Homeland Trains Police for Riots, Civil Unrest: “This Training Has Never Been in Texas Before”

by | Apr 22, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 169 comments

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    This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at Infowars.com.

    Editor’s Comment: The more they train, the more it appears that the federal government is anticipating a real life event of spreading unrest. Will it be riots over the election outcomes, racial unrest or economic collapse?

    There are numerous scenarios, including several unforeseen events, that may well happen, and society is being engineered to be occupied and controlled if/when things spill over. Be cautious in large crowd, especially at high profile events, know your rights, and never let your guard down. The system thrives on chaos…

    Homeland Security Trains Texas Cops to Deal With Riots

    by Paul Joseph Watson

    Police advised by FEMA officials how to conduct “mass arrests”

    The Department of Homeland Security oversaw a first of its kind three day training exercise in Texas this week during which police officers from fifteen different departments took part in drills on how to deal with riots and conduct mass arrests.

    Click here to see the video.

    Screen shot 2016-04-22 at 6.02.11 PM

    Dozens of McLennan Community College students posed as unruly demonstrators during the drill, which took place at the McLennan Community College Emergency Services Education Center.

    “This type of training has never been in Texas before,” training coordinator Jay Fonville told the Waco Tribune.

    Cops learned how to counter “domestic and civil disturbances” during the training, which was coordinated by the DHS’ Center for Domestic Preparedness, as well as “proper use of batons, mass-arrest procedures, and riot control formations.”

    “Riots are hard to detain, and as little officers as they have they are probably going to be outnumbered most of the time. It’s vital that they get it correct the first time,” Criminal Justice major Dylan Solis told KCEN-TV.

    The exercises involved protesters provoking cops but classroom briefings on “large-crowd management, critical thinking, intuitive decision-making skills and the public’s right to peaceably assemble” were also held.

    FEMA instructors were on hand to advise cops on the protesters’ “constitutional rights” as well as how to “handle situations with multiple arrests and mobile field-force team methods.”

    The training is expected to be put into practice in “realistic situations,” and more drills are being planned for the future.

    As we highlighted yesterday, police departments across the country are buying riot gear in expectation of more Ferguson-style civil unrest sweeping the country.

    Top insurer Lloyds also released a report that warned of a “pandemic” of global civil unrest that could go viral, while panicked elitists have been busy preparing for doomsday scenarios by purchasing luxury underground survival bunkers to protect them from the “general public.”


    This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at Infowars.com.

    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.


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      1. Stay quiet Be smart

        • The idiots here don’t practice Opsec. Perfect group to take out with this sweet little honeypot. Apparently I am not the only one that thinks that sites are being created and used for that very purpose.


          • The MAN knows who we ALL ARE… END OF.

          • Me thinks a certain amount of paranoia might actually be healthy.

          • Anon, there are some sites like that, but not this one. You’re confused.

            • You can be assured that the powers-that-be are on here collecting their “intelligence”. That’s all they’ve got to go on, given their weakness by being far, far outnumbered by the people. The p-t-b have to “know” where to zero in on isolated victims of theirs. That’s one way they’ll be destroyed by their own inherent failure.

              • Anonymous, not on HERE. ON and AT YOUR ISP (everytime). It’s your ISP’s machine spilling the beans on you and not your personal machine (unless they have taken it from you I suppose).
                If you’ve never run a server …believe the ‘owner’ (and me or anyone whose ever run a server (or had it run for them or both 50/50 ‘sorta’). You only leave (perhaps) an IP when you arrive and you get a cookie, that’s it.

        • Roger that, Jacknife.

          I don’t like the idea of the feds mingling with local LEOs, but understand large cities wanting to have a plan for a controlled burn (riot).

          I do not see any wise prepper participating in any riots, or rushing to the scene where there is a police build up.

      2. Yeah, train all you want with unarmed college students.
        Sounds like they all had a fun filled afternoon.
        I think it’ll be a bit different in a “real situation”.

        • Just for fun, wrap you brain around this one:

          What happens when 50 cops in riot gear meet 50 P.O.’ed, motivated, and trained guys in “equal to or better than” riot gear???

          • All around the mulberry bush the Monkey chased the Weasel.

            • Obama chased a weasel? Now that’s a new one on me.

              • Ya most freaks like gerbils and shit, Obama likes weasles because his ass is bored out like a truck stop lol.

                • That is some kind of important conversation for a prepping site.
                  You talk your shit about me and my posts because what you rinse and repeat is drunken stupid shit that you somehow think is funny….lol,lol,lol,lol,lol..nope not funny..just childishstuporramblings from another heathen looking for attention.

                • Genius, LMAO! Good one. No surprise there.

          • Even better. How about 100 guys with NO ARMOUR. Not all of us have the armour but we have the passion for protecting our loved ones. The numbers will be skewed.my town is 25,000. They are always trying to hire police. They will burn their uniform and melt into the wall. Like Katrina there will be no cops here or very quickly dead ones. Join us or…..now the big city? I dunno.

            • Armor can be made out of dirt, if necessary. There are lots of things that can be used. Learn how. Armor won’t make you invincible but, it gives you a chance in case you get hit by a shot that you couldn’t evade and, a lesser, maybe more survivable punch if shot. The people’s lack of armor is what the powers-that-be depend on to force them into compliance, for fear of being definitely shot or, of not surviving if shot. The powers-that-be will be using all sorts of weaponry so, armor will have to be multi-effective.

          • Ninjas,
            What if its ninjas!

        • Texas is a Bad place to be in an Emergency.
          Everyone is Armed. Heavily Armed.
          And I would say most of these armed Texans know how to use their weapons.
          Girlfriends, wives, mothers, daughters, also know how to shoot.
          Most of these females have their own weapons, handguns, long arms, shotguns.

          Point being not just the men, red necks, and bubbas, play with guns in Texas.
          Going to the gun range is a date activity for “normal” people in Texas.

          So you tell me:
          Would you want to be in a situation where some emergency causes these pissed off armed people to Riot? Three days without food?
          Would you want to be around these armed Momma Bears if their children and babies are going hungry?
          Economic collapse. Natural disaster. Government False Flag Operation. Or anything else that would prevent “normal” purchase of food, medical, fuel, etc. Would turn into a Bloody Bloody mess. These armed women are not going to allow their children to go hungry. Three days without food and civilized behavior No Longer exsist. Two weeks without food and you have Mad Max medieval Chaos. BTW: I have seen these things personally in my home country.

          The current Corrupt Criminal Communist Federal government would end up Gassing, Bombing with air craft, and declaring all out War on the People of Texas. Because these armed Texans FAR outnumber the New World Order cronnies of the current pretend president. Riot police could not stop the chaos, no matter their numbers or training.

          The FEMA death camps with Guillotines, and murder of Americans would be the end result of a real emergency. Yes your government will Murder you.

          Look at how the Feds disarmed, rounded up people, starved them of food and water, during the Hurricane Katrina fiasco. The Feds disarmed, rounded people up into the sports dome, shut them in for control, then allowed people to DIE. This is FACT.

          Katrina was really a local, minor, emergency in the big picture. The Feds could not handle it. Some people say the feds INTENTIONALLY caused the New Orleans flooding as a test exercise? I don’t know if the allegation is true? But I would NOT be surprised by anything criminal that these Sociopaths would do to their own people.

          Your small arms are worthless against air craft, nerve gas, tanks, artillary. Your Preps will be confiscated by the roving masses or Government Goons. You will be out gunned, outclassed, in a real large scale crises. The Government will be you Nightmare. Not your Savior.

          Study communism and fascist History, and learn what government Tyrants do to anyone that stands in their way. The People just DIE by the millions.

          Hitler, Castro, Mao, Pol Pott, Lenin, Stalin, Obama, Clinton, all love gun control.
          Texas and her armed People are a thorn that would/will be REMOVED by ANY and ALL means available to the current corrupt criminal sociopaths in control of USA government. JADE Helm exercise listed the enemy states to their New World Order. They are telling you their plans to kill you and still you refuse to believe them. Why?

          I’m NOT a prepper. I do NOT have guns. Live by the sword. Die by the sword. I would never participate in a riot. I will not be cannon fodder to stand up against superior fire power.

          I will be peaceful and in control of emotion. In control of anger. Recognize my limitations. I concentrate on Leaving a bad situation. That is why I am alive today.

          Any animal in a Forest Fire flees to safety. Even the mighty Grizzly Bear leaves and flees for his life when faced with forces much greater than his teeth, claws, strength. He runs. It is not cowardice. It is courage to accept limitations, so as to live.

          I see a lack of realism. Much ego. Much arm chair commando expert mindset. Much over estimation of abilities from peoples words on this site. I also saw these in my neighbors/friends/family, in home country. Most who are now very sadly and unfortunately dead.

          • Lack of realism huh Vinny? You just don’t get it, the faithful of Jesus Christ. Tanks, planes ECT… Doesn’t have anything on Jesus and the book of Psalms. I can’t figure out what your damage is coming on here trying to discourage people. It just won’t work for us believers. I’ll see your cloud of doom and despair, and I’ll go all in on Jesus, the banishing light to your cloud of darkness.
            Joshua 1:9 Psalm 23

          • Your passive sheeple. I wouldn’t flee a fire. You cant out run one any way. I would clear a area and set a premeter fire around me. and keep following behind the flame of my own fire that I was in control of.. That’s because I have Know How. Blind fear serves no useful purpose. Learning self reliance and knowing what to do is helpful. You never face your tagret head on. You hunt into the wind. Most all the wild game ive shot never knew I was anywhere around. Do you really think someone dumb enough to willingly join the military and be cannon fodder for the NWO is untouchable? They train and are brainwashed to follow orders and protocol. Anything out of the box that they haven’t trained for will stymie them. Example shoot just one in the foot. Now you have reduced their numbers by 3 because it takes two to carry the lame one away. and there suddenly went from attack mode to full retreat. Hide some goods. put a purse that closes up tight where it can be discovered. Have a live snake preferably a poison one the purse. That will unnerve most people. The front door of our house is never used. There is a big heavy built bookshelf full of books built there on the inside. its a wood door. and the rest are metal doors. That is the door a bad person would try to gain entry through. 2×12,s horizontal every 18 inches stacked full of books. most rifle rounds would not penetrate it. So they fail to gain entry through the wood door? What then? They haven’t trained for that. And We are long gone through the trap door and escape tunnel.( man I love my old backhoe!) and if they gain entry there will be a few other things to mess up their plans.

            • correlate your post with your ISP’s geolocated IP address and make two passes with a drone equipped with IR and or ground penetrating radar to find the spider holes. Rinse and repeat.
              Opsec beats physical defenses all day long.

              • Im not importiant enough for anyone to waste time with a drone trying to locate hollow places. I burn my tin cans and let them rust. that rust is tilled into the soil. a metal dectector will go off constantly at my place. Most of this worst case Doom Porn stuff will never happen. The land wales and dumb free shit army parasites will fight to be the first ones rounded up. The promise of free food as bait will quickly lure them into confinement. I bait my traps with sardines and easily catch the most crafty varmits.Same principal just differen varmit and different bait. There used to be a gang of thieves who used a cave on the river. They would steal from flatboats. Used a nakked pretty girl on a sand bar to lure the flatboats close enough to run aground. the they killed everyone on the raft. And it worked time and time again.

      3. I have no doubt this is all about the brewing shitstorm on the horizon. If you add the billion rounds of hollow point bullets you get the idea they know what’s coming. You can also see the uptick in civil unrest taking place around the world. At this point all you need is a spark to light the match and it’s game on.

        Michael Ruppert warned about this scenario taking shape globally in his movie “Collapse” back in 2009.

      4. Yes, fear,doubt and uncertainty is in the air. We are close to a collapse.

        Well considering the reports of pension funds being cut and other income resources such as snap, very well could happen shortly.

        Might I point some of you to strangesounds.org. Earth having some issues too.

        No doubt we live in a world of change.

        • Neat site. 16ft OarFish!

              • GENIUS… You lost someone friend?

              • These were simpler times Genius..

            • Thanks Genius! Just got finished listening to the “Dukes of September”. It was Michael McDonald, Donald Fagan and Boz Scaggs together on stage. Heck of a concert.

              • Dang I will have too look them up! Thanks.

          • I LOVE grandee xXx

      5. I thought you Texans had the perfect world and place to live…. What happened….?

        • We do! and the point of your question is?

          • Don’t get indignant with me proud one…. Your law enforcement are allowing the Fed’s in and are now sold out. How does this equal up to the mantra of divorcing the state from the USA…?

            This counters the bravado I hear all of you chirping about. (and you know it’s true)

          • Hmmmm, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, bugs up the yang, a ton of idiots, humidity, ya sounds great! lol……

            • Genius. You forgot the Dallas Cowboys, the Texans and the almost Rangers. Texas certainly isn’t what it used to be.

          • Why you so indignant…?

            Isn’t this article about the Fed’s crawling up your local police getting them ready to screw your populace?

        • We have been infiltrated here in Texas like everybody else… but the infiltrator gonna have a difficult time….

      6. There’s no doubt, something huge is coming or else why prep for these scenarios unless they expect it to happen. These drills, training and military style weapons procurement cost millions of dollars and enormous effort. Americans are already on edge for so many reasons, all it takes is a trigger, like Rodster has said and the dominoes will fall.

      7. Getting them ready to protect the thousands of Syrian refugees the feds are placing in Texas.

      8. Might all turn into a Zombie attack. Homeland security doing the training. I thought they were to catch those foreigners that want to do harm to us. Not Americans.

        Texas going to be made an example?

      9. They’re preparing for the coming devaluation of the dollar. Rob Kirby said a week ago that one was coming in the next two or three weeks. Jim Willie has said that two 35% dollar devaluations are coming. If the dollar is devalued by 35% then prices will go up 50% overnight. Most families won’t be able to make it if that happens.

        • Jim Willie has been repeating the same tired line for several years now. The problem is that when their deadline comes and goes they provide another future date. No one really knows when the coming meltdown will take place as the entire global financial and monetary systems are all rigged by the Banksters.

          • Even a broken clock is right at least twice a day..unless it’s a military clock.

      10. they are too busy calling 911 because someone wrote “trump 2016” on the sidewalk.

        • Or fretting over the last super rock/pop star tappin out from drugs.

          Prince was a talented musician, but that is it. he never created anything that has helped mankind…well maybe help get a few guys get laid, after the girls got all worked up to his music.

          But really; why all the glamorizing and idolizing of another pop star? yea he did some ok music if you like that sort of stuff.
          I was never a fan or owned any of his music, but apparently there were plenty of people that idolized him.
          Every time i see this happen, like it was with Whitney Houston and Michael jackson, to name a couple, I am reminded of the John Lennon quote….
          “We’re more popular than Jesus now.”

          There is some amount of truth to that with the millions that idolize musicans/singers. Not that I call rap, music, but it also has it’s following, like head banging shit does.

          Jesus Christ is eternal. Prince may be eternal also, we can’t say what his heart was, or if he had salvation, because that is God’s business. But i would guess that there will not be Raspberry Beret or Little Red Corvette, playing over the loudspeakers in Heaven. In Hades maybe.

          • Pissin in the wind,seriously,fuck off with the sermons.I believe in freedom of religion and all but this is not the place for your sermons,find a religious/christian/what have you site,am tired of your religious drivel sermons.You have more then made clear your religious beliefs,fine once or twice but this sermon shit is just too much.

            • I second that motion lol. Fuck off pissin!

            • You can fuck off yourself War. What is so hard about not reading his posts? WTF.

              • Gone to long. Fuck off yourself and fuck your WTF attitude. Avoiding a person who is a annoying ass isn’t in the cards. We must read and react to everyone and everything. Take your logic and common sense and fuck off out of here.

              • You who have not been gone enuff,you want religious sermons go visit a fucking religious site,or to take your post seriously(?),what the fuck is so hard about not reading my post?!

            • Apparently, You WD, and your asshole buddy Genius are too damn stupid to learn how to scroll past my handle.

              My commentaries are not “required reading” for being allowed to participate on this site. Or, can’t you nard sacks get it through your thick skulls.

              Skip right past, cause I am not talking to you idiots when i post my beliefs. If you clowns want to ignore truth and have no desire for anything biblical, maybe it is you that need to take a hike.
              Anyone with half a brain knows that salvation of the soul is the most important part of “being prepared” for what is coming.
              Hopefully you will understand before it is too late.
              The path is narrow and the souls that travel it are few.

              so take another drink of your alcohol and relax, you two whiners.

              • Like I said asswipe, fuck off lol…

                • I wonder if Mac is going to ban you for that personal attack. Permanently.

                  I doubt it.

                  • ANON… Grow up you needy child.

              • Keep it up, Passin! You are so right about preparing the soul before this all comes down. It’s going to be so crazy that unless you know our Savior, it’s going to be a truly frightening thing to behold. (Not that it won’t be unsettling for believers, but, when you KNOW who wins, you can face anything. Romans 5:8

          • It should be noted that Prince did speak out about chemtrails publicly. TPTB don’t like that. Not saying it’s connected to his passing but it’s worth mentioning.

          • Prince was a POS.

            • well, that is your opinion and really has nothing to do with my comment…Merle Haggard also had a song that speaks of Chemtrails: “What I Hate”.

          • OK. So I agree a bit with the responses to your post. I don’t come here to be preached to. I came
            here to get good ideas and to exercise my mind. I find you intelligent and enjoy your posts. However, I don’t believe in God. I’m not agnostic or atheist. I just believe that…. Well I just don’t know what I believe. However I’m here not to have a bunch of quotes from a book shoved at me. Whether it’s the Bible the Koran or any other book. I find many intelligent posters here. But I am immediately turned off by seeing chapter and verse from people.

            “Just the facts ma’am”.-Bill Gannon

            • Thanks for your honest reply, and the fact that you also see the views and comments by posters here as being opinions based on their lives.

              I respect you more than those that seek to attack me personally and want to claim their rights to not have a Christian viewpoint available here. They think their “worldly” viewpoints on mostly useless shit is more important than that of Christian folk.

              On that point, I am not your average church going holier than thou bible thumper. I don’t throw scripture at posters all the time and I am not a church going bible thumper. Most churches in my area are indoctrinated and if they knew my viewpoints, they would try to run me out of the county.
              Especially since i don’t follow their “non-biblical” pre-trib rapture bit.

              Anyways, i am a hobby teacher of sorts, and just try to put out as much truth as possible. I ain’t perfect nor ever have claimed to be.

              Some people just read what they want to within my posts, and claim that i am preaching directly to them and trying to push them into spiritual submission. Wrong! Everyone has to sail their own ship. Read it or don’t read, it doesn’t matter. Just don’t try to scare me off with bitter ramblings and personal attacks. I fight back, tooth and nail now that i have been bullied most of my life. I hate bullies and at 60, i ain’t taking shit off of anyone…any longer.

              For the record, I also do not particularly like having scripture thrown at me. I try “not” to do that also. I only bring up certain verses or books/chapters as to let the reader know where I am coming from on certain viewpoints.

              Assuredly, to others that do posts scripture after scripture, it is their prerogative, and it is my choice to skip those comments…usually. I have, at last count, about 6 KJV bibles around the house. From a palm sized version to the first one i ever bought in 1976 ( when I was twenty) from a door to door, college kid, trying to make a summer living and help with paying his tuition. It is the old coffee table version that weighs in at about 10 lbs. I can get all the scripture I need, even if the internet is down.

              These kinds of interactions on this site make it way more real and awesome, when compared to others. Mac allows us to relate personal stories and experiences, which keeps things from becoming boring and mundane. We can share self-indulgent stories, as i do often, to help offset the nightmarish environment that we face daily from media. We are getting a daily dose of reality here about the coming tribulations and corruptions, of what we had once perceived as the American Dream.
              Sadly, it is apparent that those depressing facts are based on what “we the people” have allowed to transpire thru politics and liberalism.

              Although not all that depressing for me as a born again Christian, because my sights aren’t set on what others may see as just a “backside” to the collapse. To me it is a new beginning, a change from flesh to spirit, and the dawning of the Eternal Kingdom. I know it will not be exactly as I have it perceived in my mind and heart.
              In fact it will be 100 times more awesome and supernatural.
              No pains, dread, or anxieties about anything.
              No flesh hangups.
              No more backstabbing evil doers.
              No more politicians.
              No more liberals and LGBT agendas.
              No more crying and squalling babies in Walmarket.
              No more worrying over stacking PMs and Foods.
              No need for guns and ammo, or killing of anything or anyone.
              No more animal shit to have to deal with.
              No more human shit/excrement to have to deal with.
              No more commercials and blaring tv’s.
              No more pollution from cars that eat at our wallets and spew tons of toxins into our atmosphere every second of every day.
              All things of this worldly earth age…….gone forever.

      11. I believed “homeland trains”were the transportation to fema camp?!I realise,tis a new idea taking folks to camp in trains,but hey,could be fun!


          • Sounds like the ramblings of a drunk, instead of a genius.
            Childish behavior is apparent for all here to see, and you lost any credibility a long time ago, for knowing and sharing anything useful.

            You crow a lot about your moonshine making, like that is something to be proud of. People have figured out what you are a long time ago, just like your counterpart atheist, wwti, and now WD.

            • Sounds like your retarded or something… I share a lot of things besides moonshine. Can you name a few? I doubt it because you are so caught up in your jesus bubble you have nothing more important to say. Man just get your head out and learn some things people teach you here ok? Stop being a preaching retard and do something constructive. What the hell have you ever contributed besides preaching fear of your god? Fuck you idiot, say something worthwhile asshole!

              • Been here a hell of a lot longer than you and contributed 10x what you have, and that isn’t even beginning with the biblical/spiritual stuff.

                All heathens are alike. You can’t stand for freedom of speech unless it is all stupid needless shit like you spew.

                Go to work and get a real life without all the addictions.
                I have already worked and lived more in the past twenty years than you have your whole life.

                You admitted you only work about 6 mths of the year. You evidently don’t have a family, and it is probably because you are a lazy drunk and no decent woman will have your sorry ass.
                Something tells me you have a screw loose like ole wwti, and you only hang out here because you have no real social life outside your keyboard and internet porn.

                Sad, sad, sad, and pitiful excuse for a human being.
                Stop attacking me and i’ll leave you and WD alone as well.

                • What the hell is wrong with making booze?!I put down the bottle awhile back,do not expect the rest of the world to,tis a personal decision.

                  Do not call me a atheist either,you and your authoritarian religious beliefs just cannot accept other beliefs,we burn in hell ect.I don’t give a fuck if your a christian,just do not want to hear sermons,take it to your religious boards!

                  Been working over a year straight including most Sat. and many Sun.,tis voluntary but when outfit moves I will take off the month I have promised meself for over a year,trust me,earned it a very hard way and hope you/or anyone else here does not need that month,despite my weariness of your sermons.

                  • Chuck you farley. I have just as much right to express my religious views/freedoms/1st amend. rights, as anyone else…especially an ass critic like yourself.

                    Also learn to read and observe the board, I wasn’t talking to you about your work ethics, dumbass. The comment was a direct “reply” to the non genius that has been an attacker of my posts for a long time.

                    Now, have you figured it out or do i need to embarrass you some more by making a frigging billboard and drawing lines so you can see?

                    If you can’t handle the heat of my kitchen, then keep your mealy mouth shut about my spiritual/Christian comments and skip over anything i post. But, I guess that would be too simple for you to comprehend.

                    • I rescind my last comment,do hope you go thru year I did and more to boot,oh,and fuck you also.

                    • All I hear is crickets chirping.

                • Keep goin’ passin… These retards don’t know their butt from their elbows… Lord have mercy on ’em for they know NOT what they do… And that’s the friggin’ truth.

      12. I don’t think demonstrations are the way to go.

        where, when and how you spend money speaks to TPTB.

        Unofficial boycotts, sickouts, many better ways to get Government to change policies. Civil disobedience. Just ignore their laws. It only really works when you get at least 85per cent on board at the same time.

        • B / CA….

          You’re correct w/ said strategy.

          The problem is..85% of the population are too stupid, to intellectually digest the truth of your premise!

          ..they fail to comprehend the idea of a collective of like minded folks…tossing “sand” into the gears of tyranny / corruption.

        • It all comes down to money….. Stop funding them via taxes, spending, donating or whatever means of monetary exchange will influence their behavior.

        • I consistently vote with my pocketbook. Global megacorporations are vulnerable to the refusal to buy their merchandise. It works. There are a number of groups doing just that, and you can boycott solo.

      13. Did I mention recently had I was told that this secret drill was going on.


        • The drills are going on all over the country.
          There are no secrets about this.
          The establishment/elite have been preparing the LE and military for events that they have created, for years.
          It will all unfold as martial law is invoked because of….________________, you fill in the blanks with which ever catastrophe you think will be the catalyst.

          If the election is stolen from Trump, and given to hitlery, it could set off the biggest rebellion, in America, since the Civil War.

          • Looks like pretty much any move going forward will result in some degree of shitstorm. Trump nom stolen=shitstorm. Trump nominated=shitstorm, Trump Prez=shitsotrm. Hillary elected=liberal court=assault on gun rights=shitstorm. Not seeing any positive outcome here. Will get interesting no doubt.

            • Yes, you pretty much nailed it.

              It is playing out just like our Creator said it would.
              He sent His Primary Messenger to Earth, that i know of, back in 2001. His name has been synonymous with alerting the world of the impending return of Christ and the events to unfold prior to that return……….Gabriel is his name.

              He has been quoted as saying there will be a 21 year period of changes. The first beginning about Fall of 2008, a seven year period of economic changes. It happened.
              The second, a seven year period of political governmental changes, and not for the better, but for the continuation and finalization of the One World Beast System. It is happening.

              The third, a Religious system change, beginning in 2022 in the Fall, and ending seven years later with a chain of prophesied events. It has already started with the interfaithism movement, orchestrated via the Vatican, and the last Pope.

              Can God change His mind and escalate these events? Yes.
              Has He changed His mind and rewritten part of His letter about the end times? Yes.
              He certainly did after His Son came to Earth in the Flesh and made His report. He said He had shortened the days of Antichrist tribulation…”for the sake of the elect”…”lest no flesh be saved”.
              The number of followers of Antichrist was never underestimated by God, but the amount of deception and it’s power to deceive, was. Not that God did not know Lucifer and what he is capable of, but that God did underestimate the number of evil workers that Satan would convince, through liberalism and worldism, to help him put pressure on the Christians (all Jesus believing and following peoples, including some of the jews), to influence them into submission to the Beast and his System.
              The precursor, and setting the stage is the little antichrist…Obama, and the little antichrist “wanna be”, the spirit of jezebel controlled…Hitlery.

              Nothing is happening by chance.
              all we can do is prepare, as Christians, or aspiring Christians; by holding on to our Bibles and Guns, to our dying breath, without fear of evil overtaking us, by the faith of the size of a mustard seed.

              anyone like the non genius and warchild, have a problem with that…they need to take it up with their Creator. Good luck on getting The Big Guy, to respond to ya, or at least in a positive way. Ya just might get a gourd thumping awakening.

            • Yes, you pretty much nailed it.

              It is playing out just like our Creator said it would.
              He sent His Primary Messenger to Earth, that i know of, back in 2001. His name has been synonymous with alerting the world of the impending return of Christ and the events to unfold prior to that return……….Gabriel is his name.

              He has been quoted as saying there will be a 21 year period of changes. The first beginning about Fall of 2008, a seven year period of economic changes. It happened.
              The second, a seven year period of political governmental changes, and not for the better, but for the continuation and finalization of the One World Beast System. It is happening.

              The third, a Religious system change, beginning in 2022 in the Fall, and ending seven years later with a chain of prophesied events. It has already started with the interfaithism movement, orchestrated via the Vatican, and the last Pope.

              Can God change His mind and escalate these events? Yes.
              Has He changed His mind and rewritten part of His letter about the end times? Yes.
              He certainly did after His Son came to Earth in the Flesh and made His report. He said He had shortened the days of Antichrist tribulation…”for the sake of the elect”…”lest no flesh be saved”.
              The number of followers of Antichrist was never underestimated by God, but the amount of deception and it’s power to deceive, was. Not that God did not know Lucifer and what he is capable of, but that God did underestimate the number of evil workers that Satan would convince, through liberalism and worldism, to help him put pressure on the Christians (all Jesus believing and following peoples, including some of the -ews), to influence them into submission to the Beast and his System.
              The precursor, and setting the stage is the little antichrist…Obama, and the little antichrist “wanna be”, the spirit of jezebel controlled…Hitlery.

              Nothing is happening by chance.
              all we can do is prepare, as Christians, or aspiring Christians; by holding on to our Bibles and Guns, to our dying breath, without fear of evil overtaking us, by the faith of the size of a mustard seed.

              anyone like the non genius and warchild, have a problem with that…they need to take it up with their Creator. Good luck on getting The Big Guy, to respond to ya, or at least in a positive way. Ya just might get a gourd thumping awakening.

              • Speaking of “gourd thumping awakening”, I would like to share a real life witness to just that.
                BTW, my previous post just now may be duplicated, because i forgot to take the J out of _ew first, and it sent it into moderation.
                After one of my posts was in a seven hour hold/moderation this past week, i was not taking any chances on this important comment getting through right now.

                Anyways, i ‘ll try to make this very important story as brief as possible. it shows the power of prayer and the type of serious chastisement that comes from The Holy spirit when dealing with one of God’s reborn children going astray.

                After me and the wife got hitched about 2005, her brother was in a serious Christian relationship with Jesus. He had previously been an alcoholic and womanizer for most of his adult life. A few years younger than myself, he was a likable person but had a degree of stubbornness and abrasive attitude.

                After witnessing a change and a return to a destructive lifestyle some years later, i prayed for him and tried to be a friend. He was hiding his lifestyle, but was living a lie. he was using his mother like a bank and was working her to get her to finance trips and cruises with young whores. he even bragged to me and his sister, that his bar tab on one cruise was over 1000 $$ for a weekend, all at the expense of his mother’s retirement funds.
                Next he convinced her to buy him a brand new Harley, and then customize it. His business was failing and he was borrowing on his business equity account to pay 1000 $ monthly to pay child support and who knows how much to keep up his party lifestyle.

                Just before he got his “gourd thumping” he told me, he had not paid one dime towards the principle on his 80k business loan account in over three years…but still living like a party animal and keeping doping whores around him all the time.

                I told the wife that I felt something was going to happen that would change his life forever.

                We got the call late one Saturday night, He was leaving the bar about midnight, drunk, and lost control in a curve. Hit a wooden sign post with his head, split his helmet, and put him in an airlift to Charlotte for Emergency care.
                Miraculously he survived, and less than three weeks later, was drinking and partying it up with girls and buddies at his place, still looking bad and swollen. he was making plans to get a new business loan with an extra 50 k line of credit against his equipment and land.
                All the while, contriving a plan to get his mother to buy him a new $30k Harley Dresser with her 401K, since the other was totaled, without collision ins.. She would have sold her house and lived in a trailer for that boy of a man.

                Well, as it turned out his defiant and non repentant attitude was his demise. He woke up without any motor function in his body on a Monday morning. Was rushed back to Charlotte Critical Care Unit, and died without being able to ever speak another word, on Friday evening. MRSA was the determination.

                Never even left a Will for his three children.

                God will not be mocked and he will not let one of his children ruin their chance at eternal life or let them cause the ruination of other lives.

                Chastisements/Gourd thumpings, come in many different ways, and some are just plain cursings.
                We all make our own beds and get what is coming to us.

          • I have to tell you this story,, I played golf with a guy from D.O.D. The other day. Saw his credentials and all. I hit him with every question from every angle I could think of.
            The guy was a rock, wouldn’t answer anything,or give his opinion.
            The only question I got an answer to was, if he was me, what would be doing now.
            He replied, I would buy guns and lots of ammo, lots and lots of ammo……… He said that with a dead serious tone…

      14. oh crap

      15. that’s better a little sleep inside a shelter lying down ,anyone ever fallen asleep while riding lol I did.
        2 days on horseback. Yo some one who asked for a full recap of this whole experience ; I started posting on the 17th.
        As I said in my last post I was getting ready to ride at dawn.
        Well (dawn) started at about 3am lol we were up at that time my cousins wife came and got me as the hunters were gathering in the main lodge. She explained on thr way we were all to receive a blessing from the old chief himself. We entered his lodge he sat there with his counsel
        Mixing stuff in a wooden bowl we stood in a semi circle he came to each one and marked our faces from the wooden bowls some were painted very elaborately with different colours. My position was towards the end not sure if this meant anything. He seemed like in a trance almost contiously chanting the order seemed to be random. Any how I was marked with a black nose eyes and cheeks outlined in red we were then. Sat amongst ourselves and grouped up we would all head out at the same time.
        The lead bill was marked the prayers have been said the omans are good the herd is in the valley it was in the gods hands now. As we grouped up and rode out to the valley I could feel something very familiar but 1000x stronger.
        Aggression pride invincibility.
        The pace of our horses quickened as we left camp. A bit of a ride to the west where the herd was. And we all spit up and into position. At this point I’ve yet to see a Buffalo.
        Our groups job was to wait up on top of a gently sloping valley the valley the herd was to come through was about a mile wide the ground had snowy patches that still covered much if the ground.
        Its really hard to describe what it all looks like in the perspective I’m seeing it.
        We are to wait till the herd is right in front of us at that same time one of the hunting parties will split the front of the heard we need to pick up from that spot to keep driving the lead bulls forward to a small choke point and stay in em till that lead bull hits the ground. We stood in that hill overlooking that valley for what seemed like a long time.
        My horse started to tense up her I could feel her heart starting to thump. I’ve been getting to know this animal she gets like this right before something us about yo happen she did the exact same thing right before I counted coup. She was ready. I then felt it. I tensed up.my heart started to pound HARD. Instinctively I knew it was game on I looked at my companions my cousins wife her brother and two others pretty intense looking guys all had the same determined almost trance like state. Then I saw it a force of nature I was sure God himself could not stop 10,000 woodland bison stampeading full throttle across the frozen ground it looked awesome that second I remembered were riding into that shit storm. That very second her brother let out a bloodcurdling scream his horse reared up with a wild demon possessed look in his eye and down that hill we went picking up speed fast.the herd was getting closer real fast if they didn’t get it split by the time we got there our horses would have no place to vere off too. I was just thinking I should slow down but as hard at she was digging for power I don’t think shed stopped for shit.
        Just then just like that the main body if the herd split off to the left. Just as we hit the open ground my animal opened up what I swear were hidden nitrous bottles she dug deep I’ve never in my life pushed a horse that hard we are now right behind what I think is about 15-20 bulls we were so close one step closer they’d have been kicking our horses they were MASSIVE beasts and running full speed towards that choke point they tightened up there formation just as they said. Keep in mind every thing is whipped into a frenzy men horse and beast. Full gallop we went through that choke where the elders were waiting to close in in the flanks (valley got really wide just beyond that)
        We all went threw I’d say several seconds after that they came in from the sides riding bareback 4 bows 2 spears. This is where everything went in super slow motion they came in perfect formation two came in riding full speed one, two almost simultaneously two flint tipped arrows loosed from willow wood bows they peeled off the lead bull was hit accurately and hard but not slowing down a bit second two came In screaming full speed riding riding within just a few feet of his massive horns letting go of the horses neck hair drawing those bows and sinking two more arrows deep in its neck. Those shafts hurt em he lunged and twisted his head at the riders as they broke off. Our job keep driving him. The two with spears came in much the same way only right up beside him. I hadn’t realized it but at this point were all so aggressive and have thrown all caution common since to the wind were all at this point within mere feet of this one bull the others were allowed gaps to slip out.
        My horse has been at a full out run now for about 1.5 miles and continued to root for more power the kill was close everything in that moment knew it. The fluent tipped spears punctured his sides. Our job now was to run him till he hit the ground. And that didn’t take long. And just like that he hit crumpled in a huge plume of snow and dirt he hit the ground hard enough my horse felt it at a dead run. Everything came to a dead stop and an eruption if horses And men screaming stomping.
        Sorry guys I gotta go eat I’ll continue in an hour or so

        • Awesome!

          • Hey moron, heres a site that welcomes you! www. asswipes.com
            take out the space lol.or maybe www. nambla.org is more your style 😛

            • Thanks moron, but I have already been there and saw your picture posted so I left…it was too scary. I couldn’t tell which part was the worse looking asshole. lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol.

        • Beaver,have not kept up on your trip,what the hell are you up to?!Sounds like one hell of a hunt,and yes,have heard of folks sleeping in the saddle.I actually did on a pack ride a few decades back/mule not horse though.Tis catnap but really does recharge the batteries,back to my main ?,were are you and how did all this primitive hunting come about?

          • Warchild: I started backtracking from April 17, looking for Angry Beaver’s adventure. It is best explained under the April 15th article about the IRS, in the comments section.

            • Thanks PW,must have missed it,will check it out,enjoy your weekend.

              • I now see what the crazy canadian is up to,sounds like one hell of a adventure and one more rite of passage!

        • Cool beans, what i wouldnt give to see and live this

        • Angry Beaver,

          That was awesome. I felt like I was there, enthralled! I look forward to reading more. Great story teller you are! Thanks for sharing that experience.

          Louisiana Eagle

        • Wow, that was the experience of a lifetime! Thanks so much for sharing!

          Sounds like those native North Americans up there have a great supply of meat and the know-how to harvest it, very good for them if a shtf situation happens.

        • Angry Beaver;
          Pretty amazing stuff. Gee,myself, I fed the chickens today and assembled a tool box! I think maybe you could be a writer. Might need With all that excitement you are allowed a few typos.

      16. The sickening and truly horrifying part is these soulless dumbed down insane psychopaths and government god worshiping fascists have children, and of course their children will piss, shit, and spit on their graves for the Globalist Fascist Police State hell on earth these cowardly boot lickers are leaving the children they should of NEVER had.

      17. Big bullshit. Been doing riot training since before 1970. Most riot training is standardized. For certification and liability reasons. Nothing new.

      18. I work in a county jail in Texas and even the jails are creating “riot teams” that can be temporarily deputized and used outside the confines of the jail during times of civil unrest. The sheeple are falling all over each other to be able to put “Sort Team” on their resumes.

      19. To all the great posters here.
        We all have different opinions on everything.
        And we all should respect each other to a certain degree.
        Prince was a Jehovah Witness.
        He had musical parents.
        He capitalized on his talent early in life.
        He helped females in promoting music.
        He also did alot of things behind the media.
        But he did not take credit for alot of it.

        Mac, what if posters could only post 3 posts per article?
        Then only 500 words per post.
        Makes one think on what to say to make an impact for the benefit of the readers…

        I know dreaming again.

        Be well all…

        • Prince had talent. Tupac……well…….

        • eppe, I think post limits could backfire and be worse than their good intention. Occasional steam letoff on full moon nights can be dealt with…I don’t mind at times.
          I do like Mac’s use of blanking out the “Reply” button but it seems kind of random, not always in the right spot.

          • Ketch, I agree. Just making suggestions.
            Who knows what works?
            Been here nearly since the beginning.
            Seen the site morph into different scenrios.
            Many come and go.
            Good and bad.
            Ying and yang.
            But we all are lucky to post here, one day we not be able too, hence I say be civil to each other…

        • Eppe,

          You have always been one of my favorites but this 3 posts/500 words thing is a bad idea! If you don’t care for a posting or a poster, just move on! Don’t put restrictions on the Muse!

          I was not a particular fan of the Prince but it sounds like he touched a lot of lives in his shortened life and was an artistic genius. May he rest in peace.

          Louisiana Eagle.

        • 3 posts per article,tis insanity I say!Articles lead to many other subjects/discussions,if limited we would all be stuck going to Genius’s chat room!

          This Algonquin round table of scintillating conversations would be done for,heresy I say!

          • War, been insane for years, twas just an idea.
            Was just thinking on how to make the site better.
            Thanks, Mac from the bottom of my ❤, this is the site to hit…

            • A teacher was talking about self esteem.
              She asked the question: do you feel dumb, stand up if you do.
              She expected no one would stand up, but little Johnny stood up.

              Ok, Johnny, why did you stand up?
              Johnny replied “I did not want you to be the only one standing up”.
              Anyone else feel the same???

        • Not gonna happen. No pretrib. No any moment. No fly away to escape seven years of trib.

          Sorry, for all those that have built their mansions in Heaven, based on man’s doctrine. The Word says otherwise and it also says a “physical” change will take place upon the arrival of the “true” Christ; and not until.

          • Ezekiel 13.20
            Anti rapture.
            Really wished more had been left out, and more had been put in.
            Like the book of Thomas.
            Or the book of Mary of Magdelin.
            Sometimes feel we are getting half of the true truth…
            Yall try to play nice in the sandbox…

            • The dead sea scrolls discovery shows that there was a multitude of writings that did not make it into the holy book.
              Makes one wonder why?
              I often question myself, what is the TRUE TRUTH???

              Thanks, Mac. We got a place to vent…

            • Thanks eppe. You got that eze chapter right. The establishment/Seminary/theological societies, don’t want the truth to be exposed. It is a doctrine that has satanic undertones from one end of the pre-trib to the other.
              In fact, look at how the establishment Theological/Seminary society has changed that very scripture, 13:20, in the later editions of the Bible like the NKJV and the NLT to cover up truth. All of a sudden they have people believing God was talking about “birds” flying away..instead of souls.

              FYI, if you haven’t already been there; the book of Enoch explains a lot about the realm of supernatural and what and where the “pit” is. The so-called aliens, and what we are to expect from them.
              If you go to the Diaries of Admiral Byrd and his infamous flight to the Arctic, and parallel the two., it is amazing what comes forth.

              A lot of hidden things are now being revealed for these last days, for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear.

              Many of the books didn’t make the bible because the inspiration wasn’t there, i believe, and many, like the book of Enoch, was above the intelligence of most readers, for those in earlier times.

              The Apocrypha has some good reading but is more like a story book of sorts of accounts, that may not have been deemed necessary, at the time, by our Father.

              The 1611 KJV Bible, being 66 books and penned by 40 different authors over a period of 1600 years, is no accident.
              The uncovering of the Dead Sea Scrolls is just God’s way of saying “see, I told you so”.

              • Amen Passin.
                But if one basis thier belief on written history that could have changed history upon the TRUTH, well what can be said?
                Deep thoughts…….

      20. Texas riot training. Why not? Forget the fact that riots are actually more likely to happen in LA or Chicago. Everybody watching the news on the floods in Houston have to see how everybody pulled together, whites helping -hispanics helping-blacks helping-
        Short of a major castastrophe, any place in Texas is going to be better than LA or Chicago as far as race rioting or food rioting goes. In Houston, if the shtf, its going to be some of the ethnic communities that last the longest. A good percentage of the Hispanic community have access to food gardens and chickens… even in town. Vietnamese too, have a tight knit mindset too developed from coming out of the war to a new country. Many families bought up entire streets when they started prospering here.
        Living in ANY city or urban area is not the best place to be when things go south, but I would choose a Texas city over a rat’s nest like Detroit orBaltimore any day. From where I sit, I just watched a blue heron flying over the lake.

        • You are right: it would be a blessing if the police actually deployed a riot squad in a riot. These days (as we saw in London in 2011) they will just let things burn for days in the cities before doing anything. Today’s police are too worried about lawsuits and have their forces packed with ethnic minority hires and LGBT cadets to really be a street fighting force. They will be kibbles for the hoodlums and hommies as they run wild.

          You will be on your own in a major city in a riot. Get out if you can but leave behind booby traps in your apartment, so when they bust in, some members of the diversity brigade get more than just your flatscreen TV.

          • Frank Thoughts – here you go again spouting your deluded “frank thoughts”. You really are a piece of work, aren’t you?

            Just what do you know of London? Let alone London in 2011? Could you even point London out on a map?

            All you know of life you learn from the MSM and regurgitate it as your own “original frank thoughts!”

            You still haven’t taken up my challenge re your ridiculously nonsensical claim about being frisked countless times by ladies in hijabs, have you?

            Personally,I think that’s one of your weird sexual fantasies. I could be wrong, if so, there’s a 1000 bucks winging its way to you!

        • What’s wrong with Detroit .?

      21. Got my PPS-43 ready to go so let the games begin. 7.62×25 is one hell of a round bar nothing in pistol size firearms.

      22. How many “simulated” law enforcement a FEMA officers were shot by “simulated” civilian overwatch snipers, while they were attempting their “simulated” mass arrests?

      23. The best defense in a riot is to get out of the area if at all possible. If the rioters don’t get you the cops will. Shoot someone and you have a legal nightmare. Miss the bad guy and hit someone else, big problem. Whoever you shoot of course was just an innocent bystander; just ask them and their attorney.

        Trouble is on the right pull off a snaggle puss of cartoon fame, “Exit left”.

        • Exit, stage left.

      24. Snagglepuss, I forgot all about that name from the past, lol.

      25. The “Great Tribulation” is coming SOON. It is Queen Elizabeth II and Jacob Rothschild’s global population elimination plan. See the “Georgia Guidestones” there it says they want to bring the population down to 500 million (from ~7 BILLION).

        The Climate Action Plan (CAP), Agenda 21, “Sustainability”, vaccines, chemtrails (bad air), bad water, bad food, wars, etc, etc. are all about population reduction. They want to eliminate YOU.

        The ANSWER to this Great Tribulation of Matthew 24:21-22 is JOEL 2:12-20 and John 17:17-19 (You are sanctified by His Words). Unless we obey the Father’s instructions in Joel 2:12-20 so that He can INTERVENE, the entirety of all flesh will be destroyed.

        His Solution is: We Enter His Kingdom


        • Matthew, twice been to the ‘stones’.
          Scary to know they want to wipe out 13 out of 14 humans on this Earth.
          We seem to have an uphill battle to survive…

      26. can’t see a lot of rioting out here in the rural desert.
        just saying

      27. Hi all been a busy few days. I’ll continue.
        First I’d like to clarify a few things. These folks up here live pretty modern lives I’m told this hunt happens twice a year, once in the spring and one in the fall. This hunt will last till Wednesday Thursday we break camp and I head home in a pickup. Everyone is dressed in period clothing and speaking their own language. I should also mention I can’t spell these peoples names as they are really native names my cosuns wife I call her Winnie her native name is winala that’s not how to spell it she’s been my interpreter this past week although she isn’t always atound . Most of these folks don’t have a lot to do with the white man they don’t hate us they just don’t want to deal with our shit from what I understand the splintered off the main tribe about 300 years ago when the white man came amdthe big cheifs made deals with us they took off not wanting to fight or be assimilated.
        The woman and children 0-to about 8 spend mist of the day gathering hunting small game with sticks and short spears. Everyone is busy here they all have a function.
        OK just after the bull hit the ground he came to rest on his left side arrows and spear Handel’s shattered (the spear points were expertly placed into those mighty lungs)
        The four elders rolled him over and with a STONE knife had that heart out in under a minute. My body and brain were still trying to process the whole chase. As the heart was pulled from the chest the old chief came riding up very casually His pony was so painted and so many ornaments were hanging off it just came in out of nowhere he was helped with his dismount walked over chanting the heart was presented to him he held it up to the sky said some prayers the heart was then wrapped in a piece of leather and the chief and counsel sat on the ground and were praying fires were lit around the kill I looked up from starting one and noticed the whole camp coming in a long caravan out to where we were the bull was hung in a make shift tripod the chiefs teepee was set up. The weight on the bull I shit you not 2300 lbs just massive. Biggest Animal I’ve ever seen and 15 minutes ago I was running right beside him. A a makeshift camp was set up we will feast here for the night.
        No I didn’t have to take a bite lol I think it was burnt as an offering a ceremony I was not privy too. The older women and young ladies did the butchering and started to cooking there was definitely a celebratory mood in the atmosphere. All were happy I was being praised fory efforts
        I unsaddled my animal and let her rest unpacked my saddle bags lit a small fire and decided to wait I got the feeling this was not the time to be nosy.
        I gotta go help with something brb I’ll have this caught up by the end of the day

      28. That last long update got caught in moderation should be up soon guys sorry

      29. Life is too short for bullshit… GENIUS. GET A FUCKING GRIP YOU SAD PERSON.

      30. This site has become a Mad House.

        Mac, need a new tread. This one has self destructed.

      31. In the main time I’ll take a few to explain that I have been keeping a much more detailed hand written account. When I get home I intend to reflect on the whole experience.write it all out and put up online. I do have some photos and vids mostly of everyday stuff here ceremonies rituals prayers that just wrong add the fact some bleeding will see it and make nothing but trouble for these people that’s why I’ve not devulged the tribes name or specific location wood Buffalo takes up the whole ne corner if Alberta. Mostly unexplored wilderness.
        Believe me when I say there ways are not ours. Mist would say running that beast to the ground like that was just cruel and prolonged to these folks that honored that bull by not just picking him off with a modern weapon they run him to bring out his fighting spirit he dies doing what he loves being the boss running full speed across the frozen tundra defending his herd (makes sense) since I’ve been here I see where these folks are coming from I’ve changed somewhat as well most noticeably my sense of smell my hearing and eye site seem to be a lot sharper my eyes are drawn to the smallest movement from long distances I can hear a mouse fart in a windstorm 10 miles away lol and i smell everything carried on even the slightest breeze its awesome. There is a lot I’ve been learning medicine like that paste Winnie put on my back killed the pain and my stripes are healing nicely tracking animal traps different calls with just your hands I’m into everything I can. Its Alot to absorb in this short time. I’ve been fully armed since before we left town S/W .44 mag mod 29-2
        Lee Enfield 30-06 walnut stock and a 30-30 win MDL 94 made 1951(sits in saddle scabbard) these were all my grandfathers weapons handed down to me. I’m telling you folks its not easy packing that much iron everywhere you go except the main lodge no weapons.
        Of course im also packing 3 different knives a small 4″ skinning knife made by Solingen pre 1920 a standard wwll k-bar and a Damascus steel Bowie I made myself a few years back. My clothing is just some long under ware complete with ass flap jeans boots a few sweaters and a tan canvass coat. Some if the younger children have never really seen a white person before except on TV or books
        of course they have all modern conveniences back in town.

      32. Do you ever get the feeling of impending doom? The more I read the more I feel all of these doomsday scenarios are approaching quickly. Maybe I should just quit reading and become willfully ignorant of the world around me like most other people. It’s not like anything can be done to change a damn thing, wishful thinking. Maybe praying, maybe prepping more.

        • You’re absolutely right!!!

          I limit my reading of the doom and gloom because you can loose your edge…

          Fine when not gainfully employed in some task, but it can be a negative too…

          we all know something wicked this way comes- but I’m not going to loose the beauty of each passing day…

          Had 4 chicks hatch today with the hens sitting, while i sat and talked things over with turkey tom and cleaned long guns… now that’s what I call preppin’…

        • Alijamo:

          Part of the strategy of “elitist” is overwhelm, frighten (terrorize),overwhelm, sell you stuff (comfort food) preps, anything to make them more money, eventually you burnout and become apathetic moving on to another distraction and repeat, or you become chronically paranoid and unable to distinguish between real threats (them) and imaginary threats. You lose confidence in your ability and become subconsciously more willing to accept what they have created for you than going out and creating what you are really capable of doing. You start to settle. It’s a scam. They have perfected it over many moons. They pass the knowledge from father to son. It’s a club and you ain’t in it. Don’t let the shit get to you. It’s been going on since Eve met the SNAKE.

          • B of CA
            yes, it is endless mind games to make you feel powerless. Been going on a long time. Working outside a lot in this beautiful weather and realizing I am oh so close to what I want to create for myself. Decide what you want and step out.
            Looks like Passin hijacking the conversation. The theocratic jackboot wanting to control all. Same endless mind games! Hang in there and do what you need to do.

        • It is not the impending doom that I fear like earthquakes, bank holidays and such. It is the shear amount of dumbasses that I will have to defend myself from when they occur.
          People do not care what they do to other people only that they get what they want. I am to the point that if I saw a person in trouble, would I be saving a real dumbass in life.
          Those who want to form groups I strongly advise putting in a set of ground rules and picking your people carefully. Like minded so to speak. You will have enough trouble coping with external stress and internal stress within the group is a “get everybody killed” factor, I can do without.

      33. I I updated twice both still in moderation ??????

        • Thanks for the updates ab.
          Only at SHTF could we get such a real time report of events that the world is not privy to.

      34. We ARE the enemy! Thus it is prudent that we realize that “THEY” are the tiny dot. We ARE the many dots!
        We CAN prevail and overcome the unfolding and progressive tyranny that’s developing right in front of our eyes!

      35. Listen to the 2nd HOUR video with Alex Jones interviewing Lady Nichols when tells how the cabal plans to deploy over 250,000 cuban mercenaries in the Gulf stated of Texas, Louisiana to take out the evil christians incase they try to stand up against the martial law take over a.d get this, no elections for 2016.. because he believes from his sources that a false flag is enevitable. because Trump getting on will stop the callapse and this will allow Trump to mass arrest the phucking bastards and remove them from society. The exact same thing that I was my scientist friend with his insider white hat co facts.. let Nichols tell you about white hat versus black hat..get ready for all war on our soil folks and a possible callapse in two weeks from now. How does make every one feel.. I have made more paper as a result because I believe it’s going down hill from now on and this is just a fact of life..


      36. Woman that filed the Flint Water law suit found murdered.. does this suprise us.. think this is BS. See stevequale.com..now matter how I try to be optimistic about the future, all I keep seeing is soldiers attacking us, invading us, killing us, so I prep.. because I know that my day is coming to face my own death by the hands of foreign soldiers. What bothers my girlfriend is that she is just starting to realize that I mean the things that I say and that I don’t get I timid that easily..Like I have told her, you can choose a pussified man, with no balls or you can choose a real phucking man who can protect you. Your call..just the mere fact that I look like a cave man is disturbing. I also told her that she is not under any obligation to continue her relationship with me and is free to leave and go back to a dumb down lifestyle..so she knows her options.. her response is. oh shut up..


        Women, don’t you love em.


        • HCK. It’s great to hear how enlightened you are being. Releasing your girlfriend from the obligation of being with you is so cosmopolitan. I like the part where you said she could go back “to a dumbed down lifestyle”. Obviously, by your statement, she came from a dumb down life. Then she met you….eureka and presto, a cave man with balls who believes riot training is the same as martial law training. Alas, your high self esteem girlfriend finally realized you actually meant what you were saying and you were not high on bath salts or magic mushrooms.
          I really like her pseudo intellectual response. “Oh shut up”. It makes me wonder how far she has progressed since meeting you. Oh shut up, is to the point and indicative of a high class,educated person. Before her journey into the intellectual world of HCKS, did she display eloquent words as shut up? I think not. Likely a Ugh would have flown from her mouth in a fit of rage.
          She is fortunate to have found you, and we are fortunate to have you educate this forum. Your girlfriend would be foolish to leave prior to the conclusion of her training and education. In fact, as of right now, she appears to have very little self respect. Most women wouldn’t understand your intellect. I fear most would dismiss you as a lunatic and run the fuck out of your life.

      37. So, where’s the big “states’ rights” Governor of Texas in all of this? The cops are under his ultimate command. He must be in on it too.

      38. the bootlickers are happy taking the gmo poison and flouride water of the corporate fascist monsters. The elite criminal monsters want your kids to live on their knees. Armchair warriors keep taking your big pharma poison and gmo food paid for by ebt. Keep talking about doing something about it from your armchairs. The corporate criminal monsters are getting rich off your consumption. Just keep taking it in the ass. Hey I tried Ron you are original though. glad your back.

      39. The winning stock market strategy right now:

        5 to 10 acres in a defensible place with an off the grid water source. Greenhouse. Fractional precious metals in .223, .40, .45, .22LR, etc. Some stock like chickens, a pig or two, beef on the hoof. Hunting skills. Stashed starches in enough quantity to live for at least two years. Heirloom seeds.

        Hard times are coming. Harder than most Americans can even imagine. Harder even than The Great Depression. Root, hog, or die, and the weakest go to the wall. Those who survive the culling will create a society with a low tolerance for bullshit and high expectations of the people it accepts as full fledged members.


      40. This isn’t anything to worry about. They are training for protests. Why else would they line up and have gear on complete with mock protesters? Like they are going to go house to house lined up. Wouldn’t make sense to line up perpendicular to an all out war. The protesters will announce where the protest is and invite the police to control it and to be victims. Full riots are fluid and not centralized enough to get a squirmish line. I don’t know why anyone would see this type of training as a threat.

        • They are training for the hoards of refugees that will come fleeing the rise in ocean levels. The elete truly believe The pole shift is happening and they know man didn’t cause it. and man cant stop it. Glowbull warming was a big lie deception.

      41. How many of you can use taxi signals for fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft?

      42. Connect the dots, “they” know that once the plug is pulled on bank accounts/the dollar and all pensions are stolen (sent to the chosen tribe in Israel) that there will be blood in the streets.
        This bank/dollar crash will conveniently be blamed on some neighbor of Israel so the dummies in the US will want them vaporized.
        Israel always seems to be the benefactor in these wars, don’t they?

      43. Hello again. I’ll continue.
        I sat by my fire leaned against my saddle relieved myself of my firearms and gear. The chase was rough my rifle scabbard came a bit loose causing the stock to smash my knee a few times I took several lumps of frozen dirt and ice chunks to the face. I did not feel any of it at the time. Several large fires were lit around our temp camp my cousin arrived in the caravan and asked what you think of that. I had no words looking at my face cut and bruised grinned and said I thought you would. My face paint by this time was starting to flake and run I did not clean it off yet. Several small dome like shelters were put up covered with hides.
        The purpose a ceremonial steam bath all hunters that took part in any bloodletting.
        My turn to enter I undressed yes naked (no shame here) went inside sat cross legged in front of a wooden bucket lined with hide this was the obvious part put hot rocks in bucket grab a hand full of green willow bark and wild mint leaves worked really well my skin felt clean. My muscles unwound and my mind calmed. My facial cuts were tended to my left knee was wrapped with some kinda mush like paste and I was up and moving again.
        The meat is roasting and I’m hungry lol my body and mind are calm.now we feast and celebrate. We sat around a large cooking pit while the chief and elders walked around us chanting singing praises. I was given several large pieces of ribs tough very tough lol we sat for a while eating and talking I sat beside Winnie as she explained things and interpreted. A short time later I was sitting when I felt an insesant tugging on the back of my coat. I turned and saw I little girl almost in tears. Caught me way off guard lol
        I looked at Winnie the little one was almost sobbing I asked whats this about the young girl has been watching me these few days. It was explained this young one lived with her elderly grandmother and had no one to help her with the games she was playing she was dressed all in buckskin little pudgy nose her little moccasins just adorable. I melted and said I would be happy to stand as guardian and teacher she was being teased by the other children for not being able to throw her stick threw a hoop rolled along the ground. I walked over with her to where the game was taking place the other children were in shock she was beaming with pride I stood her in front showed her how to hold the spear and when to throw 1 out ta 3 wasn’t bad but now this little girl was earning her place amougst her own peers. You see her grandmother was to old to do anything but raise her and she needs to learn this shit her grandfather was very I’ll and stayed back in town. He would be joining the fall hunt. I returned to the main group and took my spot and continued to eat. A short time after that I heard the words I half way dreaded to hear “make trade” lol fuck I’m gonna get a dead mouse. The young man is say early 20s was pointing to a silver bracelet I wear on my left wrist. Whew I thought he was wanting something I didn’t want to give up he offered up a flint blade knife with an elk antler handel. The bracelet I made myself and wasn’t particularly attached to it I made trade damn good one too. Things carried on like that for a while we played more rough games one was kinda fun still these guts play tough a 20 foot circle is scratched into the ground you pick a partner and your tied together at the waiste about 4′ if slack between I object get to the middle of the circle and hold it you push shove drag you opponents outside the circle you cannot strike your opponent with your hands. Winnie’s brother would be my partner. The game began much as expected one came at me grabbed my shoulders and we started. Very soon we were holding center ring I managed to fend off the first few attacks with some leg trips the third was not so easy (by this time I’ve learned these games get violent but not carried away) my third opponent was just about my size he came up to engage and bang I was seeing stars fucker head butted my right in the cheek I stumbled but did not go down the game stopped to see if I would I did not. I retaliated with the same blow sending him to his knees we won my left eye was swelling fast and starting to close. Winnies brother looked at me with an approving grin. Getting a bit later the games are over. We all gathered around the cooking pit once again the chief and his elders came out if the teepee and started to fill wooden cups and pass them around. I took some as the cups were passed down. Not even thinking I had just drank 2-3 ounces of peyote tea
        Sorry folks but this is where the line between reality and the spirit world defiantly got blurred. I’m not even gonna try to explain those dreams to tell you the truth I’m not so sure they weren’t real not. I just lay there enjoying my visions WOW it was awesome.

        More to come in next post

        • As I was saying it was impossible to distinguish between reality and the spirit world I just lay there lol
          The following morning we broke camp the remaining meat was wrapped in the hide and loaded onto a sled. As I was getting my horse ready I noticed new marking on my horse. What looked like a set of bison horns on her left hip. I had run with with the herd. I gotta say I’m tired beat up bloodied and bruised but very content .
          We rode the 5-6 miles back to camp and that’s when I had crawled into my shelter for some much needed sleep that referred to my earlier post when I mentioned we just got back to camp the days/nights just blend together I go by the ebb and flow of the activities here. Anyway after I did get some sleep I felt much better and so far since then we’ve been sent planning the actual hunt that will harvest the meat needed. We will Monday morning head out in separate groups each with specific animals we must take our group will be taking one bison cow one elk one moose we will bring the game back to camp where it will be halved and taken to town for processing and distribution. These last two daysiI’ve spent trying to learn everything I can stuff I never even thought of before smokeless fire invisible fire how to harvest and process different animal parts medicines what plants to eat for this ailment or that I’ve written most of what I can remember . Although most of the plants here are different towhere iI live. I suck at flint knapping these folks are experts
          Oh almost forgot I was given a small gift from the little girl I helped out kinda freaky really she came walking up to my shelter with a twig on the end of it was a fucking beehive I was just about to scramble to get it away from her when I realized the hive was dead. Her grandmother was close behind speaking her native language at about that same time Winnie came running over and explained she was thanking me for what I had done by giving me what amounted to a good luck charm it was the size if a softball. its supposed to keep me strong healthy wise protect me when travelling. I thanked her and tried to offer a gift back but that’s not there way. I now have a bee hive hanging in my Lodge pole. Well that’s all caught up till today. There will be more games coming up this evening and we again head out in the morning to harvest game ( the practical way) rifles in all the time I’ve been here I’ve not killed anything lol I’ll be taking an elk in the next day or so. That’s all for now I’ll update again in the next artical

      44. Better face it, the US police are about to become speed bumps for the ELITE so they can buy time to escape and then they will be eaten alive. that’s a fact. tHINK about what is happening and who is instigating these divisive tactics to destroy American communities and then REALLY think as to who is about to be run over as all the CRIMINAL ELEMENTS THAT OBAMA SUPPORTS AND CONDONES will do next. The cops who should be really thinking about their OWN families are MORONS to throw themselves into OBAMAS MEATMILL OF CRIMINALS who will eat them alive and for what? What does their PAYCHECKS suffice to cover their sacrifice so the Elite can live behind walls and their security and bunkers while the police will be shredded to cover their escape? Can they REALLY be that ignorant after all that has been revealed in the past few months? Do they really think they are going to STOP the collapse that is coming? They cannot counter the sheer mass of morons that believe in political correctness and violence at ANYONE who will not give into their threats and rioting ALREADY, what makes them think they are going to be ANYMORE SUCCESSFUL when the ENTIRE country is at each others throats due to the economic collapse that IS ALREADY underway on main street? Why do they insist on doing their masters bidding when they are going to be sacrificed by them to cover their escape? What do they think their loyalty is going to buy?

        • Do they NOT KNOW that if they would JUST DO THEIR DAMN JOB NOW and arrest the criminal Elite, they can STOP THIS cold dead in its tracks? DO they REALLY THINK THEYA RE NOT going to suffer right along with us ON MAIN STREET BECAUSE ITS THE SAME PLACE WE LIVE? They hold the power to STOP this and save a whole lot of blood shed, but instead they are LOYAL ONLY TO THEIR PAYCHECKS and not to common sense and RULE OF LAW. This is TOO easy. I am NOT ANTI-COP per se, but they have for so long believed they are an UBER class (Judge Dredd mentality) of people they believe they are UNTOUCHABLE as they walk among us, but they are FAR FAR outnumbered. IF people really mean to do them harm, they cannot stand against any determined group that wishes to eliminate them. They would be best served turning on their masters and eliminating the Elite criminal elements instead and KNOW that they will have the full support of the population in doing so.

      45. I think the powers that be are preparing for the pole shift and the clatyclisms it will bring. Texas for the most part is low elevation. Big tidal surges will swamp it. The projected ocean water level is 475 feet higher than it is at present. See the US navy future map. Now it may not happen? However if those in charge believe it is going to happen that’s what they base their plans on. I left a place in Arkansas that had a average of 300 ft elevation. Moved west to where the valley floors are 700 feet. My advice leave Texas to the wet backs ( they already swan the rio grande!). Move to high elevation. Or build a house boat.

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