John McCain Chased Off of Navajo Reservation He Sold Out

by | Aug 19, 2015 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 95 comments

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    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    On August 14th, John McCain had the opportunity to visit the Navajo Reservation, to honor the code talkers of World War Two. However, his visit would quickly turn sour as he was confronted by dozens of Apaches and Navajos, protesting his role in passing a last minute provision to the National Defense Authorization Act of 2015, as well as changes to their tribal water rights. The Southeast Arizona Land Exchange Bill would allow mining interests to build the largest North American copper mine on the Oak Flat campgrounds, an area of spiritual and historical significance to the Apache people.

    While meeting with Navajo officials at the Navajo Nation Museum in Window Rock, Arizona, he was confronted by 17 year-old Adriano Tsinigine during a photo shoot. The teenager held a card which read “Protect Oak Flat.” The Senator’s smile quickly disappeared as he pushed the card back to Adriano and told him to leave.

    Shortly after the confrontation, McCain made his exit from building, where he was followed, and essentially chased by Navajo and Apache protesters.

    The Senator’s office has since denied claims that they were “chased off” of the reservation, and issued a statement which reads “Senator McCain was honored to be invited by the Navajo Nation to meet with tribal and community leaders and to speak at the celebration of the Navajo Code Talkers on Friday. It was a great visit and he received a very warm reception from the Navajo community in Window Rock.”

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    Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

    Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .


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      1. Should of taken what is left of his scalp and do all freedom loving Americans a great service!

        Live Free or Die….Geronimo!

        • Bill O’Reilly is dumber than shit.

          • Anonymous is part injun. Me drinkum firewater, smokem crazyweed and scalp em with anonymous ventilation team.

          • Acid; takes one to knoe one.

            • The Indians don’t vote or give money. If they do vote, they vote for Democrats. Resolution Mining makes BIG contributions to his PAC.

              Business as usual. 🙁

          • @Acid Etch….

            For once I agree with you.

          • Only place for these Criminal shill politicians to hide is Warshington DC. Thats what MacCain calls it Warshington. JM is a traitor to the US, his fellow soldiers in Viet Nam and the hundred plus he killed hot dogging it on the USS Forstal in his plane. Crashing and killing like 120 servicemen. Fn war hero my A$$.

          • Acid, I agree about O’Reilly. that goes for all the MSM talking heads.

          • Bill O’Really is actually a smart man. He’s a hack though… a tool of deception and distarction.

        • Why in the fuck is Hillary not arrested????????????

        • John McCain is the “Obamy” of the Chamberpot Repubs; Imperious and condescending piece of offal. The grassroots Repubs in AZ censored him. He retaliated and purged them from der party, just like Romney did to actual elected delegates at the Tampa Repub Convention for Ron Paul. Some big tent!
          I,m living every minute of Trump!!!! These McConnells and Boehners are Traitors just as much as Hillary and Obama.
          As Russell Means told the White people… We are All on the Reservation now. Welcome to the USSA!

      2. God Bless the Navajo!!!
        If he had hair they caught him they should have scalped him!
        Maybe my Red brother will start fighting back. If they do will join them!!!

        • Sarge, Amen. The natives are truly honorable people. What the SOB politicians have done to them is the real crime against humanity.

          • Bullshit. American Indians were wiped out and driven out of North America by a more technologically advanced culture. Has happened many times in human history. American Indians were pretty much still living in the stone age when Europeans started colonizing North America. None of them had invented a written language or (I think) the wheel. They had no chance of prevailing in this encounter. The same fate would befall all of humanity in the face of a more technically advanced culture, as illustrated in the novel “Battlefield Earth”.

            • Hugh Janus. What an ignorant fuck you are. You been watching too much John Wayne white man movies. Its pathetic grown people ignorant of any facts, stoopid as fuck, commenting and living in our society who know nothing more than how to biggy size their bag lunch and take a shit.

              Bring on the great culling, I hope I can burn through the 10,000 rounds meant for stoopid people like you.

              Ever hear of the “Windtalkers” probably not.


              • WWTI, what about HJ’s statement is incorrect? And what part of it made you so mad? Was it that he pointed out some facts that offend you or that he exaggerated about the whole wheel thing?

                I get that you’re part indian and I respect that. But they WERE overrun by more advanced people and that will ALWAYS be the case.

            • HJanis. Yeah the Europoeans were pretty stoopid at that time undet your standards. They had no idea how to email, text or twitter. And not the slightest clue how to drive a car, shoot a bow and arrow, or plant tobacco. Keep em coming… it makes this site entertaining.


            • You are stupid, Europeans invented nothing. They stole, killed, raped, and pillage everywhere they went. The indigenous people everywhere were the creators and inventors. Who are you to say they were doing nothing with their land. Go do your research because you are spurting programmed information from your lying forefathers and their false history. You apparently would have been one of those psycotic European degenerates!

              • The repeating rifle and the Gatling gun were pretty huge inventions. Kicked the shit outa bows and arrows…

            • Comrade Hugh, You’re next. Ever hear of “useful idiots”?
              PS: I read Battlefield Earth; How did it end?

            • Wrong! My people along with many tribes forged metal such as bronze and copper bladed weapons before introduction of Spanish still or iron became available to us. And I come from one of few tribes that never was “conquered” by America. When Vikings came they were wiped out, the only reasons we lost was do to multiple countries coming in at once at every coast at virtually the same time. And don’t say shit like we don’t pay taxes or live on gov. handouts that’s not true no one is fucking special. But our common enemy now is the corporate bastards and the tyrants in office. Don’t comment on what you don’t know, open your mind before your mouth.

            • Hugh, when Europeans got to the Americas in any numbers, and whites from Russia came from the other direction both found the same thing, cities of one type or another abandoned for about one hundred years continent wide. It appears a European or Asian plague hit here in the late 1400s. What the Europeans and Russians met still living were the country dwelling barbarians of Americas hinterlands and the barbarized remnants of Americas existing cities.
              You are correct to a point, war trumps all other human activities.
              Only one thing trumps humanities abilities in war, and that is the biology of long separation. when populations are separated for thousands of years, one of both get set up for a serious fall. Cities get hit hardest and first by plagues, they are on trade routes.
              I’m not saying they had the wheel here, I’m saying they didn’t need the wheel. The population to land ratio was so high they had great wealth without intense commerce or great wars, yet they had long distance commerce. Anasazi ruins were I live have produced stone from Michigan and Wisconsin, shells and parrot feathers from Belize. Some Aztec gold was from Arizona as was copper found in Oklahoma. Obviously traded. This speaks of a higher civilization than modern folks are aware. Within 10 miles of where I live, are at least twenty stone ruins with more then 50 rooms. all of them, even the smallest, are in direct eye-shot of two more, they had a communication system like the “lord of the rings” signaling system. This system reached from north of Salt Lake City to modern day Mexico city. Thats not primitive country bumpkins in skins.

            • Janus? Rhymes with “anus” doesn’t it? Not surprised…

          • Stolz, DING DING DING DING DING! If they had given McCain 2 shots to the head, they would have done everyone a favor.

        • I believe scalping was first practiced by ‘settlers’ because bringing in bodies to collect a bounty was too cumbersome.

          • It was invented by native Americans, you read false info. The natives warred with other tribes long before white man came, and to take a scalp of an enemy was to make the enemy in the after life without his hair, which was degrading in their spiritual beliefs. Sometimes a raid on enemy tribes stole the scalps laden on their lodges and buried those scalps with the bodies to make their loved ones complete.

            It was white man who encourage other white men to take scalps to get a bounty and scare the natives that gave white man problems so that those scalped will be bald in the afterlife, and the scalps could not be retrieved. They were not hanging on their houses…. White man learned from them what scared them. Some tribes ate the heart of an enemy if they fought well to gain his power, called enemy heart soup. The Iroquois nation was well known to do these things documented in journals from the first explorer’s encounters.

          • and you thought they were dumb ..smh

        • Sarge,
          I agree, would be a help for ALL the Indians ( native Americans ) to join in!!

          • Seems the “Federales” are irritating everyone……Well maybe not the Illegals or Moosies.

        • I am 1/16th Mohawk. Very Proud of My Native Heritage. They were called the Man Eaters. They’d kill ya, rip your heart out and eat it, and smear your blood all over, if you crossed them.

          Same goes today, but I would feed your whole body to the gators when you are still alive, helpless and watch ya cry like a coward baby for your mommas.


          • Lol and you wonder why we called you savages and wiped you out? Good Lord wwti, you might want to tone things down a bit b/4 the boys in the white coats and hypos show up.

            • Yeah, WWTI completely went off the deep end here. I’m not even sure why he lost it.

              Wow. Just wow.

              • at least they are doing something you pale faces have been too afraid of doing

                • Yeah, ranting and raging on an internet forum is really doing something, isn’t it?


                • You best hope “paleface” keeps his cool because when paleface riots complete continents get wiped.

          • I’m 100% white and proud that I am pure and have no heathen blood!

          • If American Indians were so fucking smart, why are most of them so fucking deadf?

          • When were Mohawks ever in a region where alligators are found? You related to Ward Churchill?

        • I think they all should be scalped. Then hung for all to see. Still getting lied to and stolen from by the double tongues. God Bless all Native brothers and sisters.

      3. Isn’t karma a bitch.



      4. Agreed, .. wish the Natives would of shot up McCains backside with a bunch of Arrows instead of chasing him away.

      5. Isn’t karma a bitch



        • Hcks:
          Yes karma is a bi@&* and I’m glad to see her in heat!!!
          To my Navajo brothers I am proud of you for standing up against this government clown.
          N. Reb

          • NR, I also applaud them; too bad they didn’t just ‘take him out’.

            • Brave
              You asked me a question in another article. Read my answer.

      6. he wasn’t chased off

        he was “aggressively escorted” !

        too bad they forgot the tar and feathers

      7. gotta watch those “family values” types

        Family Values Activist Josh Duggar Had a Paid Ashley Madison Account

        ht tp://

      8. he sold out his buddies in the Hilton why wouldn’t he do it to them or anybody else they should have burned his sorry ass at the stake

      9. When Chief Anonymous drinkum too much firewater, Chief Anonymous sendum smoke signal to Chief Smokemdope, and together we feedum hot lead and arrows.

        • Be seein’ you at heap big bug out wigwam cuz. Me no trust ol’ pale face. We need brave hearted chief to hand out lead vitamins to forked tongue.

          • Chief Shittinbull, braveheart would be honored to feed them lead. There’s a lot of palefaces I don’t trust and I’m a paleface myself.


      11. He’s been a traitor ever sense he hit the silk.

      12. John McCain is a joke all these people thinking he’s a war hero. More a war prisoner that was re educated as a sellout informant for commie regimes the world over. Eat that shit sandwich.

      13. John McCain is a Piece of Shit! He was a Lousy Navy pilot who caused the death of a bunch of sailors aboard the USS Forestall. He lied about what happened as a POW and has blocked legislation to bring other POW’s home. I say again, McCain is a Piece of Shit.

        • F16hoser, spot on. A lot of POWs suffered and even died in captivity because of McCain. In the years since, he blocked every effort to investigate reports of American POWs still being held captive after 1973 and some were known to still be alive up until the early 90s. During the war POWs with certain skills were shipped off to the USSR and China and were never seen or heard from again. Same thing happened with POWs from the Korean War and WW2. McCain’s dad was heavily involved in the coverup of the attack on the USS Liberty by that POS ‘tribe’.

          • Braveheart,,Just cruising through but the subject of MIA’s came up and I have this to say. Admiral James T. Lyons Ret. in an interview wth John B Wells said that what he wamts is to see someone held accountable for the 17 POW’s that they know were sent to Cuba for ‘medical experiments’. This interview is posted on YouTube and he has a lot more to say that you and everyone should hear. As for John McCain, my brother who is a retired Naval officer said that McCain only claim to Naval fame is that he is one of the few ‘reverse Ace’s’ in the world and is responsible for ‘downing’ five friendly (US Navy) aircraft. Yeah, he’s an Ace all right.

      14. ****NOTEWORTHY NEWS****

        The US Has Zero Grain Reserves As The Global Economy Deteriorates, Bail-ins Are Coming To America And The FDIC Will Go After Depositors.

        Greece is selling off bits and pieces of its country to the creditors. Greek deposits become eligible for bail-ins. Major retailer going out of business because of decline in sales and revenue. Building permits plunge in NYC as the property tax expires. Atlanta FED recalculates GDP to 1.3 as the auto industry increases production and channel stuffs dealerships. Bail-ins are coming to America and the FDIC will go after depositors. Global growth has slowed according to Moody’s and the US is not prepared for a major crisis, the US has no grain reserves since 2008.


      15. Good Jose Chavez ran him off should have thrown a knife at him. Naviho mamma majambo. All politicians are scum people are fed up with being lied to by both sides. How many times have the Indians been lied to. The spirit horse lives. We should all go down to DC and chase them all out. They don’t have a plan to do anything. Voting isn’t working people ugliness and aggression is needed to make positive change.

      16. Chase the fascist boot licking garbage back to North Vietnam where the scumbag should of stayed.

      17. I think of John McCain as a White, Al Sharpton.

        Need term Limits if the country lasts that long.

      18. You damn right McCain is a piece of shit. He is a sellout and more than half of our so called leaders of this nation. I can’t wait and mean I really can’t wait people go and kick these people out and take back the country and stop all these radical Jews just the radical ones, Get rid of the radical blacks and whites and all sellouts in our nation that do more damage than fricken good.

      19. So a “War Hero with armed buddy guards” escaped like a high class paid bitch whore from the unarmed but brave natives?

        God Bless you the native tribes. Many of us have nothing but high respects for you and fully aware of what this criminal tribe in DC has done to your livelihood.

        • I quit my job with a state entity to work for a tribe near where I live. I am a research scientist. Where the state drones were unethical turds who cared about their paychecks, and screwed other people to get more tax dollars, the tribe has paid me more, given me more respect, given me more funding and treated me as family. Every job has some downfalls, but the only one at my job is that things sometimes move slowly. I will retire from the tribe. They are more than coworkers to me. The tribal chairman (chief) watched fireworks with my family and played with my 2 and 5 year olds as they were his own. If the feds start rounding people up for their politics, I’m heading for the rez. They wont stand for it.

          • amen

            and IF they were such “Savages” as some people like to say.. than how is it that they were mostly killed off?

            Government sponsored Genocide thats how , yeah go ahead and support that as if thats much better then living as God had intended ..

            Red man Hunt all day , make love to Indian lady all night

            White man Bust ass all day and get fucked by his own government

            Who had it right?

      20. John McCain is the poster child for sell-outs. He now represents only the elitist oligarchs, his big donors. His younger, immaculately groomed, trophy wife is the heiress to an enormous beer distributorship fortune.
        His moral character can be judged by how he flung himself into an orgy of serial adultery upon his return from Vietnam. His first wife finally couldn’t stand it anymore, and taking the children left him. When asked about that time in his life McCain commented, “I don’t know why I did it.” Not exactly a deeply introspective philosopher, is he?!
        Plus, McCain never met a war of foreign invasion and aggression that he didn’t enthusiastically embrace. I wish those Indians had caught him.

        • H Muller… He is also married to Lindsey Graham. I am not sure who is the wife in that relationship. Have you ever heard they talk about each other on MSM?

      21. I wish they had caught up to him. Wish we could chase him out of DC. He is such a disgrace to the military and our country. He is not only a liar but a traitor as well. John McCain it’s time for you to disappear into the desert.

      22. Hello all this definitely isn’t the proper forum for this but I recently became the owner or a very odd rifle (quite by accident my girlfriend thought she was buying me a regular. 308 hunting rifle what she did bring home was a 308 norma magnum if anyone knows Anything about this weapon plz fill me in I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve found very little about its range trajectories. Ballistics what’s its effective range near as I can tell from what I’ve found its nearly identical to the lupua or 300 win mag.
        I really don’t have the heart to tell her its the wrong rifle. I plan to sell it and buy the 700 Remington in 308. So how much could I fairly ask? I’m thinking about $500 Canadian? Thoughts opinions comments? ????

      23. Do any if you folks know anything about a rifle called a 308 Norma magnum? I recently got one as a gift. I really don’t like it. Im looking to get rid of it either sell or trade. If anyone knows the value of those thing id appreciate any advice

        • @John….

          .308 Norma Magnum is based on the .300 H&H Magnum.

          Ammo may be hard to find, and when you do, it will be expensive…$50-$60 for a box of 20 rounds.

          300 Win Mag is more popular.

          Depending on what kind of rifle you have, you might do well to have it re-barreled to a more popular cartridge. If you want a magnum cartridge, you might think 300 Win Mag so as to be in the same ball park as the .308 Norma.

          You can count on recoil being pretty stout. So unless you are going after large, dangerous game…..or hunt in an area where you are dealing with having to take shots in excess of 300 yards, you might also want to go with something with a little less “punch” to it.

          • Originally I was looking for just a decent 308 sadly my grandfathers .308 globe was lost to a house fire. Yes I agree its alot of rifle I believe it was rechamberd from a 30-06 enfield. The second I seen the heavy recoil pad I knew I was in trouble lol ill sell it someone who will appreciate its “finer” qualities and settle for 700 Remington in 308
            thanks for your help i do appreciate it
            PS :my local gun shop can order the ammo at 110$ Canadian ouch

            • Might want to check out the model 7 in Remington. If I was to buy a new rifle that is the best of the lot afaiak.

        • 7.62x65mmBR is what that round is for the 308 Norma Mag

          Tt appeared to have a bright future initially, it was soon superseded in popularity by the .300 Winchester Magnum.

          It fit in a standard Mauser action.

          IF you are a reloader ( as we all should be but i wont be a racist about it)Cases for the cartridge can be purchased from Norma or made in three ways: Necking up a 7 mm Remington Magnum case, necking down a .338 Winchester Magnum case, or running .300 Winchester Magnum cases through a full-length sizing die. the third is generally considered to be the best option.

          oh and the case has a “belted” case for head spacing , you’ll see it at the bottom of the brass case

          Origin is Sweden

          Case type Rimless, Belted
          Bullet diameter .308 in (7.8 mm)
          Neck diameter .340 in (8.6 mm)
          Shoulder diameter .489 in (12.4 mm)
          Base diameter .512 in (13.0 mm)
          Rim diameter .530 in (13.5 mm)
          Rim thickness .048 in (1.2 mm)
          Case length 2.56 in (65 mm)
          Overall length 3.30 in (84 mm)
          Primer type large rifle magnum
          Maximum pressure 55,100 psi (380 MPa)

          180 gr (12 g) Oryx 2,953 ft/s (900 m/s) 3,486 ft·lbf (4,726 J)
          180 gr (12 g) Swift A-Frame 2,953 ft/s (900 m/s) 3,486 ft·lbf (4,726 J)

      24. HAHAHA! Serves Cain right, ugh, I mean MCcain!

        • McSatan and McEve had sex and out popped McCain.

      25. Mccain is an arrogant ass
        If he had been elected we would already be under martial law and most of the country in smoking ruins,
        Evil is evil and he is full o shit and evil as they come
        Enemies domestic and traitors

      26. Native Americans are the number one minority group most likely to die at the hands of the police! You think blacks are angry? McCain needs to retire, what a fool, what a tool!

        • The U.S. Congress does not lie, just ask an Indian or a Veteran.

      27. There is something very special and satisfying about seeing one of these stooges get squared up on by the people they’ve been screwing over. You know, looking back at 2008, that year really sticks out to me as an especially shitty election. We the people truly had to choose between the douche and the shit sandwich that year…

      28. i’m looking for some preppers to hook up with to build a retreat camp on my land in north cali, call me if interested please.


        • Maybe something a little further inland would be better.

          Many have had visions and prophetic warnings of what is coming against the west coast in the form of earthquakes and tsunamis.
          The prophetic man of God, David Wilkerson saw the Northwest earthquake of the Cascadia Fault, destroy the coastal cities with a 9.2 megaquake in a dream/vision.

          I would not want to be anywhere near there, just in case, but the naysayers, say it ain’t happening in our lifetime.

          I know the USSAG is in for some changes, real soon.

          • I remember listening to a cassette tape of Wilkerson predicting the soon to be end of the world back in 1974. There’s amazing lifetime job security in predicting the imminent end of the world.

          • I’ll bet the naysayers aren’t sitting around on the computer at 3.00 Am having ” visions” either.

      29. I’m with the Indians, get that traitor!

      30. Ummm…yeah sure, I’m gonna call a stinky ass in commiefornia!

      31. He is a slimebag and they know it. haha

      32. John McCain is two faced disgrace to the all Americans.

      33. Look at those punk ass cops trying to protect McCain.

      34. That proves elections are fixed. No way are the voters of Arizona are that stupid to continue electing that traitor to office. My great grandmother was full blood Shoshone, so that must be where I get my hatred for the criminals in power. To essentially say the natives were nearly wiped out by superior people with higher intellect and firepower is insanity. These present day power hungry murderers are shit compared to the native Indian races. Things don’t get better and never will. It’s all downhill.

      35. Way to go Native Americans!!! Should’ve scalped ‘Johnny Wet Start’. He should be tried for TREASON after he is scalped!

      36. Apack McCain.

      37. There are many more native Americans than people know about today. Not all live on the
        Tribal lands any more. They are mixed into the general population. Sorry but they are just
        As far advanced today as everyone else. Many are still good hunter and trappers,workers
        And are still mindfull of the environment .They are still a people of pride and a fierce spirit………

      38. run away you geriatric fuck

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