#NeverTrump Delegates Disrupt Convention in “Last Ditch Effort” to Block Nomination

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 76 comments

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    So far the RNC convention has produced an unruly cadre of delegates who made a rowdy display of stopping Trump, and forced a roll call state by state.

    These are the desperate voices of the old line establishment hoping in vain to stop Trump, who represents a u-turn from their policies of war, globalism and big government spending and big police state powers. If Trump holds true to any of his promises, it will take money from their pockets, and slow down their partnerships to dominate globally. So of course they would have preferred somebody like Jeb!, Rubio or even Ted Cruz:

    As Zero Hedge notes: Anti-Trump Dissidents Disrupt Convention, Fail To Stop Nomination

    In a brief period of excitement (especially for completely unbiased John Harwood), Republican factions trying to stop Donald Trump’s nomination noisily disrupted a vote on party convention rules. But, as The Hill reports, the Republican National Committee ignored the outcry from the angry delegates and adopted the convention’s rules by a voice vote, rebuffing shouts by those looking to mount a last-ditch effort to sink Donald Trump.

    All in all, its just convention drama without much weight. It didn’t stop the procedure, and it won’t change who is on the ballot. But it does highlight the split in the Republican party. A new wave has bucked the old, and the tidal force of anger in the population has never been more intense in the lifetime of this constituency.

    The voice of the people is diluted through the impotent channels of political choice, and the two-party process – but by those standards, this election is a huge upset to the establishment.

    Donald Trump has amassed a wave of popular support, but at the expense of full support from the establishment figures in his party, and their shadow of influence in world affairs.

    Hillary Clinton forced the support of her rivals in the party, and is disciplining potential voters to hold their nose and vote – against The Donald and for her – no matter how corrupt she is known to be.

    In either case, both parties have obvious fractures, while protesters and potential rioters outside the convention gates reflect further deep divides in our society.


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      1. When they were pledging the flag the speaker had his hand inside his suit

        • Was he playing pocket pool, or do you sense something more nefarious?

      2. Donald Trump has amassed a wave of popular support, but at the expense of full support from the establishment figures in his party, and their shadow of influence in world affairs.

        “establishment figures” ?? You mean the ones who really run Barter Town? They pull the strings. This is going to be the Hillary show for 8 more years. Take that to the bank.

        • I don’t think either one will get elected. Obummer will be staying in. He’s not leaving.

          • This country is heading down the crapper big time. Folks: go to Lew Rockwell and read today’s post: Forget armed revolt by John Whitehead. It says what his latest book details. The VP choice gov. Pence is CFR and pro trade agreements (trashing jobs) and pro Muslim immigration as he said on tv interviews. I remain shocked he didn’t chose Sessions, Carson or the ret. general. America is w/o hope in the long run. Obozo may pull something and remain in office anyway.
            Even Indiana folks don’t like Pence, a globalist traitor.

        • Its high time to Un-employ the MICM -Military Industrial Complex Mafia, that has fleeced Taxpayers at the tune of about $15 Trillion over the last several decades. If I was Trump I would install a War Profiteering Tax Triple, Damages Annually on these A-holes and take away their yachts and mansions. The the Dept of Defense can’t even account for 25% of their annual budges. And this goes on year after year… That’s like $200+ Billion a year MIA. and no accountability. I want to see Trump AUDIT Every Branch of the US Federal Government and make every branch develop a ZERO BASED Budget, not just a sham percentage more every year with No accountability. I’d start putting these Thieves in Max Security Prison, until they pay back the US Tax payers for their Massive Theft of our Treasury for years.

          The Bush Dynasty is a pile of Garbage. And the 28 Page Report on 9-11 clearly shows the Bush Family hiding the Sinister Plot by their Saudi Gay Sex Partners to attacked America on 911. The entire Bush family should be tried and hung for treason.

          ~WWTI… You would see ACTION and ACCOUNTABILITY under a “Who Wudda Thunk It” Administration.

      3. It will be interesting to say the least.
        Melania should be one of the better speeches.
        I guess we will see.
        Last article had some very good comments.

        Be well all…

      4. These are under cover DemoRats.. The only thing that disunity does now is help Hillary.

      5. On YouTube

        Brother Nathanial Kapner
        Nathanial 2016
        A Military Coupin America?

        • ••••••••••••••••A Military Coup In America?•••••••••••••••

          • I’ll give Obama one thing, he did it right by purging the military leaders BEFORE they (supposedly) coup’d.

            “military coup in America” ? I don’t think so.

            • You don’t have to be a general to stage a military coup..Lt Colonel’s or Majors or any mid level commanders have the respect of their troops. When things obviously become intolerably evident. Who needs generals?

              • 4g WF
                Get rid of the brass and the troops light stand on their own

              • You obviously have WAY too much faith in the pathetic excuse for “lower enlisted” and low ranking liberal college educate officers. Globalist, materialistic little things are disrespectful, self-centered, childish minions. Evil little things do not care one iota for the United States or its citizens.

                • Hahahahaha…nothing gets these triggly puffs off is when I, Talon1776 makes a point they can neither prove or disprove. What does that “S” stand for?…Stupid?

          • We will end up like Turkey and why? Most the top brass patriots have been forced out. It would have to be xxx highly organized. (ref. to Lew Rockwell todays post: Forget armed revolt.) Gov has all the hardware for the take down. I would hope for success, but it is slim to none.

      6. Jeez,Louise. Whiners, cry babies, and poor losers.

        The “professional Republicans” are simply upset that they have a candidate that they can’t control as if he were a puppet. After all, they have an investment to protect, that investment being their own influence. Boo, hoo, hoo.

        Look, I understand that Donald Trump is a candidate with flaws. Yet, I am reminded of a line John Snow spoke in “Game of Thrones,” “We fight with the army we have.”

        Unlike John Snow, however, Trump has a much better chance for victory with his army.

        • Its just that the dissenters might not be able to suckle from their backers titty bottle any more.

        • It was funny, was listening to NPR coverage and they spoke with a woman who represented the Never Trump loosers, she actually was saying that it was the party elite disregarding the will of the never trumpers and tampering with the votes,,,
          What a stupid behach!,,
          The fact of the matter is its the party elite who are not getting their way and are whining about this,,, i say kick em to the curb!

        • ‘Elite’ Republicans still trying desperately to ditch the only candidate who is not part of the global criminal cabal. As every person with half a brain has noticed by now, the GOPe and Democrats are members of the same corrupt club of blood-sucking parasites, complicit in the take down of America for the NWO, not loyal to America, our Constitution, or their Oaths of Office.
          A none-vote or a vote for Hillary is a vote for the final chapter of the destruction of our Republic.

          • And these people are arrogant and ignorant and believe they will prevail, only problem is theres a whole lotta pissed off folks out there.

            • Soetoro and Soros have no idea the destiny that awaits them. Let them bring all they got to the table…our army is bigger stronger and very cunning. We are the fifth branch of the faithful military wing of this country…and we are BIG!

            • and it don’t matter which side wins…the other side is gonna be PISSED.

      7. Ron Paul had far worse done to him but there was no revenge.

        Sweet and Cold revenge. Where’s my ice cream?

      8. Trump is a big government populist clown with no chance of getting elected. So thanks for that, dumbasses. When he loses in November, bigly – it will be YOUR fault.

      9. Just seen a photo of Obama with a pistol and a black panthers uniform on. Wife had it on Facebook or something and it said to forward it before it gets taken down. Obummer is way to sympathetic to this black lives and Muslims interests to not be a white hater. Fucking cunt hitlery want his ignorant voting base. Only thing I hate about republicans is they care more about scumbag corporations than anything. Fuck corporations.

      10. Get it on. Bang the gong. Get it on.

      11. I think anyone in The Republican party not Behind Trump should go on a Vote Out List Mark them as Enemy of America. TRUMPS a New comer Give him a Chance.he Can’t F_ck up Any Worse Than Barack Hussein Obama aloma Ding Dong

      12. The protests were about rules changes that affect 2020 not this years election. MSM loving that people don’t understand. Today’s changes give more power to the national RNC than grassroots.

        This is a false flag power grab.

        Idiots like Reince Pubus gained power and we lost.

      13. Cry babies you lost, Get over it!!!!!!!!!

        • Dont ya just love it Sarge,,,
          I gotta say, Trump couldnt possibly be any worse than what we had for the last decade or so, and sure as hell is 100x better than that lyin bish clinton.

          To all you Vets out there,
          Thank you,

          • Rudy G is putting on a great show.
            Rileing up everyone before Trump…

            • After a 1 minute intro, Melania is freaking knocking it out of the park.
              Tiffany looks lost.

              I think Trump will do well.

              Anyone know his middle J name???

              • For a 16 minute speech, first REAL time, in front of thousands, I would be proud to have Melania and Trump leading this country.
                She hit a grand slam……….

                • Thats cause were white guys Epps,
                  Im sure theres some folks throwin stuff at their TV about now

              • Donald John Trump.

          • Speaking of vets, has any vets received their “Give up your weapons” letter yet?

            • No weapons here. Sold them all and donated the money to a worthy cause.

            • None that I know
              And I know quite a few , and everyone of them said they would tell the establishment to go pound sand , “come and try” is what most said
              And some of the guys were visibly disabled and still not giving in

              The ones I know are awake , realize they’ve been used , and refuse to be further subjugated by the government that’s turned its back on them

              Just recently lost a VNV that suffered with some effects from way back in the war
              The VA basically turned its back on him even though he was terminal
              The others that knew of his issues got a further wake up call as to what their true value was to this EFIO. ( enemy force in occupation)

              Also , letters that are send regular mail are not legal binding , so the government can shove them up their ass

            • Nope. I am very involved with a couple of veterans groups and have heard nothing of that happening as of yet. And I am in California so you would think TPTB would start here.


      14. I hope Bill Krystol and the neocons are triggered enough to go back to the Democrat party.

        Nobody on the right is going to even pretend to tolerate them any longer.

      15. God. im glad Trump is getting some backlash. atleast the RNC delegates have some sense.

        Maybe, just maybe donald trump isnt acting retarded, maybe he actually is retarded. and if you cant see tht maybe you’re retarded too.

        Hillary actually listens to her advisors. She is the best qualified.

        • we appreciate you showing yourself, troll. hillary(and BILL) for prison, 2017…..get trump elected, and PLEASE don’t ask him if he’ll put killary in prison, until AFTER he’s elected!

        • you are a fracking idiot of the highest order.end yourself NOW!

      16. Remember all those candidates that promised to support the winner in the primaries? get rid of those that didn’t follow through. Also think of the damage that Clinton will do through the Supreme Court and she has done over the years with all those scandals.

      17. dont consider myself either traitor party, maybe people should look a the republican national park confiscation deal, its all about money

      18. Melania, I thought that was his daughter, another foreigner, her English was bad. He is 24 years her senior. Trump’s first night speakers were shaky at best. Former Lt. General Flynn the typical warmonger from the Obama crapshow talking about America’s enemies. He neglected to say the enemies America created. The black speakers were ok, deriding illegal invaders who cost them family members. The venue looked half empty. All in all just pitiful. Going through the motions until Hillary Rotten Clinton is elected, a fake out of immense proportions. The talking head media were a motley crew of feeble old crones. I won’t be able to watch when the Scott and Christie blowhards take the stage. Unbelievable, this country is finished. What a joke! I’m back to thinking that Trump was a setup to get Clinton elected, atrocious display of what passes for a republic or a democracy.

        • I thought Rick Perrys was good, got me to tears, its a shame how vets are treated

          • I also wept…and did see Lone Survivor. It leaves you speechless.

            Live Free or Die..end rules of engagement..the enemy has none

            • Just loaded the book on my ipad,

              • I Read the book first then watched the movie. The book is way better. I always read the books first. Did same thing for “American Sniper” and just picked up another book, “Thirteen Hours In Benghazi”. Oh and BTW did I fail to mention, “Phuck Hillary”.

      19. It seems real simple if all you whiners who back the old guard fight against trump there will be civil war.
        If the old whore is elected there will civil war within months as she swears in a leftist supreme court and there goes the constitution. There will be war. Go ahead and run from it and vote the loser 3rd party to placate your soul, then prepare for war.
        The lying thieves in DC are for the status quo and that means hitlery to continue to provide them the little girls and boys they want so much. This mudslime pos potus hates this country so go along with hating and not voting for trump and he will realize his dream as he see’s the destruction of America as his plans becomes real. So keep badmouthing and you will get what you want a whore lying bitch that will just as soon kill you as look at you unless you are a little girl.
        This election will determine if we live as free men or kill and die as patriots. You badmouthers best choose carefully your side.

      20. Just remember kids… United we stand …divided we fall. I am not happy about Trump but he is no dumb ass. He will have a team of super sharp people to help him get our country back.

      21. Trumps floor is Hillarys ceiling.

      22. Aljamo: I have not even watched a single second of coverages of either repubs or dems various campaign tv scam opps shows so far. Same goes for this pre aranged swindle scam opps at repub convention….I have been 100% totally unable to any longer watch any tv news other than to view certain issues on RT tv a few times per week if that many.

        Even RT tv is showing its true stripes lately and has gone so far leftist on most every show I now usually ignore that stations news also.

        I get far too pissed off and am worried my Irish temper will cause me to do something stupid like wreck my costly tv set!….

        I located online at Best Buy website several brands very cheep yet very well made CD-players for sale cheep.

        I soon will buy a cd player and also buy the best buy sites cowboy western older tv series like gunsmoke and bonanza etc and they also have most every cowboy and western movie ever made to date amd prices are dirt cheep!

        I saw for sale a CD set of a couple dozen cd’s that have a grand total of about 650 episodes of various old tv cowboy show series and a few full length movies in the set too…Total price with Free delivery was aprox $59.99

        Most gunsmoke type tv show series contain two or three seasons episodes and cost from $3.00 to highest priced ones were aprox $12.00 per CD. Thats quite alot of hrs good cowboy western tv shows for cheep prices no?

        Then once I take delivery of cd player and enough cd’s to last for awhile, I am quitting Dish Network satalite servise and will save $80.00 Per month!

        Just a few months saveing of $80 per month will buy Many more cowboy tv series shows so I can view each for a full year or two of constant tv is on and never see a rerun show till couple years goes by.

        Cowboys and westerns are about the only thing left that aint always anti whitey and anti gun and total lib propagandas now…Plus who dont enjoy good cowboys or westerns movies or series eh?

        • Them Guys… I like the Clint Eastwood westerns and somewhat older movies, these newer computer generated graphics not so much. I picked up about 50 movies on CD’s at a thrift store for 75 cents a piece on various trips on half price days. Best part, no advertising interruptions every what seems like 5 minutes. I swear half the content of TV shows is commercials, adding more every year. Advertising must work, they pay a lot for those spots. Which reminds me, I thought the airwaves belonged to the whole of the public.

      23. I don’t have the same passion for Trump like I had with RP, but…

        He has all the right enemies, what’s not to like about that ??

      24. Scott Baio gave the most impressive speech I have heard in a long time. The mother of Sean Smith…Pat Smith delivered a scathing reminder of what a divisive heartless liar Hillary is. Michael Zuckoff and his incredible account of betrayal and true American heroism despite illegal orders. The heart wrenching stories from 3 tragic loses at the hands of ILLEGAL ALIENS! and so much more to follow…especially when the Rape Victims of Bill Clinton take the stage and the vicious suppression by Hillary Clinton…if anyone opposes Donald Trump in favor of this manifestation of evil., despite the attempt to steal this election..they are the enemies of Freedom and Liberty.

        Live Free or Die…DT is not a savior…big the choice is c!ear

        • Talon1776… damn Slick Willy rape victims taking the stage, that will be can’t miss TV. They better have bodyguards.

      25. It seems that Melania plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech. She didn’t include something personal so there was no personal touch or anecdotes. I get that English is not her first language but still thought it was lacking. She also said since she wrote the speech herself (seriously doubt it) she only needed to rehearse it once. Again, doubt it. They just aren’t my idea of honest, trustworthy and genuine.

        • More like stunted, single whinny issue and never to be trusted…here…have a lollipop

          • In case my comments went over your mush filled brain…they are for you…lollipop offer still stands.

      26. You old pieces of shit need a little cheese with that whine.

        • nubria 123

          Old age and treachery will overcome skill and youth.

          I hope this shit blows up into a full scale civil war. I’m prepped and not afraid to die and then you young know it all’s might learn a thing or two.

      27. What happened? I thought the BLM and Hells Angels where gonna rumble ?

        • Right to carry is what happened….and they chickened out. The only way to defeat a bully is to be one yourself to them.

          • That’s what I sumrised. They wouldn’t show up for a fair fight. The cowards look for helpless targets.

      28. We won a BREXIT vote here in the UK and thats been chuked in the bin after fixing the vote count down as much as they dare.

        A change in policy by the bankers is now putting girls in control as top puppets on the global stage so maybe that will tell you who’s going to win.

        p.s Excluding the criminal who slept with a president maybe femails will do a better job at cutting the strings once in a while but not if you look at Merkel who’s country is about to go up in flames over the immigrant problem in Germany.

        • Women do not make better national leaders. There is little evidence to show they are superior to men when you take into account policies. Margaret Thatcher was probably the most well-known and high-profile female leader. She brought the UK the most divisive and socially destructive years, a bloody war in the Falklands, and unleashed financialization on the entire planet, which led to all the financial bubbles we have had since.

          Angela Merkel has a sketchy record in office and does not pass close scrutiny. She is known as an epic ditherer and did basically nothing during her first years in power. When the Euro crisis hit, she dithered until she could not dither anymore, and then put in place vicious and unfair policies that have devastated Southern Europe. This led directly to the current refugee crisis because it left those countries in a mess and weak when all the rapefugees started showing up. She then declared the whole world could come to Europe, a very irresponsible move. Many have died because of her policy failures.

          Hillary Clinton will equally be a massive disaster. Just look at her past behavior and extrapolate to what she would do in office. She has a track record of lying and cheating, running a pay-to-play scam, facilitating bribes etc., unleashing total chaos across the Middle East, and using her office as Secretary of State as a personal campaign for President.

          Trump? Trump is a blowhard, a self-serving entrepreneur who has made and lost hundreds of millions over the years. But he does know how to get projects done. He knows business. He knows how to sell stuff. He has not screwed over other countries. He is pure Americana and better embodies the American dream than constant elite insider Hillary does.

      29. I was impressed with the format of the RNC. CNN did it’s best to show only white folk at the convention while displaying their own diversity in their anchors. They also did a whole lot of damage control after Sean’s mom spoke and the Sheriff spoke. Too funny.

        There was a lot of psychological direction being used and abused at CNN and MSNBC last night. We kept bouncing between stations to see who was covering what …

        It really is amazing at how much television tries to control your reactions to the news. It isn’t enough that they control what stories you see, they also need to control how you perceive them. Fluctuating transmission of signals during speeches, sound drops, anchors cutting in, smirks and negative body language, how they interview, even the clothes they wear are all used to shape how we “see and hear” the news. Fascinating to see in action.

      30. Any republican could have beat Clinton. Except Trump and he gets nominated. Anyone who thinks Trump can be trusted is incredibly naive. Mexico is not paying for the wall and it wouldn’t matter if they did. The Mexicans are building tunnels anyway. He is a liberal and speaks in gerneralities absent details. I can’t vote for either of morally bankrupt candidates. I will show up to vote for local and other federal offices. I would lose all respect for myself if I voted for either of these asses.

        • Then don’t complain about what happens when Clinton gets into office and nominates all of the Supreme Court justices she has in mind.

          In fact you will have no right to complain about anything .

          I’d much rather vote for an unknown quantity like Trump who at least has experience in business and is successful in his own right than to vote for a thoroughly documented, treasonous crook and pathological liar who has only made money off the back of other people through blackmail and corruption .

        • Exactly.

      31. Watching this stuff reminds me exactly of watching MLB baseball. I used to LOVE baseball. Until the ’94 strike. That was the year they took the sausagemaking public and went on strike. Clinton didn’t say much that was worth anything (ever), but he did say “here we have a few hundred folks trying to figure out how to divide up a few billion dollars.” I haven’t been to a game since then, and haven’t watched a full game on TV except with my dad, and then only because I know dad loves baseball, loves watching it with me and I love him. I could not possibly care less anymore otherwise.

        Politics has reached that point. Vote for the twins or vote for the Orioles, but just know that none of them would be there except for the money and the league commissioner and the club owners have the final say in everything. And they don’t much care who wins either.

      32. In an interesting pattern of synchronicity, there is another leader across the pond named Donald Tusk. President of the European Council…. hmmn.
        I always marveled at the similarity in names as regarded Osama and Obama. Like God made it that way to make it easier to make rhyming songs?

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