Hollywood Imploding! Liberal Darling George Clooney Accused of Helping Blacklist Actress Who Reported Sexual Harassment

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 40 comments

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    Since the moment that the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke open multiple other high-profile Hollywood players have been implicated in some sort of sexual crime, with new allegations coming out on a daily basis.

    Now, the latest shocking example is none other than Hollywood and liberal icon George Clooney, who has been accused of helping to blacklist an actress who complained about racial and sexual harassment during her time on the television show ER.

    Former ER actress Vanessa Marquez took to Twitter Thursday to respond to news reports that Clooney  was “speaking out” against Weinstein. Marquez had a decidedly different take on the situation.

    The actress then went on to claim that Clooney is “not who he pretends to be” while also saying that multiple other companies and people within Hollywood were “complicit” in her blacklisting after she attempted to speak out over the harassment she received.

    Marquez finished up by saying that Clooney was a “monster in his own way” and that “everybody should know the truth about Clooney.”

    Following much speculation and outrage after Marquez’s social media claims, Clooney was forced to issue a statement that denied that he had any role in blacklisting the young actress.

    According to Page Six, Clooney’s statement reads, “I had no idea Vanessa was blacklisted. I take her at her word,” before adding that because he was only an actor he had no power to help blacklist her even if he had wanted too.

    “I was not a writer or a producer or a director on that show. I had nothing to do with casting. I was an actor and only an actor. If she was told I was involved in any decision about her career then she was lied to. The fact that I couldn’t affect her career is only surpassed by the fact that I wouldn’t.”

    The accusations against Clooney come on the heels of a series of bombshell claims by actress Rose McGowan, including that Amazon and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos “funds rapists, alleged pedos, and sexual harassers”. Shockingly, her accusations against Bezos came just hours before it was revealed that a high ranking executive within Amazon Studios had been suspended over even more sexual harassment claims.

    “Just hours after actress Rose McGowan destroyed Amazon and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos in a series of highly publicized Tweets condemning the left-wing billionaires supposed support for rapists and other sexual deviants, his company was rocked with scandal once again after television producer Isa Hackett accused one the companies top executives of sexual misconduct,” reported SHTFPlan.com.

    “The head of Amazon Studios, Roy Price, was subsequently suspended from the company after Hackett’s accusations and amid the fury over McGowan’s claims that directly targeted one of the most powerful men in the country.”

    We are clearly witnessing a cascading avalanche of allegations against powerful men throughout Hollywood. One has to wonder which domino will fall next and if this could really be the end of the Democrat supporting Hollywood power base.


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      1. This ain’t the end of anything. They’d have to get way more people in trouble than fat-ass Harvy and Clooney and Bezos. Has anyone looked around lately? You have any idea how many libs there REALLY ARE? Jesus Christ there’s more libs than you can shake a stick at.

      2. I have lost what little respect i had for any of these leftist hollywierd trash,,,
        Clint Eastwood, Tim Allen and a handful of others are ok,,, but these billshit leftist rump humpers suck

        • And lets not forget, Jeremiah Johnson was played by Robert Redford.
          He’s about as lib as they get.

        • Everything the (((3ews))) Chews Cancerous Wrecking Ball touches or takes over to influence, is destroyed. Same with Football, Basketball, the Media, the Courts and the Federal Reserve, manipulated economy, and US Foreign Policy. Its the Parasite trait to suck the lifeblood out of its host then abandons the boneless carcus and moves on to more venerable victims. Hollywood was on the target list, for the complete mind control weapon, Dumbass movies, littered with porno, disrespect, murder and crime. Imagine how great America would be without the Chews destroying everything in their path. We need a good cleansing of America.

      3. You got that right NB. They are entertainers at best and personality wise….I could care less.
        I lost respect for Clooney years ago, and when he supported Obuttho’ he lost me. that and the fact that he lived with a 300 pound pig in his livingroom, really did it. He was very upset after years, the pig died, They deserved each other.
        I love animals but….those Hollyweird people really are weird.

      4. Google “George Clooney mansions” then click on images. I will vote left the very first time the Learjet leftist opens up just ONE room in just ONE of his mansions to just ONE illegal immigrant for just ONE night.

        Will never happen. What a disgusting hypocrite this fraud leftists is. Reminds me of Chelsea Clinton boarding a private jet to go to a global warming conference.

        • Why should he open it up to an “illegal” immigrant.
          They are here “illegally”, and are not entitled to a damn thing !

      5. george clooney must aid and abet weinstein because weinstein punked clooney. If weinstein cannot come ouit of this smelling like a rose and not rose mcgowans snits then he will expose all the actors and actresses he punked especially clooney whom he gave a dirty sanchez.

      6. Right on cue. Now a former Playboy model has a “tail” to tell about Oliver Stone.

      7. Let those little narcissistic cluster B sociopathic communist ass pirates rip each other apart.

      8. How can anyone possibly be surprised at these latest revelations of sexual misconduct in Hollywierd? That place has been a haven for wealthy and powerful predators for the past 100 years.

      9. Vanessa Marquez. That ungrateful bitch. After all George Clooney did for her.

        Still, I’ve been saying for years that “Smiling” George was capable of anything.

        Nice guy my a**.

      10. Let me rephrase this.

        Vanessa Marquez. That ungrateful b*tch. After all George Clooney did for her.

        Still, I’ve been saying for years that “Smiling” George was capable of anything.

        Nice guy my a**.

      11. Clint Eastwood has always hinted at what Hollywood truly is in his films. The simpering San Francisco rich fag in the Eiger Sanction was clearly a pedo.

        Sex has always been used to control actresses. Not a single famous actress is free of this control: they have all done favors to get where they are. The deal is simple: you will always be available for the producers and directors and in turn you get to be rich and famous and have a career. But why would they do this? Simple: while some of these women are truly beautiful most are not the most beautiful women in the world. Nor are they the greatest actors. You can easily find more talented and more beautiful women out there. But what they do have is the sex control thing. Psychologically they are easy to control this way. It came out a few years back the same was going on with female TV anchors but then that went quiet.

        But as bad as that might be, it is the hidden pedo networks that sit behind all this that is much, much worse.

      12. Just saw an older episode of Moms, not sure if that was what it was called. Anyway an older sitcom. Rosie O’Donnell appeared on the show as a former lesbian partner to the main female actress on the show. The mouth to mouth sucking face was gross. One of the few things I agree with Trump on, Rosie is a gross fat pig. Nightmarish!

      13. Now you know one of the reasons people don’t go to the movies much anymore. Same with the NFL. Most in both fields think they are entitles to money and fame. Not on my dime!

        • Folks please do NOT spend any $$ on those no good fruits! I have ZERO respect for any of those sons of bitches period!! HANG them all actually

      14. there’s a current report out of NYC about a Clooney street altercation he recently had – called the guy a fag and a ‘N” word racial slur among his tirade …

      15. this is great.

      16. Their roles required one talent, only.

        What worries me is how female ghost busters…

        • Most of these whores got ahead because they would take it up the poop-shoot and suck that cock like a crack whore on that glass dick…good lil whores! Hang them all.

      17. I have enjoyed some of his acting roles in “Brother, Where Art Thou?” and “Tomorrowland” but not his politics. If the accusations are true, it simply shows there are laws for the little people and a separate set of laws for rich celebrities.

      18. George Clooney and his muzzie trash wife are ‘citizens of the world’ aka supporters of the NWO. Hollywood will suffer some damage but will recover. The tribe which owns and controls Hollywood won’t allow it to be destroyed. Scandals come and go all the time in Hollywood. This one will probably take longer but it will eventually pass.

        • Hollywood is an important tool for the NWO to use as a transmission belt for NWO propaganda and predictive programming.

        • Yes clown Clooney goes and marries a mental-midget filthy no good Muslim…make me puke you rats from hell. Have a shit sandwich and enjoy.

      19. One word! GGGGGOOOOOOODDDDD!

      20. Surprised? Really?

        Come on. We all know this is the game.

      21. Clooney looks mesigenated . theres a black someplace in the gene pool.

      22. I read women are accusing Ben Affleck of similar antics. At parties placing his hand on womens buttocks with a finger in the crack as if to move them out of his way.

        • That queer is yet another ass pirate!!

      23. I never liked George Cooney, nor watched any t.v. or movies he was in. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I went to the movies. – I hope Hollyweird Implodes upon itself. – Movie attendance is down, football viewing is down, it is now impacting television. – The American people can find other ways of finding wholesome, clean entertainment. – Good posts above.

        • He’s a cluster b narcissistic sociopath just like 80% of Hollywood.

          Most of them are very sick people.

      24. Google “George Clooney mansions,” then click on Images. Check out his multiple massive mansions this hypocrite Learjet leftist has.

        I will vote left the very first time Clooney, or just ONE of his “we’re all equal, only some of us are more equal” Hollywierd limousine liberals opens up just ONE room in just ONE of their zillion room mansions for just ONE night to just ONE illegal immigrant.

        Will never happen, so I’m safe.

      25. These things have been going on in Hollywood for years. I have read many stories about the casting couch and many stars have confirmed it exists.
        Read about Nancy Regean and you’ll never see her as the former first lady again.
        What’s even worse than the women being mistreated in Hollywood is the many pedophiles who abuse children in Hollywood.
        Hollywood, politics, and the business world all share the common ties of sex abuse.
        These Illumanti people have no morals or any regard for human life.


      26. Always remember: in the atheist/leftist world, there is ZERO basis, ultimately, for ethics. In evolution, whatever is, is right. Or, as Dostoyevski said, “if there is no God… everything is permissible.” In fact, ethics can only be **derivative** 0-
        i.e., the ethics people have are really just **preferences,** generally informed by a Judeo-Christian heritage (which the atheist left refuses to admin) This, then, brings us to the “god” of the left, P-O-W-E-R.

        It is, as GK Chesterton reportedly said, “When men cease to believe in God, they don’t believe in nothing, but anything.” That anything is what you see in the atheist left today, in the likes of Weinstein, Clintons, etc.

        Does this mean the non-left is better? Note that I did NOT say that (though that is generally the case. Billy Graham is a LOT better than Bill Clinton, tho the former is not perfect either). What I am saying is that the atheist left, or the liberal faux “Christian” left that denies the authority of God or Scripture, etc., has NO BASIS, ultimately, to base ethics on, and thus they slowly devolve into the lowest common denominator, as there is no plumb line for them to measure against.

      27. George Clooney’s wife (Amal Alamuddin) is his beard. He is being prepared to run for office at some future date, and requires a good beard to establish himself as a ‘real man’.

      28. May Gods peace and love burn the soddomites as he did in the past.

      29. If we don’t come to the realization of what group owns Hollywood and the steps we must take. We are doomed. war has solved many problems. And mass deportations? Fight or die? Take your pick?The Germans tried and lost. What will be our fate?

      30. To say the Germans were bad and the Jews were good . Goes completely against rev. 2:9 3::9 John 8:44. All good is called bad , and all bad is called good. Can you read? Or dismiss it all as lies? Take your pick . And live for eternity with the consequences?

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