Putin “Prepared to Use Tactical Nuclear Weapons” If Turkey/Saudi Invade Syria

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 146 comments

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    This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at Infowars.com.

    Editor’s Comment: The potential for WWIII remains quite high. The agenda for long term control of the middle east has obviously been strong enough to keep wars rolling in the region for several decades now. And there is no indication that ending – and all the players have been coming to the surface.

    It is entirely clear that the civil war in Syria, and the parallel rise of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, is anything but a local problem, and has much more to do with the global chessboard and the dangerous moves to endgame. Will Syria prove to be the lynchpin of global chaos and full-scale world war?

    Report: Putin Threatens Turkey With Tactical Nukes

    by Paul Joseph Watson

    Award-winning Iran-Contra journalist Robert Parry has been told by a source close to Vladimir Putin that Russia has threatened Turkey with the use of tactical nuclear weapons if it launches a joint invasion of Syria with Saudi Arabia.

    Writing for Consortium News, Parry warns that the risk of the United States and its allies escalating the conflict in Syria to rescue rebels who are now on the verge of defeat could spark “World War III”.

    “If Turkey (with hundreds of thousands of troops massed near the Syrian border) and Saudi Arabia (with its sophisticated air force) follow through on threats and intervene militarily to save their rebel clients, who include Al Qaeda’s Nusra Front, from a powerful Russian-backed Syrian government offensive, then Russia will have to decide what to do to protect its 20,000 or so military personnel inside Syria,” writes Parry.

    “A source close to Russian President Vladimir Putin told me that the Russians have warned Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that Moscow is prepared to use tactical nuclear weapons if necessary to save their troops in the face of a Turkish-Saudi onslaught. Since Turkey is a member of NATO, any such conflict could quickly escalate into a full-scale nuclear confrontation.”

    Parry’s background suggests the information should be treated seriously. He covered the Iran-Contra scandal for the Associated Press and Newsweek and was later given a George Polk award for his work on intelligence matters.

    According to Parry, although President Obama has “sought to calm Erdogan down and made clear that the U.S. military would not join the invasion,” he has been “unwilling to flatly prohibit such an intervention”.

    Moscow’s alleged threat to repel a Turkish invasion of Syria with nuclear weapons follows comments by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in which he warned of a new world war if the United States and its allies send ground troops into Syria.

    Turkey and Saudi Arabia have both signaled they are considering a ground invasion of Syria in order to aid refugees and so-called “moderate rebels” fighting against the Assad regime.

    Last week, Turkish officials called for a “safe zone” to be established within Syria to allow refugees to flee Russia’s advance, although the United States argued that such a corridor could not be set up without a no fly zone.

    Saudi Arabia is currently conducting the biggest wargames the region has seen for a quarter of a century. Northern Thunder involves 150,000 troops from 20 countries and is viewed by some as a precursor to a possible invasion of Syria.

    Earlier this month, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir told CNN that President Bashar al-Assad will have to be removed “by force” if the political process fails.

    Despite official denials that the kingdom possesses nuclear weapons, Saudi political analyst told RT’s Arabic network last week that the Saudis have indeed obtained the bomb and that tests will be conducted soon.


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      1. Putin seems to be the only one rational. Putin is fighting the NWO. And guess who our psychopathic politicians are Chummed up with? It sucks being on the wrong side of history time and time again. How do these scoundrels keep getting elected? Is the whole voting system hacked?

        ~WWTI. I keep changing my handle since my IP or name keeps getting blocked.

        • “Putin seems to be the only one rational.”

          The use of tactical nuclear weapons against a NATO member (Turkey) is not rational, as that would escalate the conflict with the use of tactical nuclear weapons by the West, as well.

          While the first use of those weapons has an element of surprise, the response will not be a surprise to a man as intelligent as Putin.

          I say he is BLUFFING and I suspect that he has taken that secondary response into consideration. Russian forces would NOT be targeted as long as they remained a defensive force around the Russian Port.

          My guess is, if he did use tactical (battlefield) nukes against invading Turkish personnel, that Turkey would respond with attacks upon Russian targets:

          IE, sinking the Russian Fleet, such as it is. Game on. 🙁

          • DK

            Who is Turkey to invade Syria a sovereign nation. That in and of itself is a violation of international law.

            Of course no one bothers with things like the rule of law.

            • Anon,
              Ever hear of the Ottoman empire?

          • You are ignorant saying that. Putin does not bluff, that is what the rest of the world leaders do. Only the weak have to try to bluff and intimidate adversaries. Russia is not weak and they do not have to bluff anyone they will just annialate them.




          SAME OLD SHIT


        • Agreed WWTI, if the last 60 years the USA had kept it’s nose out of everyone’s poop chute, where would the world be now???

          Be well sir…

          • Just think where we would be!

            • Amen bro, why do all humans want to kill each other whom are different?
              Never made sense to me.
              Ying verses yang.
              Black and white.
              Up vs. Down.

              I know, dreaming again…

              • If all the money spent on war, had been spent on improving this earth, we would be better off…
                Cheaper too…

                • Never underestimate the gangster banksters. NEVER. They would have found other ways to steal the wealth of the American Taxpayer, if not for wars.

                  That’s what they do. 🙁

                  And most likely it would involve PAPER securities. There is a certain evil, but brilliant, genius to allocating value to paper and ink, then having everyone subscribe to that system.

                  Just saying. 🙁

                  • LMAO…And yet you’re on record supporting the banksters and their central bank.

                    It’s in the archives!

                    Attaboy DK!

                    Just saying.

                    • Your mother
                      Don’t laugh too hard
                      PM are a bit of a stretch too. They are only a store of wealth because people agree on that. Land and pastoral herds are true wealth since you can directly conversation them to food and shelter with “agreement”. If you think about half the people in the country are exchanging 8 hours labor for insufficient TP/FRN to put a roof over their head and food in their belly. Heck, aborigines in Australia, one of the hardest environments, work less than 2 hours per day for that. We have much richer land.

                • Yeah I’m with you eppe, if we would just keep our nose out of other peoples business the world would be soooooo much better. Why do humans want to kill each other, Putin and the rest of the Communist have always been so peaceful, you don’t hear alot of noise out of those 60 million or so that they laid to rest. Trekker Out. Satan Is Alive And Well!

                  • Trekker, WTTI, Epp,
                    There are a lot more than 60 million that are forever keeping their silence! That number barely covers mother Russia. A lot of old fashion revisionism going on throughout the media and BBC is at the forefront with its recent claims about Stalin’s millions.

                    Louisiana Eagle out

                • RIGHT!!! Like “The War on Poverty After 50 Years”

                  By Robert Rector and Rachel Sheffield

                  In his January 1964 State of the Union address, President Lyndon Johnson proclaimed, “This administration today, here and now, declares unconditional war on poverty in America.” In the 50 years since that time, U.S. taxpayers have spent over $22 trillion on anti-poverty programs. Adjusted for inflation, this spending (which does not include Social Security or Medicare) is three times the cost of all U.S. military wars since the American Revolution. Yet progress against poverty, as measured by the U.S. Census Bureau, has been minimal, and in terms of President Johnson’s main goal of reducing the “causes” rather than the mere “consequences” of poverty, the War on Poverty has failed completely. In fact, a significant portion of the population is now less capable of self-sufficiency than it was when the War on Poverty began.

                  • Yes, it’s been equally effective as the ” war on drugs” has been for the same time frame. How stupid can a nation, or the people who govern them be? Think about how much money and wasted effort has spent on law enforcement and jails for drug offenders in the last 50 years, not to mention swelling the pockets of organized crime and international drug cartels. Imagine treating drug use and dependency as a health problem instead of a crime problem, while legalizing their use and thus take all the money and violence out of the picture for the criminal element. Nope, that’s WAY too far ahead thinking for America to do, we love to bullshit ourselves about the high morals we embrace, even when the sheer stupidity of those morals run us right into bankruptcy. But hey, we can always brag we have more people in jail then any other country, right? Stupidity seems to always go hand in hand with somebody’s idea of what ” morality” should be. Somehow we can never seem to take human nature into account when making these high minded ” moral” choices which always, without exception, crash and burn.

                    • Billy, you covered that pretty good.
                      Amerikans have trouble keeping their noses out of other people’s business. Right wing has its version and left wing has another version. Two sides of the same coin .

                • SPOT ON EPPE

          • Would it not be a wonderful world if all islamic savages were dead and buried? Not to mention some that deny they are and support them.



        • Putin is fighting the NWO so he can put the money in his pocket. I doubt that he shares with his people.

        • and the establishment republican party will support and give money to hill’s campaign to go against the will of the people who want Trump.neither side like him because he is an outsider that doesnt need their money.you need to remember that one fact and think…why is it that both sides don’t like him? it ought to tell you something. hey even some Brits wanted to ban him from their country which has gone to pot btw. He’s the only one thats NOT playing their game.

          • Townkryor
            nobody liked Stalin either, or Nixon, or Idi Amin, and so on. That’s a weak argument, can you find a better one to vote for a billionaire who merely loaned his campaign money and already got it back? Who was created by endless free press that reports on nothing the Bigs don’t want to spread? Bigs barely cover Sanders who pulls 60k people for speeches. Cuz they luv Sanders they ignore him? Every article about Sanders is about Hillary. Bogs like the Trump sterility just fine. They are playing with the angry retard vote.

      2. The Turks, Saudis, and other Muzzie nations planning to invade need to forget about it and back off, just back the f#$% off! Especially who the f#$% is the Saudi foreign minister to tell Syria who the f#$% they can or cannot have as their leaders? While Assad might not be a saint, he was elected by his people to rule them. There’s been too many cuts in the military since obamanation has been around for US to send in any troops. Muslims are not only barbarians, they’re retarded. If they destroy each other, OK, but don’t try doing anything to our country.

        • Braveheart, you make great points. It’s dangerous for Americans when we have a weak President.

        • Good thing Obungler fired all those generals, a la Stalin, that he didn’t like a couple years ago. Now the army will be even more incompetent.

          But… since they have now turned the military into a social(ist) experiment, I say put all the feminists and radical homosexuals on the front lines. Heck, that’s what they wanted, right????

          • It isn’t a social experiment. It is the deliberate weakening of the military. Trashing Americas defense has been the goal of communist infiltrators for decades. The mil continues to be weakened deliberately by 0bunghole his communist technocratic NWO admin.

        • Let’s pause and think clearly. Who is infamous for centuries of ginning up and profiting from gentile-against-gentile wars? Hmmmm…

          • Yep. The Mongols. The Vikings. The Lombards. The Vandal invasiion of North Africa. The Huns. The Normal Conquest. The Battle of the Plains of Abraham in Quebec. Napoleon. The Inca wars against their neighbors. Tojo in Japan. And I suppose you will blame the Jews for the Muslim conquest of North Africa and the fall of Constantinople. The list goes on and on and on. And so does the Jew baiting under the name-du-jour here.

        • Brave,
          You are not making sense. You last sentence does not jibe with the first part with the masked four letter words. Please rephrase.

      3. Sure would get interesting if that happens…

        • It’s pretty interesting now man , I cannot believe we have lasted this long without using nukes.

          The men in charge will bring the world to 500 million population

          • Putin made the same threats against the US over Ukraine. It was not reported int he US media because that would go against the Obama agenda.

            And Yes,
            I think they would use them because the US sanctions against Russia devalued their money by half, so they are pissed off.

          • Im cool with that,
            Oh wait,
            Im not in that club

            • Kula,

              Global Warming will quickly precede Global Cooling in that scenario. There may be no club to join other than the clubs in our hands after that rapid man-made climate change!

              Louisiana Eagle

            • no one here is in that club

              Thank God

              • The Muslims will not invade Syria. Go to war with Russia? Hell the Israelis kicked their ass every time they fought them, what do you think the Russkies would do them. It would last about 3 days.

          • Yep, CC…. all predicated on the absurd premise of Malthusianism (also what is behind the scam of global warming). Fact is, there is a reason Paul Ehrlich, former catastrophic global cooler (along with John Holdren) turned catastrophic global warmer LOST the wager with Julian Simon. You can google the Julian Simon/Paul Ehrlich wager, but long story short, minds are more important than mouth.

            And if I were governor of GA., I would have those vile, Agenda 21 “Georgia UnGuidestones” bulldozed.

            • Test, the 10 ‘commandments’ make sense, except the first one.
              Scary to know they want to terminate 13 out of 14 of us humans.
              Weird feeling standing next to a monument that states tptb wants most all of us dead…

              • I’m very sorry, but the vast majority of the stuff on those unguidestones are, in my estimation, horse manure. Yes, there are a couple items there that are reasonable – but evil always comes alloyed with a bit of truth. Just enough for people to swallow it.

                The Georgia UnGuidestones are vile and more from the Agenda 21 crew. Sorry, but I totally disagree with you on this one.

              • I sniff the stench of a new age hippy.

                Come out, come out, Wherever You Are… Barry.

              • With all due respect, Epps, I totally disagree. There are couple things that are valid, agreed, but Satan always mixes a little truth with his overall lies, so people don’t notice the poison going down (think Jim Jones and his KoolAid).

                It’s just another Agenda 21 road apple in the hiway of freedom in this country.

              • Epps
                I take tptb at their word, they want us dead.
                Foolish to think they are not going to get rid of old white farts. I have no Iintention of aiding and abetting any of their killing or genocide schemes. Why help them slaughter all of us. They don’t care which of us survive, they’ll train up the servants to take care of them after any bloodbath. Acid spouts white supremacy trying to convince himself that tptb will want him after the mass death… doesn’t want to admit that he’s already discarded, except when whining about boomers.
                The 62 are running things to suit themselves and it suits them to knock it down to half a billion, give or take.

      4. Regan would have responded with something stifling the ruskie dictator by now.

        Obama, not so much.

        • President Reagan was far more pragmatic. Russia has not some, but every legal right to be in Syria according to international law, we do not. Syria has done nothing to me. As a matter of fact Christians in Syria (10% of their population) are protected by the Syrian government.The “moderate Islamic Fundamentalists”, who we supply and fund with no control over distribution of weapons, are allied with ISIS who cut off Christians heads. The goal is not fighting terrorism as its just the ostensible excuse for our involvement. The goal is to remove Assad from power which in itself is a violation of international law.

          Simply put we’re on the wrong side of this one which seems to be the common position we have taken (Iraq, Libya, Vietnam to name a few) for corporate globalist interests.

          This is about one thing, an oil pipeline; period. They’re risking WWIII over Syria which few Americans could identify on a map if it wasn’t named.

          • That’s right Kevin. Our government does is anti-Christian, from what I can tell. Also, I believe depleted nukes have been used in recent wars. And full-on nukes in WWII of course.

            • They’re not immoral but rather amoral. The same is true about religion. The Islamics are being used and its so damn easy to manipulate them to use violence. TPTB worship at the alter of power.

            • Nutnation
              Both Bushes used depleted uranium in munitions in the Middle East. Nuked our kids. Nuked the Middle East. Depleted uranium disposal problem for corporate ptb solved.

        • Ruskie dictator?

          Hardly. You are still cold-war thinking. There is no justification for the US involvement in Syria. Zero.

          It is not our circus and they are not our monkeys.

      5. Eppe, I never liked the way the Chinese used the word ‘interesting’ when they said, “May you live in interesting times.” I know I’m NOT interested in WW3 happening, but I’m afraid it’s going to happen anyway. Everyone responsible for taking our country in this direction deserves to die.

        • Correct! Those responsible need to be taken out before 3 billion die. You win todays Yahtzee!

        • It is a miracle that nukes haven’t been used already.

          No one survives this. Watch for the first part of March. The invasions / nukings may happen that quickly

          • CC: I am surprised they have not been launched yet.

      6. Yes, I admit it, I am the source that’s close and have all the inside information here. I have discussed this at length with four star general and we are both in complete agreement that THIS time we are phucked for sure! Even if the nukes don’t get us, Nibiru or the dredlock zombies are bound to spread out from the greater Houston area sometime in April at the latest, they’re coordinating the attack with Russian spetsnatz and Chinese troops that have been effectively disguised as waiters in Chinese restaurants and laundries. It’s too late to run, I only predict inevitable doom and gloom for all.

        • Scientist, you should go to some of the cheap Chinese restaurants I have been in! So much MSG in the food I am *already* zombified.

          And besides, the dreadlock zombies are ON Niburu, so they can’t arrive here BEFORE the planet/star/whatever, because their made in China teleporters are on the fritz

          But we should be ok with the laundries… just don’t wash your clothes for the next year

        • The waiters in our chinese restaurant are Mexican.

        • scientist friend AKA HICKS is a loonie lying idiot.

        • A parody on a certain person?

          • above comment meant for scientist

      7. Getting nasty over there. Even if the US does not send troops or militarily intervene, it will be trouble for us.

        By the way, Turkey is a Nato Member. Hmm. No Nato response in their behalf? Can say Good bye to the Turks in that alliance?

        Then a major victory for the Russians and look out Israel?

        • If Turkey invades, most of NATO will sit this one out. They are not obligated to help Turkey, and pussified Europe has their hands full with ‘migrants’

      8. This situation is unreal fragile. I honestly don’t see any way this CANT end without tactical battlefield nukes.

        Vlad the Immolator doesn’t bullshit. He will use them.

        Watch out for the upcoming “peace treaty” on the 27th. It all falls apart soon after that then the nukes detonate

      9. Not to mention I question that I have, since I was told by the muscled up Russian goon..in my city what the hell is he, they doing here me..so I looks like putin is fighting the bad guys by his Russians ate in my city talking sh…t to the face and Likes of me.

        I am not convinced that Putin..is on the side of the people.. alot of ddefectors came to the US telling it’s government that this is the case..the phucker that came after my hchikc friend that he was Russian and heard it with my own too ears..

        It’s just not making sense as to who the real threat is?. Brave, I have to back up comment on that one..I guess at the end if the day if Putin nukes the phuck our of turkey which I would not give a Rats ass about them, phuck them, then this gives the natzi zionist cabalist..then the go to do the false flag and cancel our election and does this now mean that I have to kill Russian soldiers in my city?
        And if Russians are here then the allies, the Chinese will be firing on us also, meaning and invasion from Mexico..who is the real enemy, it’s the soldiers in the uniform in tanks rolling down Hwy6, hwy10, hwy45.. role into my city. Fire on us, I will respond with lethal phucking force.



        • Please God, let me be among the first to perish in this coming apocalypse, so I don’t have to live among broken toys like HCKS.

          • LATL

            You are at the wrong site.

          • LATL
            If you don’t have anything good to say. Don’t say anything!

          • LATL, you trolls are broken toys which are FUBAR. No trolls here so move along, sonny.

            • Take it easy brave, it’s not like he’s trying to steal acid etch away from you, I’m sure he knows acid belongs to you.

        • Go spread your anti russian propaganda somewhere else. Putin is one of the only world leaders standing up to the NWO. Your lame attempt to spread misinformation is failing….

        • Please go troll some other site with your stupid lame anti Russia propaganda. It is obvious who you work for with the top NATO generals and spokespeople spouting out the same worn out lies that Russia is the devil and Russia is the booge man. If you hate russia so much why don’t you take your fat ass over there and fight them all by your self since your such a “badass”

      10. Vlad the Immolator will melt the followers of Mad Mo’ with holy thermonuclear fire

        • Capt’n, the followers of “Mad Mo”, that’s funny! Thanks.

      11. The entire world realizes that the US is weak and they are taking every advantage. It is hard for me to think this was not the intended outcome of Obama, to ruin the name of the US and to weaken our military with this as the end result.

        Putin rarely speaks or gives press conferences. Putin acts while Obama and Kerry obloviate. At least there is one real leader in the world and that leader is not in the US.

        Am I being harsh? Yes.

        • Philosopher


          The US spends as much on its military as the next ten nations combined friend and potential foe.

          Do you think we should engage the Russians in combat over Syria a place they have a legal right to have their forces in and we don’t and if so why? Do you like US men and women dying for globalist business interests which in this case is an oil pipeline?

          • K2: the US is weak and that is a direct effect of having a weak president in office that has dismantled the US military. Furthermore, the US has no business in Syria. That is a civil war and none of our business. What Syria does, and how they address their civil war is their business. I don’t think the US should be involved. At all. The US is running thin, around the world, and everyone knows that. Including Putin. Including China. Including North Korea. Including Iran.

            But let me guess, you figured since I am a vet that I would be a hawk and hung ho for war, right? You didn’t want an honest answer you have already pigeon holed me and figured my answer would slide right into your nice tidy little hole. Too bad if my answer disappoints you. The thing about old soldiers is we abhor war. We understand the consequences of war all too well.

            Much of the money the US spends is wasted and Russia has proven they have superior EW technology and nuclear weapons. The nuclear stuff the US has is out of date and badly maintained. So much for all those tax dollars being sucked into the black hole at the Pentagon.

            I have a neighbor that said his last duty station was Dijibouti, Africa.

            Why is the US military in this country? AFRICOM. Who has heard of this base other than myself and my neighbor? Not many is my guess.

            Should we be there? No. Should the Empire of the USSA have 800 military installations around the world? No. Should the US taxpayer be funding these bases? No.

            Should anyone in the US military be dying for an oil pipeline? No. There is plenty of oil in the US which is not being used, including plenty of vacant land in Alaska that could be drilled. The US passed on a great pipeline from Canada. Where is that oil going now? Probably to China.

            Camp Lemonnier
            Djibouti, Africa

            Marines train with M16-A2 rifles in March 2003 at Camp Lemonnier

            Coordinates 11°32′37″N 43°08′55″E

            Type USN Expeditionary Base

            Site information
            Controlled by United States
            Site history
            Built Refurbished in 2001
            In use 2001 – present
            Garrison information
            Past commanders U.S. Navy Captain Peter Van Stee[1]

            Garrison Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa

            Camp Lemonnier is a United States Naval Expeditionary Base,[2] situated at Djibouti’s Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport and home to the Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA) of the U.S. Africa Command (USAFRICOM).[3] It is the only permanent US military base in Africa.[4][5] The camp is operated by U.S. Navy Region Europe, Africa, Southwest Asia; CJTF-HOA is the most notable tenant command located at the facility as of 2008. It was established as the primary base in the region for the support of Operation Enduring Freedom – Horn of Africa (OEF-HOA). After negotiations between March and May 2001, the Djiboutian government allowed for the base’s use by the U.S., providing for demining, humanitarian, and counter-terrorism efforts, and it now serves as the location from which U.S. and Coalition forces are operating in the Horn of Africa. The access agreement made by officials from the U.S. Embassy in Djibouti with the Djiboutian government allows for use of the camp, as well as a nearby airport and port facilities.”

            Direct link: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camp_Lemonnier

            • “dismantled the US military.”

              That dismantled military has more effective deployable whoop ass than any other by far.

              “The US is running thin, around the world”

              The US is around the entire world. I think we have on the order of 120+ military bases outside of the US. Russia has 2. I’m unaware of China having any. Our Navy rules the ocean. Need aircraft over Eastern-Chabipp? Only the US can do it not only fast but with the best aircraft that fly.

              “proven they have superior EW technology and nuclear weapons.”

              I’m completely unaware of that. The flying directly over a US warship shutting down its electronics? Think the US doesn’t have that capability? Russia overflew the ship. No aircraft would get that close. From Stealth to GPS, to PGMs, to Armor plate the US is on the cutting edge. Seen all those electronic gizmows for the civilian market? All invented here.

              I fully agree that the US is the Bully Boy for Wall Street as USMC MG and 2x recipient of the MOH Smedley Butler stated in 1935 in his book, “War Is A Racket”.

              • Kevin2
                We have on the order of 750 military bases around the world (outside US). We are now invited into Australia to defend them from China and bases going in there, too.

                • Doesn’t sound like a weak county to me. 750 damn………

                  • There is an old saying both inside and outside of the military. I can’t remember it precisely yet it states a truth, and being a retired Navy man I happen to agree with it:

                    The nation that controls the oceans will control the world. Rarely does anyone consider the “cataclysmic firepower” of a first-generation Trident sub …yet now we’ve got them about double the size and ANY of them can ‘launch & strike’ anyplace, no matter their position in the world. This is one of the reasons why our inland silos are in a state of disrepair. All the firepower is at some unknown underwater place …waiting. No other Navy, save Russia, can do that (ttbomk) …and I’m not so sure they have the same ‘ranges’ that we have.
                    If it does come to full-scale war (WWIII), you’ll find every ex-combat vet back out in the field …as none of us would have a choice (fight or die …so at the worst you might die fighting, and yes, someone has to do that stuff too). I have few doubts that we would tear their asses up …we always have for the greatest part.
                    Last: We’ve no business with Syrian problems or Turkish agendas nor what Russia wishes to do for dealing with it. However, it is becoming increasingly easier to put the pieces of the puzzle together, especially since November of 2015. Of COURSE they want everyone’s weapons because only they know the right things to annihilate and, simply put, you can’t easily kill us until the guns have been removed, and how many people there should be walking the face of the earth is something they fully believe they ‘have the right’ to determine (and execute accordingly)? They are not leaders of anything. These are treasonous, lying, oath-breaking, domestic enemies of the worst possible kind (I give you the countries of South America for examples). They are murderers, cheats and are fully in need of a complete obliteration of “the lot of them.” “Go …as of now you are fired and jobless. Stay or say another word and we’ll hang you.”
                    We are all facing “immediately upcoming complexities” of unknown proportions (but such isn’t exactly hard to guess or surmise) …and it does seems ‘imminent’ (in the air?) …or at least to me I “think I feel something I dislike”, yet can’t describe any of it.
                    Since the States are supposed to be the ones who instruct the feds what they want done there is no reason not to fall back to that level once again. If we do not, we’d rather be dead than experience what ‘is intended for everyone. (I mean not fighting is not going to be an option for anyone). I cannot recall ever seeing economic hard times somehow turning into war. Weeellllll doggie! Lookee at all the nations that have already gone belly up, or are poised to. That’s a lot of fodder and justification to touch off a few skirmishes (called wars) and make some bucks …and that way Obama can just remain where he’s seated for an indeterminate time (martial law assumed) …Hillary takes a seat wherever he wishes to place her …and this COULD well be what is coming down the pike eh? Like I said, the puzzle just keeps falling into place and the big picture is terrifyingly horrific and just not right (not of sane minds at the very least I should think)… With THAT scenario, we would HAVE NO CHOICE but to fight or be obliterated in short order. And now we are talking about popping off a few nukes on top of everything else …or, at least, the probabilities are endlessly haunting. Cheers all!

      12. Arab Spring-Nuclear Winter.

        • Thats the best comment yet….

      13. The Prophecy of Isaiah 17 seems to be coalescing before our eyes. Remember, Damascus is the world’s oldest, continually inhabited city. It has never been destroyed…just conquered. Will Israel destroy her? Maybe, but the Turks may now have nukes, and the Saudis want them to counter Iranian aggression. This is going to be wild party!

      14. What if Islam had never been “invented?”

        March 1, 2016

        Fox News today reported that Lebanon had overtaken Switzerland as the safest, most prosperous nation in the world. Close behind, ranking 4th, was Syria, known for its historic sites and thriving Christian churches. Syria has been ranked in the top 10 safest countries in the world for the past half dozen years, an remains in the top 10 for most desirable places to live in the world. Damascus remains a top nightspot destination for Israeli party-goers, and the Syrian foreign minister just announced an open border agreement with Israel, similar to Norway and Sweden. Said Paul Irenic, the foreign minister: “Israel and Syria have so much in common, we felt having open borders would be barely noticeable to either side.”

        In Mecca, the new centre for the Billy Graham Mideast Institute recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, with an elderly Billy Graham being wheeled in to talk to the thronging crowds after being announced by the leader of the country, Sophia Aram, smartly dressed in a Donna Karan business skirt and blouse. Despite security concerns, Aram is known for driving everywhere without a security detail. “Who would want to bump off a prime minister of Arabia?” she told reporters “We have no enemies.”

        In Egypt, the country’s leaders announced economic growth that just surpassed China. Citing the pro-business climate, leader Anwar Chrysostom noted that businesses have been flocking to the area due to not only the Suez Canal, but also for its record of human freedom, non-violence and history dating back centuries of no war. Many call Egypt the “Sweden of the Middle East” in that regard, and its complete lack of an army, similar to Costa Rica, has allowed money to be used for building the economy, not tanks.

        In other news, the first murder in over five years rocked the Gaza strip. Shocked community member Moe Philistia told Fox News “We can’t believe it. This must have been done by one of those darned Norwegian party goers coming down here. They’re nuts. No one would EVER dream of violence here, given that most communities have 90+% church attendance.”

        Oh wait. Islam DID overrun these areas. That is why they are the hell holes they are. And DONT give me that horse manure about tolerant Muslims. Rather, non-Muslims were dhimmis (look it up), when they stole Constantinople, the IMPALED people within the Haggia Sophia church, then later STOLE young boys from areas around today’s Romania to turn into their warrior Jannisaries to use against Christians. Science? Puhleaze. The number zero came from INDIA. Greek science was preserved and transmitted by the Christian Nestorians, who were allowed to live if they payed the zakat tax (triple your taxes now if you want to know what THAT was like). Muslims had their share of intelligent people, no doubt like every other culture, but the culture itself primarily STOLE ideas, wealth and the like – and when left to its own devices, where it couldn’t STEAL from others, it always started its descent into the swamp again. Worse, given the nature of Islam’s “god,” there are many philosophers today that have written extensively that science **could** not arise out of Islam, given the capricious nature of their “god.”

        And oh yes: You want “Palestine” back?” You can have it… just as soon as you give Egypt back to the Copts.

        • @ TEST

          Brilliant. I especially like the elevator speech with which to light into progressive apologists for Islam, “You want “Palestine” back? You can have it…just as soon as you give Egypt back to the Copts.

          Research guide

          political islam dot com several dozen videos on Youtube

          CSPI dot com I have read many of their short, factual books. Center for the Study of Political Islam

          real crusades history dot com

          By textual analysis, the Quran is one-seventh of the sacred source material for Islam.
          Half the trilogy, the 3 sources, is devoted to the Kafir. That part of Islam is

          The rest is The Sira, The LIfe of Mohammed, which apart from being a biography is a schematic for how Islam enters and subverts a culture. And the Hadith, traditions, eye-witness deeds and sayings of Mohammed. The latter two are the Sunna, by which Muslims guide their everyday actions down to how to tie their shoes.

          Since none of those sources need revision or correction, what’s past is prologue. Know what Mohammed did, and know what those Muslims who follow him most closely are
          likely to do.

          One needn’t rely on uninformed opinion. It is possible to know the facts. Starting with knowing The Prophet Mohammed.

          Liberty is my liege. Islam is the world’s most successful totalitarian ideology. Know thy adversary.

          • Excellent. Good to get information passed on like this.

        • Brilliant and very funny! You nailed it.

          Basically, we are facing a very bold gambit: to create a global caliphate in our time. Erdogan hopes to use the invasion of Iraq and Syria as the opening move. As this happens, he will launch, through proxies, a ‘Tet Offensive’ across the Western world, as pre-positioned, aggressive Muslim males report to their weapons caches to pick up their supplies and instructions. A wave of simultaneous attacks will sweep across cities, over-whelming emergency services. This will sufficiently distract and gum-up NATO, and thus no European countries will be able to do much about the invasion.

          The Russians will be in this fight on their own. And that’s when it gets very scary. The Russians do not f&ck around. It is in their defense policy: if their back goes against the wall, then they reach for their serious weapons: mini nukes, weather weapons, EMP, bio-weapons, etc. They have so much that they keep back for just such an occasion. Also, see them go on the move, through the Baltic states and from the North through Canada. The Russians will create a massive territorial buffer in the North to protect themselves but also to ensure few could strike back since winter warfare is what the Russians do best.

          They have the means: super-fast Ekranoplan troop carriers and hydrofoils that can dump Spetznaz on the Arctic coasts within hours. They will be defended by nuclear subs. Canada will buckle quickly and make peace with Russia. It has no choice.

      15. Kick Turkey out of NATO. Now. Ally with the Russians. Drive the muslims back to Medina.

        • AC,
          Only around five percent of Turkey is geographically located within Europe, yet the bureaucrats in Brussels are scheming for the inclusion of Turkey “a predominantly Asian country” as a member of the European Union!
          Approximately seventy seven million people who are mainly Muslim will then be free to travel, work, live throughout Europe proper, most of whom will undoubtedly head north changing the demographics of these countries beyond recognition.

          Britain will be holding a IN-OUT European Union referendum on Thursday, 23 June 2016.
          The main reasons people will be voting to leave the EU is MASS IMMIGRATION and the loss of national sovereignty.

          This is a new BATTLE of BRITAIN against a totalitarian regime headed by the despotic Merkel… BITCH.
          The consequences of loosing this referendum are too depressing to contemplate.
          Unfortunately, there are many traitors “Prime Minister David Cameron” being one of them, spreading their fear propaganda in order to sway people from voting to leave.

          Spare a thought for those of us who like you, the true American Patriots are fighting to save our culture… We need all the friggin’ help we can get. Many Thanks folks.

          OUT, OUT, OUT.

        • Well said!

      16. Don’t worry. Obama has it under control.

        • Slingshot, this is what happens when you put a n***** behind the trigger.

          • Justice

            Let’s put Hillary in and see if she can do better.

            • Only thing more despicable than the Islamofascists IS Hilary.

              But, of course, that depends on what the meaning of “is” is.

        • Obama—“I’m not going anywhere”

          When is the world going to learn to take leftists at their word?

      17. Isiah 17. Damascus shall become a ruinous heap never to be inhabited again. Currently Damascus is the longest continuously inhabited city in the world.

        • Reminds me of Tyre. Which literally came true, even to the scraping of the dust by Alexander’s armies to get to the island portion of the city. The late Dr. D. James Kennedy has a marvelous summary of that event

        • Wow. A nuke would bring that prophesy to fruition.

          Are we nearly there yet?

          How say you…

      18. Call me an animal. but the destruction of all Moslem’s is a good thing. Every fucking last one of them. I’m fairly well educated and have traveled a lot. The single most offensive culture I’ve encountered are Moslem’s. By natural law I have to tolerate them, which I do. But my instinct is to obliterate the entire religion.
        I’ll send a donation to a Russian orphanage in the name of Putin, if he pulls it off.

        • Islam is a death cult created by a psychopathic warlord. Every perversion is allowed because that psychopath enjoyed this perversions. Which perversions? Everything from pedophilia to bestiality to necrophilia.

          AE is an excellent example of psychopathy. We laugh at him, here. But AE is a perfect example of the extreme views held in Islam that are considered acceptable.

          I refuse to call islam a religion. It is a death cult and it is not compatible with western civilization or western values.

          • Correct. This is why there will always continue to be war there. The “Internet” has removed the geographical boundaries now though; so, this war will become world-wide. Eventually, the evil warring faction will win and the world will be forced into Islam with all women enslaved and many if not most children abused. Islam is not compatible with freedom, period. It is compatible with slavery and abuse. Any time your go-to tactic is to kill your opponent, then you have lost the argument.

            @JoJo, I think you are short term correct about bluffing and not war. I think right now there is a lot of huffing. We know for certain the nut-job radicals will supply weapons and funds to their buddies, anywhere in the world. They will continue to destabilize the region. This is a core tenet of their insane “religion”. Did you ever read about what John Smith did before coming to Jamestown? He was fighting “religious” wars!
            Long term, I suspect you are wrong. I suspect Putin and Syria will not allow themselves to be over-run by the murderers. The murderers have a “religion” which trains them to murder, and they will continue to do that. There are evil people who abuse women and children and murder for profit; and they will continue to expand. I suspect as their oil revenue falters, they will become more violent.

        • rellik, I’m with you 100 percent. I hope President Putin blows those fucking rag head bastards back to the stone age. Wipe out all those mother fuckers. Put me down for a donation also.

          • “Back to” the stone age?


      19. Vlad will not do anything, he bluffs a lot, he knows what could happen to him and his posse if he fires off a big blaster.

        • @JoJo, I think you are short term correct. I think right now there is a lot of huffing. We know for certain the nut-job radicals will supply weapons and funds to their buddies, anywhere in the world. They will continue to destabilize the region. This is a core tenet of their insane “religion”. Did you ever read about what John Smith did before coming to Jamestown? He was fighting “religious” wars!
          Long term, I suspect you are wrong. I suspect Putin and Syria will not allow themselves to be over-run by the murderers. The murderers have a “religion” which trains them to murder, and they will continue to do that. There are evil people who abuse women and children and murder for profit; and they will continue to expand. I suspect as their oil revenue falters, they will become more violent.

      20. Just time, as a public service announcement, to get the FREE download of Cresson Kearney’s Nuclear War Survival Skills https://archive.org/details/NuclearWarSurvivalSkills_930 is one site, or just google it. Really. EVERYONE can afford FREE, and this book is a well known classic.

        You might also stock up on potassium iodide (KI4U.com is good), and subscribe to Dr. Jane Orient, M.D.’s Doctors for Disaster Preparedness http://www.ddponline.org $20/year)

      21. Could be some gamesmanship going on. We don’t really know what Putin told the reporter’s source. Only what the source told the reporter. Perfect opportunity for a disinformation campaign.

      22. maybe a few tactical nukes would educate them

      23. LOL – Putin would not use tactical nukes over syria, what will he gain by doing that, if anything he will respond by invading the ukraine with conventional weapons.

      24. Laughing at the lemons…I am getting plenty of pussy while you are at home jerking off. so eat sh…t and go phuck yourself.troll, . no woman wants you because you are useless. My brunette with long straight black hair phucks me, blows me, rides me and sleeps right next to me..who the phuck are you to talk crap to me punk..any woman phucking you.. you look like sh….t, your breath stinks. you body is either skinny or fat, I am built like a brick sh…t house much better looking than you sorry liberal supporting ass..and I hav emy own business and I am successfull.. you are nothing asshole.. who the hell do you think a women would rather talk to in person. I don’t have to see you to know that you are no Match for me..Your nothing…I got the Co do the sports car, the business the preps, the BOL.. all you have in your pants is your little dick and 25cents, so piss off punk.



        • Brunette with long black hair? Two toned is she?

        • Well butter my butt and call me a bisquit. That sure fwightend him HiCKY.

        • Well, somebody has gone off the deep end again, oh, wait, he never got OFF the deep end.

      25. I read that Russia weaponry is ten years in advance of what the US currently has. I would not mind if Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel were all incinerated posthaste, in fact all of the evil US proxies supporting the NWO. Israel is the biggest enemy of them all, in complete control of the entire US government and institutions from top to bottom. They have made the US people enemies in their own country. Disagree all you want, if you do you are 100% defending the indefensible brainwashing that has reduced America to a prison nation, by design.

        • Russia is a lot further ahead of us than that. The S-300 is still considered superior to any missile defense system we have. Russia has already deployed the S-400 to the Syria theatre. Result: total and complete domination of the skies; US and Turkey refused to challenge it because they knew they’d lose every single aircraft they’d send against the 400. The S-500 will go into service the second half of this year, and will be deployed around Russia proper. The 500 will turn Russia into an impregnable fortress; this system is capable of taking out space-based weapons. Then there’s Russian EW capabilities. Look at what happened when ISIS Boy sent the Donald Cook to Crimea in April 2014. The Donald Cook is one of four Aegis-equipped ships. Russian EW capabilities completely shut down the Aegis, rendering it useless. The Russians then proceeded to use the Donald Cook for simulated war games; the lit the Donald Cook up like a Christmas tree 12 times. In short, Russia is the guy you absolutely do not want to fight.

          • PF: thank you for the specifics with regard to that EW attack. I mentioned it in my reply to K2, above.

            I agree with your assessment. I have reached similar conclusions. I addition the US can be easily brought to our knees with two atmospheric tactical nukes exploded over NYC and DC. It would take two devices to cripple both the financial and economic power centers in the US. Most people are unprepared to deal with the resulting breakdown of society that would result.

        • “I read that Russia weaponry is ten years in advance of what the US currently has.”

          The relative size and technology inherent within the two economies make such a theory highly unlikely but that is something MIC has touted for 60+ years to obtain very bloated “Defense” (offense) spending.

          Russia’s big stick is 7000 nuclear weapons. Assuming only one percent got through what 70 cities do you care to loose. Hell can an average American name 70 cities in the US?

          • I am totally into non-violence, but if the Russkies were to attack N. America, while I would rue the loss of any life, the absence of Hollyweird, should they choose to attack it, might be a net benefit to the country when all is said and done!

            And yes, this is tongue in cheek. Just a little maudlin joke. But Hollywierd and their hypocrite Learjet leftists DO utterly suck.

          • I guess I’m not average, but I can rattle off 70 cities. They are all run by Democrats. A few are west coast. most are east coast, and some in the middle.

      26. Saudi Prince Gives Millions to Harvard and Georgetown, by Karen Arenson, The New York Times, December 13, 2005.

        “Harvard University and Georgetown University each announced yesterday that they had received $20 million donations from Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, … a member of the Saudi Royal Family to finance islamic studies.

        I don’t know about Harvard, but I’ve had some experience with Georgetown trained apologists for Islam. Even a Saudi prince can’t buy a major university for $20 MM but it does buy a lot of influence within key departments.

        Arabian Gulf Money and US Universities, Jay P. Greene’s Blog, May 6, 2008,

        quoting Stanley Kurtz, “On the other hand, there are reasonable grounds to fear that some foreign donations may purchase undue influence over the way in which highly controversial subjects are treated in American lecture halls.”

        Saudi’s Multi-Million Dollar PR Machine [incl. Prof. John Esposito]
        by Erick Stakelbeck, CBN news dot com, March 10, 2008.

        “Saudi donations to American universities should be seen in a much larger picture of Saudi promotion of a Saudi point of view,” [Daniel] Pipes explained.

        The regime change that needs to happen is removing The House of Saud’s boot on the KSA’s throat. They finance the construction and staffing of 80% of the Salafist mosques around the world. If it takes a few mushroom clouds blooming over the KSA, wow, wouldn’t that be a shame.

        What you may not know is, way back when, before Jihad conquered it, Syria was Christian. They gave their alphabet to the Arab Muslims of Mohammed’s era. Greek Anatolia, known today as Turkey, was Buddhist and Christian. The Buddhist vestiges were wiped out down to the last article of attire. The Christian culture remains among
        0.3% of the Turkish population. If they are true to Mohammed, they will not be satisfied until every Turkish Kafir is either Muslim, emigrated, or dead.

        Seen on Crusader Rabbit for Liberty: We Want Constantinople Back. So if the Eastern Orthodox Christian in the Kremlin is going to nuke Turkey I hope he doesn’t destroy that ancient city.

      27. I was looking on Utube. The explosions that were made by Saudi Bombs in Yemen. Nice fireballs. Possible Tactical weapons.

        • Big fireballs usually mean fuel air bombs. Very effective.

          • PTPO.

            The video’s look like ground contact detonation.

          • F.O.M.

            Fuel Air Munition. Bad, Bad, Bad stuff that scares the living shit out of Naplam.

      28. NATO is obligated to defend Turkey if it is attacked. It is not obligated to defend Turkey if it is the aggressor. NATO is a toothless pussy cat without the USA. I don’t think USA wants to fight the Russians over Syria.

        • WWIII over Syria?

          Imagine its 2023. Electrical power for the first time in 7 years is on for up to 8 hours a day. The limited nuclear exchange has only collectively killed 170 million before sanity overcame madness and the war stopped and your 15 year old grandchild that remembers the pre war days asks, “Was it all worth it over Syria”?


          • K2

            Sure it was.

            No more Arm Chair Generals.

      29. What really concerns me here is Saudi Arabia having nukes via Pakistan. First, I see a coup taking place in Saudi Arabia in less than two years. Why? Look at the power being consolidated by Mohammed bin Salman, age 30 and second in line to the throne. Head of Saudi Aramco. Defense Minister. Responsible the disaster of a war effort in Yemen. Responsible for bankrolling of ISIS.

        Two thoughts on this guy. First, what is the real reason behind the plan to take Aramco public? Is it to further fund the appeasement of Saudi Arabia’s domestic jihadists? Or is it to fund a pan-Islamic army to make the Caliphate a reality via WWIII? I’m thinking the latter.

        The other is that there is no doubt in my mind that bin Salman will use them. The only question is whether one is going to be used as an EMP weapon against the US as a pretext to bring the US into WWIII on the side of Turkey and Syria. What tells me that this false flag may be on its way is that the MSM is finally starting to do articles on nuclear EMPs.

      30. Right or wrong Putin has balls!!!!
        He has only 20,000 troops in Syria. Turkey and the Saudis have around 300,000. I say he has ball because he know that his troops wouldn’t stand a chance against those odds. Putin will do what it takes to protect his troops.

        On the other hand the Balless wonder in the white house would bend over and take it up the A#@ and let our troops die. Look at Libya!

        Granted We have to stand by Turkey. But Obullshit will turnhis back!!!!


        • “Granted We have to stand by Turkey. But Obullshit will turnhis back!!!!”


          If Turkey invades a sovereign nation that is an act in violation of international law. If Turkey is invaded we’re obligated. Turkey is a 13 year old picking a fight for there 22 year old “friend”.

          We’re not obligated to do squat.

        • Putin with our girly-man golfer in chief.

          Just like the movie Bambi vs. Godzilla – go do YouTube and search for this. Funny, short

          While there, search for John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, on the scam of global warming, part of the Agenda 21 scam.

          • TEST

            BAMBI means

            B ALLISTIC
            A TTACK
            M ISSILE
            B AST
            I GNITOR

      31. In 1917, the Blessed Mother told the three little children at Fatima that if Russia was consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart then Russia would be converted and the world would have peace.

        Please let me note these TWO historical facts about Fatima.

        The first is that Fatima was a town FILLED with atheists.

        The second historical fact is that when in 1917 the Miracle of the Sun occurred– when all the townspeople including those who did not believe in God watched the sun zig zag in different directions for several minutes– the vast majority of those atheists converted to Christianity.

        You can read microfiche newspaper accounts of this miracle at your local library as people of different religious faiths and those with none attested to what they saw or witnessed or experienced.

        Furthermore, the Mother of God cautioned that if Her requests were NOT granted, then Russia would “spread its errors throughtout the world, raising up wars…and various nations will be annihilated.”

        It is almost 100-years since Fatima and guess what?

        First, NOT ONE Pope as of yet has consecrated Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. (One reason is that there are treacherous people in the Vatican who have blocked any such efforts by several Popes.)

        Second, OUR world IS at the CUSP of WWIII with RUSSIA now threatening nuclear war!

        My good people, the spirit of hate, the spirit of anger, the spirit of revenge is THAT of SATAN!

        Satan, who hates each and EVERY human being (simply because they are human and because God put humans ABOVE the angels, commanding the angels to serve humans, and not the other way around,) would like nothing more than to see ALL of us destroyed AND for all of us to be with him (Satan) in eternity in Hell.

        I’m trying real hard myself not to give in to the Dark Side. I get so ANGRY at times at the evil doing and the evil doers. And I strive not to lower myself to their level. This is VERY hard for me, as I witness the economic destruction of so many of us and as I witness the destruction of the Constitution of the United States, which started under the last President, and continues under THIS one, as evidenced by Executive Orders that pave the way for the new world [dis]order. This much is clear: the quickest, surest way to Hell is by or through the Dark Side, giving in to it.

        I urge you, my friends, to be careful about messing with the dark side: destructive anger, greed, hatred, unforgiveness. Peace in our world must first begin inside me and inside of you.

        As I said recently, I have NO desire to ‘persuade’ any of you to convert to the Christian faith, because I respect free will.

        However, if you step OUTSIDE that dark side that keeps inviting you (and me) to “dance” with it every day (through hatred and more) you will see quite clearly that the ENTIRE world is teetering on SUFFERING the destructive, SCALDING burning caused by UNLEASHED NUCLEAR weapons.

        I for one do not want to live in a RADIATED world. If such a nuclear war becomes UNleashed, IF it is God’s will, I hope I die INSTANTLY, rather than suffer a death too horrible to describe.

        If you do not believe in God, or, if you do not believe in prayer, ok, fine! All you have to do is shut everything off, and in a few quiet minutes (or more) go inside of yourself and reflect on everything happening abroad, let alone in our own country.

        Do you want to be part of the destruction?

        Or do you want to resolve to renew the world by first renewing yourself and your own heart by working to expose the truth of all the corruption, all the lies, all the greed, as well as continue to UNmask the wolves in sheeps clothing (some of whom are elected here and abroad) who want to destroy us?

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Whenever you have eliminated the impossible, whatever is left, however improbable, must be the truth.” – Sherlock Holmes (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

        “Evil is that which destroys.” – M. Scott Peck, M.D.

        “The living will envy the dead.” – often repeated quote of any survivors of any small or big nuclear exchange

        • TLR: thank you for the post. There is one psychology book which actually impacted me, and that book was “People of the Lie” by M. Scott Peck. After reading it and trying to talk about it I have had some family members tell me they would never read the book. The person that said they would never read “People of the Lie” is a family member that I have not seen nor spoken to in many years. Sometimes the only thing you can do is move forward and refuse to deal with people that are unwilling to learn. I have to say that my main technique for judging someone is whether they read books and if they are still learning new skills. I think that people that refuse to learn are the equivalent of zombies, the walking dead.

          If you are not part of the solution, what is the other part of that saying? You are the problem.

          On the other hand no one is perfect, no one is without sin. Most people do the best they can with the knowledge and experience they have.

        • the Lone Ranger, thank you for reminding me of the dangers that hate posses to my soul. And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?

        • Nice post. thank you and God bless us all.

        • L.R.
          Super post, and thanks for reminding me of the blessing I have from the Heavenly father that gives me the strength to fight off the HATE!

      32. Oi SIXPACK… You out there?

        Missing you already.

      33. You buys your ticket and takes your chances.

        World can’t be saved so if you want to, prepare to survive in it. No guarantee you are going to live through it.

      34. I say push the button VLADIMIR PLEASE GET ALL THIS OVER WITH.
        I am tired of hearing all this shit about there will be wars and rumors of wars.

        I am ready to go to the next life.
        JUST make it quick………….
        I really do not want to be throwing up, and shiting myself.
        Does it not say people will be gone in a flash.
        Well nuclear weapons can do that.
        Want prof ask the JAPS, Made in America Tested in JAPAN 1945.

      35. please god, dont let em nuke turkey, i love me some turkish tobacco.mmmm mmmm good. oh and syrian pipe tobacco too. damn i need to stock up on baccy

      36. I’m throwing out all my prepper food. I’m giving all my guns and ammo to gang bangers. And when I see that bright flash in the sky and the mushroom cloud, I’m ripping off my clothes and running out in the open where the radiation and shock wave can take me to the promised land! Eeehaaa!

        • What’s the deal with 6 Pack? Did she take a powder?

      37. All of this has been predicted by our Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him more than 1400 years ago (my correction for this below links) and all Muslim believes all he said.

        The world war 3 will happend and it cost all infracstructure destroyed, no electricity,no gas/oil, tank or jet can’t work coz there is no fuel…

        Humans will live like primitive times using only a sword and a horse for battle.

        Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him telling to his people… that end of world will not happend until Mecca is raining and snow at future time… and saudi now had rain and snow even flooding some city.

        In arabia people will have the higher building in the world, now Dubai have Burj Khalifa and Mecca have Mecca Royal Clock Tower.

        All this story is from +1400 years ago… and now all is happend…
        If you do not believe me, please find this information on the internet or ask the Islam scholars.


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