Officer Backs Down After Citizen Cites Code: “It’s Wrong To Know Your Rights?”

by | Mar 24, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 96 comments

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    This article was written by Adan Salazar and originally published at

    Editor’s Comment: Police are not used to citizens standing up for their rights, particularly when they know and use the codes of the law that officers otherwise use to intimidate and corral the people. It is high time that more people politely but firmly stood against attempts to encroach upon our daily lives.

    If more people did so, the reign of arbitrary abuse and preying upon the public would quickly come to an end.

    EPIC Video: Cop Backs Down After BMX Biker Lays Down the Law

    by Adan Salazar

    A police officer in California backed down after a verbal confrontation with a BMX bike rider who exemplified a vast knowledge of the city’s public park laws.

    In a viral video uploaded to Youtube Saturday, Long Beach Police Lieutenant Mark Cobel approaches two BMX bikers and demands they stop riding in the park.

    “If you’re up here and doing tricks and… I don’t care, but once you get off of this you can’t ride your bikes down here,” Lt. Cobel tells the two riders.

    The rider filming the confrontation then asks the officer if there had been a law change.

    The officer replies, “Yeah, you can’t ride your bike on the boardwalk.”

    “When did that law change?” the rider asks.

    “Uh… it’s been a law for quite a while,” the officer replies.

    The biker responds by citing the city code that allows bikers to ride anywhere in the park.

    “16.16.502 is the civic sectional code that states you can ride your bicycles around here, so, I don’t know what law you’re referring to,” the bike rider says.

    “Ok, you want to go that way? We can go that way. I mean…” the officer stammers.

    “You wanna pull out your civic code and you want to look up the code: 16.16.502 states that you can ride your bicycle out here,” the bike rider demands.

    The officer, noticeably perturbed, next asks the biker if he obtained his law degree on Facebook.

    “So do I have to have a law degree to be an informed citizen? Is that what you’re saying? It’s wrong to be informed, it’s wrong to know the law, it’s wrong to know your rights?”

    “I just want to know where you got it,” Officer Cobel continues.

    “I got it by knowing my rights. Is it wrong to know your rights as a citizen?” the rider says, adding that the officer’s job is to support the law, not enforce his opinion.

    Lt. Cobel next takes issue with the biker’s assessment that the officer is harassing citizens, asking, “Oh, this is harassment now?

    The biker replies, “When you tell someone to not ride their bike when they’re legally able to ride their bike, yes, that’s harassment. Your opinion is irrelevant. The law states we can ride our bike. Now do you have anything else to say, or are you going to leave us alone?”

    In the end… well, just watch the video.


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      1. All the real crime in the world and this is where we find our police force.

        • Did you notice in the sky behind the cop, the chemtrails being sprayed? That’s the REAL crime of which people, including cops, need to be aware. But almost noone is.

          • “My name is officer thugenfugger, I am to big of a pussy to go after the real criminals that might hurt me, and I am jealous fat pussy that you can ride a bike and I can’t” “Furthermore, I was specifically screened and selected for my low IQ and it makes me feel tough and special to fuck with you right now”.

        • You could clearly see how agitated this cop was getting when he grabbed a hold of his nightstick. Officers really don’t like when their so-called authority is questioned but I have done this very same thing on numerous occasions on the street and in the courtroom not only to officers but to attorney’s and judges. I am the king and they are my servants. If they took an oath to uphold the Constitution they are expected to honor that oath as a servant of the people. Unfortunately they serve other interests above those of the people in far too many cases. Our founding fathers would be disgusted by how little the general public knows about their rights these days but then again the private commercial statutes that most believe govern their actions are far too many and unnecessary. Most are designed to restrict and control rather than to serve and protect.

        • This kid should be given a citizen award for the proactive preservation of Liberty and Justice against an emerging police state. I’d like to contribute to a fund for his college/Law school.

          This incident proves how cops eventually develop a mentality that they not only are ‘above the law’, but they ARE the Law.

          He’s lucky this cop wasn’t one of the army of poorly trained rookies emergin from an agenda based Federal subsidy progrdam because it might have been different. As far too many citizens have their 1st/A rights violated by the specious mythology that all police orders must be immediately obeyed otherwise the cop’s ‘life is in danger’, and he then absolutely must commit excessive force and arrest the citizen to protect himself because he is in ‘fear for his life’.

          The LT here had been around a while and cut his losses when he knew he was outsmarted and ‘busted out’ by an obviously superior intellect. But since his face and name are out all over the internet, he won’t forget this incident.

          But the bmx dude should heighten his Jason Bourne awareness mode from now on in that area. They’ll be ‘gunnin’ for him. The police can now garnish a search warrant to do an excessively forceful SWAT raid on a person just based “…on a suspicion from their job experience that there might be drugs at the person’s premises!”

          An articulate demonstration of serious evidence for probable cause is no longer necessary for a Gestapo home invasion on you anymore due to a recent court ruling.

          Plus I’m sure the good LT. here reads that police website/blog that actually teaches cops how fake evidence for drug bust search and seizures.

          Be careful bmx dude. You’re a future great American Patriot Hero! We don’t want to lose you.

      2. Bravo.
        Not all cops are butts. Some are. Some just think they know the code. Knowledge is power.

        • I keep hearing there has to be a good cop somewhere amongst all the rotten apples. Just not sure if that is true.

      3. My son educated 3 different cops on three different incidents , for three different gun laws that they had no clue on, each time he was stopped except one where he showed the magistrate how ill informed his cops were on the laws.. all 3 incidents my son ended up with zero infractions , zero fines

        Two of them were on open carry, one of them was on trans port of a weapon

        these cops need to go to “Rights School” before they get a job usurping our rights by opinion , and if they cant pass the test .. they go back to working for the city by sweeping gutters

        • I had to educate a deputy sheriff on gun safety laws, when he said he didn’t think it was the law, I told him to look it up in the state statutes. He said he didn’t want to argue with me on the law. He WAS arguing the law, but he walked away and ignored the complaint my neighbors came 10 feet from my window on my property to shoot off a shotgun to harass me. There were 5 incidents this happened, and they ignored my complaints. I was driven out of that county by those neighbors terrorism because of the authority’s stupidity.

          It is dangerous to quote the law to cops. They hate it when they look stupid and they are supposed to know it.

          • If someone is on your property with a weapon then Castle Doctrine allows you to defend your life from a perceived threat – drop the POS in his tracks

            • Not all states have the castle doctrine, wish they did. Here in MN I have to run and cower in a corner before I can defend myself.

            • You have to be sure your state actually HAS the Castle doctrine and you better know its exact parameters.

      4. Kudos to the gentleman who made the effort to research his rights under the law!

        That being said, I must apologize for a post that is completely off-topic. I am doing this because I feel that this alert may be very useful to the SHTF Clan!

        Run! — don’t walk! — to your local Walmart and scan the discount displays located in the aisle running along the Sporting Goods department!

        I hit two stores in my area over the past couple of days and got some amazing bargains. The stores appear to be clearing out a lot of gear relating to archery, muzzleloaders, and camping items. (This latter category is sort of puzzling since we are now approaching the camping season; but who I am to argue with bargains?)

        This is what I got yesterday for $24.01:

        (1) CVA Titan Flask
        (1) CVA Trophy Ball/Bullet Starter
        (2) CVA Powder Measure – Range Model (solid brass)
        (2) CVA Universal Loading Tip (solid brass)
        (2) TC U-View Powder Measure (clear plastic)
        (1) DVD — Muzzleloading Basics (Williams/Schearer)
        (3-pack) Nock-Out Lighted Nocks

        At the other store, I got some Limbsaver dampening disks for bows at $4 per 2-pack; the regular retail was listed at something like $21. My favorite item was the Coleman lantern spark igniters at $2 each. (I took all four that were on the rack.) I love these things; you can instantly light a propane (or liquid fuel) lantern in the pitch dark (and strong wind) quickly and easily without fumbling with matches or a lighter. I already have these installed on all my lanternsm and was delighted to find some extras at a great price.

        Well, there you have it… valuable preps at massive discounts! Good hunting…! ~ KV

        • As the woman of the house, I scored the following at my local Walmart.

          Womens sweat tops and pants, all sizes $1 ea.

          Mens pajamas (shirt and pants set) $5

          bought them all. For barter and mission field.

          • Check Craigs List. Today I scored a used 34 foot, tri axle, top of the line when new, Motorhome for cheap. Ya gotta do the market research, recognize a bargain when you see it, and be there first with cash in hand !!!

            Two good ones got away, but this one is sweet !!! Red Dog Reservoir this summer !!! Santa Fe in September !!! SHTF is going to be fun !!! 🙂

      5. The reality is your also quite likely for the Officer to beat the crap out of you and charge you with resisting arrest. Its not right but its just the way it is.

        As WC Fields said, “Better here than Philadelphia”. I suggest not trying the above video in Phila.

      6. I have been told all my life not to argue with a police officer even when they are wrong. That you take it up with the judge. People constantly say that the officer was justified in killing someone because the person said they broke no law. This officer was considering pulling his Billy club on this man… white with witnesses most likely saved a severe beating.

        • Rebecca

          I picked up on that too. He was thinking and that was probably liberal California. In a big NE city, no thought; bang, boom, your under arrest.

          The fact is you could get the officer on video and you will eventually win the law suit. The incident will be remembered as the blow to your head has your ears ringing 24/7 for the rest of your life. The officer will at best be reprimanded, lose their job, in Phila slang, “Forgetaboutit”.

          Choose your battles, leave, get the documents in hand, go to the officials with at least witnesses and the media at best, present your case, get it written.

          • Thanks Kevin2.
            I wish my boss had filmed those 2 cops shaking him down for free carpet.
            he made us go to the back room. Then again, one of us might have gotten shot… film st 11.

          • The problem with lawsuits against shithead cops is that the payouts comes from the taxpayers, so the courts and the cops don’t really care. When LE steps out of line the payouts need to come directly out of the officers assets.

            • If the payouts come out of their pension fund, the pigs will lean on each other to knock it off. Obviously the worst thing you can do to a pubic employee is threaten their bloated pension. The thought of not retiring at 50 and the same day being hired back scares them to death.

        • 44 magnum concealed carry, beat on me stupid!!

        • The video made the pig pause. Two words–automatic uploads. Make sure the pig knows it is happening.

      7. K2 is right I don’t see law enforcement as protection,sure we all know a good one.The majority has no understanding or concern with freedom or your rights.You saw how they dealt with the patriots in Oregon

      8. As compared to Fuergeson

        • Furgeson was on film the whole time or it would have been worse. Oregon was on a lonely back road. The guy in this film had film, and a group of young white men around him.

          • Would have been worse .They did whatever they wanted and the police stood around.A protected class indeed.Meanwhile in the northwest white boy takes a dirt nap,no riot no destruction of property just nonviolent protest.Dirt nap

      9. Many years ago, I got schooled by some of my communities youth. The kids were diving off od a bridge, imto a river. I stopped and told them they could not dive off the bridge. No big deal. As I drove away, I thought to myself, why can’t the kids jump off the bridge, I did when I was a kid.

        Went back to the station read all the city codes, and guess what. These kids COULD, jump off the bridge. For comformation I ran across the street, and talked with the city attorney. We again got the code book out and determined these kids were perfectly within their rights to jump off the bridge.

        I got back in my patrol,car, and returned to the bridge. The kids were swimming at the base of of the bridge. I gathered all 20 up and apologized for my mistake. I explained that they were ok jumping from the bridge, that their actions were not in violation of any law, or ordinance.

        I invited the kids to a store down the street, where I purchased each an ice cream. We sat and talked about the importance of knowing their rights, and more importantly my NOT knowing the status of jumping off the bridge.

        I’m reminded of my screw up every summer, when I see those kids I talked withs children still jumping off the same bridge.

        The moral of the story is, LIFE, is the lesson. I screwed up, and I corrected my screw up. It was the right thing to do.


        • Dirk

          Small people cannot admit their mistakes as many use pride to hide insecurity.

          Bravo, good for you.

        • Dirk,
          first my kudos to you! But you also taught by your example an even more important Life Lesson. A real man, a real grown-up adult does and will admit to being wrong.
          You did not let your ego get in the way of doing “the right thing”. You also taught those kids the importance of double checking the facts on the matter, rather than just assuming that you “know it”.

          BTW, thank-you. You made my day.

        • Did you mention that even though something is legal, sometimes it isn’t advisable and to understand when they are taking risks?

          • RR: exactly. Every year, in my area, once the water levels drop in local rivers, they become unsafe for people jumping from bridges. Almost every year there is one person (or more) that end up jumping and hitting their head on a rock which causes death or permanent injury. Same for the people that go skiing. Every year there are folks that ignore the signs and ski out of bounds and end up dead in an avalanche or a tree well or get lost and then have to be rescued. Not all of those rescue missions are successful.

            • That’s what the Darwin Award is for

        • You, and your behavior shows at least two things. 1) You are a real man and live by the code of values you have adopted deeply within you (not many do), and 2) You are a great teacher – of yourself and others. You learned a lesson you will never forget, and they will remember this lesson/event the rest of their lives. I’m sure their grandchildren will also get the message. You have touched more lives by your behavior than you can possibly imagine.


          Son of Liberty

        • @Dirk:

          I call Bullshit.

          Did you really believe that you had authority over another human being, and to regulate their behavior with out proof of an injury(crime)?

          I call Bullshit.

          These kids were minors? And you bought them ice cream? Minors by Law are incapable of giving consent and cannot contract. By Rule Of Law, minors fall under Common Law jurisdiction only. Interacting with a minor without, First, providing an advocate or guardian to protect their rights is shameful at best.

          I call Bullshit.

          Honor your Oath. Stop being part of the problem. No injury, no crime, therefore no interference or interaction. The act of enforcing the so called “law” on Citizens is simple communism. The Citizen IS the law, and therefore the Master. The Public Servant is just that, the subordinate….learn your place or GTFO .

          kudos you didn’t shoot anybody…that day anyway…BA.

          • …. I agree. Bullshit!

            Sounds like Mayberry. start like Barney end up aunt B.
            My bet is you where looking for the codes to go back and make
            A big haul in with swat dean witter. Got made tracked AG down.

            If your accurate, your good man. But there’s too many cherries on top on this banana split

          • BA gets 2 points on the bitch slap.

          • I call Bullshit, you sound like a real pussy.

          • Yea, bad American these were really tough kids, it was touch and go. I debated bringing my full auto M4, just in case. Took a chance, got it right for once. I made it 25 years on the streets. According to shit heads like you, I didn’t get one thing right.

            After that bridge event. I became a School Resource Officer,in a local high school. I actually cola berated with the teachers and we put together a ” law class” for 4 years, it ought the high school kids exactly the law books said.

            I let the kids lead me in any direction they wanted. The kids would ask a specific question. I would get my law book out, and we would review that specific section, until the kids had a clear understanding of that law.

            The goal by the end of the year was to have an informed youth in our community. Use to piss the other officers off, when I taught search and seizure. The kids would get pulled over. The officer would try and search their cars.

            The kids would tell the officers, that officer Dirk told them that they did not have to let the police search, without probable cause. My fellow officers were pissed. Fuck them. The education of our youth was and will always be far more important then some shit bag officer pushing a ” consent” search.

            Actually got called into the Chiefs office” chief Jim Hunter” where I was asked to consider dumbing down my search and seizure class. My response was absolutely not. Our kids have a right to know the rules, and I felt we the police had an obligation to be the teachers.

            An informed community pays community dividends. Those kids are now becoming leaders in my community. I’m retired now, but that nine years in the schools were the toughest and most rewarding years of my 25 year career.

            After I left that assignment, ” law chat” as the class was called went away. The officer who replaced me was a slug, and not interested in the extra work involved in being an exceptional community resource.

            Lastly every kid in that high school who wanted my phone number got it. They were instructed to call me, if they needed help, any time of the day or night. I got thousands of calls over the years. Some were as simple as finding a coat for the youth, or family member, or getting food to the family, in times of need.

            Others just needed a kind word, and encouragement, some positive feedback.

            Dirk Williams
            KFPD retired

            • @Dirk:

              “Our kids have a right to know the rules”

              Outstanding Sir. Teaching these kids to embrace the rules of their masters, outstanding. I’m sure they have made a great addition to the Collective. I might be a shithead, no wait, I am a shithead, but you Sir, are a Statist. You don’t even have a clue to the amount of damage you have done. What a Rube.

              I find you guilty of ‘stoopid to the bone”.

              500 hrs community service, handing out Jury Nullification pamphlets.

              Maybe you can finally do some good.

              Might I suggest the red pill.

              ht tps://

              Sovereign not slave……BA.

              • Bad American
                Dang me, glad I gave up TV and stuff 40 years ago.
                Back to my garden…

          • I believe Dirk, as I have read his posts on Oathkeepers, and he seems like someone I wouldn’t mind having for a neighbor as he is familiar with the bill of rights according to his posts.

        • You didn’t screw up, Dirk. What you should be remembering is how well you did for liberty and justice by making sure you obeyed the law, instead of making it up as you went along.

          The fewer bad cops make it bad for the majority of the rest of us. You are one of the rare exceptionally good cops that keep it together to hold off this increasingly dangerous Police State government agenda.

      10. Nationalist me- Your are right.The police have been out of control for a very long time. Its about time we started to stand up to those bullies.If everyone does it then maybe we can finally get our country back .They are just part of the problem for sure.The government is the other part of the problem.they are the ones that let the cops get away with all the injustices they cause the American people.

      11. The only cops worth anything are ones never around. The fiction of a badged warrior – humble to serve the safety and protection of citizens has been allowed to drag on for long enough. Chasing speeders, and maliciously acosting donuts on a day to day basis serves no use to the public safety, it just funnels money from the hands of the subjugated to the ruling political and judicial ass-holery.

        At least one thing I can agree with the rappers, “Fuck the Police!” Self-governance starts with self reliance and responsibility. At the end of the day, I have never been robbed by street gangs, and more times than I can count by the police/highway goons. Simple math clearly identifies who the TRUE criminal element really is….

      12. I can’t find any code: 16.16.502

        • It would be state specific , or even county specific
          And even could be park specific

          And the codes usually start with three letters like MCL if it’s a state code M being the state like Michigan or Montana etc

        • I cant either. I looked but no dice. Kid was probly FOS.

        • did you use the states 3 letter designation?

          Like MCL is for Michigan Complied Laws

          it could also be a county law , or a park law

          but if the kid was pulling a fast one, than good on him that the cop didnt even know the difference ,still proves the same point,, the cops are ignorant to the laws they are to enforce

          • It was a city parks dept. code , so unless you know the city , you really cant look it up .
            I,m sure the kid was correct , probably ready for the officer because he pushes the envelope hopeing for confrontation.
            Just my take on it .

            • Probably a Bernie Sanders supportor , LMAO !

            • He told us why he knew the codes: Other cops have harassed him about it and he got tired of it. So he did what he should do; look up the laws for himself and come back prepared to defend his rights.

              Yes, it could have ended badly for him but this LEO begrudgingly admitted he was out-smarted. By a kid LOL.

              • Thanks , i cant watch video out here , so just read the text…

            • Yup

      13. They are getting paid to hassle people and make them pay. They don’t need a courtroom. We’re all guilty until proven innocent and the deck is hyper stacked against us. The laws only apply to the little people. You say you want a revolution!

        • We like to think that the majority of LE obeys the rules and sees most people as law abiding citizens, just trying to get by and make a living.

          However; in the past few decades, things have changed in most of the larger cities, as in “not small town usa”. Cops are usually on the defensive, and should be taken that way, as a general rule. They are looking for smart asses to make a mistake so they can “enforce” what they perceive as the law. I think anyone with a little common sense can understand that from the get go.

          it is when the overblown egos, and bitches and s.o.a bitches, go on a power trip, that people need to be wary and afraid. I have had my share of situations that caused me to get a fine/ticket and ass chewing when neither was necessary. I have had cops lie like the devil to get the upper hand and cost me much moolah. Asswipes on a power trip and pissed off at the world. You can never win with these types.

          I have met a few that were all revved up when they first started barking out questions, but in most cases, I was able to meet hostility with a calm demeanor and non aggressive stance.
          About half of those situations turned out to be situations that left me with a feeling of appreciation for those officers, in the end. One can only hope that most of their encounters turn out so positive.

          The last situation I had in Californication in a big truck, with a CHiPs trooper on a mc, ended that way. I have the utmost respect and appreciation for that young LE officer. He could have thrown the book at me, and probably would have, if i had been confrontational and loud.

      14. COP = Armed tax collector; that’s it.

        They can give a flying fudge about your safety, they’re there to enforce their will and collect money.

      15. Try talking like that to the police around here and you will be picking up your teeth and then taken to jail.Even if the punk was right about the law , thats not the way you talk to the police or anyone for that matter.

        • Bullshit. Go back and hide under your rock while the rest of us assert our rights.

          Fucking coward.

          • @Billy Hill:

            Yep exactly.

          • Hey Billy fuck you you call me a coward because you dont agree with what l said about some punk that happened to be right about riding his fucking bike. Fuck You. He was nothing but a punk. Fuck You Coward

          • While the rest of us assert our rights, you are a fucking dickhead loudmouth who would get the living shit beat out of him if you ever called me a coward to my face. Fuck you pussy coward. You know whats all l said was the smartass punk in the video showed no respect to police officer and all these badasses and 1 bitch jump me without knowing anything about me.

        • Birdborn…
          I am shocked! You expect this young man to be Politically Correct????? Oh the horror of it all.

        • @birdborn:

          …may your chains rest lightly…….


          Stay the course….BA.

          • Fuck you badass, your a real tough guy on your keyboard. Stuff it up your ass.

          • Man your tough calling me a pussy behind your keyboard. Hopefully I will get to meet you one day.

            • @bb:

              Don’t be so butt hurt.

              “thats not the way you talk to the police or anyone for that matter”

              “Fuck you badass, your a real tough guy on your keyboard. Stuff it up your ass”

              You are the Hypocrite.

              Now….go to your room, the adults are talking.

              Be the spoon….BA.

        • So Birdbrain, where the fuck do you live, Nazi Germany? The kid was very polite considering the unwarranted stop and detention and direct assault by the cop on his rights.

          If I was standing there witnessing the incident and this LT started beating him with his night stick because he didn’t like what the kid was saying, I would have tazered the cop, cuffed him, and charged him with attempted murder.

      16. You’ve got to love those standing up against the Nazi Police State.

      17. COP= Criminal on patrol.

        • COP

          C ommunist
          O n
          P atrol

          To enforce the will of The State.

          Be safe ….stay the course…BA.

          • Fuck You

      18. There are good cops and there are good young black males. While I’m not inferring that they are on any equal plane in percentage or behavior I choose to limit my interaction as much as possible with both. Its just the prudent thing to do.

      19. I’m a libertarian. Close to an anarchist (NO…the real meaning of anarchy has nothing to do with chaos and violence) in my beliefs on government and personal liberty. Non aggression, self defense and respect for private property principles. No victim, no crime. The Golden Rule.

        By the very definition of state enforcer, a policeman is a statist.

        I have no time for statists. If they try to convince you they believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness they are telling a bald faced lie. They believe in the power of the state over all.

        • @JRS:

          Agreed !!!

          There is no freedom for all if even one is made to suffer.

          Most Americans are communists(statist) and don’t even realize it, including posters at this site.

          If a man advances on a woman without her consent, her saying yes, that is an assault. With the state, the “yes” is already implied, and one must say “no”, or the assault is continued and it is called Justice.

          True law enforcement begins and ends with the Citizen.

          Never ask for permission. Retain your Rights.

          Always include with your signature on EVERY contract or document, “without prejudice”, to keep within a Common Law jurisdiction.

          Do No Harm

          Get your King on:

          [A]t the Revolution, the sovereignty devolved on the people, and they are truly the sovereigns of the country, but they are sovereigns without subjects . . . and have none to govern but themselves; the citizens of America are equal as fellow citizens, and as joint tenants in the sovereignty.” Chisholm v. Georgia, 2 U.S. 419, 471 (1793).

          Asked if I would choose the belt or the wrench, I would choose the wrench. Why…..fuckem….

          Bloody, bruised, but not beaten, the evil lay dead and I was not eaten….Ya’ll play nice….BA.

      20. ***Heads UP***

        Alert Issued at Naval Medical Center South Dakota ..

        this is all at this time

        • ht tp://

          • Naval Medical Center San Diego Orders Staffers to Shelter in Place
            The Naval hospital near downtown San Diego went into a precautionary lock down around 7:35 a.m. after a caller reported seeing an armed man at the facility. Yeah, I know guns aren’t permitted at a military base but…

        • my bad not south dakota ..San Diego..too many SD’s

      21. ht tp://

        • Smugglers Built Home to Hide Cross-Border Drug Tunnel, a First for Calif.: US Atty.

        • The WALL wont stop this shit

          • No a wall won’t. But a bullet will.

            • Damn straight , when can we start enforcing?

      22. Being right on the law does not always, by itself, assure an interview won’t escalate into a needless confrontation. While you never know what kind of cop you’ll face, you do have a lot of control in setting the tone because they also initially never know who you are or know. They, as we all do when first meeting anybody new, try to quickly slot the other into a category that will then elicit a familiar track to deal with them going forward. Appearing respectful and calmly informative, when you know better the law you want to school them on, goes a lot further to having them then being receptive as you’ve not eroded their face saving room to reconsider backing off, rather than trying to slam dunk maximizing making them look the fool. Yes, they might be a fool and deserve your abuse and ridicule, but if goal is to not have them thinking of some other way to nail you for anything else in retribution, real or contrived, you need to not rub it in. If you frequently get stopped for something that’s legal, I’d go extra step and carry a copy of the page of the appropriate statute that states your case. That’ll give them serious pause, especially if presented in a non snarky, but calmly informative way. Many who drive ex military vehicles do that, cause local barney fife’s don’t know the law well that pertains to them. Everybody is quickly & happily on their way. Make sense?

      23. Most, while ignorant of the law, don’t care about what you know. They got the star and the gun, and if you “went for their weapon” or any other phony baloney cop special you will get a thumping.

        • Yup. Armed tax collecting paramilitary revenue generators/ defenders of corruption and gangster politicians.

          They used to defend the people from the government but now defend the government from the people.

      24. White privilege does not exist. Statistics prove that you are more likely to be shot by a law enforcement officer if you are white than if you are a minority. That statistic takes into account the fact that there are currently more white European Americans than there are minorities, unless you group all minorities as one group and people of Caucasian European descent as the other group. In that case, the minorities have all ready become the majority. And look how things are going so far.

        The fact that things went well in this particular case does not imply that cops favor whites. Maybe the fact that the fellow on the bike was civil in tone, had witneses, and claimed to have had a six year history of riding his bike unmolested by law enforcement may have helped. Who knows. Be safe and hug a cop. They have a difficult job. Many commit suicide with their own pistol. And that statistic is going up.

        • You forgot the statistic that it’s more likely to be shot by a cop– who is absent the IQ, training or proper emotional content necessary to do the ‘job’– on a traffic stop or domestic disturbance than it is for you to be injured in a terrorist attack.

      25. Not going to be popular but here are the failures on both sides. The cop is not a lawyer, nor should he be.. But he is for sure out of date on his code enforcement.

        Without even reading the statute I can tell you it is there for transportation and recreation. If you are stunt-biking and disrupting the general public right-of-way, there is a problem.

        The cop only knew there was an issue, but did not have the correct info to back it up, or enforce what he was enforcing.

        Hopefully he read up on it and came back the next day if there were complaints. Otherwise, he will just walk and not see a thing.

      26. I have enjoyed many a ride on my bike down along Long Beach’s wonderful Shoreline Village area. And I am surprised and amazed at this person’s knowledge, but, I would have dealt with the officer in a much more controlled and demure way.
        Yet, this is what Americans need to do…. KNOW THE LAW !!!

      27. Most cops these days are nothing more than policy enforcing jackbooted thugs. Fuck them. Most were bullied when they were young and now its time for some payback. And the women, wanting to give daddy a son. Never met a cop worth a shit . Thin Blue line my ass. I avoid most because I don’t want to get shot in the back.

      28. Excellent exchange. Only one problem: the guy didn’t need to be arrogant in return. The policeman seemed uninformed, but reasonable. And even if he wasn’t reasonable, why go there?

        I’m REALLY glad to see someone stand for his/our rights. Just no need to be a butthead about it. And yes, he WAS being a butthead. If he had been insistent, but civil, it might have had a lot more effect. As it is, he seemed a bit arrogant, like some disgusting lawyer. But otherwise, we should all learn stuff like this!

        • But TEST, how would you make it through life without all those ‘disgusting lawyers’ LOL?!

      29. A paramilitaristic standing army of collectivist brotherhood stooges is what LE is turning into.

        The good guys are being weeded out and replaced with people that have lower IQs and those who will follow orders no matter what, effectively creating a gestapo under the UN agenda 21 strong cities network. It won’t be long and they will be recruiting and hiring what they call syrian refugees and illegal aliens to LE. It is all about creating chaos and destabilization from within.

        The standards are coming from the communists at the southern poverty law center or SPLC.

        LE is being transformed into the army of UN Agenda 21.

      30. This biker was totally in his rights, and it pissed off the cop that he was. The cop was just looking for an excuse to look big and bad, instead he looked like a fool.

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