lowering crime, upgrading systems that catch local child pornographers in the act, and to also improve the safety of the residents, instead of pitting them against each other and inspiring paranoia. Oh, wait, I forgot… that would make sense.

      21. Watch the black bags of garbage start piling up along the sides of the road and in empty parking lots. Next issues, rats and rat spread diseases. Obviously gov’t officials have never heard of the “Law of Unintended Consequences”

      22. I left Seattle and moved to the Midwest ten years ago. All I can say is Oh Lord thank you God, Halleluiah! I thought it was bad when I was there……..

      23. Time to start defecating once in each bag.

        • Skippy: don’t forget to add manure from pets- then collect any poop in the yard left from neighbors dogs. then top it off with a cup of ammonia poured in before you tie the bag. Make sure you tie it loose, so it’s easy to open and inspect.

          • they will be in Haz-Mat suits so it wont matter

            • Then they’ll start DNA testing the shit, trying to charge people responsible with “biological waste terrorism”…bet me it won’t end up happening…go ahead, I dare ya.

      24. Nothing new, Fort Worth has done this for years.

        They even sentence you to “garbage school” if you fail to meet their garbage requirements

        (things like leaving your trashcans where they can be seen from the street)

      25. Not to mention the Infragard rats who exist to get the rush of that fuzzy warm feeling running up their leg, while they get a pat on the head by their stasi, FBI partners. Infragard is everywhere and they are a spy tool of the FBI.

        Infragard is at the workplace, in your neighborhood, etc. Be careful what you say and do around people. Don’t be paranoid, but be aware that there is a good chance someone you don’t expect is eagerly going to make a report on you, if you’re not “walking the line” that the treasonous FBI has set.

        The FBI, Infragard, and the spying garbage collectors can kiss my ass.

        • SB, all of the feds regardless of who they are can go f#$% themselves! Nothing they do has any legitimate basis to it whatsoever. We the people don’t owe them anything. I only walk on my own line and nobody else’s.

      26. I live an hour and a half south of seattle. Im laughing my keister off. The majority keeps voting the jagoffs into office that come up with this crap. It stays up there, so screw ’em. I personally hope the seattle metro poofters get EVERYTHING that the liberals can think up. No sweat off my azz. I load my 8 trash cans into my gas guzzling f250 on 35’s, drive to the dump, pay my 18 bucks and dump everything. I recycle, and such, but would quit if I was ordered to. I go to the dump 4x a year. 72 bucks a year and no snooping. GO SEATTLE!

      27. very informative article on the Cascadia Fault

        So, About That Cascadia Article

        ht tp://…scadia-Article

        and some big news from NASA tomorrow???

        NASA Hints at ‘Another Earth’ in Lead-Up to Big Announcement

        ht tp://

      28. I think IF I were a serial murderer, I would dispose of all of the bodies in Seattle garbage cans a piece at a time. Let’s see how long the SeattleGarbageTrashPoopPolice can go when they are finding body parts in LOTS of garbage cans of city leadership.(rhetorically speaking of course, I would never resort to whacking well deserving political whores in Seattle).

      29. Maybe they are trying to slowly sicken the trash collectors as they could easily catch some awful disease doing this, even though they wear protective gloves.

        They could inhale the bacteria that could end up in their lungs or cause a debilitating skin-related disease… and also, some very deadly viruses lurking in/around trash are actually airborne and once inhaled sicken people.

        I’m thinking this because trash collectors do get excellent retirement benefits… if they live long enough to collect them.

        A 2-for-1; they get rid of the trash collectors who have paid into a good retirement plan AND at the same time turn neighbors against each other.

      30. Tis about time Dammit!ht tp:// ,finally ,one cop gets nabbed for flash banging baby!The whole swat team should have been fired,incompetent fucks!Not one trained in their use and that is law in Georgia,guess they don’t care about law.That was my child would be one less swat team in Georgia!

      31. Tis about time Dammit!ht tp:// ,finally ,one cop gets nabbed for flash banging baby!The whole swat team should have been fired,incompetent fucks!Not one trained in their use and that is law in Georgia,guess they don’t care about law.That was my child would be one less swat team in Georgia!You know the bypass to the moderation Game!

      32. Here’s the thing with trash once you put it out on the curb it’s free game for the frauds scrappers and finally the garbage man once it’s on his truck it’s his to take back to wherever and sift through it first. You gotta realize rubbish is big $ and there are things that are trown out that can be recycled like plastic bottles not everywhere has a seperate truck to come for cans bottles and paper. I’m no expert but I do have some insight into this business. People out in the rural areas bring their trash to the transfer station in their town. Dead body’s end up in the trash sometimes. If they came into my backyard and snooped through my barrels I’d be pissed. I burn a lot of shit in my fire pit so anything I need to keep privet gets burned. I’m more worried about identity theft and criminals casing my place. Get a burn barrel for the stuff that’s not toxic to burn like paper products and wood . One of the scrap places near the landfill which happens to be near my work takes cardboard and plastics and they pay you for it too I don’t know how much but the guy told me they do it. He said the cardboard pays more. They want it to sell to paper mills. Waste needs to be managed not just dumped in a hole. The garbage man don’t give a shit what you throw away people. There is an old Asian lady that goes through the neighborhood picking all the aluminum cans. She is very carefull to keep it under wraps but people know. If she gets caught it is criminal offense. Those cans pay for recycling programs. I scrap a little here and there. For me it’s gas $ once and a while. I don’t have the time to go nuts scrapping.

      33. Sheeple will spy on each other till the end of time. The end of time has arrived. IMHO!


      34. Do you see the manipulation going on here?

        I respect everyone, but they manipulate the garbage employees (thought by some to be “unimportant” because of what they do for a living) into spying so as to make them feel “self-important” by conning them into thinking that people on their routes are terrorists.


        It’s a very subtle way of blame-assigning, also known as scapegoating, also known as divide and conquer.

        The real terrorists are the elected manipulators.

        Yup, I’m saying something (telling like it is) because I SEE something (manipulation + scapegoating + divide & conquer).

        Evil is that which destroys (anything, anyone) and this, my friends, is evil!

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Evil is that which destroys.” – Dr. M. Scott Peck, M.D., in “People of the Lie”

      35. Make sure there’s plenty oh broken glass or pepper spray to teach those trash Nazi’s to not look.
        Settle you suck so bad.

      36. I have some advice for Seattle residence, but I must warn, it’s going to be very sh….t..y advice. when you take a crap don’t throw the toilet paper in the toilet, but in the garbage bags. start sh…t get sh……t. I have never heard of crap like this in my entire life. Cabal is deputizung.. people to rat in residence. That’s it call the police. Hey Sarge, you gotta comment on this one.

      37. Heh. I literally WROTE THE BOOK on composting (Compost Everything: The Good Guide to Extreme Composting) and I still think this is insane. I’d love to see everyone feeding their gardens with kitchen scraps… but it shouldn’t be the government’s business.

      38. I know people who live in the San Francisco Bay Area and they said local “officials” are predicting an earthquake there in the SF Bay area along the Hayward fault-line within the next 72 hrs. I don’t know how they can predict this and the fact that they are seems a bit suspicious, but that’s what they are telling me. I wonder how they can be so sure and now with this garbage/trash crap going on I think TPTB are trying to create as many distractions as possible.

      39. Time to start mixing human shit in with your waste rubbish and then see if the nanny state wants to take a peek.

        I create as much virtual waste as possible on the internet so that Google and its NSA friends don’t have a clue about what i am viewing.

        Feeding one bot from another bot keeps people in a job but its just the fog of war

      40. The difference between oSama and oBama is B.S.

      41. Sounds like someone high up in the Seattle City Govt wants to sell a lot of paper shreaders!!! Its called controling behavior so that certain people can profit!!!

        If I lived in Seattle I would research this and hopefully start a recall petition to remove some people from office!!!

      42. There’s a reason I moved OUT of the Sleeze-attle area. Daily that cesspool gets worse.

      43. Out here, we burn our trash. Always been protective of paper w/ names on it. Aint nothing safe now.

        You people in the burbs, shred all papers before tossing but best to burn what you got. If burning aint legal, go small and do it like a cookout. Dont use that ink to cook your food though but make it a weekly chore.

        Take mailing labels off magazines, packages and all other stuff. Use recycling centers for packaging cardboard to keep it away from neighborhood snitches.

        Hate your snitch? Got a deputized garbage collector? Spray some muriatic acid into the bag before you set it on the curb. Anyone prying gets a dose of burn baby burn.

      44. Anyone read the Going Home series by A. American? DHS deputized the postal workers to take census information and to round up people for detainment camps. Wouldn’t be surprised if the gov wasn’t watching my mail for all my Bass Pro, NRA, and other gun/hunting mags. I get creeped out now when I see the postal truck come down my street. I sized up the driver…I could take him…skinny fella!

      45. This is exactly what happended in our town.
        I live in Britain.

      46. Are you kidding? The first week they impose this, the sanitation workers will just turn in fake reports of how many bags they went thru. They know that there job is on the line and will have to get there route done. People are going to get falsely accused of breaking the law and theur will be no recourse to pay a fine. Much better idea is to ask citizens to voluntarily comply and see what happens instead of bullying.

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