Rich Flee Chicago Amid Racial Strife, Civil Unrest: “Turning Into A Crime Infested Hell Hole”

by | Apr 11, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 153 comments

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    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: Those who pull the strings are apt to push racial division and general chaos, as the economic avalanche falls in on the population at large. Uncertain about why finances and money become so difficult, most will fall into the trap of faction-vs-faction on the streets, as the elite helicopter away on profits derived from our general demise.

    Taxpayer bailouts, harsher regulations, and more and more policing of every aspect of life would soon follow. If Chicago goes the way of Detroit, it will be not only because of crime and racial tension, but because the jobs, the opportunity and the future have all been shipped overseas and sold off to the highest bidder.

    Millionaires Fearing Civil Unrest Are Fleeing Chicago By The Thousands

    by Joshua Krause

    As time goes on the city of Chicago is rapidly turning into a crime infested hell hole, rife with poverty, debt, and racial tension. The city is well on its way to joining the likes of Detroit, and there may be no escaping that eventuality. That’s why many of the city’s wealthy elites are getting the hell out of there.

    The Chicago Tribune reports that roughly 3,000 millionaires have left the city over the past year alone, which amounts to about 2 percent of their wealthy population. This is the largest exodus of wealthy people in the United States, and one of the largest in the world. Paris and Rome are the only cities that lost more millionaires than Chicago in the same time period.

    According to research, many of these elites are relocating to other cities in the United States such as Seattle and San Francisco, which saw a net inflow of millionaires over the past year. When asked about why they were leaving Chicago, most of these millionaires cited racial tension and rising crime rates.

    If you happen to live in Chicago, take a hint from the people with insider knowledge and connections, and get out while you still can.


    Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .

    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.



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      1. We have the same problem in the ATL. Maybe not as many killings, but the same problems.

        Used to be a fun place to visit, not so much anymore…

        Be well all…

        • I was born and raised in Chicago. Left the area for Denver in 1971. Even back then the handwriting was on the wall.
          Too bad to with the great museums, aquarium, Grant park, etc. was a nice place to go. Not anymore!!
          It will definitely be the next Detroit. All under democratic rule for decades. God Bless James

            • Turning into??? I thought it already was a crime infested shithole lol.

              • Genius, I agree. Chiraq is no place I would ever want to visit. One can say the very same thing about most cities. It is sad that our Founders essentially warned us we would turn into Europe when a majority moved into the cities and became corrupted. Yep, one more thing they were right about.

              • Yep, has been for many years, and isn’t getting any better. Obola must be so proud of his homies there.

                • Nobama, Shitcago was that way even before any of us heard of Obola.

              • The rich elite of Chicago control the politics with their money. They are the liberals who’s bright ideas made Chicago what it isn’t.

                They will move somewhere safe, use their money to take control of politics and bring their crazy liberal ideas with them, destroying another piece of America.

                Wash, rinse, repeat!

                • Plan Twice
                  funny how that works… take over and ruin everything. Of course, they haven’t noticed that jobs are not coming back to support their plans with a tax base. Go figure.

          • James you almost sound like me. I was born in California and my family left in 1971. I never looked back. California is a complete sh*thole. So is Chicago. Similar situation once the democrats and commies take control.

            • California in 1971 was paradise. You could open carry up until that idiot RFK was shot. All the Mexicans and East Coast liberal cocksuckers ruined it. Most of the state is still pretty nice but the percentage of normal people gets smaller every year.

              • I remember the Watts riots in the late 60s. The public schools were turning into cesspits which is the reason my family left. If they had stayed in California I doubt I would be able to formulate a complete sentence.

          • James, got deep roots here.
            Mom grew up at Grant park entrance till ’52.
            Cabbagetown is was called.
            Saw many a concert in the Fox theater, Omni, many places to see bands.
            We even had a day long ‘Chattahoochie raft race’ till those blue kids showed up.
            Put a cabosh on that after a few years.

            It makes me sad to see how it has evolved…

            • One of my lineage names is Ivey.
              See 1837…
              ht tp://

              • Mac, just had some kind of of a 20 minute glitz on the site.
                Maybe it was Comcast on my side.
                Just letting you know. Weird.

            • EPPE
              You mean Devolved?

            • I remember the Chattahoochee Raft Race, camping out the Friday night before at Morgan Falls. It was a victim of its own popularity.

          • This is Nothing New,…I lived in N. IL for 10 years, and left there in 1989. I said even then, IL was a dirty hellhole, and corrupt and going bankrupt. I went into Chicago 1 to 2 times a week all over that city and area. It was a dirty hellhole back then, and driving into the cities is massive traffic, dirty roads, blacks every where, street people sleeping on manhole steam covers. Drove through Cabrini Green back when and it is torn down now. Chicago’s Mayor Burne said it was not that bad then, and lived in an Apartment full of security guards in the Cabrini Green Towers to prove it was safe. haha.. Then they torn it down. Slums everywhere. Thieves and rapists. Cops are as dirty and crooked as they get stealing anything they could get away with. 3 of the last 5 Governors are in Prison. Jessy Jackson Jr is in prison.

            I will never go back to IL Period. I will fly into another place like Milwaukee and drive to see family in Wisc, if I need to..

            I warned my family a few years ago about Chicago, and my niece went anyway to go take a job in N. Chicago. she complains of the high rent, and forget parking, its non existent. Hope she got the taste and moves out of there soon.


        • Mac,

          It’s high time that we all accept the truth about race.

          Black behavior has nothing to do whatsoever with those in power balkanizing us, nor with jobs and opportunity, nor even with EBT payouts.

          90% of all interracial crimes in the US are committed by blacks against whites, sez Eric Holder’s own department of justice.

          Blacks kill 2.5 times as many cops as cops kill blacks.

          Black on white violent crime equates to 10x the murders and 50x the rapes as white on black.

          The average black American IQ is 80. Their testosterone levels are also 20% higher.

          If only whites lived in New York the crime rate would be 90% lower.

          Blacks are 85% more likely to molest children than whites.

          If all blacks were deported from America:

          The prison population would go down by 37%
          There would be almost 50% less gang members
          Overweight and obesity percentage would go down by 10%
          Average IQ would go up 7 points, putting the USA tied for third with Japan
          SAT scores would go up by about 100 points
          ACT scores would go up by 5.5 points
          AIDS and HIV would go down by over 67%
          Chlamydia cases would go down by 50%
          Gonorrhea would go down by 69%
          Syphilis would go would go down by 58%
          The average income would be over 20k more per year
          The amount of people in poverty would go down by over 30%
          Homelessness would go down by 57%
          The number of welfare recipients would go down by about 40%

          Our experience is that once a city gets to be about 30% black, the implosion of civilization is inevitable.

          When you put white people in Africa you get Rhodesia, South Africa, and Namibia.

          When you put Africans in America you get Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, and New Orleans.

          We’ve played this fucking game now for decades. Blacks start destroying a city, whites move out and build a new city, blacks bitch and moan about exclusion, wash rinse repeat.

          How much fucking longer is this charade about race going to go on before we whites finally fucking grow up and state what is patently obvious?

          We need to segregate ourselves from the blacks completely.

          At a standard deviation of 15 points in the IQ scores, there is no significant difference between whites, Asians, and Ashkenazim, but there is a very significant difference between the aforementioned and the other races.

          This is the rationale for segregation.

          We never should have integrated society.

          Pass on this knowledge to your children. God knows nobody taught me but myself. Our 60 year experiment with diversity is a miserable failure.

          • @Acid Brain

            Why don’t you include some sources for those phony statistics you listed in your tirade? And if Blacks are such a threat to White people then WHY THE FUCK did white people bring us here in the first place?!?

            • Damned good question Nat. Why did they? I won’t say we, as in white people because I wasn’t born and thereby share no responsibility for the decision.
              The way I was taught in the ’50’s and 60’s, Dutch and Portuguese traders bought the slaves from the slave masters in Africa. Brought them to the colonies to sell. The white land owners did not have sufficient labor in the southern colonies to farm the large tracts of land even with the numerous white indentured servants. Indentured servants varied from house hold to farm workers who were working off a debt of indenture. It could take up to 7 years to work of the debt. If they lived that long. There was little difference in the living conditions of the indentured to the slaves. However, the practice proliferated. Slaves became an institution. It should not have. This country should have banned slavery before it got started. The form of servitude it fostered was very much similar to the living conditions so many had fled from their European homeland. It astounds me it was repeated here.

            • AE and NT: you two deserve each other. Flip sides of the same coin filled with nothing but hate.

              • Philo, Nat Turner is the type that supports groups like Black Criminal Lives Matter, Nation of Islam, New Black Panther Party; all criminal organizations. While Acid does have his own issues, he did make some valid points.

            • I agree. This fella just stumbled out out of his trailer after sleeping with his sister and decides to blame the troubles of America on African Americans. Sounds similar to another asshole I knew in the 30’s who blamed the problems of Germany on the Jewish people and we know what happened to him. Read a real book, learn to spell your name and fall off the face of the earth. Maybe your made up statistics are high in the area of black on white crime because they’re kicking the shit out of people likeminded as you ya knuckledragger.

          • ~But even a European country 50 years ago with people having a much lower iq then today, were still organised well, and safe, and very functional. It is not merely becuase their iq is lower. It’s an overall genetic variation. You mention azkhenazi. Well, with their high iq they’re also foisting misery and destruction upon th ehwite because they don’t share our DNA.

          • I agree that we should segregate from you also. I am black and have done none of the things you said, I am also educated, not a drug dealer, robber or rapist or what ever. Not on welfare, been working since I was ten years old. Served my country for over thirty years, worked my way up the ranks, never given anything. Your race has a lot of the same issues and problems you spoke about, welfare fraud, robbery aka bank bailouts, Aids etc. When I went to school I helped a lot of your race members who could not read past a first grade level and were in high school, got jobs they were not even qualified for, just because they were white, and you yourself have seen the same thing among your race. So before lump all blacks as dumb and stupid, drug dealers or any other race that is not white, look in the mirror for the problem it is you. Also I served my country in order for people like you to have the freedom to bitch and moan. Have a nice day bigot.

        • eppe: It will be the ATL traffic that drives me out of town before the crime. Just can’t take the northside 285 commute much longer.

        • You are generally alright in ATL as long as you are in by midnight. Seems the crazies like to be out after midnight.

        • Chicago.
          Dallas Texas also on the list. Crime. Thugs. Thug cops JUST as bad or worse than thug criminals.

          Thug Cops killing peoples dogs, beating people up, False charges, shooting unarmed people.
          Brave Ft Worth Police shot and killed elderly man in his own garage, minding his own business. Police are NEVER held accountable for their murdering. Never accountable.

          Police TARGET straight citizens and tax payers. No kidding. Police use License Plate recognition software technology in patrol cars to TARGET working people.
          Are they Targeting them Just to extract money by jailing and ticketing
          *******Or are they Targeting Working People to DISAPPEAR them? Kill them. Confiscate their assets. Tyrants and communist always kill their own people.

          Mao, Pol Pott, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Che, Castro, Obama, Clinton, all have similar ideology. They all agree with gun control.

      2. where you going to run to?

        • I don’t know but don’t run to the non coastal western states, they hate commies!

          • You know what makes all these Big Cities “shitholes?” Answer= Blacks, Thy are great at building Ghettos. Give them a house, and soon it is a shithole, give them a City and soon it is a shithole. Welfare State, Free shit Army Hellhole. And why I don’t live there. And where I am now, I only see blacks come through maybe one a month or at a store maybe. It is 99% white people. And these small towns in FL are great for this. And everybody here is damn proud to fly their Confederate Flags. Traffic Honks in agreement, and must scare the Nigs right out of their buckwheat britches, and out of the country. Want to be safe, don’t live anywhere where there is Black Poopulation that creates Shitholes.. Every 2 Blacks you see, one of them is a felon.

            Blacks will never survive alive in the country. Never, not here. So don’t even try to come out here. We don’t call 911 here, cause every white is packing heat.. Country justice rules. And every White person in the country has multiple guns and lots of ammo. Example: Guy down the road says he has 200,000 rounds and 150 guns, half a dozen AR-15’s. I believe him. Those out here in the country are Prepared to block off the Bridges to keep the Free Shit Army from coming into town. There is more OPSEC, but I ain’t talkin.

            • Where is the black Switzerland (a serious question)? After thousands of years of human history, why is there not at least one all-black nation that is as prosperous as Switzerland? Or, let’s be generous and kind: how about just one black city as well-functioning as Zurich?

              It is a serious cultural and racial issue to be tackled: why does such failure seem to follow around one group alone? Why does crime always go up when the population (as has occurred in Europe) turns heavily black or Muslim, but not when it goes heavily Asian or Chinese/Korean/Japanese?

              Would dedicated all-black cities in the US be the solution, as advocated by BLM? Or would they also become cities of failure? Discuss…

              • There is at least one video on YT about this, and believe it or not, it’s a black man, a preacher, telling the straight dope about how in Africa they never built anything more than a one story building before the white men came! He even says that black men are crazy and can’t be trusted to run governments. Do a search on YT for him and you won’t be disappointed once you find him.


                • @Randy,

                  So one self hating black person, who doesn’t know anything about history some how validates your white supremacist viewpoints? Ok then… about you go to YouTube and look up these two white men: (1) Tim Wise (2) Noam Chomsky, we describe how the whole foundation of this nation is built around white supremacy.

              • @Frank Lack of Though

                All Black nations/communities as prosperous as Switzerland:

                -Kemet aka Egypt, what happened? The Romans came through and stole the wealth and destroyed the place

                -Ashanti Empire, what happened? The British came through and stole the wealth and destroyed the place

                -Rosewood Florida, what happened? Freedom loving white Amerikkans came through and destroyed the place

                -Tusla, Oklahoma, what happened? Freedom loving white Amerikkans came through and destroyed the place.

                Do you notice a theme here???

                Why does crime go up when certain groups move in? The better question is why do white people need to invade and destroy other people’s lands, and then get mad when these same people come to their land afterwards? YOU DO KNOW that all of these new Muslims are from the countries that Amerikka/Europe (white people) have destoryed over the last 10 years, aka Libyia, Syria, Iran, etc. YOU DO REMEMBER that it was white people who brought African people to Amerikka to build this fucking country for free right? You have some nerve…..

                • I agree with you, but not all of it is the white man’s fault either. It’s a mixture of culture and opportunity. Why culture? When a population is poor for long enough, they develop a self-defeating culture that does not strive to excel within the greater society because history has proven they will not be allowed to win. Thus they turn to crime to survive. However, this does not excuse any one individual who turns to criminality as a way of life. It does point to a pattern that needs to be corrected, but the correction cannot only come from outside opportunities either. It has to be that the previously disadvantaged community makes a conscious choice to turn from the detrimental patterns they had fallen into and adopt more functional ones. The way I see it, this is the real challenge faced by African Americans today. Those who do choose to work within the greater society generally succeed. However, those still stuck in the self defeating poverty culture almost never do.

                  Why do areas that “turn black” become crime-ridden shitholes? It has less to do with the color of their skin and more to do with their socio-economic position. Most areas do not turn from majority white to majority black until the rents become cheap enough for them to afford it. Thus, these mostly poor people are just moving to a place they can afford to live because the area has become less desirable to live in before hand. Race only comes into play because these people come from that economic group, and blacks have been traditionally disadvantaged in American and European countries where they are a visible minority.

                  In the end, it’s not a cut and dry situation that is easy to fix. It will take a mixture of cultural changes on the parts of everyone in society, and that takes a long time. As frustrating as it may be, we have come a long way in the last century. However, it is evident that we still have a long way to go.

                • Nat: Keeps making the same huge mistake by saying always it is “Whites” did or do this or that…But Then LOOK at Nats Two main examples of whitemen…Tim Wise and Noam Chomsky..Nat…Pay atten! BOTH of them two are jewish not white…And that is the huge mistake most folks black and white keep making…

                  And because of a Portion of ashanazi Khazar aka jewish, dna is caucasian they look white too…And for CENTURIES have been doing various wrongs or evils like Slavery trades when aprox All but one or two slave ships were owned and ship-named by a jewish owner and name.

                  ALL slave ship ventures Financed by jewish banksters headed by zio jew rothschild at the top.

                  but because khazars can pass selves off as a white, they been doing so for centuries when it assists their enterprizes etc…

                  UNTILL…the Goyim gentiles wize up, and realize just why most khazars change last names to a white sounding name, change languages, change religions, etc etc to fit in and act as a white…Untill goys awaken to what and whom has so wrecked and ruined Their once good prosperous nation.

                  Nat YOU need research Facts period…Research private Org’s and those who fund and run said orgs, which are those that so support Multicultic divirsity.

                  Look Up man in 1912 England named “Israel Cohen” his 1912 Book titled, something akin to, “Our Racial Plan For 20th Century America”!

                  I’d add here a book excerpt of his racial plan book, however it WILL get my reply censor-deleted.

                  but in that excerpt Cohen described how as top Head of englands Kommie party membership back then and in Cahoots with His tribe khazar and CPUSA kommie usa pals here, were going to use MSM medias and Hollywood and various infiltrated usa fed govnt agencies and universities to..

                  Promote racial Strife and create white guilt within whiteys, and via pc usage, and also to cause Blacks in usa to hate whites by teachng blacks fraudulent “history”.

                  While at same time, promoting Blacks into various high paid Sports status carrears etc so once blacks earned million dollar paychecks, white guilted women would then be convinced thru all forms movies and media advertizers etc and college teachings to Mate with black men and once cohens kommie khazar tribe acomplished all that stuff.

                  Their ultimate final solution Goals would be soon a reality…The real final End of every white nationwide and globally too…he stated that once govnt changed Marriage Laws so to ONLY allow whites, men and women, to Marry and make babies with Blacks or Browns,

                  Then once that final Gen of whites died off in say, 40-50 yrs time frame…NO new race of whites will ever be possible once that first gen of mixed race kids grew up and never again can a pure white become reality ever again.

                  Hence Israel Cohen’s and his khazar ashkanazi kommie pals in EU and USA both would then, and I Quote israel cohen here verbatim..”Then Our Greatest Enemy and Obsticle of total global Rule by Us and Our tribe, the White Race, shall finally cease to exist, and will never again be able to exist at all”

                  Nat look back a couple Years in SHTF(this sites) archives I posted Tons and Tons of prior quoted statements, Links, Documented Proofs, enough of to keep Nat busy researching TRUTH Facts of these issues he is so wrong about to keep Nat busy for a few Months straight reading!

                  but That all got posted up here Before censorship and deleting of info of that nature began to happen Nat.

                  Unless Mac also deleted prior info I speak of??…Then it should be avail…

                  UNLESS Nat…Refuses to actually Learn this info which demolsihes and destroys Nats phony whinny complaints about the evil White Man scam eh Nat?

                  If I was to wager it, yeah I’d wager Nat is NEVER going to Educate himself, same as a few posters here like Philo whom always does a Kneejerk cry of Rayssist or antisemite whenever real Truth or Fatcs gets posted up here about the two main usa minority problem groups we whites are subjected to deal with…

                  Nat rather remain in deep denial and act typical lib dem kommie alinsky like and reject all forms facts like I post here eh Nat…Or…PROVE Me and Others here wrong After You do said reading research Nat..But then again once done you will NOT be able to refute it eh!

                  Let me know if cannot find that prior stuff on shtf archives and I can post up a few Links you can peruse to read exact same info Nat, which PROVES that You confuse or switch whites for the true perps which was Khazars and them I cant name here.

              • FT, they’ll just be cities of failure.

            • You want to know what makes these big cities shitholes? High unemployment and shitty schools….something MOST of you white supremacists will get a taste of once your white masters are done collapsing this fucking country. You white boys love blaming you problems on other people yet it was WHITE CEOs who decided to move the factories jobs outta of places like Detroit and Chicago to the suburbs and then OVERSEAS but I have yet to hear any of you complain about that….and for all this talk about the “welfare state” and the “free shit army” but yet you always ignore the FACT that the majority of people on welfare are white…I am sure those white upotias that you write about in Florida are nothing but meth towns anyways, but of course when white peoples have problems there are always excuses for it…..Blacks will never survive in the country? That’s funny cause white people brought us over to this country to build the damn place for free….and now you got the Mexicans filling the same role, so who are the real lazy people?

              • True in sheer numbers there ARE more whites on welfare. However, as a proportion of population, blacKS as a percentage of black population IS significantly higher than whites on welfare – has always been this way. As an aside, blacks also tend to punish other blacks who try to achieve in school. They call them “uncle toms” and “buying into whitey” and “wonder bars – chocolate on the outside, white on the inside.” When your own black folks are ridiculing achievers in your schools and society you need to examine your own culture. Additionally, back to slavery… tribes in Africa aggressively rounded up enemy tribes and wholesale sold them to white slavers. Agreed, slavery was wrong – but blacks were hugely complicit in slave trade. Upshot, minorities get all kinds of helping hands to achieve and make a better life. They don’t take any help that requires any effort from themselves

                • @Blinded Eyes

                  And the unemployment rate for Blacks is THREE times as high when compared to whites, which is out of proportion to our population in this country – and it’s always been that way. So naturally Blacks would be a higher proportion of welfare recipients, so that logic, INSPITE of the overall number of whites.

                  And what’s with all crap about Blacks not liking achievement? America ranks 14th in the world in terms of educational achievement, are BLACKS to blame for this? Check out ANY TOP TIER MATH or engineering college programs in the US and see how many native born Whites, male or female, are in the program: I am pretty sure the anti achievement culture of whites has something to do with it….

                  And enough with the bullshit arguement about Black tribes and salvery: shit….their were Jewish people who helped out the Nazis during world war 2, does that remove the responsibility of the German people for the murder of six million Jews?!? If even if your bullshit argument was correct, how does it make those African tribes responsibility for WHAT HAPPENED after to those enslaved Africans once they were brought to America?

                  • Nat,
                    You can whine until Kingdom come or you can get off your dead butt and accomplish something. Just like I tell anyone else, I am telling you to create self-sufficiency inside your own community and you help your own family and friends to do the same. Realistically, you will never be a free human being until you do that for yourself. Respect is earned. This country has black neighborhoods, move to one and build it up. Raise your children in black schools and pay the taxes to make it great. Get out of white companies and create your own. When you have done this, you will be a free man.

                    • Well said, Rebecca. Nat strikes me as just another entitled little whiny ass bitch. Doesn’t matter the color or bullshit agenda. Seems like another member of the FSA with an attitude about what he thinks the system owes him.

                    • @Rebecca,

                      Typical bs white supremacist response: who are you to assume that I am lazy? Why don’t you use some logic you fool: if I am on a website called “shtfplan” what kind of mindset do you think I have?!? Why don’t you take your own advice and create some self sufficiency in those all white meth town, where Damond near everyone is on welfare? Why don’t you create some self with those defense contractors that pretty much employ only white males and tell they to stop living off the tax dollars of hard working people, including MANY black people….

                    • Nat Turner
                      I am doing as I say and I currently live in a white community. I am politically active but first and foremost creating a 5 acre self-sufficient homestead. You are and endless whiner like Acid Etch without the cussing. I have no idea why you are on this site. Why don’t you create a black prepper website with your extensive knowledge? I have created a gardening website about my journey to self-sufficiency. If you are not a worthless whiner, make a knowledge contribution regarding prepping for all of us. Spending your life whining is stupid. You think women have it easy? Then you are an even bigger fool than you now appear to be.
                      Guess what? I have visitors on my modest site from over 70 countries because everyone has similar problems with a global collapse. Contribute something you worthless whiner.

              • There are more whites on welfare, they make the largest part of national population.A vastly higher percentage of blacks are on dole.look how great Zimbabwe is doing.

                • @Natioanlist Loser,

                  Look how great Greece is doing, and isn’t that country the cradle of white civilization?

                  • Be civil or can you, Greece is a Muslim nation now.We are just teasing,we all know nothing is fault of black people.Ask one

              • the thing that no-one ever considers. I was a street paramedic in a major city in NJ. We got a call for a woman in labor. Mom was 36. 4 daughters, 17, 16 ,15 and 14. the “woman in labor was the 14 Y/O. when asked, she said, “my moma told me to go get pregnant”. moma received welfare, with the housing subsidy, heat subsidy, electric subsidy, and food stamps. NO check and balance in any state, The 17 Y/o had 2 kids, the 16 Y/o had 2 kids, the 15 Y/o had one kid and it was the 14 Y/o that was in labor. The 17 Y/O received welfare and all the subsidy’s for 2 kids, the 16 Y/O receives welfare and all the subsidy’s for 2 kids, the 15 Y/O, welfare for 1 kid, the 14 Y/O will now get welfare and all subsidy’s for 1 kid. It’s a way of life for them. Mom gets welfare for her and 4 dependent minors, the 17 Y/O for herself and 2 dependent minors, etc. etc. So those 5 “women” collected 5 welfare checks for 5 women, and 10 dependent minors. Total $95,000.00 a year for sitting on their asses collecting our tax dollars for popping out kids. I could cite hundreds of examples like this. The bottom line, 25% to 30% of blacks are contributing to society. The rest are letches on society. A natural disaster happens in a white area, everyone bands together to help each other, North East-Super Storm Sandy. A natural disaster happens in a black area, there is rioting and looting. Win a basketball championship in a black area, rioting and looting. Win any championship in a white area, celebrating. Says a lot. and by the way, BLACKS in Africa, kidnapped and sold rival tribes into slavery. Blacks did it to Blacks. So STOP blaming whites for slavery Blacks did it to Blacks. And it continues today. Black on Black crime is 1000times white on black crime, which is also 200 times Black on White crime. So who’s to blame, Blacks for ALL of it

              • The first man to own slaves was a black man.


                It was mostly Jews who brought slaves to this country, not white men. Poor whites like my ancestors who came to this country in the 1720’s didn’t own slaves. Many times black slaves in the south were better off than poor free whites.

                It wasn’t WHITE CEO’s who were responsible for off shoring of jobs, it was jews. Jews are not white.

                Mexicans are filling the role at a high price. The majority of construction companies that employ illegal alien Mexican workers do so at the detriment of all us, blacks included. By diluting the work force with cheap slave labor, we’re all reaching for scraps in the job pile.

                Yet Mr. Turner, you talk about how so called white supremacists are the ones who ran this country. The only white supremacists are rich whites. Poor and middle class whites are hardly white supremacists.

                After blacks being here all these years, they still get their S*** together. Hell even rich blacks don’t want to live around blacks. That’s why people like Okrah moves to Bel Air to live. You don’t see people like her, 50 cent, or Beyonce living in East St. Louis. They live in white neighborhoods. Why is that?

                You see, Nat, I’ll tell you the truth. I’m not a White supremacist, I’m a white racial realist. Everything your race does turns to shit.

                If I enter a restaurant and it’s full of whites, Mexicans and Asians, I’ll stay. If it’s full of blacks, I won’t even sit down. You know why? Because usually something bad will happen. And it’s not good.

                I don’t care about what happens to poor blacks. I don’t care. I don’t have black friends. I want a no fault no staying friends with blacks. You stay on your side of the town and I’ll stay on mine.

          • Those non coastal western states don’t hate commies. The people there are commies. That’s why they vote overwhelmingly for Sanders, a commie and for the establishment Rinos, Romney types, including his cult. All commies. In Colorado they don’t get to vote at all, but commies select their commie delegates 100%. They’ll f’ cruz also cause they want a solid commie, not cruz, a commie light.

            The western states’ people are cultists, bible thumpers, pot smokers, dopers, criminals, alcoholics, perverts, illegal invaders, muzzies, left wingers, progressives, anti gun thugs, tyrants and commies.

            f ’em

            • if you had ever lived or visited the west, you might be surprised at what we think of the fools from other areas that are moving her. We don’t want you go back to your hell holes and stay the hell out of the west. We had a wonderful existence before the easterners and Californians started moving here. When you moved here what followed you out here the riff raft, criminals, perverts, Democrats, retards and the trash that seems to have New York (Chicago) values.
              We believe in God, Guns and morality. Not perversion, homosexual crap, and a government controlled by the eastern establishment. So do us a favor stay the hell out of the west, go to Georgia or Alabama or Texas, Missouri, anywhere but the west.

      3. First it was Detroit – Now it is Chicago

        The Sequel continues 50 plus years later, in this non-fiction, fast paced riveting drama – viewed only exclusively on Local & Nightly News Networks


        • Don’t forget St Louis, Memphis and the “ripest” plum of them all:
          Gary, IN–The City of the Century (google it)

          • Yep

      4. This only clarifies that America as a whole is sliding DOWN to the pits and I for one have no intention of hitting the bottom here and am fast getting things in order to load up the wagon train even though I’m not as fully prepped as I’d like to and to wit,at 0250hrs 08APR,shots(8)rang out down the alley,no screaming,running feet,or vehicles burning rubber,and no bodies found,but another example of the lawless folks plying their trade.Still trying to get relatives on board,but as many of you out there know,tis a daunting task and made harder by my ex-wife whom can only see dollars flowing from me to her regardless of our daughter’s safety,but once I establish a location,I’ll open the the door for my child,but as to the ex and her”friend”,methinks the 2GSD will tell them NO WAY.And the sad fact is(and I’m sure others will face this same scenario)I really don’t want her to be away from her mom,BUT a hard decision will have to be made without compromising safety. BUT ALL YOU GUYS KEEP PREPPING AND SENDING THAT GOOD INFO AS I FIND IT MOST HELPFUL. Any preppers in IL,please,let’s communicate and as always PREP QUICKLY QUIETLY and PRAYERFULLY.


        • DFM: if your family doesn’t understand or support you the only thing you can do is stay in touch with your children and be supportive. Make sure they know you care and they can contact you and know more than one way to contact you. What do I mean? Facebook is fine, kids do that these days. Make sure they have your home, cell, and business phone number. Make sure they know where you live and how to contact you in writing. Make sure they have a paper map and locate you even without a cellphone or GPS. Those are skills that I am guessing kids are not learning these days. Chin up and God bless.

          I would not waste time converting adults. Unless they ask questions or want to become more involved in your life I would avoid people that are averse to prepping. They are a waste of time and energy. I apologize for being so blunt. I am a realist. I don’t waste time with fantasies or delude myself by thinking that I can change the attitude of an adult. The best advice I can give you after a divorce is to be available to your children and to be an example. Be the person you want your children to be.

          • Agree: do not waste your breath trying to convert adults. If they have not switched on by now to the problems, then they will never switch on until it is too late. Children are another matter: set an example and the smart ones will learn from your ways.

            Had a conversation with my father and mother who got very angry when I said Islamic extremism is very real and will lead to more violence. They thought I watch Fox too much and it was media hype. Most Muslims would just settle down and boost the economy; or help with running old-age homes. At that point I realized I should just shut up and let events unfold.

            • FT: sad but true. There is little to no news about the ongoing Muslim invasion of Europe and the effects of that invasion. Breitbart and another site, Gates of Vienna DOT net are the best places to have up-to-date information about what is really happening. There were photos on Breitbart today that showed a train on fire on the Greek / Macedonia border. Turkey is blackmailing Europe.

              Ask your parents why Marines are called “leathernecks.” It is because of the Barbary coast pirates, otherwise known as Muslims. That threat is still there and now they are exploiting our system. This system is fragile and depends on people that are willing to obey the law and to tolerate differences and that are willing to assimiliate after moving to a new place. The Muslims don’t want to do any of that, they look down on us and are biding their time until they can turn our own laws upon us. So far that is working great in Europe and in some parts of the USSA as well.

              • If you want a laugh, Google up some comments from refugees on what they think about Turkey. They complain it is a horrible place and that it is wrong to send them back there. A point of fact: Turkey is the most Europanized Islamic state in the world (and member of NATO). If they do not like Western Europe, and they do not like a hybrid of Islam and Europe (Turkey), then what do they like? The answer tends to always be ‘a caliphate under sharia law’: in short, Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has repeatedly said it does not want any refugees because they are a terrorist threat. Get your head around that!

        • DFM
          I live in Marseilles.
          E mail [email protected]

      5. Eppe, it’s the same in Memphis, also with a lower amount of killings, although we’ve had a small increase in those over the same period last year, and I’m sure it will get worse. June can’t get here soon enough. However, if circumstances dictate, I can and will make it back sooner.

        • But you do have one hell of a Bass Pro. Went thru town last month, that Pyramid is amazing 300,000 sq ft of store. Scored 4 Bricks of 22 ammo for $32 each. To darn expensive but oh well.

          • Paranoid, I’ve only been in the Pyramid twice since it first opened. Awesome store, but I don’t care for the size crowds there; similar to being at a mall. On the .22, yeah I miss the days when a full-sized brick was only $25. I was stocking up on .22 like crazy BEFORE Sandy Hook.

            • I here you, brave. I was buying bricks at cabela’s for $16 a brick before sandy hook. Accumulated about 30,000 rounds before that shit show. Just sitting on them now and reloading everything I need now.

            • Wow, guess I’m older than I thought. I can remember buying bricks for $10 a pop. A whole case of Stingers for $140 lol Wish I had them all now

      6. Detroit sh!tcago new york etc…. every liberal controlled city… even omaha and lincoln are falling apart… gonna be an interesting summer.. my boys and i are making lead bullion (casting bullets) today.. prep for worst and pray for the best..

      7. Good think I’m in my sniper position.

      8. It’s the same everywhere. I’m locked and loaded.!

      9. I thank God I live around 80 miles south and west of Shitcago. I love to go to see the Cubs, but I love it even more when I get out of town.

        My worry is when it goes to all out war between the gangs and Black on Black & White crime they will head out of the area or be driven out, and when they get out here will have to deal with them.

        I’m ready and so are a lot of others. I’ll will more than likely see the fire and smell the smoke of Shitcago.


        • Where is Al Capone when you need him dammit?

        • Sarge, you sound ready. God help you. It doesn’t sound safe to me. 80 miles. Get those preps in order you will be on the front lines. God speed and stay safe!

        • paint your face sgt. lmao.

        • Sarge, at one time you wanted to relocate to TN. Is there still any chance of that?

          • Always a chance if you help me in my sniper position.

            Aim small, miss all.

          • Brave
            Yes Still looking

        • were practically neighbors. unfortunately I’ll be heading up that way in the morning. in and out quick if all goes well.

      10. I read the above. It’s all over, not just Detroit (the only city you can walk 12 blocks and STILL be at the scene of the crime.) Above people mention Atlanta and Memphis. How about areas like Fresno and Stockton, CA? St. Louis? Cleveland? Much of LA?

        Somebody mentioned above that they moved to Denver – that’s another one that is 10 years from becoming a mess.

        I currently in in the People’s Socialist Thugocracy of Illinois, 35 miles west of Shitcago, between Naperville and Aurora. There has been a MASSIVE relocation of inner city people out here. All well and fine, as I want people to all have a good education, but they don’t. This area, which use to be conservative, is now just another ignorant DEMOCRAP stronghold. I give it 10 – 20 years before this area, too, becomes just another leftist, PC hell hole.

        Here’s an idea for you fascists leftists: why don’t you all move to Cuba? It’s warmer, everybody is already living off of everybody else, and everybody wears Che shirts. Quit moving into areas that conservatives made wealthy through hard work, self-sacrifice and industriousness, and go join your other lazy-azz socialist buddies.

      11. You can hear the “Jungle Drums” as they ride around your city. Thumping sound waves. Then a barrage of unrecognizable jibberish to be answered by a chorus of, Heeeey Hooooo, Heeeeeey Hoooooo.

        Hear the sounds of the coming death of your city.

          • Genius, you brought back some memories with that video. On that show, all the dancers received a box of KFC instead of money for appearing on that show and ‘doing their thing’. Google it. LOL. I always thought they looked like they needed to go to the bathroom real bad. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

          • I can’t stop laughing. ….. (wipes eyes) Thank you Genius. 🙂

        • Anon, I already hear that shit all the time in ‘Memfrica’. LOL!

          • BH1776

            It is the sounds of the Shit Culture. This culture does not enhance only degrades on many levels essential for people to live together. But it is cool and accepted and even praised as asserting a way of life.
            Then they die (crime) and wonder why. Communities die and finally the city dies.
            The Music is only tell tale sign for it goes much deeper. Drive down your own city’s, Martin Luther King Blvd. and see for yourself. Blight comes into focus.

            • Even in Europe, before african immigrants, remember: they too had ghettos you could get knifed in.

              • Poverty breeds crime.
                Crime breeds poverty.
                Its both environment and attitude.
                Thats why they call detroit a *hell* hole.
                Theres no escape once you are in it.

            • Why go to the hold when you can travel to Greece and see the same thing…

              • “You can Remove the Monkey from Africa…And then Put him into ANY other Nation….But…You Can Never Ever remove that Africa from the Monkey”…Uncle Joe, 1963 when Them Guys was 10 yrs old and first became aware of what it meant when EVERY Adult then stated: “Oh Oh! There Goes the Neighborhood!”

      12. Seems like anyone with enough money is leaving all European and American minority infested country’s and cities? White flight? Will we soon run out of places to run to? Eventually we will have to make a stand? Draw a line in the sand? And start mass deportations? Or the tribulation great culling? Seems inevitable at some point .

      13. We’ve been fighting savages since the beginning . Why stop now?

      14. Anywhere the blacks are in numbers is a bad place bottom line. They feed off each other and it becomes about who has more balls and is king of the heap. Blacks are belligerent. If they moved into my area I’d sell and move. Don’t need the bulshit in my life it’s hard enough.

      15. I just talked to a man who has a 300 acre plot of raw land near here for sale. He was trying to get me to look at it or if I knew someone with $$.
        Not sure of the price, but will talk to him. 150 acres is flat plains, the rest hills.
        Could be somewhere Acid could start his new country.
        Lots of land here for sale, but like magic, it comes with a price.
        Or, like a boat, you compromise on some things..

      16. Chicago was the womb that pushed out Barack Obama. What are the chances he’ll move back there after he’s out? Nil and none. That speaks volumes to me, as he was a manufactured personality with absolutely no ties and no love for the city that gave him legitimacy. The Obama library is a bone thrown to the place.
        We enjoyed a visit to Chicago a few years ago in the Spring. It was a beautiful, exciting place. Heard later that areas where we had walked were experiencing flash mob type violence.

      17. Moral of the story is;
        If you live in or near a city with lots of blacks, liberals, Democrats, and crony capitalists, get the hell out of there,
        because the Theorem is, when you put all these together you get hell on earth after a few years.

      18. Irreconcilable differences. Perhaps it’s time for a separation. Not an area but a state. If black people had there own state with the power to control their own affairs perhaps they would be happier and more successful. And that way European white people would no longer be targets. Eventually if push comes to shove. No one will win. There would be massive casualties on both sides. Unfortunately, black people believe they would wipe out wimpy whites. They fail to realize that we have gene specific germs, which could kill every black person alive without our lifting a finger to fight them. So, if they don’t want to be genocided out of existence, perhaps they should grow up. I know blacks hate being called “boy”. So act like men so you fellas can earn the respect you so often demand. Just my humble opinion.

        • Can we start with California?

          • New York and they can keep the U.N.

        • B from CA, I have to agree. I’ve always believed the country will break apart. The blacks don’t have the numbers necessary to take us out. Read “Civil War Two” by Thomas Chittum. That book describes how it could happen.

          • BH: I read that book about two years ago. Excellent book. Scary.

        • Read up on what is going on in Nigeria today.
          Abundant oil and an excess of black people.
          Venezuela lots of oil and lots of liberal
          France lots of wealth and Moslems.

          I’m investing thousands into my farm this year
          just to empty out the bank account and keep it
          away from Democrats.

          • Rel: bravo and smart. Happy shopping 🙂

          • How you like Billy K getting charged with theft etc for using the county CC like personal,,,
            He really must have pissed in somebodys cheerios because he aint the first to do that nor will he be da last….

            • I’ve been trying to use the “system” for many years here.
              My congress critter, council critter, senate critters, cops, you name it have me in their data bases. I’d run for office but I’m not very good at public speaking. Billy crossed the church ladies. using his P card for escorts was a little excessive.
              You are local so you know how far you can go, I’m still learning after 16 years. Don’t cross Auntie!

        • Nah, won’t work. We saw what desegregation did to Petersburg VA during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, and by 2002, it was time to get out of dodge. It’s a shame, but the black governmental authorities cannot even control their own people. Corruption is rife. The mayor was recently arrested, if I remember correctly, and the schools were taken over by the state( lost their accreditation) a long time ago. We homeschooled, and had our son go to Christian school( I taught Spanish in that same school to pay the tuition). It was sad, to see the paintings my Mother-in-law did, of the Historic Petersburg, and the way it was in the 40s and 50’s, then see it go downhill. The bottom has not been reached, but we still have friends who keep us apprised of the damage. Where will it end?

        • Wasn’t this the idea behind Liberia?
          Look how well that worked out..

      19. My advice to all who have children in their lives….give them a copy of the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution and TEACH them why these documents are important, how they came to be, and have them imagine a future where the basis of OUR Republic is gone….those who come after us must carry on

        • sigh* it’s so sad to see these comments. to realize that some people still believe those documents matter. let’s start with your first one- declaration of independence. IT DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU. it was a contract signed by people over 200 years ago. it applied only to those people who signed it! it is/was non-transferable. the bill of rights. the bill of rights is nothing short of the damn government stealing your rights and selling them back to you as privileges! understand maritime admiralty law, contract law, and a bunch of other stuff such as strawmans and the electoral college etc. then read your precious constitution and tell me you still like it. it was deeply flawed from the start. it has provisions for maritime law which was meant for the sea only, but someone decided to play a cruel joke on the population. they decided that since you are born soaking wet, you came out of water and are now subject to maritime law. hence your birth certificate. it also clearly states that your vote (used to) matter only for certain positions in the government. those people could then appoint people of their own choosing to other positions of power. enter the shadow government. personally i say to hell with those documents. i don’t need a piece of paper to tell me i’m allowed to do something and i refuse to submit to the authority of another persons often times flawed logic. sincerely christian anarchist

          • Down with statists!

            Long live anarchy!

          • So, Kaleb, what your saying is any law that isn’t signed by subsequent representatives of the people means that those people are not under that law?

            So, how come they keep enforcing, say, the Firearms Act of 1968?

            Probably all the people’s representatives are dead and so that law is null and void under your system. Its a good theory.

            So, I will get a copy of The Constitution, both state and federal, and sign it. Have it recorded at the court house. Will that help?


        • FOB, they’d never make it through reading all of it. There are no buttons to push with their thumbs…..

      20. It’s a spreading cancer. These liberals create these hell holes then move to more conservative environs where there are jobs and lower cost of living, then they have the audacity to try and bring that failed ideology with them.
        If you make your bed – lay in it.

        • wormdirt

          You have no idea how true your words are. They destroy everything and move on to the next. White trash and nothing more.

          • I think Wormdirt is describing a Virus.

      21. I live in southwest florida…come down here. Crazy shit where yall live.

      22. Get away from the cities,hopefully to a piece of land with water and an area to grow your own food and defend. The dominoes are falling…..

      23. chicago deserves to burn IF o’bama and bill ayers are used as kindling for the fire

      24. Turning into? REALLY?


      25. Did you notice when places like Chicago ,Gary and DC elected black Mayors the places went all to shit! And then the USA elected a black president and it went all to shit! Go ahead and call me racist? But If every black person disappeared from the planet overnite in the morning whitey would have fewer problems, If the opposite happened the blacks would have more problems. Any job a back can do a mexican can do better and in half the time. Please tell me just what are they good for? Why do we need them? I suppose someone will try and tell me its so we can pay a few of them millions to play games that involve grown men chasing after balls!

      26. leave stl, baltimore, DC, detroit, chicago, …
        before they all BURN!!!
        let them rot in liberal HELL!!!

      27. I have relatives in the Wheeling IL area. Went to two of their school graduations a couple years ago, and was surprised to see no black students at all in the jr. high commencement ceremony, and only a few at the high school ceremony. I wondered how much longer that will last.

        Other relatives have lived in the same home in Orange County, CA, since 1984. Every time I visit I notice an increase in traffic, new construction, and non-Caucasian people. One of my people was born and raised in Compton, and it was a terrific place to live and be a child. Lots of sport teams, musical bands, kids could run around outside all day. Lots of little community newspapers, too. When the Black Muslims started their takeover, one of their first tactics was to firebomb the local newspapers. My relative was working inside a newspaper office late at night when it was bombed, had to break a window and escape out the back. His mother was one of the last holdouts on their block. The second or third time a brick came through Mom’s window, it narrowly missed her, and my relative and his brother rented an apartment for her and moved all her belongings into it while she was at church.

        I was born in LA but luckily my parents and I moved to Ohio when I was small. Now of course all those urban areas, and quite a few of the smaller towns, are in decay.

      28. We all know someone has to say it. So let’s all say it together!

      29. Leaving Chicago for Seattle or San Francisco isn’t any better, maybe less crime for now but idiot democrat laws there.

      30. ROFLMAO! No, really, I read the headline and it made it sound like this was a RECENT development.

        I had some relatives that lived in Chicago years ago that we visited. I’ve been up there for computer conventions and trade shows.

        Never, ever again!

        Shitcago is my pet name for it. I see it called Chicongo all the time. There are good people up there that can’t afford to move and there are good people up there that are too stupid to want to move. I pray for them. The rest? Burn it down. I don’t care. Shithole. Hellhole. Whatever you want to call it, I could not care less what happens. Just as long as they don’t tax me to rebuild it after the savages burn it down, I really won’t lift a finger to help. If you’re there, you picked your fate.

        I will stay far away from any big city. Because of communism (aka liberalism, democrats, socialism, collectivism) they are in various stages of decay. Just as long as the stench doesn’t come my way, I don’t really care. I’m 4 hours from Shitcago, 5 hours from St. Lois, 9 hours from Atlanthell.

        Good luck.

      31. You ain’t seen crap yet, wait till they push out Trump from wining th elections, from what I am told revolutionary war starts eight after Hitlwry is sworn in..Jade Helm 15 was completed to counter the white insurgency of Freedom fighters..i hired a recker driver one time in 2009 to toe my car and he told me at the time that Cuba was building up the military to attack and take out the gukf states, and that he was in the Cuban army and personally saw nuclear Russian missiles in Cuba and that Russian had brought them there. I don’t think much of it at the time since I was in callapse and my house was in foreclosure and I was about to go home less within a few more years but I had begun to read sites to get info like, so I knew something was coming up. Needless to say that the individual did not like the Cuban government and left the country..


      32. Can not blame anyone with the means to leave the big cities behind. I was on a business trip to Maryland last week and it was easy to see the potential for trouble. Crowding, poverty, drugs, etc. Makes the mountains of WNC look real nice.

      33. Let Chicago go, the worse it gets the better for other areas in the country. The entire state of Ill annoy will collapse based on simple mathematics, after that a reset will have to be made. Prior to the reset take out the trash to the curb. People are ready and waiting.

      34. Chi-com Edward Lin arrested 8 months ago for spying for China, on a US Naval Vessel. Does this supprise us? just saw this on yahoo news, which is usually BS news, but i just saw that. phucking chi-com bastards. Its obvious that China is planning something really bad as and invasion of the United States, obviously being coordinated by traitors in the US Government.

        Kind of reminds me of the arrest of the California state senator Leeland Yee, who was seen on national TV supporting gun confiscation, to end up busted for smuggling in fully automatic AK 47’s and rocket launchers for the his chi-com soldiers in California to use on the American people and thier families.

        Good job and hands up for the FBI White Hats.. Do a search on Google about this piece of shit commi, and see for yourself if you all think i am making up this stuff.



        Welvome chi-coms, we will be ready for your Texas gulf coast invasion. This is where you enter, this is where you die.

        FBI white hats, internationally known, locally respected.

      35. Detroit and Chicago. What do they have in common? I bet you don’t know. Both cities lost over 1 million people. Most of the white people left both cities. The people that paid for everything left. Then what happened? Detroit went broke. Chicago will officially go broke very soon. These are the only two cities in history to loose that much of the population without a declared war. Cause? Liberal BS and black racism.

      36. I take that to mean don’t move to Seattle or San Francisco. .. the Bigs destroy everything they touch. There was a recent documentary on San Fran showing prices rising to the point of another insane bubble. Do not buy into another bubble and let them quietly sell and move. They own more than one house and they move easier than most. You don’t have to sell at the top… take your money and run while you can.
        The Bigs are setting the average millionaires up for a fall.

      37. I’m sure this will be construed as “racist” but according to IQ statistics, over many decades, blacks score substantially lower than their asian and white counterparts. It’s not difficult to see the truth if you open your eyes. Generally speaking, blacks are not intelligent. It may be, that this factor is the most important, when analyzing inner city blight.

        • Usnux:
          IQ is one of those subjects that is hotly debated. Because of the undisputed fact that American blacks score low and African blacks score even lower, blacks argue the facts away calling the tests biased and pointing to various aspects of the tests to prove that they are invalid. It may make black people feel better about themselves, but it doesn’t help them much.

          It is a fact that the very people who use them toward there own ends, encourage them to hold on to the delusional belief that all whites are stupid and that blacks condition is the result of white oppression and exploitation.

          Blacks point out accomplishments and the few black people who have demonstrated high intelligence. This is the point. As a group, they lack the ability of honest introspection. They seem unable and unwilling to admit weaknesses.

          I have lived and worked in close proximity with blacks. Not all black people are stupid. Not by a long shot. But facts are facts. And the facts are that the higher the per cent of Caucasian DNA, the higher the IQ regardless of extenuating factors.

          When all is said and done, the great achievements that have propelled mankind forward, have been almost exclusively due to the exceptional genius of a few brilliant people, almost all of them, European white men.

          So for all those fools putting estrogens into everything in order to feminize and kill off European white males, you are killing the golden goose. For all the blacks who want to use white men as a justification for black failure; you can’t fix a problem if your solution is based on faulty data.

          • @BS Fron CA

            Undisputed facts from an IQ test developed by white people to measure everyone else’s intelligence based on a western elite’s education? LMAO….

            “They seem unable and unwilling to admit weakness.”…..Yea, sort of sounds like the White people who want to blame everyone for their problems: the Blacks for crimes; the Mexicans for jobs; and the Chinese for the Us economy…..

            • Where are all the good black neighborhoods,Years of affirmative action nothing to show for it.Black congressional groups, What would happen if white people demanded the same?That be racist.But if blacks are equal or even superior why do they need all the special treatment?.Right it’s the white mans fault

          • The complaints about having to do ‘whitey’s tests’ have never really washed in practice. Indians and Chinese – both groups from countries impoverished from colonialism and white racism (were poorer than Africa for most of their histories) – repeatedly excel on these tests and become doctors etc. One of the key tests for high intelligence is to know how to crack the code of another social-cultural paradigm and feed back its ideas as if you are one of them. You do not have to like them (the Nazis etc.) but you should show intellectual capability to understand their paradigm and how it works. That’s how you get straight As.

            I agree with those who have mentioned culture and habits. The Asians understood this and adopted a culture of success, learning and doing. This has not been the case in many black communities. A true test of the scale of the problem is the fact that highly successful blacks always flee majority black places to advance their careers. Look at the president: he wasn’t trying to be the president of Kenya, Indonesia, Gabon, etc. but the biggest prize on the planet, the US.

            The best way to address the problem is to create communities, cities and countries that are attractive to people; that would reverse the poverty and failure.

            • @ Frank Lack of Thought,

              Yea….the Chinese and Indians who emegrated to US, most of who were middle and upper middle class when they where living in there native lands…..And with the Indians in particular there education was based on the British claste system….so duh! And again…using logic, if Indians and Chinese people as a WHOLE are smarter than the rest, why is there so much poverty in their nations (and I am not going to ignore the fact that they are getting their act together, just like many nations in Africa). And unlike you asshole I can cite the sources that I get my inform from, and no David Duke doesn’t count….

              And your example about President Obama is laughable: of course he wasn’t running to a president of an Africa asshole, Obama was born in America so of course he would run to be the president of the US and was VOTED in twice by a majority White vote, lol.

              Please cite some sources in regards to you bullshit about “one of the key tests of intelligence.”

              Please cite the source about India and China being poorer than Africa, considering that Africa is a continent and not a country, for most of their history…………..

        • @isux

          So let me get this straight: so I am supposed to believe that these “IQ statistics” that were developed by Whites, and that use the education that upper class whites receive as the measure of intelligence would show that……SURPRISE, SURPRISE, white people are the most intelligent. whites are soooo superior then why is western civilization aka white civilization crumbling? If western civilization is so superior then why is it responsible for the slow death of this planet and human kind? If it so superior why is China the next world superpower?

      38. Quick! Somebody get Nicole Curtis from the Rehab Addict show on the line. If she can’t fix Chicago, nobody can.


        This is coming to every major city. The elite are just shuffling around a bit before relocating off-shore, like their money.

      39. The black trash in this country is the absolute ruination. I have been in many places and states and cities and around all kinds and types of people and those blacks are just so out of control. They already go so much from the gov’t on all levels, how much more do they want? The problem is that they are just lazy and worthless and don’t want to do anything positive or productive in society. Christ its nearly impossible for a white person to get a gov’t job anymore. GO to the bigger cities and look at the postal staff for example – almost 90% black and slow and lazy and non deserving of the job. The Federal gov’t in general, the SSA, come on, my God. It’s a huge cluster thank to them. The gov’t tries to take care of them and deal with them via giving them the jobs that actual hard working whites deserve and are much better qualified for but no, they are the wrong color in the eyes of the feds. Blacks are the ruination of this country. And look at Africa, enough said. . .

        • @Wake up America – The majority of blacks I have worked with over the years acted like they were still living in 1960, where the poor blacks were so downtrodden. They were bitter, cliquey, and went out of their way to make the whites feel uncomfortable and scared. I hated them and made a point of moving on to better jobs.

      40. Nat:

        Let’s say for argument’s sake that you are 100 per cent right about everything. I don’t care. I want a divorce. This marriage has made me very unhappy, and you seem to be equally unhappy about it; so, you go your way and I’ll go mine. I wish you well, but I just don’t think we can live together anymore. Good bye.

        • B from CA
          clever response, made me laugh
          too true for words

        • B from CA, I wouldn’t even try to date someone like Turner. Blacks get all this special treatment from the fedgov and still complain about things. they never had any real complaints and never will.

          • @Cowardheart,

            Yea….all this special treatment, like paying taxes for jobs and schools that neither you or you children have access to (Jim Crow)? Like having any unemployment rate that is three times as high as whites, even with a college degree?

            • The reason that blacks where brought to this country is they have a genetic propensity to be good slaves. They tried to enslave the Indians and the refused to work or eat and dies. The scrawny white folks couldn’t take the toil and didn’t get much done and where sick and many dies. The blacks could stand the toil and heat. Promise a buck a bed wench and he would work his rear off. Now The powers that be don’t need the Blacks ot the producing middle class whites also. They want peons & serfs. And Mexicans make excellent Peons and serfs. So the elete are on purpose fostering race war.

        • Amen

      41. Shitcago has been a liberal cesspool for decades . Sad to see the decline of our once great cities because of the libtards .

      42. Seems to me those that turn their backs on God are the problem, they become me centered and not God centered.

        Rapture is coming, where the God centered will be taken out and the me centered will be left behind and destroyed by the king of me’s, Satan and Satan’s angel’s, who these people worship and/or follow so faithfully!

        The last 7 years of Man’s kingdom begin with the close contact of Apophis in April 13 2029 and end with Apophis crashing into the Earth in April 13 2036.

        The rapture of the committed Christians occurs in the beginning of this cycle, the rapture of the 144000 male Israel witnesses occurs 1260 days before the end and then the main rapture occurs at the end. Once God’s people are safe Satan and Satan’s angel’s are thrown out of Heaven.

        It is like Noah flood in that the evil on the Earth is destroyed and God centered people will again populate the Earth after the destruction caused by Satan and Satan’s people is repaired and Satan is locked up!

      43. Go Preach that Pre Trib Rapture, Apostate baptist pastors aka money grabbers and judiazers stuff to:

        Christians that live and DIE due to being christian Now Today and for a long time past dying in Palestine-Syria-ISRAHELL, China, and all Other areas where this happens.

        or are we to believe it be ONLY usa christians that get Pre Trib raptured out as some type “escapism Plan”?

        Sonds like you been royally Duped by those John Hagee type TV pastor Apostate’s eh…Still have time to fully awaken to those frauds and Re-think it all.

      44. The USA is in big trouble. We have a bozo and a bozette running for the Presidency of the USA, the most powerful position in the world.
        The brain dead who believe that Hilary rotten is ” for the people”….can not be swayed by reason. Hilary Rotten is a liar and a Mafioso. She knows how to peddle power like the local mafia don. Her victims pay her tribute by “contributing” to the Clinton Foundation and paying Bill….” I….did…not…..have…sex….with that… woman…!”…Clinton, $500,000 per speech. He was paid thirteen times according to the book ” Clinton Cash”..and right after Hilary rotten had some “negotiations” with a foreign power….Now what does Bill have to say that is worth $500,000 to hear? NOTHING…!!…any one who has had s security clearance ( and I have) knows Hilary is guilty of violating the secrecy laws of the USA. The only reason she is not in jail is that she has control of the Demoncrats…who except for Bernie…..have allowed her to walk into the nomination for presidency.
        The Clintons must be stopped.
        If you think Obama was bad ( read the book ” throw them all out”…for the details about Obama and the Demoncrats who have pillaged the US Treasury)….The Clintons will clobber you as they rob the country blind.
        Also, Russia and China and N Korea know that Obama is a wussy and has no moral backbone. Unlike the Republicans who would go to war if provoked…they know that gutless Obama is all talk…Obama and the Clintons both believe in the radical Alinski, who wrote a book entitled. ” Rules for Radicals”. Alinski thought that Communists were too conservative. In his book, he says…” the main objective of a candidate is to get power….tell them ( the voters) anything to get elected…seize power…then use it..”….IF you Google Obama and Hilary you will see that both have put in writing how they were ” influenced” by Alinski in their early political career…..frightening.
        Its like Hitler…he wrote in ” Mein Kampf” what he was going to do.and he did it…..and Obama and Clinton say…” hey I believe in what Alinski says”…and thats exactly what they are doing…seizing power and using it…and not for the good of the masses…for the good of them selves.
        As bad as Bozo Trump is…..if Hilary or Bernie are elected…Russia and or China will make a move on the USA…because they know that the Demoncrats have NO VALUES…and we will be taken over by the Ruskies or Chinese. SO UNLESS you want to learn Russian and or Chinese….VOTE AGAINST THE DEMONCRATS…

      45. i part of live in bklyn ny nyc has rise in razor slashing and people getting stabbed for no reason some are most criminals doing upon each other most of these crimes are done by black male of Spanish males upon white people and many nice black people who are not scum like these a monkeys who commit the crimes,same pattern year after year been living here all my life never blame the person for act they commit always blame the object razor knife gun pipe hammer fist now nyc has made machete illegal through ban in city minor offense for owning like criminals will follow law longs as we keep letting Criminals out of jail on parole work to mix back into public will always have crimes need to stay away from black male and spanish and white trash to keep moving don,t stop for anyone in steet or on road be ready all the time watch you back and carry impact called weapon like club pipe like maglite or kill lite legal to and can crush their thick dumb skulls on contact crime will never go away only get worse just the way these people think it,s their right to be animals we own them something so they can do what they please and we kiss there ass jail is a joke them place to have fun learn new things they must be blinded and neutered and have hand feet chopped off like the do in arab country never will happens here more will die nothing done

      46. If you want to see just what blacks can accomplish on their own without oppression from whitey. Just take a look at Haiti. Those Haitians are only good at one thing fornicating and producing more Haitians. And They only invented one thing. The Haitian Necktie.

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