Most Powerball Lotto Players Desperate to “Escape From the Feeling of Poverty”

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 81 comments

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    In America today, there are many handouts and government benefits one can apply for, but there is little in the way of an upward path to better employment or motivation to achieve the American Dream.

    While everyone hopes for more money and status, few have spent more time thinking about it than the poor and working poor – who statistically stand little chance of upward mobility.

    So, it should come as no surprise that a very high percentage of lower class populations play the lottery, spending more per capita and in general, on what they can only hope are winning tickets.

    Now, that long shot dream of a better life is reaching fever pitch in the midst of a dreary and punishing economy and labor market.

    The madness of the Powerball centers around the fact that desperate people are looking for a way out, or holding on to a false hope that, nonetheless, leaves them with dreams of escaping poverty.

    An article in the L.A. Times, Powerball frenzy: For some, ‘an escape from the feeling of poverty,’ captures the sentiment:

    Duke University economist Charles Clotfelter, co-author of the book “Selling Hope: State Lotteries in America,” … and other researchers say it’s well established that low-income players spend a greater percentage of their income on the lottery. Some studies have also found that low-income people spend more in actual dollars than higher-income players, experts said.

    Is it more than just entertainment?

    David Just, a Cornell economist, said his studies have shown that low-income players don’t just play for entertainment. “It seems like they’re really trying to play this to win,” he said. His research has also found that as unemployment increases, unemployed people play the lottery more often.

    George Loewenstein, a professor of economics and psychology at Carnegie Mellon University, and other researchers found in one study that people made to feel poor bought more lottery tickets.

    The findings, he said, “suggest that lottery tickets provide an escape from the feeling of poverty.”

    […] What are the odds of winning powerball?

    The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are about 1 in 292 million.

    Everyone knows that the chance of winning big money is ridiculously low, but it’s more about the investment of hope and imagination.

    People dissatisfied with the system can still feel satisfied at having a shot – even a completely remote one – to win a payout that would, it seems, solve all their problems.

    The now infamous “hookers and cocaine” Powerball player highlighted the hedonistic dreams of the masses in today’s society.

    Whether you are struggling in average society, or desperate from the lower ranks, there are few opportunities that offer grander possibilities than hitting the jackpot. Saving up for retirement just isn’t going to cut it.

    The illusion of possibly winning becomes its own reward for looking for any escape from a life of poverty, despite the fact that the lottery ticket rarely comes with a payout. Perhaps it keeps the otherwise revolutionary masses at ease, and able to cope with the conditions.

    George Orwell described the vain hopes of the poor in 1984, noting that the lottery was the only reason for living for some proles:

    “The Lottery, with its weekly pay-out of enormous prizes, was the one public event to which the proles paid serious attention. It was probable that there were some millions of proles for whom the Lottery was the principal if not the only reason for remaining alive. It was their delight, their folly, their anodyne, their intellectual stimulant.

    Where the Lottery was concerned, even people who could barely read and write seemed capable of intricate calculations and staggering feats of memory. There was a whole tribe of men who made their living simply by selling systems, forecasts, and lucky amulets.

    Winston had nothing to do with the Lottery, which was managed by the Ministry of Plenty, but he was aware (indeed everyone in the party was aware) that the prizes were largely imaginary. Only small sums were actually paid out, the winners of the big prizes being nonexistent persons.”

    – George Orwell, 1984

    The emphasis on idle dreams only underscores the depth of the economic problems in contemporary society. The middle class has been destroyed, and the wealth gap has beat back the financial security the many had once counted on.

    Who benefits the most from these public games of chance?

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      1. There’s over a Billion reasons to play this time!

        • If racists are stupid, why is the Ashkenazi IQ 45 points higher than the African?

          There was never an indigenous tribe in South Africa. French and Dutch settled there in 1652 to escape religious persecution. In 1886 gold was discovered and the city was industrialized. Black immigrants flocked in. Those shanty towns exist because living there is far superior to living in other parts of central Africa, not because the whites marginalized anyone. The white Africans owe the blacks nothing. Everything done for the blacks by the apartheid government was an outright gift.

          What will be done when whites are no longer the majority in America? The country will become a third world shithole as sure as I say this.

          Is apartheid on option?

          • Why do all the people who criticize apartheid live in all white neighborhoods?

            • I criticize apartheid and I live in a mixed race, working class neighborhood. I have black neighbors I like and whites I can’t stand and vice versa. The people who cause all the trouble around my house all seem to be white trash and 1%er bikers. Then again, on other streets it may be different. What seems to matter most is whether the individual holds a job and is invested in their life moving forwards as opposed to those who like to scrape by criminally. Non whites do not scare me but welfare bums and criminals do, and around here those come in every color of the human rainbow.

              • I remember recently a couple in the mid-west who won the powerball 200 million, but got I think $23. Don’t quote me on the amount, but it was something ridiculous like that.

        • When the State of kalifornia’s citizens voted approval to start up their lottery, the big selling point was that it would go directly into our public school system.

          It was passed overwhelmingly and indeed the money went towards schools. However, shortly after the lottery was passed the state politician’s cut the public education budget at about the same amount, so the net affect was a zero gain.

          That is the story of government in two paragraphs. You can’t trust these shit heads.

          • It’s the same story around the country. Lotteries are used to fill budget holes, not improve education.

          • Oh, the children…….. Isn’t that how every lottery (Gambling, numbers running) was legalized in America?

            Isn’t that the same line Obama is using to attack the 2nd and the Constitution? If I could just save one child…. Parade out the parent that has PTSD because they just lost a child…… Oh, the children.

            Gag me with another liberal lie.

      2. In fairly rapid order 1984 is replacing the US Constitution as the rule book of society.

        • “Chocko ration’s going up, eh?…”

      3. Would the lottery people just hand that all over at once ?
        That’s not just a big chunk of money but that would buy anyone real influence and real power. Spooky.
        I predict
        A.) some complete moron wins the whole thing.
        B.) Some office pool wins it and the lawsuits start
        C.)it gets won but no one claims it right away
        Its human be interesting yo see who wins it and if they actually hand it over.
        1.5 billion in my hands !!!!!!
        Ooooooo mama look out lol

        • Actually no they won’t hand it over all at once, in fact you may not get any of it at all. Take Illinois for example … anything over $600 … they are handing out I.O.U’s.

          Why? … who’s keeping these monies? … It’s a rhetorical question, this is just more theft from the gullible gamblers who are hooked on optimism an illusion.

          States like Illinois who are beyond broke and are recycling these funds back into their system to keep it afloat.

          • FTW – After all is said and done most winners are only left with 40% of their winnings, 50% max. They tax the winnings and then they find a way to tax what’s left. IMO, the U.S. Lottery Commission is as corrupt as the government.

          • You’ll get nothing and like it!

        • In my area as I type this, our convenience stores have lines going out to the street with people buying these stupid lottery tickets. There’s no telling how many of them are late paying some kind of bill to take a chance on this stupid shit. One woman in my area supposedly has already bought $650 on lottery tickets just today. Talk about giving people some false hope. I’ve spent $650 on PREPS at one time which I knew was way more sensible than any stinking lottery.

          • I remember maybe 25 yrs ago, a woman in Chicago mortaged her house in order to buy lotto tickets. I think she lost her house.

          • I like to call lotteries the stupid people tax. Damn people, the more stupid the people, the more they pay in.

            Lottery fever. Just stupid lottery fever.

            If you must, just buy one ticket. Really it’s a 175,000,000 to one odds.
            I had a disease that was only 300,000 to one odds and it wasn’t any fun! I did beat the 50:50 odds it would kill me. Buy a couple buckets of beans and rice with a 25 year shelf life? Much better odds.

            • everything is a 50/50 odds


              all but 2 things

              100% chance of death and taxes

          • Now watch her, or someone she sent, break into your house to steal your preps.

        • It used to be, if you were inclined to squander your paycheck, that you should take the annual payouts of a Lotto win.

          Now almost all the advisers tell you to take the cash payout. The reason being, there is no real guarantee the Lotto will pay out over 30 years.

          • If I am correct, then big lotto payouts are done as an annuity. So the one time payout is likely what the annuity costs to purchase and the big jackpot is it’s value at maturity. Thus you have to trust in the financial system to still be there in 30 years to get all your money. No thanks. I see the system as stable over the short term but in 30 years who knows what will happen?

      4. Glad you did a write up on this one.
        Maybe it will stop even just one person from
        contributing to this giant fraud.

      5. LMAO @ Wigger Whitey –

        “I’ll spend my winnings on hookers & Cocaine”.

        Yep … Michigan is chuck full of these kinds of undesirables & then some.

        • I would buy a nice island and security force. Bribe the government to just go away and leave me alone. Have a radio setup that would make Art Bell shit lol. Spend the rest of my days makin shine and being a mad scientist 🙂

          • I would offer it to Obama to read the ( I am sorry) letter that acid would put together and resign!!

          • Try this SHINE out Genius –

            -KILL ME QUICK-

            10 gallons of water

            5 Lbs of sugar

            3 Lbs of cracked corn

            3 Lbs of rye

            1 Lb of raisins

            1 keg of yeast

            Mix ingredients together and ferment for 7 to 10 days or until the yeast quits working. Strain and distill.

            Simple & guaranteed to entertain you for hours.

            • FTW, Thanks that looks good! I would maybe double the sugar but heck ya, I’ll try it. I don’t know where to get rye though, do they sell it at the grocery store or feed store?

              • The formula like any can be broken down… instead of 10 gallons of water … use 5 …2.5 sugar .. instead of 5. and so forth …

                Rye can be attained at Organic food stores … TSC or other notable Farmer Stores. Can be found in grocery stores as well, but the cost has been more than compared to TSC.

                Again .. if 5 gallons of water formula is too much to deal with, then break the formula down once more.

                Any new recipe I come across … I go small … just to see if I like it or not. A 5qt stove top tub is what I consider a small sample size.

                Have fun experimenting … it’s what makes home brewing fun whether you have success with it or not.

                • Forgot to add this in …. DO Not Add more sugar to the formula … gotta let the corn and rye do it’s magic .. more sugar, does not necessarily mean making a better shine.

                  • Ok on that FTW. The reason I wondered about more sugar is because the usual amount for mash is 2-3 pounds per gallon. More sugar = more alcohol and I use high alco yeast (22% tolerant). I could run a half batch in the 5 gallon stilll and check it out. There is a health food store in town that has a lot of bulk stuff maybe they have rye. I don’t have time to check it out right now as I am very busy and away from home but I will try it and report back, Thanks again 🙂

                    • I suppose it’s entirely up to you to try more sugar … the raisins themselves will release a lot of sugar as well, along with the corn.

                      believe me … as is … if you do this right, you’ll have no problem getting 150 proof minimum out of this recipe.

                      There’s a reason why it’s called “kill me quick” – I can obtain an average of 180 proof with this formula distilling 5 gallons of mash.

                    • FTW, ha ha ha, I hear what your saying but I can’t drink 150 or 180 proof. 100 is about my limit and I was just thinking that with higher alco I could get more 100 out of a run. When I want flavor I just do single run and dump it all in a bucket till it is 100 proof average which gives the flavor that say using a reflux column takes out. If I just want a good alco base that I will flavor and mix I go for the high proof as it has less flavor and more nuetral. The KMQ recipe you posted looks like I would want flavor so 100 is good. By just letting it run till the batch goes down too 100 I get a lot more flavor. Too bad the fed pigs don’t allow moonshine and hate the constitution, we could have a shine fest lol!

                    • If you want to diminish the alcohol content … then this is a pretty good additive to help dilute the process.

                      APPLE PIE BRANDY.

                      Heat one gallon of apple juice. Do not exceed 150 degrees.

                      Add one cup of honey, 2 tsp of cinnamon oil and 2 tsp of nutmeg.

                      Stir until disolved.

                      Let this mixture cool down to room temperature and add one fifth of either rum, vodka of shine. Rum is best.

                      Put into jars and let set for two weeks.

                    • Damn FTW, I wish we was neighbors 🙂

                • I think I’ll just pay my over large sin tax and buy my store bought drink and save myself a heap load of labor.

                  • And pay 7X more and have a hangover and support you own demise and show absolutely 0 creativity and desire to learn or expand. May the couch be with you 🙂

        • I’d probably spend at least some of it helping others. About a year ago a group tied to Anonymous bought a bulk amount of delinquent debt and then just forgave it. This pissed off the big banks, which is one of my goals if I ever get an amount of money so far in excess of my needs. I would try to do something similar with a mix of student loans, medical debt and if possible delinquent tertiary debt like payday loans. 10-20 million USD could theoretically buy over $100 million in debt. Think how many people that would help and how many predatory finance companies and debt collection agencies it would screw. Heck, some of the people (5-10%) it helped may even choose to live within their means!

          As for the rest of the money, I would help people I know first and buy myself land and a place to live off the grid with some of it second.

          • Winston, That is very thoughtful of you. I like the medical debt thing as it could happen to anyone. Student loans eeehhh. Payday loans hmmmm. I like to help people that help themselves. I would maybe find families that are awake and trying to prep and are responsible but lack funds and help them. Maybe even move some to my island. Give an idiot a dollar and he has beer for a day, give an intelligent man a dollar and he puts it to work. There are a FEW people here I would bring to my island and set them up. All that would be asked is security detail. Man that would be sooo awesome lol, an island of truth seekers and realists 🙂

            • Genius, I said the same thing a few nights ago while playing my favorite video game, LOTRO. I basically said I would hire an attorney and accountant, buy a plane, and then buy an island. After thinking about it I would probably just hire some professionals to file all of the legal and tax documents on time and then I would probably buy a renovated log cabin and a plane and hire a pilot. Hamilton, Montana, in the Bitterroot Valley in Montana has both log cabins and airstrips that can be used by small planes. Perfect.

            • The thing is, I work in a low paying field and see for myself just what happens to a lot of people who are preyed upon by these institutions. Not everyone is irresponsible, some just get in over their heads with fairly minor expenses. Plus, with student loans, these institutions prey upon teenage kids who have only just been given the right to sign a contract and sign them up for debt that can never be discharged by bankruptcy. They wind up with useless degrees and an amount of debt equivalent to the mortgage on a small house and no employable skills. That’s why many of them default. I figure that if I won the Powerball (I didn’t), I would have wealth that I did not earn and would have been given a second chance in life, so I would want to use some of it to do the same for other people.

          • I thought something similar–if I had played and won, I thought of one of those small towns that are dying because the factory or mill had closed.
            Maybe I would have bought the old mill, started some trendy yoga clothes manufacturing or Yurt/tent/outdoors supply manufacturer or some homesteader supplies warehouse–something that could at least break even but employ 100 people in a humble, God-loving, friendly township that is on the skids……..

          • With a cashout over 500 million bucks, what else are we going to do with the money? We buy a couple of cars, a nice RV perhaps, some acreage out in the boondocks and build a killer house and buildings on it, pay off debt, pay off your family debt, put the nieces and nephews through college, do a bunch of other stuff, and you’ve spent what, ten million bucks?

            I’d buy up a hundred local houses, spend maybe 20 million, then rent them out for a third of the market rate to working families. Just enough rent to cover the taxes and upkeep. Maybe I’d sell to the renters on nice terms.

            Find a million bucks a year for a mean lawyer, when you read about some poor schmuck getting screwed over by the system, you call your lawyer for some pro bono work.

            Buy a bunch of preps. The ammo building on my new place would be a real sight. Same with the gun room.

            I know one thing I wouldn’t do with it, that’s go to Vegas or put it in the stock market.

            I would make sure that no one in my family ever had to flip burgers to make the house payment, for the next two hundred years.

      6. OREGON UPDATE: Met with the great American hero Ammon Bundy today after the awesome press conference. I gave him my duty badge from the Reno Police Department and I told him he earned it more than I did. I also told Ammon that my badge kept me safe on graveyard shift for 14 years, and I hoped that it would help keep him safe also. Lots of people from town bringing supplies and helping out with cooking and other duties, and what is criminal is how the fascist mainstream media is NOT reporting those facts, but we all know what they are doing. A rancher came to them yesterday in tears telling them how the Corporatist Fascist criminal government are taking the ranches of 400 ranchers for their 2 million acre giveaway to foreign interests. Of course they are telling the ignorant sheeple it is all for a National Monument.

        • Yep the fascist bootlickers will not open the can of worms behind this story. 400 ranchers? Damn. They should all be there the ones that are able. Imagine that, the msm turds could not hold back with 400 ranchers protesting in one spot! Oh did I ever tell you how much I hate the average person lol? Thanks again Ron 🙂

      7. Lottery…a tax on the stupid.

        • It goes to fund math and science classes. People who don’t understand statistics pay for people who do.

        • And the reason a lot of them are IN poverty….they consistently make lousy choices…such as buying lottery tickets.

          • I spent ten bucks on the lotto, I do that maybe two or three times a year. This time I was behind a guy buying $200 worth of tickets. The store owner told me he does this every week.

            I know two people who have won good money, the couple next door to me won $250,000 on some poker game, they bought a new stove for the wife, painted the house, then built a nice place on some acreage hubby owned. Sold their house and paid off the new one, still had money left over. They did good with their winnings.

            The other person won $2.5 million. He spent over 30 days at the local casino, gambling and drinking, using drugs. Losing $10,000 a day, the casino treated him like a high roller. He spent $1,000 at a time buying more lotto tickets. He loaned over $300,000 to ‘friends’ for sob stories and ‘business start-ups’, guess how much he has been paid back? He bought a fur coat and a feathered hat like a Kansas City pimp, and bought rounds for everyone in the joint. He bought cars and motorcycles on time.

            Finally his wife had had all she was going to take, and divorced him. She was awarded her half of the $2.5 million, and with only a couple hundred thousand left, that meant all of it. He had nothing left, lives out of a van or at his mother’s house. Now he’s working piece work construction and looking at dying on the job somewhere.

        • It’s at least a tax on the stupid, if not an actual robbery of stupid people. Statistically, a person has 1 chance of getting hit by lightning in 3,500 years. That’s odds of 1 in 1,277,500. This lottery had odds of about 1 in 292 million. To put those odds in perspective, winning that lottery is about the same chance as getting hit by lightning, 228 times in one day. It isn’t going to happen, except by pure randomness. I rarely buy a lottery ticket, recognizing the infinitesimally small chance of winning. I’ll bet I haven’t bought $100 worth of tickets in my lifetime, and even then it was for pure entertainment. I’m retired now, after working my whole life. I can’t complaint. I pushed my way ahead in the work place, by being ambitious. There is still plenty of opportunity for those that are diligent, apply themselves and try and want to be good at the work they do. There is no opportunity for those who think showing up at work to do whatever they’re told, is enough!

      8. My cousin Bubba won a million dollars in his state lottery, he gets a dollar a year for a million years. Just tickled him to death.

      9. The first thing I would do is MOVE OUT OF THES CRAP HOLE.

      10. A group of people pooled their money to lower their odds to about 4000 to 1. If no one outside that group has the winning numbers each one of this group wins 3 million after taxes. I think they’ll lose. I have not put a dollar into this farce. It most likely is fixed.

        • The odds are exactly the same with each ticket bought. Like a coin toss, the odds of heads or tails are 50-50 every time the coin is tossed. What does change is the odds of being able to predict the next toss, but only slightly.

          You can buy all the ticket you want, if you haven’t picked the right numbers you will lose.

          • we think alike

            its a 50/50 chance

            you either win or lose

            death and taxes those are 100%

      11. We have better odds of dying than winning, but I kicked in a couple bucks. There’s no chance to win shit unless you do.
        The last I saw, the cash value would be something like 8xx million and 5xx mil after taxes.
        It would still be more than I’d need, so the kids would be taken care of at least. I’d like to have a charitable organization that actually made sure most of the money went to the people that need it, and not to provide a living for those -supposedly- helping.

      12. I notice the msm news programming is pushing this lottery story heavily every night for long segments. What is their gain from urging people to spend on a pie in the sky longshot? The msm also feature private business ads disguised as news. It is impossible to watch anymore. I despise these lying talking heads of disinfo. Not even a speck of truth is allowed.

        • Their agenda was the same as when they pushed Obama in the elections–false “HOPE”

        • It’s the biggest payout in the history of the world, and feel-good news. It’s going to get coverage.

          I’ve not seen one news program urging people to buy tickets. I doubt if anyone needs encouragement to do so.

          • Your chances of winning powerball are better than being promised and awarded ever lasting life by the Religious Fraudsters. John 3:16. Book of Unicorns in the BuyBull. But the Idiots keep giving weekly at their Church Duping the Sheeple Party prayer house. I have yet to see a single moron holding an everlasting life check photo, winning the big prize.

            • That’s because your not dead yet dumbass. Mock at your own peril. Enlightened you are not.

              • Anonymous,
                Because you believe something with absolutely no proof whatsoever does not make another person who does not a dumbass. Everyone does not have to join your club… freedom of religion… Constitution… ring a bell? Theocracies are the most vicious form of government in existence. Chill pill.

      13. I can’t eat money, as if paper and digit currency can do crap in SHTF.


      14. The prize is now $1.5 billion dollars. I think it’s high enough for me to take a chance. It’s cheap entertainment anyway, only $2 for one number.

        If I won, I would pay off my bills and relatives’ bills. I would buy a decent car and have a lot of little things repaired around the house.

        Then I would buy a large forested area, bring in out-of-state workers, and build a compound, deluxe in every way.

        I’ve got to go now and fill out my Publishers Clearing House entry for the “$5,000 A Week Forever” prize.

        There’s always a chance, and I’ve had some good luck in the past.

        • Well, I just heard that there’s a winning ticket. It was sold at a convenience store in California.

          Now I have to wait for the jackpot to build up again.

      15. A compound in the mountains sounds nice and loaded up for bear! Has a stream running through it,a well,solar power,a butt load of food,ammo and boys toys. a large wine cellar,underground shelter and people to tend crops,chop wood and relax. that will take care of the first 5 million…I’ll worry about the rest later.

        • That’s what I’d do, too. The first ten or twenty million is going to go out the door in a year or two, but the rest of it, I don’t know.

      16. It would go into real estate asap. And restaurants supplied by farms owned and run by my extended family. And… a helicopter or two.

      17. Jim, we had a mom and 2 cubs in the back yard just recently. Pay someone to chop and split the wood. Hire out the bunker and you are there. Can not beat the beauty of the mountains in the fall.

      18. A few months ago, the Multi-State Lottery Association made Powerball about 50% harder to win. The group increased the white-ball count to 69 from 59 (you have to pick five correctly) and reduced the Powerball to 26 from 35. Presto—more rollovers to the next drawing, larger jackpots and bigger profits for government.

        • There you go. I knew something SHADY was up with this.

      19. If I bought a lottery ticket and won… I would call my son down here to drive me to collect. I would pretend he bought half and split it with him. Inheritance handled! I would buy 20+ acres with a spring in the mountains and build a cabin, garden, etc. I would stock up and settle down. Maybe set up a trust for the grandkids. After that, a few gifts to relatives and friends. I don’t think I would give to charity, I once built a grade school on a hectare of land I donated to the small community in Mexico. That was pretty fun, the dads did the building. I nagged the Mexican government into providing 2 teachers. I bought cool stuff for all the kids, like pencils, tablets, blocks, clocks, crayons, and so on. The government did not provide enough books so the teachers and I went shopping for them. I don’t have anything in mind for a new project, but if I had enough money, something might come to me. People in the area I live now seem well off. If I bought somewhere else I might see a need. I used to take in foster children, they were amazing.

        • That kind of money would make a big difference in a locality, that’s for sure.

          I’d like to build a private school, staff it, the whole bit, then let the local kids attend for free or reduced tuition. Cost ten million to build it, a couple million a year to run, and put the public school out of business.

      20. Is that old silo still for sale at the advert on top? Survival Property 4 Sale had a really sweet silo for 1.5 million. I would buy that and invite all of you to help me on the big remodel!

      21. Don’t want all this $ just enough to be left alone and get my ass out of the work force. I’m not greedy I’d take a few million. The gov will win the most $ right off the top. There are so many dreamers. I get buying a ticket but $600 worth is stupid they haven’t increased their odds enough to warrant $600 worth. $600 can buy a nice pistol and good amount of ammo. people are sick.

      22. Powerball/Mega Millions/Lotteries = Redneck Pension System

      23. Why isn’t the term ‘Working class’ ever used in America?

        I’ve noticed that candidates standing for election never refer to ‘working class’ people – just ‘middle class’ or ‘hard working Americans’.

        Is there a stigma to being a member of the working class?

      24. Keep in mind that lottery tickets are a tax paid mostly by poor people. They pay their tax and get hopes and dreams that keep them docile.

      25. In spite of my discontent with the current regime, this article stating there is no way to make money in this economy is insane. There are so many ways to earn a living in today’s world if people are willing to work for it, the issue is that most are not.

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