Inbred Two Party System Unites To Hold Onto Power: Elder Bush “Endorses Daughter-in-Law Hillary”

by | Sep 20, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 73 comments

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    Hillary Clinton and George H.W. Bush

    This article was written by Melissa Dykes and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: If ever the two party system reared its ugly headed, and allowed itself to be seen in full view, this is it. Donald Trump is the man so reviled, that Republican presidents are voting for legacy insider Democrats.

    Of course, it is no surprise, as the Bushes have long regarded Bill Clinton as a surrogate son, and Hillary as an in-law and partner in crime. American politics is inbred like that, and the power spoils. Here we are at the crossroads of a quarter century of decline at the hands of these two families, and they are now teaming up openly in desperate plea for the nation to keep them on as the ruling dynasty.

    Will 2016 symbolize their fading grasp on power, or will it merely be masked in new ways?

    Keeping It All in the Family: George H. W. Bush Just Endorsed “Daughter-in-Law” Hillary Clinton

    by Melissa Dykes


    In case you hadn’t heard, George H. W. Bush just announced he is endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, supposedly in an “unprecedented” snub of Republican candidate Donald Trump.

    However, that’s just a BS excuse. Considering how close knit the Bushes and Clintons are (they’ve been ruling us for over 30 years now as America’s unofficial dynasty families after all), this really shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. Bill loves H. W.; he has also referred to George W. as his “brother from another mother”.

    For many, the fact that Hillary is being officially endorsed by George H. W. Bush is not a surprise, but it is yet another reason they will be voting for Donald Trump.

    Yes. Yes they are.


    This article was written by Melissa Dykes and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.


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      1. If there was ever any doubt about what exactly it is that the Bushes value, there is none now. Time to vote against these people and remove them from the halls of power.

        • These 2 crime families are all in this together like peas in a pod. They are all war mongering Neo-Cons. Invade and destroy and steal. Bribes and payoffs.

          GH Bush Lied to us saying there were babies thrown from incubators in Kuwait to beat the drums of war to invade Iraqi the first time. It was propaganda. He is a liar just like his Kid GW Jr. The entire bush family is a crime family. Not enough room here to make a hit list. Neil Bush.. $1 Billion cost to tax papers for Silverado Savings and Loan, and he took a personal $100K loan that he never paid back, cause his daddy was Mr President at the time. These people are criminals. Clintons no different. We got it. Put them all in prison confiscate all their assets and repay the American Tax Payer back.


        • & then arrest all of them ! Give them a “fair” trial ! Then hang them high !!

        • Disgusting to be sure. These two families are the epitome of the elites that have destroyed this country ! Too much power corrupts completely and that is where we are here in USSA today !

          I do not really like Trump, but he has my vote and support for many reasons.

      2. Ive said it a million times

        2 heads ,, same beast

        want to clean out government ,, both parties need to be flushed completely , or it will be same shit different day

        • Both need to be flushed all the way down to the freakin unpaid interns,,,anything that has been associated with DC in the last 20 years is corrupt

          • It is open war on We The People!!!

            Here is what I know. In spite of the false paradigm pushed by the press and government, there really only are two teams. It is why these wretched republiCONs have have betrayed the people so openly (and in secret in the past). It is why demonRATs openly lie to their voters then, once elected, screw them over royally.

            You see, their allegiance is not to the people. Its not to their constituents. Its not even to their families. Their allegiance is to *GLOBALISM*.

            Again, there are really just two teams for Americans. We will call it Team America but you can replace America with Canada or Mexico or Germany or Sweden (God bless those Swedes: Light ’em up! Burn ’em down!) or any other country. This team is for their people. Sure, they are multiple teams but they are in the same league and fighting for the same thing. So, while we may see them as Team America or Team Sweden or Team Canada, they’re really Team Mankind or Team Anti-Globalism.

            The other team is the one attempting to enslave mankind a supranational corporation. …or as I call it an international coporagreedation. Its all about their elitism and the ability to steal your rights, property and lively hood to line their pockets. There are no good aspect of globalism. Team Globalism could also be called Team OnePercent or Team Elitism or Team Anti-Human. They are, literally, the enemies of good people everywhere. They’re actually deluded and stupid because Team Globalism actually eats it’s own. It is from HELL and we need to form an opposition to keep it there.

            Educate yourself. Lauren Southern on Globalism –

            htt ps://

            WARNING: Guys, start the video then pause it. Put your eyes back in your head. Yeah, she’s a knockout but she’s smart. Once you’ve recovered, continue. Don’t forget to LISTEN!

            • same fucking just a slightly different flavor, red or blue ?

        • Yes – Wings on the same bird. Bush showed his colors when he made the throat-slashing gesture at the Houston Primary debate. Nasty old nazi…..

          • Its sickening! They’re globalists and all they care about is their money and power. Why do you think the three top liar-bastards below Trump broke their pledge? Thats a serious thing. Why? Because the AGENDA was to get Trump to take the pledge. Why did they break it? Because their allegiance to GLOBALISM is much stronger than their desire to maintain their word, the people’s support or to keep their word.

            They can just PISS OFF! Any candidate that shows any tendency toward globalism, I’m done with. I’ve been an independent voter for years, now, I realize I am not. I’m a Libertarian Anti-Globalist. I finally have a label that I can strap on. (D), (R), (I) doesn’t matter. (G) or (N) matters (Globalist or Nationalist). I’ve been confused for years but now, its clear.

            The people need to start supporting America First candidates. God Bless Donald Trump for showing me the way. Its no wonder the press hates him. They are Globalist Maximists: nothing matters to them except globalism. Lie, cheat, steal, murder, destroy, nothing matters to them but the globalist agenda. Get that clue and spread it. We are the party of (N) and we are on the rise.

            I could never verbalize my loathing of the UN but now I can. They are committed, rabid globalists. SCREW THE UN! This is America and we don’t need them. Any UN involvement in the USA is bad, bad, bad.

            • I would call myself a conservatarian who is also a humanitarian that does not allow illegal aliens to receive more representation than legal citizens, especially veterans !

              None of our titles matter any longer, it is all just words. We must unite and take back this country from the criminals we call our government or lose all, simple as that. And the circumstance and set of events will present itself. That is why I am always 100% prepared in every way , because I know it is coming sooner than most realize. In a way this is just more proof or signs of the control freak elites desperation.

            • NetRanger: Most all you stated is almost an exact description of whats been known of now for about 110 years. And most everything You described is also found in those old chapters called “The protocols of the Elders of Zion”…..It is aprox 22 chapters, written down as the Meetings miniuets that began with their very first ziojewry Global meeting.

              They sent out a gobalwide call for the worlds top rated rabbis to attend and plot out their future plans/plots/agendas, for them to gain a total nwo aka Jwo world govnt control and a finalized plan to also OWN the entire world and all it contains. Including ownership of every non tribe Goyim gentile on earth as an owned serf slave to them. Each chapter has many sections within that fully describe in explicit detail the many ways and methods they are going to use or employ in order to fullfill their fanatical desires. Every issue Now ruining and destroying usa and every nation on earth almost, is fully detailed. From Banks/Moneys/Wars/MSM media controls, hollwood/universities/every fed govnt on earth, state govnt’s, and too many details to list here are laid out in sepcific details that are just too real to write off as some form “coincidences”.

              Even back in 1920-22 era when it had only been revealed and re written in english, after re wrote in french, from the russian orig, when Car maker guy Henry Ford learned of it, and was then asked by msm reporters/newspapers as to just what did he think of it all after reading it?

              Henry Ford told the press/newspapers that although in that era of 1920 the protocols had only been revealed publically for about 20-21 years so far…But all he had read and then compared it to what he Saw being done globally, and whom was behind it all etc.

              Henry stated that while already in 1920 it was being calimed to be a “forgery”, which was a method used to stiffle truth and change direction of issues same as seen done daily in 2016 with most important issues.

              But that in his honest opinion when one reads the protocols, then compares it all to what they see happening worldwide with their own eyes, it has so far proved to be as accurate of future events, and events done or controled by those taboo to name globalists, that there must be much truth to such a globalwide plan or agenda.

              Now fast Fwd to todays era, and folks now have another added 100 years of past historic events to ponder on and compare to what was written in those chapters plots.

              And if Henry Ford was astonished at just how accurate and ‘prophetic” the protocols had so far played out to an exactness as written of in just the 20 years since orig written….Just picture how he’d now feel if like Us he had the extra added hundred years more time to look back at and compare events to as written and planned within those protocol chapters eh.

              But in reality everything them zios wrote down in their protocols is only a reflection of what their real true agendas have been all aong for the past 3,500 years!

              It all also has an amazeing Tie-In when compared to much of their other volums of books, the talmud book’s.

              Once one researches all this stuff it becomes very cyrstal clear as to just why do they always make fanatical wild claims such as “oy Vey Dats a forgery”!

              Or more often times they resort to calling truth tellers vile names designed to stiffle and silence truth tellers, and silence actual facts that they cannot debate nor refute in any sane or logical or factual way.

              But thanks to internet ability todays generations have it very easy and fast for whomever desires such factual truths, and wishes to Know the real players as well as all of their nefarious evils and plots or plans for continued evil agendas.

              All we Now need is for a vast majority of american folks to finally research such books infos, then compare it all to what they Know deep down has happened and all the too many lies we been taught as facts etc.

              Then and Only then will or can we see a real solid chance for a true repair of the many dammages done by the worlds greatest Nation Wrecker Crew to ever live on planet earth.

      3. I also say,, who ever they fear.. is who you want

      4. We knew this already when the Bush’s failed to show up for the Republican Convention.

        • But “W” didn’t fail to show up at the slain Dallas police officers’ funeral, and make a dancing arse of himself:

      5. The Elder Bush was the first president to Utter the words New world Order on live TV. Him not liking Trump is great news. Remember his lies No new taxes. Weapons of mass destruction. He probably taught Bill& Hillary how to lie better.

        • Werent those words in a Megadeth song? “read my lips”. Foreclosure of a Dream. That’s it! Countdown to Extinction. Great album!

          • Megadeth seemed to know what was taking place at the time, before most.

            Megadeth – Foreclosure Of A Dream

            Duration: 4:49


            • Adding “Metal” to my prep list… never know when you’re going to need to blast some “Evil Capitalism” at your enemies while you’re blasting away at them!

              • Fk’n Right – (discount) Double ✔

      6. Banksters of the world, unite!

        More puerile BS from the left

      7. Bunch of carpetbaggers from Maine that came to Texas so they didn’t have to pay state income tax. This POS used a hotel as his address early on to avoid State taxes. Well Texas will never support this slut or another Buch. You and your family need to leave now you wore out your welcome.

        • nubria123

          The Bush’s have a large ranch in Paraguay.

          Hate to say it but, being a war vet in politics don’t mean shit anymore.

          • Bush Senior has a large ranch in Paraguay.

            Judging by those colorful comfy socks, I’m not the only one into Alpaca.

            Did somebody say Bill referred to George Jr. as his brother by another mother.

            George Sr. was a nice looking guy at one time. Bill does look more like him than like Rockefeller. Enough speculation. This is some unholy alliance between the Bushes and Clintons. Brothers in philosophy, if not by blood; oh, but they are joined by blood-other people’s blood.


      8. Prescott, GH, GW, enough is enough. Three generations of globalists. It’s time for a populist.

      9. Death awaits you soon mr bush…. robert kennedy believed that we would be judged by what we did to bring forth the nwo and mr bush has done his part…. of course who is it that will do this judging and rewarding thereof? Well ac/dc’s bon scott was also doing his part but was more to the point when he sang:

        Hey satan paid my dues by paying in a rocknroll band
        Hey momma look at me I’m on the way to the promise land

        Bush’s clinton’s obama’s soro’s scott’s and kennedy’s will all suffer forever in the same lake of fire…

        • There is a reason these people strive for longevity and try lots and lots of life extension technology. Most know what awaits them at death and what entity they will serve.

      10. The Bush-Clinton crime family has always been overloaded with socialist baggage. Anything they say to the contrary is BS with CAPITAL BS. ALL of them need to be pushing up daisies.

        • BH. Only thing you ever said i can agree with.

        • There needs to be something like “The Running Of The Bulls” here in America, particularly for dishonest politicians. We could call it “The Stretching Of The Ropes” or “The Tying Of The Knots”.

          BraveHeart has it absolutely correct except for the name. Just because prominent members of Team Globalism show up in the news doesn’t mean they’re the only ones. Its not the Bush-Clinton crime family, its just Globalism. It is its own class of crime, much like “Terrorism”, Globalism kills people, economies, liberties and hope.

      11. Its a club,
        And we aint in it,
        Who is John Galt!

      12. The CIA demon possessed criminal psychopath from the inner bowels of hell HW Bush, and his spawn of Satan drunken bum son GW Bush, together these two Gloabalist fascist murderous genocidal psychopaths form the most inbred demonic father and son evil the world has EVER known.

      13. Of course the Bush crime syndicate is throwing their support to Hillary. If Trump gets into office they are all going to prison.

      14. The Bush family has shown their love for this country all the way back to WWII with their support of Hitler. What would you expect out of them. They love only the dollar.

      15. After 9-11 it was obvious to me that G W sold us out.

        I think there is little difference between Damocrats and RePubs the chameleon changes color as needed only to make SOME think they have a choice. What a pathetic mess!!!

        Hold on to your hats because the ride is going to get Rough!

      16. After 9-11 it was obvious to me that G W sold us out.

        I think there is little difference between Damocrats and RePubs the chameleon changes color as needed only to make SOME think they have a choice. What a pathetic mess!!!

        Hold on to your hats because the ride is going to get Rough!

      17. The New Weird Odor always wins. 2012 I was blackballed by 95% for suggesting that the REPS and the DEMS were the same. And now you have it. Also, Ill’s double, if she is smart, is likely demanding a raise or else. $500 mil or I spill the beans. I expect TPTB will finish off the real Ill and blame it on a Methodist prepper that hates Mexican food. Two less Capos in the NWO. lol

      18. I mean George H W

      19. PHOTO CAPTION CONTEST…. [Bill the Slimebag pointing at his semen stain on GHW Bush’s nine dollar trousers]

      20. I mean George H W

      21. This might be the time to vote out the establishment.

      22. Unpopular Georgie “Read my lips” Bush just gave the election to Trump.

      23. I have said for years that the biggest threat to our health safety and welfare are Democrats. After we get rid of them we need to eliminate GOPe Republicans. Can you imagine a free land not weighed down by those weights? It would be paradise. Lets make it so.

      24. Inbred Two Party System Unites To Hold Onto Power: Elder Bush “Endorses Daughter-in-Law Hillary”

        Dueling Banjos – “Deliverance”

        Duration: 4:20 ?♪??♬

        • Just think what type of “deliverance” is going on with O and Michael…

          • Well … this I can say … “they won’t have any “natural children”.

      25. I wouldn’t want that piece of shîts’ vote anyway.

        Kick her asś Trump

        • Hey Cap’n, do ya want “authorities” telling YOU what to say?

      26. Bush was the first politician I ever heard speak about the new world order. A globalist not for America he is, which is what Hillary is

      27. He thinks that nice lady thats been spooning him oatmeal and wiping his bobo is named Hillary. He may change his mind and vote for the nice man named Vladamir who cuts up his roast beef.
        Who gives a rats ass who the fossil votes for he just wants his coloring book.
        His New World Order won t help his ass, he should be down in Venezuela digging in a dumpster.

      28. We need to get rid of all these betrayed Republicans the next go round. They have let their party down. To bad people don’t realize its power and money they want. They DON’T understand they will suffer even more. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

      29. The old phuk sold us out on the 2nd Amendment, the young phuk sold us out on the economy and national debt. Both of them can go pyss up a rope. Died in the wool money grubbing power mongers all the Bush clan are.

      30. Freaking inbred Lizards. What RETARDS the Bushes, et al. are. I wonder if this comment will be censored?

        What if I have Tourette’s syndrome and can’t seem to stop saying shit such as “Nigger”, “Chink”, “Jew”, “Faggot”, “Islamic Terrorist”, “Moron”, etc?

        • Yup! INSTANT MODERATION… Posted @6:09PM CT.

          • “because our system does not recognize your IP address or email address”

            NO, that’s BS. Nothing has changed…

      31. Hello All, My first post!!
        I have said to friends,family and everyone else that will listen,,, This election cycle has finally proven that there are no longer two parties, just one that wants to rule and maintain their power base. They do not care about anyone but themselves.
        I vote for Trump, not the Beast.
        To quote Thomas Jefferson: The tree of Liberty must be refreshed with the blood of Patriots and tyrants, it is it’s natural manure.
        I am an American and sad to repeat what Jefferson said, but there comes a time.
        Be strong, safe and prepared!!

      32. What is WRONG with saying “Knee grow” or “j-w”? Why censor?

        We ARE all dying due to these things and yet you silence us? WHY?

      33. PLEASE look in the MIRROR and then EXPLAIN AS TO WHY…

      34. This site is at LEAST equal (or less than) the SOVIET Russia OR USSA These days…

        • Hermit . You know how to circumcis a redneck ? You kick his sister in the jaw !

      35. The political PIMP has finally come home to roost piece of shit

      36. I’m sick of Bush’s and Clinton’s. They have unilaterally Destroyed America. I wish them all Ill-Will and a speedy departure from this world.

      37. Well- extremely poor taste on Bush’s part to endorse a Democrat candidate when he was a Republican president. A statesman would have kept his mouth shut- although I think a lot of this is sour grapes over Jeb not doing well earlier on. Wonder who he’d been endorsing if Jeb had been running now. Very tacky… and I am not one of those who hate the Bushes or Cheneys. These folks just can’t stand the thought of an experiment in government; terrified to lose the staus quo. Nobody has done anything for us but sell us out over the past 30 years. I wish tgey would quit pretending they were concerned about the middle class and lower socioeconomic groups. They all steal from one and pander to the other.

      38. The old man probably got nervous that Trump was going to deport Jebs Wife ?

      39. You cannot serve two gods.

        Thus they invariably chose evil.

      40. More reasons not to vote for hillary. Of course, those bushes and clintons had a lucrative business together back in the 80s at good old Mena, Arkansas.

      41. If I was them I wouldn’t be laughing cause Hell ain’t half full yet……….

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