Obama Drinks Filtered Tap Water, Downplays Lead Risk: “Flint Water At This Point Is Drinkable”

by | May 5, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 62 comments

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    And… it’s safe. President Obama says so.

    As Flint’s water crisis drags on, and officials expect a period of two years to replace the city’s corroded pipes, President Obama has become a pitchman to quell the population’s worries and take the pressure off of Flint leaders, despite plenty of evidence of negligence and corruption.

    Obama even took a drink, as so many stumping political figures have over the years, after an awkward speech that almost gave the impression that lead isn’t so bad – because people who grew up before EPA laws on lead still “did really well” in life.

    The Detroit Free Press reported:

    President Obama drank from a glass of what he said was filtered Flint water at a Flint food bank Wednesday as he vouched for the safety of certified filters and encouraged most city residents to start drinking filtered water instead of bottled water.

    “If you’re using a filter … then Flint water at this point is drinkable,” Obama said after taking a drink of filtered water.

    The President jokingly acknowledged that he himself may have ingested some paint chips as a kid, and that lead affects individual children differently… defying clear data on lead’s brain damaging toxicity.

    In fact, it looks like all the “special kids” in Flint are poised to become achievers in spite of the lead issues (somebody check George Carlin’s grave for spinning), and I guess all the out-of-work and down-on-their-luck people in the deindustrialized and rotting area are in for a better day.

    Here’s part of the transcript from Obama’s ludicrous speech:

    I think people are understandably scared when they hear that their child may have ingested some lead, it may have gotten into their system, and that that may have some long-term impacts or create particular challenges for kids. But it is really important for all of us to remember that kids are resilient. And every kid in Flint is special, and has capacity, and can do great things. And the fact that they may have had some drinking water that was contaminated doesn’t automatically mean somehow that they’re going to have huge problems or that they’re not going to be able to reach that potential.

    And so for the parents who are out there, I want to emphasize: Get your child checked, but be confident that your child can thrive and will be fine as long as you know what they need, and know how to access the resources that they need. It’s useful to remember, just to keep things in perspective, that the laws banning lead paint in homes and reducing the lead that was in our environment, those laws really were put in place just a generation ago.

    When I was five or six or seven, a lot of homes still had lead paint in it. I might have ingested some lead paint when I was two or three years old, because at the time, people didn’t know it. So we’ve got an entire couple of generations of Americans who have done really well despite the fact that they may have had something that is not optimal. And how lead interacts with any particular child is going to be different, and what each child needs is going to be different. And some kids are going to be fine, and they’re not going to be affected. Some kids may have more of an — it might have more of an effect.


    Generally I don’t do stunts, but here you go. (Takes a sip of water.) Now, this had a filter on it. The water around this table was Flint water that was filtered. And it just confirms what we know scientifically, which is that if you’re using a filter, if you’re installing it, then Flint water at this point is drinkable. That does not — I want to repeat — negate the need for us to go ahead and replace some of these pipes, because ultimately you want a system in which you don’t have to put a filter on it in order to be assured that it’s safe.

    But as a short-term measure, this is the right thing to do. And, frankly, it’s going to be a lot more convenient than people traveling long distances to try to lug back a bunch of bottled water. All right?

    Everyone feel better now? The President has spoken, and his word is gold.

    By the way, the Chicago Tribune warned back in 2011 that many of the most common water filter brands aren’t living up to expectation:

    Many consumers may assume that filtering their water will make it safe to drink. But when it comes to lead, many popular pitchers with built-in filters, including Brita and PUR, don’t reduce lead enough to meet current standards.

    If you bought a filtering pitcher before 2007, it may have been marketed as reducing lead. But that was before the industry standards required that filters be able to remove lead particles as well as dissolved lead.

    Hopefully those standards have improved since that time.

    In the meantime, the residents of Flint, and the nation more generally, have been screwed and lied to yet again. And typically, the watchdogs and authorities are quick to sweep it under the rug and keep people calm with B.S. talking points.

    Read more:

    The Real Reason American Cities Have Lead in the Water Supply: “Humans Have Been Written Off”

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    “Man Made Water Disaster”: National Guard Take Water Door-to-Door in Contaminated Michigan

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      1. I will give you a dollar if you can show that he actually drank from the tap.
        I believe this as much as I believe that Rudolph flies.

        • Just think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of them are even stupider!

          George Carlin

          Identical defacation, new sunrise.


          • Obama aide brags, “WE CONTROL THE MEDIA.”

            Obama’s Foreign Policy Guru BOASTS of How the Administration LIED to Sell the Iran Deal

            “As Rhodes admits, it’s not that hard to shape the narrative.

            “All these newspapers used to have foreign bureaus,” Rhodes said.

            “Now they don’t.

            They call us to explain to them what’s happening in Moscow and Cairo. Most of the outlets are reporting on world events from Washington.

            The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns. That’s a sea change. They literally know nothing.”

            ht tp://www.weeklystandard.com/article/2002252

          • H.L. Mencken said
            “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public”

        • The glass touched his lips briefly. He could not have taken more than a tiny sip at best. That speaks loud and clear that he won’t drink it, and in drink a glass of water or even a couple of good swallows. He is afraid of it too.

          • It’s water and its in Flint. He did technically drink said water but not a lot. The water is filtered or a prop from store bought bottles. Obama is a slick one no doubt. Obviously he shouldn’t even drink water and his point is ridiculous.

        • I totally agree, he did not even drink the water. He let it touch his lips is all. FuckingScociopathicTraitor

        • Your right Steven. That was probably some ‘ol Knottyhead Gin.

        • Obola claimed the was was “drinkable”. He didn’t say it was safe. Drink distilled water. Distilled water is pure water.
          $.88 a gallon at Wally World.

          Add a 500 mg calcium tablet to the gallon for taste … and good health. 🙂

          • DK, it would have been nice if he had REALLY drank the water, AFTER someone had put something it, but we can’t be that lucky, can we? AMEN on the distilled water. I drink that myself and it’s also good for keeping your system cleaned out. I’ll give the calcium tablets a try.

        • Obama has been drinking from the government teet his whole life, so Flint water was nothing new to him.

        • My piss is drinkable. Doesn’t mean I’d drink it. Stupid article.


      3. Please God, let this piece of shit die of lead poisoning.
        Thank you.

      4. Unfortunately, not everyone has filters for their tap water.

        CHILDREN in poor homes drink that disgusting contaminated water.

        • God forbid poor blacks ACTUALLY do something to better themselves.

          Those people CHOOSE to be poor. And there is no such thing as poverty in America. People on welfare live better than most people with a job.

          Free House, Free food, Free cell phone, free medical, free daycare for the kids, Free school breakfast and lunches, Free college, free cash on EBT…..any much MUCH MORE!!!!

          Join the free shit army now! Vote Democrat!!

          • Not a lot of choice when two democrats are running against each other. Trump and HRC are both opportunist and both liberals. Both have fluid convictions and neither should be president. Vote libertarian.

            • Fluid convictions? How about no convictions.

          • JS, I hear you. And it’s all on white people’s tax money.

          • I posted this once before, check out the links. The effect of lead on a community is like a series of chemical weapons attacks, in this case by our own governments.

            LEAD POISONING is rampant in America. It is insidious and causes serious life long brain damage. Even in its lesser forms, one of the key areas of the brain it attacks is the center that controls our impulses, and decisions. People who had lead poisoning as children, tend to make really, really bad life choices, even deadly choices. Our prisons are full of adults who as children were poisoned by lead, as well our murder statistics attest to the effects of lead poisoning.

            I’ll use Chicago as an example.

            Please look at the map on this web site, it shows in red, the areas that have the highest lead poisoning levels, upwards of 10 to 20% of the population is compromised with significant lead poisoning. http://illinoisaap.org/2010/08/chicago-neighborhood-areas-map-lead-levels/

            Next look at this map, it shows the city of Chicago’s most violent crime areas. http://www.mappery.com/map-of/Chicago-2006-Violent-Crime-Map

            Next look at this map that displays the population spread of ethnic groups in Chicago. http://chicago.straightdope.com/sdccensus3.php . Look who gets to live in the worst lead poisoning areas. Yup they ain’t white, and they ain’t gonna win an Oscar! Did you miss the obvious patterns?

            America has experienced a wonderful decrease in crime and murder for decades. If you overlay the US crime statistics with lead levels in American children, due to the removal of lead in gasoline, your eyes will be opened. That steady drop in violent crime over the last thirty+ years is not an accident, or coincidence. Remember it takes twenty years to raise a human child, so there is a long delay in reduced crime if lead is eliminated. However, since Democrats managed to corral African Americans in lead infested slums in America’s super-cities, they also turned them into voter slaves, who Democrats would bring to the polls once a year using advanced propaganda techniques, so they could steal a nation politically. Don’t doubt the resolve of Democrats to breed and keep brain damaged minorities locked in their Democrat controlled super cities as slaves to insure their lock on power.

            I’ve trained and been neighbor to some incredibly bright African Americans, and Democrats should be terrified of the day African Americans figure out the Democrat modern slave game.

            The pattern I described above, with documentation, is happening in virtually every large city in America. Especially check out the ones with the highest crime rates.

        • KY Mom,

          For months water filters have been available for free to any resident of Flint MI who wants them. That is assuming they are even aware there is a public health problem and have a clue as to how to use them.

          There are likely millions who hear the discussion and assume because there is a discussion, the problem is being fixed!

          On a brighter note, I am installing an extra filter in line with my home drinking water tap, and refrigerator ice maker line. This filter is rated for heavy metals including lead, is antibacterial, can filter viruses and is rated for 10,000 gallons or three years. (I question its abulity to filter viruses, but I don’t see them as a water born threat.)

          This is on top of the upgraded whole house water filters (ICP-S-CTO10) that all water coming is is filtered by. My outdoor water taps are not filtered, why waste the filter life?

          Why the extra filter? For the problem that they don’t announce to the public, like happened in flint. In a falling economy like Flint, utilities will cut corners, and they will allow lower quality water.

          I try to keep a two to three year supply of water filters on the shelf. Not that I don’t trust my public water utility, it’s just that I don’t trust my public water utility.

          • Plan twice, prep once,

            Thais good there are free water filters available in Flint, MI. We too stock extra filters for our Aqua Rain water filter.

            Many people among the working poor do NOT have water filters. These include numerous families with young children.

            A local utility company that provides city water sends out “notices” when any toxins (above the approved limit) are found in the water. The notices are mailed 2-3 MONTHS after testing has detected the problem and the problem has been corrected.

            The notices are mailed to the person or company that PAYS the water bill.

            On the notice it says, “Please share this information with all the other people who drink this water, especially those who may not have received this notice directly (for example, people in apartments, nursing homes, schools, and businesses.)

      5. Sure, remember when the clown got on tv and told the US they need to get their kids vaccinated? http://www.usatoday.com/story/theoval/2015/02/02/obama-vaccination-today-show-savannah-guthrie/22732035/

        Sure, give your kids 49 doses of vaccines before age 6 regardless of the aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury, and Lord only knows what else (live cancer viruses anyone?).

        A cocktail of of heavy metals and toxins straight into the bloodstream with out any REAL proof of effectiveness. Way to go medical industrial complex!

        • Hey, every one of those vaccines was tested for safety, all by itself! I can’t believe you question their safety? Sarc/.

          Pay no attention to the doctor behind the curtain sticking your child with five at a time during every monthly visit to the doctors office for the first year and a half of a babies life. And ignore the fact that there are no clinical tests for this kind of mass vaccine that every baby is being exposed to.

      6. I would give my kid coca cola before I would give them that sludge. Come to think of it, diabetes and rotten teeth beats mental retardation.

        • You know Otraitor may have eaten lead chips as if they were potato chips. That would explain his lack of masculinity and his readiness to destroy the people who believed in him. Kind of retarded.

          • There is no reason to keep bribing people now they he can’t use their vote anymore…..

      7. I’d bet that water never came out of the tap.

        • Jim, I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut that what Obama drank was bottled water poured into a glass.

          • Brave & Jim in VA – Interestingly, to prove a point, I dared a friend to post those same comments on Yahoo News (I don’t have a Yahoo acct) and she did and got 38 thumbs-down and only 5 thumbs-up… so far in only a few hrs…not kidding. Now the comment is ‘hidden due to poor response.’

            Just goes to show how stupid people really are… not my friend, the Yahoo posters who gave her a thumbs-down.

            • CC, I don’t mean this like it sounds, but she would’ve been better off staying away from yahoo. That’s why I stay away from MSM sites these days. BTW, she’s lucky that’s all they did. If that had been huffpost.com that would’ve kicked her out quick. I should know, being a proud member of that club. LOL

            • I do believe that’s a damn good indicator of the “general attitude” of the entire nation. Millions of “sheeples”, dumber than a ‘pounded thumb’ and all of them estatic that Hitlery has a great chance at The Throne. (hope it’s a commode in reality).

              Doesn’t it seem as if there has been sort of a quell in the news for the past several days, perhaps 10 at the most? Wonder what’s up with that and why in hell don’t the major networks start covering more than the elections?

              We canceled TV forever today as there isn’t a thing worth watching “for the money” …and most often it’s propaganda “in all its wonderful facets.” (So screw them and their ideas of enslaving us …wow, the balls of these ‘nuts’). lol….

              • NSA, NSA, NSA.

          • mixed with spit from the bartender.

      8. Current trends, impending facts
        and other veriables.

        Thats filtered water, and we are not stupid people.

        I have to phucking laugh my ass off. These people think we are retared. Only the dumbass masses of dummies would even believe that the water being consumed is drinkable. lets talk about the woman to went after them, and how she was recently murdered by these bastards to silence her. And all the doctors who are consistentely being murdered all the time for exposing the vacines and the GMO foods. now the phuckers are wanting to release engineered mosquitos into the environment to kill off people. Until these people are forcable removed, this shit will continue to happen.

        Civil war/revolutionary war

        A civil, revolutionary war is still enevitable at this time. Trump got the nomination, and lying cruz has his ass handed to him, with that dumb bitch that fell off the stage. These people are dumbasses, totally laughable. Nature is taking its course.


        FALSE FLAG
        the list goes on just to name a few.

        The whole thing is backfiring on all of them, but we must keep our eyes open, because now they are going to role out the SHTF EVENT AS IN THE EMP OPTION OR THE BIO WEAPONS OPTION. Just remember what the 4 star general warned us about, crap about first, the callapse the economy in 2017, then they role our the bio weapons are key locations, deploy them, then declare martial. Total callapse. I dont believe that Trump will be able to stop these people just yet. I have been on high alert since i heard that cruz dropped out because it means that a false flag is now enevitable and so is martial law. High alert for me means, that i can expect that my car may suddenly drop dead from the EMP that just knocked out my city, and i am sitting in my car on the phucking freeway, i exit the car, hall ass back to my place and then its no water at the focet. My way of thinking is the right way of thinking. Trolls like copper, old guy and other ass clown dip sh..ts, think that coming on here talking sh..t to me about grammar and punctuations mean crap to me, means i am going to take it up the ass and role over. Threatening me does not scare me nor is going to jail because if i am taken their the inmates are at higher risk that i am because i am not concerned about beating the phuck of dred lock behind bars. So dont come on here trying to scare me to shut me up and leave this site. I am a fucking martial artist and this is a fact of life.

        I am in shock and disbelieve that they actual got this piece of filth cruz, to fool us first, act like he was for the interest of the people, and what did we get, a sex addict, who visits high class whores, a liar and a globalist pupet. Totally stomock sickening.

        And agency ass clown trolls such as coppper and old guy who are agency troll employees are on here talking crap to me about grammar. You two pieces of sh..t and go Phuck yourselves.

        These trolls and idiots that come on this site acting like they are on our sides, and posing as legitimate posters, are constantly attacking the cabal, gain trust, then suddenly attack me and others directly.


        We are in and information war, and we are losing that war.

        Hillery Clinton.

        Its that not what the bull dike lesbian said on national TV. As she proves to us and the people in the know who are awake. We are not stupid people. Trolls, you have lost the information war.



        You are being called out. Good luck next time because your ass in NOW BANNED.

        Copper- My name is copper and i am a troll. I am a
        HCKS has got to go.

        Old Guy.- my name is old guy posing a redneck and i am
        a fake and i am a troll. Yes i am a black guy
        working for a local fusion center,. we must
        silence HCKS.

        Constructive thinkers and people like me who run businsess are not weak minded people. People start business everyday and they fail at them because they dont know what they are doing. I am still in business.


        Welcome to the SHTFPLAN.COM fools.

        • HCKS. Your statements are target rich and irresistible when it comes to having fun with you. Old guy hasn’t tried to scare you and neither have I. I’m not about to speak for him but I haven’t seen a threat toward you or has made an attempt to scare you. If having a laugh at incoherent writing is a scare tactic, perhaps you need a thicker skin. Or better yet, address your issues with communicating.
          You are a “fucking martial Artist” now? That’s impressive and I’m shocked you didn’t mention it before. So far I have learned you are a real estate success story, live in an apartment, and a fucking martial artist. Credentials that make you worthy of respect if they were in fact true.
          A good way to make a point? Don’t write a semi coherent post about how trolls don’t bother you and then write a long post regarding trolls.
          I just don’t believe the things you claim to know. I don’t trust your citing “scientist friend” and “cop friend” They are fictional people you concocted to get people to listen to your thoughts. I don’t think you have a basis of knowledge about anything you attempt to write about.
          I will remain on this site and periodically make fun of your half baked and poorly written contributions. You truly add to this site and we couldn’t do it without you. You are comical and sometimes the world needs a good laugh.
          So just to be clear. I’m not here to scare you but you need to be checked into place. Your grammar sucks but the disorganized writing is beyond funny. If we are scaring you, perhaps your response when shtf comes will be less than adequate.

        • HCKS.

          Slow down HCKS. The Road has Narrowed and we will soon see how the politics play out. Or NOT play out.
          We have to decide what indicators we will adhere to, to show us the way. Peace and Redemption or Revolution.

        • HCKS, BRAVO. Keep it coming. I don’t care what anyone else says, I admire your spirit. You’d fit right in with my family in GA.

          • Srcew waht aynnoe has to say auobt slelpnig and Egnlsih. As lnog as you get the frist and lsat lretts rhgit erveynoe can raed it jsut fnie. (This is because we memorize the “shape of words and not the actual spelling of each of them). Flash cards trained us to “look at the whole word, and the brain translates the spelling errors faster than any computer might could do, unless it had a dedicated program written to do it.

            Cheers, and I applaud your website (and at least you have a set of gonads and aren’t a’feared to show’em when needed. lol….:-)

            One thing though, since you state you are trained in the martial arts, that’s wonderful …yet you’ve forgotten one thing sir. Remember, that no matter which formed of the ‘arts’ that you have engaged in, they DO REQUIRE YOU TO TREAT THE MARTIAL ARTISTRY with the “greatest of respect” (and to NOT ‘dishonor it). Allow me to remind you that saying “fucking” martial arts places you on the ‘dishonored’ side of the fence, but hell, that’s minor shit and who cares? (I don’t …just saying is all).


        • In “Aliens”. Hudson says to Hicks; “That’s it, man. Game over, man. Game over! What the fuck are we supposed to now, huh, what are we gonna do”?

          I think of that every time I see your “HCKS” signature. LOL

          Anyway, just prior to the mass Zeka outbreak in Brazil, there was a mass release of GMO mosquitos that were supposed to reduce mosquito born diseases. The FBI likes to say there’s no such thing as coincidence! There are now plans to release these GMO mosquitos in the US.

          Makes me want to say; “That’s it, man. Game over, man. Game over! What the fuck are we supposed to now, huh, what are we gonna do”?

        • NSA, NSA, NSA.

      9. I read ‘The Invertebrates’ transcript about “how it isn’t harmful and won’t affect the children”, and on and on with his bs…. but if that were his daughters exposed to lead in drinking water then it would be a different story… because his kids are entitled to clean, pure, safe drinking water, while other children aren’t entitled to clean, safe drinking water. A sense of entitlement = no conscience.

      10. Did he swallow or did he spit?

        • It dribbled….

          • And Bll Clinton said he didn’t inhale!

      11. Someone finally did what all the keyboard warriors claim they would do.

        Someone murdered the Flint water treatment plant foreman.

        h ttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3553074/Flint-water-treatment-plant-foreman-dead-days-three-colleagues-charged-city-s-contaminated-water-crisis.html

        • and the woman who brought the first law suit .. she was conveniently murdered bone of “Obamas sons”

          • * bone

            by one

      12. Anyone that doesn’t filter their water, regardless of the source, is an idiot.

        For the record I contacted my local water department and found out that they are very prepared. I was shocked. They actuall have a 5000 KW generator to run the pumps in case the electricity is knocked offline. (Yes, I know, not effective in an EMP but at least we have that). My city uses deep wells and does not depend on a reservoir. The holding tanks are monitored and secure. I was told it was like going into a prison with regard to the level of difficulty to access those tanks and the pumping stations.

        Call you town or city and go to a city hall / town hall meeting. My city has meetings once a week, in the evening, that are open to the public.

        When I called the head of the local water department sounded surprised to be hearing from a regular person. I said I was a property owner and paid taxes and was concerned and wanted to know how long the water would last. I also thanked the person for their time and said I was surprised, and pleased, that my tax money was being spent on this type of preparation and project. Feedback to your local politicans and the local people doing the work is a good thing.

        It gave me hope when I found out that my local city had done that much work behind the scenes. Not every government employee is a moron. I also live in a city that does NOT dump fluoride into the water. Another pleasant surprise.

      13. No telling what has been in that mouth.

      14. Probably dipped it out of the toilet after somebody took a whiz and didn’t flush. What a two bit fraudulent lying bullshitter.

      15. 95lb german shepherd wtf

      16. Obummer took a sip and this means it’s good enough for the people of flint to drink daily and bathe in. He really said shut up and drink the water and stop making trouble for us elites. Obama don’t care about his own kind black folks. He’s a piece. How’s change doing for you now. Trump is no different people it’s an elite thing. They have their own club and poor folks are not in it white or black doesn’t matter. Stupid people idolize Obummer like he can do no wrong. I will give him the credit for being a good salesman. But look at the people he’s selling to. People that are broke struggling unemployed. Vote for bigger gov to fuck you some more. No clean water people should be burning city hall down. I was listening to talk radio and a lady said she can’t let her kids shower for too long because they get rashes. That’s from the chemicals they dump in it to shock it. In minute amounts it’s fine but not in mega doses. Clean water is a third world problem America is now a third world nation. Congratulations. What a joke. They have destroyed flint. You couldn’t even sell your home there if you wanted. Bottled water is heavy to use daily

      17. I’m kind of fortunate,
        I know exactly where my water comes
        from, how it is treated, filtered,
        and delivered to my home.
        From God to me.
        Cant get any easier than that.

        • We too enjoy it straight from The Man. 100 foot well that always overflowing a bit (artesian well). The property has numerous springs (all the properties around here do for one reason or another). Must be the elevation (perhaps). I am ignorant of water hydraulics and the earth’s pumping systems. heheh…
          We filter it anyway (just activated charcoal and foam), but there’s nothing in this water remotely ‘nasty’ (it’s been tested 12 times, from 12 diff facilities (just to be very sure). We also pass it through the infamous “lighted” virus/bateria killer module, so I feel we are fine (at the moment) with our current supply and backups.

      18. there’s a lot being missed here

        1. No one saw the source of this water
        2. he didn’t down the full glass
        3. it was FILTERED water , not straight out of the pipes to a residence
        4. Lead poisoning doesn’t happen with one glass of water it is accumulative ( it takes a while of drinking tainted water to become poisoned with it)

        5. Obama is a fake and all of this government is too including Michigan’s government and every dam state in this country

        this was all put on for the stupid people who cant think for themselves or have any critical thinking skills ..even the mayor of Flint said the water is still not safe .. Im sure shes not drinking it

        Ohio ? Lucas county has a Micosysten issue from the phosphorus fertilizer run off ,, their mayor did the same dog and pony show

        its been a problem in that county and area for many years and they wont spend the money on the problem but they dam sure will line their own pockets with our tax dollars.. its time to OUT the frauds ,, or suck up the bullshit for the rest of our lives.. it really is up to WE the People to say enough is enough and start hanging these bastards or get fucked up the ass by them continually .. why do you think they want to pass all these HOMO -LAWS

      19. That Dipshit (Obummer) is already brain dead. A little lead in his water won’t hurt a thing.

      20. the bad part is that you really can NOT remove ALL the lead from the water. It’s like decaf coffee. Depending on the brand, most are actually around 85% caffeinated. Folgers “Half Caff” is 50% caffeine.

        The best lead removal filters very much lead out, even the lead that has ‘liquified’ (so to speak), but not all of it, so, until the city has replaced all lines there is going to be lead in the water. The sad part is the aftermath of all these years of drinking the leaded water is going to be showing up over the next several years.
        I pity the life-long residents of Flint. (and I do believe I’d shoot someone over this)

      21. Check the website of your water supplier. If it says “American Water Company” anywhere on the website (usually in the ‘Water Quality Report’ link) your water most likely contains Chloramine, which is Chlorine + Ammonia.

        You need a specific media filter to remove the Chloramine. A regular filter will not remove it. I have a Vitamin C filter in addition to the other filters.

        Over time the Chloramine (which is cheaper than straight Chlorine) causes serious respiratory problems, especially for young children. The rate of Asthma, particularly among children and teens, is high here, as most people are unaware of this.

        They think the water filter they have installed is adequate as they are unaware of the Chloramine in the water. Not as bad as lead, but still nasty stuff. And, like lead is both toxic and also bio-accumulative — builds up in our system over time.

        I’ve posted this before and just thought I would post again for new members. Check out your water supplier’s website/water quality report and if you see those three words, AWS- American Water Supply, the water very likely contains Chloramine.

      22. Does anyone else from California remember when the Med Fly was being sprayed and some bureaucrat drank Malathion on TV to show us it was safe to spray?

        This is more of the same theater.


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