Report: Former Intelligence Operative Is “Picked Up” By The FBI After Warning About A False Flag Terror Attack Inside The United States

by | Nov 8, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 40 comments

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    A former military and intelligence operative who has called into The Alex Jones Show on numerous occasions has been picked up by the FBI after his shocking public warning that the United States was about to fall victim to a false flag terror attack, according to a report by

    The caller, identified only as Zach, warned yesterday that the Saudi civil war was about to “spill over” into terror attacks within the United States that would be blamed on Yemeni nationals but actually carried out by deep state agents within the CIA.

    “There are going to be attacks, by what will be described as Yemeni nationals in the United States but I’m just going to put this out there, these are CIA operatives, CIA proxies who are rogue at this point because their entire infrastructure has been dissolved by the Trump Administration,” the source warned.

    “I’m just going to say it right now, during this week there is an attempt by Yemeni nationals inside the United States… false flag,” he continued after discussing who really launched the ICBM from Yemen.

    Sometime after the insider revealed this bombshell information he was apparently picked up by the FBI, despite the fact that he had not revealed any classified information.

    In other words, the source was seemingly taken into custody because of his false flag warning.

    “We have a source who got picked up by the FBI last night, I know who the source is, and he has actually been in the news before and is a prominent member of the military and intelligence community,” Jones revealed in an update.

    “The FBI came and picked him up two hours after he was on as a caller, took him in to a military facility and hes there… hes even still got his phone, they took it away and downloaded it. Took his laptop and home computer. He has a lawyer now. Over what he said on air.”

    To recap, a high-level military and intelligence source not only revealed a Saudi connection to the Las Vegas Massacre, he then went on to warn about what he believed to be an upcoming false flag terror attack that would be blamed on the Middle East but actually carried out by the deep state.

    He was taken into custody shortly after.

    “The word is [from the source] that Yemeni terrorists are getting ready to strike in Europe and the United States as part of this civil war,” Jones continued. “Within two hours of him saying that, the FBI was at his house, had transcripts and recordings of his last 7 or 8 phone calls here.”

    Stay tuned as this is a developing story that will be updated as additional information comes in.


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      1. Yemeni “terrorists” or victims of U.S. sponsored wars resulting in “collateral damaged/destroyed” Yemen families.

        More likely U.S. groomed ‘Yemen terrorist’ patsies to help manipulate public opinion against Yemen.

        Time to draft ours to kill theirs?

        Thanks for your “service?”

        • I do admire troops for their courage and willingness to fight for their country but they in reality are doing the opposite. I have never met a vet that was a very deep thinker or wasn’t brainwashed. Hopefully someday they will wake up and start doing the right thing and fight for US!

          • Well, we have never met but i can assure you,as a veteran with a degree in philosophy, we are not all stupid or brainwashed…we wake up too. I woke up while i was in the service…if you suffer enough you take a good look at why you are suffering. Know what i mean?

          • You haven’t met many Vets have you?

        • “…because their entire [CIA] infrastructure has been dissolved by the Trump Administration…”

          Tell us another funny one. More hilarious manure from Alex Jones’ Infowars.

          It is amusing that Jones is so “alternative” that his rubbish is regularly linked on the site of the pervert (((Drudge))).

        • This story is bullsh!t.


          Because …. WHO THE HELL CARES ABOUT YEMEN?

          • The road through Yemen goes to Iran…

          • I don’t personally find it believable, when these migratory sort-of people change their country like a pair of shoes. They have a language and a culture and are being made into a sort of national enemy, yet choose to remain here.

            Whether you want to call them victims of US aggression, or terrorists, or crisis actors, I don’t see how someone like this is able to displace normative Americans, from jobs, houses, cars, or other useful resources, seeing as how they are foreign and conspicuous.

            I also don’t see how someone is supposed to be affable, for many years ongoing (if they have been here for, so long) then unexpectedly commits murder or what appears to be a murder. This person has no character traits, which would be obvious to a dog or small child? Really?

          • Yep…B.S. Let me list the reasons why:

            1) The company…the real shadow government of the U.S. is not hurt by Trump or any other president. In the heart of the Emerald city sits the really ugly truth, that most Americans could NEVER comprehend.

            2) If this were true. How did anyone know he was being held in a military facility? Did he use his one phone call? LOL Maybe the lawyer released that information, lol.

            3) If this were true. With the ability to alter voice, misdirect phone location and much more. How did tptb know where to pick this guy up at? That would indicate betrayal on someone’s part.

            4) If this were true. Does Seth Rich come to mind, as a lawyer won’t do any good. He would simply disappear.

            I suspect that it is easy predict terror attacks, and then in the last second it was foiled by Zach (or any other) wearing a tux while carrying his Walther PK. What an opportunity for someone sitting in a trailer park, drinking PBR, watching to much TV.

            Please do not take offense if you are in a trailer park drinking PBR; unless you are one of those that believe you are not given your proper respect for all of the great wisdom you are typing on message boards and phone calls to radio shows. Because we all know that the local coffee shop won’t listen to you any longer.

      2. The role played by the Saudis is poorly understood by most Americans and Canadians. The Saudis prop up the entire global financial system and have done so since the 1970s. They gained this position through blackmail and they keep that position through blackmail and threats.

        When they British threatened to look into bribes paid over weapons sales the Saudis in turn threatened the British with widespread terrorism by their paid agents in the UK Muslim community. When the Russians upset the Saudis they threatened to attack the Olympics.In short, the Saudis play hard ball and that means attacks. 9/11 remains one of their bigger attacks but there have been thousands of others over the decades.

        After 9/11 they should have been attacked but they weren’t because the politicians are bought off and paid off. It is uncomfortable to think about this but it is the reality.

        • FT, had we attacked the Saudis back in 2001 it would’ve been WW3 and we would’ve been in the NWO by now.

        • Frank Thoughts

          ” The Saudis prop up the entire global financial system and have done so since the 1970s.”

          While not alone they are the key player.

          “They gained this position through blackmail and they keep that position through blackmail and threats.”

          Actually they maintain it because of the oil peg. They sell their oil exclusively in US dollars as per the agreement that Kissinger was involved with post Bretton Woods in August 1971. There is no need for either blackmail nor threats.


          And the documentary film above attempts to show how, with America’s complete backing, the Saudis are where they are today. America has made a very sturdy rod to flog the backs of her own citizens.

      3. Another false flag attack? Big deal and who cares.

        There were 19 terrorists involved in 9/11. 15 of the 19 terrorists were Saudi nationals. Was the House of Saud called to task by the U.S. government? Ha. Ha. Ha.

        After 9/11 while the entire commercial air fleet sat grounded, a special charter was arranged to get the family of Osama Bin Laden out of the U.S. There are penalties for you and me if we flee the scene of a crime. But the House of Saud gets a pass?

        Even if 9/11 was a completely staged event by Bush, Cheney and the Deep State, why were so many Saudi nationals involved?

        The Saudis are like the Clintons — bullet proof. Immune and exemption from all laws, jurisdictions, and consequences.

        So you think one more false flag event is going to change anything? They still have to disarm the American people and make the country habitable for when Saudis abandon their desert fiefdom when the oil finally runs out.

        If any U.S. soldier is stupid enough to get themselves caught-up in a situation where they are stuck in the Middle East just as a major world conflagration takes place — f*ck them.

        • Or in NK, Yemen, Libya, Iran, Afrika, Syria, or any other sovieriegn country that is on the NWO’s hit list. Why can’t they see who and what they are really murdering and occupying for??? Fight for freedom, NOT slavery! (shaking head).

        • Blame-e you failed to mention the extraction of the saudi prince after the boston false flag operation. One thing is for sure our enemy is within the most dangerous kind. Fools ignore the truth at their own peril.

        • I think Bush may have been clued in to something happening
          that day or week but really? he’s too stupid to have anything to do with 9/11 directly.

          Just pass more shit laws and pretend to be shocked.

          • but his daddy aint

      4. Blamey, the muzzies were part of the official story of how 9/11 happened. Sand fleas were involved but had to get help from someone. Who was that someone? THE DEEP STATE; Bush, Cheney, neocons from that disgusting tribe. I have to disagree with your last statement about US troops stuck in the Middle East. They’re over there NOT BY THEIR OWN CHOICE BUT WERE SENT THERE BY TPTB. There’s no stupidity on their part. The false-flags are all stepping stones on the way to one-world government. Been living under a rock or something?

      5. It is also possible that the FBI are going to question him about what he knows and to try to get disclosure of his sources.
        Until he turns up dead this could just be plain old police work.

      6. :yawn:

      7. The idea that “Yemeni terrorists” are at all likely is ludicrous. Yemen has zero reasons to attack the US, even though the US is supporting the Saudi genocide against them.

        The current “terrorists du jour” are Hizballah in Lebanon. Israel wanted the US to crush Syria a la Libya so they could cross Syrian territory and attack Hizballah in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, which is Hizballah’s “defense in depth”. The intervention of Russia into Syria put paid to that plan.

        In 2006 Israel tried attacking Hizballah and failed and Hizballah is now much stronger than they were in 2006. So now Israel wants the US to do it, which is why Congress passed sanctions on Hizballah and Iran recently.

        Israel’s goal is a war with Iran in which the US will do the heavy lifting for it. But they can only start that once Hizballah’s missile arsenal has been degraded. Now that the Syria project has been put on hold, they have no choice but to go after Hizballah directly.

        So if there is going to be a false flag terror attack in the US, it will be blamed on Hizballah, not Yemen. This is why Saudi Arabia is claiming the missile fired from Yemen was not fired by Yemenis but by Hizballah. This isn’t going to cut it as an excuse because too many people know that is complete BS. Yemen’s military has had these missiles for years and know how to use them. They don’t need Hizballah’s help.

        Predicting another false flag attack in the US by Israel and/or the CIA is a no-brainer. Israel needs a pretext to get the US to attack Hizballah. The Saudi missile isn’t going to be enough for Trump to tell the Pentagon to attack Lebanon.

        • So you believe that the USA being partners in the said genocide of the Yemeni people is “zero reason to attack the US…”?
          You made this distinction in your first paragraph.

      8. blame-e, I’ll tell you why I care, ok?

        This operative’s warning is CONSISTENT with the Las Vegas shooting, the Sutherland shooting, and many others.

        Can you see that that what he is saying is more of the same?

        And as we are one to two weeks away from holiday sales starting up, I am hoping that everyone practices maximum situational awareness.

        And let us all pray for everyone’s protection.

        Perhaps it’s best that we do our shopping online, but not everyone is able to or wants to.

        • Better pack a gun when your out shopping then. Everyone be safe (except lefties and politicians and co-conspirators)!

        • @the lone arranger. Your definition of “situational awareness” is the government’s desired result: FEAR.

          “Perhaps it’s best that we do our shopping online . . . .” Yes, let us, huddled masses, huddle in fear and terror inside our abodes.

          Fear when you get up in the morning. Fear when you (dare to) venture out of your house. Fear in standing up to the fear-mongers.

          I am sick of it. The U.S. government (actually ALL governments) should be in fear of the people. But somewhere, in all this false flag business we have forgotten a basic human right: freedom from fear.

          The Patriot Act. FISA courts. GITMO. The NSA Data Collection Center “the Cube” in Utah. The Department of Homeland Security (who talks like this: “the Homeland” except fear-mongers.

          • Blame…Are you saying that you are not armed when you go shopping? I have been packing for so long that when I don’t, I am in danger of falling over due to being out of balance.
            Fear, no. Pragmatic, yes!

      9. As long as the petrodollar remains..the Saudis will own all US Presidents. And it’s not if but when petrodollar fizzles..that’s when we will see great consternation within US markets and on main street.

      10. Maybe Yemen is to the world today what Serbia was to the world in 1914 – a match that starts a war between Saudi Arabia and Iran with America aligned with the Saudis and Russia backing the Persians.

      11. Ever notice after an event, the perpetrator responsible was usually “questioned” by the
        False Flag Bureau prior to the incident. Thats double-speak for “briefed”.

      12. What a crock of shit.

      13. A former military and intelligence operative?
        Is that anything like a former military intelligence operative?
        Where’s this crackpot getting his intel?

      14. I figure that the Yemenese are planning on shooting down Santa’s sleigh with RPG’s. For sure, going after Tom turkey and heck, maybe the Easter bunny as well.

      15. Judge Napolatanio said on tv that the fbi had been involved in about 45 false flags how much more do we need to know about the fbi?

      16. I am very surprised that Alex Jones did not offer any Credentials for that caller that I am aware of. In other words, it could be anyone with an axe to grind.

        If that guy is a hoaxer then Prison Planet needs to get its head out and wake the heck up. In its enthusiasm to be the first with wild news, they take steps that could be considered unethical and morally reprehensible.

      17. What happens when an animal is cornered…..They Lash out!
        This is what’s happening in DC right now. The criminals in Washington are so paranoid that their crimes are going to be exposed that they are “Lashing out” and creating an atmosphere of “FEAR” to shift the focus from their massive crimes to placing the blame on “Lone Nut” gunmen shooting up the country and Trump is right on target when he defended the guy in Texas who took out the armed threat. It’s We The People who must do the right thing and remove this threat against the country by exposing these MASSIVE CRIMES perpetrated by the corrupt criminal left who only wants to take our guns so they can rule with an iron fist. At some point, CONgress is going to say ENOUGH and order all guns removed from the people unless we can expose the crimes of the ELITE!

      18. So we are supposed to believe that these 3rd world flip floppers built a ballistic missile, fired it at SA and are now coming for us?Can you pronounce CIA?

      19. So the FBI has recordings of his phone calls? So where it the warrant? Picked up in 2 hours? Whos side is the F
        BI on??????? The clearly are not on the side of the American People…….I think they are one of the domestic enemies

      20. Any nation that can pull off 9-11 right under their own citizens noses and keep the truth subdued is to be feared. If they go that far they’ll go much farther to propagate greater fear. 9-11 to get it going, constant fear episodes to keep it going. Every day without justice advances the downward trend. Ignore the peoples will, no problem you just got reelected.

      21. So let me get this straight so I don’t misunderstand anything.

        Alex Jones says “someone unidentified” was a former military intelligence guy and called into his show to warn of False flag attacks by people from Yemen?

        Then this person was picked up by the FBI.

        And yet not a single shred of evidence that anyone can verify.

        Must be true then….LOL

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