On Scene Investigator BANNED From Mandalay Bay, MGM, For Life After Uncovering Shocking Details Surrounding Las Vegas Attack

by | Oct 19, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 50 comments

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    This report was originally published by Shepard Ambellas at Intellihub.

    The site of the Route 91 music festival mass shooting is seen outside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas

    A comprehensive investigation with pictures from inside the Mandalay Bay after the Las Vegas shooting leads to investigator being banned by the hotel itself. 

    An independent investigator working on the Las Vegas shooting case was staying at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino when he was abruptly and ‘formally trespassed from all MGM Resorts International Properties’, all within 24 hours of his check-in.

    The investigator, who wishes to remain anonymous, goes by “@Nick_Falco” on Twitter and has posted a series of tweets confirming his claims that he was indeed banned from the property ‘for life’ by MGM management around 7:30 p.m. Saturday evening.

    Falco told Intellihub exclusively that he received a phone call from the front desk of Mandalay Bay shortly before 7:30 p.m. in which a female operator instructed him to answer his hotel room door where four men (two armed guards, a security guy, and an FBI agent) simultaneously met him. Falco was then told to pack up his belongings before the FBI agent conducted a subsequent inspection of his room.

    Soon after the independent investigator says that he was escorted over to the main entrance of the Mandalay Bay where a security guard stood him in front of a camera and verbally read him the trespass.

    During Falco’s visit, he was able to prove that the leaked online version of Stephen Paddock’s room service receipt was, in fact, “authentic” after comparing it to a receipt he himself received after ordering room service Saturday morning.

    Doing a better job than most actual career journalists, Falco also reported that “there’s a surveillance camera in each main elevator” of the Mandalay Bay and added that there is “nowhere to hide.”

    During his short-lived investigation, Falco dispelled online rumors that ‘Paddock used his girlfriend’s employee ID to access the fright elevator’ which is inaccurate because the buildings freight elevator doors are not secured nor do they have a sign posted on them restricting the general public from entering or using them.

    ‘Some People have said Paddock used service elevator w his girlfriend’s ID — this is FALSE,’ Falco tweeted.

    In his barrage of tweets, Falco makes clear: ‘Service elevators aren’t prohibited from guests. No signs. No locks.’

    “There are visible surveillance cameras in all service elevators,” Falco notes.

    Moreover, the freight elevator is located a good distance from Paddock’s suite. It’s past the main elevators and nearly all of the way down to the end of an adjoining hallway. It’s quite a trek.

    The elevator in question is located across the hall from the red dot on the diagram that’s included in the following tweet:

    In the diagram above, you can also see where Paddock’s suite was located (it’s to the far right). Just outside Paddock’s suite is a stairwell which police say was barricaded. It’s very close.

    The following video shows the vantage that Paddock would have had overlooking the venue.

    The video proves that Paddock would have had a clear shot at the fuel tanks from his room (32-135) which raises questions about the official story which purports that Paddock broke out the second window in the adjoining room to fire at the fuel tanks.

    Although Falco tells Intellihub he is no conspiracy theorist and likes to ‘stick to the facts,’ he captured an image of the TVs which come equipped in all Mandalay Bay rooms.

    “Samsung Smart TV in all rooms,” he tweeted. “In @wikileaks #Vault7 release these are compromised listening devices by CIA. I unplugged mine immediately.”

    ‘There are at least 3 Samsung Smart TVs in Paddock’s suite,’ Falco tweeted. “Everything could be recorded by CIA or maybe even MGM?”

    And take note of MGM’s privacy policy which Falco notes in tweet number 12 of 14.

    From MGM Resorts official website:

    Wi-Fi and Location Information. When you use Wi-Fi services we make available at MGM Resorts, we might collect information (directly or through third parties) about the websites you visit, the type of device and browser you are using, your device identification number, your precise physical location, bandwidth used, session time, etc.

    Even if you choose not to use Wi-Fi services we make available at MGM Resorts, we may still collect information concerning the precise physical location of your mobile device within and around MGM Resorts for non-marketing purposes.  With notice or your consent (and regardless of whether you use Wi-Fi service we make available at MGM Resorts), we might also collect information about the precise physical location of your mobile device within and around MGM Resorts for marketing purposes.

    “Falco tweeted: “MGM admits that they track your location through your phone whether or not Wifi is used! Heavy surveillance!” However, he questions how Paddock got “23 rifles” up to his room if surveillance actually exists.

    Additionally, Falco told Intellihub that not one of the four men who escorted him out of his room would provide any form of identification or business card nor did the front desk provide him with a signed copy of the trespass.

    Shepard Ambellas is an opinion journalist, analyst, and the founder and editor-in-chief of Intellihub News & Politics (Intellihub.com). Shepard is also known for producing Shade: The Motion Picture (2013) and appearing on Travel Channel’s America Declassified (2013). Shepard is a regular contributor to Infowars. Read more from Shep’s World. Follow Shep on Facebook. Subscribe to Shep’s YouTube channel.


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      1. HAHAHAHA that has to be given by an officer. Them reading it to you has NO official meaning,

        • The title of this article is misleading. It seemed to imply a police official was banned, not a conspiracy theorist private investigator nut job.

          • JS, that freelance investigator sounded like he really knew his business to me. Nope I can’t see him as a nutjob. So one of the thugs who confronted him was FBI? It all fits together. FBI is in charge of the coverup. This guy will have to go into hiding.

            • I don’t care about this Nick Falco character. What I care about is the extreme reaction of the Mandalay Casino. I care about the banning of Nick Falco.

              Banning has become the first recourse taken by any “authority” wishing to demonstrate their control and power, and “specialness” when it comes to living by the same rules as the rest of us.

              Banning should be banned. It has nothing to do with the Rule of Law. Banning bypasses the Rule of Law. Banning places the “banner” above the Rule of Law.

              Since the Mandalay Casino is getting away with controlling the investigation, they will control the fate of this “conspiracy theorist. With banning you automatically have to wonder what they are covering up.

              Hiding will be too good for Falco. He will be disappeared.

              Just saying.

      2. Bigfoot already told me this so it must be true.

      3. Somebody is trying damned hard to keep the public from finding out what really happened.

        • And the more they try, the worse it looks for them.

        • Yep.

        • And they are universally succeeding.

        • Yes, no doubt about that buddy. The ENTIRE situation stinks and God only knows what really happened. I imagine “false flag” of sorts for sure. Now they can go crazy with all of the extra Gun Control b.s. talk. As soon as this happened, I knew in my heart, gun control would roll off their tongues and sure enough it happened in no time flat. It is really disgusting as hell what goes on in this country anymore.

      4. Its somewhat concerning that according to Falco a FBI agent showed up to escort him off the premises along with the hotels security. Makes some sense Hotel chain may be embarrassed at security lapse and may take an unfortunate hardline tack against investigators snooping around hotel after such an event, but (while I’m somewhat distrustful of any gov institution) the FBI are supposed to be the good guys. Having private independent investigators looking into the shooting event shouldn’t be discouraged by the FBI – they may turn up useful and relevant facts/observations that that might be helpful pointers to the FBI.One would hope the FBI would appreciate any additional vectors of information into investigating this mass shooting event, or at the least not prohibit or discourage such efforts.

      5. Just another heap om the pile of PROOF that this is all setup by black ops and Paddock is a patsy. I can’t believe how sloppy and shitty a job they have done and continue to do trying to cover it up. Anyone who still buys the official story HAS to be a complete MORON! They must think the public is even stupider than I do wow. Go stand on a hill 32 stories high and fire at a pond 490 yards away with a bumpfire stock and let me know how many hits you gel LOL.

      6. Watched a documentary once about how to disappear and change your name and not be found. It’s not easy and this guy did it some years back. You have to ditch phones and all devices first sell your car cancel all subscriptions be debt free and change your name and your look like hairstyle get tattoos different clothes. Anything you did that identified you like your hobbies such as playing golf you cannot play golf anymore forget it. You need to take up something completely contrary like boxing or something like that. Guess what if your found out you gotta start all over. Either way you gotta disappear by changing and covering your tracks then lay low for a while. This guy stayed a grimy motels and lived out of a gym bag bought a cheap prepaid cell phone and lost a bunch of them along the way on purpose bought more as he went. I think it was a nat geo or discovery special I don’t know the name of it.

      7. “…FBI agent conducted a subsequent inspection of his room”???? Why was the FBI still present? Why would the FBI be interested in a reporter about this case? Did FBI agent have a warrant to search and or seize particular effects of the reporter if any had been found?

      8. Banned for life from a public place? For what reason?

        Sounds like this guy can sue. for infringing on his rights to enter a public space.

        • It is not a public place, it is a privately owned casino resort. They do it to people all the time.

          • Like the Christian bakers that were sued for not baking a gay wedding cake?

            That kind of public place?


            • That was called discrimination… this is a whole nuther ball of wax. I wouldn’t bake a faggot cake either lol.

              • Hahahaha! I am a pretty good cook. No way in hell would I bake a cake for fags.

                Lots of other places for them to shop.

                They wonder why some of us left off being tax mules and went Galt. Yeah. Okay. They will figure it out soon enough.

                Until then, laying low.

                • exactly, the bitching and moaning I do/did accomplishes nothing. we are on the wrong side and the only way I could make my point was to quit contributing to the delinquency of my government. I sold my business and property, bought some land, make no $$$ and pay only property and sales tax. ag exemption is a blessing. fuk the feds as they have stomped all over the most important document and it is time to return that favor.

              • Who in their right mind would want to eat something that you “forced” the damn person to make. I would put some very special additives into that cake for those sweet, sweet boys…damn disgusting gator bait.

                • Bake that cake for them, gladly make it their last meal.

                  Have your cake and eat it too, faggots.

                  Got cake?

                • When I was a kid I knew a cook that was a real cool cat. He told me he once had a couple of rich pricks that bitched and moaned and cause a lot of trouble at a dinner party. They were just being assholes because they were rich and thought they had the right to make other peoples lives miserable. The last thing he made for them was a rich chocolate dessert that contained ex-lax and lots of it. It fucked them up so bad that they had to have IV’s of ringers because of the dehydration. They dammed near shit themselves to death.

        • If they banned this guy for nothing then there must be something to what he was saying/doing that threatened their “narrative” of lies and double talk. What a sad disgrace. Some of the same guys left over from Dallas back in the early 60’s perhaps??

          • The “threat” was his mere existence. LE will use the old “we don’t want amateurs and rubberneckers muddying up the crime scene” excuse. Which means, we don’t want them to see certain stuff before we have a chance to re-stage it). The banning was simply a warning to anyone who is thinking about doing the same thing as Falco did.

      9. something smells bad here, really, really bad.

        you have to wonder what the end game was or is supposed to be.

        • Simple: Major sweeping gun-grabbing, without a doubt and it is in action. What 4 bills in clown Congress already I believe it is…

      10. I’m thinking its time that all patriots who can afford it, buy hidden cameras. They sell pen cameras that you just click the pen and they record. Buy one and always keep it charged and ready.

        One of us could grab the video that breaks the globalist world wide open.

        Better than hanging some of the globalist killers, is to catch them in the act for all the world to see.

        • If folks here have not subbed to Colin Patrick Flaherty’s channel on Utube, you should.

          He makes it clear how important it is to have video evidence. Plenty of in-home cameras you can get, as well as dash cams. I have to any Russia has the best dash cams which makes me laugh.

          Watched a few Utube channels and they explain it is due to how much it cost to get full coverage for your vehicle. Costs a fortune. And without proof you are screwed. Russia makes the best dashcams in the world. (FYI: Mac, might want to advertise some).

          Gal down in Florida killed a Dindu that was with another Dindu and hijacked sons car. Dindu ended up dead. The twist is the media is spinning this as she killed him while he was fleeing. Second Dindu is being charged for felony murder because he and Dindu One were engaged in felonious actiivity, namely carjacking, and Dindu Two ended up dead.

          It’s hard to do math. Check out Colin’s site. He explains it much better.

          • I have posted many times in the past links to ebay for affordable video equipment. Not russian but it works. I have so much video equipment I can’t even remember all of it lol.

          • Colin is an awesome guy. I HIGHLY recommend all white folks check out his work. He is not racist, just the facts, plain and simple. He is a better man than I that’s for sure. What those rats do to innocent Americans every single day will make you puke. Think about your families, your innocent children, etc, etc. It is mind blowing what goes on with those savage, ape, animals.

      11. The part about the samsung TVs/wifi surveillence is BS.
        Yes the TVs could be listening devices, but thats not related to the wifi “surveillance”.
        The Wifi is just about getting marketing data about where people are, not about tracking an individual.

        • Maybe it was the part where MGM said that the wifi might be used to “collect information concerning the precise physical location” that made him think that they might use the wifi to collect information concerning the precise physical location?

        • Did you read it thoroughly? It also states they may collect info for NON-marketing purposes.

          “Even if you choose not to use Wi-Fi services we make available at MGM Resorts, we may still collect information concerning the precise physical location of your mobile device within and around MGM Resorts for non-marketing purposes. With notice or your consent (and regardless of whether you use Wi-Fi service we make available at MGM Resorts), we might also collect information about the precise physical location of your mobile device within and around MGM Resorts for marketing purposes.”

      12. So no alarms on the doors? Wasn’t Campos supposedly up there investigating an alarm on the door? *facepalm* This thing is about to blow wide open. It would have a long time ago if our idiot public demanded answers… but this cover up is so incredibly shoddy that it’s red pilling even the most hive minded.

      13. The Vegas shooting event and investigation is like ancient history, mostly all lies. The investigative factual dead end is set and the couple days of exposure are case closed. The crumbs have been swept into a neat little pile and discarded.

      14. We will never know. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. There is a big cover up here. We will never know the answer. Another couple months it will completely disappear! It is like Kennedy being shot by Oswald. The blood flew towards the rear not toward the front. Two planes took down all three Towers!This will go away too!

        • The concern is though, how much more gun legislation will they stick up our asses. There is more than enough gun laws out there my god. It is going to get to the point that we need permission regarding what ‘TP’ we can use and what color on what day…Awful, just awful. Land of the Free.

      15. test

      16. One video states that many of the injured in the shooting were fake injuries showing supposed shot survivors appearing to show no signs of being shot. A sequence of people on the ground where an attendant to the victims had fake blood on his left wrist and ran his hand over it and then moved that hand over another supposed victims arm that was laying on the ground. Strange that Campos went on the Ellen show instead of the prior 5 appearances that were scheduled before he disappeared for nearly a week. Campos probably a fake security guard drilled extensively to get what he would say on the Ellen show in order.

      17. Can’t use links unless you are a Twitter member and I am not stupid enough to use social media,

        Useless “article” here. Just allows more spying. Might as well hand my house keys over to CIA.

        Thanks SHTF!

        • I noticed that. Kinda stinky way to get me to sign up. NOT.

          • Wastebook is like that at times also. I don’t get involved in social media. In addition to the privacy dangers, these things are great time sucks that I could more profitably use on other pursuits.

      18. Large numbers of our family go to Vegas often including patronizing MGM businesses. The cover up in Vegas tells us that the risks are to great and that the treatment of people is not worthy of the money we spend.

        So, we will continue spending on cruise ships and alternative venues.

      19. Why has no one asked if he was just randomly assigned that room or requested a specific location?

        • What about glass falling from 32 stories up? That would make an awful racket and a big mess. Oh I forgot he pulled all the glass into his room. Smart patsy lol

          This “story” stinks to high heaven. I am guessing we will never really know what actually happened.

        • Because the alleged shooter never entered the room until his dead corpse was placed there after the staged incident was completed.

      20. As far as the second window, I thought it was for crossdraft to get rid of massive gunsmoke.

      21. The shooters wife worked at the hotel so the guns could have been prepositioned in the hotel some time before the event being moved gradually up the building to the shooters room which could mean additional guns are still in the hotel some where.

      22. I’m surprised they haven’t leveled the Mandalay Bay yet, like they did to Sandy Hook elementary. Get rid of all the incriminating evidence. Hell, why not level all of sin city.

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