Republican Operative “Commits Suicide” After Leaving Strange Note

by | Jul 16, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 67 comments

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    Another suicide in the realm of Clinton politics is finally making its way into the light.  This time, it’s a Republican operative who was said to be looking for the 30,000 missing emails from Hillary Clinton.

    A longtime Republican operative from Chicago’s North Shore (who was at the center of a confusing Wall Street Journal story involving shadowy Russian hackers and Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 missing emails) committed suicide, according to the Chicago Tribune. Peter W. Smith, who was 81-years-old, a former private equity executive and longtime political operative, killed himself in a Minnesota hotel room days after telling his story to a reporter from WSJ, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    But there are too many strange circumstances surrounding Smith’s death, and it’s the second one in a matter of months that the mainstream media remains silent about. Smith “killed himself” back in May, but doubts are continuing to surface after Smith was said to have killed himself using a bag with attached helium and left a strange note.

    Smith’s death, which occurred on May 14, 10 days before the story was published, was one of the most bizarre developments in a hard-to-follow WSJ story that tried (and in our estimation, failed) to implicate former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn in a sinister plot to enlist the help of some Russians to hack the 2016 election…thus ‘proving’ collusion. -Zerohedge

    A Wall Street analyst who spoke to Peter Smith the day before he reportedly committed suicide told the Daily Caller News Foundation there were no indications the Chicago businessman and anti-Clinton political investigator was about to take his life.

    “He may have been a fantastic actor but I certainly didn’t leave that phone call saying, ‘oh shit, the guy’s at the end of his rope,’” Charles Ortel, a Wall Street investment banker and market analyst, told The Daily Caller News Foundation’s (TheDCNF) Investigative Group.“This does not seem like a settled story. It made perfect sense to me he might have died of natural causes, but little chance he would have killed himself,” Ortel said. “We had countless discussions,” Ortel recalled of his relationship with Smith. “He was using his unique decades of experience in politics to offer me advice how to expose the Clinton Foundation.” -Daily Caller

    Ortel also expressed concerns about Smith’s alleged suicide note.  The suicide note allegedly and incredibly suspiciously stated: “NO FOUL PLAY WHATSOEVER.” Smith also reportedly wrote that he was taking his own life because of a “RECENT BAD TURN IN HEALTH SINCE JANUARY, 2017” and that his timing was related “TO LIFE INSURANCE OF $5 MILLION EXPIRING.” Ortel said that none of the emails he received from Smith were written in all-caps. “I don’t remember a single one in all cap letters,” he said.  “To put that in a suicide note as many times as he did and in language that’s not really professional doesn’t sound like him.”

    It is also noteworthy that most life insurance policies include suicide provisions preventing payouts if the policy holder takes his own life (depending on the policy), and that didn’t escape Ortel’s observations either.  Peter Smith wrote two blog posts dated the day before he was found dead on May 14. 2017. One challenged U.S. intelligence agency findings that Russia interfered with the 2016 election. Another post predicted: “As attention turns to international affairs, as it will shortly, the Russian interference story will die of its own weight.”

    This “suicide” is being ignored by most of the mainstream media, much like that of others who happen to wrongly cross paths with the Clintons.  The bizarre circumstances and methodology of this suicide and construction of the note should be enough to warrant several red flags, but the media is again, for the most part, absolutely silent.


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      1. The bitch from hell must be possessed by demons.

        • He sure is an ugly cuss, face for radio ?.

          • And I’d like to see your face in order to judge your looks. I think the man looks as a typical man of his age. He is not ugly, nor extremely good looking. What’s wrong with you, the man’s dead. Waiting

        • Menzo, another victim of the Clintons. If they ever show up on my rifle scope…..

          • When she arrives in hell it won’t be long before the devil throws her back. She’ll attempt to take over hell too.

            • Menzo, LOL! You know it’s SERIOUS when Hillary won’t even be welcomed in HELL!

        • How do we know that he didn’t leave the note after he was dead?

      2. Happens so often we have a word for it, Arkancide. Yet we cannot reach their lofty perch.

        • Meh, I didn’t like him anyway.

      3. Just as long as the police are treating it has a homicide, and not ignoring it.

      4. 81 years old and he suddenly decides to check out of this world. Hmm.

        • About time. But…did the note look like someone moved his hand for him? Was the note in Hillary’s hand writing? Look, the piece of $hit prolly was tired of living that’s all. You would have to be to talk crap about the Clintons.

          The headline should read-> “old fart dies”

        • At 81 you could go at anytime, not by your or even clintons choice.

      5. Old already dead fucker any way. Just one less oxygen thieving parasite politician to deal with. I bet he was trying to make money. Probably was a blackmailer attempting to extort money . Like I state follow the money and most times you will find the truth. The Clinton Cabal never pay blackmail money. They simply kill them.

        • Singing: There’ll be one child born to carry on, to carry the oonnn.

      6. Clinton’d belt is running out of room to put notches on.

      7. Term limits. Mandatory term limits.

        And the United States is a republic not a monarchy, so no more of these family dynasties. The United States is not a family business. There should be no appearances that our government organized along the lines of the Mafia.

        No more than one family member may serve in government per 100-years. No more Roosevelts. No more Rockefellers. No more Kennedys. No more Bushes. No more Cuomos. No more Browns. And, especially, no more Clintons.

        • The United States is suppose to be a “Republic”
          The United States claims to be a “Democracy”
          The United States is a “Oligarchy”

          Everything the Government presents as being “traditional” is “falsehood”

          Overall: the US Gov. is a sick and twisted “Reality Show” and Trump is in the spotlight.

          • Trump is better than the other choices, that is for sure but the entire “game” is a complete joke and disgrace!
            This country is such a hot-bed of corruption and greed at its best.

            • I’m not even sure why Donster even wanted the Presidency. I mean aside from “because he’s the Donster”. Clearly he’s not gonna be able to get anything done. Which is fine, I dig “nobody for President” for now… but I mean he’s not changing this country’s course, sadly enough.

              Helium exit bag does sound fairly legit in the case of the dead guy. Unless he was tied or handcuffed to the bed, he’d just be able to rip it off his face. The letter on the other hand is quite odd. If he was so desperate to “prove” “no foul play”… there’s this amazing invention called a webcam.

      8. We live on a stage set in a glass house. Nothing is real and our “enemies” are chastised by the government/media as being non democratic while touting the upholding of the rule of law in the US. If it wasn’t so phony and disgusting it would be laughable. “Putin had people killed”, nothing new here. Its very unhealthy to know anything, see anything or hear anything regarding the JFK assassination and thats 54 years ago.

        h ttp://

        • Its not that the Clintons are doing this but rather that they’re getting away with it. This shows the power of the shadow government.

          • “Alice in Wonderland & the World Trade Center Disaster” by David Icke

      9. Most life insurance policies have a suicide clause of two years. If one does not commit suicide in the first 2 the policy is in effect, then a suicide following that 2 year period does not invalidate the policy.
        This reference in the article made me a bit suspicious as to its accuracy.

        • Really?

          Well that’s good to know. If I ever get a fatal terminal disease that makes you die in agony, I’m probably going to attempt to “tap out”. Thing is I figured the money would be non-transferable.

      10. Bill Clinton appointed more (((Je–s))) than any former President.

        Clinton pardoned (((criminal’s))).

        Monica Lewinsky is a (((Je-))).

        Who is behind the corruption of the Clintons???
        I guess we’ll never know.


        • B from Ca dreams about (((Je–s))) cocks 24/7

      11. Bill Clinton appointed more (((Je–s))) than any former President.

        Clinton pardoned (((criminal’s))).

        Monica Lewinsky is a (((Je-))).

        Who is behind the corruption of the Clintons???
        I guess we’ll never know.

        __ censored

        • B, I think you just answered your own question.

        • “Who is behind the corruption of the Clintons???”

          The Clintons are inherently self serving and corrupt. Put them among Buddhists, Nudists or Students and the result would be the same.

          • Gee thanks…. the mental image of Hillary sitting in full lotus position stark naked on a college campus about made me loose yesterday’s lunch. It struck that deep a disgust chord. Equally so would be Bill in a similar position. Oh my, here it comes…..

        • Trump keeps filling the “office space” with more J_ws … and other undesirables. MAGA = a fraud and a sick fucking joke.

      12. Between this fellow and the Haitian gentleman, the pace of Arkancide is accelerating. You almost need a calculator to keep up with the Clinton Body Count.

        This will continue the closer the public gets to the truth of just how much destruction the Clinton Crime Family has caused in the world. It’s a slow process, but more and more comes out every day.

        They can’t kill all of us, can they?

      13. Some one should generate a standard form for those investigating the government and that they have ZERO interest in committing suicide.

      14. The criticism of what the MSM is NOT covering is baseless. If one doesn’t like the editorial decisions of a media entity it is within your power to change the channel/don’t read/turn off.
        Unless,of course, we legislate the conduct of PRIVATE companies.

      15. This guy wasn’t acting in any official capacity. He was simply looking to fulfill his ego or make a name for himself. Or possibly to make money from it. I guarantee he wasn’t doing it for any nobel cause. He was simply some lying politician.

        • Old Guy, like that old saying goes: “There is no honor among thieves.”

      16. One thing to be thankful for – That You or i don’t know “too much” about the clintons.
        The Clinton killers are professional, Or Very lucky.

        • They have had a lot of help with the CIA to cover their tracks … without them … they would of been busted within the rule of law in America … but .. this is America … and rules do not apply to those upper elite folks.

        • Everyone knows about the Clintons, it’s just that the people with the proof will not come forward with said proof. We all sit here in the USA and know the truth about the evil Clintons and their cronies, but no one does anything about it. The Clintons and what they do is just accepted in a matter of fact way. There is all kinds of circumstantial evidence, which is plainly seen by anyone who can put two and two together. I wonder how much longer we sit by and watch the continuous murdering go on. I’m heartbroken, I’m stunned, I’m puzzled, and most of all I’m damn mad about what this country has come to. What filth controls this country and everyone just accepts it. What will it take to end this evil Satanic bloodthirsty woman and her evil whoremonger husband. And they have someone to carry on their type of evil. Waiting

      17. The only power the people have left is boycott. The pig state can’t arrest millions who decide they are mad as hell and not taking it anymore, or paying for and abiding in their own demise. For example, everyone refuses to pay for the ever increasing car insurance bamboozle. What are they going to do, bomb us to kingdom come, clear millions off the roads with hefty fines and jail time? The divide and conquer strategy works in a divided people. To boycott is people power, hit them where it hurts in their piggish greedy bottom line. Who the hell am I kidding, the brainwashing is near complete.

        • ????????????????

        • If you want to hit them where it hurts refuse to pay income taxes to the IRS. I think that now people are approaching a time when they are prepared to act together on this issue. You sound like you are giving up the fight? Never give up the fight, even unto death. We all know if this guy was investigating the Clinton foundation, and maybe he was close to something, he was iced by the Clinton Mafia. My question is why and how do the Clintons have so much power over people? If her cohorts were smart they would do away with her. Waiting

      18. We are not prepared. Both you and I.

      19. concrete beams on sale at govdeals for any of you guys with deep pockets.
        Working when taken out of service
        The Concrete I-beams or roof beams are 36 inches tall, 24 inches wide (20 inches are narrow area), 68 feet long and weigh 30 tons.

        Please see all pictures for details
        Weight 30 tons each
        Total: approx. 10 items

        Contact person for Info and Pickup for Question about Walls and Loading.
        David Walter ockets.

      20. sign on to govdeals and look under building materials, there are 80 beams

      21. Its because it is so much bigger than just the clintons, it involves israel and 3/4ths of all politicians and judges

      22. The Clinton Killing Machine Strikes Again.
        They think the people are too stupid to put 2 + 2
        Or, Follow the Money…..

        • Not that they think we are too stupid, more like they dont care about us peons

          • We are too stupid, and cowardly to care about who gets to be our slave masters.

            • Speak for yourself. Waiting

      23. * Be Careful My Friends * After my above post I received a warning from my computer that there was a virus lurking, which my computer found and killed.
        The Clinton ‘talons’ are Everywhere.

        • The evil devils can’t kill everyone, especially if everyone unites. I’ve had a similar warning before; will not deter me. Waiting

      24. Next Article:

        Canada legalizing Mary J. Wanna for every use including recreational.

        Billionaires are going to be made. The United States would have been better off had we done this first. Eventually it will be made legal here, too. But a good deal of future profits will wind up in Canada. Legal medical users will probably order from Canada.

        We still have many people in America who are unaware of the many legitimate medical benefits to patients. Controls epilepsy, controls pain, controls Cancer, and helps anxiety among other benefits. I know a man who was dying from anorexia who had a prescription.

        Like all medicines, it can be abused and misused. But I think we should legalize it like the Canadians. The stock market is bad, but if I was going to invest, I would drop a few bucks into this fledgling industry. It will only grow. At, least for the next twenty years.

        __ that’s what I think. What do you think?


        • This nation isn’t brain dead enough, let’s legalize “weed” for recreational use? I’ve never used weed or any other illegal drug, and don’t ever intend to. I think more of my body than to intentionally compromise it. I have, however, known people who abused weed and other drugs, and they have irrational thinking and memory loss. This is more than likely a ploy to further control the people. Waiting

        • Well, I’ve said before that the world of man can be viewed as “dealers” and their “addicts”. This then becomes the literal definition.

      25. Dope is a tool of the elites to make the masses dumb and compliant. ive heard many people say it’s no big deal everyone does it. Not everyone does it but they wanna say that to justify their doing it. One of the biggest scams of all time right up there with tobacco. Waste o $. Any vice that controls your life is keeping you down. Life is hard enough you don’t need to do stupid shit to ruin your health finances and future. Do you know what chemical substances are in the shit and what it does to your mind. Mind control now subsidized by gov.

      26. I’m Curious as to why he didn’t have the decency to drag himself out into the woods like Vince Foster did after he shot himself in the head?

        • Mr. Foster shot himself TWICE in the head, “…out into the woods…”.

        • Sorry, I just had to laugh. Waiting

      27. Mac, how many more times do we have to see a picture of the hildebeast? My stomach turns every time I see her or Obola.

      28. My God, yet ANOTHER innocent person that has been MURDERED via the Crooked Clinton machine! The entire Clinton family deserves to HANG!! Those people are some very dangerous and sick-minded individuals. If people want to know what is wrong in America today, well, no need to look too far.


        This link is for real preppers on this site that take my post seriously. I had my scientist friend listen to this guy. You want to know what he said. He said that it will a lot worse that what we are hearing here/



      30. The cannabis article above should have allowed comments, understand that it is an ad. Some people have to become rich off of a natural plant beneficial to all Americans. Legalization should be decriminalization because cannabis is not a crime in reality, even though police state government America has made it such. The lie of cannabis being harmful is over 75 years old. Cannabis use is non violent, proven already in recreational use states. Can’t have that apparently. Cannabinoid receptors abound in the human body, a vital compound for better health and healing. Drive a stake through the heart of big pharma which heals no one, ditto for big tobacco which is a leading cause of death and big alcohol which brings death and destruction to wide swaths of humanity. Push these money driven capitalist opportunists aside, cannabis and hemp can remake America into a just and clean economy. The positives are off the charts. To believe otherwise is straight up lying.

        • Cannabis is still a mind altering drug. It needs to be controlled. It is “not” a cure all. I never met a pothead who wasn’t stupid too. Sure if you are dying from something then what’s the difference as long as I don’t have to share the road or sky with the pothead.

          • For once I actually agree with you on something. Waiting

      31. The strangest thing is that he wrote the suicide note in somebody else’ handwriting. How did he do that?

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