Riots at the DNC? Protesters Ready to Besiege Convention: “Vowing to Bring Chaos”

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 164 comments

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    Growing dissatisfaction with Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee is fueling potential riots and disruptions during the Democratic National Convention in late July where the former Secretary of State will be officially nominated.

    Former Bernie Sanders supporters and those who oppose many of her positions are planning to surround what promises to be a lively convention, with planned sit-ins and what could easily become clashes with police and security.

    The entire area will be on lock down, and the atmosphere will be tense. Will there be dramatic displays of opposition against Hillary’s presidency?

    Gary Franchi of Next News Network warns about the presence of several highly mobile major protest movements, noting a recent report from USA Today:

    According to USA Today:

    A leader of the Black Lives Matter movement warns that activists are prepared to protest the platform at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next month, citing the congressional sit-in on the House floor last week over gun control as a possible model.

    “There are two things that I’m mindful of: One is that I’ve not seen a draft or a final version of the platform from the Democratic convention committee, and I think that will have a big bearing on how people mobilize,” DeRay Mckesson told Capital Download. “The second is that Congress just sat in, so it’ll be interesting to see how the DNC responds to people in protest, given that congressmen literally just sat in and they seemed to validate that.”

    His comments signal that Republican Donald Trump isn’t the only candidate who has to worry about disruptions and demands from within the party at its national convention.

    Whatever the form of protest, you can bet it was planned not only to address specific issues, like those from Black Lives Matter, but to froth up the general chaos at the convention event. This season is ripe with dissatisfaction, and there is need within the system to blow off steam.

    With people pissed off at every level, it comes as no surprise that there will be attempts to jam the process from both within the system, and externally from the crowds outside.

    The only question is how far things will go, and what will be done to restore order and keep the crowds at bay.

    Certainly, the police and additional personnel they’ve hired are prepared with riot gear and non-lethal weapons to disperse crowds, as well as any new tactics they’ve brought to the game for this cycle’s festivities.

    Will there be a show of force, and what does it mean about the state of our nation?

    Read more:

    Martial Law at Republican Convention? Riot Cops “Preparing For A Siege Rather Than Political Event”

    Democrats Fear Violence At Convention: “Don’t Want To Go Back To ’68 Riots”

    Authorities Fear Civil Unrest, Buy Up Gear To “Arrest, Disperse, Control Riots”

    Study Finds “Presence of Professional Protesters to Incite More Violence” in Baltimore and Ferguson


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      1. Eventually we will be shooting these idiots and it will be no loss to society.

        • It would not hurt my feelings any to see these idiots drag hill down the street behind one of their vehicles though. I guess they could be useful.

          • I’ll bring the cold beer…

            • I’ll make the popcorn!

              • I’ll bring the red hots and the butter!

                • “The entire area will be on lock down, and the atmosphere will be tense. Will there be dramatic displays of opposition against Hillary’s presidency?”

                  Well, of course there will be “dramatic displays of opposition”… she is being “placed” into office, just like old bush was placed into office few years back… people are SICK AND TIRED of the corruption in this country!!!

            • And I’ll bring the George Dickel

              • STFU stupid animal

                “Menzo” means DUMB in the Mexican slang

                • Menzoberanzan is a D&D Game. Get over it

                  • Some of us like to actually read books so we are not intellectual dwarfs

                    • I love to read books..

                    • No doubt, Dusty. It’s good to use our imaginations in our heads instead of having someone else’s images forced onto us through the tv or computer screens.

                    • Menzo, I still have a library that everyone here would find interesting. I’m an old bookworm from way back.

                • Yuro sounds like the DUMBASS here, so just move along, troll.

                  • BH1776


                  • Hicks put some gas in the shredder and fire it up we got a troll that got out the flowerbed and is on the lawn

                • Make me boy. It is Menzoberranzan. Look up it’s meaning you dumbass mexican piece of shit.

                  • Menzo, hope you didn’t mind me stepping in like that. I just don’t have use for trolls.

                    • Not a bit my friend. Pretty soon we will be able to shut these people’s mouths for real

                • Yuro is just another useless troll so STFU yourself, fucker.

          • That would require a D9 dozer, Menzo.

            • Or an M1 Abrams!

          • …as idiots sometimes are…


            Shut Down the Democratic National Convention

            Corporate Democrats rigged the primary elections. They sold us out to Wall Street. They stripped us of our civil liberties. And now they want us to be mute props in their political theater. Democracy will only come from the streets.

            • You Bernie supporters are supporting socialism. What idiots. Go ahead and fuck with Hill. You mess with the rest of us and your big mouths and physical aggressiveness will get you fucking killed.

              • Seems the choice is Socialism or Despotism; which would you prefer? At least Socialism seems to give a damn about people and tries to ensure their healthy survival. I am confused. Every other “ism” I have seen seems to work toward destroying people and interfering with their health and survival. The problem I’ve noticed with too many ideologies is the corruption that creeps into them. Remember “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Well, here we are.
                Two good books that informed me as I was growing up:
                A Nation in Torment – Robb Ellis
                The March of Folly – Barbara Ehrenreich
                then there is always the absolutely delightful:
                Pass the Polenta – Teresa Lust – – Kinda’ takes your mind off all this crap, while it gives you some new ideas to use up those canned acidic foods before they burst.

                My apologies if I come off in an inappropriate way. I don’t mean to – – I tend to wax stunned, outraged, amused and terrified, so I revert to sarcasm, disconnection and smart-ass. This is some serious sh-t spinning in the fan blades here. DUCK!!!

        • Except that some have legitimate complaints that should not be silenced. In particular I am referring to the voting irregularities associated with the Clinton campaign which purposefully disenfranchised thousands of voters. One of the ways they did this in California is that they filled out mail in ballots in the names of registered voters without their knowledge. When they went to vote, they were told they had already voted by mail and were handed provisional ballots which are subordinated to the mail in ballots. In other words, the mail in ballot trumps the provisional ballot that is handed in after a voter ID check. Watch out for this in the November election so that you do not have your vote stolen by this method too.

          • They will steal this election as surely as they kept this bitch out of prison

          • They will steal this election as surely as they have kept this b itch out of prison

            • TRUMP THAT BITCH!!!

            • No enditement is actually a blessing…pissed off even more peeps to vote and prez trump wont pardon.

        • “MEN”
          It will come to that! It is the only way to fix things. What a shame.

          • It is a shame and our children’s futures are ruined so I’m mad as a damn hornet.

          • You people are amazing!! You talk about the Constitution/importance of Freedom… yet when people exercise those constitutional rights by protesting, you talk abut shooting the protestors!! Way to go, idiots!

            • Anonymous, we don’t have anything against PEACEFUL protesting for a legitimate cause. But when those protests turn into VIOLENCE that is something totally different. NOBODY HAS ANY RIGHT TO GO DAMAGE OR DESTROY SOMEONE ELSE’S PROPERTY. THERE IS NEVER ANY LEGITIMATE BASIS FOR ATTACKING INNOCENT PEOPLE AND/OR THEIR PROPERTY.

              • ummm
                there is the little matter of the Revolutionary War
                and the French Revolution
                etc etc

                peaceful protests and petitions to the King
                accomplished NOTHING

                • Satori, if any of us made the first move then we lose whatever legitimacy we claim to have. Let the govt. make the first move then we respond in self-defense. I know what’s coming to this land and know it can’t be avoided, but let the other side make the first move. We’ll respond in self-defense and take it from there. Let the other side lose legitimacy, not us.

                  • But Western governments have been ‘making their moves’ for decades. Peaceful protest achieved nothing. Look at the UK 1 million march against the Iraq war. The psychopaths in government went ahead with it anyway. Western governments have invaded country after country causing death and destruction everywhere they go. When the people of those nations try to fight back, the presstitutes hyperventilate branding them terrorists and cowards!

                  • Never agreed with you more than this moment, Braveheart! Keep on keeping on, bro!

                  • I get what your saying but how many times do we have to wait ?
                    I mean they have been “making the moves” on us for decades , and no ones stopping them .. they also dont worry about being legit or not .. they fling shit in the air and sit back and wait to see if it sticks ,, how do you fight that with the current mind set?

              • “B”
                You are 100% correct. Nobody want to shot them turds.
                If your life or your families life is thretened then you shot them turds.

                Anonymous: Again you missunderstand what we are talking about. No one said just to shot protesters. If my life is threatened or my love ones are then I will take my chances and defend them.

                • Sarge, BTW how did the land search in TN go?

                  • “B”
                    No Go!

                    • need to do a search like the Bush Family did .. out of this country

                      they dont own hundreds of acres in Paraguay for no reason ..;-)

                    • Sarge, sorry to hear that. Better luck next time.

              • Maybe that’s been the plan all along, slush money to finance professional demonstrators to relive 1968 again, King Obama will declare martial law and cancel elections and be the dictator for life. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised in the least, the entire presidential election has become no more than the Super Bowl of American politics, just a big circus act to promote the illusion that we have a say, a choice, and as long as ‘our team wins everything will work out’, but it never does because they’re All on the same team

                • Chuck your correct. The dog and trick pony show is just a illusion. The destruction of the middle class and the relocation of the production jobs to other places. That was done on purpose by all the elected folks. Both partys where involved. And stupid sheeple fall for the politicians lies and actually believe that there is a political fix. The think that the very same persons who on purpose caused the problem are going to suddenly do a complete reversal and fix anything?

                  • EXACTLY! The ONLY way to fix this mess is to throw EVERY SINGLE incumbent out of office and rebuild Congress to the needs of the people — Leave NONE, not even on a local level; Entrenched Politicians are like dandelions/roots – – if you leave one, you’ll get an entire filed of them all over again.

              • Peaceful protests are a complete waste of time.

              • I disagree, Braveheart… our forefathers did not protest “peacefully”… they were angry and threw all the tea overboard. Furthermore YOUR ideas of what is legitimate cause of protest is DIFFERENT from the other persons views.. just because you don’t agree with someones’ view, you think they don’t have a right to protest? That is totally absurd!! If you are saying everyone has to agree with you… then likewise I could say everyone has to agree with me before they protest…your remarks are ignorant.

                I doubt seriously they are attacking innocent people!! Chris Hedges, a very famous, out-spoken journalist is one of the leaders of this protest movement… go look at his website before you judge! You may not agree with everything he says (I don’t agree with everything you people say!) However, he is very courageous, and outspoken against the extremely corrupt system (the police state) that has taken over our country.

                • Anonymous, once again you still don’t get it. Everyone can go and peacefully protest no matter how much they believe in a certain cause. Nobody really has to agree with me about shit. I do understand and respect that. That’s part of what makes the world go round. But when a peaceful protest turns into violence against anyone and/or anyone’s property, that is something totally different and a red line that’s being crossed. Hypothetical scenario: Some people are having a peaceful protest outside your home or business on the public sidewalk. As long as they remain peaceful, OK, no problem. But how would you react if they, say, starting throwing rocks, etc. at your windows or started smashing up your car, etc.? How would you view that? If I were in that position, I would confront them with a weapon and give them only one chance to turn around and get the hell away from their alive while they can. If one of them made a wrong move on me, then it’s LIGHTS OUT for that turd. On Chris Hedges, I’ve read a few of his articles and I’m impressed with him. I’m not even questioning what kind of system we live under. I know all too well and have been victimized myself by it once. [another story for another time]. But it’s a fact that certain leftist groups have said they will raise hell at the conventions and I’m afraid it will only produce a serious backlash from TPTB such as martial law. Take care.

            • These fuckers aren’t protesters, they are paid agitators of chaos. Wake the fuck up.

              • Mozembique– whatever the heck your name is… you are ignorant as hell! go look at CHris Hedges website before you judge! the problem with you people is…as soon as you see the word, “black” you panic and immediately start making stupid comments…What eh fuck are you afraid of?? You SHOULD be afraid of the police state hanging over our head, idiots, and hope all sorts of colors of people are on our side, watching our back, as we try to win our country back!! (BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!)

                • OH, AND BY THE WAY.. there is excellent video at Paul craig Roberts website, in which he is talking about the second amendment and the ass—s who are tryin;g to take our guns… about 45 minutes into the interview… latest interview of PCR.. CALLED, …dern, forgot the name… but its something about a coup in the US

                  • I’ve been held at gunpoint and it severely traumatized me, however, it was the Idiot at the end of it who was the problem, not the gun. I don’t allow either in my home, AND I still staunchly SUPPORT the second amendment. Used to be it was about what kind of arms people were allowed to buy, but that has now been redefined, instead of regulating these (Usually military arms), they play this stupid manta of “:gun control.”.
                    BTW – -I read the Bill of Rights in school many years ago and I am of the mind that the wording has been changed to support the current arguments of idiocy – – (from “a well-armed citizenry” to “a well-armed militia”). But then, I’m much older now and that was many years ago. ;->

        • from chris hedges’ website: (the guy leading the protests at hitlary’s inauguration)..

          2008 All Over Again

          Great Britain’s decision to leave the European Union presages perhaps another global financial meltdown. Banks will again demand massive bailouts. We will be forced to again swallow austerity measures, and there will be a continued decline in living standards.

        • bright remark, Mozembique!! and as soon as you agree to the cops murdering these people for protesting, just remember— when you start protesting, you WILL GET THE SAME KIND OF BULLETS IN YOUR BACK!! (happy POLICE STATE TO YOU!)

        • And when you, Menzoberranzan, start protesting this police state, and when YOU ARE SHOT IN THE BACK… well, the rest of us Americans will say, “NO LOSS TO SOCIETY”!!

          Happy police state!!!

          • I’m not going to protest, I’ll be in a shooting war with them along with many others. You will already be dead.

        • Got this email a while back ago and it is rather specific about who and what is going to happen at the conventions. Nothing new at all as I have been writing and commenting about 2016 being just like the violence and crazy shit of 1968 here in USSA !

          We will see things disentegrate more and more as we get closer to the supposed election. If we actually have one by then ? The chaos and end game are already in motion.

      2. All the protesters are , just getting Obama to call military laws on every one and this will take freedom away from all people , even those protesters.. Paid or other wise and they are too dumb to see it..

        They think bashing some one ‘s head in is going to be a good cause for them but they will be sitting in FEMA camp with a lot of other people

        I just do not care any more about these people. If they want to harm others, they are doing it also do themselves..

        • The term “useful idiots” comes to mind. The important thing is to be certain we do not become useful to them as well by supporting needless violence or acts of revenge against the groups we may not see eye to eye with. The only reason we should do anything is in the name of self defence or liberty for the individual, and we must be certain we can win the propaganda battle as well. Only then will we not be of any use to the globalists and instead draw more rational people to our side. My only hope is that violence can be avoided so that innocent blood is not spilled. Sadly though, with the way the left’s reactionary groups behave, that may not be possible. After all, men like Soros do not mind a little blood on their hands if it furthers their globalist agenda.


        Live Free or Die…boom shakalaka

        • Yup,

      4. Bring the Black Lives Matter crowd from Camden and Trenton, NJ. Bus them in from NYC, Pittsburg and how about flying a few representatives from Chicago and Detroit.

        Man is this grand? Then off to Cleveland. Practice your Gang Signs.

        • All this scum brought together in one place at one time. Hmmmmmmm

          • OT, but this topic is depressing also…I just had my first food storage blow out.

            In the far back corner, bottom shelf, I had 2 cans of strawberries burst. The juice drained out of both cans, Strawberries are apparently acidic because the metal rusted everywhere the juice touched. The cans were bought in 2013 for about a buck each, so it was no great loss.

            The good thing is, this forced me to go through and check every freaking can. It was only those 2 cans, thankfully. Does anyone know how long strawberries would last of I just canned some in mason jars, the old fashioned way? Has anybody else had problems with storing strawberries?

            • All i know is that acid foods don’t last much longer than two or three yrs. I don’t stock tomatoes or paste anymore cuz i had the paste cans burst too. I would stay away from acid foods for stocks unless they are dried. I read that you can dry tomato paste in the food dryer on plastic and then roll up and store in tight bottles. Get a food dryer and dry the strawberries. They will last much longer. Yeah that would work good.

              • How about tomatoes/paste/sauce in glass ? That’s the way I have most of it. <bb

              • Thanks.

            • my favorite go to site for canning info:

              ht tp://

            • SIXPACK:

     sells freeze dried strawberries in an airtight can for long term storage.

              Tomatoes rust cans so you should use in six months. But if you don’t check for rust or leaks you can get messed up bad. Yes, use glass. I haven’t bought canned strawberry. I never had a can explode. I’ve kept tomato sauce in glass way passed the expiration date without a problem. I don’t use anything that’s looking swollen or rusty regardless if it’s new or old, when in doubt, throw it out.

            • Sixpack,
              Don,t know about strawberries as Mom made them into jams/preserves but ate some plumbs back in 72 that Mom canned in 35 that were canned in quart jars with the zink lids. The plumbs were slightly!!! fermented. Plumbs tasted great and the juice, well lets just say that it knocked your socks off and curled your toes.
              Lots of good info online on canning fruits, vegies and meat. New pressure canners are great. Google canning.

            • There are many canned foods that will not store for long. Carrots are another. It is not actually the food itself but the mechanism of the canning process. Small defects in the inner plastic coating of the can allow the fluids to get to bare metal and eat through. In all cases, put plastic sheet under your shelves that have canned goods on them to catch the drippings of a burst can. I had three shelves ruined from juice dripping down on more cans that got eaten up!

            • Thanks to everybody. At least I’m not the only one. It’s dried strawberries for me from now on.

      5. there used to be an old joke :

        first man “I am a member of no organized political party”

        second man “So, you’re a democrat ?”

        there are reasons to expect violence at both conventions and we will see what that produces. Check your preps. The “authorities” will maintain control regardless of how many people have to be killed. That could be a Black Swan event so fasten your seatbelts.

        • black man to white friend: I’m proud to be black!

          white man: I’m glad you’re happy with who you are. I’m proud to be white.

          black man: Racist!!!

      6. Why is it that it is always, always, ALWAYS the fascist left that is violent? Ever hear of a Christian terrorist? They don’t exist (and don’t give me that Timothy McVeigh horsemanure, as you will show yourself ignorant or a liar of both. Truth is, the left murdered 100 MILLION last century, per the Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press. Truth is Nazi stands for National Socialist Workers’ Party, and adopted explicitly socialist planks at their very first convention, Munich, Feb. 1920. All the way back to Robespierre this evil exists with the left. Google Nazi political planks yourself and learn a few things

        Why? If there is no God, as Dostoyevski oberseved, **everything is permissible*** (and yes, Fyodor DID write this. Truth is, if we are just evolved slime, there is absolutely ZERO philosophical basis for ethics. Rather, ethics is, for the atheist left, only *preference.* It can, by definition, never be anything more. That is why you see this insane lust for POWER, POWER POWER by the left, never a quest for truth. And, as a matter of fact, secular humanism is a religion, and has been defined by the courts as such. But think for a minute: religion is anything that tells us where we came from, why we are here, an where we are going, and secular humanism fits the bill precisely – we came from slime via chance, we are here for self-actualization, and we are going to extinction.

        This, mon ami, is why the left is always horribly violent. The 100 million murdered last century makes the left THE greatest murdering movement ever in the history of man, including that religion of (human) pieces, Islam.


        • Well that’s not strictly true.

          In an ideological sense yes it’s true.

          In a practical sense, if you take the athiest point of view, then “good” is that which creates the greatest survivability and comfort for the greatest number of people within your personal circle of immediate personal benefit, while not simultaneously scaring the shit out of them.

          Basically that means that in true sociopathic fashion anything goes except in as far as you violate the “not scaring the shit out of the ones you wanna keep” principle… which will cause the unravelling of all you’re trying to do.

          But yes there’s no underlying compelling ideological reason except in as far as it benefits you personally. A good healthy tribe is a better chance for personal survival.

          Yeah it’s basically psychotic. Just saying it doesn’t result in immediate chaos and bloodletting in the streets.

          • Guy, you take an oft-cited position, which (e.g., famed British Columbia leftist David Suzuki, or Dawkins, or the book Our Selfish Genes. Unfortunately, none of their arguments have passed philosophical muster.

            I suggest you look a little more deeply into the subject. Ultimately, while atheists can be “good” people (they mow their lawns, don’t axe murder people, whatever), there is still nothing underpinning their distinction between good and evil other than their ****preference***. I’m sorry, but despite the frantic efforts of the Dawkinses, the Suzukis, etc., they have still not presented a cogent argument. Dostoyevski’s observation remains true.

        • Well, TESTy— our forefathers– you know, the ones who fought for our freedoms– they were a bit testy too– violently overthrew the tea in the bay and did other nasty things…

          When you have a sick government like the one which is presently smothering us citizens, sometimes you have no choice EXCEPT VIOLENT PROTESTS!! Who was it who said that those who prevent peaceful protests make violent revolution inevitable? Ah, yes– president Kennedy…

        • I have his books Crime and Punishment, Brothers Karamazov and The Idiot…Wasn’t too crazy about the last one. I have a ton of old literature, mostly what has been banned for some reason or another. Like Tom Sawyer and some of Jack London’s books.

          I’m archiving them in case the PC police burn the books like the other nazis did…

          • Sixpack, if any PC morons ever saw MY library they would want to burn the whole thing. Only problem is that as long as I’m armed, that just ain’t gonna happen. Same goes for PC cops; just forget about it and you’ll be alright.

            • (◕‿◕)

      7. Menzo, it will be interesting to see what happens at the conventions. The scum have already said they’ll disrupt both conventions. Only 10 days left til’ I head back to the BOL.

        • BH it sure will be a mess. I could not be paid enough money to live in a city

          • Menzo, at least I’m not in Cleveland or Philly where the conventions are being held. If circumstances dictate, I could be headed to the BOL sooner.

        • BRAVEHEART– I thought you were pro- the Constitution– yu know, like the right of the people to protest— You have changed your mind now, that its a group you don’t belong to?


      8. Has everyone seen the article about the police shooting in Baton Rouge? DOJ just said they’re investigating. Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter is already up to their usual BS.

        • Chris Hedges and his group said they would be there protesting… I would be there too, if I could get there. Unless you like Hitlery Clinton, you should APPLAUD these protestors!!! I guess you people are Hitlery (criminal cunt) fan…

          • Anonymous, you don’t exactly pay attention to any of our posts. Everyone here has spoken out against the hildebeast in one form or fashion. You looking for hildebeast supporters, go to huffpost. You’d fit right in over there.

      9. Another police shooting of a black male in Baton Rouge. DOJ is investigating. Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter is already up to their usual crap.

        • Black corpses matter

        • Just bought a teeshirt on eBay that says: “Black Guns Matter”.

      10. Ok but will it be as bad as it was in 1968. Now that was a riot.

        Mayor Dayle had BALLS. Shoot anyone with a Molotov cocktail no questions asked. I think I quoted him pretty close.

        Let them burn there shit down how gives a F#$K.

        Advise to those in Phily. Get a group together Arm yourself and take out anyone that attacks you and your buildings. Don’t let them burn it down! FIGHT THESE BASTARDS AND TAKE THEM OUT TODAY, BECAUSE IF YOU WILL HAVE TO DO IT TOMORROW!!!!!

        Off Topic. Have to have surgery on my right hand on Friday. Hope I will get the felling back and the use of the middle finger. Can’t make a fist or open it up all the way. Feels like it is on fire on the inside. Even as I’m typing this it hurts. Might get on the site as I can. Will have to type left handed. Thank God I can shoot left handed.


        • Be well Sgt

          • “M”

            • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

              • “?”
                That, and Trigger finger.
                Carpel tunnel and trigger finger at the same time. Only I can get this lucky.

                One good thing is that I have a M17S Bull Pup that I can shoot one handed if I have to.


                • Sarg:

                  Buy some beef bones and simmer for 24 to 48 hours. It helps build up cartilage in the joints. Home remedy for leaky gut and arthritis, should help carpel tunnel if you avoid trains. Broth is also good when you are too sick to eat. Don’t worry about the fat. It’s good for you.

                  Enjoy the morphine high and get all the pain meds the doc will prescribe. Don’t take them if you can do without but store them with your preps. You’ll be glad you saved those pain meds when TSHTF. Watch out for peaceful protesters black lives in your area.

                  • “B”
                    Morphine makes me very sick. I makes me projectile vomit!!!!!! I can hit a nats ass at 200 feet. LOL.

                    I have some pain killers in the freezer now.

                    Where I live the are total of maybe 5 families in the area. I know them and they are GREAAT FOLKS.

        • Sgt, I have been a massage therapist for a long time…carpal tunnel comes from the neck, and can be resolved if deep work is done there… As for the trigger finger, I bet it is connected too. The pain has no place else to go but the hand…I have had it myself, I am not diagnosing or perscribing, but no surgery for me, I have done 20K+ therapies….now that’s not what the doctor is going to tell ya…I wish you well.

      11. OT- but pertinent, I think. Chicago, that presidential breeding ground bastion of Democrat control and jubilation saw a few less deaths than expected over the 4th. That is a city that celebrates 4 dead and 47 wounded as being a victory because it’s an improvement over last year. A number that has even the right honorable Jesse Jackson begging for federal help against violence and poverty. Always, the unreported news is that the violence is mostly black on black. Where is Black Lives Matter over this ongoing situation?
        Just a closing note- the former neighborhood activist surely has not done a whole lot for his adopted hood.

        • Sure he did – he sewed the seeds of discontent, then he got the hell out of there and never looked back.

        • 2isone, Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter doesn’t care about black-on-black crime. They’re just another black criminal organization pursuing their own agenda.

      12. Sarge, I hope your hand recovers quick. 10 days til’ I head back to GA. Those 10 days can’t come fast enough for me.

        • “B”
          Thanks I will push it has hard and as fast as I can. I don’t want to be laid up if TSHTF!

        • Yes Braveheart, we know its 10 days tip you go to your auntie’s house. You have posted that numerous times in one day. Hope you have your guns locked up since everyone knows you won’t be home. You really are a special kind of stupid, like your girlfriend Hickey on my dickie.

          • Anonymous, go FOAD [f#$% off and die].

      13. C’mon…not ALL Democrats are bad.

        I’m registered “not affiliated” but my best friend Frank is a Democrat. He gets free housing, free medical care, free food and free education.

        He’ll also take a hunk outta yer leg if I tell him to.

      14. Sarge, I wholeheartedly agree. Let’s all hope nothing happens til’ after you’ve made a full recovery.

      15. Folks you know the bitch from white lives don’t matter oops, I mean black lives matter. He said” I want riots and civil disorder so bad that his god, and savior Obama has to declare Martial Law.

        One side of me hopes he gets his wish, so we can get it over with.


        • MAC
          What gives? Moderated again???????

          • Can’t type in the B word that rhymes with witch or it goes right to “time out”.

            • Has this really turned into a pussy site that quells free speech ?

              Makes ya wonder

              Dale , I’ve been over moderated , posts that don’t get posted , than some posts that post 2 to 3 copies
              Sure wish it would get back to the way it should be

              And the BS that something changed to send my posts to Mod is also crap
              Nothing’s changed on my end for YEARS ! Yes years I have been posting here with same info
              So go figure that

              Or not
              I’m currently in the Dont give a fuck stage , after that bullshit out of Comey

              • “E”
                Can’t use Bitch but you can right Fuck????

              • “E”
                You are correct!!!

              • Yup,
                Just dont give a rip,
                Ive got my own agenda and it benefits me and those i work for period

            • Well, isn’t that a bitch?!?

              • Wow, you’re right, Mac has bowed to censoring now.

                • You can’t say anything about his yappy little lap dog B or that guy with four names with slashes

        • Sarge, if that POS ever showed up in my rifle scope…..

      16. What do you mean “Former Bernie Sanders supporters?” Are you supporting the mainstream, corporate, press who are misinforming the people as to the positions of Bernie supporters? I don’t believe there are really any “Former” Sanders supporters; they are still out there and, despite attempts by the powers that be to convince the public to the contrary, they are STILL supporting Bernie. Please don’t join the corporate press in this shoddy and manipulative attempt at misinformation.

      17. I heard that Michigan is sending 100 troopers down to assist.
        Gues they are planning on trouble.

        • Hammerhead, is that true? Last I heard, the City of Cleveland was having a lot of trouble trying to get any kind of help. Feds are the only outsiders I know of who will be there.

          • BH1776

            Les Nessman and Johnny Fever are on their way from Cincinnati.

      18. I guess we will now find out that it’s not conservatives or republicans causing all the mischief. As usual it will be the left, the BLM, the occupy ‘ers and all the other useless waste of human skin.

        • Tarheel, that’s right. ALL of the libturd groups will be bussed in to the conventions for rioting and nothing else.

      19. YOU PEOPEL ARE A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES!! And I hate hypocrites!! ItS OK when the Bundy ranch people protested and took up for themselves… but when democrats (who you may or may not agree with) do the same thing, you talk about shooting them! What a bunch of asshles, you people are!!

        I HATE Obummer because he is such a hypocrite… but you people are NO BETTER than he is– you all are hypocrites!!

        • Kindly make your own previous posts on any site about the Bundy Ranch protests known to us here, let’s decide if you are a hypocrite or not.

          For the record, I don’t support any protestors being shot, no matter who they are. Violent mobs, however, are not protestors. We’ll see what happens when it happens.

          • Smokey, THANK YOU, SIR. I tried to make the same point to him in 2 separate posts about protestors turning into rioters. Apparently he doesn’t have 2 brain cells to rub together to comprehend what I said.

          • Smokey

            “For the record, I don’t support any protestors being shot, no matter who they are. Violent mobs, however, are not protestors”.

            Quote of the Day. I agree.

        • Those Bundy’s were holed up on their own ranch, or the last time, they were in a closed part of a wildlife refuge – they were not trying to sling sh!t somewhere where thousands of average people were trying to mind their own business. I can’t stand democraps, but they have the right to pile up as much crap as they want to in one place.

          Sorry you don’t see the difference between confronting government and attacking civilians at a public event. The hypocrite here, is YOU.

        • You will fit right in over at MSNBC licking O’s ass, Anonymous

      20. Whatever happened to freedom of speech, the right of assembly and seeking a redress of grievances. Actually there should be millions protesting nonviolently, that could not be ignored or beat down. We get what we deserve from civil inaction. Few give a damn, the younger you are the more likely you are to speak out publicly. It should be experienced older people leading the public protest. Then again they’re old and settled and reluctant to cause a stir. I support the free speech nonviolent protesters and oppose those who beat them down.

      21. a column concerning the upcoming election was in the local paper today by J.Peder Zane

        among other things he said this

        “When people feel they do not have a place at the table
        they turn it over.”

        do we still have a place at the table ???

        does voting work?
        do petitions work?
        do peaceful protests work?

        “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

        John F. Kennedy

      22. Actually I don’t see a problem with this… The self-destruct mode will help to quell what otherwise will metastasize into a contagion. It’s all good in my book!

      23. and once again Charles Hugh Smith says it much more
        eloquently than I

        Neofeudalism and Peasants with Pitchforks: Corporate Power Destroys Democracy

        ht tp://

        “The reality is there is no avenue left for advocacy, grievances or redress…”

      24. There are so many indoctrinated college graduates with no prospects of finding ‘gainful employment’, and tens of thousands of undocumented visitors, that Soros and his many political organizations will have no problem hiring ‘crisis actors’ to stage these protests at the conventions. Their ultimate goal is to create enough visible chaos to force security entities to demand martial law. It is ALL a set-up.

      25. The dem golem is out of their control

      26. So once this thing goes hot are the demons going to resurrect Bo Connors and his police dogs with water cannons to take care of the problem, or will the cowards in charge allow the city to burn. It has been a long time since peaceful non violent protest at these gatherings stayed peaceful.

      27. Ah forgot to state that Bo Connors was a great card carrying demonrat when he used the dogs on the very people that support the ebt tit givers.

        • Nam.

          Bite, Bite Snap, Snap.

          We’re not putting up with that.

          Police dogs are nothing you should mess with.

      28. The Republican and Democrat Conventions are small peanuts. The BIG question is. Can, Black Lives Matter, pull off the riots in 100 cities if Trump wins. OR what will be the response of Constitutional Supporters if Hillary Wins.

        Well, you have to have something to look forward to. ;0)

        • Anon, if those turds want to live, they won’t come near me.

      29. The show is about to get good as this plot thickens just think we have the hillary email fiasco with fbi and dept of justice both letting her go but the republicans are gonna slotter them first or try too then hillary then we got the convention comming up and the samders group want hillary out and sanders in so the sander supporters will cause total fubar at the convention then if all that dont get it im sure that if hillary gets in and trump doesn’t well that just opens a whole nother can of worms as far as patriotic discontent all hail the king/queen a hail of bullets that is

        • A few Allahu Akbar’s will get the crowd moving.

      30. All reality i dont see obama leaving maybe thats why all the gov agency’s are armed up every single alphabet one plus some like dept of education ect ones that have no reason why would the Irs need assult rifles there are more armed gov employees than marines

        • Marines are better trained and have more guts than any alphabet soup agency dipshit…and we shall soon see that played out.

      31. “The second is that Congress just sat in, so it’ll be interesting to see how the DNC responds to people in protest, given that congressmen literally just sat in and they seemed to validate that.”

        If the FBI decision on Hillary’s e-mail scandal doesn’t tell you hoe they feel, nothing will.

      32. My support with the people to tear down this convention and HANG Hillary Clinton upon the nearest flag pole for ALL the world to see!

      33. My support to ALL whom tear down this convention and HANG Hillary on the nearest flag pole for ALL the world to see! Let this be an example to all those whoring silver-spoons, we will find you and we will kill you, so you better change real quick, or else, YOUR next!

      34. The Soro’s Paid Instigators want to give the impression that they are for Trump. Also, when they show up at the Republican Convention, it shouldn’t be a reflection on George Soros, it is because Trump did whatever.

        Why doesn’t someone arrest Soros, o yes, because he’s a dirty few. These Tribalists and their white fronts, aka Hillary, are immune from prosecution.

        Whitney Houston refused the hand of the Israeli PM. She drowned in the bathtub. You can’t even look sideways at a high level Israelis. Ruthless and powerful.

        No one should protest Hillary. Give the Black Lives Matter full range to do what they do. Let’s see if anyone gets arrested. How much you want to bet that all the victims of their rage will be innocent white people. The news will report only that “fighting broke out”. I for one don’t want innocent people hurt. I especially don’t want to see innocent white people hurt. White people are victims of discrimination on a massive scale in America.

        STOP. dISCRIMINATION of WHITE PEOPLE in America!!!*****????

      35. Gonna rent a few movies for the duration of both conventions. Also,got my AR built-just in time it seems.Continuing to prep.

        I always get moderated,how come??

      36. African Americans are angry over a dual justice system that brings a hammer down on them in their Democrat machine run communities, while police and people of means see a different justice system.

        The same system lets Democrat Hillary Clinton skate on her negligent handling of highly classified documents, lying under oath, obstruction of justice, destruction of government documents etc.

        Is there any point Blacks will realize they are protecting their own Democrat masters, while their masters poison their children with lead to keep them as slaves in lead infested slums for the rest of their lives?

      37. I just worry that if protests by savage blacks get too out of hand, and cops and blacks shoot and kill blacks.

        What if America soon has a huge shortage of african savage blacks?…How will we cope with such a huge shortage of savages? Problems problems always more problems of the darkest kinds eh.

      38. Here’s a thought about Clinton sliding into home base safety. They know she’s NOT going to survive 4 years and watch who THEY backstop her with…TPTB never allow one of their own to be replaced with a nobody or worse, someone THEY NEVER would have wanted.

        • I work in healthcare and I can tell you from a medical perspective (having seen thousands of sick, ailing and dying people over the decades) Hillary does not look well. She is an unhealthy older person, not a healthy one (my mother still cross-country skis). I have seen 80 year olds run marathons and climb mountains. To do these feats you need to work out and be trim. Not with an ass the size of two chairs all covered up in an ill-fitting pant suit.

          In that physical condition, she will not last the pace of high office and the stress it involves. It crushes younger, fitter men so it will devastate a blobby old woman. Angela Merkel only pulls off her ‘magic’ by effectively never taking a firm decision and doing nothing most of the time. If she had to really take responsibility for the mess she has created, she would have a massive stroke or heart attack in that physical condition.

          As for blacks, they have been gunning the past 8 years for a massive riot across the country. It will be their final race-baiting wet dream because the backlash afterwords will ensure 99% are in jail or in a database under constant surveillance.

      39. The only way end this mess is stop playing their games.
        Protest wont work.
        Since big business is who they listen to stop buying from big business before you run out of money.
        Support local small business. Shop at Goodwill or resale shops. We have read how the government has load up on guns and for almost every government dept. Even the weather dept.

        They are waiting for us all to hit the streets. So do not. Just do not play their games. They can not make you react unless you want too.
        Do what they have not plan for. Stop, spend less and join a third party. We may not win but then they will not know what to do. Not voting wont shock them. They want that. It take two of them voting to over come and stop my one vote. Put your money in getting ready for when SITF.

      40. Does anyone know what the sound of a toilet flushing sounds like ? we are here.

      41. Its apparent Hillary is gravely ill. Its possible Bernie will endorse her if he gets the VP spot? Then he is president when she soon croaks?

        • Agree: I think a bait-and-switch is on the cards. Vote Hillary, and a year later (after the illness gets her), you get either Bernie/Diane Feinstein/ Nancy Pelosi/sexy Liz Warren or – tah-dah!! – Obama agrees to serve the nation another term to see things through right. Or maybe Bill steps back in the ring (but he doesn’t look that well either: though, if I got that much poon, I would be grinning side to side and beaming health).

          But I could not see Hillary’s health going the full term. Just think of those menopausal, out-of-shape grumpy women in polyester pant suits you have worked with over the years (there are zillions of them in government offices). How many have had to leave because of a) stroke, b) type 2 diabetes, c) illness related to obesity, d) heart attack, etc.

      42. HELLO Omar its Hilary I need a new pants suit of chain nail & kevlar for my carnation.

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