More Signs That the Great Collapse Is Upon Us: “Has The Date Been Set?”

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 112 comments

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    The system is breaking apart as we speak.

    Retail has taken a brutal pounding over the last several years, and an epidemic of closing stores continues. Jobs have never picked up, despite the optimism. The flaws of the larger economy are compounding, and what has already been for several years a “recession” may soon crumble into an outright great “depression.”

    As the X22 Report discusses, the stress points are all there, and absolute destruction is looming over the United States, and the global economy in general. The music has already stopped in terms of Federal Reserve stimulus money; as interest rates soar, the debt implosion becomes little more than a matter of time.

    No man knows the day, but it is clear enough that something big is happening.

    Beware of the bubbles popping… and the rest of the fallout.

    “The situation right now is a disaster, and people are going to be really hurt by it. Now, Trump gave his speech to Congress and he said some very interesting things in the speech. And this gives us some type of indicator on how well the economy is doing. The first one he said was 94 million Americans are out of the labor force… 43 million are living in poverty. 43 million Americans are on food stamps. More than 1 in 5 people in their prime working years are not working. We have the worst financial recovery in 65 years – actually, it’s not really a recovery; it’s a manipulation; it’s an illusion to make you think we’ve recovered.”

    “In the last eight years, the past administration has put on more debt than nearly all other U.S. presidents combined. We lost more than 1/4 of our manufacturing jobs since NAFTA was approved. We lost 60,000 factories since China joined the WTO in 2001. Our trade deficit with the world last year was nearly $800 billion; and Obamacare premiums nationwide have increased by double digits. We spend trillions and trillions of dollars over seas, and we didn’t do anything here in the United States for the infrastructure, and that’s why things are falling apart.”

    “He’s letting the country know that the economy is a disaster, that the economy is collapsing… a complete disaster.”

    As many experts have pointed out, President Trump cannot avoid the debt crisis. For starters, the U.S. government debt ceiling deal expires at the end of March – more debt must be approved, or budgets altered.

    But beyond that, there is a palpable sense that another big event is coming… with a lot of talk about the second half of 2017. Has a date been set?

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      1. This is not a real surprise at all, I’m afraid to say. the past 8 years have been a huge LIE, basically a horse & pony show of sorts – have yourself prepared or. . .

          • Eisenkrautz:

            “The Women of Monte Cassino By Dr.William L. Pierce”

            On YouTube


          • Eisen, speak for yourself. No morons here.

        • “We have the worst financial recovery in 65 years – actually, it’s not really a recovery; it’s a manipulation; it’s an illusion to make you think we’ve recovered.”

          I agree and that gives me the THOUGHT that if we have never recovered, “How low can we go?” when there is a safety net of spending that continues no matter what; and pretty much marks where the masses are lounging.

          The mainstream economy is limping along and has been for a long time. The markets are way ahead of EARNINGS, so I expect a major correction of say 30% or more, but would that have a corresponding negative impact upon the “economy” when the economy is smoke and mirrors anyway?

          Maybe a quick correction and a quick reset implementing TRUMP’S economic plan. Just a THOUGHT EXPERIMENT because capital flight from Europe will flood US equity markets when the EU falls apart, just as Chinese flight money has flooded real estate in Canada and elsewhere.

          Infrastructure spending will put money back into the pockets of small businesses and the MIDDLE CLASS. Until then we will likely limp along. 🙂

          • Where will Trump get the money to spend on infrastructure?
            Ahhhhh…….The Indespensible Nation!!!
            Just conjure it out of thin air……or……blow apart another third world nation and take the resources.
            Media will look after the rest…….and your football game, beer and twinkies will still be right there for ya too.
            God Bless Amer…..oops……getting carried away I was.

            • “blow apart another third world nation and take the resources.”

              Actually blowing apart 3rd world nations has cost the USA a massive amount of money. If one looks at US Foreign Policy from a results perspective it appears that the goal is to destroy the governments of nations with energy resources and or energy transportation geographic location. The resulting chaos justifies a continued military presence while the absence of a stable government ensures no cohesive political threat. If the bankers want their energy sold exclusively in US dollars that happens without question. If by some chance any political group attempts to instill a populist government its overthrown very easily.

              The wars are not being fought for the US but rather for the globalist international business financiers. While you are suspect of President Trump there is absolutely no doubt that Hillary Clintons loyalties lay with them.

              • Fair assessment K2….and I much prefer Trump than Killary.
                However, if the US would just “pack up and go home”, the planet and it’s people would be much better off.

          • The debt bubble is global and massive.

        • THE LORD CALLED TRUMP …TEMPORY FILLER,watch the SKY,and you’ll see the BIG EVENT COMING..and IF you live on the coast MOVE NOW..or die…..

      2. Bush dug the grave. Obama put the nails in the coffin. Truth is we have been running on
        vapors for a long time. Thank you NWO.

        • The grave was already dug long before Bush. It just got a lot deeper under Clinton and his NAFTA debacle.

          • Bill Clinton did more to further the Neo Conservative agenda than any Republican could have. It was not only NAFTA but then China Free Trade. Not to be outdone he removed the restrictions from Glass-Steagall making merely unethical that which was felony illegal turning Wall Street into something more akin to a casino than a financial institution.

            For a history of Glass-Steagall


        • Joey, the coffin CAN be pried open and that’s what Trump’s people are working on now.

          • Forget the coffin. It’s cremation time.

        • Woodrow Wilson dug the grave. FDR put America in the coffin…

          • WW handed over the nation to the banksters with the Federal Reserve Act. Everything else done, even collectively thereafter, pales in comparison.

          • Colonel House dug the grave. Morgenthau and Baruch put America in the grave.

        • Actually Ronald Reagan started the giant debt snowball down the hill. He inherited a national debt of about 990 billion and ballooned it to a whopping 2.2 Trillion. He also allowed Congress for the first time to begin robbing the Social Security Trust Fund which was fairly healthy and robust when he took office, each President there after has expanded on his model greatly. This has been a long time in the making folks. Our political class has been kicking an ever larger can down the road for nearly 30 years. The “debt model” of government is so ingrained in our political system there really is no way to reverse it, this is especially true since a MAJORITY of our citizens now view government entitlements as “rights”. Couple that with an out of control health care system and an all powerful defense establishment and there is simply no politically palatable solution to our economic train wreck. I am friends with an ex congressman from Tennessee named John Tanner. We have fished together many times, and he gave me a sobering take on the the mind set of most Congressmen. They know the system is unsustainable in its current form. They also know that the kind of draconian changes necessary to fix it are unachievable given the psychology of most of our citizens. He explained that most of his colleagues simply roll along and hope the house of cards that is our economy doesn’t collapse while they are still in office since they really can’t fix it anyway, why worry about what you can’t change. We are just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

          • @bbd…get your facts straight, It was LBJ and the democrats who stole the SS funds, deposited the SS withholding into the general fund….replaced the money with worthless SS bonds and spent every penny…. You are either a troll or a moron, or both. Butch

            • Amen to that. Johnson almost croaked when he saw the figures backing up SS. That’s when he came up with the, “Great Society.” At that time there were only a few ways you could tap into your SS funds. When he got through there were about 50 or so and each President in turn after that added to that #. Now you get them when you illegally get into the country and you actually get more than if you are a citizen. If your a muslim with a couple of wives each wife can get them along with their children. It really ticks me off when people complain about SS draining our finances. Never would have happened if the lying, traitorous Presidents have kept their hands off it. They are still using it for all kinds of reasons except what it was designed for, which is namely, for the person that worked and I underline work for someone and paid into your account for you to draw on. Not your wife, kids, ex wives, children who lost a parent and on and on it goes including all ex-wives in case you were married three or four times. I worked at a hospital and I had access to this info and the last time I checked which was a lease 21 years ago as I am 81 now there were about 40 ways to claim on someone else’s funds. Johnson wasn’t only an adulterer and a pervert he was as crooked as the day is long.

            • Butch I suggest you do a little reading on the Social Security Ammendments of 1983, which Reagan pushed through Congress. His solution to “save” Social Security included raising the Social Security payroll tax ostensibly to increase the viability of the fund. Funny thing is not a dime of the billions it raised ever made into the fund, go figure. I liked Reagan , voted for him twice. That said the idea that government shrunk during his watch is horse shit. It expanded dramatically, and every President since except Oshitstain doodled down on that growth. Obunghole quadrupled it and now we are where we are, as far as me being a troll, if you can’t handle an objective opinion piss off and die.

              • @ bbd….0pinions are like assholes, everyone has got one….I only deal with facts Butch

      3. I’ve been hearing about catastrophe coming in the first half, the next half, next quarter, next year and on and on for way too long to put any credibility in those making such statements.

        Predict something often enough and long enough and eventually you will be right since everything goes through up and down cycles and people eventually repeat history, but predicting when is futile.

        • there aint no way to know WHEN, but the MATH DOES say it HAS to happen….soon. math IS law, you know. hope y’all are prepped for it.

          • That “soon” thing has to be questioned.

            People were thinking and claiming “soon” back during the Clinton administration.

            No one ever considered all the things that could be done to prevent it then, and aren’t considering them now.

            Could happen next month, or could happen 30 years from now, depending on what is done between now and then to stave it off.

            Or it might not happen at all if we move smoothly into a world system and start over gracefully without needing a crisis to get it instituted.

            See it the way you see it and prepare for the worst you see to insure you do the best you can if you turn out right. You’ll come out ahead that way even if nothing happens during your remaining lifetime.

            • Anonymous, agreed. chicken little sounds like a broken CD.

            • when in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD have you seen interest rates at near zero…for a decade….and…oh never mind…good luck.

            • “Or it might not happen at all if we move smoothly into a world system and start over gracefully without needing a crisis to get it instituted.”

              You’re being facetious at this point in your post, right? Just checking…

        • Mac, you’ve been hanging around Michael Snyder too much. [JUST KIDDING]

        • AMEN ANONYMOUS!!

        • you are so right…..I’m 75 & since in high school have been hearing about the ‘next great depression’….the falling value of real estate, and on and on……so it’s not all that scary for me…it’s the old ‘drumbeat’ thing……over and over and over…..if it happens, you do what you can…….me? I’m enjoying my retirement; if the bottom falls out, I can look back on many good times!!! lol…..

      4. Trump is a business man and it will be interesting to see how he plans to tackle the debt issue, there are several ways, but ALL of them are and or will cause lots of problems!! personaly i see RESET is the only viable way out!! BUT you must STOP the banksters from getting there hands on more properties BEFORE it happens!! and also eleminate the federal reserve !!

        • The prescription to save this country is as follows:

          -Abolish the unconstitutional, criminal Federal Reserve
          -Nullify all U.S. Debt
          -Abolish all Welfare for able bodied Americans
          -Means test Social Security and make it voluntary
          -Realize the only thing we are “entitled” to is work!

          • -Abolish the unconstitutional, criminal Federal Reserve
            That requires an act of Congress, and that means it isn’t going to happen unless replaced by something else just as bad.

            -Nullify all U.S. Debt
            Our money is debt, nullify it and we have no money. Including your bank account and other financial balances.

            -Abolish all Welfare for able bodied Americans
            That means we need enough jobs to employ everyone, and the trend is in reducing the number of jobs needed by industry, not increasing them. Would you create them as, maybe, government jobs?

            -Means test Social Security and make it voluntary
            That causes the system to fail unless it is phased in over a number of decades. There will be no high earners that pay in more than they receive volunteering to participate in it resulting in new taxes being needed to support it.

            Gotta come up with solutions to those problems first, and I doubt that would be possible in today’s America.

            • 1 “-Abolish the unconstitutional, criminal Federal Reserve”
              Going back to Constitutional money would work.

              2 “Nullify all U.S. Debt”
              Not if you work it in conjunction with #1

              3. “Abolish all Welfare for able bodied Americans”
              The absence of a private sector job being available presents one of two alternatives.
              A. Civil disorder on a massive scale as “desperate people do desperate things”. People will not sit by peacefully and starve.
              B. Some type of CCC work

              4. “Means test Social Security and make it voluntary”
              This has no quick fix as those who are in the system and too old to “catch up” in a new system in SS absence need to be grandfathered on a graduated scale. This will take two or more decades to transition from.

              • sounds easy enough.

          • Try that and see how long you stay in office or even ALIVE for that matter.

          • You forgot the police they are the communist enforcers. Abolition of ownership #1. 2 heavy progressive income tax. Controle of communication, labor, transportation, education, agriculture, debased money (federal reserve notes) … Not true you say! I GUESS YOU WENT TO STATE SCHOOL, IF YOU DONT KNOW THE DIFFERNCE BETWEEN RIGHT OF WAY AND LICENSE -PRIVILAGE. Are you a UNITED STATES citizen or a citizen of “the united States of America”? Obama and his whole clan are COMMUNIST TRAITORS. All that supported them by their vote are accessoires and principals. Obama tried to transform AMERICA into a middle eastern cespool of middle eastern african Muslim hell. I have seen nothing from blacklives matter but criminal insanity. Quit funding their cell phones and food stamps and they will evaporate in time. Quit destroying value buy squandering resources on socialism’s comunist snowflake twinkie DEMOCRATIC COMMUNISTS, who are so stupid they think the $ 10,000,000,000,000. more debt Obama gave them will be paid by some one else. They got free cell phones while he gave billions away at their expense to Kenia, Iran, Muslim terrorists and Hitlereys BOCO HARAMI BOYS. OBAMA IS HALF WHITE STUPIDOS HES JUST SO FULL OF SHIT HE LOOKS HE DOES NOT LOOK IT.

        • A drop in Silver is just another opportunity to buy on the dips. Silver is still up 18.01% over last year at this time. I still want to buy a few more hundred ounces. Get it when you can.

          Retail is Total BS. Way over priced goods. I had a guy a few weeks back tell me he went to a thrift shop and bought a hand full of shirts for .25 Cents each. He was wearing one that was a pretty nice dress shirt. So the retail clothing bubble is popping in a natural state. Hell ever look in a woman’s closet? They have 5 lifetimes worth of clothes and shoes in their closets, many still never worn with the tags still on them.

          So I too have dug out t-shirts and I have enough clothes to last me the rest of my life. About the only clothes I will need to buy are socks and under where. And maybe a few sets of blue jeans and some shoes and boots that I wear every day. I have dress clothes, more than I need. So why would I go waste spending $30 on another shirt. I would rather spend it on food and necessities. Clothing Retail Bubble has popped, so let the clothes were out in a decade and maybe retail clothing will then make comeback. This is just a natural cycle of supply and demand, not an economic collapse. Retail clothing needs to go find other products people can use and demand. This is a failure in management to recognize trends, not an economic collapse. so pay attention to the difference between propaganda. Kodak film sales are down too and out, why? The innovation replacement by the digital camera, that’s why.

          • Start making Buggy Whips again, they will be in high demand when all SHTF. Got your “Black-Smithing” tools, Anvil, and heat coal fired oven, ready to make horse shoes?

            I hit a big root yesterday when on my John Deer Riding lawn mower, and bent one of the blades. No problem, got the 15/16th inch wrench out, put the tractor on a lift, removed both blades, straitened the blade back into place in a vise, then used my new metal filed and hand filed them both sharp, looking new again. Reassembled and on my way.

            Do you have tools to fix your own equipment? Priceless in SHTF. A set of files to keep all your tools sharp, from shovels to axes, hoes to lawn mower blades. I would rather use hand files to sharpen the blades than a wheel grinder..

            • Zeus, I’ve got tools and even extra tools. I’ve got a shitload of metal files I’ve never used yet. Can’t have too many metal files.

        • Yeah, he’s a businessman. And he surrounded himself with more businessmen. Trump’s idea (not really his idea) is more spending. Whether is to keep all the parasites attached to the MIC paid, keeping all the government parasites that he said that he was going to get rid of paid, or building infrastructure. Infrastructure for what? So then they can hire more affirmative workers to build bridges to nowhere in special interest havens. More nails in the coffin.
          The people that brought this country this far down are not going to have a sudden change of heart. They unfortunately are your representatives and owners. The borders are open and the jobs are gone. The education system and health care destroyed. The only flag that you can safely fly now is a rainbow flag, or pick one from another country. Yeah, this guy says he going to change all that. The guy that had Hillary and Bill in the front row of his wedding.
          And that’s all that I have to say about this.

        • Forget the reset. I want a refund. And I’m not joking.

      5. At some point the check is due.

        Unfortunately the US worker in the private sector is at the bottom end of protection in the developed world as the Financial Sector bought their way in the legal system.

        h ttp://

      6. Looks like Trump is heading for a kimchi enema. Making war on North Korea is a very bad idea. Firstly, North Korea has done nothing but prepare for a major war with the US since the 1960s. It has built vast underground cities and bunkers to survive a nuclear attack. All North Korea has to do to win such a conflict is to hit back at various key places – acupuncture style – and America has a big wobble. Those include:

        1) Major civil unrest: easiest thing in the world to do is to get the blacks fighting with everyone else.
        2) Attack South Korea and US pacific military.

        Those two actions alone would break America.

        • North Korea is like a toothache, it won’t kill you but its annoying. NK has been shaking down the US for two decades by rattling their saber and getting loans (gift), oil, food in return. That DMZ on the NK side keeps their people in. Destroy the barrier at the 38th parallel , drop leaflets down in a psyops and watch the people flee south.

          The world economy has no legs supporting it so any military action of substance will bring the house built from a deck of cards tumbling down. That fall takes out China’s economy too. China fears the influx of NK refugees in event of war. China has a vested interest in keeping NK just where it is as a buffer state not desiring US troops anywhere near the Yalu River.

          • That DMZ that works so well at keeping them from entering SK is exactly what we need on our southern border to keep the shitstains from entering the US.

            • All of the walls and barriers are in vain if these peasants can find employment paying 5x or more of what they can make at home or get even more lucrative welfare. If a home is infested with ants you first remove the food. NAFTA had the back edge of its knife bade destroy Mexican farmers that can’t compete with US food prices. The farm hands no longer employed sought jobs in the US.

        • South Korea is an ally, we have a mutual obligation to come to each others defense.

          As the South Koreans I fought along side of did during Vietnam.

          So is Japan, another country threatened by NK, we limited their military capabilities to close defense after WWII and entered into strategic defense agreements with them.

          FWIW, there were many Japanese in civilian support capacities in Vietnam as well, they just couldn’t be militarily involved since they were not allowed that role by their WWII surrender terms.

          • “South Korea is an ally, we have a mutual obligation to come to each others defense.”

            This is the only obligation the US Government has. Whatever nations helped the US in Vietnam were also co-conspirators in an immoral cause.

            1. The US promised Ho Chi Minh that if he helped us fight the Japanese we would stop France from returning after the wars end.

            WE LIED. The US ended up paying 95% of the French Indochina war effort to reestablish their colony.

            2. The 1954 French withdrawal required a unification election. The US the “bastion of free elections and democracy” thwarted this election because Ho Chi Minh would have won.

            So much for Democracy and Freedom.

            3. South Vietnam was created and a successive number of leaders installed, none popular.

            So much for that Freedom and Democracy again

            5. Unable to sustain South Vietnam anymore by itself the Gulf Of Tonkin incident, a false flag, gave the President authorization to commit regular US forces.

            Ostensible / false flags are real popular ways to get wars going (see WMD in Iraq)

            6. Unable to defeat both the NVA (without invading NVN) and potentially fighting the Viet Cong forever the US looks to withdraw with honor.

            It would have been far more honorable not to habitually lie to everyone over this for over three decades.

            7. Interestingly in 1979, 4 years post fall of South Vietnam and six years post US ceasing combat actions China and the unified Vietnam fought over a contested border.

            The Vietnamese have a hatred for the Chinese, considered them a threat because they fought a 1000 year war with them to gain their independence. None of this registered to the Neo-Conservative hawks well linked to the Military Industrial Complex. The domino theory was utter bullshit as communist often did not trust communist. See Broz Tito.

            • “This is the only obligation the US Government has.”

              Oops I forgot this VERY important part as this is the only OBLIGATION the US government has.

              We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

      7. SSDD…

      8. Regardless of your position or beliefs of who, what and why. What is presently obvious for all is a matter of reduced access to goods and services. It’s therefore time to think of long term items that will wear/run out in the next few months:

        Dental cleanings, reschedule/move them up for next week.
        Tooth brushes.
        Extra Glasses.
        Basic hardware, (nails, staples, and duck tape, etc).
        Extra shoes for the kids to grow into for next year, if the stores are closed.
        Work gloves.
        Shoe and boot repair materials.

        I think you get the point.

        • Faux Lib.. Yes if you are home steading or bugging out, I recommend at least 5 pairs of good leather gloves per person. Just simple hand injuries will set you back. I burned through about 7 pairs in 2 years, where about every finger tip has holes in them. Also get multiple pairs of good work boot that have real stitching in the soles. These glues soles today, will come undone. As you also need a few tubes of Shoe Goo to fix them or the boots will no longer be good. Fix minor repairs before them become bigger repairs.

          Back in the depression people wore shoes until the completely broke apart. The biggest lesson in the Depression was, “Use it up, Wear it out, Make do, or Do without!” Learn to salvage parts of every kind, instead of throwing it all away. I have crates of parts from everything, springs, to bolts screws, latches, hinges, you name it. Comes in handy. Or pay .15 for a friggin bolt at a hardware store these days, its ridiculous.

      9. Police State: Seven Baltimore Police officers indicted on federal racketeering charges. 5 were Black, 2 White

        Yep these Pigs were shaking down innocent citizens stealing their money, their guns, their drugs, jewelry, filing false reports and the lists go on and on. These Pig Criminals also cost the City of Baltimore over $500,000 in lawsuits against the City for these cops criminal activities. The FBI and Drug enforcement were brought in to help in the investigation. They were stopping people coming from their storage units, claiming they had warrants but did not, stealing people cash and contents, $70K in one case where they split the money up. They also lied about their overtime work and a few collected more than double their $85K a year salaries.

        Yep just the tip of the Iceberg Folks, Any which way you can avoid any LEO’s, do it. Like a box of chocolate, you never know what you will get.

        Link to the full article:

        And if you are a COP reading this, and you fail to turn in your fellow BLUE Scumbags, then you are just as guilty. Show me one good cop. 1 in a Million, maybe.

        • ZEUS
          These turds where brought to justice right?

          My they get the max in prison.

          Bastards like this give Good Cops bad names.


          • “Good Cops”???

            You mean all two of them?

            • The the 75th precinct in NYC its unfortunate that its like the movie Serpico. There are lots of good cops but necessity (needing backup) and tradition (us verses them) prevents them from turning in the bad cops. If the bad cops are turned in their own Departments usually do everything not to open up a real investigation based on the two reasons above plus embarrassment. The Catholic Church did the same with priests molesting kids.

              When Wachovia launders $387 billion dollars and no one gets charged and the bank is fined $160 million its a no brainer that the flatfoot and narcotics detective will take money from dopers.

              Corruption is like an infection or cancer. It spreads.

              • Interestingly when cops are caught in these anti corruption investigations its not internal affairs that gets them but rather the FBI. That speaks volumes.

          • Sgt Dale. OK you are the one in a million. Watch yer 6.

      10. Currently, the US government can’t pay the national debt. Currently, the US government can’t even pay the interest on the debt. The government prints money out of thin air, in order to pay the interest. This is called monetizing the debt. Ever dollar printed and spent on the interest makes the money in your pocket worth less every single day. Mathematically, there is a limit to how long that can continue. Technically, the US government is insolvent. We haven’t even touched on the unfunded entitlements coming due.

        • Quick way to close the gap on OUR national deficit is to call in all the loans we have made to other countries throughout the years. We owe a whole lot less than the monies we loaned throughout the world.

          • We who ?

            the FED ?

            “we” didn’t loan those other countries anything.

          • What do we do when they refuse to pay because they are broke. Nearly every country in the world is as broke as we are. Also 9f we call in this debt you don’t think our creditors will do the same in retaliation as such an action would CERTIANLY cause a collapse of the world economy. Your prescription leads to a guaranteed World War.

        • Many in America are so Broke they can’t even Pay Attention. lol

          • Zeus, I couldn’t BUY attention even if I wanted to. Can’t even get it financed, LOL!

        • And special thanks to shitstain-in-chief Obola for doubling it from $10T to $20T during his 8-year reign.

        • Him

          What you say is correct but defaulting loans in masse destroy wealth (money) in the opposite effect of fractional reserve banking expanding the money supply. Inflation has risen but its not linear to money creation M1. With “elastic currency” they have significant wiggle room.

          We the economically uneducated look at money as a store of wealth. Its more like a air in a tire that leaks are and is refilled. Its kinda hard to get your head around it but they can do what they been doing for a long time. Its highly probable, like that tire that it will one day pop. One of the biggest problems is the instability of bubbles that end up inhibiting productive investment because everyone is frightened about tomorrow.

        • Has anyone noticed that Publishers Clearing House has raised their payout from $5000-$7000 a WEEK! Why? Because they had to keep up with inflation! Or if you prefer, devaluation! It’s the same thing. Every dollar is worth less than it was! How much more plain must it be! I don’t trust the Banks or their debt based fiat money. That’s almost a 50% increase! that means your dollars are worth almost 50% less now! Thanks!

      11. you have been so wrong for so long on so many of your collapse predictions that i no longer trust you

      12. Get rid of all illegal immigrants who are costing us money to keep them in housing, food, schools, medicaid, etc. Sorry, but we as a country cannot keep this spending up, as more and more illegals keep coming into the USA. Stop all security to former Presidents and stop all free medical to the senators and congressmen…..these afore mentioned people can afford to pay for these perks themselves. The medical costs for these people have to be humongous, there has never been an investigation as to exactly how much the costs are. I’m sure they would not want the American people to know what this perk is costing the American tax payer. Yet the citizens of the USA are being made to suffer for their benefit of living high on the hog. Time for our government to tighten their belts. Maybe if the senators and congressmen had to live on minimum wage and buy into Obama Care to see the reality of it all. If you notice they, people in Washington never mention the free medical they get, and it’s totally free. No premium, no deductible, no 80/20% pay. This has got to be costing unfathomable amounts of money. This country has got to fall in order to correct things, because the government is not willing to correct their criminality. None of them. Waiting

      13. Found out Congress does have to buy Obama Care but get a subsidy of 5000 + for single or 10,000 + for families. Don’t know specifics on deductible or percentage left to pay. The base salary for congressman is 174,000 a year. waiting

      14. Him, it’s like a tire with the air compressor continuously running, isn’t it?
        Like bcod said, we don’t know when it’ll blow but we know it will sooner or later.
        The can will be kicked down the road as long as possible, I think, as those ‘in charge’ believe they’re winning because,
        1) they have 90% of the media working for them and, 2) through attrition, the patriots who know better are dying off and eventually all that will be left are mindless, controlled, and controllable, slaves of the state.

        Add most millennials to that group and you have the end of a modern, free civilization. Most of them won’t bother having children…can’t raise kids while you’re playing with your smart phone, taking selfies and putting them on instagram.
        Our all-caps loudmouthed millennial here who blames boomers for all the problems in the world will be in deep trouble, more than he bargained for.
        Moving to where he did, probably Guadeloupe or Martinique, was a real smart move.
        Can’t dig a well (salt water in the ground), surrounded by black natives who are very poor, in a gated community, in a minority, and defenseless, well, you’re better off in Memphis begging Braveheart for help. Not so smart after all, Eisenkreut?
        You’d help him, right Brave? 🙂

        • Ketchup, 1. Eisen is just FANTASIZING about being on a tropical island, and 2. Are you sure you want my answer about helping him?, LOL! Oh and 3. Wherever Eisen is now, he’s better off there than he would be coming to Memphis.

          • Memphis is one of the top three bung holes in America. My son teaches at a high school there, in 5 years as a teacher he has had 1 parent show up for a parent teacher conference. Over 58% of his students are functionally illiterate upon graduation, there critical thinking skills are non existent. Memphis has been churning out these folks for over 25 years, if SHTF what do you think is gonna happen there. Mosul will look like Disneyland in comparison.

      15. Asset forfeiture is still moving along in most states to fund police shenanigans. Out and out highway robbery to protect the crooks from the common people. Attempts to curb this theft is met by strong coordinated opposition from law enforcement entities. The Feds are on board loving this funding. A sad state of affairs, but totally revealing as to the tyranny of our controllers. Calling a cop for anything could be the worst mistake you make in your life.

      16. aljamo, very true. The only cop I would call would be Sgt. Dale.

        • Ketchupondemand

          Thank you for the complatment.

          I’m against asset forfeiture in most cases. (95%).
          Explanation. Some arrest and convicted of Child Sex offenses, Arrest and convicted the 3rd time. (hard drugs) (DUI), (POT NO) but only after the 3rd time. 3 Strikes your out type of thing.

          There are a lot of OLD COPS like me out there, So if you find one get to know them they will come in handy if you need them.

          Again thanks.



        That bitch just moved into the Obamas house down the street from the white house. According the leaked source, they plan on taking down the white house, and removing the president by force. Since she is with the Chinese communist leadership and arranged with Obama to bring in 350,000 Chinese, AND THEY ARE HERE ALREADY 25,000 Russians, Mongolian burkas, and other terrorist jihadist nationals, including the 1,200,000 Chinese soldiers scattered all over mexico, including the jihadist bases on the Texas Border, and Hodges warned us in Texas recently.


        I am starting to believe that Donald Trump is really with the American people, and with bullshit like this pending. I hate to say it but I am with Trump. Now the assholes are talking shit about Sessions is in it with Russians and other cock-amaina bullshit.

        China is a sponsor of terrorism, they have been selling guns and weaopons to terrorist countries, and the Russians made all their money in the past from selling weapons to the middle east. They supported china and the communist Vietnamese during the vietman war. So fuck Russia and Putin.

        Frank, I don’t know you, who you really are of what the hell is going. Try explaining this to me so that we can understand assuming you are truthfull? What the hell is going on down the street from the white house?


        • -HCKS-

          1.2 million Chinese troops in Mexico. How you figure? What exactly is a Mongolian burka?
          Assuming the “bitch” you are talking about is Valerie Jarrett, hard to believe she is the
          mastermind behind a planned coup involving Chinese troops. We will just have to see how that plays out. They better increase the Secret Service detail around the White House.
          No doubt add a few more sharpshooters on the roof. Maybe put some TOW launchers on
          the Marine One chopper for that quick getaway, if need be. Housing all those ChiCom
          troops in Mexico seems like a massive feat. Did the Mexican government assist with this operation? Wonder how our sattelites did not detect such a massive troop movement.
          Had to be empty shipping containers on cargo ships. Glad to hear you are with Trump.
          Perhaps he can use you as a pre-invasion advisor. I always thought the invasion of
          Normandy was the greatest military plan of all time. This takes the cake. We won’t be
          able to mobilize enough troops to stop those hordes of troops heading north. Maybe all
          of the patriots in Texas can slow them down for a little while. In the meantime, our military
          will have to assemble the greatest counterstrike in history with every available aircraft
          available. We will probably have to get civilian volunteers with single engine Cessnas to
          drop molotov cocktails out the windows. Cropdusters as well. All civilian drones will be
          repurposed and weaponized. A backdoor draft with prior service people will have to be
          authorized because we won’t have enough time to train new recruits. Oh, the humanity!!!
          Good thing we don’t have a code pink commander-in- chief. Tom Clancy could have made this into a bestseller.

          • How did they get all those ChiCom troops in Mexico?

            Like the Germans did to Poland in WW2.

            The marched their troops in backwards waving goodbye.

            • Can’t walk from China to Mexico. The logistical support for a million soldiers in peacetime is massive and in war time off the scale. Needless to say your not hiding even a sub fraction of it.

              • Kevin2

                I was trying to make a joke. Hee heee.

      18. No explanation for my comment above aljamo’s being in moderation other than I used Acid Etch’s new screen name….Sometimes I wonder what the heck goes on behind the curtains here.
        Some posters here (“Z” central Fla.) attack people personally and constantly but here comes Vic who posts once in a while and here’s what happened last week:

        Vic the Man says:
        Comment ID: 3669591
        February 26, 2017 at 1:07 pm
        “Free speech” my ass. I’ve been censored here many times.
        Mac Slavo says:
        Comment ID: 3669606
        February 26, 2017 at 1:44 pm
        Not censored. Deleted.
        Then majority of your comments appear to directly attack and disparage other commenters for no apparent reason, so those are going to continue to be trashed.]

        Apparently it’s ok for some posters to attack others but…?

        • I had a comment removed just because I rebutted one of the favored trolls on this site. He reprinted, re-posted, cut and pasted, as usual, a joke that was made to appear as it was his personal experience. All I did is explain that the joke wasn’t funny. I didn’t even point out that it stolen. Bang, zoom, you gone. But his b.s. remained.
          Yeah, you know who I’m talking about.
          That guy from Germany had his views on how it was dealing with these people in debates and conversations. Nothing has changed. Including when confronted by someone who understands their tactics they change tactics.

      19. Come on now we keep hearing this over and over again a crash is coming.

        One day they will be right, but until then I’m going to keep prepping for something or everything.

        I’ve gotten moderated several time in the last few week. Mostly because I used the “B” word??????

      20. Retail is phasing out.
        The music has stopped.

        Learn to play an instrument. Get an instrument for each member of your family. Learn to read and compose music. Buy CDs with classical music. Read about the great European classical composers. Bach is soothing, Mozart is exciting, Beetothen is exceptional, and Brahms is ethereal. Musicians are better mathematicians. The brain is an organ which requires exercise. Listening and playing classical music increases IQ slightly but in a significant way because the same area of the brain is used for both math and music. These areas are essential to logic and analytic thought, analysis. Even senility is milder and or avoided altogether when use of the brain is enhanced by early exposure to Classical music and Mathmatics.

        Retail is has been taken over and now is being phased out. It is important that we not rely entirely on the delivery of goods via parcel delivery. Brick and mortar stores give one the option of paying cash for goods which have been examined before purchase. The control of the item is literally in your own hands. We should not give this up. Patronize local mom and pop stores. Get together and open a store yourself. Some homes are in areas wich are zoned for commercial as well as residential. These areas make business possible on a shoestring. As a retail licensed individual, all your purchases are less expensive. Your license gives you the opportunity to buy wholesale. Stocking your shelves with essential items for Preppers will help others and ensure your own survival.

        Every problem holds within it an opportunity. The wise man looks for that hidden pearl.


        • Get a newsgroup software, such as Newsrover, and subscribe to a newsgroup provider, such as Giganews. You can download all the music you want, including pretty much all the classical music ever composed.

          The classical newsgroup is:

          I am currently downloading from
          and getting hundreds of complete albums of Bert Kaempfert, Mantovani, Jackie Gleason, Roger Williams, Floyd Cramer, Boots Randolph, etc., over a thousand in the past week or two.

          I have most of these in vinyl, but downloading the MP3’s gets them into my computer faster. Having the actual vinyl makes the MP3’s perfectly legal as backups. You can find vinyl, cassettes, and 8-tracks still dirt cheap at thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales. I have also been given entire collections by friends who no longer have phonographs and don’t realize you can still buy them.

        • Excellent post.

      21. Tired of hearing about this collapse. Let’s see it already!

        • You are seeing it. It’s a daily process and unraveling quickly. Think of how things were
          20 years ago, then compare. Then think of 10 years ago and compare. Bingo.

        • Oh it’s coming. It’s been coming for years, decades.

          Like the Energizer Bunny with its batteries inserted backwards, “keeps coming and coming and coming…”

      22. The Democrats are shooting at the Republicans. What are the Republicans doing? Why, they’re reloading the rifles for the Democrats.

      23. Censored when I posted to person who uses caps and reported on rape. I also reported gang rape hidden for sixty years. Then comes back with bs about safari.


      24. In Matthew 23:36, in talking about the evil that had been done earlier, and the resulting judgment Jesus says: “Truly I tell you, all this will come on this generation.”

        When I think of the grotesque evil my generation, the Baby Boomers, has wrought on the world – abortion, the gay Nazis, euthanasia, the filth that the Clintons have perpetrated (e.g., as just one small sample, the bombing of an aspirin factory in Sudan back in the day, killing dozens, all to divert attention from Monica) trillions in debt, the scam of BIG GREEN MONEY global warming, the feminazis, political correctness and their speech and thought police, I wonder if these same words of Jesus might not be coming to the generation that has brought so much evil to the world.

        • @ Test – what a total crock of shit blaming the boomers. This train wreck has been in motion for decades and continues to roll down the hill like a snowball headed for hell! (Merele’s line)

          • Get used to it. He never blames the right people. He sees his job here as blaming and pointing at anyone but them, while pinning wrong but catchy labels on certain groups and particular people too, so all that he hopes you will ever see is that guy who tried to save his European country last century from what’s happening again right at this moment there, influenced by the same bad people.

      25. Ok, ok the world is going down the shitter. I’m
        getting close to the end of my preps and going into
        day to day maintenance mode.
        Anybody here know much about batteries for solar?
        I’m looking at Rolls S-550. The used car salesman
        solar people around here keep treating me like a
        mushroom, and pushing crap like Outback 200NC, LiFePo4,
        or CALB bombs. I don’t know of anyone with some honest
        feedback. It is one of those subjects like what is the best
        conceal carry weapon? Answers are more based on
        passion than real experience(My choice is a Astra A70)
        Thanks in advance for recommendations.

        • rellik, check out arizona wind and sun and ask some questions there. You’ll get some good answers (and some over the top techie answers, too.)
          I’m using golf cart batteries for my back-up solar and they work great. The thing is, they were here, on the island, at Sam’s club, so I didn’t really pay a ton for shipping. (Limited choices– like you may have due to location.)
          You could spend a lot for top line batts. but it’s up to you to figure out it it’s worth it. One factor is the size of your system.

        • For really long term, I would get batteries with the acid stored separately.

        • you are right the Rolls Surrette is way cheaper than Iron Edison

      26. Rellik, my first set of 12 standard Trojan L16’s lasted 7+ years, pretty good I’d say, I’m now on my second set of 12 Trojan L16re-b premiums and I bet I get 10+ years with lessons learned. Follow the rules and they will last a long time.

        Hiding in the Ozarks and off grid since katrina

        The shadow knows

      27. Good morning SHTFPlan.

        Beautiful sunny day and cool temps. Going out to hit the Flea Market. Last time I scored a good 20mm ammo can for $10 for storing items. Add a little inside cardboard and metal tape around the lid seal and it’s EMP proof for small electronics.

        Have to hit the hand tool area. Always good to look around and think up ideas. The smalls add up.

        Have to add that I am feeling complacent. Not as in a rush as before. Looking for items with high percentage of return and long lasting force multipliers.

      28. Have you ever seen the parent, who turns the lights, on and off, to break up an argument. Did you think it was a lightning storm.

        How do you hypothecate the wealth, and fix the prices, and still fall short of social obligations, of your own making.

        Money is an abstract idea, in no more short supply than checkers and arcade tokens.

      29. I was linked to this article from Steve Quayle’s site. A site of dubious intent.
        Quayle warned me over seven years ago that the Canadian economy was on the verge of collapse. Yet our business has seen a steady growth of approx. 3.5 percent per year, and here we are.
        My true feelings regarding the USA is that America has unwittingly chosen to go insane.
        Almost sixteen years ago a painfully obvious controlled demolition took place in NYC on 9/11/01. America then proceeded to literally beat the life out of countries that had nothing to do with it. Along with the incarceration and torture of individuals that had nothing to do with it either. And for conceding to this, the punishment chosen has been your slow and now rapid descent into utter madness. ENJOY!! : )

        • True observations, wrong conclusion. Unwittingly had been deceived into allowing insanity. Since (at least) the end of WWII
          powerful, diabolical forces have used propaganda and subversive tactics in high places. And please don’t believe that Canada is somehow immune to these forces. Their (the bad guys) scope is global. The crosshairs aren’t on you because you are not strong enough to be a threat i.e. our fate is your fate.

        • t said, “Quayle warned me over seven years ago…”

          ^^^ With all due respect, what is a responsible way to deal with that.

      30. Meh. This is pretty much a done deal. Mostly just nerve quivers now.

      31. LOT OF FINGER POINTING,but NO one has the right answer yet, because you don’t listen to GODS PROPHETS,and your still NOT listening,SO I WILL TELL YOU WHAT OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN SAID…”TAKE MY NAME OFF YOUR MONEY,OR I WILL TAKE ALL YOUR MONEY AWAY FROM YOU”…AMERICA IS one nation under SATAN..NOT GOD,take his name off your money OR he will take it away from you,BUT knowing how stupid Godless america is ,they won’t listen till all their money is gone,and sadly you were warned.ONE last warning,DON’T take the microchip or the mark,unless you want to be broke and going to hell too……..

      32. Inflation is a good thing if your in the right position. Case in point: If the inflation rate skyrockets (hyper-inflation) then it would take a wheel barrel full of dollars to buy a loaf of bread. Ah, but then for a loaf of bread, I could pay my mortgage off.!!! Trump is wrong…the world isn’t screwing America. America is screwing the world. Because of the Fed and the honor of being the worlds reserve currency, we’ve been able to abuse that honor buy printing money to pay our debts with cheaper and cheaper fiat currency. We get the products without making them, and they get the debased currency. Get it. In other words, we’ve been able to live way beyond our means, thanks to world reserve status. Problem is, the rest of the world is waking up….the chickens are coming home to roost. And when the world war kicks off (its coming), our depleted manufacturing base won’t be able to produce the armaments required to sustain a world war. And the rest of the world will be giving us the middle finger as they ally with China, Russia, and Iran. The end is near. Prep and pray.!!!!

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