Recovery? Obama Press Secretary Admits: White House Not “Too Disappointed Over Unemployment”

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 91 comments

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    This article was written by Kit Daniels and originally published at

    Editor’s Comment: Do you need any more evidence that things are not going to get better financially? The White House is pretty much admitting that they aren’t even trying to bring back jobs or revitalize the economy. The “Recovery” campaign was just a desperate move to save face. In reality, the President and anyone with a sane, rational outlook, are forced onto the sidelines as the central bankers and Wall Street vultures set their traps and prepare for the culling.

    The facts that Washington has become completely corrupt and that the government has become tyrannical have become almost distracting to the larger truth that a class of elite bankers have set forth an agenda that they assume no one can stop, as its mechanisms are formidable, subtle and connection directly into the leverage points that underline the larger financial system and the household incomes for everyone in society.

    White House: We Don’t Get Too Disappointed Over Unemployment

    by Kit Daniels

    The White House doesn’t get “too disappointed” over the number of unemployed and underemployed Americans.

    “I’ve been reacting to jobs numbers here at the White House for more than seven years, and what is true today has been true in the past, which is, we don’t get too excited when jobs numbers are better than expected and we don’t get too disappointed when jobs numbers one-month are lower than expected,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told CNBC.

    Of course the White House doesn’t get “too excited” or “too disappointed;” Obama once claimed anyone who said the economy was collapsing was “peddling fiction.”

    “The United States of America, right now, has the strongest, most durable economy in the world,” he claimed during his last State of the Union address. “We’re in the middle of the longest streak of private-sector job creation in history.”

    But since then, nearly 95,000,000 Americans are no longer in the labor force, which is almost a 38-year low.

    “When President Obama took office in Jan. 2009, 80,529,000 Americans were not participating in the labor force; since then, 14,179,000 Americans have left the workforce — some of them retiring and some just quitting because they can’t find work,” CNS reported.

    Last month alone nearly a half-million Americans dropped out of the labor force, and U.S. companies are now hiring at their slowest pace in over five years.

    “Non-farm payrolls rose by a seasonally adjusted 38,000 in May, the weakest performance since September 2010, the Labor Department said Friday, missing the estimate of economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal by over 100,000,” the Wall Street Journal reported. “Revisions showed employers added a combined 59,000 fewer jobs in April and March than previously estimated. Together, May’s weak job growth and the revisions bring the average monthly job gains in the past three months to 116,000, a sharp slowdown from the average 219,000 growth over the prior 12 months.”

    Kit Daniels is an editor, video journalist & social commentator for & YouTube’s Resistance News. A graduate of Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Economics, Kit covers geopolitics, the Second Amendment, society and culture, Austrian economics, international news & more.


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      1. White House: We Don’t Get Too Disappointed Over Unemployment.

        Of course not. Coincides with their effort to create civil unrest.
        Unemployment leads to discontentment and unrest. And this President does not care. Has another agenda.

        • Civil unrest gives the government a reason to crack down on the population.

          • You’d never be disappointed if your plan was coming together would you?

        • Unemployment breeds socialism and dependency on the .gov teat.

          They’re not only “not too concerned”, they’re ecstatic and will push to make it worse.

          We may not see the full effect for a while, but we will. Venezuela, here we come!

          Also, did you see they added 10 tons of paper gold and STILL couldn’t keep the price from spiking yesterday…?

      2. It’s gonna take alot of rope to do the job that needs doin.

        • i will give a spool i have it is about 200 ft.

        • I have tons of rope, at one time i would have donated it to the cause,,,
          NOW however
          Its more cost effective IMHO to donate as many 210g VLDs as it takes to eliminate this disease.
          Why waste perfectly good rope, theres better methods

          • Kula,
            after giving it second from your view point, about the rope, you are correct and it would be a waste of good rope when lead would do as well. but the thought of all those corrupt politicians hanging from the street lamps on the beltway still is a good thought!

      3. Who gives a fuck what these lying/power addicted/child molesting fashion victims fucking think?!All they do is lie,and keep lying,fuck em!

        • Gold and Silver rallied on those Jobless numbers. Gold and Silver were also up today at the opening.
          Friday’s close:
          Gold Ask- $1244.50; Up +$33.10 or +2.73% Today
          Silver Ask- 16.49; Up $+0.43 cents or +2.69% Today

          This had to have hurt the Paper shorter’s today. Maybe part of the rally was the shorter’s covering their short positions.


          • They added 10 TONS of paper gold yesterday before trading started, can you imagine what it would have been if they hadn’t smashed it? LMAO!

            • They have printed 99 ounces of paper gold for every one ounce of actual gold. Yet they just keep printing more, while mining less. They have created the appearance of a surplus to keep the gold price down and the dollar desirable.

              It is just another run away bubble, and it will pop. They can’t deliver if more than one in a hundred investors ask for delivery of physical gold, thus Germany still hasn’t gotten the gold the US was holding for them. In a word, it’s gone…. flew the coupe….. he’s dead Jim. Yup gold was wearing one of those red shirts on the away mission!

              Buy it at these prices.

        • You know you are living in a Fascist Country, when the Police and LEO’s crack down on Patriotic People who are independent thinkers, live off the grid, recycle, self employed, self protection guns, prepping for collapses or disasters, grow your own gardens, have your own well, etc.. These people are a threat to the Fascist Government and corporations because we don’t need them. IN fact they put us on their bad list and the create bogus laws too discourage independence.. But In fact we all with they would get the fuck out of our lives, leave us alone, and stop raping us with unfair taxes.

          However, You are the Ideal Model Citizen if you are dependent on the Grid, Dependent on Grocery stores, dependent on Government for food stamps, welfare, momma baby breeders, and glued to the Main stream media, no independent thinking, just unprepared sheeple who depend on Government, live in the cities. Yes reward them with more Free SHIT Army Hillary Handouts.

          Ahhhh what a fascist country we live in.

          ~WWTI… Anybody see the Movie Amerigeddon yet? Let me know, reviews?

          • ht tp://

            Which is worse, moo or nutria???

      4. Why has nothing been done about the monetary system that enslaves the producers to the parasites? Good question.

        “Banking was conceived in inequity and was born in sin. The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them with the ability to create money and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again, However, take it away from them and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But if you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money.”

        Sir Josiah Stamp, Director of the Bank of England in 1928, thought to be the wealthiest man in England at the time.

        So, you can see that the banker’s motives are nefarious at best, criminal at worst. No politician today calls them out on it because they would lose their own gravy train. Until they do, they are only mouthing platitudes to the people and saying what they want to hear. None will fix anything simply because it cannot be fixed as long as bankers control money creation.

      5. I’ve been reading this site for awhile now and finally decided to post. The simplest fact in this article is not that their apathy is stated but that they say it without any repercussions from the citizenry. This country was founded on many,many ideal. One of which was a certain segment who decided to affect change. That change came from suffering and sacrifices most people would never recognize today. I say shutout off the lights and give it 6 months. One way or another it will work itself out. Personally I’m over this charade.

        • Sig,

          Thanks for posting ( and reading !)

          • Thanks for the forums and articles Mac.

        • welcome SIG,
          I hope your handle is because you like Sigs!! and yes i have and shoot a couple, if ya know what i mean!

          • Since ONE of the firearms being used by SEALS is a ‘Sig’ (ending in B), of course I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one (.45ACP). As it depicts he’s a pro, he could easily be a SEAL (whom we’d be honored to have aboard and remain).


            • Bud,
              of all the weapons i have fired a SIG right out of the box has the been the most accurate, NOW if you want to play a little and do a few tricks they get really sweet to shoot, of course IF you tweak most any decent firearm it will tighten up, BUT for me the SIG is it as far as sidearms go.

              • My Sig’s were the most over priced guns I ever bought, and I don’t regret any of them!

                Accurate, indestructible, reliable, safe, awesome.

                With every firearm I’ve ever bought, I google, failure and breakage etc, most firearms have something that is their weak link, which I buy if I own that firearm. Sig’s not so much. As a precaution I buy an extra set of springs and roll pins….

                One of Sig’s tiniest .380 pistols reportedly eats slide recoil springs. They sell those in three packs and just recommend changing it out every thousand rounds. Sig openly recommends having spare slide springs for that one, no subterfuge, no song and dance, just buy some spares. How refreshing!

                I do particularly like my Sig P227 (.45 ACP) with the extended 15 round mag with +P ammo. That baby is always within arms reach and rocks. I keep it in a Remora sticky holster that I can tuck in the back of my pants when someone unexpected knocks at my door or tuck between the sofa cushions. It is my 24/7 at home “drill baby drill” weapon of choice.

        • I think the country was founded on only one idea. Freedom.

          • Freedom, individuality, freedom from .gov repression, and the other ideals in the bill of rights. But aside from the term freedom it was founded on the ability to create a new situation. A new type of country, one where the ordinary people could steer the policies and direction of their country. That is what I want now. The Ukraine was willing to do something for their country. Our population is too apathetic, lazy and ignorant to do the same. I fear we will be too far down the rabbit hole before we decide to peacefully affect change here.

        • Amen brother

        • Sig, welcome. you’ve come to the right place.

          • Thank you sir,

        • Hang on friend,,,
          Were in for a bumpy ride

      6. You need between 1% and 2% growth just to keep pace with the population increase each year. This administration would be ashamed of itself, if they were honestly concerned about the people of this country.

        The ‘unadjusted’ growth rates touted by the administration have been reduced by 50& each and every quarter to reflect ‘actual’ accomplishments, which are pretty meager. There is also ample evidence that some performance is being reported in the next quarter, to ensure a ability to beat the drums and sound horns about the administration’s economic policies, instead of lackluster reports all around.

        • The reality is that monthly job growth hasnt kept up with the birth rate in years, its no wonder so many folks have given up,
          Here, our homeless population is scary, seems to keep growing

      7. This is exactly what Obama wants. More Americans enslaved to welfare, food stamps and government aid.

        It is voter slavery.

      8. I Just read the same shit on google news. Most of my life I had work, unless I chose not to. I don’t see a lack of jobs, good jobs perhaps? What I see, are a lack of people who want to work. There is a lazy, unskilled, uneducated, overweight, adhd, cellunoided, transgenaration of cybernetic zombies you like to refer to as sheeple. Their number are great! And believe me its better off some of those people don’t work! It can be like sabatoge to those with a real work ethic, or even care about their job.

        • I would be an asshole if I tried to disagree. Simply put, my wife’s son, a young man of 33 years, has worked a total of three days in his entire life. The rest of the years have been spent submitting forms to every “free shit” organization that exists, only to be turned down flat (for never paying in a penny). And he’s a “cellunoided” (roflmao…I love THAT one), uneducated (by choice), lazy idiot who IS the definition of a Sheeple. Before I came into the picture, he had ‘borrowed’ over 35 grand from his mother over the years (I need money for electricity or they’ll shut me off, or DID shut him off so she’d pay the bill PLUS the fine for being late). That all came to a screaming stop the day after saying “I Do” ….and he’s hated me every since. (ask BraveHeart1776 if I care). 🙂
          Hey, if nothing else doesn’t The Good Book say that if a man will not worketh in the fields, then don’t feed his lazy ass? Yes it does, but that isn’t a direct quote. He’s neither the wheat NOR the chaffe. He’s just another fucking worthless rock frigging up the field.

          • Bud, sorry to hear that.
            If I may inject a wee bit of experience of being an old timer here?
            Be careful what you say here, some posters here will take what you post and warp it to the way they think and use it against you.
            My personal stalker ‘nutria’ does it all the time.
            Just giving advice, opsec is his personal hardon…

          • Bud, BRAVO for cutting off the bum. That exactly what I would’ve done. That was wrong for that boy to freeload off his mother like that. Any obligations his mother ever had toward him ended when he turned 18. I learned how to work and the value of a dollar way back when I was a kid. I already had a good work ethic by the time I left high school. Only 2 weeks after graduation I left the parents for good. Been on my own, standing on my own feet, and holding my head up ever since. I work and pay taxes into the system just like you and everyone else. Never lived on any tax dollars period. Every time I’ve ever had a personal SHTF, I rolled up my sleeves and worked on the problem myself. Never went crying, ‘where’s the govt.?’ or any of that shit. The Bible does say that if a man won’t work, let him starve. That boy never had any damn business expecting his mother to be the welfare dept. for him.

          • Is ok, my own kid hates me for similar reasons,,,
            Someday shell get it, or not,
            I didnt have much of a hand in her raising so dont expect much and dont hold it all against her.
            Tough love can be tough on both sides

        • Plisken: Congratulations on having steady work. Judging from your spelling and grammar, clearly it must be in a field where accuracy and attention to detail, not to mention people skills, are not a requirement in your typical work day…which, by the way, are the ONLY kinds of jobs this administration has kept going.

        • Plisken;
          Your making good sense.

          • Thank you, Thank you. It ain’t easy! Sometimes finding work is more work than working. And as far as working for somebody else, F that! You only work for someone else when you can learn something from them, like job skills.
            It doesn’t matter what the economy is like, it all bullpoop anyway. Tptb are all powerless if we refuse to believe in them. You gotta believe in yourself and work for what you want and need in life.
            Of course, it could all hit the fan at any second now. Haha.
            Then there would be a hellava lotta work, just to survive. lol

      9. Of course they are not very excited. Idiot. Democrats are doing what they are good at: farming people and keeping them dumb.

        Labor force participation rate has gone from 80 million to 95.5 million. That says everything you want to know. Oh, and good luck getting a full-time job. You won’t.

      10. The communist agenda of destroying the middle class is almost 100% successful at this point.

        Soon, total disarmament of the public.

        • not without a flurry of rounds going off……ok,who’s first?

          • No Jim, “What, is on first and who’s on second.” 🙂

        • The disarmament of the public will be stepping over the line…

          Unlike our socialist and chief whose lines are make believe, that is an actual call to put down enemies domestic…

          They have ruled by fiat for so long they imagine their absolute power to be absolutely real.
          What they have is federal funding (your and mine tax dollars) to lord over us…

          Our military would never fight a sustained war on it’s own population. There’s not enough UN troops to occupy all of the Americas and they would have to contend with the military loyal to the Constitution, along with the National Guard and militias …

          “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!”
          Benjamin Franklin

      11. That white house press secretary name seems fake since nobody believes a thing they say anyway. Josh Earnest = Deceive Sincerely.

      12. everything is awesome
        everything is cool when you’re part of a team
        everything is awesome
        when we’re living our dream

      13. I was forced out of the job market in 2012. I decided to quit looking for work. I could get a STEM teaching certificate pretty quick, but I would not last long amongst the Liberal shit that infest the schools. I could go back to Electrical and Software design work, but they don’t like old guys, that are ex-military, with lots of skills, and really don’t have to tolerate subjective assholes.
        I’m curious how many of us are like that. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore! Almost 95 million people that could work are not working, and these stupid fucks are telling us everything is OK? When that 47% gets starved down to 10% then maybe American can recover.

        Meanwhile I’m planning my new garden, chicken, goat, and Cattle paddocks, the Solar ground mount for the 9 kW solar array, and
        finishing up the Farm dwelling home.
        That is my job now.

        • I stopped trying to work for others in 08, had been self employed between for years before 05. Same thing, just got fed up with the bs, lazy co workers, dope smokers, bosses who wanted you to do A+ for peanuts or wanted blood.
          Now the government is sticking their nose in my farm business,,, guess what, not forking going to cooperate, rather starve than comply

          • Curious, How they are screwing with your farm? My only contact with the government is USDA and AG water guys. USDA guy always tells me to avoid the feds at all costs. And the AG guys know where their salary comes from.

            • FDA FSMA

              • Can’t pee in the field no more. I understand.

                • Never did,
                  But i dont need their input thanks

                • Shure as hell dont need to pay for it either

                • It goes far far beyond simple no brainer stuff like that, what i find amusing is that most locat growers dont get it yet, end of this year will be interesting, im not even sure how they are going to go about implementing other than cracking down on stores first to require they buy from certified growers,
                  Personally, im done, didnt renew my ag water, (dont want government handouts period) and have basicly stopped worrying about my fields, going to finish fences and get some livestock, thinking goats, can sell em real easy. Maybe a couple hogs too, but going in slow.
                  The FSMA crap is a donkeyfuck,,,
                  Dayly records, audits, third party inspections, fees, etc etc,,, screw it, im running a sustainable organic farm here, in its infancy so its a work in progress from here on out.

        • Rellik, get yourself a piece of cardboard, in big black letters (I hope that’s not rayciss) write
          “Will work for food” take the sign to a busy intersection with some old beat up clothes on. There are plenty of openings available.

        • While I am in the same boat as you…. You left out the fact the govt is bringing more muzzies/illegals to take more jobs away from the lower middle class and lower class citizens. This is absolutely disgusting.
          It doesn’t pay to be a US citizen anymore….

          As far as the govt trying to disarm us now…. I don’t give a shit, Molon Labe…..

        • Rellik, you probably have the best job you can do right now, and that is, preparing for the future. I’m in the same boat, can’t retire, so thought I would just get the farmette up and going. It’s working aren’t alone.

        • rellik: I’ve not had any time to “put my mind to it”, but what would be your reaction/thoughts to WE THE PEOPLE taking advantage of all these fine and upstanding Mexicans looking for work being hired by WE THE PEOPLE?

          EACH of us could easily create jobs via “start-ups” (ignoring any and all unconstitutional laws while doing so, and ensuring they stay unfettered via the use of Smith & Wesson).

          Can you see where I am headed with this thinking? (Of a sort)? Or can anyone ‘catch my drift’? I would rather not “spell it out”…seriously. Except for, THIS IS OUR COUNTRY. NOBODY TELLS US WHAT TO DO OR HOW TO DO IT >>>AND THAT GOES DOUBLE FOR THE FEDS (their laws are “hollow, null & void” as all of them are outside The Constitution without exception). Now (or THEN), we’d have “the perfect right” to hire whomever we please, no differently than a farmer hires for harvest-time right?
          Seems to me this could work VERY easily, and IN DAYS would ‘win over those who, at the moment’ are being brainwashed into hating us (and Donald). Perhaps this would be the wisest method of incurring a permanent dent in The Feds future (diabolical) plans. And with the loss of all those votes, Hitlery would just go down the tubes, and Obama would be insane to even CONSIDER trying to “keep the country” via Martial Law (as we’d have triple the number of pissed off Americans more than willing to tear them “limb from limb”.
          Why not use what is being deployed against us in our favor while we have the time (and smarts) to do so? Please, no flaming as I’m seeking to turn around a bad situation using THEIR tactics against themselves. See? See? Somebody say yes please….

          • Yes…

            • Braveheart says not only yes, but HELL YES!

      14. Talking about long term trends is a bunch of bullshit my employer screams. They think we are stupid and say things like everytime someone gets injured and goes out for a bit they pay $64,000 which cuts into the bottom line they don’t share with us. If you want people to not get hurt financial incentives for workers is how it’s done. I call them out in front of the others. They are too busy robbing the business and pocketing the $. Everyone knows it too. People are leaving the company and going elsewhere. I don’t blame them the writing is on the wall it’s gonna close eventually. They are not gonna resign the contract in 2018. I just need another year to be vested then I don’t care really. It’s really not worth working anymore I find. The fact that the whitehouse isn’t concerned makes sense. They want socialism and the only way to usher that in is destroy jobs and make pay and expectations go down while feeding the help bullshit lies. If they are gonna fuck us at least give us a courtesy reach around. i don’t care really I can pay my bills being a greeter at Walfart. Just need minimal $ to sustain what I got. Thank god I was smart and busted my ass for years and established myself. Sucks for the young people starting out but hey this is what they want.

      15. This is a test, only a test. To see once again if I can post a comment on this damn blog!

        I’ve recently come out of unemployment since 2012, and driving a local delivery truck for restaurant supplies.
        From my perspective, it’s not looking good folks. Orders are way off and restaurants are dropping like flies during a bug bomb. Though I am located in a rich area filled with defense industry wonks. So they still have jobs and are to busy to cook their own food.

        Just how does the unemployment rate drop when the new job report comes in a hundred thousand lower ?

      16. Problem is the free shit bums are not gonna go apply for a job to get less $ than they can get being on programs. I mean if you get $40,000 a year worth in free housing food medical insurance bus passes free Obummer phone cash assistance. Why would you go and work for someone to make $30,000 a yr and not be eligible for programs because your just above the poverty line. Free shit and sell dope for cash under the table and drive a nice car wearing nice designer clothes is the smart thing to do. Working is for schlepps. The only way to get people to go to work is to make working worth doing. Till that happens this is what we have. You don’t have to be a genius to see the free shit route is more profitable if you hustle on the side. if you don’t make at least $50k a yr it’s not worth working IMO. $10 hr for 40hrs is $400 gross that’s if you get 40 hrs if you get 30hrs which a lot of businesses say is full time now. Thats$300 gross after taxes whuddya come home with $200. I piss that out in one nite of drinks. You can’t live on that and own a piece of shit car even staying on someone’s couch for free. your gonna need to be subsidized to take care of your needs. Companies know that so they pay shit and your force to go to the gov agency to supplement the difference. Workers are a political football.

        • And the median American income is estimated to be about $27,500.00 (if you take the top twenty estimates, add them up, then divide by 20).
          That translates into POVERTY for everyone who works. WORK SO THAT YOU CAN IMPOVERISH YOURSELF?

          Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh (sp?) (radio dude) was saying we have a population of 220 million with nearly 97+ million adults unable to FIND ANY job that would remotely sustain them. And working 10 jobs at the same time and hours just ain’t makin’ it for anyone…

        • We made $31k this year for a family of three. This year we will make about $4k less than that because I’m having child #2 this summer and won’t be able to work the holiday temp job I usually take. Hubby hasn’t gotten a raise since Jan 2013 and we will have added two kids since. But his bosses keep bragging to everyone in the office how they are up 50% on the year and they are buying new equipment left and right. He will have been there 9 years this fall. Oh, they have already told him, like a year ago, that they know he deserves a raise, but didn’t think HR would approve it 🙁

          Against every fiber of my being, I will be applying for SNAP once I give birth in July. I’m not doing it because I want free stuff, I mostly want to shame his company. 9 years and you can’t pay him enough to keep a family of four off food stamps?!?

          • Renee, don’t think twice about it, you and your husband deserve it more than many others combined.
            It was said years ago (remember the Montana Freemen?)to sign up for EVERYTHING you could get, as a way of “bleeding the beast.” If it helps your family, do it!

      17. This government is pure evil, the collusion with Monsanto to genetically modify and poison food are prime examples. The real truth about glyphosate is mostly hidden as to the damage to plant and animal life. Eat organic, it’s still in your body. It kills off beneficial gut bacteria and penetrates the blood brain barrier and is the cause of other problems in the human body such as autism. I see Bayer is trying to buy Monsanto for more than 60 billion dollars. Wasn’t Bayer a German pharmaceutical giant involved in WW2? The same criminal entities threaten life on Earth to this day. Glyphosate is very dangerous.

        • ht tps://

          Funny, all asparin is just willow bark, native people would chew on bark for relief.
          Bayer also commercialized herion. Poppy seed extract.
          Every plant here on earth is for food or medicine, so Bayer just standardized the dosage…

          • Yup that’s why beavers never got headaches. Chew on two of these pieces of inner bark and call me in the morning.

            • And no headaches means no “No I have a headache,” from Ms Beaver. That’s why the population and dam building has never suffered all these centuries 🙂 <bb

              • Boiled magnolia bark tea wipes clean the synapses that create addictions.

                Back to Eden Jethro Kloss…

                Tastes really bad….

                • Eppe
                  I have that book too. Saving it for a rainy day, I have been reading scientific research online. It affirms my decision to stay home and be one of the 100 million not working in the corporate economy. This is bizarre, trying to be self sufficient and keep my head down… while clowns like this say it is all okay. 100 million discarded and importing terrorists.

                  Going back out to attend my garden.

                  • Good book.
                    No philo is nice.
                    Wish I could shake mine.

                    Bless all…

          • Very true. White Willow bark (to be exact). 400mg capsules taken two-capsules-twice-daily WORKS WONDERFULLY as compared to Bayer. The ass-clencher is that you’ll pay around $22.00 for a bottle of 100 capsules (Nature’s Way which is non-GMO certified and very, very careful company). It is also an excellent blood-thinner, just as is aspirin, and is NOT to be given to children due to the possibility of Reye’s Syndrome (sorry, can’t spell for beans today).

            Or, go to a nursery and buy a decent sized White Willow Tree and plant ‘her’ nicely …full sun and decent water supply. That one tree can help defer pain and the use of blood-thinners (that kill) in favor of one that cannot hurt you. (Just chop up the bark and dry it out). Bark from The Pau d’ Arco tree is also used for many things (more than I wanna list here) …and that’s just tapping the surface. ALL of our medicines are herbal FIRST (big pharma just takes them, concentrates them, adds shit to them to addict you to them, then charge thousands for what cost them about a buck a pill …YOU pay $100USD per pill.
            It is a fact that the bark of Pau d’ Arco keep “cancer of the meninges” from killing my mother for five years. Had she known and doubled the dose she may have “whooped it”, but when it’s your time, it is my belief that YOU ARE GOING! 🙂

            • Uno de Cato.
              Claw of the cat.
              Peruvian tree bark that kills tumors and other things…

              • RIP float like a butterfly, sting like a bee…

                • Ali fought Parkinson for 30 years.
                  Parkinson and Alzimers seem to be closest related.
                  Did getting hit so many times bring this on, or genetics???
                  Or input to the clay body we occupy?

                  Bless all here…

                  • Catious Clay,,,,

                • I remember Ali was not thrilled about Vietnam.
                  “I don’t have a problem with those people…”

            • Bud,
              Go to and search analgesic. It will pop up every plant that helps pain. One drop peppermint oil on your temple will cure a headache. I grow peppermint, easy. Even peppermint tea is helpful. There are hundreds of plants.that are edible and medicinal in every area. Hundreds growing outside your door. “Willow bark” was just part of an ad campaign. I have wild lettuce and it is effective like morphine without being addictive. I grabbed seed from some in a Crack in the parking lot and it grows like crazy even in NM. I always had it in Texas.
              Just another thing you don’t have to buy in the Market Economy. You don’t need a large tree for headache relief.

          • Wasn’t it Coca-Cola that was found to have a bit of heroin in the mix, starting from their inception (whenever that was)? Talk about getting addicted quick!

            Also, Windows is sending out messages (pop ups) that warn that your computer is now ready for Windows 10 and you can always return to Windows 7 after one month (but once you’ve upgraded then downgraded, the software they WANT you to have (for spying) will not be deleted if you go back to Win 7. You can SHUT OFF ALL FUTURE UPDATES (and they’ll turn the sucker right back on ‘somehow’ so that you are FORCED to update. FUCK THAT!

            I am proud to announce my wife is now running Linux Debian Cinnamon, and loves it. Simple download and installation, but for the moment she’s running it straight off a DVD (sort of like a permanent ‘trial’ disk, but it cannot be updated).

            Running TAILS exclusively beats hell out of allowing Windows to even come close to firing up the registry (and TAILS doesn’t use ANYTHING except memory, leaving NO traces at all).

            Free country? Where is Bill Gates or just who the hell is forcing this upon the American public TOTALLY illegally?

            S’cuse me …I’m going outside for a while and tear up some targets (a gong in this case) to burn off the anger. God damned, pink, fuzzy-nutted, bannee-legged, rotten, stinking, miserable sons-a-bitches anyway…. <—-THAT's a "rant". 🙂

            • Coca leaves.

            • She don’t lie she don’t lie… cocaine.

      18. Even out the playing field with Vietnam. So if they mostly live in abject poverty with no plumbing and no electricity, we’ll just be complaining spoiled and ungrateful when the rug is pulled out from below our feet. Useless eaters. I hate to break this to you, but that’s you, at least in the mind of the rich bastards who are pulling the strings. These people want an end to private property. That is the biggest threat to our freedom. Water rights and property rights, ranchers and farmers are on the front line. Give them your support. Those ranchers who were murdered by the FEDS are martyrs for the cause of freedom. Let’s not forget their sacrifice. Let’s try to make our stand more successful in the future. But remember the fallen. Some day we may all be forced off the fence. You may question their wisdom, but not their bravery.

        • Every man has his limits, at some point we all just say what the hell and stop going along. Im there, have no doubts in my mind that it will eventually be the death of me. Such is life, the illusion that we are free died for me, i know the truth, but most people have no clue and just keep going along and paying the fee, if you have to pay to be part of the club your not free, when the supposed elected government is used as a club to keep everybody in line, your no longer free.
          But people just dont get it, its the price we must pay to be free, or its still better than anywhere else or its just the way it is,,,,

        • B from CA – Very nicely written and oh, so true in every detail. The Feds would have us think that they now own all the water, even what’s in YOUR well (Obama’s EO gave them the authority to illegally claim this bullshit), along with the myriads of other bullshit he’s been cranking out via EO’s since the onset of his 2nd term, which was just as rigged as the first imho).

          DO NOT FOLLOW UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS AS THEY ARE NOT LAWS IN THE LEAST – but only bullshit to further their efforts against us. Thus, disobedience “is the new normal attitude” for all preppers to adopt and adapt too …the soonerer the betterer…

        • @ B from CA

          It is a UN/communist/fascist takeover of the USA from within.

          Just look at agriculture, it is less than 1% of the population growing most of the food supply.

          Agriculture in the United States is dwindling and is being taken over by corporations and the government.

          I don’t think we want these saul alinsky marxists that are all over in our federal state and local governments controlling our food supply.

      19. Labor force participation was very different 40 years ago. Most men had a good job so the wife didn’t have to work. When I was growing up nobody had a mother who worked unless the parents were divorced. The father made good enough money to raise an average of 4 kids on one income.

      20. So I had this box of Poland spring water. 6 milk gallon jugs in the box had them for about 4 years in the cool dark baseman. I decided I need to use them or dump them out on the plants. So I open 1 and started drinking it. Not bad has a little bit of a plasticy taste but put it in the fridge and get it cold and tastes fine. Been drinking the water and giving it to the kids no one has any problem with it. A while back I read that the milk jug containers wouldn’t store long term because the cheap disposable 1time use. I didn’t have any leaks in the jugs at all no pin holes nothing. While I agree the milk jug containers aren’t the way to go for water storage they do work. I could see stacking the boxes up more than three high being a problem causing the lower jugs to collapse. I wouldn’t use jugs that had milk in them previously and store water in them. This is just my findings I thought I’d share.

      21. Bud $27,500 is poverty like you said. Programs give you up to $40,000 worth of free shit. Working just don’t pay at all. You understand my point. Try raising three kids on $27k it’s not gonna cut it at all. What is that like $500 wk take home you gotta pay your car payment housing fuel food clothing medical ins copays and anything that comes up like car repairs. Your not gonna do this with $500 wk. The $27’500 a yr probably puts you a couple hundred above the poverty line for a family of 5. Being above poverty line makes you ineligible for any programs. Your set up to fail. This is how gov creates dependantcy. Making the majority of family’s dependent is how to make socialism the ruling ideology. If people could go to work and make unlimited amounts of $ they would embrace capitalism because you could be as successful as you wanna be. Right now everyone I know is only gonna max their salary at some point and not make a dollar more. Even skilled labor is only gonna make so much. So you make $50 k Yr you’ll say it isn’t enough eventually. I do.

      22. People with jobs that provide a decent living breeds independence and freedom. People without jobs provides more democrat voters and dependence on government.

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