North American Union: US/Canadian Generals Discussed Fully Integrating Their Militaries

by | Oct 12, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 89 comments

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    Ever since the plans for the Trans-Texas Corridor (AKA NAFTA Superhighway) were canceled by the Federal Government and the Texas State Legislature, the theories surrounding the North American Union have largely fallen out of public’s awareness. However, every now and then a story will emerge that suggests that the governments of North America are still quietly conspiring to unite Canada, Mexico, and the US into a superstate, much like the European Union.

    The latest revelation of this plan comes from Canada, where it’s been revealed that Chief of the Defence, Staff Gen. Tom Lawson and the former chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, once discussed a plan to fully integrate the militaries of the US and Canada. On the surface this doesn’t sound too surprising, since these forces have been frequently deployed together overseas in recent years. And under NORAD, the Air Forces of both nations are already operating under the same command structure for the most part.

    However, this plan was supposed to allow personnel from all branches of the military, including our special forces, to be deployed together in the same units under a single unified command outside of Canada. The discussion was held in October of 2013, and the documents that prove it were obtained by an Access to Information request, which is essentially the Canadian counterpart to America’s FOIA.

    What’s more alarming about this military integration plan, is that General Dempsey and General Lawson seriously discussed this idea without the knowledge of the US or Canadian governments.

    Daniel Proussalidis, a spokesman from the defence minister’s office, said in an email to CBC News Monday the document was not presented to the defence minister and the government has not considered its contents.

    “The government has neither expressed interest in the concept of Canada-U.S. force integration nor directed exploration of it,” Proussalidis told CBC News.

    A Conservative spokesman also said the party had no desire to establish a “standing integrated force.”

    But the new information from the Defence Department shows the planning was deliberate and sustained, and it happened at the highest levels of both forces.

    On the other hand, it wouldn’t be too surprising if these governments knew of this plan, and are just covering their own asses. They know that the majority of their voters would be outraged by the idea of sacrificing their national sovereignty in such a fundamental way. Most of this outrage would probably stem from Canadians, who would rightly recognize this integration as a total takeover by the US military. I don’t think anyone has any doubts that our military would be running show.

    And ultimately, that’s probably why the plan was nixed. According to Canada’s Defence Department “Gen. Lawson indicated that Canada was not prepared to field fully integrated land forces at this time…Instead, they are developing the capability to operate together on any mission authorized by the government of Canada. Canada-U.S. co-operation is excellent; we are trying to make it better.”

    Here’s what that statement really means: “Those wacky conspiracy theorists on both sides of the border would raise hell, and spark a massive public outcry if we force our militaries to deploy under the same banner. Instead, we’ll continue to quietly integrate our forces over a long period of time, so that our voters won’t be alarmed.”

    Just like their clandestine plan to forge a North American Union, these government’s know that their populations would freak out if they tried to place their militaries under a single command, so they’re just taking baby steps instead. They’re hoping that nobody notices the snail’s pace of this plan’s implementation, but make no mistake, it’s really happening. One day we’ll wake up in the North American Union, and wonder how it all came to this.

    Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .


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      1. And when that’s complete..the Mexican military is next to complete the NAU.
        Stay tuned for more tyranny in our faces soon!

        Live Free or Die…against all enemies both foreign and domestic

        • I’m not afraid of Canada. We can invade and take them without any losses. All we have to do is invade in FEB. they are all in Florida and won’t even notice it till April

          • Paranoid, I don’t want any other country, period. It’s going to be all we can do to save our own.

            • Braveheart.

              Oh, we are up to our ass in alligators for sure.

              • Slingshot, if Putin would help us take out the gators, I’d be indebted to him.

                • Braveheart,
                  at least Putin sees what the muslims are doing and is removing them from Russia, to bad our sheeple have been to brainwashed to see what is coming here!!

                • I KNEW they weren’t done with this “north american union” BS.

                  • This sinister idea is directly related to the barely suppressed obsession that the tyrants on the Communist left and in the cuckservative/RINO/neo-con camp have to disarm the American population.

                    They have evidently reached the conclusion that an insufficient number of native born US Military personnel would go along with a demand by whatever turd sits in the White House to confiscate the privately owned firearms of law abiding American citizens or, more importantly, follow orders to shoot and kill their fellow Americans who refused to surrender their firearms.

                    Hence, their strategy is clear to read. First, flood the US military with as many of these turd world illegal aliens as they can – dangling the prospect of ‘citizenship’ over their heads – a treacherous move that was started by Jorge Wmd Boosch and which has been continued by ObongoMugabe. Then, quietly and behind the scenes, work on this idea of merging the Canadian and eventually the Mexican military with the US Military so as to further dilute the contingent of US military people who would not go along with an order to confiscate firearms from their fellow Americans.

                    Canadians and Mexicans would have no such sense of ‘loyalty’ or ‘patriotism’ – and could be counted on to follow orders to kill Americans who refused to surrender their firearms. And, neither would these illegal aliens who are being recruited to serve in the US military.

                    • It is all in “The Plan”.

                      For all that are old enough; remember, Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of the world’s leading globalists and co-founder of the Trilateral Commission with Rockefeller, wrote about where society was quickly going:

                      “Such a society would be dominated by an elite whose claim to political power would rest on allegedly superior scientific know-how. Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values, this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing human behavior and keeping society under close surveillance and control.”

                      He was National Security advisor to Jimmy ‘peanut brain’ Carter, and, He appears frequently as an expert on the PBS program The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, ABC News’ This Week with Christiane Amanpour, and on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, where his daughter, Mika Brzezinski, is co-anchor. In recent years, he has been a supporter of the Prague Process. His son, Mark Brzezinski, is the current United States Ambassador to Sweden.

                      For those wanting more info on a few of the groups and organizations involved with globalization/NWO/Illuminati, and their agenda; plus, the modern techniques they are using, go check out this short article by Paul McGuire.

                      ht tp://

                    • The things you don’t know, meaning me. I did not know that about Mika Brzezinski. Never put two and two together. Huh.


                    • Tucker, I have to agree. Bullets will do wonders on anyone who comes to confiscate my weapons and I don’t care who they are or whose uniform they’re wearing.

                    • I AM CANADIAN!!! We don’t want your Country, you’ve made a mess of it yourselves. I have always considered you south of the border our North American brothers and sisters. I am disgusted to listen to the lot of you so called “patriots”. No we WOULD NOT turn on you. Shake the conspiracies you have been brainwashed with out of your head. This coming from the country where people still think we live in effing igloo’s. Damn and you go on about loyalties!! My LOYALTY stands with a human in trouble or need regardless of being american or whatever. Wonder why the world is in trouble, listen to likes of you to set it all off. I’ve heard the same from my Canadian brothers and sisters about the US coming to invade us! Really gimme a freakin break, I want to slap them bunch of morons.

              • This is a direct result of fracking, but nobody wants to admit it. They are happening everyday in the same locations and if you overlay the locations with the locations of the oil fracking sites. they fall in the exact same spots. This is not just a coincidence. We just passed a law in Florida, banning all fracking.

          • Beware of the hidden agenda. Obama hasn’t yet figured out how to dissolve the US Constitution.

            If through a merger of several nations, a new nation is created that includes the US, does anyone think that new nations Constitution will have anything remotely resembling our bill of rights.

            Nations in the EU are facing this dilemma now, where laws and constitutions are being subverted by the unelected EU central government. And, yes, progressives would love to pull this off here in the US.

          • I cannot believe all of the Canadian hate on here. I came to this site and quite enjoyed all the info and chatter with everyone for the last 6 months. Wow, they post the name of another Country no matter which one and watch the American hate fly. Well, I AM Canadian and I’m proud to be a NON HATER. So disappointed and disgusted to hear what I always knew US thought about us. Glad to say I AM NOT like you. Hope it works out for y’all. Be safe America when the SHTF. Tis truly an American site and not for just “anyone”. Carry on your devious plans of “hostile” takeover of EVERY country my American friends! When a friend of mine is curious and wants info on who the US hates and wants to take over next… I’ll direct them here to find out from our super friendly folks south o’ the border. Our planet is in huge trouble if you’re all like this 🙂

        • Talon1776, I will stand against whoever comes to take me on. I don’t care where they’re from. MOLON LABE

          • Absolutely! Everybody looks the same through optics.

        • Keep practicing for long range head shots people. We need to become proficient at this.

      2. If there’s one issue where we have some common ground with the Canadian people, it’s that neither nation wants to give up its national sovereignty for any reason. For me, US giving up its national sovereignty is not on the table. There needs to be far more exposure of this scheme for a North American Union than what has already taken place. I noticed Mexico wasn’t mentioned in the article. The original plan was to have all 3 countries merge into the NAU. Must have been a change in plans that I missed. I don’t think Mexico would want to give up its sovereignty either.

        • We don’t need mexico, they are all over here anyway lol.

          • Always insightfully funny G!

        • The Native American Indians had to give up their sovereignty, for the ignorant settlers in positions of authority.

          If we can, we should try and put ourselves in their place for a minute. Their ancestors had been placed here about 8000 years ago and populated every corner of North America, and then….

          Look where they are today. it is really sad to those of us that have an inch of compassion left in our hearts. Look what filth and idol worshiping freaks now reside in what was their ancestral homelands across North America. They didn’t have the KJV Bible to learn from, but they did know about the Great Spirit.

          After returning yesterday, from a short visit with cuz, over in the Great Smokies, and visiting with some of my Native American friends on the Rez; I realized there is a tempest blowing through the lands there. They are in much need of spiritual awakening and restoration. Most of their problems came after the Casino showed up, and have generally made things worse, except for the new schools. They have been snowed by their leaders.
          Much unrest and upheaval is generally reserved for the big city dwellers, but it has settled all across North America. It seems that we are in a period of limbo right now. We are, for the most part, still free to roam freely within our own country’s borders, but at the same time, know a SHTF moment is at the door.

          Today some celebrate the voyages of Christopher Columbus. We should be celebrating the lives of the Native Americans that lost their lives for our piece of their homelands. The idea that C. Columbus discovered North America is a big hoax. Archaeological science proves otherwise. The native Indians were placed here sometime during the creation of ethnic man, and his woman, during the 1000 years of the sixth day creations. They never evolved from a white race as some teach. There were no white skinned/Caucasian peoples at that time. They didn’t come into creation until the eighth Day (1000 year period), with Adam and Eve.

          Many of the white men looked at them as if they were animals/ vermin animals at that. But many looked at them as God’s creation and showed them respect. That is how i see them today. Many will be judged harshly by how they have treated the North American Indians, even from 700 or so years ago.

          • Well said ‘Passin – If people knew the real truth behind Christopher Columbus and his genocidal/slave mastering buddies, we would want to bury this event from historical records. Instead, it is deemed a “national holiday”?

            Besides … how does one get away with “discovering” a “new land” …. when it was … and had been already occupied?

            Government: – bullshitting the people from the past, has not changed any different to our lifetime, except for more bullshit!

            • Some of you really have a cartoonish misunderstanding of history.

              As if the immigrants who preceded the Europeans (“Indians”) weren’t already murdering, raping, and enslaving each other?

              Where do you get your “history”? From the public fool system? From your talmudvision? From H✡llyw✡✡d?

          • Bunk…

            These people migrated from Asia, it’s proven in DNA.

            The westward expansion was in part fueled by the need to pay for the civil war – the cost of freeing the blacks, so you can say in part that the destruction of the tribes was because of blacks.

            The “Native Americans” did not live in peace, eating roots, dogs, grasshoppers and bison. The constantly fought each other over territory, (and when horses were introduced) horses and women. These folks were not “noble” savages, they were people, same as any other.

            The Sioux originated out of the Minnesota area, and took the plains from other tribes.

            • Finally, a voice of sanity offers the truth about the native Americans. DNA evidence is irrefutable, unless you’re O.J. They fought as any people have, do, and will, and to suggest they were somehow ” placed” here as one delusional poster claims is the height of humor. Thanks Masterblaster for stating the truth without adding the usual romantic fantasy nonsense that so many are inclined to do.

              • Indians were not descendants of Asians. That is History channel bullshit. The DNA would still be a 100% match if that were true, but it doesn’t fit. “If it doesn’t fit you must acquit”.

                What happened to the yellow skin and the slanted eyes/eyelid thing?

                Oh yea, i forgot, you probably believe they “evolved” out of the Asian similarities, like all humans “evolved” from apes. LOL!
                Give me a break and don’t insult my intelligence.

                In saying all that, there is a direct connection to the Inuit tribes on the North West Coastal areas that more than likely intermixed with the Asians, but not other tribes.

                What about South American Indians, are they all Asian descendants also? You people that believe that crap are ignorant of biblical history, and archaeology science.

                • Biblical History? Like they were ” placed” there like pieces on a giant game of Risk by ” god?” That is bible bullshit so give me a break and don’t insult my intelligence. You have no clue as to how they got there any more than anyone else, you’re an old story teller who thinks he can bullshit everyone by making believe you’re some kind of expert, you’re not. All I’ve read about you is you’re a retired truck driver, hardly an expert on anything but shifting gears.

                  • You are mistaken, and that is OK.

                    I run into your type on a daily basis, all liberal minded and acting like they are better than people that actually worked for a living.

                    When it comes to God’s feelings towards His children, he is not a “respecter of persons”, like the worldly people that make comments like you do.

                    You will be judged accordingly, and how you try to degrade others by their social status. I would not want to be in your shoes unless you see the error of your ways and repent.
                    otherwise, a heavy gourd thumping is coming your way.

                    I have no problem whatsoever with anyone disagreeing with me.
                    That is their right. But, when you are so adamant about your blind truth that you have to try and degrade someone and try and insult their knowledge and understanding, because it is not aligning with yours, then you set yourself up for chastisement and possible rough times ahead.

                    have a good trip cobalt, I would not want to be like you.

                    And, just for the record; I got into truck driving so i could see the country and meet folks from different walks of life and their different lifestyles, not because i had to.

                    I have a business degree and minor in Banking and Finance, i just decided I wanted to go a different route with my life instead of all the ass kissing and brown nosing that goes with working in the Financial/Investing institutions. I tried it for five years, and didn’t like it.

                    I had owned, operated, and successfully sold three businesses before i went into truck driving, so put that into your little pompous pipe and smoke it; Mr. “I am better than you”.

                    • So, you KNOW that I don’t work for a living, eh? Perhaps you could share your knowledge of exactly how you know this. Did ” god” tell you? The only ” thumping” that’s going to happen is your bible thumping across your leg. I’ve run into delusional people before in my life also, yes, ” god” talks to them as well and tells them they are special, they have been ” chosen” to see the future. Yes, mental institutions are over crowded with them. And you need to grow up emotionally, if you don’t like being told ” degrading” comments, than start hurling them at people first, or did ” god” tell you that you’re somehow immune. Btw, I wouldn’t want you anywhere near me, trip or otherwise, your kind are always dangerous.

      3. Semper Fi Braveheart…Semper Fi brother

      4. Yeah, right…integrate US forces with the Canadians?

        Remember: Canada is BI-LINGUAL.

        How’s an American non-com going to understand orders in French? or vice-versa with the Canadians who only speak French?

        • I believe it’s only Quebec province that is French speaking…and its not a big province comparatively.

          • Last time I checked the majority of Canada’s population is in their southern half.

            • Not just the south half, but within 50 miles of the US border.

              Some folks think that is a clever pre-invasion plan, waiting on the day they just step across the line and sign up for our national healthcare plan, low-cost prescriptions, and Costco memberships.

        • Well the U.S. forces are bisexual, so I guess bilingual is next.

      5. Under the Strong Cities United Nations Manifesto, if you believe that the government is working toward a unified North America, you are a candidate for the list of terrorists. With that in mind, I can only say that you conspiracy theorists should just look at the facts.

        Canada is nice but cold. Solar physicists have predicted a new mini ice age in the 2020’s. That’s a blink of an eye. It could explain why the political scene is speeding up. The world’s leaders getting ready/prepared.

        If it’s cold in Canada now, will it even be inhabitable in ten years?

        • @BfromCA…..not sure if I follow u, regarding the Big Freeze in Canada in the next few yrs…..(G), most of us live only a short drive from any US border….in fact if the Canadian $ was not 30 cents below the US$, I would be on my way to Watertown NY right now… the shopping there, and quaint little hotel! take care All, CC.

      6. I don’t know for sure that the average American gives a rats ass what is happening around him. I do know that the average prepper has too much on his plate and his resources are spread too thin to make a difference, for many of the topics we discuss.
        How did we ever reach this, negative information overload? Every day it is, “Bend Over, Here It Comes Again”. It Has become, “Situation Normal, All Fucked Up”.
        We are afloat in a sea of crap and we just go where the tide takes us.

        I am beginning to Wonder if Mac, is immune to all these types of articles. How does he determine which ones are suitable for posting. All this negative stories and nothing can be done to fix anything. Political, Legislative, Financial, Educational, Military, Social, Foreign Affairs. It is all one big TURD.

        All I can say is, when the reset starts. I have the right to fix what I can, by any means, in my own little corner of the world. My Land. My Home. My Property. My Castle.

        Are you ready?

        • Slingshot, it’s definitely that way with the sheeple. They’ll never know what hit them. 2 more weeks and I make another supply trip to the BOL. Can hardly wait.

          • Slingshot I have to agree. One big shit sandwich and we are all going to have to take a bite.
            as for me and mine, we are as ready as we will ever be.

        • “It is all one big TURD.”

          Yep. I agree with everything you just said Slingshot.


      7. Maple Syrup….yup, Hockey……O.K., Canadian Whiskey…yuck!

        The ONLY good brown liquor comes from either TN or KY!

        So take off and watch out fur them hogs…eh?

        • The Seagram’s family and many other Canadian alcoholic beverage families that go way back, are part of the illuminati group.

          Basically they are like Big Pharma.

          BTW, did you know that Crown Royal is just aged Seagram’s Seven?
          If i remember correctly, Seagrams VO is aged 7 years and is a lot cheaper than the ten year aged Crown Royal.

          i never have figured out what all the hype is about Crown royal. I had just as soon have a shot of black jack or Evan williams, or Johnny Walker, etc, etc,.

          LOL, never been a big liquor drinker, but kept plenty around the house bar for friends and especially the ladies, after the divorce. I bought half a gallon of Seagrams VO, and poured it into a Half gallon Crown Royal jug. The ladies were impressed and smacked their lips as they drank freely from it, when visiting Passin’s Place. pretty soon we were dancin our way to the… thought i was gonna say bed) to dance around on the slick floor.

          Never, i mean even the guys, never ever was able to tell the difference, and i never told a soul. just sayin’.

          • Well dammit now I will have to do a taste-test just to be sure.

          • I serve Listerine that I pour into a Wild Turkey bottle and no one ever complains. Everyone gets roaring drunk and no one has bad breath.

            • Try a full shot of wild turkey 101, topped with a full shot of Monster Energy Khaos, (or favorite variety), in a double shot glass.

              Kill it straight down, and enjoy the rush. I came up with the idea for a Halloween party drink a few years ago, and it was a hit. A doctor friend of mine that is a laugh at a party, had a few and said it was the best instantaneous buzz he had ever had. i think he said it was the Taurine and Guarana that opened up the blood arteries and caused a sudden rush to the brain.

              Anyways, I dubbed it the Monster Gobbler, and several of the guys there were hunters, and got a kick out of saying, “let’s kill another monster gobbler”.

              Best if liquor and energy drink are ice cold.

        • Hoser

      8. If it’s not on the smart phone screen then everything is ok. This is the mind set of most of the sheeple around this country. Stop the cell phones and thing will change fast.

      9. I lived in Washington state for very many years. It was quite common to mix Canadian coins with American ones, accepting both as being the same. My divemaster instructor was “French Canadian”, many of my school instructors were normal Canadian.
        Our two countries are pretty well intertwined. Our military protects Canada already. They have 35 millions of people. A little less than the state of California. Canada is a huge country with the longest coastline in the world. Second in area to only Russia. Do the math. Big country and not very many people. I don’t think we would ever unite politically, but adopting a common military for self defense seems very practical.
        As for Mexico, I love the culture and the people, but we would have to kill all the politicians and drug guys. In America and Canada we assimilated, exiled, killed or bought off the “tribes”. They still exist in Mexico. They still have “tribes”. You have to destroy tribes to have a republic. God, family, country.

      10. Canadian sovereignty?


        They are subjects of the Queen and their land belongs to the Crown corporation.

        • Tis true…thou speaketh the truth..and it all reverts back to the crown.

          Live Free or Die…death to the BOE!

      11. “O Canadians,,,stand on guard for thee!”

      12. The US and Canada has blended armies before. WW@ they had a blended force that KICK ASS.

        As far as them being an army that will take on American Patriots I have a hard time believing that they would.

        There are lot of Canadians that feel the same way most of the Patriots here feel. We love our country and would die for it. We would fight side by side with each other to fight off any one that try something against the US or Canada.


        • 3rd world brownies are going to be our main opponents at first. Cannon fodder

        • As I was getting my
          PADI diver certification,
          signed off,
          I asked my French Canadian
          instructor why Quebec wanted
          to leave the Canada “union”
          His response ” The English
          are rude, we will never
          leave”, but we will be heard.
          If you lived in a California
          large city and moved to Vancouver BC.
          You would think you have gone
          to heaven and died.

        • Remember Sgt, Preston of the Yukon? The Royal Mounted Police show from the fifties, I think.

      13. This is disappointing news.

        Years ago, Christ told visionary John Leary the following:

        – that Canada, Mexico, and U.S. would join to form the North American Union (NAU);
        – that once formed, all sovereign rights of all citizens would be wiped away, negated;
        – and finally, the NAU would be one of five or more unions world-wide that would be handed over to the Antichrist.

        So this is serious business.

        As has been speculated online over the years, probably everyone in every military has been chipped, and thus could be controlled– the way the last year’s September Naval Yard shooter was and the Batman movie theater shooter was before him, with the people in the know scapegoating psychotropic medications to deflect us from the truth.

        And didn’t Secretary of State Kerry pledge to the U.N. last year that our country would be disarmed of guns?

        Our response needs to be:
        – prayer;
        – repentance;
        – offering up our sufferings up to Christ for others;
        – and likewise offering up others’ suffering.

        Our great country, founded on Judeo-Christian principles and beliefs, has betrayed the God of the Bible and His Ten Commandments.

        Take care of your soul first, and all else will follow.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Lone Ranger:

          Any relation between John Leary and the advocate of LSD, psychiatrist Timothy Leary.

          Thousands of brilliant college students “dropped out and turned on” because of this man’s professional opinion that this poison would not hurt them.

          A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

          • Absolutely no relation between the two. Leary is a very common last name, like Smith.

            To waste a mind IS a terrible thing. Even worse is when a person wastes their soul by delving in the dark side and if they don’t repent and convert, they might end up waking up in Hell for an eternity, so let us pray for these people.

            In the meantime, stay away from LSD and all halluciongenic drugs.

        • Lone Ranger:

          Psychotropic are the cause of violence. It is particularly dangerous when a person using this poison stops taking it. Withdrawal is beyond torture. It drives the victim/patient to madness. So if he isn’t crazy enough give him psychotropic drugs and he will be.

          In my opinion; diet, exercise, sunshine and may be some blood tests to find deficiencies and or allergies, would do more and be safer than these mind altering chemical poisons masquerading as medicine.

          Shame on these heartless drug dealers and their “doctors”.

          • People “withdraw” from the Benzodizepines like Xanax, Ativan, etc. Better to be put on a nonhabituating antianxiety med because coming off the benzos mimics the original anxiety for which those benzos were prescribed.

            As for other psychotropics, you are referring to the ‘discontinuation’ effect. That is why primary care doctors should be banned from prescribing pscyhotropics which only psychiatrists are trained to prescribe and help a person with a proper stepdown procedure to discontinue from.

            Mental illness does have its roots in biology, hence the need for those medications.

            But as I’ve stated before, the psychotropics were prescribed to distract the unsuspecting public (us) from knowing/believing/thinking that these shooters were “chipped” which disables their free will and makes them helplessly vulnerable to voices literally commanding them what to do.

            If you research this, you will find this out.

            Otherwise every human being on a psychotropic medication would be gunning down people. It’s too simplistic (and convenient) to name the medication as the culprit which masks that these individuals were chipped.

            Heed the Messages given to John Leary about the NAU being handed over to the Antichrist.

      14. passinwiththewind… exactly, the Europeans under Columbus murdered the native people in their own homeland that they had lived in for at least 20,000 years, some think for 200,000 years. Peaceful gentle people slaughtered out of existence. These invaders called themselves Christians. Columbus also genocided the Carribean Islands. What a complete farce Columbus day is. This is a nation of murderers.

        • Alijamo:

          Columbus Day is a treasured Italian Holiday. It is hard to accept hearing that your sweet child is actually a bully. And what is more, you ain’t the Daddy. That’s right. Columbus who went on Spanish ships is suspected of being a Spaniard and possibly not Christian after all. He may have had instruction from a Christian queen or, at least, Queen of a Christian Country, to convert the Native people. Columbus took the old stand by shortcut to conversion.

          So if no more Columbus, how about Leonardo Davinci???? The Italians have many men to celebrate. Besides who doesn’t like a holiday.

        • Did you ever see the movie Apocalypto?
          It is historically accurate.
          Those guys were very much more
          tame than the Mexicans.
          You are very wrong.
          There is only peace when your
          opponent is dead.

        • One of those non-existent Indians emails me every week. He is Lumbee and is a musician. I worked in a factory with him many years ago. In Robeson Co., NC, the city of Pembroke is 89% Lumbee Indian. I have known a number of Lumbee. Common Lumbee surnames include Oxendine and Locklear.

          Actress Heather Locklear is of Lumbee descent. Her father was born in Robeson Co., NC. There is also a porn star, Carmen Hart, who is a Lumbee from NC. She has a page on Wikipedia.

          A lot of Indians were killed, but there are still millions, not counting people of Indian descent who happen to be mostly white or black.

          BTW, many, if not most, of the earliest Europeans in the US actually bought their property from the Indians. For example, the oldest deed in the records of a local county is from an Indian to an ancestor of my wife.

        • Uhh things were a bit different a few hundred years ago.
          There were persons in america before native americans too

      15. This article is ridiculous. Fully integrated militaries. We don’t even have the same military hardware, yes some of it is similar as in small arms and that’s where it ends. No offense but the author of this article must have dreamt this integrated military up. What a joke.

      16. What is often overlooked when the 2nd Amendment came into being is that Founding Fathers knew the importance of having a militia (citizens) who knew how to use weapons – and in order to know how to use them, they had to possess them.

      17. You can choose to buy into all the crap many are selling, or you can trust your gut….WHEN all goes down, YOU already KNOW what to do, how to do it, and who you will help. SO all articles are really moot because WE ALL know what to do, when to do it, and how we will do it in order to survive….
        Have Faith and Have Sisu
        All else is a crapshoot….

        • FOB: Absolutely I agree 110% on your comment, most of this collapse, what its going to look and be like after the event, what they are going to do and what they aren’t going to do is IMHO repeat over and over of the same thing! Get your mind set and prepare like you think things will go down and forget about most of crap put out. Because when TSHTF your on your own period. Like you said TRUST YOUR GUT, because that’s going to make your survival work. Remember we can not change what is coming just prepare as you see fit to do.

      18. The Chinese are building the largest loading docks on the planet in Mexico.They will by pass American longshoreman and truckers .Coming up the trans Texas highway. TPP was probably part of it .the longshore man and truckers and others will freak.And Chinese police with the strong cities policies will help us maintain order. Now that thorough training in the tran Texas highway areas has been completed . Military fusion with police and our strong cities international helpers will be able to stop any extremists.

        • Not if the friggin highway is blown to fucking bits in various places.

      19. Not even worth an intelligent comment.
        Rediculus and inflammatory.

        • Think jade helm and why .Think Chinese loading dock in Mexico I didn’t know Mexico was a big buyer of Chinese products . Think why trans Texas highway. The majority of our products come from China . Rediculus and inflammatory ?

          • Yep, it fits into the agenda. America will be split apart at sometime in the future. China will have a big stake on the west, and the Muzzies will try and control all the rest.

        • What do you expect from a Canadian ?

      20. Integrate with Canada?

        Sure why not? I mean clearly, I’M not the one getting the shit end of that deal. Poor Canada…

        Mexico ok… yeah I’m getting the shit end of THAT deal.

      21. Prediction: The Dow is going down today.

        The Asian markets were down last night, and the European markets are down so far this morning.

        • If so, i’ll need to rethink the options trades today.

          BTW, you posted something about friends in Robeson County earlier. I had three good friends from adjoining Columbus county, in Fair Bluff. Two are gone on, and another has moved away, but have good memories. Passed through there a few times going to the Beach, and enjoyed seeing the Lumbar (Lumbee) River region. I think the Waccamaw Indians were originally in that area also.

          Small world. You must be fairly close by.

          • I have a friend who was born in Robeson Co. He doesn’t live there now. He lives near the coast in the town I used to live in.

            If you want to read some interesting articles about Indians, Al Pate has written a lot about the Coree Indians of eastern NC at ht tp:// Explore his site and you will find a lot. He is obsessive about the Coree and the Pate surname. I have corresponded with him in the past.

            • Thanks!

        • The Dow is down over 70 points right now.

      22. “I feel like a number, I’m not a number, I feel like a stranger, a stranger in this land”. Ain’t that the truth! Divided and conquered, and few raised a whimper of dissent publicly. Occupy Wall Street tried to peacefully, they were assaulted and tear gassed as they tried to organize resistance to tyranny. They were infiltrated and it was later revealed that intelligence plans were made to eliminate the leaders of that movement. The same thing happened decades ago when tens of thousands opposed the Vietnam war debacle. They were called hippies, dopeheads and losers by the establishment, and therefore by much of the population who apparently could not think for themselves. Total control, just as today. Only now the people are afraid and have too much to lose to even attempt to speak out publicly. This nation is finished, a noncaring assemblage of otherwise occupied airheads. It’s way beyond pitiful, it’s tragic.

      23. Its interesting how the Canadians, known for tolerance and a peace loving nature bought into the warlike US mindset. Given sufficient propaganda the MSM can make anyone an enemy or anyone a friend. Its Josef Goebbels line about lies and government in practice.

      24. Ridiculous and inflammatory The Chinese are building the biggest loading dock in the world to supply its best customer Mexico? The trans Texas highway is to bring in products from Mexico not China ? How much comes in from Mexico compared to China ? The secret trans pacific trade deal. The mysterious jade helm 15 that the governor of Texas ordered watched .

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