Saudi/Iran Split Risks “Chain of Violent Consequences” That Would Drag U.S. Back Into War

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 87 comments

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    This article was written by Claire Bernish and originally published at

    Editor’s Comment: The path to war has been laid out for some time. Every knew that Syria was just a domino, waiting to fall just for the next piece it will kick over. Imminent. All the pretexts for ousting Assad have been phony frame-ups, and the ISIS rent-a-jihad has been exposed on the national stage.

    Just when this act is getting pretty thin, Saudi Arabia and Iran manage to bring their tensions out into the open and create a new chapter in the middle east crisis. With cartoon repetition and timing, the Pentagon is trying one scheme after another to kick off WWIII, and turning the page in the playbook as soon as the last trick fails.

    Time to Start Paying Attention: Why Saudi Arabia Might Pull the US into Another War

    by Claire Bernish

    After Saudi Arabia executed prominent Shi’ite cleric, Sheikh Nimr Baqr al-Nimr, and 46 other people, protesters stormed the Saudi embassy in Tehran on Saturday, ransacking and setting fire to the building and its contents. In a surprise response the following day, Saudi Arabia announced it would sever diplomatic ties with Iran — giving Iranian diplomats 48 hours to evacuate, while recalling its own diplomats back from Iran.

    “This Saudi-Iranian sudden and acute crisis is a very worrisome development, and we must at all costs avoid that it produces a chain of violent consequences in the region,” warned United Nations mediator, Staffan de Mistura, in an email to the New York Times.

    “This is a very disturbing escalation,” said Michael Stephens, an analyst with the Royal United Services Institute research center in London, according to the Times. “It has enormous consequences for the people of the region, and the tensions between the two sides are going to mean that instability across the region is going to continue.”

    On Monday, three Sunni-led nations — Bahrain, Sudan, and the United Arab Emirates joined the Saudis in breaking or greatly reducing diplomatic relations with Iran.

    Despite prior international calls to grant the outspoken cleric clemency — and sharp warnings from Iran of dire consequences should the execution be carried out — the al-Saud monarchy pushed ahead with its message via mass execution, ironically intended to quash possible violence against the State. As promised, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei issued a sharp rebuke condemning the execution of al-Nimr, published on his official website:

    “Doubtlessly, this innocent martyr’s blood, which was spilled unjustly, will quickly show its effect and the divine vengeance will befall the Saudi politicians.

    “This innocent scholar had neither incited people to take up arms nor had he hatched any covert plot, and the only activity he did was open criticism [of the Saudi regime] […]

    “The Almighty God shall not ignore the innocents’ blood and the unjustly spilled blood will backfire on the politicians and the executives of this regime very quickly.

    In a press conference on Sunday, Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir stressed that Riyadh would not allow Tehran to put the kingdom’s security in peril. He also cautioned the monarchy would reject all criticism of the Saudi justice system.

    Al-Jubeir called Tehran “a regional menace for its smuggling of arms and explosives and its previous harboring of al-Qaeda militants” and “the aggressive statements of the Iranian regime encouraged the attacks on Saudi [embassies], adding that Iran has a history of supporting terrorism, citing its support to the bloody regime of Bashar al-Assad.” Responding to a journalist’s question, “Al-Jubeir said the Iranian government is involved in the attacks on the Saudi embassy, adding that Iranian security were present at the scene, yet they never attempted to drive out the protesters.” He called on the international community to “review Iranian intransigence,” and portentously added, “all options are open for us to deter Iran.”

    It’s difficult to discredit comparisons of the Sunni al-Saud monarchy to the brutal Islamic State terrorists it and the West claim to be at war with; in fact, the only element missing in the likeness was videotaped footage of the nearly 160 known beheadings it carried out last year. Not to mention, a mass execution of this scale hadn’t been exacted by the kingdom since 1980, when 63 insurgents who had seized the Grand Mosque in 1979 were publicly beheaded. Though Riyadh normally executes those convicted in common areas for all to see, Saturday’s killings were hidden from the public. That became a further point of contention for demonstrators, who suspected such secrecy indicated political rather than legal motivation — especially since al-Nimr’s popularity had much to do with empowering the Shi’ite minority, which included piercing criticism of the House of Saud.

    In the Independent, Robert Fisk explained the rage sparked by the cleric’s politicized execution:

    “For Sheikh Nimr was not just any old divine. He spent years as a scholar in Tehran and Syria, and was a revered Shia [sic] leader of Friday prayers in the Saudi Eastern Province, and a man who stayed clear of political parties but demanded free elections, and was regularly detained and tortured — by his own account — for opposing the Sunni Wahabi Saudi government. Sheikh Nimr said that words were more powerful than violence. The authorities’ whimsical suggestion that there was nothing sectarian about this most recent bloodbath — on the grounds that they beheaded Sunnis as well as Shias — was classic ISIS rhetoric.”

    Grouping Sheikh al-Nimr and three Shi’ite political activists together with 43 Sunnis accused of acting in concert with al-Qaeda in the region belies the Saudis’ true intentions to deliberately provoke archenemy Iran and its Sunni allies.

    Sheikh Nimr Baqr al-Nimr’s execution means his brother, Mohammed al-Nimr, must now examine every move by the kingdom like a hawk. Mohammed’s son, Ali Mohammed Baqir al-Nimr, has been awaiting crucifixion in a Saudi prison for over four years, after a conviction stemming from his participation in Arab Spring protests. After the sudden beheading of his brother, Mohammed is fraught with worry over his son’s looming draconian death sentence, not knowing “from one moment to the next” when the Saudis might choose to carry out their punishment.

    Ayatollah Khamenei’s statement carried an unmistakable message for supporters of the House of Saud, as well. According to the Office of the Supreme Leader,

    “Strongly criticizing the silence of the self-proclaimed advocates of freedom, democracy, and human rights, and their support for the Saudi regime, who spills the blood of the innocent only for criticism and protest, Ayatollah Khamenei said: ‘The Muslim world and the entire world must feel responsible towards this issue.’”

    On Sunday, State Department spokesperson Elizabeth Trudeau told the media that though the U.S. supports the right to peacefully protest, “we condemn in the strongest terms any attacks on diplomatic properties.” Trudeau cautioned both Saudi Arabia and Iran against “any actions that could further heighten tensions.”

    Considering the Saudis’ abrupt end to further diplomacy with Iran, that impuissant warning obviously fell on deaf ears.


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      1. Well at least they can not blame the U.S. on this one.

        • They already have. They say Obama and the US should have stopped the execution. I don’t say it is right, just that they are including us.

      2. Well, the mullahs in Iran don’t have to feel too bad….at least obammy wants to be their friend. Jesus Christ, what a fucking mess.

      3. Happy New Year 2016!!!

        Iran-Saudi Arabia escalation.
        Hammond-Bundy BLM standoff in Oregon.
        Stock Market Slammed.
        Obama gun control executive orders.

        Be optimistic you right wing domestic terrorists!

        • So isolating Iran is bad how?

          • Actually Jacknife isolating Iran is a great idea. While at it let’s just isolate Russia as well. While we do all the isolation work promote and help ISIS, Israel and Saudi’s and UAE’s and Qatar and the rest of rag head barbarians who are taking orders from their six sided star masters.

            Also in case you didn’t know, the Bundy’s and Hammond’s are all Muslims and BLM folks are the freedom fighters.

            • Then what else should we do MacArthur? Bomb them into the Stone Age? Frankly I think we need to stay the hell out of that mess but were more than hip deep in it. I have my own opinions about handling these types of issues but my thinking is centered around my own experience and training. In any event, it doesn’t matter what anyone here thinks, the powers that be are gonna do what they do and we don’t matter. This next year is gonna be interesting.

      4. The more Muslims kill each other, the better. Right now, there are dozens of wars and civil wars killing Muslims around the world. Many millions of them have been killed in the past decade alone.

        Whatever we can do to escalate the Shia/Sunni rift, we must do it. The more Muslims are distracted in killing each other (as in Yemen), the less time and money they spend on killing us. It is a brutal calculation but a real politic one.

        As for the Middle East, it needs to be swept of Muslims and placed under Israeli control. The land and oil and gas resources are immense but are being wasted in the hands of the Muslims. The spare Muslims can be moved to Africa and put to work in factories owned by the Chinese.

        • “As for the Middle East, it needs to be swept of Muslims and placed under Israeli control.”

          Frank –

          I’m surprised by this statement from you.
          Last thing the world needs, is for Israel to have more control.

          • Israel in control of huge oil reserves? You’ll think $4 gallon was a bargain.

          • Watched a great TV program over the holidays. It was all about Israeli technology and science and how, for every single geographical problem/hardship indigenous to living in the Middle East (water shortages, heat, etc.), the Israelis invented solutions. For example, they are now world leaders in crop irrigation. But, right across the border where Arabs live in exactly the same geographical place, they have nothing but problems: no clean water, no decent sanitation, over-population, abuse of women etc. I could only conclude it had to be something with Islam: not a problem-solving faith nor is it fit for the 21st century.

        • LOL

        • Frank Thoughts. You normally have pretty logical posts but this one is beyond comprehension. Do you you who rally is behind the current bloodshed? If you don’t study more.

          • Correction: Do you really know who is behind the current bloodshed?

          • Stolz:

            Well, at least now you KNOW what/who Frank Thoughts is. Of course he knows!

            • Howdy my friend MmD….. I tried to be polite. Sometimes politeness works better with idiots. lol.

      5. well guys
        looks like we’ve got 90 days left ???

        Calculated probabilities conclude “WORST CASE LIKELIHOOD” increases from 18% to 100% over the next 90 days

        ht tps://

        another dooms day prediction to “look forward to” !!!

        maybe the guy is using Common Core math ???
        if so
        never mind !

        • Pretty scary prediction…

          “With terrifying mathematical certainty, an internal project at the world’s leading probabilities firm concludes economic collapse and world war within 90 days; 100% certain.”

          • Do you believe an article where they won’t tell you who it is making such predictions? Although I believe trouble is coming, I am a little skeptical of these types of articles. All the same I will finish my online garden seed orders today – for the next three years.

            Blessings to all

            • I hear ya. I am planning my spring garden and building more raised beds for my aging knees.

        • 90 Days Left …?

          Okedoke – be seeing you all here at SHTFPLAN 3 months from now posting up on this board about how nothing of the nature took place.

          • 90 days: no way: 91, maybe! Seriously, haven’t we all had enough of predictions? Like the Economic Collapse Blog and their issuing an emergency back in September for the the remainder of the year. Well, we’re still here.

        • Can only prep for the worst (to the best of our ability)
          And hope for the best,,,
          The odds certainly favor some sort of crash though

          • A “Perfect Storm Is Coming” Deutsche Warns As Baltic Dry Falls To New Record Low

            “Following disappointing China PMI data and a collapse in US ISM Manufacturing imports data, the fact that The Baltic Dry Index has collapsed to fresh record lows will hardly be a surprise to many.

            However,as Deutsche Bank warns, a “perfect storm” is brewing in the dry bulk industry, as year-end improvements in rates failed to materialize, which indicates a looming surge in bankruptcies.”

            “At 468, The Baltic Dry Index is now at a new record low…”


      6. Heres a good clip re the Hammond sitch,,,

        Add the usual prefix,,

        We all have differing opinions on this, what Im seeing is divide and conquer in action, the base issue is that the damn government is fucking us and if you give one quarter of a crap its time to start thinking about what side your on

        • The Public Lands of America are Given Away to Pay Our Governments Debts – Agenda 21

          The BLM is nothing but “enforcers” to ensure said properties are secured and previous residence’s are removed.

          • Those are not previous residents. They are lease holders that have bummed off the taxpayers for decades.

            • I’m not referring to just this recent incident in this matter. It has been a tactic the BLM has been doing for decades to Ranchers in the West.

              It matters not what the Federal Government claims it owns, especially on “open range” areas. The Federal Government per constitution can not own said lands – except for.

              A Federal instituted building on said property – that is all they can claim. This land does not have a Federal building on it. This land does not have a military base occupying it. This is not Federal land, and certainly not their jurisdiction.

              This land falls into a State, County, local jurisdiction.

            • Rebecca, the can you explain how the federal government legally, Constitutionally, owns that land?

          • Some background info…

            The Case for Civil Disobedience in Oregon

            “Read the court documents in the case that triggered the protest, and the accounts of sympathetic ranchers.

            What emerges is a picture of a federal agency that will use any means necessary, including abusing federal anti-terrorism statutes, to increase government landholdings.”

            National Review dot com

            (Direct link below)

            • I have seen this first hand here in the islands with the national park system, fed gov quietly takes property owned by others and most people dont ever hear about it, no recourse, and if the people affected fight it they get screwed.
              The state and counties are starting to do the same thing,

              • Exactly right Kula – and good luck to those who try and fight it in court … it ends up being a moot point and not favorably to the Plaintiff.

                There’s no “Justice” in this country – only “Just Us” … and it’s people like you and I who are not on the “just us” list. We are just observers … looking from the outside into their twisted and evil lifestyles.

        • I did not get anything with that link so I went to the main page to see if I could find it. What do you want us to read?

        • You might be interested in reading what Dave Hodges over at Commonsenseshow blog has turned up concerning the reason the Hammond Ranch property and surrounding areas would be of special interest to the Fedgov. Uranium, silver, gold rare earth minerals ect..

      7. Back in the early 1990’s I was getting an education at a Christian Seminary.

        One day I was in the School’s Library reading some very old interpretations of Revelation dating back to what some early Church Fathers thought concerning “The Last Days”.

        What surprised me was Rev. 13:11, which many refer to as “The False Prophet” or “The Beast from the Earth” passage.

        It reads: “Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb, but spoke like a dragon”.

        Remember, this was 1991, and Islam was not the nightmare that it is today. However, almost since it has come into being, Theologians have identified this two horned Beast as Islam. The two horns being Sunni/Shite. The false religion of “peace” with a voice/teaching of a dragon/Satan.

        Saudi Arabia vs. Iran= proxy war US vs. Russia

        • Prophecies & Revelations are man made up stories.
          Do not ponder or put much thought into anyone of them.

          • @FTW
            You have made a pretty strong statement here, CAN YOU PROVE ANY OF IT, or are you just some idiot who is ignorant of history/theology?

            • I can only prove what you can prove … and that is ZERO EVIDENCE.

              Historical events can be made to fall into the realm of Prophesy’s. People make and distinguish events to coincide with their ideologies, that sir does not make it true … it’s just an idea and a idea does not make something into a fact.

              If you can prove I’m wrong here … then by all means … please correct me sir. I would like to see what you have to share.

              • So you admit that you can not prove any of your views, good.

                Now you what proof from me= Jesus Christ.

                He walked the earth, He had a mother, a stepfather, brothers and sisters. He had disciples, followers, and Apostles. None of which, except Judas, rejected who He was/claimed to be. If they had, the Romans and Jews would have announced it Empire wide.

                We have 4 historical written accounts of His life and we have a movement (Church) which started out in a backwater province that has lasted 2,000 and is world wide. You also have two Histories that mention Him besides the Gospels.

                Them you have Paul, who was one of the most learned men of his day, and was in line to become Chief Priest of the Temple. While on a mission to kill Christians Paul “experienced” Christ. Paul went to on to be maybe the greatest Evangelist in history.

                2Peter 1:16 ” For we did not follow cunningly devised fables when we made known to you the “power” and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

                • Jesus Christ is not proof

                  Plenty have claimed to be the son of god back in the day.
                  The story of Jesus is no different, except for the mere fact that he was crucified for this claim.

                  Your reasoning of proof falls inline 100% with heresy.
                  It’s a timeline filled with indoctrinated mythical magical stories … much like “puff the magic dragon” … but less entertaining.

                  I hope I am wrong Amos – I want Jesus to return and gobble up all of his followers and destroy the other religious entities … maybe … just maybe the world be a better place to live without invisible gods to worship.

                  Religion to this day has been the most destructive thing done to humanity. It’s nothing but divide and conquering one another … all because of a belief system. … that in itself is truly sad.

                • LOL Jesus was man made, a story created to control you by.

        • Center for the Study of Political Islam, Bill Warner (Ph.D, physics) on YT

          Pegs the Koran to the life of Mohammed, gives it a comprehensible context. Allah in his own words. Sira, biography of Mohammed based on Ibn Ishaq’s LIfe of Mohammed, translated by Guillaume, Oxford Univ Press, 1982. Hadith of Bukhari, most authoritative collection of short stories about what M said and did. Islam isn’t worshipping Allah. It’s worshipping Allah and living the way Mohammed did.

          Mohammed in his Meccan period was a businessman and religious leader. In his Medina period he was the world’s most successful warlord. Nobody fights in Caesar’s name anymore. A billion and a half people follow Mohammed still.

          Mainstram Islam in the words of its highest authorities. It doesn’t matter what that nice Muslim down the hall says. He isn’t Islam’s god or messenger.

          Islam has dualistic ethics; divides the world into two classes. Muslims and Kafir. A Kafir is any non-Muslim. Mainstream Islam hates the Kafir.

 Why We Are Afraid, 1400 year look at Islam.

          The more fervently Christian you are, the more appalled you will be at how the Koran twists your Christianity. It is critical to understand what the adversary believes. Simply calling them names, or disrespecting their theology, doesn’t take us far.

          Secular Sweden is well on its way to dhimmitude. Great Britain is sinking fast. We’ve got to know more about Muslims than “we don’t like them” because knowing the facts gives us power.

          We must counter the “they’re just like us and want what we want” “it’s only ignorant bigots picking on those poor Muslims again.”

          The facts are there to be learned. Center for the Study of Political Islam

      8. Boys Howdy I get tired of the Middle East. What did not make the news because of the big play up on Obama ‘ sgun control measure that was a tempest in a teapot? The feds must have something bad that needed cover.

        • D.C.’s bogus unconstitutional laws, regardless of nature – do not apply to you, I and other Americans. Fk ’em

        • Its like when you watch the old looney toons and the character moves their hands real fast shuffling something and nothing happens, much political theatre about nothing so people dont pay attention, they are losing control, but they dont want the sheeple to realize that

      9. Why do we insist on getting in the middle of a Sunni Shia battle…..? Either way, whomever wins, you have radical islam taking over. Both sides want world domination and both sides use terrorist tactics to get their way.

        The invasion of Europe is on. Eventually there will be muslim majorities getting elected into positions of power and in comes their Sharia Law and the end of Europe as we know it. That’s the end game. Quietly invade the EU and use their own laws to take it over without firing a shot. But of course, you have the militant factions that want to do it quicker, hence the bombs and shootings of innocent’s.

        I see the same thing happening here with obama’s importation of muslims. He’s brought in roughly 680,000 mostly muslims since 2009. I read and saw video recently having the administration using UPS to cart muslims over here and bus them all across the United States.

        I believe obama’s goal is to help islam, and he doesn’t really care if it is Sunni, or Shi’ite.

        • @Stan522

          What you have describe could be the Fall of Babylon the Great in Rev 17-18. Babylon “The Great Whore” is identified as “sitting upon seven hills” and many believe that it is ROME/Europe being described. Thus, a Islamic takeover of Europe/U.S. would fulfill this prophecy!

          If this is a fulfillment, The West/Europe is in for a very bad time to come.

        • A Muslim is set to become the mayor of the world’s leading financial centre, London. That’s the plan: grab the economy at the top, London (already stuck in a sharia-compliant low or no interest rate environment) and then use that to take control of the world economy. And you thought the crisis since 2007 was just an accident brought about by greed? Nope: it was deliberate and designed to bring down the world economy and restructure it for sharia.

      10. The only difference between a jihadist fighters. And the Saudi government is the clothes they wear.

        Vladimir Putin..

        And guess what, Trump just said that if he is elected that he is going to attack Iran. Looks like he has been misinformed as to who is sending isis fighters. At the end of the day, none of these candidates are trustworthy..iran is a totally different country when it comes to women’s Saudi Arabia, they just executed 47 people with firing squads and by beheadings.. yet Trump is taking about attacking Iran and no mention of Turkey. What is wrong with this picture. Car to mention anything about the Hammond ranch while you at Big boy. I true none if these people running for president, not even Trump.. see his interview with O’Reilly.. its looks like they are all in for then selves not the American people. Although I support Trump, I don’t trust Trump.
        I believe everything that Jordan Maxwell says about elections is a fact of life. It does not matter who wins, they are all establishment controlled.. Like.. the scientists friends tells us, the end is near and it’s not looking good
        The government and leaders of this country built massive DUMBS For a reason.. environmental destruction and calapse of the global economy is what we will see between now and 2017.. at the end of the day, prepping is the only safeguard against the unknown..



        Molon Labe you jihadist phucks.

      11. “What is wrong with this picture.”

        Pretty much everything is wrong with this picture HCKS.
        Fuck Trump about wanting to invade Iran.
        Iran has done nothing wrong, except for the possibility of not wanting to go along with the NWO and the Banksters.

        Iran has not invaded another country in over 200 years.
        Iran has diverse culture of Christians and Jews residing in Iran – these people know how get along over there.

        Iran is not a threat to Israel.
        Iran is not a threat to anyone in the Middle East, unless provoked.

        The last thing America needs is a President, and the powers to be in D.C. wanting more War on no factual basis or reasoning. More War is nothing more than bullying others into submission of Western Rules & Regulations.

        “Nations must stay occupied and submit to our rule of law … ‘hail KING DOLLAR’ … give in or die fighting for king dollar” ~~~~ObamaQueero & The D.C. FAGS

        • FTW. Very educated post. The problem is some commentators either due to lack of education or to religion delusion can’t really see who the real enemy is.

          • Thanks Stolz and totally agree.

            Some people need to learn who their masters are.
            It’s really a simple question to ask ones self.

            To find out – figure out who you are not allowed to criticize …. you find that …. you’ll know who rules over you.

            There’s more than one answer … but they all work hand and hand together.

      12. another shot fired in the cyber war

        First known hacker-caused power outage signals troubling escalation

        ht tp://

        “”It’s a milestone because we’ve definitely seen targeted destructive events against energy before—oil firms, for instance—but never the event which causes the blackout,” John Hultquist, head of iSIGHT’s cyber espionage intelligence practice, told Ars. “It’s the major scenario we’ve all been concerned about for so long.”

      13. Any religion that teaches it is a duty to rape, rob, kidnap, enslave, and murder nonmembers is false/EVIL!

        See New Year’s Eve in Cologne Germany, 35 rapes of German girls, countless robberies.

        • “Any religion that teaches it is a duty to rape, rob, kidnap, enslave, and murder nonmembers is false/EVIL!”

          The Christian Bible is full of stories like that … but it appears you are one of many who like to skip or deny those unethical stories. You just want to focus on the good ones … some may call that hypocrisy!

          Then in return .. some may call me blasphemy for speaking of the ill teachings that do not get the attention that they rightfully deserve. You and Passinthewind have a lot in common … maybe you are one in the same .. iduno?

          • FTW


            You had to go and say the Magic Words.

            • FTW
              Well my friend I have to disagree with you on this. The New Testament = the Christian Bible. I can’t think of one place that teaches anything like the koran.

              Now the Old Testament = the Jewish side of the Bible. Which was done away with by the Birth and Death of Jesus Christ is where you will find a lot of that stuff.

              The Ten Commandments were a guide line set forth by God and given to Moses. Then the Jews added to them a screwed the thing up! They are Good but we don’t follow them anymore. In short the Old Testament is null and Void after Christ’s death. Christ came to fulfill the Old Testament. Once fulfilled it was then replaced by the New Testament.

              If you don’t believe that is fine, You have that right.
              Have a great day.



              • “Well my friend I have to disagree with you on this.”

                Duly noted Sgt. Dale –

                Though the New Testament is a nicer … cleaner version to the Old Testament … it does have it’s issues and flaws.

                Anyways, I’m not here to completely bash Religion as a whole. It’s a persons right, just as it is mine to not follow such a belief system … but …

                I will not tolerate Doom & Gloom Prophesy’s which have no valid authenticity to them.

                Fire in the Sky – how about a volcano erupting.
                Biblical Flood – how about a tsunami.
                Earth Shaking – how about an earthquake.
                Famine & Disease – how about poor sanitation and mother nature does not always cooperate year in and year out.

                These people back in the day knew nothing of these earth changes. Their explanation for these events … is because God did it .. that was their reasoning … God was mad at us …. drool~~~~

                You mentioned the Quran … yes … it’s full of bullshit and nonsense … much like the Talmud also.

          • Faith is individual,
            Religion is nothing more than a means of control

            • “K”
              You are 100000% Correct!!!!

            • Exactly. I don’t want to live in a theocracy… they all get crazy. Even in England when they tried it. If Jesus returns, we’ll see.

          • FTW
            Check out Exodus 20 dork. “You shall not steal, murder, covet your neighbor’s goods”, sound sort of familiar?

            Here is your problem, you know very little about Christ, Faith, or what is in Scripture.

            So I guess that you are pro rape, murder, stealing, etc.?

            • You skip the bad stuff in the Bible. How about Sarah ‘ s handmaid having to freak the old man to produce a child? The when Sarah had her own child… they were cast out to die. Enter the Arabs.

              • In case you missed it… rape, child theft, attempted murder, slavery, and so on.

            • “A”

              Keep it civil!
              Shows you don’t know your Bible. Exodus is in the Old Testament, not the New Testament.

              You said I don’t know my Bible.


              • Sgt.

                Got nothing but respect for you, but I don’t know where you came up with “The Law” is over idea. As Christ said in Mathew, “I did not come to change one jot of the law, only to fulfill it”. Meaning pay the penalties for our sins spelled out in The Law.

                Are we not still sinning when we murder?

                Aim small, miss small and watch out fur them hogs!

                • “A”
                  Here is where I’m coming from.
                  We don’t follow the Old Testament after Christ was Crucified. If we did we would have to sacrifice a lamb or what ever for not redemption of our sins but just to push them foreword.

                  We are just going to have to believe what we want, AND I WOULD FIGHT TO DEFEND YOUR BELIEF.

                  I agree that we are sinning if we murder. The 10 Commandments states Thou shall not kill. You and I both know that it was translated wrong into English. But if you ask someone they will tell you that is exactly what it means. KIll.

                  Why is it that spell check will put caps on words like koran when you don’t want it capped, but when you put something in reference to Christ they spell check won’t cap it?

                  Aim Small Miss Small, and Watch Your Six. My Friend!


            • Where does it say in any of my post that I am “pro” rape, murder, stealing ..etc.?

              grasping for straws are ‘ya?

              “Here is your problem, you know very little about Christ, Faith, or what is in Scripture.”

              This is where you are wrong, and I’ve mentioned it here before of my previous education on religion(s).

              The quickest way to become an Atheist is to educate yourself in the field of Religion, which I have done.

              Faith …? I don’t need faith … I reached the age of Reason when I was about 8 years old, so there is no room for faith in my life.

              The worst thing about religion to an individual – is forcing it upon another … which is what was done to me by my parents when I was growing up.

              Some may call that normal … I call that child abuse!

          • The Christian New Testament says none of that.

          • F_’k T_he W_orld: You are but one heart beat away from HEAVEN or HELL. The choice is yours to make.

            • I’m too good for Heaven … and Hell is afraid I’ll take over!

              I’ll have my World with good wholesome people that want peace and civility —

              • FTW
                Very good point. Love it. Only the GOOD die young any way!

      14. Look out….Obama is cleaning his BB gun.

      15. The Saudis would not fair well in a conflict with Iran because I am under the belief Russia would be in their corner and the Persians are better fighters then them. Could see the down fall of the Saudis.

        As for all the focus by the world in that area: Well in that area, We call the Middle East, Syria, Iraq (Old Mesopotamia area) Jordan, Israel, The Biblical birth place of man (Adam). It is believed that The infamous Tree Of Life (Eve ate the forbidden fruit) was located in what is now Jerusalem on the Temple Mount, where Solomon’s Temple(1st) where in the Holy of Holies (Ark of The Covenant).

        So, it may end where it started. I would suggest that no one here underestimate about the violence that is about to unfold in that region. Not about change of leadership in Syria.
        It is about Jerusalem and The Temple Mount therein. Millions are clueless about that connection.

        Israel and Iran will clash. Iran will lose.

        Some may scoff, even spit, but in time I think we will see.

      16. If the Shithites and the Suckies Muslime want to kill themselves off so be it.

        KEEP US TROOPS OUT OF IT. This will just mean less that we will have to fight in the near future.

        Give it less than a year and the Saudi’s will have an A bomb.

        Just think two OPEC nations arguing with each other. Can you say gas war. Or maybe the break up of OPEC?


        • We should quietly help Iran get a nuke. That will provoke Saudi to get one too and they will both go at each other. That would be Mecca gone, and ironically, at the hands of an Islamic bomb. No fuss, no muss.

          Declare the radiated region a UN no-go zone until it cools down and then make it a world animal habitat and park and illegal for humans to live there. Move whoever is left to Africa.

        • Or hello GOM domestic oli!!


        FTW, delivers the bitch slap. You are right on the money. Jews are protected under the first constitution under Cyrus the Great. Its says that Christians and Jews can Live in Iran and practice thier religions freely. For example Jews can consume alcholol and muslims cannot. Trump is talking crap, twisting the narrative, talking crap about clinton, and now talking about working with saudi’s who are sending Isis, raping, massacreing women, girls, children with beheadings, gutting people alive and selling thier organs, eating thier livers after ripping and cutting it out of people. So this is why Trump is supporting. And now Alex Jones of all people is supporting Trump. Now what kind of twisted cluster phuck of a situation are we dealing here. I trust Alex Jones, but Jones is trusting the person, that appears to not be trustworthy, WTF is really going on. Is Jones on our side or is he not.?


        If you guys think this is bullsh….t, then see youtube and do a search on jews in Iran. Iran is a friendly nation. Yet Trump is talking about attacking Iran and working with Saudi Arabia. I am sorry guys, we are bring lied to by Trump. Trust me, i dont support the bulldike thats trying to become president either.

        And the end of the phucking day, none of them, not even Trump is trustworthy. Vladimir Putin is a Christian, as in Orthrodox, this does not mean that if his russian soldiers enter my city, fire on us, that i wont liquidate the arrogant phuckers and put them down. And i dont need to keep mentioning why i dont trust Russia. For one, they are allies with China, and this is not a good thing.

        FTW, you got the floor, and so does everyone else. And i dont care to hear from all you agency ass clown trolls with the Alex Jones, Quayle and Hodges bashing. We are doing some research. If you dont have research facts with links, then dont you phucking trolls come on here talking crap, or you asses with get banned the phuck up.



        I think i have a phucking headache.

      18. Just testing to see if I can post yet, been about 3 months since one of my posts have appeared.


      19. Secret squirrel, you can post.. but watch your tone around here, r posting is allowed. And remember wee are her for positive t get banned again.



        Agency ass clown super moderator

        • Right on, but I said nothing that should get me banned , most ppl here would or should agree Ihave never said anything violent, racist, or inflammatory Yet iIhave seen ppl go as far as directly threaten others.I’ll admit Ihave boisterously disagreed with a few ppl but what ya gonna do. It just tells me that even here the narrative is still somewhat controlled. But all in all its been a good thing, I have spent much less time posting and more time living.


      20. I met a very morally superior man in Capernum when I visited Israel three years ago. I had at first chatted him up and asked if he was Israeli, which drew a very “I hate Jews, how can you ask me that?” response. “No.” he stated emphatically- ” ‘I’ am Palestinian!” Okay… wasn’t trying to start a fight… just looking for someone to complement. We had a short conversation. He said he was just checking out the country, seeing the sights. I made a comment about how the metro city of Houston was nearly as big as the entire country(s) and he said, “I do not believe you!” Well, to make the tour last for the week we were there, the bus driver had to retrace a lot of roads. It’s not a big place- from Golan to Eilat would be an easy day trip outing for a Texan mom with small kids. The areas that have been reforested and planted with crops are beautiful. You see people in tents and with camels out on the roadside living their traditional lifestyle. I love the place. It is a miracle it exists- when the hobby of every Muslim seems to be either killing each other or killing Jews. Shoot, not even the richest, evil, Khazar, pig banker meglomaniacs could keep Israel there if all the Arabs banded together to wipe it out. If they ever can stop beheading each other long enough, they might give it a go. According to my belief system, they will try (again) and it won’t work well for them this time again. Anyway, saw this yesterday and can’t take credit for it, but-
        Sunni or later- Shi ite happens.

      21. Another democrat war. In case you forgot your history those kind of wars do not go well for the regular guy.

      22. America’s leaders LOVE war-there is no threat to them here.

      23. No one needs to drag the USA into war because it loves it and is under the control of bankers that profit from these wars.

        ISIS is a tool of the jews or they would have attacked by now and they were created so that Israel could steel land from Syria and yes it looks silly when one muzzie is trying to kill another muzzie but say that “Mr American” when the bankers start race wars in the USA because the insurance corporations don’t want to pay up as people become older.

        Israel has illegal nukes so it’s only fair that the UN turns a blind eye when Iran gets them too and then Israel might learn to respect others and leave them alone.

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