Inauguration Crowd Shouts “Lock Her Up” When Hillary Is Announced… Booed Like Bush Was in 2008

by | Jan 20, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 31 comments

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    Hillary Clinton was booed by the people who rejected her corruption at the ballot box, now demanding her arrest at Trump’s inauguration.

    Another torch has been passed on, and is part of a continuing American legacy.

    Not just the inauguration of the duly elected President Trump, being passed the torch from Obama, but the traditional shaming of the bad actors before them who have played a role in ruining the country.

    In 2009, former President George W. Bush was booed as he was announced on January 20th– after leaving office with large portions of the country strongly opposed to his policies on Iraq, terrorism and larger legacy as a semi-dynastic heir to office.

    Now in 2017, Hillary Clinton, who attempted her own semi-dynastic claim to the presidency, was roundly rejected with calls to “lock her up” during the inauguration, despite the fact that President Trump publicly distanced himself from his campaign rhetoric after the election. On January 20th, 2017, for many, it was Hillary Clinton, not outgoing President Obama, who was represented the end of an era of shame.

    This video comes from a back angle, so there is probably a better source of the crowd chanting, but it certainly makes the point:

    Trump inauguration Hillary Clinton boo lock her up 1/20/2017

    After an ongoing email scandal, and evidence of wide-reaching corruption inside her campaign and the Democratic party, a large portion of the population voted against her doings in the same way they had earlier turned against W. Bush.

    2008: Bush Booed and Jeered during Inaugural pre-Introduction

    CBS/AP reports:

    Some Donald Trump supporters chanted “Lock her up” when Hillary Clinton was announced on the inauguration stage Friday.

    The chant was popular among supporters during Trump’s campaign. During one presidential debate, Trump even suggested Clinton should be in jail over her email controversy while secretary of state.

    Clinton says she’s attending Trump’s inauguration to “honor our democracy.”

    In fairness, there was also audible booing or shouting during the moment when Donald Trump was sworn in as president, and these opposition crowds are a testament to the deep divisions and strong hostility among the population.

    Here is Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton just before being announced at the inauguration ceremony:

    Read more:

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    We Finally Know Why Hillary Disappeared On Election Night: “She Was Crying Inconsolably… It Was Hard To Understand What She Was Saying She Was Crying So Hard”

    Did Trump Make a “Secret Deal NOT To Prosecute Hillary” In Exchange for Her Concession?


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        • Unfortunately political bribery, pay for play, requires a contributor that expects favor for the donation and a recipient that is expected to give favor. You can’t get Hillary without also charging very powerful people, many in political positions. Hillary’s defense attorney would demand, and require the Justice Department to charge as many people as the evidence takes them or be rightfully accused of selective enforcement. Your not serving a Prince in Saudi Arabia a subpoena.

          The bad news is that while she isn’t too big to charge, convict and theoretically jail the bribers are. The good news is that Hillary and Bill, politically neutered, having nothing more for sale are driving the Clinton Foundation out of business. This massive drop, if not outright ending of “donations”, certainly shows the corrupt nature of this “Chartable Organization”.

        • Anon: Don’t expect Trump to do anything about Hillary.

          Yes very True, however Trumps ATTY General and Justice Dept will. Stay tuned…

        • I did say that things would never go back to normal after this election. My intent was and still is that we are a very divided nation and are on the cusp of a civil war. We have a war within our government going on already. CIA vs NSA just a couple of weeks ago in downtown NY had a shoot out, CIA officer wounded in the shoulder. Story came on and disappeared in one day. Media blacked out? You have Trump fighting with our intelligence agencies and the FBI supposedly cancelled all vacations for agents in case of an attempted coup by the CIA? What adds credence to all of this is Trump’s meeting with all the intelligence agencies on the day after his inauguration. Again reports are vague as to what transpired in that meeting yesterday. How about the bizarre way the FBI handled the Clinton email situation, does any of that make any sense? Then you have the civilian discourse being funded by Soros and someone out there doing a great job of organizing these protests. Who are these people doing this? It’s not just spontaneous groups of people gathering. Can you tell me that no one, no one at all has been able to follow the money from the Craigslist’s ad’s as to who is paying for this? No one? Hard to believe. How about the world wide cyber war that I going on? Influencing elections all over the world? Every war has started with a black out of the media and using same for propaganda. You don’t think that is going on? So yeah I think there are problems that are not going away. I now trust in Trump as our only way out of this if anyone can.

      1. Anonymous, it’s possible the globalists have something in mind for the Clintons. The Clinton Foundation is going out of business. No more ‘pay-to-play’ because they don’t have any political office to sell. Their days of glory are behind them.

        • The left still doesn’t admit that her Foundation was selling influence and access to the White House.

      2. It would’ve been nice to see the hildebeast have an ‘accident’ on national TV. One can always hope…..

      3. Well I guess she will be the new mayor of NYC!

        The RED Blood of Americans are on many of their hands. Lock them all up and drain the swamp. Americans are as sick of them as they are Soros and SJW’s.

      4. “We don’t care”?

        Speak for yourself…

        It takes a village to get thrown in the darkest damn hole in all of Turkey…

      5. The Clintowns. Always the consummate actors. And have George Stephanopoulus in the video on SHTF? I won’t be able to eat dinner tonight as I will be sick to my stomach

      6. At least, the Clintons showed up even though it couldn’t have been easy. I wish they hadn’t booed her but what do you expect from all us “deplorable” people.

      7. There are many reasons why charging the Clintons would be counter productive. For one thing, it would mean dirtying our Country’s reputation for all time. It is one thing when a President gets caught commiting adultery. It is much worse if he or she is a proven rapist, murderer, ect. So, not only is Trump too smart to take on the (((elite))) cabal head on, by putting the Clinton’s on trial, Trump is protecting the reputation of a former President and First Lady so as to protect Americans, so he can proceed to make incremental changes that will strengthen our position in the world. Think of it this way: during the run up to elections, we Americans fought among ourselves the way a family fight among themselves, but once they venture out into the public domain, their squabbling ends. That’s just life. But these two have been neutered, and they know it.


        • No, you’re oh so very WRONG there! It would not be counterproductive at all, rather it would cement in the FACT that we are a nation of laws, not whims and caprices of petty bureaucrats. If you don’t want to do the time, then just don’t do the crimes!!
          Far too many men and women have either had their life ruined or outright ended by the Klinton crime cabal. Have you ever heard of the Klinton Circle of Death before? Look it up some time. Those people deserve to have their murderers brought to justice, and NOW!!

      8. The Clinton’s being neutered does not erase the crimes both have committed against the American people. Trump was never going to lock her up. As close to untouchable as one can get. It is legal for candidates for high office to lie. That’s all they are good at.

        • aljamo, good point, (as are most all of them here).
          When you talk of the crimes both have committed, I think of the most vicious ones, the murders, done by their handlers, but, Vince Foster??? Hillary’s orders, obviously. And the 2 young boys on the rail tracks. Kathy Willey’s cat.

          If they’re never charged and put on trial it will be because they really are above the law….which means we don’t have a chance of ever changing to a free Republic.
          There will always be college students being profiled for future Presidents and office holders, like was discussed here previously. I think the Clinton’s and Zero were two of the most successful ones to do their part in Ruination, USA.
          The fact she appears to be a broken being will have to do.

      9. You never know? Obummer didn’t pardon her. So she is still fair game. Maybe the state of New York or the Military will prosecute her? We can always hope.

      10. Did anyone else catch Bill the rapist Clinton ogling Trumps wife and daughters?

        What a creep, at one point Hillary caught him, and gave Bill such a dirty look.

        • PTPO, NO WAY Billy Boy will ever get Any of the Trump women. I wish both of the Clintons would have an “accident”.

        • I’ll grant you bill is a creep…but in his defense (begrudgingly at that)..
          imagine being married to that?
          He must’ve been ordered to marry it…
          you know, for royalty’s sake

      11. trump DID say he will listen to the will of the PEOPLE, did he not? lock that criminal up.

      12. KIllary needs to be charged with TREASON.

      13. My guess is, Mr. Trump didn’t want to overplay his hand by insisting on a prosecution for Shillary before he was in office. That would have given NoBama justification to give her a pardon. Now that Nobama is gone, she’s fair game.

      14. Clinton failed to deliver,lots of money spent and promises made.Targets on their backs,watch for arkancides by the big boys.

      15. Yes she need to be charged and face a trial. If that occurs it sends a new message. That message would be it don’t matter who you are you can be held accountable. If Hellery isn’t brought to justice. From now on every jury I sit on the perp will go scott free. or at least there will be a hung jury.

      16. Obama did not pardon her. Hence Biden’s mysterious “God save the Queen” reference at the Congressional Electoral confirmation meeting. As to her being prosecuted… that could come from anywhere at any time. It doesn’t have to look like it originated from DT. She is stewing in her own juices right now.

      17. the guy actually said “the honorable..” WTF?!!!!
        I guess honesty is no longer desirable in America?

      18. Yeah they’re honorable all right, like a pack of liars and a den of thieves rolled into one. Even Trump is a colossal liar, it will be proven out eventually. Obama the chronic liar, I don’t believe he ever told the truth even once. If Trump was for the people and states the people will no longer be ignored, then why does he not abolish DHS? He’s a globalist, enough said. He will go after America’s lifeblood, that being free speech. The people are divided, most supporting either crooked side. You actually expect change from this closed system of corruption.

      19. The Clintons looked like hell at the inauguration. Bill looked wan and ill: is it AIDS or something else?

        Hillary had the skin of an elephant: she looked much older than she is.

        Michelle Obama has clearly been piling on the pounds and hobbled around on her heels like a linebacker.

        Nancy Pelosi has an impressive set for a woman of her age.

        Donald and Melania looked like the real deal: a strong alpha male with a beautiful woman at his side: as it should be and as it has been for centuries for humanity. No more spindly gay guy with ape-woman, an arrangement that has not been the norm for centuries of human civilisation.

        As for all the women protesting, they are protesting a white man who has hired and promoted women and given them many economic opportunities. They weren’t protesting the real abusers of women today – Islam and Saudi Arabia.

      20. Hillary will never be prosecuted. Sessions said in his questioning for DOJ that he would not prosecute her. Also Bill Clinton is a member of the Illuminati, aka NWO or aka Deep State. Not going to happen.

      21. The world is a stage with an audience of around six billion dumbasses who think it is real.

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