Mysterious Hum From Deep Inside The Earth Revealed: Scientists Have NO IDEA What It Actually Is!

by | Dec 8, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 71 comments

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    It has long been known that the Earth continually generates a low-frequency vibration signal, with attempts at recording the “hum” going back to at least 1959 while finally been conclusively proven in 1998 despite the fact that scientists have no idea what is actually causing it.

    Now, for the first time ever, scientists have actually measured the hum using seismic instruments placed at the bottom of the ocean.

    “The researchers first gathered data from 57 seismometer stations located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar, between 2012 and 2013,” the United Kingdom’s Mirror newspaper reported.

    “They then applied a combination of techniques to remove interference from ocean infragravity waves, currents and electronic glitches, and corrected for the signal generated by any earthquakes. Eventually, they were able to determine that the Earth’s natural vibration peaks at several frequencies between 2.9 and 4.5 millihertz.”

    According to the report, the vibrations cannot be heard by people due to the fact that they are at least 10,000 times smaller than the hearing threshold for humans.

    Amazingly, the fact that the hum can be detected across 70% of the earths surface as well as at the bottom of the ocean points to it being present throughout the entire planet.

    The Mirror continued:

    However, the fact that they have been detected at the bottom of the ocean, and around 70% of the planet’s surface is covered by water, suggests that the hum is present across the entire globe.

    The research team, led by Martha Deen at the Paris Institute of Earth Physics, hopes the new data will provide clues as to the source of the hum.

    Seismologists have proposed many different theories to explain the continuous vibration – from atmospheric disturbances to ocean waves moving over the sea floor.

    However, the study, published in Geophysical Research Letters, concludes that these theories can only explain part of the vibration.

    Deen and her co-authors believe the data could also help scientists map the interior of Earth with more detail and accuracy than ever before.

    Newsweek also covered the new recordings of the hum, noting that it could eventually help us discover the makeup of the planet itself.

    Scientists have recorded the mysterious sound of the Earth deep underwater for the first time. The eerie hum could be key to understanding the makeup of the planet itself—but no one knows what makes it.

    First proposed in the 19th century, scientists have been trying to record the Earth’s hum since 1959. The Earth expands and contracts very slightly all the time, creating a steady sound that’s inaudible to human ears. No one really knows why this happens, but scientists think ocean waves could be the source.

    Powerful waves pummel the surface of Earth all the time, so experts think that pounding might fuel its movement. Covering two-thirds of the planet, they are a great place to hunt for the hum. Unfortunately for researchers, however, these vast areas are widely unexplored.

    “Station coverage in the oceans is much sparser than on land, leaving great parts of the Earth uncovered,” scientists wrote in the recent study, published in Geophysical Research Letters.

    Additionally, some conspiracy theorists believe that the so-called “hum” is proof that the Earth itself is either hollow or that a past civilization somehow reached the inside of the planet.

    What do you think? What is this mysterious hum and is it connected to the various hollow earth theories floating across the internet?


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      1. Taos Hum?

      2. Interesting. I recently moved off the grid in the wilds of Alaska where there is no electricity; I have no motors, freezers, refrigerators running. But I hear humming noises regularly. It is so distracting I have gotten out of bed to see if I have left a battery powered item running and discovered I have not.

        It is not loud, just barely audible, but enough that it has been very distracting by times. I’m wondering, with ground water just under the surface, if the vibration is getting transmitted to the surface in certain parts of the world, including my area? IDK, just wondering.

        Blessings as we learn more about our world. God has made it a very wonderful place – and super interesting.

        Son of Liberty

        • Do some research on “H.A.A.R.P.”. And other operations. Like Ionospheric heating. These subjects are tied to the chemtrails we all see in today’s skies. The chemtrails are metallic aerosols (Aluminum, Barium, Strontium) being dispersed into the air. In which tptb are sending ELF Waves (Extremely Low Frequency) into the sky. Then those waves bounce off the Dome Firmament. Reflecting back to Earth. And in turn, heating our Ionosphere. For what purpose is subject of much debate.

          The low-pitched hums you are hearing are likely tied to this Military Operation. The HAARP Antenna is located in Alaska. There are many antennae throughout the Earth, of course. What this article is talking about is the “Schumann Resonance”, aka, Earth’s heartbeat. And as stated, the Schumann Resonances are inaudible to the Human ear.

          Hope this helps. Some good search keywords as well: Schumann Resonance, HAARP, Ionospheric Heating, Operation Fishbowl, Geo-Engineering, Weather Modification

        • S.O.L., I have heard the hum at several times through out my life. I never gave it any thought until a few years ago (getting older more aware of my surroundings?) I live in a very rural area in the Adirondack mtns. T
          he hum seems louder during the winter, to the point that I investigated it and researched it. The frequency generated by the earth is not audible but it is claimed that it creates resonate frequencies that are audible to some people. Though not off grid I did try and trace the hum during a extended power outage. Nothing I could find was causing it, whats more it had no definite source. I suspect the density of frozen ground may transmit the hum better, hence louder in winter.

        • It’s Jimmy Hoffa.

          • Nah, its a Chuppacabre…

          • Pull my finger and feel the earth reverberate below you.

        • It really is interesting, living in the islands with the abundance of volcanic activity etc, its interesting to check out the geology of the place, the layers and layers of different eruptions and different age rock, pretty cool stuff when you think about it.
          Have a Merry Christmas!

        • hey son of liberty – you are lucky to live in nature – good for you – although this has been heard around the world – the fact that you are living in silence makes it even more obvious..let’s face it – the earth is alive – and this is probably just the ‘heartbeat/ of it

        • The hum being louder in Alaska makes sense since most scientists who have studied this phenomenon have theorized that it is of electro-magnetic origin. The iron core of the planet being constantly compressed by the forces of our gravity and several other factors essentially make our planet a big electro magnet. Alaska is one of the places this is most evident as our magnetosphere reflects the solar radiation creating the beautiful Northern Lights.

          • I actually prefer DutchSince’s explanation that the core is really a nuclear pile operating so hot it is a plasma. Scientists admit that 2/3 of the earths warmth comes from the core not the sun.

            The idea that the core is a nuclear pile so hot that it is a plasma reactor implies some cool electromagnetic physics is happening.

            • agreed

        • SoL- I’m not trying to discredit anything you are saying, but after working in the hearing industry for some time and working extensively with AuD’s, I can tell you that if you are put anywhere devoid of sound, the nerves in your ears create their own “noise” if you will. Step into most audiometric rooms and you notice right away.

        • If you’re over 45 I’ll bet it’s tinnitus in your ears.

          I had it for years and thought it sounded like a tree chipper truck several blocks away (low indistinguishable hum).

          If you can ‘sniff’ and make it go away for a brief second you’ll know it’s tinnitus. Background noise makes it disappear.

          • A ring and a hum are two different things.

        • Its probably freight trains.

        • Tinnitus?

      3. what are you gonna do when it starts transmitting an SOS? Hmmmmmm.

      4. 50% of people can hear it. The other half think you’re crazy (my wife). White noise is the only recourse. It’s in most populated areas. I’m hearing it right now in the middle of nowhere, and need to crank my fan up a notch. Sometimes, it’s silent. Could be dynamos associated with electricity plants, factories, or even marijuana grows.

      5. It seems they tried to eliminate all the vibration sources we know about and still have something left over.
        My guess would be Continental plate movement. My island alone moves up to 8cm per year, that has to make some vibrations.
        The whole world( including our liquid core) is moving so odds are between cancellation and reinforcement they will detect a cyclic phenomena.

        • Its the oompa loompas humming as they row around in the subterranian cavities in the center of the earth

          • Lol! Oompa Loompas! What a visual! Hubby says everything has a resonant Frequency, so this shouldn’t surprise us. Everything is cyclical, too. What Rellik says makes sense as well. It think it’s all interconnected.

      6. Have you ever heard the starter or generator on a vehicle Hum? Well that’s all we are hearing. The sun charges up the Van Allen radiation belts. and out magnosphere uses that energy to rotate the earths core. The core don’t make the magnosphere. That would amount to making something out of nothing. stating the earths core generates the magnosphere is like stating a vehicles starter charges the battery. The current magnetic pole shifting is likely the cause of more noticeable hum. The Scientist know they just cant tell you.

        • so what happened before the Van Allen radiation belts were created with atomic bombs being exploded in space by the US and USSR?

        • OG,
          The starter or generator( and transformers) non-motion hum you hear is due “magnetostriction”, metal expanding and
          contracting due to Magnetic forces.
          Most people would disagree on your definition of how
          the magnetosphere works. We are the only rock planet
          that has a big magnetic field that protects our
          oceans. Venus does not rotate as fast as we do.
          so its core didn’t make much of a magnetosphere.
          Mars probably had oceans, but being too small did not generate
          a strong enough magnetosphere so solar winds destroyed them.
          Venus probably had oceans, but it can’t generate a large
          enough magnetosphere so they evaporated
          and made a really big 900 hundred degree green house.
          Remember that water vapor is a much better green house gas
          than CO2. Earth is going to lose its oceans eventually, but
          I’m not going to worry about it, since I won’t be here in
          5 billion years.

          • You know rellik, you’ve an interesting thought there. I deal with sonar. A transducer – the device that emits and received the sound wave sent out and reflected off the sea bottom is caused by a high voltage pulse-set produced by that same electromagnetic pressure upon a crystalline element between two parallel conductors which receive the output from the pulse/sonar generator. Once the crystal is compressed the very first time, it never returns to its original size, remaining on an atomic/molecular level slightly ‘squeezed’ from that point on. That design parameter needs to be calculated in at the manufacturing process to allow for it in order that the resonant frequency stays fixed over the lifespan of the transducer. When in operation a series of clicks can be heard – but…. those clicks actually are tens/hundreds of thousands of clicks in reality. We only hear them as a single click. I reckon that this hum is such a thing. What is being heard must be an entire pulse ‘train’ of vibrations we perceive as a sub-audible sound or vibration.

          • You could have saved us all that BS reading in your post and just said, “Global Warming”

            • The correct words are solar warming.
              We survive because we have a relatively
              small star, a Hydrogen bomb going off 24/7
              keeping things going.
              We could trash the whole place and it (I)
              will still keep working.

            • Looks like you are in a bad mood today.
              I don’t do BS. I may make mistakes,
              but I don’t do rhetoric.

      7. Soon the earth will crack open and a heavily muscled Austrian will have to save us! LOL

        • I don’t know any heavily muscled Austrians, but I do know a flabby, wrinkled, gap toothed Austrian who likes to have sex with house keepers and make large headed babies.

      8. Gee, 10,000 times smaller.? Wouldn’t 1 times smaller be zero? Complete gibberish.

      9. I blame global warming myself,

        ….and George Bush!

      10. Would somebody please help me understand something here? This article is about the Schumann Resonances. Stating that Scientists are baffled by these so-called Earth’s Heartbeats. And since their “discovery” in 1959, don’t even have a clue as to their origin?! But the same Scientists and Math’ers that claim to have defied Gravity (which no Scientist can really explain either), defied the most intense fields of radiation, calculated the precise trajectories to plop a tip of a rocket on an object hundreds of thousands of miles away while moving in a spiraling orbit. And then turn around and bring that craft back to Earth with what appeared to have had little to no room for fuel storage for return trip. Survive 2700 degree heat on re entry. And conveniently land in the ocean without even a single spurt of steam.

        They fully well know what the Schumann Resonances are! They just need to monopolize and profit off any of its benefits of this knowledge before they share with the rest of us peons

        • Logic tells me the moon landings where faked.

      11. There has been a Hum in Taos,NM for years.

        • That’s dead Indians chanting the Indian war dance.

          No? maybe the casino then.

      12. Seems judges in Europe are being threatened by Islamic gangs not to prosecute. And maybe Islamic gangs in USA are threatening judges to prosecute. Your family is at risk if you don’t do what the Islamists want? Time to get dirty?

      13. when I don’t know the words I hum too.

        • Notify me if the earth starts to whistle.

      14. Scientists have no idea? Not if they want their next grant?The Nobel prize? Given to those who tow the line?Obama got one. Wasn’t he so wonderful?.Wake up and smell the coffee? Look at our situation?The domestic enemy is at the door. Fight or die? Take your pick?

      15. That hum that you hear is all you can hear of the engine that is running at the center of the Earth to make it turn.

        • That engine is actually two China-men on a hamster wheel.

          • Could be the devil tuning up HELL!!

      16. Its the motor,,, Doi!

      17. I call bullshit.

      18. As we speak “science” is looking for ways to make this sound somehow further the globalist agenda. How? Who knows but they’re good at fantasy science and doomsday. Watch and see.

        • Yes, it is Trumps fault.

      19. It’s the song of the Earth. People have known about it for thousands of years, pretty much every ancient religion references it. Scientists just forgot what used to be common knowledge again.

      20. Its a result of oil / gas / drilling and coal mining. We (the developed world of course) must convert to solar. The earth is crying and running a fever.

        Damn, I been reading their bullshit for so long that I’m capable of contributing to it.

      21. It’s the noise from the depths of Hell.

      22. It says F566uk Trump and his supports.

      23. The more I thought about that frightening, intellectually dishonest comment from BeoJar a few articles ago, the more absurd it got. Just to cite the facts, MULTIPLE NON/ANTI Christian writers mentioned Jesus, such as: Flavius Josephus in his Antiquities of the Jews Book 18, Chapter 3, section 3 discusses Jesus. Born in the 30s AD. Also refers to John the Baptist, James the Just (1/2 brother of Jesus) etc.

        – Tacitus, great first C Roman historian, born 50s AD, wrote about Neronian persecutions, incidentally attests to Christ, put to death by Pontius Pilate, etc.

        – Suetonius, Pliny the Younger, Marcellinus, Zossimus, Epictetus, Lucian, Libanius, Aristides, Gallanius, Lampridius, Diocassius or Cassius Dio, Damarius, Anayanis (English sp?) Eonappius (sp?) and five others who wrote who whole books against it – Lucian, Celsus (refers to books of Matthew, Luke, John, makes reference to 80 quotes from NT), Porphyry, Eurocalies (sp?) Julian the Apostate

        – Julian the Apostate cites ONLY four gospels as the ones Christians accept, and allowed for their early dates.

        – One could actually re-create most of the New Testament doctrine from those who hated him in their writings.

        I wish some of these people would simply be intellectually honest. Truth is, there is a need to believe. However, what our new atheists fail to consider is that there is an equal and opposite need to disbelieve a God who dares make a claim on our lives. The two needs cancel each other out, so we simply need to go back and examine the facts.

      24. 2.9 milihertz, if I do my math right, would be a cycle every 330 seconds. A “hum” in name only.

      25. 2.9 milihertz ,if my math is correct, would be a cycle every 330 seconds.
        A “hum” in name only.

      26. NASA,via the Planck Space Telescope, picked up on a “humming” asteroid. Their theory is that it is a wave left from the big bang. That’s one theory My theory is that it is Mother Earth patiently waiting for Father Time to show up and “get it on”. I like mine better.

      27. fascinating stuff

        wish I had the time and enough remaining yrs to study it a little bit

      28. They probably were ignoring the llama’s in their back yard..

      29. It’s too bad the reporter didn’t make the frequency of the vibration clear.
        according to the text the frequency is around 1 cycle per HOUR.
        the human ear can’t hear much below 20 cycles per SECOND.
        If you took the cover off of your sub-woofer and played it at full volume it would take 1/2 hour for the cone to move from pulled in to pushed out.

      30. Ming the Mercilous cranking up the Purple Death Ray. Flash, where are you?

      31. I’ve always seen the earth as a large dinamo and the moon as a large clutch this is how I explain things like the tectonic cycle to weather cycles

      32. As a professional geologist the earth is not hollow period. I do not believe Jules Vern The hum is interesting but it is not understood yet so stay in the area of reality

      33. All bodies resonate in response to surrounding frequencies. The barely audible signals may be a beat frequency of the frequency context.

      34. I heard a very low hum yesterday…couldn’t figure out what it was at first.
        The farmers have been in the fields harvesting grain which has not had
        time to dry thoroughly. That was the low “hmmm”.
        The grain bin dryer can be heard for quite a distance (1/2 mile?) maybe
        farther on a clear day and on hill top.

        (All I know is…there are no farms nearby. But having lived on a farm I could
        occasionally hear the neighboring dryer bins 1/4 mile away.)

        Briefly the hummm stopped. (Farmer must have switched it off for a few min. to
        check inside the bin.) Sometimes they let dryers run non-stop for a day or two
        depending on moisture content.

        Hope this isn’t too boring……?

      35. Even Nicola Tesla stated the Earth was hollow.

        Now if we could only tap into the hum as energy…

      36. Been fascinated by the hum for years. Have found that it exists almost everywhere on the globe. One needs complete silence to hear it. In fact, being inside an anechoic chamber (or any sound proof structure) makes the hum obvious, as does inserting sound-blocking earplugs. It is not tinnitus. The frequency is give or take half a hertz from 32hz regardless of geographic location, including on the surface of the ocean. It is probably heard by many, but written off as a motor of some sort running in the distance. Its source is definitely external. It is not imaginary. Its frequency is unchanging. Its amplitude is variable. When heard, there is a throbbing effect as to its intensity. It increases as outside temperature decreases. It can be recorded by sensitive digital audio gear, but doing so is difficult.

      37. Scientists have been trying to cover this up for a long time. Finally found out why. The Earth was humming “Dixie”!

      38. It’s just the engine that runs our big spaceship called earth.

      39. Have you ever heard of Q Tips? It’s the wax build up in your ears causing the “hum”.

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