Puerto Rican Mayor Who Bashed Trump Faces FBI Corruption Probe

by | Jun 19, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 24 comments

The mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, who became infamous for bashing president Donald Trump’s response to Hurricane Maria’s devastation is facing an FBI corruption probe. Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz and her administration are under fire for allegedly obstructing critical supplies from reaching victims of the category-4 hurricane that leveled much of the island nearly nine months ago.

Cruz has been facing a growing backlash from frustrated residents who say they feel forgotten and say the mayor’s personal political ambitions are coming at the expense of the very people she’s supposed to be representing.  “She comes out, goes on television and pats herself on the back,” said Simon Menendez, a  small business owner in San Juan.

At a time when residents needed food, water, and shelter, Cruz hired extra photographers to follow her around post-storm. “It stopped being about us a long time ago,” Menendez added.

According to Fox News, the FBI reportedly launched the investigation following a February lawsuit filed by Yadira Molina, the former director of procurement. Molina claims she was retaliated against for reporting “alleged irregular acts” to the local comptroller. She says she was blocked from her right “to report wrongdoing in her capacity as a private citizen, not as a public employee.”

“On February 21, Molina sued the city council after reporting alleged acts of corruption in the shopping division in the town hall under the administration of Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz Soto,” according to El Vocero de Puerto Rico.

Shortly after Cruz became mayor, Molina claims a supply company was granted “preferred supplier” status which paid them more than three times what regular suppliers made. She also alleges that other city officials engaged in a corrupt scheme to steer business the preferred supplier’s way.

Multiple attempts to reach Cruz by Fox News were unsuccessful. FBI spokesman Carlos Osorio told Fox News that “FBI San Juan neither confirms nor denies the existence of investigations.”

Cruz’s distaste for Donald Trump over recovery efforts have turned her into a liberal star and it’s a role she seems to be relishing rather than doing her job. Her global close-up has morphed into a parade of self-promotion.

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    1. B from CA

      Oh, the hypocracy.

      Blame Trump while she steals like a bandit from her people. Or, are they her people? If that’s her in the “NASTY” T-shirt and dyed blond hair, she doesn’t look like any Puerto Rican I’ve ever met.

      I can see Nataly Wood and them singing “Maria”.


      • Infidel

        Time for a public hanging in Puerto Rico.

        • Wilson

          How do they have time to investigate her?
          I figure we need EVERY FBI agent in DC investigating the corrupt crooks there.

          • Infidel

            Wilson, we do not need FBI agents. It is WE THE PEOPLE who need to wake up, stand up, and clean the scum from our societies.

        • Concerned Citizen

          It is time for a god damned HANGING within this entire cluster mess of a country or it will fail period. Time to man up people or it will cost All of us dearly, like never witnessed previously folks.

    2. The Deplorable Braveheart

      B, that woman was too LIGHT-SKINNED for a Puerto Rican. I used to have trouble with them when I lived in Miami. PR’s are some pretty bad thieves.

    3. Jim in Va.

      she kept begging for more funds from the US claiming that PR was running out of money. She found plenty to give some politicians an Xmas bonus!

    4. Fritz

      That’s a nasty t-shirt!

    5. 443-12-7.62

      marxists are corrupt animals

    6. Burn

      Burn the Bitchez!

    7. rellik

      There is a guy that occasionally comments.
      I think it is Ketchondemand( I’m horrible with names)
      He lives in PR and might have some interesting comments.
      Haven’t heard from him in a while. Power was spotty there.

    8. Menzoberranzan

      She looks like a prostitute that you’d be reluctant to pay.

      • Wilson

        Double gloved, if at all.

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        Menzo, someone would have to be really desperate to want her, LOL.


      As long as she claims to be Hispanic, and hates White people, she will have nothing to worry about.

    10. Silverbuck

      “In this Corner” Stealing your supplies “BIG NASTY”

    11. Beto DZ

      PRcan in TX here. Traveled to the Island 24 hr prior 2 Maria to help my elderly Mom and In-laws. Weathered the storm a couple of miles from San Juan and i can testify that this lady was never available when needed. When all metro area Mayors where working with the Governor and FEMA to assist through the caos, she was nowhere to be found. Carmen Yulin is a fraud and deserves to be investigated, removed, and jailed if guilty.

    12. Brian

      Reminds me of Nagin who was the mayor of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. He tried to have all of the Federal aid to be routed through his city government. He was given ten years on corruption charges. Corruption and bribery in some cities are the normal way of doing business. In our bug-out bags, we need plenty of rope, tar and feathers!

    13. Ketchupondemand

      Hey, rellik, I’ve been here reading but not posting.
      I made a couple of decent posts weekend before last and they were “disappeared”—not sure why but it reeks of the censorship that we often see here.

      So, I will read when time permits but I do not trust the site…something’s just not right. Even zero hedge’s owners were supposedly outed on business insider a while back. Not the case here. Secrecy abounds.
      Mac used to post on occasion and at least we got a glimpse of him, but otherwise he churns out article after article and says nothing to us.

      As for the mayor, my neighbor tells me it’s some miracle she won as she wasn’t even in the running. So, probably a set-up.
      Stories of looted emergency supplies surfaced early on after the hurricane and I read there’s a you tube video of supplies found in landfills unopened.
      Corruption everywhere you look, just like the US mainland.
      Life is still good here on the west end as long as you’re not looking for gainful employment.

      • Infidel

        Ketchup, apparently Mac thinks he’s better than us. He’s in this for the money. Posts articles but never joins us in the dialog.

        • Ketchupondemand

          Infidel, yeah, something’s a bit strange here.
          It’s a place to vent, that’s all, mostly. I’ve gotten some great tips from the posters here, but it’s not a forum for the exchange of ideas as the pace of articles churned and posted doesn’t allow for the back and forth. By design, I guess.

          One more thing about that mayor. That she does not look like a Puerto Rican is the norm here, as most politicians bear resemblance to the aristocratic class of Spaniards.

          It’s similar to what I’ve heard about Cuba. Not one Afro-Cuban in high government posts there. Again, the Spanish aristocrat descendants.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            Ketchup, what you heard about Cuba is right. Cuba’s population is 60-70% black with the rest being Hispanic but the island has always been run by Hispanics. My wife was half-black and half Hispanic. Afro-Cubans have always experienced discrimination in Cuba.

    14. Batfire7

      Finally, the FBI got it correct on who to go after, wow unbelievable. Just to prove again, even losers win once in a while. She is guilty as sin and there is way too much proof out there for this not to come to the correct conclusion.

    15. rzymo

      Don’t worry. When Senator Louie “gangbanging” Guttierrez runs for PR mayor and wins, he’ll pardon Big Nasty.

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