Insider Reveals How DARPA Will Control Our Minds: “If Even 20% Of This Is True…”

by | Mar 24, 2017 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 39 comments

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    This article was written and originally published by The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: Things are so far gone, that we have no idea. People have virtually no sense of how deeply we are being steered off the path. Our very opinions, the information we receive, and the way in which our brains determine the strength of our opinions is all being skewed by algorithms, and by deliberate manipulations.

    Science fiction is behind the curve of what they are actually attempting right now. A few more years of censorship and editing of content through social media, and a few more years of total integration with technology, and humanity may no longer be recognizable. It certainly won’t be free unless some very raw facts are quickly faced and dealt with.

    DARPA Insider Reveals the Coming Hive Mind Control Grid: “If Even 20% Of What This Guy Says Is True…”

    by The Daily Sheeple

    The video below features a keynote by Dr. Robert Duncan regarding what can only be described as our coming hive mind control grid. He isn’t just talking about advances in transhumanism, the singularity, or artificial intelligence. He’s talking about how to control the minds of everyone on the planet and evolving humanity in a technological sense… whether they like it or not.

    Duncan professes with shame that he worked on “Voice of God” weapons for the US Department of Defense, weapons which can make people think they are hearing voices in their heads in an attempt to control them. He says such weapons were tested back during Desert Storm and were quite effective at getting Iraqi soldiers to lay down arms without a shot fired.

    And that’s just what they had 20+ years ago. Can you imagine what they’re working on today?

    Duncan also touches on Project Blue Beam, remote neural monitoring, smart dust, and electronic telepathy technology which uses extremely low frequency waves.

    Despite attempting multiple times to put a “positive spin” on this information as he nervously delivers it, what this man is saying really can’t be spun in a positive way, not with these kinds of technology in the hands of the military-industrial complex President Eisenhower once gravely warned us about. Duncan notes scientists “are brainwashed into believing that everything we are doing is of benefit to mankind, but look who pays our bills? The military. It’s all for war, it’s all for control, for government control…”

    If even 20% of what this guy has to say is true…

    Just… you’ve got to see this for yourself.

    This article was written and originally published by The Daily Sheeple.


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      1. They already do, it’s called economics.

        Don’t believe me? Try to figure out how much you’ll need for your own elder care.

        Better yet, try to explain to a teenager how “doing what makes them happy” is a HOBBY thing, not a real life thing. See elder care above.

        • The MSM Main Stream Media is the CIA’s Disinformation Program to control the minds of the masses. Every Main News Network in the MSM is mind control. That’s how they can keep their control and fleecing of the Tax payers to keep up their perpetual wars. The CIA is the worlds largest Drug Dealer that uses that Black money to fund conflicts and wars in every country to keep the Divide and Conquer control going. Its all a designed plan for the elite to keep their Ivory towers flowing with massive wealth. The CIA, puts US politicians in compromising positions like the Pedophile ring cases like on Lolita Island, or whore houses and film them so later they can black mail these politicians into supporting more funding for their mass network of Mafia style Global tactics, wars, and control of the worlds assets.

          Look up “Operation MockingBird” and Operation Northwoods”, and Operation Gladiator” for the insight of how deep this deep state goes. The CIA along with the MOB and the oil tycoons, and other elitists including J Edgar Hoover, and G H Bush that masterminded the plot and carry out of Murdering JFK in Dallas. There were 8 snipers on Dallas that that that took pot shots on JFK and the bullet that did him in was when the Limo stopped briefly at a designated spot where the last bullet that was shot from a curb drainage manhole that took JFK’s head off.

          This is all what President Trump has to overcome to drain any swamp, so stay patient folks. Its a deep as Heck swamp with many creatures.

          Watch this Movie- Stating at the JFK 1 hour mark, and the Culvert kill shot at about 1 hour 50 mins into the film.

          • I’ve posted your video on my google+ site too. Fascinating for a 67 yr old like me to figure out the evil of the feds. It is the Stockholm disease. single mothers can get 2.36 million for being unwed mother on poverty programs- redonculious. THE END OF OPPRESSION

      2. Mankind/humankind may be going too far! I am a great fan of science fiction but…

        Louisiana Eagle

        • Break out the tin foil beanies and put tin foil on your windows !!! Yeah, it could happen. 🙂

            • ” The perfect dictatorship would have the appearance of a democracy, but would basically be a prison without walls in which the prisoners would not even dream of escaping. It would essentially be a system of slavery where, through consumption and entertainment, the slaves would love their servitude.”

              “Aldeus Huxley”

      3. “You want your children to be more successful than you are, so you ‘will want’ this.”

        The entire video is for this one purpose, to “implant” the above subliminal message. Nothing else here makes any difference.

        The listener (I, you, the next sucker) is hereby programmed to accept, even to desire, the “chip”. When the Bible predicts the mark of the beast, it is said to be on the hand or forehead. Inside the brain, or near enough to receive signals; The teacher will transfer information without “mistakes”. Those mistakes are the true facts that “they don’t want you to know”. How many times have you heard that? More programming.

        I’m going to go but “‘stay right there’ I’ll be right back”. Programming



        • You can programme yourself.


          “I am …

          List any attribute (for example)

          I am intelligent.
          I am smart.
          I am a fast learner.
          I am competent.
          I am educated.
          I am well read.
          I am informed.
          I am a good listener.
          I am a good conversationalist.
          I am an excellent listener.
          I am an excellent conversationalist.
          I am an outstanding individual.
          I am a mesmerizing public speaker.
          I am a leader.
          I am a natural born leader.
          I am popular.
          I am loved.
          I am trustworthy.
          I am ethical.
          I am confident.
          I am industrious.
          I am a hard worker.
          I am able to work well with others.
          I am a team player.
          I am able to work independently.
          I am able to work independently
          Without supervision.
          I am independent.
          I am creative.
          I am inventive.
          I am ingenious.
          I am able to survive easily.
          I am rich.
          I am wealthy.
          I am successful.
          I am honest.
          I am able to keep secrets.
          I am logical.
          I am practical.
          I am thrifty.
          I am generous within reason.
          I am loyal to my people.
          I am loyal to my race.
          I am loyal to my Country.
          I am loyal to my employer.
          I am loyal to my employees.
          I am loyal to myself.
          I am loyal to my spouse.
          I am loyal to my family.
          I am loyal to God.
          I am loyal to Truth.
          I am a good person.
          I am a great person.
          I am relentless in pursuit of my goals.
          I am tireless.
          I am energetic.
          I am beautiful.
          I am handsome.
          I am fit and healthy.
          I am drawn to beneficial pursuits.
          I am not interested in any vice.
          I am without vice.
          I am perfection.
          I am happy.
          I am serene in action.
          I am so wonderful the world is enhanced by my being.
          I am able to do anything.
          I am proud.
          I am humble.
          I am anything I decide I am.
          I am one with The Creator.
          I am made in The Image and Likeness of God.
          I am creating my life with my decisions.
          I am responsible.
          I am responsible for who I am therefore I can change by simply changing my mind, my decisions.
          I am creating my life this moment.
          I am aware that I Can not change history, but that my perception of history is changeable.
          I am able to put my attention where it is most beneficial.


          • I am 🙂

            • BfromCA, if you want to see a great truthful way to see things watch the Passio vid I posted on the next article up. Money back guarantee!

              • Genius:

                Thank you. Check out Mark Colette’s free e-book


                Good explanation of the human mind and how our enemies are destroying us
                by manipulating us through “mind games”.

                __ ?


          • B from CA, a majority of those I subscribe to, except for being wealthy. as far as loyalty to other people or any entity is concerned, my loyalty does not come without certain conditions. There has to be a quid pro quo. Loyalty is a two-way street, not a cul-de-sac.

      4. B from CA, if/when cash gets banned and they introduce the ‘chip’, that’s when I bugout and go to ground. No one tells me what to think or say or anything else.

        • Well put, BH. The chip either is the mark of the beast, or at minimum a close cousin that will do the same thing. And now, I have seen articles where they are making it “fashionable” to have a barcode tattoo, or chip implants – or at least tout it as “convenient.” Even if this isn’t the mark of the beast, do you want this chip? What about when all your wealth is digital, and – thanks to the bankruptcy of socialism – they decide to give you minus 10% (ZIRP or NIRP) on your savings, since everything is now digitized?

          There is a reason the Founding Fathers decided on a division of powers, and that is because as Lord Acton told us a LONG time ago, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Of course, the fascist left in power thinks they are sooooo much smarter than the accumulated wisdom of the past… when in reality they the most corrupt, despicable group of fiends the world has seen in a long time.

          • TEST, very good post you made. DARPA has never controlled my mind and never will.

        • not being from America and having traveled a bit in Europe and Russia i can say that they wont ban cash overnight,
          it will be a transitional thing that is done over many decades and cash will slowly become redundant.

      5. Easy pickings they say. Total control realized at last. Arrest the dissenter to fight the terrorism of free speech. What you say can and will be held against you.

        • Aljamo, I’ve never been ‘easy pickings’ for anyone and never will be. Whoever comes after this dissenter will have a war on their hands.

      6. “Things I was ashamed of.”

        Why? How? Since there are no absolutes in his world (presumably), since, as Dostoyevski said, if there is no God, *everything* is permissible, his statement is irrelevant, mere opinion, or just preference. Sartre himself (no Christian or theist!) said that a finite point without an infinite reference point has no meaning. Given the speaker’s presuppositions, being “ashamed” is a nonsense statement. I’m not saying the man is immoral; what I am saying is it appears he (to be honest, I would need to hear a LOT more, so a lot of this is conjecture)is “merely” amoral. An amoral world will implode upon itself, just like Babel pretty much imploded. This theme of “man as God” was explored in That Hideous Strength for those of you who like fiction. It was also explored in the Garden of Eden (“you will be like God”) as well, incidentally. Babel, Eden, Lewis’ fictional England – not a one of them turned out well. Before, we had what we can do, and what we should do. Now, that latter constraint is removed. This bodes very ill for mankind.

      7. They never think it though, they stop short of who needs to be controlled. Yes history is full of ( the peaple rising up) it is more than likely one of the king’s nobles that seek to unseat the king. Now I am very aware of the deep and profound faith of many of you, I read more then reply.
        History of the world was full of uprising and assassin’s craft,the ambition of some has

      8. Sorry lost my connection,and these wars all happened before Christianity. It is not the peaple that need to be controlled it is the king’s nobles. The very idea of control of the people is to restrict access to the fruit of labor to those that want it. I personally think it is because they want to be a(GOD among men).
        So let them tinker they will fail because you can’t stop humane ambition,now bring the preordained future of Christianity in to it becomes a double fail.
        I know that they are working on counter measures to stop the other side(the enamy of the moment) from taking control fist or away from drapa. So all of this is for not and only causes pain and suffering untill they are stopped and forced to undergo all that they have done to all of the victims of there deeds. Now I am done!

      9. This isn’t real. You can’t just go injecting thoughts from a remote distance… Every brain is different. You can’t make ppl think they are hearing things with a direct physical link to their audio processing center of their brain… and even then you’d have *absolutely* no control of WHAT they heard, without spending YEARS mapping out THAT specific brains patterns.
        And they hooked a chimp up to a little girl… then let the chimp kill her? And NO ONE on the news ever heard about it… but he can speak freely about it in conference? They’ve already hooked up enough “hive minds” to demonstrate that 4-6 works great but more than that doesn’t… And yet… NO ONE has ever heard of even a successful animal trial? I love the idea of cybernetics, and try to keep on top of it. The guy is either A: A BOLD faced liar, or B: Lost his over lovin’ mind. Or C: some combination of the two
        Fake news.

      10. It almost makes you hope for an EMP…. Scary.

      11. manKIND. Hmmm.

      12. Interestingly, there are other “forbidden” experiments in history: Raising babies with no tactile input; raising a baby by wolves (this sure could be done – just put the baby and a wolf den, even in a zoo, and leave it there while remotely observing it); repeating the Stanley Milgram experiment; Japanese Unit 731, or Joseph Mengele’s experiments. The latter two’s actions were deemed crimes against humanity, and rightfully so (sadly, we found the information so valuable a lot were left untouched).

        “Morality is not part of intelligence” the AI machine in the presentation says “I don’t know what morality is.” Think where this will lead.

        Churchill put it best:

        “Science burrows its insulted head in the filth of slaughterous inventions.”
        — Winston Churchill

        “The Dark Ages may return—the Stone Age may return on the gleaming wings of Science; and what might now shower immeasurable material blessings upon mankind may even bring about its total destruction. Beware! I say. Time may be short.”
        Referring to the discovery of atomic energy.

        “This revelation of the secrets of nature, long mercifully withheld from man, should arouse the most solemn reflections in the mind and conscience of every human being capable of comprehension. We must indeed pray that these awful agencies will be made to conduce to peace among the nations, and that instead of wreaking measureless havoc upon the entire globe, may become a perennial fountain of world prosperity.”
        [Concerning use of the atomic bomb.]
        — Winston Churchill. Statement drafted by Churchill following the use of an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Due to the change in government, the statement was released by Clement Attlee (6 Aug 1945). In Sir Winston Churchill, Victory: War Speeches by the Right Hon. Winston Churchill (1946), 289.

        [Should Britain fail, then the entire world would] sink into the abyss of a new dark age made more sinister … by the lights of perverted science.
        — Winston Churchill
        “Finest Hour” speech after Dunkirk during WW II (18 Jun 1940). In Robert Rhodes James, ed. Winston Churchill: His Complete Speeches, 1897-1963

      13. This sounds like marriage to someone who is more strong-willed than you are. Never underestimate the power of wedding rings!

      14. Read Orwell’s 1984. A man I know wrote a book about Islam. He wrote the truth. The Muslims got him banned from entering Canada. He may also be banned from the UK. Micheal Savage is banned from the UK. Who did he kill? No one. He spoke his opinion and got banned. Soon your posts will be evaluated and you too will be banned. How’s that for mind control? They don’t need science to control you.

      15. PCR website– article titled, “the day earth was murdered”–

        With the two apocalyptic scenarios described in this article both possibly close at hand, why is the liberal/progressive/left concerned with tranny toilet facilities and the freedom of Muslims to immigrate to Europe and the US? Is this the way they distract themselves from the real threatening issues?

        Why are the timber companies cutting down forests and why are the remaining rain forests being massacred when it is trees that absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen?

        Why is there intense commercial farming of beef and pork when the methane release from the vast numbers of animals is extraordinary and a factor in the rising temperatures that are melting the Arctic ice?

        The answer is that profit-seeking has only short-term motivations, and the profits come mainly from the external costs imposed on third parties and the environment. The effort to control what economists call externalities requires thoughtful and determined regulation. Yet, the Trump administration declares regulation to be a hindrance to business. In other words, regulation interferes with the ability of capitalism to generate profits by externalizing its costs, and, thereby, regulation must be abolished.

        • Wow. Someone has actually fallen for the AGW global warming scam here. Scion of the faux acid rain scam of course (and no, I do NOT want the land polluted – but that is a different issue; you bring up dying forests and the scam of AGW, which is precisely that – a trillion dollar scam to bring in one world government). But, relative to trees:

          In the US, a 10-year government-sponsored study involving some 700 scientists and costing about $500 million reported in 1990 that “there is no evidence of a general or unusual decline of forests in the United States and Canada due to acid rain” and “there is no case of forest decline in which acidic deposition is known to be a predominant cause.” In Germany, Heinrich Spiecker, director of the Institute for Forest Growth, was commissioned by a Finnish forestry organization to assess the health of European forests. He concluded that they were growing faster and healthier than ever and had been improving throughout the 1980s. “Since we began measuring the forest more than 100 years ago, there’s never been a higher volume of wood … than there is now,” Spiecker said. (Ironically, one of the chief ingredients of acid rain—nitrogen oxide—breaks down naturally to become nitrate, a fertilizer for trees.) As for lakes, it turned out that their rising acidity was likely caused more by reforestation than by acid rain; one study suggested that the correlation between acidity in rainwater and the pH in the lakes was very low. The story of acid rain is not of catastrophe averted but of a minor environmental nuisance somewhat abated.

          Another report back in the day by the Finnish Forest Research Institute in the April 3, 1992 issue of Science magazine stated that there was a 25 to 30 percent increase in the growing stock of forests in Austria, Finland, France, Sweden, Switzerland, and West Germany between 1971 and 1990.

          The “forests are dying” chant has been going on a long time. All the way back in 1983, Woodwell, et al, wrote that “the forests are expected to disappear during the first half of the 21st century. The reality? The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), which has monitored the world’s forests every 5 to 10 years since 1946 stated in 2010 that forests covered 31% of the world’s land area. Deforestation rates in Brazil and Indonesia are decreasing, while there are net gains in Europe and Asia, due to natural reforestation and planting. Importantly, global carbon intake by the land and ocean has doubled between 1960 and 2010. However, we don’t know if carbon is being sequestered in the deep ocean – where it would stay for thousands of years – in trees, or somewhere else. How much carbon is being absorbed with this increase? According to Sara Mikaloff-Fletcher of the New Zealand National Inst. of Water and Atmospheric Research – as cited in the New Zealand Herald on July 11, 2012 – this amount is approximately 1 billion tonnes of CO2, which took scientists “completely by surprise.”

          The “ozone hole” has had a similar history to acid rain. Perhaps it was ameliorated by banning CFCs – and perhaps not. We still get the ozone hole every spring in the Antarctic, about the same size. Scientists debate why, but there is no conclusion. It could be that chemicals are taking longer to disintegrate; or the issue could have been misdiagnosed in the beginning. As with global warming, by all means, examine the facts. But do not use science as a dishonest tool to achieve some social or political ends.

        • More on the “dying trees” scam of the faux global warmers:

          CO2 is food for trees, and “standing timber in the United States has already increased by 30% since 1950. Heck, even good ol’ Iowa – taking a state right out of the middle of the continent – showed, in a 1990 survey by the United States Forest Service, acreage of about 2 million, compared to about 1.5 million in 1974; and 20 years later, that number had expanded again up to between 2.1 to 2.5 million. There are now 60 tons of timber for every American. Tree ring studies confirm this spectacular increase in tree growth rates,” while “It has also been found that mature Amazonian rain forests are increasing in biomass at about two tons/acre/year. A composite of 289 research studies predicts that overall plant growth rates will ultimately double as carbon dioxide increases.” The Climate Change Reconsidered website also confirms that the increase in CO2 will be beneficial, even for the tropics, concluding that “…rather than being the bane of earth’s tropical forests, 20th-century increases in air temperature and atmospheric CO2 concentration — which have returned these meteorological parameters to more normal post-Little Ice Age values — have actually proved to have been a great boon to the trees of the tropics.”

          Meanwhile, New Phytologist published a series of papers re. the Amazon and its supposed susceptibility to drought, and one co-author of these papers told the WSJ that “One of the things that turns out to be important is the extent to which tropical forests respond positively to CO2 increases,” and that higher CO2 can make plants more efficient at using water. No, you won’t see this breathlessly reported in the latest Yahoo “sky is falling/warming” article!

          Even the very green health food magazine Healthy Living, while trying to position increased CO2 causing allergies, inadvertently admits that CO2 is “increasing photosynthesis and more plant growth. Plants are flowering significantly earlier over time and advancing the season by approximately 0.8 days per year” (recall, there has been non-anthropogenic warming since the last “mini ice age). Other reports go on to note that in some measure because of C02 increase (no one is debating that there has been an increase in CO2, by the way), the USA now has 200 BILLION more cubic feet of standing timber as of 1990 than it did in 1950. Calvin Beisner points out that with the increased CO2 we have today, this may account for a 10% increase in the world’s crop yields – not a bad thing if you are poor! (but then, the welfare of a subsistence farmer, or the poor who live on the edge of malnutrition, are far from the view of the limousine liberals in Martha’s Vineyard and Hollywood), and it also means less land needs to be used for agriculture, saving our precious parks and land for wildlife and future generations. Lawrence Solomon wrote in the Financial Post on 6/7/08 research is showing the earth became more bountiful by 6.2% over the past two decades, and Dr. Fred Singer notes that if CO2 went too low, around half of the percentage it is today – as it almost did during the last Ice Age – all plants would be in trouble, as the plants would not have enough food.

          As a matter of fact, Dr.John Christy notes that plants originally evolved when CO2 was much higher – so increased CO2 is hardly going to hurt them. And if there were no plants, there would be no animals. No Starbucks to sip $25 caffe lattes in and discuss where in the White House basement George Bush hid his CO2 generator when he was in power, either. As a matter of fact, Patrick Moore, a founding member of Greenpeace, has now gone on record against the global warming hysteria (see his interview in the movie Not Evil, Just Wrong), and went on record as saying “We are told C02 is toxic and a pollutant, or a toxic pollutant, even better. It’s so ironic because anyone who knows anything about biology knows that C02 is the most important nutrient for all of life. It’s the currency of life.” In 2015 Moore also stated “ “My skepticism (about the global warmers) begins with the believers’ certainty they can predict the global climate with a computer model. The entire basis for the doomsday climate change scenario is the hypothesis increased atmospheric carbon dioxide due to fossil fuel emissions will heat the Earth to unlivable temperatures. In fact, the Earth has been warming very gradually for 300 years, since the Little Ice Age ended, long before heavy use of fossil fuels. Prior to the Little Ice Age, during the Medieval Warm Period, Vikings colonized Greenland and Newfoundland, when it was warmer there than today. And during Roman times, it was warmer, long before fossil fuels revolutionized civilization.”
          The idea it would be catastrophic if carbon dioxide were to increase and average global temperature were to rise a few degrees is preposterous Dr. James Lovelock, the one who founded the whole Gaia concept where the earth is seen as a single organism, has stated ““Scientists have moved from investigating nature as a vocation to being caught up in a career path where it makes sense to ‘fudge the data.’

          Besides, according to the feckless EPA itself – assuming their stats are right, which they aren’t – their rules will only reduce CO2 by 2.9 ppm, temp by 0.016% and sea level rise by 0.14 cm. All at a cost of $7 trillion. (Interestingly, new research from a team at at the Universities of Exeter, East Anglia and Oxford postulates that the first plants may have caused the Ice Ages 470 million years ago. Someone please contact the Sierra Club and tell them to fell a few more sequoias!)

      16. Who needs darpa? They own the media, banks, Hollywood, 40 % of the Supreme Court and what % of the congress and senate? Ask who you can’t criticize ? Don’t you have to be an idiot to not realize who the children of Satan are? And know the blasphemy ? And who there father is? How can it possibly be more plain? Isn’t it obvious ? Is this the great delusions of the endtimes ?Isnt it obvious?

      17. Say “I do” to the wrong person and receive a lifetime of “Honey do lists”. If this isn’t mind control, what is?

      18. And where our my commits?

      19. You tube nicholson1967

      20. Three days and no new stories. Mac has been kidnapped! I will pay the ransom, whatever it is! Hostage takers, where are you holding him?

      21. Is for sale? I thought I saw a note buy this site somewhere. Maybe they are all for sale. With free speech under attack, take away that reporting and the Internet will be useless to me. Meanwhile Trump is kneeling at the feet of the zionists, completely controlled by Nutty wingnut and the evil that produced 9-11. More war for Israel. Worship Israel because their ancestors murdered Christ. Stupid American self called Christians.

      22. The presenter is saying that we are formed and defined by peer pressures and systems, when every single one of these factors is under our personal control. We have new normals and new words, daily.

        There is also an implicit assumption, that giving your power away is inherently beneficial, when the 99% had to be deconstructed and degenerate, in order to provide normalcy, for the 1%

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