New Riot Control Robot Can “Zap Protesters Into Submission”

by | May 18, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 59 comments

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    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: When the system is automated, the robotic enforcers will quite literally do what they are told. If the governing powers-that-be enforce a tyranny, and ask the robots to do something against the people that human law enforcement officers would know to be illegal and/or immoral, they will simply obey. It is in their programming.

    As such, robot enforcers stand to be a formidable obstacle to freedom and justice. They can choose targets and make decisions automatically, without the need for human oversight. So just what will happen when civil unrest, riots or other emergencies take place? These machines can and will restore order at all costs.

    Meet China’s New Taser Wielding Riot Control Robot

    by Joshua Krause

    Over the past few years, the police in America and around the world have been facing more scrutiny than they ever have before. Their abuses and arrogant demeanor are now easily recorded, and displayed on the internet for all to see. As a result, it’s never been so easy to criticize the police.

    But it’s important to remember that not all cops are bad. It may seem that way, because people are much more likely to turn on their smartphone cameras when a cop is being an intolerable tyrant. There are still plenty of police officers out there who have a conscience, and no doubt, the government is afraid of these officers more than anyone else. They’ll never be able to crackdown on the population, unless they have near 100% obedience from their enforcers.

    That’s why the governments of the world are very interested in developing robots for military and law enforcement applications. They need yes men more than ever, and if they can’t get enough yes men to enforce their onerous rules, then they’ll turn to yes robots to fill the gap, and replace all the cops and soldiers who don’t toe the line.

    They’ll do it for a lot of the same reasons that private companies are trying to automate their respective industries. In any given workforce, there are humans that complain. There are people who need time off and benefits. There are people in positions both high and low, who can blow the whistle on crimes and labor violations. Ultimately, running a business means appeasing a bunch of ornery humans, each with individual needs, wants, and agendas. And let’s not forget, they all need to be paid.

    But more importantly, the government needs people who are willing to control the population. Robots simplify everything for people who are control freaks, and as it just so happens, control freaks tend to gravitate into positions of higher authority in both the public and private spheres. In the case of our government and other governments around the world, the control freaks are eager to clean out all the do-gooders and conscientious individuals who are less than willing to carry out their orders to brutalize the population. If they can replace these people with robots and promote the remaining yes men to higher positions, then they no longer have to answer to anyone.

    And don’t think for a second that this is going to happen many years down the road. It’s happening right now in countries like China. While the US has been leading the charge for military robots, China’s autocratic regime may be ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to law enforcement robots. In fact, they’re about to introduce one of the world’s first policing robots, complete with a tazer for shocking non compliant citizens.

    Take note. This is the future. There’s no reason why robots like this won’t show up in your neighborhood someday. Pretty much all governments have the same desire to control their population, and technology knows no borders.


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      1. The Mr. Robot above looks like Mitt Romney.

      2. I take no orders from a robot. I will obey traffic lights because they truly are impartial. But when a thing starts to give me orders that’s when I find out if it’s 30 cal AP resistant, and or D9 Cat proof.

        • Paranoid, same here. There are ways to counter robots. Just have to discover what works best for disabling them. So this robot was invented in Red China? No surprise there since the Clintons gave away the technology for these things back in the 90s.

        • I agree , and a wonderful way to test out your 870 or 590 12 gauge OO buck efficiency!

      3. Looks like an autonomous garbage can. Sneak up behind it while its distracted and put a hefty bag over it. Or just push it over.

      4. After the robot does crowd control–can it then make me a hamburger?

        • Lukewarm, LOL! I think the capabilities of robots are way overestimated.

        • Make you a hamburger? It can probably make you a corpse.

          • he probly meant can it make me INTO hamburger.

        • They have robots now they can perform surgery.

      5. Armor piercing 30-06 should do the trick. I assume they won’t be made of Pepsi cans.

      6. That Robot has a nice slot hole in front for me to stick a 1/4 stick of dynamite in it!

        [Problem solved]

      7. FTW, I like your idea, but I still think it would be fun to shoot up one of the damn things.

        • Brave –

          To each their own I guess … some like filling holes into objects … others like to blow shit up … both equally get the job done … both are fun.

        I AM THE PEOPLE.

      9. I hate to say it but they’ve been bringing robots on board for years now. What started out as very cute little Wall-es and roombas is now growing into take over jobs as replacements for those in fast food and other entry-level positions. Asian countries are developing sexbots as if the divide between the genders is not yet great enough. The military has drones and super soldiers on the back burner. Redesigning humanity through transhumanism. Popular tv shows promoting downloading your consciousness into a device to obtain immortality (the same lie given to Eve that started this whole mess). We ain’t in Kansas anymore. The divisiveness is planned and TPTB are just seeing which corruption or insult will finally send us over the edge so they can enact martial law.

        Here is the conundrum…How far do we let society slide until we attempt to put on the brakes? As time goes by there are less and less of us who even see the devolution of our culture. When do we say, “We’re mad as well and we’re not gonna take it anymore”? Or do we just “take it” and slip quietly into that good night?

      10. I want a SEX ROBOT female blond nice body
        speaks when spoken to.
        does not give you any shit.
        obeys commands
        and is careful with money.

        • i believe mish had a story about sex robots that are available NOW(just raise your hand above your head and snap yer fingers)…seems like i read that just a couple months ago….although, to seem REALISTIC… would HAVE to give SOME shit….no?

        • There you go dreaming for a perfect woman/robot. Take your meds and go back to sleep. you still have your hand.

          • when spaceman’s wife left him, you might say she………forced his hand.

        • Guys will ditch women completely. What guy wouldn’t love a hott young chick with an off switch?

      11. Wonder if a small can of spray paint wouldn’t mess up its tracking if u started getting harrassed…

      12. One well placed EMP device will disable all robots and electronic devices within its design perimeter. Only thing working then is our ARs, AKs and Glocks.!!!! hehe

      13. I’m sure the maniac tyrants will want to try and confiscate as many guns as they can before they release wannabe Gort onto the streets.

        Let’s face it, Gortie doesn’t stand a chance against a 12 gauge slug going into his metal face.

      14. A nice, handheld EMP weapon should do the trick.

      15. I wonder how well it is sealed against fluids getting inside. During the Winter War, a Soviet minister by the name of Molotov lied and said they were not dropping bombs on Finland, but humanitarian aid and food. So, the Fins responded and gave the Soviets a little drink to go with the food- hence the Molotov cocktail was born! They used them against tanks because there was no environmental seals between the turret and the hull (or anywhere else, really). I wonder then if these robots may also be susceptible to a liquid fuel type improvised weapon.

      16. Winston, since this particular robot was MADE IN CHINA, I think it will be less formidable than its inventors think. Never seen anything made in china that was worth having.

        • Chinese jet fighter J-11 are not junk….probably could take out our latest turd F35 joint striker. Chinese landed a rover on the moon and has sent good pics back. I wouldn’t under estimate Chinese Military equipment. Its not the same junk they export to us.

        • “made in china” IS a warning label, you know.

        • Most smart phones are made in China and the higher end ones are not junk. Chinese companies like Xiaomi also design a lot of products now and many of them are on par with the ones they produce for Western companies. GM and Chrysler have engines and transmissions made in China for their “American” cars… well… maybe those two companies aren’t the best example… However, have you ever shot a Norinco Type 56 SKS45 clone (or AK clone for that matter) that was originally intended for military use? Most of them are very well made and reliable weapons that are still in use some 36 years after China stopped military production. China is fully capable of producing high quality products. It’s just that people want cheap products and so many Chinese goods are of low quality.

          • YUP!

      17. $10 million dollar droid stopped by a flight of stars or a couple well placed wedges…

        Spray expanding insulation…..spray paint…

        Doesn’t look like it could take a bat or brick…

        And it’s [dáa lèk].

        • Exterminate! EXTERMINATE!!!!

      18. Update from the Socialist paradise…

        Venezuelan Police Unleash Tear-Gas, Rubber Bullets Amid Violent Anti-Government Protests

        “The conflagration that is the collapse of a socilaist utopia continues to escalate in Venezuela today. With morgues overflowing, medicines running out, and apocalyptic scenes playing out across the nation,

        Venezuelans took to the streets of Caracas today – at the behest of the opposition – demanding a recall referendum to end Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s socialist rule. The troubled nations leader was not happy and security forces fired tear gas and shut subway stations to block the thousands of protesters.

        Over the last two weeks, several provinces have hosted scenes of looting in pharmacies, shopping malls, supermarkets, and food delivery trucks. In several markets, shouts of “we are hungry!” echoed. On April 27, the Venezuelan Chamber of Food (Cavidea) reported that the country’s food producers only had 15 days left of inventory.

        PanamPost adds that lootings are becoming an increasingly common occurrence in Venezuela, as the country’s food shortage resulted in yet another reported incident of violence in a supermarket — this time in the Luvebras Automarket located in the La Florida Province of Caracas.”

        “The bread shops are empty…I’m close to robbing. This man [Maduro] has to fix things or he should go… It’s best that others step in to govern — but not those squalid bastards, not them either,”

        ht tp://

      19. The Policebots will get hacked, or the police will say they got hacked. You’ll have Bots running AMOK! shocking the rabble-rousers with a bunch of cattle-prod arms waving around, discharging bolts of electricity, ZZZAP! FSA zombies dropping left & right, oh the humanity.

      20. Guns don’t kill people, people using guns kill people. The same goes for machines, whether they are made to look human or not.

        I know a sixteen year old who can build a better version of that bucket of bolts out of garbage in his garage. So government should not get too high and mighty.

      21. A Remington 870 Magnum with 3 1/2 in. Every other load alternated slug and lead buckshot will do nicely.

        • USMC1982, I’ll save my 590A1 with 00 buck as a last resort. It would be interesting to see first how many 9mm slugs it would take to disable it.

      22. I wonder how well it holds up to a couple magazines of 45 ACP.

      23. I don’t get it.

        Chinese demonstrably cost considerably less than one of these things. I mean hey don’t blame me for being an insensitive prick, it’s just a sad fact of life. Most of their factories aren’t automated for a reason.

        So what’s wrong with a dude with a taze pistol?

        • They can charge our government more for the robot.

        • The dude is the problem. He may walk or run away if confronted. He may take the professor’s side. Turn his weapons against the state.

      24. Chinas governing philosophy is just what TPTB desire. I think its their global role model. Its authoritarian, organized and collective in nature. Take note that the globally forced immigration being pushed in Europe and North America is not aimed at them. There is no global push for them to homogenize. This tells me that TPTB like them just the way they are.

        China is not rising, nor is the US falling, by accident.

      25. Just make a sort of chain mail suit out of a few layers of metal window screen to keep the darts from hitting your skin! And while the bot is trying to perform its programming, spray the camera lens with paint or dump some conductive fluid into the nearest available opening. Or just taser it back directly with a cattle prod type of device made out of a car ignition coil or more, hooked up in series. Maybe get a coil pack from a waste spark ignition system like a late 90s Cadillac car, and put all of the secondary windings in series, and all of the primary windings in parallel. That will give you enough juice to fry ANY microchip in a second or less. Each set of windings should put out about 45KV, so times four, that’s a whopping 180 KV!!! Depending upon what the input voltage is, you could easily exceed 250KV output! And you can buy off the shelf right now stun guns that put out a million Volts worth of sparks. Or at least you could a couple of years ago. And don’t forget that you can use the innards from a micro wave oven from a distance to do all kinds of neat things too!

      26. paint ball gun splats to the robot camera eye?
        Until the next generation robots come in with heat sensors.
        Skynet here we come.

      27. That is not the only ‘robot’.

        Please do not be fooled.

        One ‘robot’ can emit debilitating sound waves– “SSSS” I believe is how they refer to it– which can and will bring people to their knees in capitulation from its mental torture.

        Another literally looks like the one from the Terminator.

        So keep in mind that the above ‘robot’, however real (if it is indeed real) is a distraction from the other weapons designed to bring us to our knees.

        Whenever they have you looking in one direction, keep most of your eyes elsewhere or you will be victimized by their evil.

        Above all, look to = trust in = pray to Almighty God. There will be Divine Interventions and likely a lot of suffering– these are the end times.

        So stay prayerful, stay alert, be attuned. Don’t die with evil in your soul or you will letting the devil win. Stay in the Light. Trust in the Light, the Truth, God. Don’t fall for deceptive guises that “appear” luminous. The devil’s greatest trick was convincing many he does not really exist.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Evil is that which destroys.” Dr. M. Scott Peck

        “I am the Way, the Light, and the Truth. He who believes in me will never die.” – Christ

      28. If Apple makes them, everyone will want one!

      29. “A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kickboxing.” -Emo Philips

      30. Well you could use these in certain areas, Detroit, Memphis, Atlanta,Watts,just any where there are ghetto primates causing trouble.

      31. Humans spend an inordinate amount of energy trying to control each other instead controlling themselves. Always have. Psychological control through religion has always been big. Social norms like subjugating women children slaves employees. What would human beings do with all that energy if they actually could control everyone around them… without expending energy? Everything is protagonist/antagonist… how would they reprogram themselves to live without that adrelaline rush if anyone ever won to the extent that antagonist no longer existed? Psychologically, control freaks fear out of control more than most, what if they no longer had to fear everything around them? Would they get mental healing or explode because the control didn’t assuage fear? Literature deals with these concepts and oral traditions before that.

      32. This would make a great S&M sexbot. Where do I get one?

        • Johnny
          You want a robot to discipline you?

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