NASA Missed The Huge Meteor That Just Hit Earth: “Definitely Not Something You See Every Day”

by | Sep 27, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 63 comments

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    This article was written by Daisy Luther and originally published at

    Editor’s Comment: The threat of impact has gained more focus recently, as if we are all expecting something major and earth changing to happen sometime soon. Who knows what will come, but it is best to be prepared for anything… If a sufficiently large space rock destroyed a major metro or city, the disaster could be bigger than anything we have imagined.

    One thing is clear, nobody should wait around for the authoritative word of NASA, FEMA, the governor or the president. There is no doubt that being prepared at the individual level is the most important factor in being ready for this, or any other cataclysmic event.

    Speaking of Giant Meteor 2016, NASA Missed the One That Hit Earth Yesterday

    by Daisy Luther

    Folks frustrated with the American election have been decorating their vehicles with the sentiment, “Giant Meteor 2016: Just End It Already.”  Well, they almost got their wish, and NASA missed the whole darned thing.

    NASA, tasked with protecting us from incoming threats from space, failed to spot a meteor that slammed into the ocean off the coast of Australia yesterday (Sept. 16). Police received hundreds of calls as people watched a fireball move across the sky above the Gladstone area of Queensland.

    People also called emergency services reporting an earthquake, but Geoscience Australia said no quake occurred at the time. The assumption is that is was the impact of the meteor landing. Storm chasers reported that the impact occurred some distance offshore near Turkey Beach.

    Interestingly there is little in the mainstream media mentioning the meteor. This is rather surprising since it’s not something that happens every day. It seems that they are so focused is the world on war, strife, financial meltdown, and the elections that they seem to forget that the natural world can throw us a curveball with no warning whatsoever.

    The light was seen as far south as Hervey Bay and as far north as Yepoon with a tremor being felt upon impact over the general Gladstone area and Boyne Island.”

    Eyewitnesses described the phenomenon as a “ball of flame falling from the sky” and a “brilliant meteor flash overhead and disappear over the sea.”

    One man said he felt the explosion, which shook his house and reported seeing a very bright light, according to a report by the Mirror.

    Sitting in his car, another spotted the strange object in the sky. “It looked like a shooting star and lit up the beach, then about a minute later there was a big band and a shock wave came over the water and shook my car a little bit,” he said. “It was a pretty awesome experience.”

    Lanky Jones told the Courier Mail that the light was exceedingly bright. “It sounded a lot like a sonic boom, which would make sense if something was travelling too fast into the atmosphere,” he said.

    “I don’t know what it was, whether a meteorite or piece of space junk, I didn’t feel the tremor but the sound suggests something came down to earth. It’s definitely not something you see every day.”

    The largest meteorite crater discovered on Earth to date was found in Australia. It is believed that a giant asteroid hit the planet around 300 million years ago.

    “Large impacts like these may have had a far more significant role in the Earth’s evolution than previously thought,” Dr. Andrew Glikson of the Australian National University’s School of Archaeology and Anthropology told Australian Geographic. (source)

    Thankfully, it landed in the ocean.

    This incident does show us that we are never fully informed about the hazards that space can throw at us and when something comes hurtling from the sky there’s little you can except hope that you are far enough from its flight path to avoid injury.

    This article was written by Daisy Luther and originally published at


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      1. We need to shut down both NASA and FEMA.
        Both Worthless.


        • yes, worthless “make work” projects.
          I remember some analyst talking up the space shuttle years ago, saying “Americans will get their money’s worth from the space shuttle program”.
          Ha, good one. All those trillions spent. I didn’t even get a trinket or a T shirt.

          • I picked up some nice souvenirs off the highway on February 1st, 2003.

            Anybody know what I picked up?

            • INCOMING!!!

              • US last caought simulating meteor over Russia- revealed to be new high tech missile. Bet this is same

            • Syphillis?

              • I was gonna say, “a case of the clap”?

                • I once knew a woman that had a case of maggots!

                  Oh, yeah. She actually admitted it in a cafeteria conversation, over lunch! We all nearly wretched.

                  Turns out uncircumcised men who sleep on roof tops naked, in the heat of the summer, in the slums, attract flys by the smell of rotting flesh under their foreskins. (Can you say unwashed.) The flys lay eggs under their foreskin. They have sex with stupid women, and leave maggot eggs in their vagina.

                  Doctor told her she’d just have to wait till All the maggots molted. Kind of like giving birth…….. How sweet!

                  I vomit in my mouth a little every time I tell this story. The memory of this story keeps me monogamous.

                  • Being a midwife, you would think I’d heard it all. Nope, this is the grossest thing, I think I’ve ever read! And I read a lot, about all sorts of nasty stuff. You just won a pound of imaginary smokehouse bacon!

                  • Plan:

                    In medical literature their is a story about maggots that is actually something people without access to medical intervention need to know.

                    Avoiding VD by being monagomous after marriage and celibate before marriage, were customs which came about as a prevention to the spread of disease. That’s why in the old days, people who broke the law were stoned.

                    But I digress. Maggots had been attracted to the leg of a man suffering from a terrible infection. After the doctor cleaned the wound removing the infestation, the man died. From this doctors learned to use maggots to eat the puss. This practice is still used today.

                    Disgusting but could save a life.


                    • right you are, B…maggots only eat DEAD tissue, and they are grown and sold to hospitals to do just that to patients. should be able to google that one.

                    • that pussy musta’ been DEAD then….why does this story remind me of my first wife?

                    • Some maggots eat dead flesh and were used for
                      1000s of years to clean out gangrenous wounds; BUT,
                      there are flies that lay eggs that hatch maggots
                      that eat fresh living flesh.

                  • Attack of the penis by a wej writer.

            • head and shoulders??

            • Space Shuttle Debris ?


              • yes, it was space shuttle debris, although i did not actually pick it up.

            • Doggie doo?

        • Indeed!

        • Remember when NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said that his “foremost” mission as the head of America’s space exploration agency is to improve relations with the Muslim world.

          That is why NASA is no a total joke.

          Just like Obama’s legacy.

        • you obviously know NOTHING about the incredibly complicated science of detecting asteroids and when and where they are going to hit

        • every position of power in the country is corrupt, the legal system is the main culprit, then the politicians because the courts=judges and lawyers let the criminals in politics get away with what they do, then comes the agencies, bankers, corps.

      2. Wish it would have hit the debate. There Is a interesting article about Obamas birth certificate over on the Daily Stormer website. Are we having fun yet?

        • Trump said MULTIPLE times that he got the birth certificate
          and that the matter was settled

          apparently he was LYING ???

          • Apparently he wants to move it to the back burner until after the election. When he is in the Oval Office, expect new investigations into the IRS, 911, Billary Gate, and BHO.

            Patriots are coming for Globalists and it will be a bloodbath, literally and figuratively. The knives are being sharpened as we speak. 🙂

          • So Trump tells lies. Big deal. Almost everyone lies. And certainly any politician will tell lies. hellery tells lies and after telling the same lie twice she actually believes her own lies. The biggest liar of all is NASA. They never went to the moon. How did they fit that lunar rover in the lander. how did they unload it. They certainly didn’t pass through the radiation belts in that tin foil capsule.

            • The moon landings were probably the second biggest experiment in mass psyops undertaken by the government for propaganda purposes. The biggest one was 9-11.

              They both seem to have succeeded. No one wants to actually examine the evidence. They simply believe whatever story they are fed by the bosses.


              lotsa sheep on this board, too.

      3. Indeed!

      4. NASA, over at Cape Canaveral Kennedy Space Center is one big CESS Pool of a Hazardous Waste. I read an article that it would take over 100 years to clean up the Bio-hazards, and crap that has seeped into the soils and area, rendering massive pollution of contamination.

        So guess who gets to pay to clean that up?
        Yep you an I the Tax Payers.


        • One good hurricane and all that crap will be gone.

          The solution to pollution is dilution.

          • Naaah, Billary or Stump get selected they will start the space DHS, that should stop those pesky asteroids!

            • Let’s build a wall around Earth and make the Klingons pay for it.

              • I never did like Lt. Worf anyway.

          • This is truth. If Hillary’s mouth were covered by miles of ocean, it would no longer pollute the airwaves. The world would be a better place.

      5. OOOPPPSSS!!! OH S$%T!!!!

      6. I wonder if NASA is going to miss the big one ?
        Remember when one hit RUSSIA a few years ago ?
        Did not see that one either.

        I wonder if NASA is so boring no one gives a dam ?

        I guess when we see a hole bunch of Aircraft moving, and all these rehabbed bunkers open up to the ELITES something may be up.

        I guess us commoners will be lucky to get a hours notice.

        Well I guess I will get a bottle of WILD TURKEY sit back smoke a cigar, fart, and watch the world end.

        • We will get 15 minutes. Just enough time to sit down, put your head between your legs, and kiss your ass goodby.

      7. Get ready for a Government Shutdown. TH US SENATE voted No to extend a temporary spending bill to keep the Government Open. Included in the Bill was a $1 BB spending on the Zika Virus.

        Maybe this was a sign that Trump won the Debates and they want him to start in the hole with no budget?

        Anybody else got a take on that?

        Link: ht tp://

        By/ Rebecca Shabad/ CBS News/ September 27, 2016, 3:29 PM

        Senate blocks spending bill from advancing days before shutdown deadline
        Last Updated Sep 27, 2016 3:56 PM EDT

        The Senate on Tuesday blocked a GOP-sponsored short-term government funding bill from advancing, only days before the deadline to avoid a shutdown on Saturday.

        Lawmakers rejected the procedural motion in a 45 – 55 vote. Twelve Republicans voted against it and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, also voted against it but only so that he’d keep the option open of bringing it up again. Four Democrats voted in favor.

        The bill, known as a continuing resolution (CR), was released by Senate Republicans last week and would keep the government funded through Dec. 9 at current funding levels.

        When the measure was unveiled last week, however, most Democrats said they were against it because it didn’t contain aid for Flint to recover from its water crisis. They have also complained about other “partisan policy riders” like one on Securities and Exchange Commission political disclosures. It prohibits the SEC from requiring public companies to disclose political spending and Congress actually passed the provision in the government spending package last December. Democrats want to include language in the CR that would strip it out.

        Besides the regular government funding, it would also provide $1.1 billion in emergency funding to fight the Zika virus, but it’s offset by $400 million and would take money away from programs Democrats view as crucial. In response to floods that ravaged Louisiana and other states recently, the legislation would also provide $500 million in supplemental funding.

        Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, made clear at a press conference Tuesday morning that he believes another bill is the best place to address the situation in Flint.

        Lawmakers have until Friday night to avoid a shutdown at midnight Saturday — an outcome both parties want to avoid in an election year. Congress is already scheduled to leave Washington Friday for recess through the election.

        ~WWTI… Go ahead and shut the Government down, shit the IRS down for starters, I have no problem, NOT sending in payments to the Thieving Black hole of NO Accountability.

        • The republicans are no longer republicans. When Speaker Ryan greedly and happly pushed through the Obama budget adding billions to an already over bloated and over budget spending bill he shows us that there are no longer any republicans.

          Now there are only Progressive (socialists and communists) and democrats in republican clothing.

          We are screwed.

        • Who:

          Scientists have investigated the babies born with shrunken brains. These catastrophic birth defects are caused by the chemicals used to fight the virus, not the virus. So, take your pick.

          1. TPTB will use one billion dollars to spray us. This will cause our babies to be born with shrunken brains.

          2. TPTB will keep the money and do nothing.

          3. TPTB will use part of the money to spray us with this poison, and keep what’s left.

          4. We remove TPTB.


          • The government needs people with shrunken brains so there can be a steady supply of government workers.

          • BA from Ca, I vote for #4…??

        • Screw it,,, SHUT IT ALL DOWN

      8. just run a hose from his bunghole to the carb, no gas needed.

      9. Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No it is either a meteorite or it is the Chinese space station (which is supposed to crash to earth soon). Use virtual reality goggles at your own peril!

      10. Not sure why they are calling this meteor “huge”. Sure it was bigger than most that enter the atmosphere on a daily basis, but it was only ten feet across. Not something I’d want to hit my house for sure, but hardly something that would devastate a large city. Im much more concerned about stupid human created problems.

      11. Meteors do come into the earth’s atmosphere every day. The atmosphere burns them up which is why you see the “falling star” in the sky.

        If a large asteroid fell into the Ocean off the coast, it would cause a big wave. Since there was no Sunami I’m calling this out as just another one of the natural occurances of our glorious universe.


        ^ ^

        • Why couldn’t it hit the Casa Blanca dammit?

          • The casa negro?

          • Do a search for “giant meteor 2016”,depending on which poll you see giant meteor(a planet killer)got 10-13% of the vote.Better yet,giant meteor always rated double over the libertarian(hardly a libertarian candidate this year)or green party.

            Personally,would vote Cthulhu for potus,but,that tis just Warchild!

            • Just vote for me Dammit! I will put this shit straight! (but I will need a shitload of you as body guards from the j*ws).

      12. Now that the scout ships of the Alien fleet have perfected their undetectable ‘meteor cloaking device’ – we are really in trouble.

      13. I’m glad it was just a huge meteor and not a Y-yuge one. That would have been bad.

        • Uh, according to your Bruce Willis documentary, he died while trying to save us from, well , another meteor.

          Rest in Piece(s) Bruce.

      14. Wasn’t there supposed to be a Chinese space lab going to crash into the earth any minute?

        Turn it into a threat that demands more money for NASA etc? Really getting tired of stupid this thick!

      15. What, no tidal wave from it (“tsunami”, the word we’ve been told is politically correct to use, in Japanese means “harbor wave”–a wave like the incoming TIDE!)? It was enough to cause a “tremor” but, “no earthquake” registered?

      16. I ran cards for space shuttle trajectory as one of my first jobs in the 70s. I love NASA.

      17. 1. Nasa’s “foremost mission” is Not to protect us from space objects. It may be involved in looking for asteroids that may impact the earth, but at this time there is no planned action to prevent a strike… they’ll just let you know it’s going to happen.
        And, as Billy Bob Thornton pointed out, “It’s a damn big sky out there”
        2. It was not a “Huge” meteor. Just big enough to create a bright fireball. As pointed out, no tsunami or earthquake generated from the impact. If it had hit on land, it would have made a sizeable hole in the ground, but not a city killer.
        3. The only prep for a large impact is to hope you are not at ground zero.

      18. Didn’t they miss a meteorite as a meteor burns up in the atmosphere?

      19. So disappointed 🙁
        I was hoping it was Jesus coming back because here in the colony of sic I mean Souf Ehfrica the foreign ANC aliens announced they are going to rule in the Boer’s country until Jesus comes back…

        We should all be thankful that we have the Ausies as buffer for incoming meteors… thanks mate !

      20. Tuesday, A explosion occurred in Southwest Missouri, rattled the entire house. At first I thought maybe a tree limb had fallen on the house (this is a huge rock house with 2ft thick walls)… nothing. Later, many people on facebook from different towns were talking about it. Anyway, who knows what it was.

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