North Korean Tunnel Collapsed At Nuclear Test Site Killing 200 Workers

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 13 comments

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    There’s now a small kink in the hose for the North Korean dictator intent on started World War 3.  Kim Jong-Un’s plans to nuke the United States will have to wait, as a tunnel collapsed at a nuclear test site killing 200 workers.

    The tunnel was being built at the Punggye-ri test site when it collapsed, according to a report on Japan’s TV Asahi citing an unnamed source in North Korea. As many as 200 construction workers are now dead after the collapse. Is the communist nation putting their plans for an attack on hold now after this major and horrific setback in their nuclear program?

    It said that about 100 people were initially trapped in the tunnel and another 100 may have been killed by a second collapse as they tried to rescue the first group. But the broadcaster said the collapse took place on or around the 10th of September, meaning it didn’t really have much of an effect on the rogue regime’s nuclear capabilities and the nation hid this incident incredibly well. That should spark other fears in and of itself. But, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency said the report did not provide any further details, including when the incident occurred, so it is difficult to put a time stamp on the collapse.

    Monitors have previously picked up seismic shocks at North Korea’s main nuclear testing site that are consistent with a major collapse. Experts have said a series of tremors and landslides near the nuclear test base probably mean the country’s sixth and largest blast on 3 September has destabilized the region, and the Punggye-ri nuclear site may not be used for much longer to test nuclear weapons. –The Independent

    This news comes amid other reports that North Korea has conducted mass evacuation drills as it prepares for the possibility of a third world war.  There is also still big talk coming from Kim Jong-un in a back-and-forth game of verbal volleyball with US president Donald Trump. 


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      1. It is concerned that if this mountain collapses, there will be a undetermined amount of radiation released and it is located near China’s border and perhaps that is why they are building a 6 lane road towards The North Korea Border.

        • W, if that mountain collapses and radiation gets into Chinese soil and airspace, China will deal with Porky themselves.

      2. The story says that this collapse will put a hold on the North’s plans to attack the US and start WW3. Kim doesn’t have 3 aircraft carriers off of our coast. The US has 3 carriers off the coast of N.Korea. Kim doesn’t have nuclear capable bombers within a few miles of the US. The US does have nuke capable bombers very near N.Korea. Kim doesn’t have his troops on our border. The US has their troops on his border. Who is going to start WW3? Remember, the MSM works for TPTB. Don’t believe them. Resist.

        • Also, keep an eye on Netanyahu who seems to be goading the goyim into a confrontation
          with Iran. I’m no fan of the mullahs, but Israel needs to start doing its own bidding. No more
          damn proxy wars. The Syrian agenda did not work out so now the new angle is Iran. They
          want any excuse to start some shit with Iran. News flash for Israel- Russia will get involved.
          If they did not sit idly by in Syria, they will not sit idly by in Iran. The Trumpster needs to tell
          his buddy Bibi to chill. The banksters might want WW3 to wipe away their sins and reduce
          the worthless eaters, but we the people don’t want another stinking war.

      3. Their own grave ,no further comments needed ……

        • MADE IN NORTH KOREA. They screw up things just like their Chinese allies.

      4. As if a couple of hundred smashed forced laborers means squat to the ‘Un’ man. And hey?!?!? what’s up with the solar cell arrays on the nuke in the graphic? Some concept of camouflage as if a weather sat? Had to laugh a bit. As for whether we go to war with NK – whatever happens it ain’t going to be what we’re told. It will or won’t go down as need-be by the powers in charge.

      5. US vs. NK- possibility of Russia and/or China getting involved.
        US/ (Israel) / (Saudi Arabia) vs. Iran – very good possibility of Russia getting involved.
        Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Don’t do it.
        We are not ready for something of this magnitude.
        Potassium iodide should be flying off the shelves. Nobody’s safe.

      6. Too bad that their piece of shit leader, Whon Phat Phuk, wasn’t there inspecting the tunnel when it collapsed. That would have been something to party over.

        • Their party would have been over for sure. Not sure if there is a son of his to take over. If so, the lad is very young.

      7. China does not have the sack to take out Dear Leader or his army. China’s own generals
        have said the PLA suffers from the “peace disease”.
        Meaning, they have not seen combat in eons.
        Lot’s of bluster and posturing going on in the South China Sea.
        When the PLA navy gets serious they sink Vietnamese fishing vessels.
        When do they ever fire on anyone that fires back? 3….2…..1…..

      8. fantastic news artices and great comments. relieves the fear of nk. I wish ore people would take the time to read your stuff instead of relying on me.

        just me

      9. This very well could of been a mini nuke take out by special operations group. We know what isotope they have been using and have access to the type N Korea use in their WMD. That way the finger could be pointed at their incompetence.

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