Prepping for “Hybrid War” with Russia: NATO Holds Biggest Military Exercise in 13 Years

by | Nov 7, 2015 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 71 comments

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    This article was originally published at The Daily Sheeple

    by the Daily Sheeple

    The biggest military exercise NATO has held in 13 years, “Trident Juncture” will end tomorrow. claims that, even though 36,000 soldiers from various NATO countries including the U.S. have participated in the exercise to defend against “Russia’s military ambitions,” (or what other outlets are simply referring to as “Russian aggression”), the organization is actually at a big disadvantage against Russia, not only because its trying to coordinate 28 member states with different priorities, but Russia’s training events in the last two years have involved up to 80,000 soldiers, more than twice that of NATO.

    A big show happened just yesterday:

    Wednesday’s choreographed battle lasted less than one hour and paraded a range of assets from several nations: tanks, armored troop carriers, Apache attack helicopters, Chinooks, artillery, infantry, a special operations incursion and, at the end, an F-18 flyover. A narrator described a scripted set of circumstances at the fictional village of “Casas Altas” over a speaker system. Elements, identified by contributing nations, executed their maneuvers as artillery, rifle blanks sounded off and smoke gradually spread for thousands of feet around the besieged village.

    After the battle, the audience was bussed down the hill near the fake village with minimalist, yellow concrete buildings and walls. There, they watched about 500 U.S. paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division and 23 Spanish paratroopers jump into a nearby drop zone.

    And by “big show,” NATO literally meant big show:

    The spectacle may have been for show, but that’s the point, according to NATO leadership: to indicate to potential aggressors that NATO can react with a coordinated, versatile, strong and rapid force.

    Interviewing an “experienced NATO diplomat – who would like to maintain anonymity” (isn’t that how it always is?), DW reported:

    However, the current situation cannot be compared to the arms race during the Cold War, in which two equal powers constantly tried to outdo each other.

    At the moment, Russia advances and NATO tries to respond. “Russia is more determined at the moment and more flexible and cohesive. That’s something we certainly have to address,” says the NATO diplomat.

    The cohesiveness does not surprise anyone, as Putin’s military does not require complicated agreement or legitimization procedures.

    The exercise included cyber warfare, such as propaganda, and the use of online trolls to spread disinfo:

    “We will have to think hard about how to deter in modern times,” [says the NATO diplomat]

    By “modern times” he means hybrid warfare and cyber warfare, like paralyzing the Internet, letting conflicts simmer without admitting to involvement, influencing public opinion by using Internet trolls, and being swift and flexible. That is what Russia does and more. Yet not everything about “Trident Juncture” is bad, claims Paul Ivan. Even though the exercise was designed and decided on before the events in eastern Ukraine unfolded, NATO was still able to integrate elements of modern warfare into the training.

    This article was originally published at The Daily Sheeple


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      1. Uh oh, more simulated war games against Russia. Better alert mikey doom porn to write another blog about the ” imminent” war we’re gonna be in any day now, and oh, please don’t forget to send old snydley doomer a large check before you die, because you won’t need it anyway.

      2. This is going to be total fun.

        We’ll finally see if Russia is anything to worry about the way some people like to portray it.

        But we need to be sure to agree on keeping it confined to Europe first, leave our mainlands out of it.

        • So world war is a fun game to you ?

          Grow up and move outta the basement , damn .

          • You see that bog “star” in the middle of that blue circle? THAT’S where somebody needs to drop something big, mean and final.

        • If such an event were to occur, NATO would have it’s ass handed to it.

          USA could barely staff the Iraq conclict. Had to resort to extending service tours, ‘stop loss’ and such. Wait till a draft is instituted and Men say “If my sister doesn’t have to go, why should I ?” American moms will be searching high and low for feminists to lynch.

          • CL gave the pusillanimous NATO forces a real tongue lashing!

          • There will have to be a draft, both boys and girls. All those pathetic Millennials hiding in their parent’s basements will need to come up for air and start doing push-ups and wind sprints.

            I remember when I was in the special forces we used to go to a special, secret place which was a replica of Russia and Russian defenses. We would train doing assaults on Russian positions and tank battles. Fun stuff! I wonder if they still have that place?

      3. NATO is nothing but the minions of the Global Zionist Banking cartel. Russia should use tactical nucks to make them glow in the dark.

        • IMO, The world would be better off without NATO, the UN, the trilateral commission, the bilderberg group and the CFR.

          • six-pack, Indeed. We just need to remove satins and to replace them with humans with term limits.

      4. That’s OK…the USA is the greatest and bestest nation on Earth, I’m told. We will kick both China and Russia’s asses back to the stone age and won’t suffer a scratch. Right fellas?

      5. ******DOMESTIC TERROR ALERT*******


        Please watch this and then continue to proclaim your support for the current police FORCE as it stands today.

        ht tp://

        • Richard H……I did see the video and it is heart breaking. As I said before the enemy is within.

          • The only problem is, they’re not taking it out on the cops who did this shit – they’re hitting decent cops eating their lunch and such. I would have not one atom of sympathy if the thug cop in the video was found face down in an alley…but he won’t be. It will be some family man who was trying to help someone.

      6. The Theatre of War.

        (“Oh we’re the boys of the chorus,
        we hope you like our show…”)

        • Is that article meant to be a joke?!?!

          This society represents the opposite of everything I believe. How did it go this far?

          • “Brian Lombardi lives in DeKalb, Ill., with his wife, Linda, and their three children.”

            Brian Lombardi is a moron who wouldn’t know the true definition of manhood if it dropped its trousers in front of him and slapped him repeatedly in the face with a 9″ dong until his eyes bled.

        • BA , This is from a brit magazine .
          I saw it someplace else.
          Gotta love 25 26

          “25. The modern man has no use for a gun. He doesn’t own one, and he never will.

          26. The modern man cries. He cries often.”

          Whatta crock o shit .
          This kind of puke is why the sand dwellers are overtaking europe and will be succesful in raping every female they find . The men are neutered and afraid , sad to say.

          • @Hammerhead:

            LOL….SOB cried ‘cuz he didn’t have a gun.

            The list, as written by a socialist moron, is a symptom and example of successful propaganda.

            Ignorance is bliss until the deceptions bite you in the ass. Lots of innocent Americans, caught up in the status quo of lies, will suffer.

            Stay Frosty my friend.


            Be safe…..stay the course….BA.

          • I thought it read “The modern man has no use for testicles. He has never had any, and never will”

          • European men are eunichs who can (nor will) do nothing to stop the muslimes from impregnating their wives/daughters.

            The few exceptions to this rule will find themselves neutered by their wussbag neighbors.

        • ‘Strong men also cry…’
          -Mr. Lebowski

      7. Complete with online trolls? Attention all trolls please report, please report. We want a head count!

      8. There ain’t no time to wonder why, Whoopee we’re going to die! (Country Joe & the Fish 1967)

        The Lord is my Shepherd

        • Gimme an “F”.

      9. What happens 7000 miles from us should concern us but we better get ready to be fighting here on our own soil.
        There has been no other time I can remember that Our Country has been so fucked up with so many options to lighting off a powder keg.

        “Paint It Black” by the Rolling Stones fits the picture.

        • more like Gimme Shelter.

        • I agree Sling, with a faux pas president, scripture coming to flurition (in many ways), world maneuvering armies, food contamination, water problems, dependence on electricity, mass religious migrations, governmental acceptance of abhorrence, loss of 1st amendment rights digital surveillance, economic surveillance, political surveillance ect ect ect. Good news is there are still some who hold values, morals and the ability through force and will power to protect ourselves and others. Bad news is; we are the targets.

          • Jesus christ I could have written the revelations. It’s simple, man has done the same shit time after time and will continue to do so as we are too stupid to be free. Well let’s see Butch, man evolved into technology to kill himself and the planet and did it, rinse, repeat.

            • Genius

              It’s The Book of Revelation.

      10. Vote for who is the biggest nutt dis info hack.

        Dave Hodges – Total nutt job

        Michael Snyder – Raving lunatic

        • YA and guy on this site and who also created the other sheep site

        • BI???? You back?

      11. It’s always best to be prepared for anything. Cyber wars can also include hacking into the US power grid to disable it causing huge problems.
        Having a solid back up source for power is a very good idea. Solar generators do not use gas and are silent.

        • Solar Generators you are a JOKE! Who the hell do you think you are ripping people off like that? 4500 for some 200 watt 2 battery piece of crap? You better hide your ass from this forum peddling ripoff shit like that because I for one probably know more about solar than you and I will call your scam everytime! Let’s see here want an example?

          5- 100 watt solar panels on ebay (more than twice your power) 625.00

          4- 6 volt golf cart 220 ah batteries (local battery store) (twice the storage of yours too) for 12 volt system 560.00

          2500 watt continuous modified sine wave inverter 175.00

          30 amp pwm charge controller american made (morningstar) 150.00

          Misc. wiring, cables, dolly, plasic tub, panel rack, etc. 200.00 max.

          So lets see thats 625+560+175+150+200=1700.10

          1700.10 vs. 4500 and twice as much power. Better peddle your shit elsewhere bud lol. 🙂

      12. The hybrid war showdown is actually a precursor to events that have been, and will further develop, to fulfill prophecy.

        The “hooks in the jaws” of the Gog/Magog prophecy, tells us two things:

        1, Russia (Gog/Rosh) and Magog…which was in early times the territory that intertwined with eastern Russia and north western China ( some scholars have moved that region, Magog, to other areas to the north of Israel, which is arguable) was originated from within the Middle East. No one can deny the biblical accounts of Esau,Jacob’s twin, that God hated, was that he was removed to the most Northern, unproductive lands/aka modern Russia/Siberia, after he sold/traded, his birthright. His offspring that remained, became the Edomite tribes.
        Now, the main linage of those early tribes of Rosh/Russia/Moscow, are now being “drawn back to their early linage lands. Another factor that may hold truth to the theory I have about Russia and it’s federation, coming against USSAG via Alaska…..Russia used to own and occupy Alaska. Hooks in the jaws to draw them back, applies in that scenario as well.

        2. God is “against” Gog and it’s Federation, according to what He says in Ezekiel. That is not to say God is against the Russian people, just the government/military. Some make the argument that Gog is not representative of Rosh/Russia/Moscow, but i am not convinced, for no other Nation’s army has the might and desire to pull off such an epic event as a multi cultural, millions of troops army, to be organized, to come against the land of Israel/Judah, or the House of Israel/USSAG (united socialist states of abortion and gaymorrah).

        Time will tell which scenario is correct, possibly both, and who all the players will eventually be.
        It is exciting to us and we welcome it with gleeful anticipation because it brings us closer to the return of our Saviour, and an end to all the sin and deception prevalent today. Maranatha! Our Lord Come Quickly!

        • You know, you sound just like the creepy little preacher kid in that movie ” Children of the Corn” Old cranks like yourself always want death for everybody because of one and only one thing: You’re at the age where time is running short for you and you’re breaking down physically, so, since you’re closing in on death you want it to happen to everyone. You cloak yourself in the Bible because you’re desperate for an audience to swallow your crap. Ain’t happening because we can see through your lies and deception, take your filthy lies elsewhere, preferably to Hell.

          • We will all pray for you Danny. We will pray that you are saved before it’s too late. And that time is coming very soon…..
            GOD BLESS YOU

            • There isn’t much help for the wwti/swamp rat clone. He likes using various one word monikers like Billy,Jimmy,Danny. He thinks he is slick like a slimey troll, but just shows his warped mind. Sad.

      13. It’s slowly escalating to we know what. An overlooked prep. Item is detergent . Selco said at one time he would of traded anything for a bar of soap.

        • I made soap yesterday. …

          Ya’ll keep preppin

          • Oh boy, don’t go getting yourselves all in a lather now.

        • I’ve got enough detergent to wash all the loin cloths in Africa, but I’m gonna keep stacking.

      14. Are my comments purposely being deleted?

        • sometimes, Nathan, for no apparent reason, they just VANISH when you hit the submit comment button.
          It’s been awhile now since it’s happened to me, but no doubt, it’ll recur.

      15. From the Theological point of view it is all nice and good to learn about what all the prophets said 2000 years age. When you get right down to it, nobody is going to remember any of that information when evil comes knocking at your door. Oh a few religious words will be uttered under duress but you will be mostly thinking about what you can do to stay alive. Maybe instinct or training will kick in to save you. Because at the point Evil don’t care about religion you are. It wants to kill you. Physically and Spiritually. Now God does help those who help themselves but what I see people are jerking the pants off God saying, Save me Help Me. Unless you are an invalid or sick, which deserve help from above, you need to stand on your own two feet and don’t use God as a crutch.
        Besides all the evil Our Country has done you know what is coming anyway. “Judgment Day”. In more ways than one.

        Are you ready?

        • I am not replying to you personally, so please don’t be offended again. I am merely replying about something many people say and feel. The “save me help me” part. All God wants is for His children to show Him love and respect as any Father (in his right mind) would want.

          In saying that, i believe He also wants His “warrior children”, yes, there are many like myself that have been given the spirit of a warrior, like God gave Michael the Archangel. Michael is the “warrior” prince/king for God. Gabriel has powers as well but not in the sense of the warrior like Michael. Gabriel is more of the “prince of messengers”, concerning prophetic words of Christ’s coming.

          Example and Proof:
          Dan 10:13
          But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia.

          This is such a magnificent and awesomely beautiful piece of scripture that is mostly overlooked. Because Daniel needed help and clarification of what his vision was; God and/ or, His son Melchizedek ( name before Jesus Christ), sent Gabriel to explain it to Daniel.

          On Gabriel’s journey, the demonic beings that control the minds of the flesh kings of persia/Iran, were in the dimension between Heaven and Earth and were battling/blocking, Gabriel from reaching Earth. Yes, demonic beings have a “gang up and bully mentality”, and they didn’t want Daniel to understand and write these prophetic things. (must be why I hate bullies so much).

          But, thank God, He has the ultimate authority and Power, and sent Michael to intervene and it was an awesome battle that took place, since the time the evil ones that had been restraining Gabriel, lasted three weeks.

          Anyways, I believe in these last days, God is vetting out who His true soldiers are and preparing them for the spiritual battles/warfare that lie ahead. There are billions of demonically controlled flesh people upon this earth right now. it is gonna take a large and powerful army of spiritual soldiers to help God and Christ with bringing forth the Kingdom upon the Earth. many don’t want or care for this to happen and they work diligently with their demonic influences to prevent this Heavenly Kingdom to come, which is given to us, those that help bring it forth.

          Yes, we are given minds to think and prepare for ourselves and our families for the times of trouble that are coming. That is a no-brainer; but, we who have a strong will power and spirit to fight evil, will have much divine help when the time comes.

          Stand strong with that help, because it will not be an easy fight for truth and righteousness even with that help, and much worse without it. We have the power and freewill to decide how hard we make it upon ourselves. By ourselves, we are weak. When we become weak, evil spirits love it an will attempt to make a grab for our souls, especially in the wake of worldly battles. If not in tune with the Creator and our King, people have an uphill battle ahead, that may end in disaster and a quick defeat.

          It would be sad to say that one believes in God and Christ, but then loose their flesh life in a quick defeat. Upon, entering the dimension where God is, be asked why you didn’t call for divine help and intervention, just like what was needed by Gabriel,about 2555 years ago. Pause, meditate, think about it/Selah.

          • What a joke, calling yourself a ” warrior”. If simply being an internet loudmouth constitutes being a ” warrior”, then the definition of that word has been reduced to the point of it becoming a fraud. The only thing you ever do is hijack the thread to make it a forum for your personal religious insanity, and it never has anything to do with what the topic or discussion is about, you just turn it into your own private pulpit for your self serving drivel. Sure, you’re a real ” warrior” all right…..

            • Please wake up and see what is happening in the world right now. And then study what the bible says. Everything that is happening was written down 2000 years ago in it…..and it doesn’t look good for non-believers.

          • Yes amen to that passin….the real Spirit filled believers who truly know who they are in Christ will be the altimate Warriors against evil. When evil comes knocking yes some Christians will weep save me save me…there is some of us that will get strapped up with the armour of God and run out to meet it with no fear and be victorious.
            Hey slingshot, people say God helps those that help themselves as they think they might be quoting scripture…not in there just saying….cheers

            • Up Here.

              Glad you set me straight on that.

          • Good message again passin.

            You know what passin… Nothin’ in this life makes no fuckin’ sense.

            I’ve tried lookin’ back and ended up in despair.
            I’ve looked around and ended up depressed.

            I’ve looked up and found some hope… I’m thankful for that.

            I hope I remember to ask for help from above when I need it.

            Thanks for your posts.

            • I appreciate those of you that speak up for Christ and what “everything” is all about; and what it is all about is getting ready to shine like a new dime.

              As a warrior for Christ….not a pulpit preacher, but a sort of recruiter for other warriors and soldiers, my job has been to open up the view to the first line of defensive prepping. Spiritual prepping.

              Some idiots like to spew their lies and say i am hijacking threads and adding nothing, but we know the truth. They are the real hijackers that never add anything worth while; just constant babblings about how nasty bible thumpers make them feel. If the shoe fits…..
              Society has become a picture of liberalism. it wants even the tiny fragment of anything biblical and Christian removed, from everywhere. There is probably less than 10% on this site, yet the liberal apostate mind comes forth trying to run us “outspoken Christians” off, out from their eyes and ears.

              A man in our community about 15 years ago, moved back to his childhood home, after traveling and becoming a Buddhist follower. When he got enough people to listen to him, he came against the town and county by demanding that the ten commandments be taken off the courthouse lawn. it went on for years and he was able to pull in support from many non-christian groups. Eventually we won, but all that for “his” religion that was supposed to be a picture of peace and tolerance. One of my old friends and neighbors who was never a christian, came to his defense. His wife and he embraced the man and his russian wife as if they were the poster people for liberals. I told my old friend (actually a snake in the grass), that he might want to rethink siding up with a mixed up troublemaker like that, and face the bible truth, that Jesus Christ must be at the center of any worship or it won’t work out good in the end. The so-called friend turned on me and made statements with g-dam in them towards me. I said, “you are making a mistake and if you continue using the Lord’s name in vain, it will be your downfall.

              Well, he kept it up from what I heard, because i never had anything to do with him ever again. Then, in less than five years, he lost a million dollar business, a home and about a hundred acres, his wife, a 50k fishing boat, and a quarter million dollars worth of heavy equipment. Today…he rents and lives all alone and has no friends except his two dogs. They get along just fine cause he is one sick puppy.

              A few, very few, may turn off to the biblical perspective here, but the true patriots and freedom loving Americans need and want biblical truths as part of their prepping agenda. Sure i make mistakes and sometimes miss the mark, but with thousands of hours of study, my desire is to bring forth the true message from our Creator, and give all the praise and glory to Christ.

              Most Christian sites are pretty good, but a lot of man’s indoctrination has hid the truth. I have been treated the worst and blasted the most, on Christian sites in the past. I like everyday people that aren’t indoctrinated to accepting all the warm and fuzzy feelings, like rapture/flyaway/escape tribulation messages.

              Jesus did his best work out in the field mingling with everyday people for the same reason, people in the churches, for the most part did not want to hear the bare bones truth. Even the tax collector, Zacchaeus, found truth while hiding in a Sycamore tree, and listening to Jesus. The people hated him and called him a sinner, because he did steal from them a little in the name of politics, but Christ saved him when he repented.

              I know i get long winded, but I get wound up like an eight day clock and the spirit moves the message with hope and truth, so i continue to share.

              • Well, here comes the bullshit wagon once again. He lost a million dollar business, his house, his wife, blah blah blah, all because he didn’t listen to the words of the mighty pissin. Folks, wake up and smell the coffee, this guy is just a troll, his only reason for being here is to whip everybody up with his bullshit stories, do you REALLY think any of his above crap is true? Of course not, it’s all a little to scripted to sound anywhere near believable, like all of his stories. Have you ever noticed he has a story for every occasion? Now, if you have 2 brain cells to rub together you know that nobody has a life experience for everything, but not only does this guy have one, it’s an EXPERT story to boot.This huckster claims he knows more about God and religion than Seminary trained pastors, whom he claims are ” stupid” because of their training, while he, who has none at all, claims to be the expert on the subject. Just use your God given common sense when you read his posts and you’ll see it’s all in his head.

      16. About HCKS and Acid Etch. Guys these two are married one HCKS is an hermaphrodite and Acid is just straight gay. They both make up some good stories and i see some have started to believe them so i thought as there doctor i should chime in on there issues. They have a baby which HCKS always refers to agency ass clown. Thats there child. Please ignore them both and we will try to upgrade there meds soon and hopefully quell they gay online antics. Mac please stop reinforcing there behaviors its COUNTERINTUITIVE to there treatment plans. Again guys do some research and don’t feed the animals. Have a great remainder of the year and stop worrying about things beyond your control. Web sites like this are run by lazy people who love people like yourselves and make easy money off you and your fears of the world.

      17. Obama Federalizes Police in Six Cities.

        We have a war coming and the foundation is being laid.

      18. “War Light”, the noncommittal version of war, has been the cause of much frustration, turmoil, social upheaval. Korea, Vietnam and now Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and on and on. We have not achieved a victory in any sense of the word in any of these theaters of operation. No gain whatsoever.
        The financial costs of these wars is staggering. The human cost, more specifically the lives of our soldiers fighting these pseudo wars, is wholly unacceptable.
        That the Washington policy gurus have not learned from the past is all the evidence needed to remove them from office. Pouring human resources into a conflict that we have no intention of winning is criminal at best and in my view should land these criminals on the gallows.
        So now we have mounting evidence that the whole Syria debacle is in fact the US trying to remove Assad ’cause he would let a pipeline go through his country. My, my. Putin showed what’s really going on over there. Putin has done more for the US than our own gov. Now our guru’s have decided to go to “War Light” once again. They just don’t learn.
        Time for change. I sure hope we can vote the commies out.

        • “I sure hope we can vote the commies out.”

          Better wise up fast, buckwheat. Voting doesn’t work, and hasn’t worked for a long time. I vote for you to head down to Wal Mart and stock up on some more ammo while you still can.

          • Well Nato I am well aware that voting doesn’t work.

            Edit: “I sure hope we can vote the commie elements out of our gov. The alternative will be brutal and no sane person would want to go there”

            Howz that?

      19. Russia can kick NATO’s ass. American presence is a joke and the Europeans have decimated their military. Russia will probably surgically strike and take out only military, and not occupy Europe.
        They want to control Europe. I suspect Russians will not try to cross the ocean and come after North America. It costs too much money. If Russia has Europe and the middle east under their control They have all the resources they need to be a rich society. Airbus, BMW, Seimens, et al.
        With the advent of nukes the old imperialism days are over.

        • Most Euro armies are no more then glorified police forces. The bigger nations don’t even have the manpower/funding to maintain all their assets. The UK has reduced its navy, the RAF struggles to put jets in theater and it has mothballed many of its tanks. The German army and equipment is in need of a refresh.

          Washington is not going to march on Moscow – been tried many times. As General Montgomery stated…Rule 1, on page 1 of the book of war, is: Do not march on Moscow. Various people have tried it, Napoleon and Hitler, and it is no good. That is the first rule. I do not know whether your Lordships will know Rule 2 of war. It is: Do not go fighting with your land armies in China. It is a vast country, with no clearly defined objectives.

          I agree with some of your point. I think the Russians are only interested trade and would like Europe to be part of a Eurasian trading block as you suggest. After all they have immense mineral resources. Once that happens the US will quickly become a backwater – economically and geographically isolated.

          The Russian military doctrine is very defensive and clearly states – only attack when attacked and then respond with massive force.

          • The Americas will not become a backwater as we have resources that equal or exceed the Asian ones and we have more favorable weather so they are easier to get at. Our problem is Democrats in America, and corruption in central and south America. I like the idea of geographical isolation. Let the Chinese, Russians, and Indians fight over Asia and Africa. We need to solve problems in the Americas first, then worry about Asian threats. I’d rather buy shoes and phones made in Honduras than ones made in Shanghai.
            I agree that Russian boots on the ground Military is primarily defensive.

            • Their ultimate goal is to have muzzies living in our homes, sitting in the white house and mandating sharia law from the mosques already here.

              They want us all to convert or die. The problem they have in pulling it off is that our God has a million times +, more power than their god. Their god is a dead man walking. We that are believers, will see it happen in just a little over 1000 years, as he is thrown into the lake of fire, along with all his followers.

              i also believe we will see their god’s demonic angels die in the streets of Jerusalem in less than two decades, all 7000 of them. If I am still around in fifteen years, we will have a good idea, and i will shout for joy. If not here, i’ll be shouting from the Heavens.

              God bless my fellow Believers.

              • I will kill all Moslems, I come across.
                I despise them and their “god”.
                Of course I will not violate
                any Federal, state, or local laws doing so.
                It will all be self defense.

        • Agree: I think Russia’s strategy is to become Europe’s protector, not its enemy. To supplant the US. By moving in on the ME and getting ready to lock that place down, Russia can then help to protect Europe from the flood of low-IQ Muslims with their backward faith and thinking. In return, European governments will turn to Russia for all their resources and fuel needs. Russia will also surprise by cutting a deal with Israel, developing a defense agreement to protect Israel from the Muslim hordes in return for sharing the region’s resources of oil and gas (many Israelis are now from Russia).

          Look for the following in the next two years: Russia ruthlessly crushes and liquidates all the Islamic crazies in the ME that have been funded and trained by the US. The US will be frozen out of the skies across the ME. As Russia secures the borders of the ME and locks the Muslim rabble back into their backward states, it will quietly supplant the US as Europe’s protector. Through a series of groundbreaking deals, in return for mass repatriating all the Muslim rabble that have flooded into Europe, poisoning so many great countries, Russia will get locked-in resource deals with Germany, Nordics etc. The EU will effectively ‘sell’ Greece to Russia as the new place for Russians to go to for holidays. Greece has so polluted Europe with their corruption, nobody will protect them now.

      20. Lets see homeland security buys a hole lot of ammo.?

        Jade Helms ?

        Russia in the Ukraine. ?

        Russia getting buddy buddy with Iran, and Syria ?

        China building Islands ?

        U.S beefing up Islands that were used in WW2 ?

        Chinese, and Russian subs off our coast ?

        Russian Planes buzzing our airspace.

        ISIS ripping off a hole lot of nuke stuff ?

        Clerics calling for jihad ?

        illegals coming over our boarders ?

        Faracon wants 10,000 men as soldiers ?

        Countries are or about to go broke ?

        More gun control ?

        mmmmmmmmmmmmm ??????????????????

        And BIG BROTHER is on my computer !!!!!!!!!!!! ?????????

        Man BEAM ME UP MR SCOTT…………

      21. Believe me, I am preparing for those russian bastards and the chinese..I have learned free hard way that russians and Chinese soldiers are in Houston. And I don’t care if way one try a to make me think otherwise.

        • HCKS

          Your an idiot so take your meds moron.

      22. HCKS

        You may be crazy or not, but at least you are preparing for something.

        Those of you who are going it alone have to find ways to augment your defenses and firepower. You must be able to stand then off. Deny them access. Deny them cover. Slow them down. Make them move in the direction you want them to move.
        There are actions you can not prevent like getting run over by a tank. You can prevent cars, trucks, Quad runners and motorcycles from running in on you.
        We have discussed about hiding in plain sight. Materials to be use to fortify. How to fortify your doors. Your windows and garage doors. Window film and tape against breakage. What happen when bullets enter your home.
        I mostly prepare against the “Local Yocals”.
        I watch the vids and notice what they wear. The shoes pants and shirts. Sneakers, Baggy pants, Baggy shirts.
        Same clothes they will wear when they riot.
        With this in mind I mean to ensnare to slow them down or stop them in their tracks. I will make items that “THEY” think can be used for cover but can’t. The faster they run the more they encounter. The best bet to live is to leave me alone and move on down the road.

        I know three ways to make caltrops and you better not fall to the ground.

        Other items re-enforce the first ones.
        I told you about vehicle prevention run up.

        Simple prevention is to use those 4x8x16 solid concrete blocks and arrange them like the tank traps of WW2 Dragons Teeth. Moveable and disrupts a straight line makes vehicle driving hard. Like hitting the curb over and over. Place like a checkerboard. Gives you time and time will be important for the single prepper.

        There is lots more in the archives.

        Hang in there HCKS. You might be crazy but I am not too far behind you.

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